Peoplenomics: The End of Labor Days: It’s Time to Tax Machines

Only an idiot would call this “Happy Labor Day Weekend” because of how quickly jobs are being lost not only overseas but to robotic automation. Can’t policy wankers track the destruction of the American job market or the percentage of people holding jobs?  I mean WTF? A second chapter is presented this morning for readers of my next book.  In this one, we address this underlying problem in America that wasn’t in sight when the Founders crafted our marvelous Constitution.  It’s the problem of preferential tax treatment of machines over humans – and, I’m  embarrassed to say, it was a con job that my great, great, great grandfather Andrew Ure had a hand in perpetrating.  First, as we do every Saturday, we’ll run through some coffee and headlines to get the blood stirred up…then we can get on to the “deep thinking” section.

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