Prepping for the A.I. War

It will be here before you know it:  The millions displaced and unable to stay on the “social conveyor” we so proudly tout as an “American thing.”

The displaced?  Fast food workers, truck drivers…and the list is nearly endless.  Robotics is coming.

So is the A.I. war on humans.  The A.I. will defend the “rights” of machine owners not to pay the equivalent of income taxes on the work of machines.  Absent money to pay the social tab, the Masters of the Machines will turn their evil spawn on humans to remain in control. 

Not an especially chipper outlook, but you come here for the thinking, not the comfort.  So we stick a toe or two into those waters after coffee, headlines, and charts.

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32 thoughts on “Prepping for the A.I. War”

  1. George, how do you think populations around the world are going to react to the Cashless Society? The US Dollar is about 98% Digital today, the Russian Ruble 98.9% Digital. We can see the beginnings of official government Crypto Currencies already announced. So will human behavior change world wide this time, and everyone embraces Government issued Official Crypto? Or do the populations of peeps instead go with a Trusted,Tested, Anti Fragile, Un-Hackable, DECENTRALIZED, Limited Supply (Scarcity) Crypto? History suggests the Peeps will be looking at Bitcoin as a workaround.
    I believe it is indeed a terrible shame we as a country are not demanding our children/schools learn/teach how to write Code.Sheesh! The Libatards would have our children learn why having 2 Daddy’s instead of a Mom & Dad is even better than the real thing, let alone Shop class.

    • Except crypto has the possibility of falling with quantum computing. Part of the idea of “money” is a store of value. If the storage can be made to go “poof” in an instant via quantum computing or an EMP – the things of value in the end are things that keep you warm, fed and watered. It shall be a brave new world folks.

      • The information age of the digital age or the technology to send into outer space to a command ship with a master computer from Earth any ideas that are manifested in your brain are automatically communicated to a ship in outer space so with that type of Technology the the chances of an EMP or even a solar flare is none it’s a farce because we’ve got thousands of people out there other alien sources that are like us that represent us that are out there and they have all the knowledge of who we are where we came from.

        VA EMP and solar flare provocation is from Ed Dames and he’s a liar his pants are on fire.

        You would think with that someone with the expertise and Facilities to expound upon the universe would give us answers know he’s only got one and that’s what he’s allowed to speak about and he said it before and again and again he’s scared he’s scared for his own life because he can’t talk about the things that are really out there.

        But brave people like Randy Cramer do come out and like Andrew basiago who should be our future president in the future because he’s coming out about the things that have been suppressed from the sixties.

        How dare you you CIA agents NSA agents and what 10-12-15 other different agencies of secrecy you think that you’re on the top of the pyramid the very top but what you don’t realize is out there in outer space you’re the bottom you’re the very bottom of the triangle and so now it’s your time to eat goat

      • answer a reminder urban survival stands for you. S. Us United States we were giving all this knowledge in the past to go into the future but the Rothschilds as you can see that link I gave you earlier has taken advantage of the knowledge that was given to us to expand into the universe so now they’re going to have to pay the price

      • I’d love to respond to the lazy porch garden but the replies are only 3 deep.

        My EMP concerns have nothing to do with an Ed Dames and instead are based on the known physics, what “war doctrines” have been allowed by the public, and the observed behaviors of things like the Carrington event and project starfish.

  2. George I am confused; how is submitting your DNA to a corporation not handing that organization power over your data? How is it not providing corporations and government with a major piece of your personal information? As for copyrighting your DNA how will that protect you in countries that do not share a copyright treaty with the USA?

    As an example: hypothetically how will USA copyright protection extend to a medical facility in a non treaty nation that uses your copyrighted DNA sequence and CRISPR to edit a genetic disease out of a patient? Who would you sue? The hypothetical patient who’s life your DNA just saved, the doctor the hospital?

    • Great point, Steve.
      One of the reasons we did the DNAS testing was to be able to get a non-government read of our DNA.
      Thing is, if you hire a corp to do it, you may get the real dope. If your don’t have a “check on government” and they come along and say
      “your dna matches so and so – a mass shooter or whatever – you go into court, have an UNBIASED read of your DNA and see if the govt has a match.
      Govt is not so organized as they would tout and the odds of them doing anything as clever as lifting DNA is pretty remote – for now.
      Down the road, it’s a risk – no question. But for Elaine and me, the “road” is only 20 years, or so left. That would be the end, lol.
      If I were younger – and would live long enough, I would ABSOLUTELY NOTE DO A DNA but in our case, the potential health benefits (knowing what to expect, plan for etc) seem like they are the wise choice.
      Whether or shall we say HOW to embrace a new technology is always the prob lem.
      And that’s why my next non fiction book is already in the works” Ludd, II


      • George,

        The issue of someone using a person’s cells or as you put it DNA to develop health based remedies has already happened some years ago.

        A woman who had (Ovarian?) cancer – and who died from it (and probably other people for other diseases) had tissue samples taken.

        These cells were then continued to grow independently ‘in Petri dishes’ and used to develop cures.

        Now comes the tricky part – permission was not clearly given and it was realized that heirs of the woman (or was it another case?) could have made a great deal of money . . .

        I’m not sure how it turned out, but the question of who owns cells in a person is a ‘hot button’ issue – many articles in scientific journals and magazines!

      • I remain sceptical of the benevolence you ascribe to the corporations offering dna testing to the general public. The one you mention had some of its initial start-up venture capital seed money contributed by Google. Furthermore the ceo of the start-up was the former spouse of a Google founder.

        Another dna tester advertiser associated with genealogy research was the subsidiary of a global security services conglomerate when I last looked.

        The ptb and their corporate lackeys are welcome to the contents of my used kleenex with a subpoena.

  3. An idle thought: Just how well are these AI systems going to function after an EMP event? An interesting read is “One Second After” and then update it with AI driven cars.

    Years ago I knew a man who taught survival school to Silicon Valley nerds who were worried about the end of the world. He concentrated on teaching how to find food and shelter.
    He went away grumbling after I pointed out that even if 99.9% of the people dropped dead, all their stuff would still be here.
    For some reason he didn’t want to sit and talk with me again.

    • A coupla laptops make good trotline weights when their internals are fried. I’ll be lucky if the old truck at the ranch runs after an EMP event as it’s stored in a metal barn. The vehicles at the house here in town, not so much which is why I lust after old carborated trucks. Bicycles and horses will win out as pumping fuel for those remaining cars and trucks running will run out as surviving refineries wind down and is allocated to government use. All this is predicated on a total blackout as the book describes but there’ll be pockets where damage is limited. It’ll be a long road back to “normal” but it will be a new normal, not what we have now. Will there be any G. Washingtons and company to recreate and enforce a Constitution? More than likely it’ll be the remnants of the political oligarchy which ain’t pretty as it is right now.

      We must preserve our written, hard copy history and hard subject educational materials.

  4. Is it possible to lay the 9 day MA PN chart on top of the 17 Week MA PN chart and using a blue 17 WMA line & a red 9 DMA line so we know which is which. From there, we can compare them especially at crossover points.

  5. I have noticed that most of the big media players news players newspaper such Wall Street Journal and a variety of others allow you x amount of tokens on their website and then they say hey you got to pay now to get any more information from our website so I would just follow I mean they are

    I mean we don’t really need their news anyway mostly garbage so what I’m saying is or referring to or suggesting is that we on the alt news or blondes or is that we do the similar thing except we open the playing field wider.

  6. Start with a simple yes or no Morse code and wow hey we’re on the something here.
    And then we can start with a yes or no on all the multiple languages and and on our Earth and then we can.

    take it to the other level will we have plenty of people that have a written language that is only understood by those new Millennials from outer space and so if we can just get there yes or no for starters on their language from wherever they come from then we have the ability to scan with our brains and formulate what’s the common connection

    • Bryce,
      Don’t know if you remember the movie “The Hallelujah Trail” with Burt Lancaster but I think you ought to change your moniker to “Oracle”.

      “MmmmmmmmmmOh yeah, now I see it!”

      They don’t make fun movies like that any more.

      • Sounds vaguely familiar but it sure gives words to the feeling I felt attending the revivals I did back in the 70s. Something just wasn’t right with those things.

        If that documentary wasn’t shown South of the Mason-Dixon then I probably wouldn’t have seen it in Texas, especially on TV.

  7. Hi George. Did you see recent Bloomberg article interviewing a General in charge of advanced & AI warfare? He’s now in private sector, writing & teaching. He & others in defense are FRIGHTENED by in progress microwave, E M P, & synthetic biology weaponry. Here it is, with bonus discussion of Elon Musk’s attempts to stop it at the United Nations, which this guy says won’t work:
    Some cheery reading while we’re getting ready for the east coast snowstorm

  8. I’m puzzled by the Kileme fellow at the eye of the recent protest storms in Iran. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he in the Ayatollah Khomeini camp after the overthrow of the Shah. Quite the irony if things go full circle. Stay tuned to kileme dot org?

  9. Local AI and service robotics are inevitable.

    If I were the manager at the local golden arches store, paying out $86/hr per shift and having to deal with the drama of 60 employees, which I’d have to carry to cover shift when half a shift calls in sick (hung over), ill (hot concert ticket), or not feeling good (what happens when employees “get involved” with each other, break up, and can’t work with their ex), or a dozen other personal issues… THEN the gummint tells me I have to suddenly pay my shift $120/hr?


    I’ve been warning about this for years. When the cost of the machines becomes less than the cost of the labor, these 12.5mln jobs go away, and they go away forever. No unskilled jobs at McDonalds or Wendys, none at Carl’s or KFC or In and Out or Sonic, and none Taco Bell, ever again. Unless mommy or daddy own a business with a menial labor pool, junior had better get a work ethic and a skillset, ’cause (s)he will never get an entry-level job.

    With automation, there are: No call-ins, no personal issues, no slackers, no botched orders, no vacation or workman’s comp — A fast food or cstore manager would be an idiot to not jump on the bot train when it rolls up to their station…

    • AI weaponry and cyborgs are inevitable.

      That Pandora’s box got prised open in Bell Labs, a long time ago. It is both a certainty that Russia and China are dabbling, and a high likelihood that Britain, France, Australia, Japan, and Germany are, as well.

      We dare not, NOT explore this tech, as well, and master it if we can.

      The nerds and idealists will eventually make a strong push to put militarized AI tech online, because machines “can make much better, and more-rational decisions than humans.” A few may even cite Asimov. ‘Doesn’t matter. The “Rules of Robotics” can NOT apply to an autonomous machine which is programmed to do the job of a soldier, or even a policeman.

      If the nerds win this one (and BTW, I was one) and Skynet ever goes live, we’re dead as a species. The ‘bots will keep zoos, to maintain a balance between oxygen-breathers and carbon dioxide breathers, but they’ll eliminate oxygen breathers which could present management issues, of which homo sap. tops the list.

      We can’t stop the tech. What we MUST do is ensure no idiot or megalomaniac ever brings Skynet from the Terminator movies to real life…

    • Interesting.. most companies only have a couple of area’s that is flexible. building costs costs of supplies are pretty set in stone.
      the only place left is salaries, benefits, and hours.
      a small company here for an example the cost increase of electricity both the kw usage and the building expense isn’t that great but equals out to approximately seven cents an hour that if they increased the laborers wages appropriately they would have to make an extra fifty thousand a year. the cost of products would have to go up to accommodate that increase. since they can’t really raise the costs they cut hours to accommodate their increase. put equipment in to cut back personnel by becoming a more self service company. the same thing with a big box store we all know they put in self service checkout lanes and cut staff.. no you literally have to hunt for an employee..
      I in fact was just trying to talk my wife into letting me get a 3d printer both plastic and metal.. how many times do you need a flingamadoodle and have to wait for it pay transportation etc. just print it up..

    • It’ll simply become a balancing act new laws and regulations will be put in 2 the enable the AI to continue and they’ll regulate the population to fit the AI not the AI to the population.

      Because the AI will be the controlling Factor in the future we won’t be using human bodies will be using makeup bodies that are better so the human will be pushed to the side or put on another planet like a seed to invest but the AI will take over and the new bodies will take over and the spirit will be hey boo to jump from one shallot onion like part of the new AI to another another words the spirit will not be bound to one AI body you have the ability as your spirit to go and leave when AI body for a newer or an older whatever you desire.

      These Soul Your Spirits are will never decompose but the bodies that you have now and you have in the future will always be not perfect enough.

      So the spirit soul wow whatever body it’s using will continue to look for new and better components to satisfy it’s Quest.
      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it

  10. Interesting concept and a reality as well.. but here is a question.. even the one percent want money.. we destroy whole countries destroy lives so that a few can make more money.
    Now.. we did away with industry so that corporate american can make more money on their bottom line.
    we did away with a lot of other things that were benefits at one time one was everyone in the seventies had health insurance. today only a very few have it approximately a third of all the people seeking assistance cannot go to a clinic so they seek out ER as their clinic.. costs of course have to increase because lets face it if expenses are X then an increase in Y to equal Z. we have turned our nation into one of consumption not one of industry. Now do away with the burger flippers and the grocery sackers the garbage man the waitress.. the kid with a rag that pumps gas.. the tellers etc.. do away with the service jobs. who then pays for the wages of the managers how does the one percent make the money they crave.
    I am not sure how most people do it.. but like that small business. they cut hours they put in self service pumps etc.. did away with the amount that they needed to accommodate their increase in utilities and secure the bottom line of the owners.. the employees of course had to seek out either a different position and many of whom are single parents went on public programs to make up for the loss.
    If AI takes over who pays the millions to give away for the bonuses of the big bankers.. who pays the fee’s so that the management can make their inflated dollar income.
    in this house if services go up on one area but income doesn’t on the other then I have to cut something usually spending. what do I have that is flexible. my home payment is similar to many that the management staff have so are my utilities.. my food etc. all the same. that leaves non essential to life items.
    I was visiting with a young woman that was complaining about this that they were going to take her home etc because she was so far behind on payments. I told her you don’t need four cell phones there is the three hundred plus just in costs.. cable internet that just about makes up for what you are behind.. do you really need to run to the mall.. how about gas trips.. I break down all my trips into as few as I can since traveling is expensive travel less go out less. which of course cuts into the costs.. I complained to that one big box store that cut staff.. I told them sure my twelve thousand a year in groceries alone isn’t going to make or break your store.. not counting on the other things I buy there.. but lets say you have ten how much does that cut into the bottom line of proffits.. a few years ago we went a whole year without any income at all because of medicare cuts the medical facility cut back the older higher paid staff.. one day I was at the local business and the manager said that they were getting a lot of flack from the owner because they were thirty thousand behind for the year.. I said well that makes sense. I spend six hundred a month here.. there are six people in our area that were in the same boat you should be even further behind. instead we as a nation spend money to secure another community in another countries infrastructure rather than our own by moving our industry there, cut staff here by putting in automation and not supporting the health of our own communities..
    so really who pays in the end.. How can a person keep his million dollar wage as a ceo if they do away with the income of those that would support his income level and increase the expenses he has to make by forcing those that would be working to seek out federal assistance to get what they need to just survive.
    the old managers and business leaders of the old days that built these empires from the ground up knew the name of the game and did well..they took a smaller profit and supported their employees.
    One such company I wanted to work for.. ( someone had to die to get a job there. that is why I tell all the kids.. find out what the turnover rate is.. if it is forty plus percent then there is a serious problem with management and you should consider that seriously. ) he bought a big screen tv.. love it so everyone in the plant got one.. his wife and him went on a cruise so did the plant.. shut down out the door they went.. single parents were missing work.. found out if the kids sick you don’t have daycare so he hired someone to watch kids a bussing service to and from school.. he seldom had anyone miss work. one place I worked at had a six weeks program for the younger group.. well everyone.. none of the perks went to management at the christmas party everyone had a shot at the cars trips etc.. if you didn’t miss a shift for two months you got a night out on the company if you didn’t miss a shift for two weeks a movie and a pizza and a twelve pack of pop.. ( I actually think they still do that and of course they have very few people call in. My grandkids work there)
    oops I am on a rant.. it all has to come from somewhere.. cut the bottom just weakens the tops ability to succeed. ask any five year old that plays with blocks.. he will tell you you can’t stack it all on top eventually it will fall

    • AI cannot succeed and have those in management still want to make the same wages. it just can’t.. it has to come from someplace of course if you think of the federal reserve well they figured out that they can just make it appear out of nowhere LOL. a community working to support community. putting the single mom to work.. making sure she isn’t going to be forced to seek out community services to survive.

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