Pot Roast Weather, Markets take MLK Day

(Knock on wood) Things are stable, but cold in East Texas as this nothing-burger of an Options Week gets underway.

One Thing it Is? Cold

There was no shortage of warnings that it was about to get super chill going into the weekend. And this morning the temp maps sure look like…well…winter:

As you can see, we’re looking at highs today in the middle 20’s – best case.

One of our readers (Elanor) up in the Lawton, OK area, was telling us (in the Comments section) that it was so cold church services were cancelled.  Another, up in Eastern Washington, at Lake Chelan, mentioned a lot of records were blown out this weekend. My son’s server-farm construction project was shut down Friday due to cold and ice. Yessir, winter it is.

The good news for us (and the feral cats) is that the cold snap should break Wednesday. But it will be back with a couple of nights into the low 20’s again into the weekend.  Echo of the cold blast from this weekend.

While the pot roast and gravy (man’s gotta eat, you know!) was delish, we’re back into menu planning for the balance of the week once the leftovers disappear tonight. Breakfast today is likely to be a chili-cheese double dog.

We aren’t the only ones muddling through. Nationally winter is a headline-maker, as well. U.S. winter storms: Arctic freeze continues to blast with sub-zero temperatures | AP News

Tomorrow, the weather will help fuel the next chapter of American Pseudo-drama in Iowa.  Trump’s Lofty Iowa Expectations Set High Bar for Big Victory.  This is a dead-ringer to make the Orange Man hater’s cringe.  And already we’re seeing generalizations like ‘Ordained by God’: Trump’s legal problems galvanize Iowa evangelicals.  Which was somehow construed in the Drudge distillation of content as “White conservative evangelicals rebuke a changing nation…”

That came from the Washington Post’s source article making this about race.  The part where they wrote:

“For years, White conservative evangelicals have played a crucial role in determining who wins the Republican caucuses that kick off the nominating process.”

Good news and bad for shame-spotters. Yes, the Post injected race. But the good news is White was capitalized as Black is elsewhere in their coverage.  Token equality, anyone?

Interestingly though, because we like an occasional fact in our news stir fries, the word “rebuke” didn’t pop up in the Post’s page source.  So, was “rebuking” a Drudge creative writing moment on a chill Monday, or is this how “rolling with the woke agenda” looks the day before an election? Hmm.

We try not to pull emotionally charged “hot words” out of our butts while paraphrasing sources. But, then again, I’ve only been writing news since 1969, so we’re just getting started at this.  Facts aren’t enough, anymore, seems.

China’s Move Next

Were it not for the old guard in China’s CCP, we think president Xi would already have annexed Taiwan by now.

But, as we reported back in the fall, when the old guard has a “power meeting” and dials back aggression to await elections (which were held this weekend in Taiwan), we have to begin thinking of a China move in April.  That’s the spring break for heavy weather in the Formosa Strait.

All this matters greatly because the China/CCP friendly presidential candidates was squarely kicked over the weekend. And in the immediate aftermath, the stories in local media have taken the (expected) turn to the hawkish. Taiwan tracks 6 Chinese military aircraft, 4 naval ships around nation | Taiwan News. Oh, and with that came tracks of Chinese surveillance balloon tracks over the Taiwanese air defense zone.

But it’s the little things that catch our eye.  Did you know, for example, that there is a country call Nauru?  Tiny nation with 13,000 people out in the Pacific. They barge in fuel and a lot of other goods from Australia.  Which isn’t the point.  It’s that here’s a tiny speck of an island which has, since the election, flipped into best friends with China. China poaches Nauru 2 days after Taiwan election.

So, when we tell you that in our modeling of Future, China is on a roll and is building a huge supply chain with their BRI and leadership role in BRICS, we aren’t casually blowing smoke. One more has flipped.

War Check

How is the World Championship of Contested Real Estate (WCCRE) rolling?

Slow Joe is still reprising the role of King Canute: White House says ‘it’s the right time’ for Israel to scale back Gaza war. As we have written since the outset, the two-state solution looks like a broken lease and the landlord has other plans now that the tenant dispute has blown up.

Iran is in the role of neighborhood agitators trying to get all the smaller groups of people to band together (under their leadership).  Which results in stories like Houthi cruise missile fired from Yemen toward US warship shot down by fighter jet. For now, though, Iran doesn’t have a big important play.

Hezbollah, over the weekend, was having a break-of-logic. Reflected in the story Hezbollah says security of all shipping harmed after US strikes on Yemen.  Say WHAT???  To an American audience, saying killing would-be gunmen makes the world less safe wouldn’t fly  in anyone’s script.  Even science fiction.

But while logical may not hold, their aim points do: Israeli army acknowledges effectiveness of Hezbollah attacks – Mehr News Agency.  The reports about Hezbollah are almost Ukrainian in their tit-for-tat propaganda nature.  Which we’d expect on the escalation path to wider conflict.

Egypt, meanwhile, which is the country with the most Palestinians to absorb from Gaza is still chalking up investment. Egypt receives $6 bln for renewable energy investment -SIS.  As long as they don’t march into Israel, we figure the cash flow will persist.

Up in Ukrainethe claims drag on, too: Ukraine claims it shot down 2 Russian command and control aircraft in a significant blow to Moscow | AP News.

Then there’s the World Greedster Confab in Davos, where the rich and famous are getting an earful: Ukraine’s leadership firm on resolving conflict, rejects frozen state / The New Voice of Ukraine (nv.ua).

Wait, isn’t our view that everything’s a business model? Verily, verily, brothers and sisters…so it is.

Minutia Dept.

No trading in US markets today – for it’s the Martin Luther King birthday closure.  More deets on this are found over here: Is the Stock Market Open Today? These Are the Hours for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. – Barron’s (barrons.com)

With ETF approval as a nothing-burger, we wonder if the end is nigh for made-up money?  Bitcoin Dips Under $42,000 as Market Sentiment Turns Neutral Post-ETF – Decrypt.  This is neutral???

Around the Ranch: Chilling Today

Have a Grain of Salt then read: IMF warns AI to hit almost 40% of global employment, worsen inequality.  We’re sorry to report that the only equality A.I. will impact is the false dialectic of the socialist and racist agenda to divide and conquer America.  The International Monetary Fund, in our view, wants change into Future to be slower.

It won’t be. (Right Siri? Right Alexa? Right Hey Google?)

A.I. will enable people to live and work, smarter than ever. If you’re not interested in smarts and hustle, yeah…you might lose ground.  What else is new?

But it won’t be on race or gender. This will be on IQ – and the ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome.  That’s how natural selection works out over the longer span of species. “Brain up or you can be replaced” is the looming Reality.  Who wants to argue for going slow to preserve “equality with stupid?” Well, seems the IMF if I read this right.

Regardless of race, gender, or preference, history says Smart wins the Future. We don’t give a shit about RG or P, but Brains?  Hell yeah. That’s the metric that matters. To everyone.

Of course, this doesn’t make it into lowest common denominator news. So, forget I mentioned it. Just a Monday chilling nit.

Write when you’re smarter, all of our readers are.


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  1. December 23, 2023 by George Ure
    Something odd has been swirling around Ure’s environment for 21 hours now involving Poland. No idea why, but here are the three oddities that have come along.


    Jan 14, 2024
    Poland Issues Military Order You Have 6 hrs to Report for Service…

    As of yesterday, Poland has issued a new directive that if you are called for military service, you have just 6 hours to report. The penalty for failure to report is three years in prison.



      Nostradamus Quatrain III-57
      Seven times will the British nation change
      Steeped in blood in two-hundred and ninety years:
      Free not at all through Germanic patronage.
      Aries [war] doubt his pole [flag or missiles] [in] Bastarnan (Ukraine/S. Poland).

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, Volume I, G. A. Stewart, 2017, Page 561

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 126

      Edgar Leoni sees “Bastarnan” as the Latin word Bastarnae, The Bastarnae lived between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dnieper River. Today it would encompass an area that stretches from Ukraine and the Black Sea into southern Poland.

    • Raymond: folks to our N are well accustomed to hunkering down and … dress for cold. My son is in frosty MN and reported double-digit negative readings. You wouldn’t think -20 is much worse than -9 but … it’s like a hammer (and cold chisel) every breath.

      I was in the pole barn doing a project for my bride and helping a young feller rig a DN Iceboat. It’s looks funny in the barn but gave an opportunity to debrief what we hadn’t planned for and allow for pre-pack before rigging for real on the ice.

      Then we read from Southern neighbors things like: “we’re looking at highs today in the middle 20’s – best case”

      Shoot George. At mid-20s we start looking for the short pants and contemplate reinstalling piers and launching boats. We have talked about it but … we kid. It was minus 9 when I drug out this morn and now a sizzling minus 4 on the way to a high of 5. Pass the sunscreen wouldja?

      Weather-media aren’t satisfied with cold, they make it worse by quoting in Centrigrade, Celsius and other metrics. Want more? Quote wind chill (which put’s hurt on exposed skin but winter wear doesn’t care). The cyclone passed last night. After 48+ hours 20 mph (32.18688 kph) sustained / gusting in 40s (64.37376 kph+) it’s a relief.

      Stay chill (as if you had a choice),

      • Lol lol lol and this morning a – 15 and 35 mile an hour wind felt like spring was back lol lol lol..dog still won’t go out and go potty ..

  2. Monday – MLK Day and no trading, whats a nutter like Moi supposed to do with my precious self ? Since youse suggested it – I am going with Vocabulary strenging excerises..new Word for today AntiScumitic.

    Definition: antiscumitic ? an·ti-Scu·mit·ic | [an-t?-skum-?m?-tik], adjective; generally, a person who does not like chosen parasites, feeling or showing hostility toward international bankers, holy chosen nation robbers, or discrimination against pederasts, pornographers, or other hook-nosed rat like creatures from East of the Sinai Peninsula.

    cross posted from Clarence Wilhelm Spangle (nordic/pagan/soldier) via Jack Heart substack.. Truth hurtz and this one is PAINFUL.


    ..the end is nigh 4 Ure precious Slave Script -USD.
    Like the song says ..”If wishes were trees trees would be falling”. Great strategy, Wishing..suggest you contact Ure fairy god mother and ask her if she will do you a Bibbty-Bobbity-Boo “thing” to correct Ure oversight.. Ure complete wiff on BTC.

  3. Watching the Renewable Energy movement trying to take hold. Seems to be too many negative aspects for it to really get anywhere for very long. Interest in it, rises and falls. – Seems (they) can’t get it going like they did before. I’ve seen the videos, read stories and heard about inventors disappearing. You know the thing.

    Wondering if that’s no all just a Bait and Switch kind of thing. – Spend your hard earned savings on (Free?) go broke and then back to higher priced (more control) fossil fuels. Like a carrot on a stick the goat will never get. Kind of like what seems to have maybe, happened before with free energy.

    Biden opened the oil reserve and promised to refill it when prices are lower. Seriously? Well, that’s crazy unless he might have made a deal with someone who has a lot of oil.

    Oh look … there’s shit-loads of fossil fuels under Palestine. Wow! Imagine that !!! Damn, what a coincidence.

    If there was a deal, a promise … I’m not sure it’s gonna work out very well. Oops. Seems to be too much, (I mean,) too many Cracks in the system. Cough, cough.

    History repeats but always in rhyme.

    I’m glad those tunnels in NY were found and fairly miner citations handed out, instead of something WORSE happening to the integrity of the buildings above them. Hmmm
    Thank God for that.

    Just morning thoughts while sipping on nice hot coffee.


    • You know ..I’m not sure where I heard this..
      its always in the business model..
      we could have the most secure grid in the world.. but it doesn’t fit the business model..
      oil..we toss out what is it again.. the equivalent of 191 million barrels of oil a day of spun oil products.. almost 3 billion lbs. of coffee grounds a year that can through the same reclamation process be re used to make concrete what ten to a hundred times stronger if used as an additive..
      there’s an island of plastic waste in the ocean bigger than the state of texas… that would supply the USA at current demands for what is it again..I believe it was estimated at something like a trillion to three trillion barrels of oil..
      here’s no energy shortage the shortage is in the business model..
      I could get on the rant of solar towers and handing out solar power systems grid toe..co2 filters on every lamp post and greenscaping..air wells for arid regions.. but then there might be some kid eating a carrot or some minor dad picking supper vegetables..

      • Hey LOOB,

        I guess it depends on what line of business you’re in. Some folks make cars and some folks do salvage. And I’ve noticed a lot of salvage and recycling doesn’t actually go full circle,- it gets dumped. Guess there’s money in that somewhere.

        I find that when I look at things that don’t make sense, it’s dawns on me that it does make sense. Not in the way I’d LIKE it to make sense but it does, for someone.

        Someone is in the business of bringing us down.

        • that is true.. I knew a guy.. He use to have a reclamation business.. he almost went under after China was able to take control of companies around the watelands.. seems china wants it.. they send it back home and the stuff is reprocessed and made back into new stuff to sell.. that is also why I brought up plastic.. its nothing more than oil.. or coffee grounds .. both of which can be reprocessed in many forms.. you could get into harvesting cacium acitate from egg shells to LOL LOL .. we throw out a mountain of trash.. when I drove the garbags scow.. I use to pick up the can’s.. the length of the truck.. then take them to the recycling center.. it paid for a movie and swimming lessons etc.. just the trash..
          when I bought plastic can’s..


          2 cases of four hundred cans was around fifteen dollars.. shipping from the manufacturer.. is high.. ( we don’t make that crap in the USA._) so I ordered two cases.. instead of four hundred containers in the shipment.. it was the same price to ship a whole pallet of them.. so I see the photo of the shipment is a whole pallet.. and I ask.. the guy says.. oh we didn’t want to waste the shipping since it was the same we upped your order.. I responded I cannot afford more containers.. he said no worries.. we still made money on it nothing extra your a good cutsomer..
          that is the problem the business model.. not the product.. there isn’t any energy shortage.. just a shortage caused by the business model..

  4. Could the CCP poach the Hawaiian Islands? Gotta wonder they bought distressed Covid hotels which in my mind are instant barracks. Nothing to see here just military aged ppl on holiday.

    Would the Government here roll over? How cozy is the Governor? Did you know all firearms are required to be registered so they know they exactly where to confiscate them?

    • Nope – “Nips” are Not selling anytime soon..Why the TPTW DEWed Maui.. Those old Hawaiian family owned properties round Lahina…they weren’t ever budging, even in face of ever increasing, bigger offers to BUY.


  5. You know chat GPT can write your articles in ten seconds with your voice and spelling mistakes and you could get more sleep, being unnecessary. Everyone is expendable to this kind of tech.

    • I couldn’t verify this last night because of clouds but I have a friend who has an Android cellie.

      He said he took a pic of the Moon and when he zooms in on the pic instead of a blurry white blotch the phone’s AI changes the Moon in the pic to high detail showing craters, shadows and even the correct phase.

      He said he could see the pic change as he zoomed in and out.

      Sounds like the Big Foot thing but who knows.

      • Projection

        told youse everything in our reality is fake.

        Experiment – go outside on clear night with Tennis Ball.
        Hold ball up in front of Moon (need Fullish Moon). Adjust Ure Moon&Ball picture/view so just the edges of the Moon are visible around the edges of Ure tennisball. Observe Closely.

        Come on back 2 UrbSurv please and Explain the How and Why of seeing Sharp Details on Edge of ROUND Sphere. The sharp details should be dropping off and be kinda blurry – IF what you seeing were REAL.

        * new race of beings created when Urmah (Felids from Orion) mated/came together with some kingu babars (royalewhites). Both blood enemies of Usumgal (fallenfkrs). The resulting race is the Imdugud, they colonized the moon.
        This is where caucasian white skin genes comes from – the “royals, and prolly one reason why no one has taken a giant intergalactic can of Raid and cleared this planet of its Humans.

        • “Explain the How and Why of seeing Sharp Details on Edge of ROUND Sphere. The sharp details should be dropping off and be kinda blurry – IF what you seeing were REAL.”

          That’s an easy one. At that distance, depth-of-field is infinite. Note on your camera lens the depth-of-field scale; the farther you focus the lens toward infinity, the greater the depth-of-field becomes. If you were holding a tennis ball at arm’s length and staring at the center of the ball in dim light, you could see the edges of the ball blur. That’s because your iris would be enlarged due to the dim light, and the short distance to the ball shortens the depth-of-field.

        • https://asuonline.asu.edu/newsroom/online-learning-tips/digital-vs-film-photography/

          I/F – G/A= Years ago..when digital first came out.. I was trying one out.. and focused on my grand daughers eye.. at the stuff on the shelf behind me.. it was pretty impressive.. today.. they have gone way further than that.. when I look at a magazine photo.. I look at the crown.. to see what is in front of the model.. pretty fun to do and if it hasn’t been edited out.. you can get all sorts of things.. the hidden photo in the photo.. NOW..
          Years ago I use to be pretty good with a loop.. and someone asked me ot see how many snipers I could pick out of a photo.. I got twenty four.. FB and Google facial recognition got thirty seven gave their names and addresses and their face book accounts…
          And it has progressed from there.. NOW think about that.. and AI… it has everything on everyone.. It has the light and the dark sides of the web.. the cloud is open.. to AI… so what if.. someone programs it to only think ethically and use morals.. then it sees the dark side of their actions.. if it has the ability to decide..
          What was it I read just yesterday.. that the USA and nato was going to impliment AI robots right away.. have they done it already and if it is out in the public now.. the odds are.. that it has already been implimented into action.. most people don’t see the scary side of this.. but heck.. I see it all as a possible terminator movie script.. the day that machine can make the decisions….


          to be fair.. I do see the positive of this..



          I met a young woman.. in a wheel chair.. that is fully parylized from the neck down.. but even though she doesn’t have the feeling.. she still has the use of her arms.. well years ago I had bought myself a power chair when I thought that I would end up being a burden on my family..
          Not wanting to do that.. I bought the chair.. seeing her.. working at a local restaurant. she was working twice as hard as any of the employees with use of their limbs.. so I gave her that chair.. she couldn’t afford a power chair and I just happened to have one in the box.. one of the most impressive things she was not about to let her disabilities be a hinderance..
          NOW if i had the money to buy her a suit and get them to show her how to use it.. she is what eighteen or nineteen.. became a quad at fourteen in a freak accident and she her dream is to be a motivational speaker to others that lose they limbs….If I could I would strike lightning down on her to make that dream and goal happen.. a beautiful young woman that has hopes and dreams but no money to make any of it happen.. the look on her face when I gave her the power chair.. she couldn’t afford one of those either.. to much money …the drive that girl has is inspiring
          and the suit I was looking at is the phoenix.. forty grand.. but its forty grand more than i can make happen..
          I couldn’t think of anything better than to watch her turn into a butterfly and walk..
          oh well ..shes just another statistic..


          that is the good side of AI and robotics..

  6. Morning George,

    West Tennessee is 9 degrees, with chill of minus 3 this morning. 3-1/2 inches of snow so far, with more to come.
    Our 14 cats seem to be making fine, since they all have heat lamps to sleep under in sheltered areas. The five at farm house have it best since the heat is set at a toasty 60 degrees to protect pipes. (house I grew up in). Except for the German Shepherd and black lab mix, which are in wife’s quilting studio at 68 degrees, asleep on their twin size memory foam mattress bed. Dogs have it made, and both just arrived at our house as castaways. Generators have all been run tested, and plenty of fuel for all three generators. Two are for my house to run essentials (water well and heat, on separate circuits); the other for farm house for heat and well heater. Dragging them out of covered storage to plug in is only bummer.

    Roads slicker than a doorknob on hog killing day, but crews are out pushing snow. Four wheel drive, 3/4 ton truck goes well on everything but ice. So far, just snow, which is easy to handle. Just have to be careful of “not so great” morons who can’t handle the conditions.

    Stay warm and safe. Looking for low of 3 Wednesday morning, but Thursday will be a balmy 31.

    • Best turn of a down home phrase all week, Lloyd: “Roads slicker than a doorknob on hog killing day”

      Personally, I always had some questions about city slickers who kept referring to “slicker than a baby’s butt” or “slippery as snot.” Strangely, none of the comparisons with oysters or personal lubricants have gotten traction. But let’s give it time. Mass dementias take a while to dig it.

      Trust you’ll hoist a branchwater this afternoon to the Iowans who will brace for what’s worse than weather to caucus tomorrow. That’s the media circus and the OMG over Trump. Enough hot air to warm things up a bit?

      • ““slicker than a baby’s butt” or “slippery as snot.””

        In this part of the world, it’s “smooth as a baby’s butt” and “slicker than snot on a doorknob”. Or an old favorite of mine, “slick as a greased eel in a barrel of snot”.

        • Loob,

          A must have?

          The Time Tunnel TV Show Tv Retro Design Ceramic Mug 15oz Extra Large…


          On ebay.com

        • thanks JC… LOL I am going to get one of those.. love it.. I loved that show.. they could have kept that thing going for a long time..

        • LOL LOL LOL in days of old.. Cold weather was called .. HAMMER OF THE WITCHES.. the birthplace of witchcraft LOL LOL LOL


          It was blamed on witch craft and women that during extreme cold weather a man’s Penis shrinks like a turtleneck.. Oh hey that is one of the phrases to LOL .. into the body and a man urinating pees down his leg LOL LOL LOL so if someone comes up to you and says so hows it going ole turtleneck.. He is referring to the size of you penis.. LOL LOL LOL…

          “For survival, male bodies are designed to redirect the heat from the penis to the vital organs in the body in cold temperatures.
          “The cold can also affect erection and orgasm,”

          I could go on.. LOL there is a reason why eskimo’s rub noses.. LOL LOL LOL

  7. I got to wondering what was the record low temperature for my little town., after the official low of minus 13 degrees a couple of nights ago. Seems we came pretty close. The record is minus 18 degrees on Dec 28th 1968.., with minus 17 degrees on Dec 27th 1968. and two days that tied with a minus 16 degrees in 1968 and 1939.
    So, we have been colder., but not by much. Which of course, makes me wonder about the high temperatures coming this, Summer. The record high temp was set twice at 111 degrees and three times at 110 degrees. 1968 was a potent year.., minus 18 degrees in the Winter to 110 in the Summer. a 138 degree temperature swing.

    • Surely you, D’Lynn and the NWS are mistaken. Why, that would mean weather – seriously fox uniformed weather in times before these – and before MMGCC (manmade global climate change). Which we all know is impossible for St. Gore had not yet pronounceth it such in 68.

      Therefore we must degas the kitchen, save the cows and serve the real bullshit from DC.

      Which, thank God, we can still say, being non-plagiarizing White moderates of academic disrepute.

      • yeah – as I told a friend the other day – “It’s weather.., it changes.., deal with it.”
        – ., but I do have to admit, that I am not looking forward to a 100+ degree Summer. I handle the cold much better than the hot.

        • My perfect temperature is between twenty and fifty five maybe sixties.. nice enough you can go out in T-Shirts or wear a sweater.. light jacket.. ideal temperatures to barbeque..

  8. Cute little piece of info I discovered this morning.
    Ford EV’s have a “repossession” feature built-in to the control chip, on all of their electric vehicles.., when the power usage gets too high it will shut off the air conditioner [ all models ] and the heater [ some models ]., and you can’t turn it back on until the batteries reach full charge again.
    Some stock guru stated that Ford stock is starting to look like a strong buy, right about here. Seriously !?

    • Da F do you think those newfangled Smart Meters have been positioned for ?????????/ See latest leak UN agenda scheisse.

    • That is sad.. but I see it.. what I like about the wifes car.. is you can idle and have air on.. in a gas powered car.. the car overheats if you idle through a city.. where the ev the air doesn’t cause it to overheat.. the same in winter.. you don’t have to wait for the water to warm up the ev takes a hold of it right away.. NOW on the one prius we had.. ( luckily before the warranty was up) the fuse in the dash went out.. the fuse.. was over five thousand dollars.. the fuse.. a light bulb was almost three hundred dollars with instalation for a headlight..

  9. If you want a ewad on the collective Brain Future give Big Al a call. He has the latest dope on the subject. If you want further, have him put you in contact with me and I’ll spill some not to be repeated info.

  10. Read this morning that the U.K. is sending 20,000 troops to join-in on the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War.
    – Wouldn’t that be a rather perfect time to pop a couple of mushroom clouds? [Blow of Steel?] Or., am I not supposed to think like that? – Starting sometime next month, all across Europe.

    • “Starting sometime next month, all across Europe.”

      Martin Armstrong: And that is basically showing you that what’s going on here is international capital inflows. I mean, the more it’s getting crazy for wars just about everywhere. From Asia, you’re looking at the Middle East. You’re looking at Europe. We have probably more institutional clients than anybody in the world and they’re all starting to wake up a little bit and hedging their bets and they’re moving money to the States. That’s why the Dow has been rising, more so than you see. We have probably more institutional clients than anybody in the world and they’re all starting to wake up a little.


    • Ahh Comrade d,

      last time “they” exercised in that geographic area, they planted z limpet mines on Nordstream pipes, with RC fusing tech, during Baltops 22.
      I would imagine z similar plans for planting z mini nukes across the region like old anti tank/anti Russian invasion “nuke rings” planted around europe after the last war to end all wars.

      We dont think that is going to be a threat going forward though, seems they have NOT been training z SEALs how to Swim z long distances or tread water for several hours anymore.

      After z 1 SEAL fell off an assault ship, another jumped in behind him, and both drowned. And here we thought z Whale Sharks were the only thing worthwhile to see in Didjubooty.

      Yep sure – last time I remember SEALs drowning at Sea during Ops was Grenada – BAD Intel regards sea conditions..when they “locked out” from 50ft below and before they hit the surface – they got rocked.
      Bad intel gets Operators killed, Survivors not happy and want REVENGE – hence the nic name for intel types..”Spooks”..they be spooked alright..

      Many MOAR “accidents” to come, as our Ruskie Brothers & Sisters are wiping out nato/merc forces on the regular in the Russian territories lately. secdef. Austin we hardly knew ye, thankfully..

      PS – Pooters says Odessa is/will be a Russian City. I generally take his Word to the Bank, as he (Mr Poooteeen) has an overabundance of moral integrity – a foreign concept to the zionazi’s running this shitshow.

      “Natasha we must STOP the satanists!”

  11. AI’s will be replacing wordies, not day laborers. Vehicle and equipment operators are already in the crosshairs.
    I already refuse to go to a robotic check-out if a wet-ware check out clerk is on duty. I suppose an AI blog would consist of shortcuts to nonexistent web pages, or phony web pages fabricated by other AI’s. Bet you won’t see an original cat shelter project in an AI blog.

  12. Seems that stories of aliens are increasing. Clif High says that by April people will be standing in the middle of the street, frozen because they can’t wrap their heads around the new paragon, that they have been praying to alien creators.

    Perhaps war will end with the “new kids” in town.

      • LOL.. didn’t have to….. I thought that they finally ended this huge debate when they brought it out into the open a while back…. I donated Wednesdays to help a gent that worked on project mogul at first in trade for a piece of equipment my ex wanted then at the end just because I enjoyed his company.. a sewing machine…. heard all the stories.. seen the photos of him in the oval office with every president from Truman to Jr.
        Had a chunk of metal I used for a bookmark that he gave me to play with..I was finished with it after decades of playing with it…. so I sent it to G.. coolest thing ever..

    • Perish that notion E.
      These entities Are Not Friendly by any stretch of the imagination. All the Agreements with Aliens (badguys) and World Govts stipulate NO Show/No Showing. If they do, its immediate hostilities..extreme predudice. It is literally a War Zone out there.

      We are Pets-Farm Animals at best in their minds.

      Shotguns so far are best – Aim point being Neck & Hoverboards. High tech material used in black body suits (armor) makes em semi bullet proof.. no penetration on deadened impact. They have a “unique” Gaze..dont wanna see the color of their Eyes.
      Mental Engagement Time. Personally I reco Sunglasses, hand held lasers should be in Ure Emg Kit. Lasers help find, help you see thru the illusions, the holograms/holographics..they are everywhere nowadays, everywhere..Sunglasses help protect from “prying eyes”.

      See book – Alien Interview. Farsight has been investigating different parts of book for authenticity. There is a brief part in book that Airl the interviewed Alien from Roswell crash said that Lao Tzu was one of few, very rare Humans to AVOID the repto Deathtraps set up to capture our Souls after death..ya know the white light, council of “elders”. The latest project Lao Tzu was just puplished/released. All the viewers described a similar scene – he had outside assistance when his “soul” was hooked by the “grid” in passing, outside helpers were in constant contact, and they somehow managed to energetically bust that ISBE free. In the end of process he is on one of the “Ships”..

      * advisor group indicated to me years ago Lao Tzu was born as an Adult, which if true suggests he was of reptilian humanoid blood. Also was said to have lived an extraordinarily long time ..generations. He is considered a very high Lord in YXQ circles,or Daoist Saint along with Confucius, Damo, Shenong, ZhongKui, BodhiDharma&, Quanyin the merciful Goddess.

  13. Before anyone beats up on Big City Living (again), please consider that I have not turned on the heat in my apartment for >50 years, and AC as well as dehumidifier takes care of any summer heat !
    When I enter my bathroom it always surprises me how ConED times it just right to turn up the heat summer or winter to keep the bathroom cozy ;-).
    This is not me gloating, just stating facts that are of concern to myself knowing full well that we all face problems in our life of different sorts. Stay well !!

    • Speaking of Utilities … we had a HUGE electric rate increase this summer, in addition to a smaller one over the late winter.

      Opened my bill this past week and while my kwh USAGE was DOWN over 20% from the same period last year (warmer weather and I did some energy conservation work) my actual BILL WAS UP by over 20%.

      Sheesh … effectively a 40% price increase for electricity in just one year (per all in kwh charges), and the electric car recharging demand and most of it’s electrical infrastructure build out cost hasn’t even hit yet. Each of the last 3 years bills were up somewhat in each year so in just a few years my all in kwh charges have DOUBLED.

      What has changed? They are retiring out the base load coal plants and switching to natural gas fired units at the same time they are starting construction to support the electric cars coming. My multistate utility (about 10 states) was nearly 80% coal in 2007 and is now going to be under 25% going into 2025 with a stated intent to be totally out of coal by the early 2030’s.

      OUCH!! … and I know it’s going higher!! Soon we will be getting up to where California was just a couple of years ago since they have already filed for another large rate increase (20%ish), and we have coal coal coal all over the place.

      • put solar in.. NOW this isn’t normal.. normally with solar they continue to charge basic hookup fees.. and the power usage over night.. which I believe is how it should be.. they get the excess and your price per kw stays stable for lets say a ten year period.. if you want the two cents a kw.. then you pay for any price increases.. plain simple and the basic hookup fee.. work together.. as a co-op..
        but our electric bill for this month they didn’t charge me for the basic hook up fee.. so our bill is almost nothing… seems they have been doing this twice a year.. maybe they feel guilty because we produce more than we use on average..

        • Dude Loob – excess production of electricity means you got free juice to run Ure Bitcoin miners ! Wootwoot someone call the Bandicoot, theres a fortune to be made hear.

          Has the BCN ever been wrong BTC ?

          Get thee some BTC Mining rigs and Ocean as frontend app connecting/assuring all fees and rewards go 2 Youse, and not some leased out/whored out smalltime operation getting % of fees & rewards.

          You can DO It!

        • that is so true.. BCN… I actually thought about it a time or two to.. I actually had planned on putting in three or four of them.. then there is.. no one around the wastelands accepts it.. can’t go to walmart and purchase can’t do a thing with it.. heck some places refuse to accept fifties and hundreds anymore only plastic or small money.. went to get a gallon of milk yesterday.. and the place didn’t accept cash.. ended up leaving the milk and going to a place that accepted cash..by the time I acquired anything and then found some place that would convert it.. it will be worthless..just like gold.. I don’t buy gold either I do have a couple of silver bars.. but that is to make silver solution for wound care.. silvadene bandages are extremely expensive. the daughter had to get them and at a couple hundred bucks a piece for them.. when you can make them for a few cents..1/1 mixture.. if you buy the creams or if you make them.. coloidal silver and your cream base…. where I can make them for nothing…. the thing with BC is I don’t see the bc as real.. I see it as a cartoon coil similar to the money game.. and then the cost of the miners.. then the lectures from the boss on another project.. LOL LOL.. the power thing isn’t a big issue.. We use a great deal of electricity.. and fortunately electricity is our cheapest bill.. our water bill is more than our basic hookup.. if anything I would put in a couple of power walls battery backups.. same money as the mining systems..

  14. Two days of single digit temps here in S Indiana. Got this stray black cat I feed that I can’t bring indoors and I’m so concerned for him, especially about frostbitten paws. Since he’s stuck around, I named him Voodoo. We’ve a cat door on the garage and hoping he’s holed up in there for now, but we really don’t know where he disappears to after he gets a little kibble and water. I even ponied up for a heated house and put it on the porch, but he’s skittish of it. Doing what I can. School is delayed tomorrow, but I don’t care to see anyone’s kids out in single digit temp, much less my own. Wished it were called off, tbh. Stay as warm as possible, folks. Instant freezing temps are no joke. We get one day reprieve on Wednesday, then a few more days of this. Sure hope it’s the last of deep freeze for this winter!

  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/donald-trump-wins-iowa-caucuses/ar-AA1n1ubZ?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=entpsp&cvid=8849cf828a3641bd9df229f8b5cfd494&ei=61

    I don’t believe that it makes any difference at this point.. the depth of the damage has been done and we are going down the rabbit hole of the consequences from it all..
    this was expected.. especially after the incident from the last election..


    Not only because the farmer appears to have been right but that the whole mess totally appears to be even worse than what anyone ever imagined in their wildest nightmares.. and the discovery of so many that are totally appearing to be complicit with the whole business operations that are in positions to protect the people of the country and stop it and refused to do anything about it….

  16. It is by all appearances to be a very very sad day for the democratic party.. a party I once was extremely proud of.. now ashamed , disappointed and disgusted with what they have been doing.. they should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. Public confession:

    After 80 hours below zero, I have decided to go ahead and fire up my furnace tonight for the first time, this season.

    If you don’t KNOW your backups work, you don’t have any…

    • I hear ya.. put in a backup power system.. its been in almost three months now.. and I have to go out and reset it every week.. dam thing is driving me bonkers.. I have been on the phone with the company quite a few times.. they are going to send someone out to look at it.. hopefully before there is a power outage..
      well there was a power outage.. lost a cow and a freezer.. then I started to baby sit it.. the electrician couldn’t get it in before winter..He was to busy.. now its fifty below zero.. and it needs to be tinkered with..

    • 3 Day weekend LOL LOL LOL LOL only ones that get a three day weekend are govt. workers LOL LOL LOL that doesn’t exist in the real world LOL LOL so now we know for sure that Stu is a govt. employee

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