Out, Rout, and Gout – Joys of Monday

We begin this morning hoping that Joe Biden doesn’t deteriorate further.  As you’ve heard, he’s come down with a Covid relapse.  So, while he’s not exactly out, there’s definitely some “chill pill” going on: Biden tests positive for COVID again.

Not only in G.A. Stewart’s work – over at The Age of Desolation website, but just the “clock ticking” aspects of being 79 and having a “relapse” is a bit concerning.

As Stu notes (in PELOSI BYPASSES TAIWAN) the speaker of the house went on to the usual glad-handing in Singapore.  But we’re not out of the woods, yet.  She could make the drop-in visit on the way back to U.S shores.

War in the Wings

The fact that China has – for now – talked Nancy out of a visit doesn’t mean Global War is not still on the 2024-2026 dance card my consigliere has been tracking since 1979.

“When I did my original work in ’79, I kept looking at my data and wondering how could China possibly challenge the West in 2025?  They were incredibly backwards, and development seemed an impossible task for them…

It has been shocking to see how much progress this determined culture has made.  And interestingly, if you have been following our comment section, not only is there some major warehousing for manufacturing underway both north and south of Seattle (see Andy’s notes), but there’s also talk about how quickly Mexico could step in and take over manufacturing from China.  Should the need arise.

Stories like Mexico nearshoring potential for critical minerals, and about how local “offshoring” is still going “Vapotherm Inc. is moving manufacturing operations to Mexico – NH Business” are not without stumbling blocks, of course. because U.S. driven Inflation is biting them now: Mexican Manufacturing Tumbles as Price Hikes Bite (usnews).

Still further drive-by evidence comes when you see who is buying ads on Google.  See how the “manufacturing in Mexico” (ManMex) meme is rolling?

Meanwhile, China has picked up some heat from the international science community over Watch: Debris From Uncontrolled Chinese Rocket Re-Entry Falls Into Sea Near Philippines.  Two points here, I’ve been hearing.  First is why would they care what others think?  And watch this video, since our sources say this is what “space war” will look like for most citizens.  And yes, that’s a new dimension of NextGen Warfare.  It’s not all cyber.  

Besides, once the Internet goes down (who made the backbone routers?) the cyber angle is about played out.  Then it will be water and food, with only pockets of power.

The Week Ahead

Earlier, futures had been pointing to a weaker opening to the week.  This was toned down by the U.S. dollar falling in value relative to the Euro, however.  Essentially, when the Euro goes up and the dollar goes down, Hot Money of the International sort, drives UP the U.S. markets (on global pricing).  It takes “more of those less powerful dollars” to buy the same stocks.

That said, Bitcoin’s recent rally has been on a summer tear $23,851 last Thursday, but several hundred lower this morning. $23,276 at click time. Point here being that “hot money” is always looking for a home – which is why the most meaningful of our Peoplenomics outlooks comes over the weekend when – at least for a few hours – everybody has to “find a chair” for the weekend.

From here, doesn’t look like mid-session PMI numbers or some federal Housing data will move things much today.  Europe is up, but that’s mainly on currency swings which has driven gold up somewhat, too.

Tomorrow will be a NoDoz summer day.  In fact, this would have been a dandy four-day weekend. Sorry we didn’t take one!

You’ll want to be back Wednesday to find out if the S&P job creation numbers are on, or off.  S&P has been working with Stanford on revising their “methodology” for reporting.  Previous to now, it was a “clean” data run.  No telling what the multivariate overthinkers will come up with.  But, we’ll be skeptical, for sure.  (Disclosure: Ure is not a huge fan of Stanford MBAs – met and worked with too many who were egotistical pricks who’d had much of their commonsense bread out of them and oversized egos installed in its place. The fact they’d had to hire me to clean up their mess should have been the clue!)

Friday, the Federal jobs report will be along.  While we don’t expect America has recovered enough to equal late fall 2019 employment levels, a small increase cannot be ruled out.  There’s enough “squish” in the data you could drive a Kenworth through the holes.  All to help “sell the fairytale” that we’re not in a recession.  But yes, we are.

Point Dexter

At future leaking stories like:

Don’t delay past September on Building Materials for those home improvement projects.  Forest fires are on a roll. As of press time this morning, some mighty big ‘uns are keeping crews busy:

Data sort (largest to smaller) hints to us of a horrific fall to come.  Since we’re in the middle of a major Drought, building materials prices can be expected to jump once inventory is done.  See the price action over the past year+ in our ShopTalk Sunday column Sunday.

The population shifts are coming, too.  With water is ever-shorter supply in the Southwest, we noticed California exodus continues, with LA, San Francisco leading the way: ‘Why are we here?’ was likely a hint of what’s to come.

Democrats are “Fear Marketing” in full force ahead of Mid-Terms.  Since the Jan 6 hearings are off until closer to elections, stories like Congress on “high alert” amid security threats (axios.com) will have to do.  Monger, monger, wrong and wronger.  Pan and pander, take a gander. Witch trials ahead…

Inflation Package insanity and Joe Machin screws the pooch talking out of both sides of the issue again: Manchin says climate and tax deal “all about” fighting inflation.  Fact is:  Spending money we don’t have on bullshit special tax breaks we don’t need is not public policy.  It’s bribery and crony government, plain and simple.  Want to bet me we’ll get a “Gas Tax Rebate” before going to the poles in November, too?  America’s votes ARE FOR SALE.  What part of the “Big Lies and payoffs” can’t you seem to comprehend?

ATR: “Woo” of Gout, Tele-seeing

Interesting lesson here on “How to know Gout” is on the way.  Interesting side order of woo-woo, too, in a certain way.

Story begins three weeks ago.  I had ordered (online) a couple of packages of frozen Scallops.  But, when I got home, turned out the order wasn’t pulled right so there were two packs of frozen Cod.

Got online, did the call to customer service, was refunded for the difference.

Fast-forward to this week:  Came home with a pound of scallops for me and a couple of big boxes of coconut shrimp for Elaine.  (She’s not as keen on scallops, right?)

Going into Friday night dinner, I’d had a big turkey sandwich for lunch.  Two eight ounce glasses of wine with dinner (resveratrol, right?).  And my scallops.

Then, after jumping off and on the tractor for an hour, or two, Saturday, half a bottle of Coke on ice.  Another ham, turkey, and cheese sand.  Big rare steak for dinner. Yum.

Sunday, I could hardly move my right knee.  Hurt like bloody hell.

Oh-oh – Mr. Stupid didn’t follow hint from the Universe which had arranged to keep me from eating gout-inducing scallops once but wasn’t inclined to keep saving Mr. Nitwit.  Aha…just so!

Today, with colchicine onboard and a bottle of Olive Leaf Extract due tomorrow, things are way better, thanks.

But the lesson is?  Eating turkey (high in purines) along with ham, scallops which are about as bad as it gets, having Guoda cheese, a rare hunk of beef for dinner Saturday. and topping it all off with the segment-leading blend of phosphoric acid and high fructose corn syrup…what co9uld go wrong?

Thanks – let’s see how long I remember the lesson this time!

Today’s “all day breakfast” will be a small can of Dinty Moore beef stew with one tablespoon of red wine in it (try it – great flavor!) – over buttered French bread and a glass of milk… That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

You may have noticed the article August sky features Saturn, Mars, year’s last supermoon?

We recently picked up a Svbony model SV105, 2-MP camera for Elaine’s little 70 MM Celestron telescope out in the 180-room.

After downloading AstroDMx, I was shocked to see that a 1-by-6 fence board out 350-feet from the house wouldn’t fit on a 17.3-inch laptop display.  Maybe 3/4’s of it would fit.  Yikes!

Really impressive how the software works.  Also had a run at it with FireCapture | Planetary Image Capture with similar (eye-popping) magnifications.

The basic idea is you set up your rig (computer, astro cam, and scope) to capture multiple pictures.  Then turn the software loose on it to sharpen and reduce visual noise.  From what I can read, looks like it will crank out some amazing photos if I can ever stay up late enough to catch the moon going by.

One problem, though:  Since there is such extreme power, when Elaine steps down into the 180-room (sunken one step, right?) the camera view swings all over the place.  Not worth pouring a concrete pad to stabilize the camera, but that’s exactly how we get trapped in one project leads to another-itis around here.

Next full Moon is August 11th and I’ll try to remember to set an alarm clock!

Dow futures down 25 at click time…has last week’s fever broken, yet?

Write when you get rich,


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  1. LOL – anyone we know?

    San Francisco Real Estate Magnate Robbed At Gunpoint, Fears City ‘On Path Of Decline We May Never Recover From’

    The chief executive of the world’s largest industrial landlord was robbed outside his San Francisco mansion last month and called on the mayor to address the “absolutely unacceptable” rise in violent crime in the city.

    Hamid Moghadam, CEO of San Francisco-based Prologis, told the San Francisco Business Times that several men robbed him at gunpoint outside his home on June 26, taking his Patek Philippe watch. The robbery happened in the Pacific Heights neighborhood where tech investor Peter Thiel, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have homes.

    “I recognize we live in an urban environment, but the level of crime, including violent behavior, has become absolutely unacceptable,” Moghadam wrote in a letter to San Francisco Mayor London Breed, the city’s Board of Supervisors, and Governor Gavin Newsom, demanding them to concentrate efforts on improving public safety.

    “We pay some of the highest taxes, local and state, in the nation, yet we have no sense of security. Protecting public safety should be the government’s top priority — that is the foundation to a successful city,” he said.

    Moghadam warned: “I am deeply concerned that our city may be so far down the path toward decline that we may never recover — or at least not for a long, long time.”

    • as society plunges down the rabbit hole.. the violence will increase..
      the canary in the coal mine.. we already know that kids making a quarter million qualify for food assistance.. but the fact that we not only have been hauling in a half million illegals every month.. and those making a quarter million having to sleep in cars and cardboard boxes.. or if their lucky.. find one of those bunkbeds for rent for a couple grand a month.. using the sidewalks and store isles for toilets. Then the massive push to defund the police for the most vulnerable neighborhoods in our biggest cities.. . it is only time.. nothing to force people to desperation than hunger or danger to their children..

      • LOOB, Austin City Co uncil defunded police for WHOLE CITY not just vulnerable neighborhoods.

        Rich can hire private security, the rest of us get 12 hour waits or no one shows up at all.

      • “LOOB, Austin City Co uncil defunded police for WHOLE CITY not just vulnerable neighborhoods.

        Rich can hire private security, the rest of us get 12 hour”

        Exactly @Slow Daze….in a median income neighborhood..people look out for each other..
        While in the hood.. they are beat down so far..that the vast majority have lost HOPE…if they go to work their kids are exposed to a tribal existence with the local gangs and network TV and video games..

        “. Th e large majority of these studies are empirically situated in US inner-city areas characterized by multiple forms of deprivation and structural inequalities, and it is argued that girls’ off ending is a response to the gendered everyday violence that women experience, such as domestic violence, sexual violence, racism, and a routine devaluing of girls ”
        For those in middle class areas .. an hour wait in the hood.. not until daylight..if even then..then remove it all..where the odds of being raped or forced into crime was 70 percent likely before its 99 percent likely now..
        One young lady that’s crossed my path.. was abused and forced by thugs to be their money maker..
        I tried to get her to escape it. She moved.. she was their property..do as I say or die..they found her.. she had my name as her emergency contact..I get a call from an er doctor.. can we treat her..absolutely..
        With threats of being shot and killed she did what they said..they threatened another she got his gun and did what hunters girlfriend did dumped it..then turned the guys in..
        When they asked her to testify she was terrified.. they were going to kill her and her family.. ,( they were doing the same thing to her sister to. I got her the help she needed to break away from them and drugs.. but who knows..) anyway she refused to testify out if fear and got 30 .. I send her a few bucks a month for necessities and books..we visit daily..because she was a victim.. if I’m still alive when she gets out.. I will give her shelter.. it’s a different world at the bottom a world with very few opportunities and those that do pass by ..there’s a more than average chance that they won’t be able to take advantage of them..
        Why do you think the satanic pedophile group targets those areas.. now that any protection there was is gone..gives them an open pathway..

      • Around here..an emergency response is less than five minutes.. in the hood.. not so lucky.. what’s funny is how they did it.. they used the high vulnerability to crime before to trick them into demanding them to take all protection away.. you ever wonder why those guys offering 5 grand or ten grand depending on what they did.. what were their motives . To stir up the herd mentality..I am sure they are all regretting that now.. crime is so far out of wack..It’s insane.. but then who really cares..
        Just take a look at the alleged activities that our vp had to do to get where she is today.. and she was from a decent neighborhood..

      • “Just take a look at the alleged activities that our vp had to do to get where she is today.. and she was from a decent neighborhood..”

        Born in Soviet California, raised In Toronto, IIRC.

        Bored, spoiled little rich kid, and one of probably less than 100 people alive in the United States today, who actually met and frolicked with plantation slaves (that’d be the slaves her grandfather owned and worked, on his plantation, in Jamaica…)

      • You’ll notice how they made a point of saying they stole the “Glenngary Glenn Ross” “Always be closing” watch. I wonder where they’ll fence that or is that one they would just melt down?

      • Since I started lending a hand.. one thing I’ve noticed.. is that I didn’t have a clue…..the can man..lived in a dumpster he called home..the biggest break in hisife came when he moved into our spare bedroom..
        The 30 year veteran.. he retired only to discover most of his deployments were outsourced for black ops purposes and wasn’t able to get his thirty year retirement..lost his home and lived in his car in a department store parking lot.. slept on our couch for a quite so.e time..he died before they could get him his retirement..
        Thirty years.. no one cared..well the department store let him use the toilet..

      • I figured it wasn’t. He’d never say how bad it really is and then he’d bore the thieves to death with a lecture on just “Hooowwww Great it IS!” walking away totally unharmed.

  2. Chances are it’ll all unfold in unexpected ways.

    Nance will either go or not, and China will react in no way, a small way, or in a Big Way.

    China knows we are weak and hesitant. It seems reasonable that Nancy will go — proving the old, “you can’t push ME around!” My guess is China won’t do nothing — that loses ‘face’ — and they won’t light the fuse that is WW3 unlimited. No reason to blow up good markets — they can milk America’s cash teat a little longer.

    So a “medium” approach seems most likely. Sinking the Reagan would be too provocative. Americans go a little crazy when you sink our important ships. Hard to say what would happen next if they’re stupid enough to do that.

    Question is: do they think that? What does “medium” mean to them?

    If Nancy insists, we’ll soon know.

    Always ask yourself, “..and what comes next?”

    • “China will react in no way, a small way, or in a Big Way.”

      I think of vietnam … I believe that we went to vietnam to get the oil..
      I could eleaborate with studies that have been done and books about the war..
      I believe that we fight wars over crap.. for someone else in another country to which I think is stupid.. but anyway.. vietnam got an idea that they could do this to others and took on one of china’s outposts.. china walked across the country in six days just to give them the message.. don’t mess with us.. this is a learning lesson.. and it was over.. with a half million a month of illegals.. that are ushered in and supported how many of those are what they said they would do and be warriors sent to perform a revenge caliphate.. jihad.. and with our desire for control and greed.. we have neglected our own country its industries and its economy..
      I believe that if we push them.. they will teach us the same lesson they taught vietnam.. don’t mess with us.. Xi has not been the one to just invade.. there has to be a reason.. so far what I have read and see on the MSM news even.. is that he has been the diplomat trying to resolve issues that are coming up..

      • what is it .. an estimated twelve million illegals ushered and protected.. and funds given to them to fight being sent back.. and of that ten and a half million are from countries that swore vengeance.. what could possibly go wrong right.. theres no need for vetting anyone anymore.. just let them through.. I have said before we should have a mutual trade off.. for every million sent here.. we should send a million of our laborers there..

      • LOOB, I do believe and have read that many of the “refugees” are simply felons from their own countries that are let go to invade America. Why feed and house the undesirables when America allows them to come here. I’d think sending our violent felons to their home countries would be a reasonable trade.

      • SO … when the US gets into a real Dust Up with a foreign power all of those “Illegals” are going to walk right down to the Post Office and SIGN UP for the US Draft … RIGHT??!!

        US born CITIZENS fighting and dying so that ILLEGALS can walk around and make money inside the US with NO personal risk while ONLY US Citizens have to risk Life and Limb to keep the “Illegals” safe is only something crazy people would agree with … RIGHT?

        Whoops … there are LOTS of crazy people who are of a particular political persuasion. I highly doubt they would want the “poor” “Illegals” to have to risk their health and lives to defend the US, that is just too much to ask of those who are here working ILLEGALLY with their families being educated in our schools and being treated, often for free, in our hospitals while the country’s ACTUAL LEGAL Citizens are off fighting and dying in another Elites Created War.

        Think I am joking? I have now posed that actual question to a number of my Liberal “friends” and each and every one gives me the same answer: that Illegals should NOT be required to serve in the military if the US gets into an actual War again. That is a JOB for the Citizens to do!!

      • I can testify to this Viet Nam Oil business. When I was in VeetNom in 1968, I had occasion to visit an oil exploration ship owned by Chevron, just off the coat at Nha Trang. . (I was on unrelated business.) It was no secret they had found all the right signs for LARGE conshelf reserves. Some day VeetNom will be a huge source of petro product.


      • “each and every one gives me the same answer: that Illegals should NOT be required to serve in the military if the US gets into an actual War again. That is a JOB for the Citizens to do!!

        The next time one says that, offer to drive them (or their kids or grandkids) to the recruiter.

      • “I’d think sending our violent felons to their home countries would be a reasonable trade.”

        Lol lol lol.. you know we have nafta @NMMike… the average cost is what fifty to a hundred grand per inmate.. why don’t we outsource prison time for our most violent.. cost five grand with proof of life once a year..to just send them over..they would come back

      • “Whoops … there are LOTS of crazy people who are of a particular political persuasion. I highly doubt they would want the “poor” “Illegals” to have to risk their health and lives to defend the US,”

        They won’t @Stephen2… it was the usa whose interference made them a refugee and not being a citizen..they aren’t required.. they live the Quran to the letter…
        Then.. how many of them are really warriors that were snuck in posing as a refugee ..as they have threatened to do..

    • “Sinking the Reagan”

      Where would a strategic place be to sink a few nuclear reactors and bombs off the Chinese coast? I’d keep the Reagan in that or those areas until things cooled down.

      • Sinking the ship may not be necessary. If the superstructure is destroyed, the ship becomes a liability rather than just a lost asset. Obviously I don’t condone this, but it’s well within a range of options. A well placed EMP device might well destroy operational utility. For better or worse, China has surprises, as do we.

        Personally, I see little value in sending Mrs Pigsty on this trip. It’s a provocation, pure and simple.

      • @ Mike

        “Personally, I see little value in sending Mrs Pigsty on this trip. It’s a provocation, pure and simple.”

        Creepy Joe didn’t send her. She went on her own initiative. It is a ploy to get Democrat votes. The fact it will piss the Chinese off for generations is of no concern to her.

  3. Hi George. Just curious but have you tried using your cell phone camera on your telescope? Those cameras are pretty impressive anymore. I see all sorts of adapters for connecting to telescopes and binocs.
    With my schedule , nornally 0400 – 2100 hrs, I don’t seem to be in operation whenever the good stuff happens anyway.
    I don’t like relying on the cell phone at all for all the obvious security reasons but we had to ditch the landline a couple years back due to lack of service reliability. Since then I find myself falling more and more into using the damn thing for so much.
    Antenna maintenance was a bust yesterday. Time for a new build. Should have gone to church.
    Stay safe. 73

    • “I don’t seem to be in operation whenever the good stuff happens anyway.”

      LOL LOL LOL.. the problem is.. you need a tracker.. everything is in constant motion..wait a second and its gone..

      • The non-problem is I am usually, sometimes anyway, horizontal sleeping when the good stuff happens along with too many other projects going at the same time otherwise.
        No complaints.

    • There’s no reason to use your primary cellphone for such things. A friend gave me a couple of her old ones that she no longer wanted and didn’t know how to properly get rid of. I use them for various things after sideloading apps, since they no longer have service, nor need to.

      I’d think a decent cellphone camera on a pair of binoculars would make for a poor man’s night vision device.

      • I bought my hunters a scope.. night vision to.. it says ten miles..uses the image stacking.. you can read a small sign over a mile away real good..just like your next to it.. has a cellphone holster..great item ..under 15 dollars

    • I bought a new Electronic Eyepiece last year for my many years old Meade 114mm (4.5″) computer driven reflector telescope but have yet to use it. Now that you have listed a good software package I am going to have set the darn thing up and see exactly what the telescope will do with that new electronic eyepiece. (paid as much for that new eyepiece as I did orginally for the entire scope set up)

      I got the telescope when the kids were young to give them a taste of astronomy … but alas neither one took the bait so it has been closet bound for years (bagged of course to keep the mirrors clean). I must say that even though at the time it was an introductory scope the computer drive unit Meade put on the scope worked like a charm and made finding and seeing various objects in the sky very easy (it has a database of about 14,000 objects so once it is oriented to the North Star and knows your Latitude /Longitude and time it easily finds those objects and then steadily tracks them through the sky – amazing piece of software development combined with very accurate stepper motors to run the darn thing for such an inexpensive scope)

      Something MORE to do with my time!! (as if I have any free time)

  4. “Today’s “all day breakfast” will be a small can of Dinty Moore beef stew with one tablespoon of red wine in it (try it – great flavor!)” Shouldn’t that read a small can of red wine with a tablespoon of Dinty Moore beef stew in it George?

  5. I am not sure I see any retool for an emergence of American manufacturing – the problem is one of skills and demographics. Blue collar skills (and strong work ethic) is not evidenced into todays labor force. Yes, if we can convert all the ‘college educated’ in gender studies, mass comm, criminal justice, and assorted other useless majors – if we could get these guys interested in working in modern factories, that would work, but I don’t see it. What about all the invaders coming in? Most are very slow skill, low IQ, and motivated to come live off the US teet. No dice there. The boomers like myself could theoretically do it, but I have been in the labor force for well over 40 years. Let’s just say at this point, I don’t care. It’s up to the 20 and 30 year old to staff the jobs and put in their 40 plus. We were not made to work until we drop, although if people want to work into their 80’s and 90’s, have at it!

    • Hmm.. maybe..
      at least they still have some safety equipment in the lockers LOL
      they could probably get the line going again..
      a new coat of paint and a few windows.. a little wd-40 and this auto industry could be fired back up..
      the real issue is.. we could fire it all back up.. and you could give enough incentives to do just that and start industry back up.. TRAINED personell to pass their training on.. that is the big issue.. getting someone that knows how to do it..
      similar to my mechanic.. with covid shut downs.. his trained mechanics had to move on to make a living.. he was forced to hire new grads from mechanic school they were taught not how to fix motors and cars but to follow a computer.. ( why it took two years go get a power steering hose changed and a brake line fixed)
      he now has his shop open four hours a day.. he can’t get trained mechanics for what he can afford to pay.. and to keep his tow truck service moving.. the only trained people he has has the ability to drive and handle the tows needed..
      when I worked healthcare.. one of my jobs was to show the newbies the ropes of the floor.. the hardest lesson to teach was to treat the patients with respect.. they would forget that these are people.. and the worries of their lives became more than that of the patients needs.. and their life.. you walk in and will see them talking over the patient all the time as if they didn’t even exist.. although.. on that note.. this is an important tip….the one you want to draw your blood.. is the pimple faced kid talking about his hot date on saturday night LOL LOL Not the old guy that is telling you he has thirty years experience… HE has been sitting behind a desk someplace and doesn’t have a clue what he is doing where the kid sticks a few hudred a day.. and if you get a flib from the premie .. your even better off they sneak needles up the veins the size of a hair.. .. LOL while the old guy.. he pushes a pencil not the needle LOL LOL LOL

      • If we did what China did and moved the entire steel mill elsewhere, like Texas or Utah, it might become viable again. NY state has a horrible regulatory environment and an even more horrible governess. I can’t see any net value from the attempt to get real production going there.

      • “If we did what China did and moved the entire steel mill elsewhere, like Texas or Utah, it might become viable again.”

        South Dakota.

        They’ve both the economic environment and a huge, relatively untapped supply of raw materials.

  6. The death of Biden. Who doesn’t want Obama back for two and a Hillary VP? If Hillary tells Trump he’ll be locked up, she’ll make sure he’s locked up.

    But Biden will probably live out the term. Hillary is no longer a spring chicken. That generation has tumbled. Hillary’s power has waned. And I don’t think China has the guts to whack Nancy.

    We’ve got years of retroactive bailouts ahead of us.

    Or a juicy man made famine that changes everything.

  7. “It has been shocking to see how much progress this determined culture has made.
    there’s also talk about how quickly Mexico could step in and take over manufacturing from China. Should the need arise.”

    It already has.. when we deregulated and sent industry abroad.. Mexico was one of the main places that we sent it to.. farming as well.. we sent farming abroad..
    back in 2008 I believe .. we gave billions to the auto industry.. a story at the time in the news was one manufacturing plant.. the employees were demanding to make a dollar an hour for a wage.. the auto manufacturers response was.. if they are going to hold us up like that.. we will send our factories to china.. which they did..
    even now.. income for both of those countries is a fraction of what we in the usa are required to make to even exist.. a scientist or skilled machinest as an example makes just about eight bucks an hour..
    here you have to clear twelve just to make the school loans..
    in china.. it is even less where the average household makes what I did in the early seventies and farm workers even less about a buck an hour….
    Doctors make what is it .. ten grand a year..
    a comment made the other day about how much the USA spends on military compared to other countries.. that is true.. but our costs are so much higher.. a few years ago they had a show thirty days.. they took affluent and influential (RICH) people and took away all their resources and influence to survive working.. only one made it and the show was cancelled after six show.. but one show.. they put some people in the garment industry.. they were shocked that .. the wages they made was two dollars a week.. and had to work on their time off.. a face mask that I get for cold weather .. costs fifteen and change (before brandon) a piece.. I could buy a whole case with free shipping from the manufacturer for five dollars..
    we sent our productivity there.. and they are smart.. industrious.. we promoted only the wealthy to get an education.. made it a necessity to have a degree to get a position that would provide a basic subsistane.. rather than work at the plant where dad did..
    dumbed down our children and destroyed neighborhoods.. I believe we put ourselves on a collision course for failure by promoting greed rather than security and the erosion of our morals and ethics taking the adult supervision and presence out of the home by requiring them to work multiple jobs and the wife and mother to work to barely exist….. using the same seek greed business model.. from my perspective.. people flock away from the churches.. we no longer have dinners at the table.. ( except here.. we have family meals and prayer) instead its a quick burger and fries..

    • A major part of the problem is the total tax and regulatory bite! Without that, one person could feed and house a family. There’s only one way to do so many things legally, whereas there are many alternative ways to do them safely. We’ve become a brittle country that can’t easily take a hit and flex around it. Something will change, but I’ve no idea yet as to what it will be.

  8. Two things are in order,
    1- This country needs a complete politician overhaul, as both parties are bad, with one being the worst. the BIG question is “WILL” that happen? probably not without a fight.
    2- Is this Pelosi-China standoff more of a political stunt than anything, not from a China perspective, BUT maybe from a USA to try to sway the public against China? HMMMM!
    in this crazy times one cannot assume anything to be what it seems on the outside.

      • I don’t know if we can vote our way out of this mess , not when the dems control voting ,the media , and the doj-fbi. I’m going to vote , but I might have to prepare to use the last box . You know, soap , ballot ,bullets.

      • Vote and maintain total scrutiny of the voting and counting process! There’s obviously fraud, and we need to find and prosecute it at all levels.

    • 2- It is theatre. It is a stunt Pelousy is pulling to demonstrate her power and relevance within our political system. We have an Election upcoming in three months. I don’t like anything about Nasty Nancy, but I do give her credit for being a pure, political machine.

      Nothing she has done, or will do, this calendar year, has any purpose whatsoever, except to affect the November election in favor of the Democrats.

    • Don’t underestimate the Chinese! They don’t react to provocations – they bide their time and never forget. When they act, it will be from deliberate action, not emotional reaction.

      They still remember the Rape of Nanjing, and likely will 200 years from now.

  9. Biden & Covid

    All of these people have been quadruple jabbed and masked probably even in the shower.

    Keep in mind that Paxlovid ONLY works on people who have NOT been vaccinated.

    Remember for Fauci it took a month and 3 Paxlovid courses to get over it.

    Those with 1/2 a brain will understand it is NOT the Paxlovid that is the cure. The person’s own immune system takes care of it all. You get a little older and it may take a little longer.

    Other than being fat, the fact is the worse thing you can for Covid is to get the jabs. (Or wear a stupid face diaper.)

  10. “It” came into being, under the cover of the new Moon..restless was the night Friday after the sliver of moon light cut through the electro chemie smog. In the blink of an eye, the NRG/Aether adjusted – dont know how or why, just the when, as my “night-ops” were agitated to say the least.

    Hey mr. market playa – you gotz a play on Uranium ? You do realize we dont have any nuke fuel? – nerp – we get it all from PooterZ, and the Badenoff Fuel Distributors (BFD) in Mother Russia. You do remember the hildabeast selling off USA uranium mines/plants to Ruskies?

    IOW uranium is USA achillies heel.
    Personally putting a Short position in XRT – retail etf this AM. XLE plays are ringin the register..put on small PM bullish positions Friday – concentrated in Silver minerz. Shopping the discount aisle in Biotech..hmmm.

    BBBBBullish Bitcoin – MACD -“potential”, RSI -looks good potential buy.

    NO BITCOIN for You Mr Ure, on 5 year Ban= BitCoinNazi sentence for Ures’ continued BTC/blockchain OBSTINANCE …Five Years – NO Bitcoin!

    ..please take a moment for Joy and Celebration – as Mother Russia has just announced that they confirmed the Liquidation of a “big” “foggybottom” deepstate mafia agent – ceo of Nebulon Ag co. – olesky vadatursky on July 31st during missile attack -Nikolaev..
    “and another “kazarian” gone, another one bites the dust”-Queen
    While at the same time comes confirmation of direct military assistance from CCP to Iran..furthering Stewy rich& chewy being on track wit da chicom-muzzie alliance rolling WW3

    No Worries Russian kinzals – USA/Nato radar cant see em, satellites cant track em – and as NATO just experienced along Polish border – nobody saw, heard or had a f-ing clue – until they heard whoosh as they entered target zone..thats it, before you go flash-blast- goodbye. ? Lotta good iodine pills gonna do for Ure thyroid when that particular “carbonized” gland has been blasted/embedded onto cement wall standing behind youse..

    * Fun Fact -You-USA/deepstate attacked China & Russia with covert19 bioweapon, as well as attacking US pop.
    – current US scientific papers confirm – US dept mil intelligence (oxymoron in the extreme) doesnotexist agency being responsible.

    ** still waiting on Isolated covert 19 virus sample = still does NOT exist. Same with an IMAGE of the covert19 virus – ALL the pictures you see/available in public domain are “artistic renditions” – all of em.

    • “BBBBBullish Bitcoin – MACD -“potential”, RSI -looks good potential buy.”

      HMMM.. I think I will keep trying to get the BRAIL edition of Penthouse.. at least that is on paper.. and had a relief that I can follow with my fingers.. LOL LOL LOL

    • *PS – put on da SPY PPPCP”

      Putz for Peloser Profitz in Chynah Program..simply put..bot Out of The Money Puts – the 396 Puts with 8/3/22 Expiration that cost a whopping $.15 cents per.
      Small side wager – someones going to shoot down another jetliner wit sub launched missile, last time this exact kinda thing happened over there – a chyknees Sub got”slammed”

  11. Morning George

    Back from my fantastic voyage and it’s good to be home.

    Meeting people along the way, has been interesting. People from all walks of life and various locations from across the country. Poolside, hot tubs and at smoking areas and businesses where employees are working with the public are great places to initiate conversations. Didn’t meet one ignorant person. They all seem to know what’s happening. Think they all read Urbansurvival too. Lol. Amazing !!

    Yes, no one cares about the war in the Ukraine but, are concerned about conflict with Russia. – same with not caring about Taiwan but concerned about conflict with China. Hear China bought the biggest pig farm in Florida … and folks don’t like the reality of China strategically buying large pieces of land across the country. – nobody like Pelosi. (Imagine that)

    Heard about China being quite about the rocket reentry, on a beach near Cape Canaveral before it was news. NASA doesn’t like sand getting kicked in their face. – like recently when Russia was going to leave one of our astronauts stranded in space.

    Different folks follow different prophecies. No matter what you adhere to, seems they’re (prophecies) are all coming together like lining up the planets.

    Talked about changes (August – September) One guy mentioned a date: September 28th. – think that’s a “completion” date. (Biblical calculations) I went back in the store and bought more popcorn. – Guy was security keeping an eye on the ice freezers. Said people were steeling 400 bags of ice per week.

    Heard about people getting the vaccine and getting covid after, and the resulting injuries and deaths. Nothing nice was said about anything “covid”

    Nowhere, is predominantly “white” – nothing racist at all, but can’t help but notice.

    Also noticed, rainbow hair seems to be going out of style. Either the clowns stayed home or no one wants to be judged as a liberal.

    Speaking of liberals, folks are angered and somewhat amused by the idiots who think they’re Dr Doolittle in our National Parks. Use to be that you had to take 2 hits of acid before attempting to pet a buffalo or a wild bear. Nope, not anymore !!! They’re finding out the hard way that nature is not always people friendly.

    People don’t like the idea that Mexico wants us to buy oil from them … AFTER Mexico bought the Deer Park Refinery. Sounds like a circle jerk to most folks.

    It’s odd how social media has been the social trend for being Social. The younger folks seem to forget what real social skills really are or how to use them. The kids seem to be calming down and not being offended as much because of different opinions, as their parents are becoming more aware of how f*cked-up the world is.

    We’re in a mess and most people are trying to find a way out of it … until then? We’re all trying to make every dollar count.

    Have a good day, George.


      • Seems Florida is protected from China for now if they want to eat those pigs they invested in. One does not normally buy something just to destroy it.

    • You know the thing I love most about you Bob? You get it. DUDE didn’t light your candle so you could Marvel at its brilliance. You know. DUDE lit it so you could light others candles. Love that about you Bob.

      George, LOB and a few others on here remind me of that.

      But almost every time I read your thoughts Bob? No matter what words you type in the box? That is the thought behind them.

      And I need reminding of that alot. Thank you!


      • NAMASTE, Brother. Love your words too. We are all guests and servants of The Dude.

        Love & Harmony Andy

    • “Didn’t meet one ignorant person.”

      Maybe there’s hope after all! My oldest friends, who are well-educated and good people, still haven’t a clue as to what’s really going on. I’ve given up even hinting that things may not be what the MSM tells them. They just think I’m nuts. Thanks for your peek into a better world.

  12. Hi, George,

    I think I mentioned this a while ago, but allopurinol is a good med for controlling gout. Gout can run in families, so relate that to your son. He likely knows this. As it was explained to me by a doctor friend, gout has very fine needles that can travel throughout the body. My late husband had gout, and he first noticed it in his feet. I suspect that also impacted his heart issues, among others things. Just be mindful of consuming too much red meat and red wine. I did not know about scallops contributing to this issue. We all wish you a long and healthy life.

    • Scallops, Skate and Shark, oh my!

      east coast fisher persons have been known to “punch out” scallops from skates and shark meat..like a common practice – nothing goes to waste.

      We always stick to the smaller bay scallops, when diet allows for such rich fare – which aint often. Same with Steak – older I get the more intestinal issues I receive from eating pastured beef, switched to Bison(DakotaPure) about 3 years ago – much easier on the gutz, feels good on innards.

  13. Taipei City is 12 hours ahead of Washington DC time.

    In 12 hours it’ll be post-breakfast for Nancy. Perhaps we’ll be at war before “Hank in Hawaii” goes to sleep tonight, Taipei is 18 hours ahead of Honolulu.

    It’s possible folk in the Great State of Hawaii will be duct taping windows with Visqueen waiting for the nuclear dust clouds to blow by.

    Hawaii getting blown-out would be a rhyme. It’s happened before.

    “Don’t ask how or why.”

    Nuclear Preparedness PSA (with captions)


  14. One could wonder if ninety proof nancy ‘s husband shorted the market ,asking for a friend.

    • or did he up the amount of her life insurance policy LOL LOL LOL….If they do shoot her plane out of the sky… he will have to make up for the loss of revenue from future stock deals somehow LOL

    • LOL LOL LOL… great post and a great poem.. I have never read it before… I love it..

  15. Way off to the side.

    Somebody please tell me that Crazy Joe and the Cacklin’ Ho’ do not have access to the Nuclear Football.

    Can we at least have THAT ?!?!?!

  16. I’m not a fan of this, but the way it’s going, I can see the US, Canada, and Mexico being one “country” soon (based on your ‘Mexico as near off shoring’ thought). Something about Revelation and 10 leaders comes to mind. https://bibleprophecyaswritten.com/the-10-kings/
    Seems the one world folks have zero creativity being they are just copying what they were told would happen.

    My apologies for not being on here much…lots going on the last several months like with everyone.

    • Ive read stories that claim the new replacement for the Peso and Dollar , the “Amero” , has been minted. ( Amero = our NA version of the Euro )

      But it appears that if the CSRQ stuff has any validity , its a moot point.

      Of course it could all be internet gibberish.

  17. George,

    Don’t know about your neck of the woods, but I can’t help but think that the Powers that Be have engineered another way of starving “we peasants”. In our region, we have increasing numbers of whitetail deer that are being infected with Chronic Wasting Disease. Slow pitiful death for those infected. Seems the CWD causes a prion to develop in their central nervous system. Same prion makes the meat unsafe for human consumption. Works the same as “Mad Cow Disease”.

    CWD disease started in Colorado in and around cattle operations. My guess is some genius was feeding cattle feed laced with processed animal parts. Cattle are not carnivores. In our area, the dumbass hunters continue to put out mineral blocks to grow bigger antlers, which brings all the deer to a single location. Infected deer lick the block, and it spreads through saliva to others from the mineral block. Even incineration does not kill the prions in the infected animal.

    So much for hunting wild game for protein when the famine hits. I did read that a biologist at LSU thinks he may have a possible cure for Chronic Wasting Disease, but I would bet that his idea never sees the light of day.

    So far, I have not noticed deer on my farm with the signs of CWD, but they have a large area to graze and therefore are less likely to spread from one to another. You can have any deer you shoot tested for CWD, but it is most likely just as accurate a test as the PCR is for Covid. Don’t trust anything or anyone associated with our wonderful government.

    • Excellent points, Lloyd
      First, when you mention the CWD genesis being in Colorado, I can’t help but wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with another (Covid-like) series of medical experiments gone terribly wrong? For example, up north of Trinidad, CO (I-25? It’s early, not awake yet) west of there (look up Weston CO) you will find a major nexus of UFO/Cattle mutilations. On the one hand, I’m skeptical of the (occasional) reports of the silent black helos and medical teams in PPE dress, and it’s just as possible that Earth has been infected as a simple way for an advanced culture to take over Earth on the QT. Watch the Skinwalker Ranch series on Amazon and ask “If THEY have portals – and if THEY plan ahead of needs, couldn’t THEY just infect Earth via out of dimension agents that might be able to transit a PORTAL? Perhaps electronics can not…

      The second point is our local deer population around Uretopia is about 1/10th of past years. Is that from overhunting and kill-crazy “outsiders” who have moved in? Or, is there a mammalian die-off of everything going on in slow motion? Science has – I fear – been distracted by “sparklies and twinklies” like gender confusion and climate change issues. Hasn’t been looking at the broadscale of bioactivity throughout (DUDE’s) Earth.

      War in the Heavens is far too much work. When a handful of culture can clear off a world. You just need to infect well enough in advance of requirements and the Earth will be self-cleaning cept for maybe a nuke plant, for 20.

      Some serious shit to think about, my friend

      • Most important post here! Biowar is so cheap that a Mengele in some shithole country could potentially infect the world. Apparently, “witch doctors” in Africa were storing smallpox for themselves while the major eradication programs were happening. I doubt that there’s any disease that was allegedly eradicated without hundreds of labs storing samples of said disease. We even sent teams to Alaska to dig up the 1918 flu cadavers so as to isolate this pathogen for gain of function research(though it was supposedly to research the prevention of the disease).

        Evil people do evil things.

      • “you will find a major nexus of UFO/Cattle mutilations. ”

        A farmer.. in an area I know very well… had cattle mutilation..on fresh snow no other tracks than that of the cow..no blood.. a perfectly round hole and all its organs removed.. none of the other cattle would go anywhere near it..

  18. “S&P has been working with Stanford on revising their “methodology” for reporting.”

    Even though a couple of Dr. Friends would say I don’t admire stanford… ( I love to debate them .. make the kids hot the books lol) I really do admire the school and the teaching staff.. they make those little shots read and think.. ( can you tell I’ve had one of those rare occasions where I’ve been sipping the suds a little more than I should lol lol.. nice evening cold drinks)
    Overall it’s a great school that I think promotes and excellent at having the kids reflect on what they have learned..question everything..then formulate their own opinion

    • I was often tempted during our SF Bay sailing year to take the exit from the 280 grand prix some afternoon and go find the linear accelerator all those signs point to. Beautiful country on the peninsula there.

  19. Friends,

    I’ll say it again: is there no honour amongst thieves? While msm dotes upon Mr. Zelensky’s sidetrip to Odessa this past weekend for an in vogue photo-op seeing the “first” Turkish-flagged ships loaded with grains for Lebanon and elsewhere, the chaff has hit the fan. Gosh, golly a US sanctioned, Syrian-flagged ship sailing from Crimea apparently of a Turkish grain seller and Syrian (?) buyer has been detained at Tripoli by Lebanon’s chief prosecutor at the request of Ukraine. “Stolen cargo” it seems. My goodness! One hopes the chief prosecutor’s brother-in-law – Lebanon’s former minister of agriculture, past delegate in matters of food exports to Syria, and a Shia friend of Hezbollah – can mediate a most satisfactory and profitable division of the baked cake to all parties involved. Let us trust that the rules of honesty and integrity not unduly chafe upon the flour in hand. May the dough/$ rise?

  20. Comrades,

    This first Monday of August being a civic holiday under various provincial nomenclatures across Canada, the CBC has kindly announced a dignitary break. The PM and family will be embarking upon a 2 week vacation in Costa Rica with the approval of the office of the federal ethics commissioner. A similar 2019 junket cost $57,000 for the jet hours plus crew ground expenses. The PM will pay for his own accommodation. Maybe it’s an all-inclusive? Let’s see what the reviews are like. Could be food for thought as a posh nosh on a budget? Stay tuned!

    Oh, by the way – the PM promises to stay in touch during his absence from Canada.

  21. “(Disclosure: Ure is not a huge fan of Stanford MBAs – met and worked with too many who were egotistical pricks who’d had much of their commonsense bread out of them and oversized egos installed in its place. The fact they’d had to hire me to clean up their mess should have been the clue!)”

    They’re all trying to be the next Thomas Sowell, without doing the requisite years and years (and years) of work…

    • Lol they are only egotistical..until you make them hit the books.. once they realize that they maybe missed something.. I love to bring up studies done by Stanford that they failed to read.. they change real fast..lol lol..
      That’s the one thing I value with stanford..they make the students think.. and it’s not a teach them to shotgun a beer preppy school..

  22. LOL China bans biscuits, and bellows as Pelosi visits Taiwan.
    Beijing bans more than 100 Taiwanese food companies, including makers of pineapple cakes and bear biscuits, as it responds to Nancy Pelosi’s scheduled arrival in Taiwan on Tuesday night.

    Paper tiger……

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