Power in the Greater Depression (Ch.11)

Instrumentation, Installation, and Use Case Notes.  Our book on building your own reliable power system for future events winds up today with a number of interesting tidbit.

Which we will get to after we look at the market and where things are heading…

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George Ure
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30 thoughts on “Power in the Greater Depression (Ch.11)”

  1. When investing in the markets, if you don’t take a position (bull or bear), it (profits) will pass you buy. Buy or sell according to you market interpretation & stay with it ( called stock in strong hands). You can’t thrown up your hands & do nothing, if you want to play in the stock market game. Stock profits aren’t made overnight. They are like a fine wine; takes time to mature. If you let your minds vascilations control you, prepare to lose.

    • Ha ha ha! Someone just said to me, “Just cause someone has got a library card, doesnt make them, Yoda.” Ha ha ha ha

      Then i tuned on the radio and this song came on as i was pondering about fishing.


      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sooooo fricken funny! Fish on, Breathern, Fish on! Ha ha ha ha ha! Amen!


  2. As Alex Baldwin said in his famous speech in the movie Glenngarry Glen Ross, you need “steel balls” to be a successful investor.

  3. What is The purpose of Trumps name calling? Can you imagine the blow back if Bill Clinton had started making t-shirts that said “Boot Newt” during his impeachment proceedings…Or Obama had a a “Mitch the Bitch” campaign to his base?

    As I said earlier this week…Drawing conclusions on Barr’s 4 page letter on the Mueller report is like writing a full movie review based on seeing only the trailer. The Mueller report is 400mpages long…Barr did not red the whole thing yet…All he did as Trump selected appointee is give “Dumb Don” ( I have t-shirts) a months head start to deflect and make people forget about the Mueller report. Trump is playing the attention span game with America with two weeks of the words he will repeat hundreds of times a day..” .I was exonerated”…Even though he hasn’t been…if he says it enough, people tend to believe anything.

    More on Trump…using another metaphor…Just because a woman’s pregnancy test is negative doesn’t mean she is a virgin….Trumps definitely no virgin…nor is he innocent of any wrong doing…He is just not prosecutable at the moment…There are still investigations going on with the Southern District of New York and a lot of investigative work in the Mueller report to sift through…When Trump falsely claims he is exonerated…He basically is saying “ I am getting away with virtually murder here”which is a low bar to set for any official.

    • There is still no one around better than PT to keep the Socialist crazies at bay. Plus, his base is growing again as he moves forward “EXONERATED”. PT seems to have gotten his second wind. How it turns out is up in air, since PT can be a wildman & the Dems won’t quit going after him.

      You have to give PT credit for persistence & mental toughness. No one else in Washington has it (unless going after PT counts).

      • Mark: I am surprised that you can’t see the big picture of what is going on in the [redacted by George to we don’t keep wasting time on politics…] Party.

    • Mark: The only fault I see in your comments concerning PT is that the are conjecture & opinion, not facts. Although an interesting read , they fall in the arena of “Fake News”.

    • What is the purpose of you continually bitching about our POTUS? Stop being a sore loser and get over it….Trump is here to stay, if you don’t like it move somewhere else.
      I shudder to think where we would be right now if Hitlery had won; probably deep into WWIII, nuke version.

    • I wonder if we can convert Marks spinning head into a wind generator? Trump lives there.
      Maybe he should head back to central America and help build more migrant invasion forces.
      I hear Gitmo has been upgraded for more traitors.
      I think Mark needs more oversight and more wine

      • You see Mark George is a businessman everything is a business model so every time you contradict his General clientele that are here it’s Sparks interest especially if you have the name on the YouTube channels or the internet then every time you say something or he says something of interest it’s recording on the Internet or other people can grasp onto the idea that you’re betraying and when that happens you become suspicious and that creates intrigue.

        So it would not be advantageous to George 2 wipe you off is map so to speak because it takes two sides of the sphere of the yin and the Yang in order to make the universe work, right now are you the yin or the yang well that depends on what side George’s on, so controversially you are the thorn in his side but since the thorn agitates and the more it agitates the more it goes in deeper the more the response from the recipients.

        You’ve explained in depth your feelings for Trump and why you feel that way I still say hey does alcohol anonymous drug anonymous but what we need is political an ominous with a side of Hawaii do you feel this way and what do we have to do in order to reach conciliate your feelings in a manner that’s better for all.

        The answer is we don’t have to do anything everything is in a cycle I didn’t say chart I said cycle a circular cycle there’s no beginning and has no end and you my friend are fulfilling the end of the no end.

        Whatever you went to school for whatever you been taught whatever you felt in the world through all of the years of your experience you are you we are we but what makes you different is you disagree that put you up on a pedestal High among the rest and as king of the mountain we have to find a way two bit by bit piece sand grain by sand grain undermine your possession or position so that eventually everything’s on a even playing scale and the community the environment the tribal beings that you and we are.

        When you close your eyes at night as we all do except for a few exceptional we become different completely different, the person you were talking to yesterday is in another dimension and has taken another path than where you’re at now.

        And let me really complicate matters for you and say it really doesn’t matter because it’s all been done before and it’s in a circular cycle That Never Ends No Beginning No End if you can comprehend that then you can begin to understand what’s your purpose in life.

        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it,

        It’s just another way of saying have fun in this lifetime

      • Now I think I’ll slurp down some applesauce with cinnamon. ,
        Y’all have a good day and remember don’t let one thing get you down ,,,go around

    • Mark..this is not an excuse by any means… but my guess is.. DJT is frustrated.. he isn’t a polished politician with dandy political script writers doing the DC shuffle of double meaning words and because he has a high ego and feels this intense frustration its his vent and DJT being DJT he tells it like he sees it and feels it about as honest a response as you will ever get from anyone..and they know he isn’t saying anything behind their backs that he won’t say to them face up front.
      similar to people using foul language of any sort.. smack your finger and go.. ouch.. nope its usually a string of expletives.. he has been attacked non stop for the past couple of years and having a high ego..( he deserves having a high ego to) its his vent.. not that I agree with doing that.. but then I don’t swear either..

      • When people say Trump tells it like it is…it is like an old joke that people tell over and over to the point that it’s not funny and it never was funny to begin with. Stop saying that. Trump doesn’t have a brain big enough to say anything like it is, was, or ever has been . He is just a plain stupid idiot that just says stuff.

    • @Mark

      Opinions are like[g-redact] , everyone has one…but yours seem to be stuck with a [g-redact] in it….and since that is a ‘fact’ as I see it…trying to make any response to your DJT rants is just a waste of time..YOU will some day see the light of day and the truth about what is really going on in this country..and how THIS POTUS is attempting to correct the wrongs of 100 years and the corruption that is called the US GOVERNMENT….BUT that will not happen till your use a gallon of prune juice to blow your [g-redact] out of your [g-redact]…now I am done with MY mark rants…I pray you will see the light of day …drink up…..imo

      George adds: All: I’m trying to move on from the Trump polarity, so if we could nix the politics and ask what will be do with 1 million new Mexicans coming to ‘Mercia this year or some more useful discource…thank you

  4. The idea that any event which takes down the grid won’t affect your off-grid power set-up is naive. Always have non-electric back-ups for heating and water. Wood stoves are a nuisance, but having one in operating condition, along with a couple of non-powered tree saws can save you. In the short term, kerosene or LPG space heating works, but these are dependent on centralized refining and powered distribution machinery. Natural gas systems tend to be grid dependent.

    Know the location of a potable shallow well or spring within walking or bicycling distance, then use chlorine bleach purification and/or filters as an added precaution. Deep wells need electric pumps. Avoid trying to decontaminate surface water except as a last ditch effort. Printing out a diagram of a sand bio-filter and saving it for a dry, dusty day is a good exercise for your library.

    Having a working bicycle with a trailer is a good back-up for the motor vehicles. An older diesel or gasoline tractor may well start and run when nothing else will, due to the fuel systems. Electric fuel pumps are a weak link. I like G___ ‘s idea of a back-up PTO generator. That goes on my list of stuff I want to buy that I’ll probably never use (preps they call it).

    • n___ don’t forget harvesting rain water..
      There use to be a show on tv.. Renovation Nation… I loved it.. What was funny is after a bit I would hear names I recognised every once in a while of people I was familiar with on and off.. So I started to pay attention to it..curious as to where the majority of the people lived and what their careers were…. They to weren’t on the invite list in the event of a shtf scenario either and to see what they were doing for their homes.


      • Just when I start thinking about setting up a roof water harvesting system, I catch a couple of vultures sunning on my roof. The roof water would be OK for flushing, but in my location, surface water disinfection procedures are required.

  5. Mark,

    How many men has Trump killed in duels? How many slaves does he own? How many women have the secret service smuggled into the Whitehouse for him? How whilemany men have died in war while he was in office?

    It seems to me that if Trump turned water into wine you would complain that:
    • It was the wrong kind of wine;
    • The wine was at the wrong temperature;
    • He did not provide the correct wine glasses;
    • It was the wrong vintage;
    • It was labeled correctly;
    • It didn’t get a chance to breathe;
    • It was aged in skins not barrels;
    • The barrel was made of the wrong kind of wood.

    • I’ve worked in couple of libraries too, friend – mainly because I love books and the wisdom that they impart to mankind. Unfortunately, to paraphrase, Mick Mulvaney – Trump’s chief of staff, plus – it doesn’t matter whether Trump’s actions are unethical, only that they aren’t criminal.

      Oh, what a high standard to aspire to!! Unethical, but non-criminal . . . If there there is ‘war on the horizon’ – and if there is a later (which I doubt) – Trump will take his place with such worthies as Buchanan and Pierce as ‘worst American presidents who could have prevented a war. The judgment of History will be upon this foolish man – and I have a history degree – that is how he will remembered!

  6. Dam I feel so proud.. My fourteen year old just came by.. I don’t get to see them often.. I pizzad off the dad a few years go so he isn’t to keen on me seeing them.. and I find out that they were tested and on the list of the gifted for our state there is like a half dozen on that list in their age bracket.. that makes almost three quarters of my grand kids now.on the list in their age brackets…that makes me feel better and damned proud. gave up my eBook reader with all the Stephen king books on it.. seems that is their favorite author.. going to give up the personalized book from john Grisham to .(long story about how he signed it for me.. actually a very nice guy). I was worried about what they would do to get a formal education.. needless to say. I don’t have the money to send them.. and wages all seem to stem around that damned piece of paper..

    • Don’t worry too much. Psychologists have proven that there is a high correlation between intelligence and prosperity. BTW college is a bad investment. A good trade school is a better idea.

      • Amen… O/L…right with you on that one
        I’ve been preaching …be a plumber be an electrician, a mechanic so long ..

      • “high correlation between intelligence and prosperity. ”

        That is true in one sense.. but my position has always been.. you have to have the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that pass you during your life..

        which is why I worried that the kids wouldn’t get a proper education.. and unfortunately the sheet of paper on the wall will give them a higher wage level overall.. I dumbed myself down in school to fit in.. and back in those days unless your daddy was rich you didn’t go to school.. so it is a big deal for me to see them get the sheet of paper..

  7. @ Focus Andy, lol

    ohhhhh its way more than just that. My life is in such a state of synchronicity all the “time”, that most would over dose on Dramamine if they had to live it. Lol! Sometimes, it gets pretty overwhelming. Lol. I just go where i go and i have studied life and its been gut wrenching horriffic at times, at others hilarious beyond meassure (God and his sense of humor is unmatched), and BEYOND fun and amazing.

    Its, Not just all about the women and the money! TBH, thats just part of life. Money and women are fun. I like having fun, and doing the Money dance and the mating dance!

    I have given a couple dozen peeps their “last rights”, saved a couple dozen others lives. Couple years ago, did CPR on this lady laying next to her jeep, dead as a dore nail in a parking lot. Broght her back to life, called 911 and i never new her name or saw her ever again.

    Its more about stuff like this, i have thousands upon thousands of experiences like this:

    Back in 2000, i was sitting in my dump truck pondering God. 

    I was at this intersection, a really cute girl in a short skirt sitting on my left in a mustange convertible. I looked down at her out my drivers side window, she looked at me, smiled. I smiled back.

    Then one of the most amazing things i have ever seen begain to unfold.

    i saw a mouse run into the intersection. A huge black crow swooped down from the sky and grab him by the tail and lifted him about 3 feet off the ground. The little mouse wiggled with all his might, got free and dropped to the ground. As soon as his feet touched the ground he took off and ran as fast as his little leggs could carry him zipping back and forth. The crow in hot pursuit!

    I looked down at the girl in the muatang as if to say, ‘are you seeing this???” she looked up at me and with a quick glance her eyes said, “you betcha!”

    The crow hopping and taking flight a few feet after the mouse. CAW! CAW! CAW! The mouse took off around the light post. The crow landed and chased him around the light post.

    * Mind you, this is no game of tag between kids. This life and death!

    Stab! Stab! Stab! The crow with his beak. Missing the little mouse my millimeters.

    Back Into the intersection again the mouse ran with the crow hot on his trail. Caw! Caw! CAW! As the crow stabbed at the mouse with his beak. The mouse then did a 180 and went between the crows legs and the crow fliped around and thought GOTCHA! and once again grabbed the mouse by the tail and this time got the mouse 4 feet off the ground before the mouse again wiggled and tried with all his strength and got free and dropped to the ground. 

    The mouse then again, headed back to the light post. The crow after him again. CAW! CAW!CAW! The mouse then does another 180 and heads back into the intersection. The crow follows him stabbing his beak. Stab! Stab! Stab! Missing! Stab! Stab! Stab!!! The mouse running as fast as he can.

    With sun beating down on the back of the mouse and the dark black head of the crow, The crow then raises its head toward heaven in frustration, CAW!CAW! CAW!

    Right then, as if time slowed to a crawl, BOOOOOOOOM! A man drives through the intersection and runs over the crow. Instantly killing him. And that my friend is the day, I learned God drives a Buick!

    The little mouse scurried off to the grassy knowl. A free mouse.

    What does a mouse know about then internal combustion engine, drive train, gears and oil? The hopes and dreams of the man driving it, his feelings and agenda? The mouse in his wildest imagination or his greatest dreams and aspirations can not fathom what came to his rescue that day.

    Of mice and men. mice know mice things and men knows men things. But THE MAN, well he knows all things comapiritively.

  8. On the topic of “God’s sence of humor”. This is going to be a little racy, and a little inappropriate. However it is a fine example of God being “funny “.

    So i made a vow to my first wife and God. She cheated, But God didnt. I owed her nothing, but i fully intend on keeping my word to God, and until the divorce was final, i would not be with another woman.

    We were separated for 6 months and filed for divorce and that took 3 months to go through.

    At about 8 months i had so many woman perusing me it was rediculousness and i was feeling it big time. I was out in front of this place and talking to God. I just couldnt take it anymore, so I said, “Please God! Can i have just a little p*ssy!! Just one! This is kicking my a$$!”

    I went into the meeting, then came out about an hour later. On the way home my brother calls me. So I turned off the radio and answered the phone.

    He says, Dude! What are you doing? I said im on the way home, whats up? He said you know the old farm road out by island crossing? I said yup. He said i stopped to take a leak and this little tiny kitten came out of the field and up to me and squeaked. So i picked it up and brought it home. Wife says we cant keep him. You want him? I said are you fricken kidding me?????!!!! He said nope! Come by the house and get em. I said Im on my way!

    After i hung up the phone, i rolled my window down and yelled out the window, “Thats not Funny God!!!!!!!” Then i rolled up my window and turned the radio back on and i sh!t you not!! The dude on the radio says and i quote, “well i thought it was funny!” And starts laughing hysterically.

    God is a horrible practical joker, so becareful what ya pray for. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    True story! Have a great week, im trying to be a little less plugged in.

    • Andy,
      I love your comments and stories.
      I’ve been convinced for some time now that God really does have a sense of humor.
      It’s a good thing you didn’t pray for a big p*ssy! (LOL)

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