Praise for Strategic Cowardice

It’s hard to think straight during a National Psychosis.  But this morning some thoughts on how to lower personal stress level and turn off dementia-inducing television.  Plus a few other tips.

After a few general headlines and the morning’s ChartPack.

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George Ure
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15 thoughts on “Praise for Strategic Cowardice”

  1. One day a Bill is signed to recognize Asians …

    Soon after, Biden refuses to give North Korea International Recognition, even though North Koreans are ASIAN …

    It’s like Biden giving money to the Palestinians …

    And weapons to Israel …

    I just can’t wrap my head around this administration’s way of thinking.

    • My point exactly, Lakota brother. Insanity may be defined as acting in repeated, contrarywise manner. Hence my reference to the DSM-5. We are – as a nation – nuts. But also, undiagnosed.

      • Sadly, the last one and perhaps two generations have been raised with no discipline at all, either at home or at school. Even the law will leave kids alone if the parents lawyer up. There’s no need for violence, simply an articulation of consequences and then holding the line by parents and schoolfolks. Most of today’s kids have no idea how to self-motivate or self-discipline in order to reach goals. Many don’t even have goals. Besides “wokeness” and “critical theory”, what’s being taught to these kids for all our tax dollars? If kids can’t at least make change for anything in their heads without assistance by the time they’re in fourth grade, something’s wrong. The same is true if they can’t write a complete sentence correctly.

        Who’s fault is this? I’m sure there’s enough to go around.

  2. “Strategic Cowardice”

    You are so right Mr. Ure. The chances I took at each stage of my life were very different. I started a few businesses and went bust on a couple of early ones. Lots of time to recover and use the lessons learned. At 20 years old I would have probably bet on Bitcoin and may have achieved wealth far greater than I have today. I am not sure I would have been any happier. It was the fight and the journey that gave me satisfaction.

    A year ago at the age of 78 when I pulled my money from the market, I told my financial advisor that if she doubled my money, it would not change my lifestyle. If she lost half of it, my lifestyle would change dramatically. Either way she would continue to make her 1% on my money, no matter what.

    I think at this age (79), I have enough money and things. I am at peace. If I had it all to do over again, there are certainly a lot of things I would have changed but we don’t get that chance, do we?

    Now looking forward to your new book.

    P.S. I forwarded on Chris Tyreman’s new video from yesterday to my grandsons. Great advice for 20 year olds.

  3. “Bill Gates’ carefully curated dad-geek image unravels”.

    Trump has always said, “Protect the brand”.

    If you know anyone who fell for the Gates brand, get them away from you. They will fall for anything.

  4. I found a prophetic warning that seems to be coming to pass.

    You should be aware of Oregon/Idaho; “7 Oregon counties have voted to join ‘Greater Idaho'”

    Don’t join it’s a trap. Once in they”ll use computer technology to trap you, most likely from “Gates”. Seems to be speaking on Microsoft. And Bill Gates like pool parties. And Greater Idaho will stretch to the Pacific, which could be the “blue pool”. Possibly meaning Greater Idaho will be a landing for Chinese troops powered by a “Blue Turban”out of the Middle East. Oil comes from the Middle East.

    “Keep off the patio,
    Keep off the path.
    The lawn may be green
    But you better not be seen
    Walkin’ through the gate that leads you down,
    Down to a pool fraught with danger
    Is a pool full of strangers.”

    – Fred Schneider

  5. P.S. Urban is my #1 book mark on my new phone. As it has been my #1 book mark on every phone I have had for the last 10 years. Not sure if you knew that. Even when I’m not here on Ure site. It’s alwaysy first book mark.

    • Andy, there’s no need for a bookmark on my browser. Just type ‘u’ and ‘enter’ and the home page for Urban comes up. We all handle things a bit differently.

      • I got a question really really really old dude. If an itchy palm means money coming in?

        What does it mean when my balls are super itchy? Does that mean my balls are going to get some money?

        Ohh ya the golden kitty. With blue eyes. She is on my bed now. I got a new gf now too. But I’m off to the gym to help a lady friend learn fitness. Just as friends. I got 3 different women in a row today through Tuesday wanting to workout and teach them how to do it properly. It’s not really rocket science. Getting to the gym is 50% of the battle. The rest is getting the body in motion. The manager said shit we should have hired you! I said duh! She how many people have you brought with you here to work out with? I said idk like 50 in the last few months. They don’t exactly do what I do. They are all women. One dude. I lift way to hard and heavy. They excersise over yonder and ask me to help them every now and then. She said how many have signed up for this gym? I said one I think. She why only one? I looked her in the eye and said, because your not getting my sales commission for not hiring me. Love the gym, but if you want those 50 customers paying monthly dues? Let’s just say, I’m not very motivated to sell the gym.

        Shee said ohhh I uhh I uhh I understand, I will talk to the owner tomorrow.

        80% is diet, 10% rest and 10% movement. Most people don’t know that.


        Doesn’t matter tho, I’m moving north. Country living.

        Ok, I go get it. Probably won’t be around for a while. Lots of changes for me.

        I got alot going on. I’m Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

      • “What does it mean when my balls are super itchy”

        Andy…I do realize you were only using that as a visual that some woman is coming to drop and spread.. but on a serious note that is usually caused by sweat..
        Take a shower keep it clean and dry. Use baby powder. Trim the brush..

        Working in the plant it was almost like working in an oven.. I always kept a bottle of cornstarch powder handy all the time ( It was the most popular thing with my coworkers).. one day a new hire was teasing me about my baby powder..
        All I said was just wait..well summer hit and there he was walking Down the isle with that common cowboy strut , he came over and asked if he could use it..
        Itchy palms is an anticipatory nerve itch..
        So for itchy balls staying clean and dry is the most important.. the cowboy strut usually means that they need to take a bath and theres a fungle infection ( athletes foot) beginning..

  6. Sir Mark, I love the smell of FEAR in the morning. Was Trump working undercover with the military intel? Was the Trump presidency a trap for the deep state? Are you watching all the election fraud now being brought to light in AZ, GA, MI, WI, and PA? The uni-party (dems and RINOs) are wearing Depends. Racheal maddog and Joe Scarborough are showing their fear. Imagine , knowing you committed the crimes against humanity and the patriots in the military know you did it and are coming for you, and you realize that the trap has been sprung. Why are some RINOs not running for re-election? Some deals have been made, lessor offenders. The deep state cabal killed the Kennedy brothers and the patriots/Q team (military) have been planning this for some time, exposing and ending their satanic rule over the Earth.
    George’s Ure’s friends have hinted to him of an event coming up,,, watch the news!
    I wonder what Huber has been doing?
    You do realize that in many Q posts, the numbers are reference to the Dept of Defense Manual of War (the numbers are not dates, as many surmise), the cabal has been given notice! Your buddy G. Soros knows that this STOLEN election was a trap.

    • Been sneaking sips of grandma’s “rheumatiz” medicine again it seems Darrell. The quacks have come home to waddle! You are what’s wrong with America . The dumbing down of this country keeps getting worse .

    • deep state/mr globo – “its getting hot in here” -nelly

      June gets hot, with advent of Summer in the western hemisphere – disclosure of a different kind, not the 3rd kind.
      .. cant know the TRUTH, ruin the hunting/vacation parties being taken here on Earth – for thousands of years..thrill of the kill dont cha know.

      No choice in the matta – for EVERY Soul in this physical plane is a Prisoner, Soul en-trapped (various death traps) every time -physical body expires on Earth. Very few, very rare a Soul escapes this prison .. see R. Monroe Ultimate Journey.

      Dust to dust, original sin…ahahahahahahahahahahaa so brainwashed stupid as to be a crime.

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