Got to say, with the unrelenting censorship of views on a certain large social(ist) media platform, a lot of moderately conservative types to conservative liberal types can be found here freely discussing a lot of interesting topics.  Invasion by Mexico, them wanting states back (Revolcion 3.0) and the ICE dumpings in cities that are far from the border.

Toss in markets that appear more and more driven by algo’s than people and occasional bouts of “woo-woo” and there’s usually something to find of interest here.

So no, when you post a comment (on something under the microscope here), you can now have an email sent to you with comments almost has fast as I approve ’em.

Here’s a diagram that explains why I don’t like writing software documentation or coming up with use cases for ERP coders…

Starting at the comment form after each article, here’s what you might see:

The only downside to this I can think of is that people who post here all the time (Andy, Mark, anti-Mark, LOOB and so on) will have to suffer through one email from (the server-side automated me) thanking them for their first comment.

If this is too much, I can turn off the check mark default to ON and set it as blank, but like I say, sure makes getting updates a lot easiest when something catches Ure aye…

Back now to the greenhouse where our “LazyPonics” article for subscribers Wednesday is trying to fall apart from the heat…Words of wisdom on how not to have such a catastrophe Wednesday.  But, nothing some inch-and-a-half sheet rock screws can’t fix.  They hold most of our house today and now the hydroponics, too.

Moron the ‘morrow…

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