Meanwhile, Back at the Casino….

(Thackerville, OK)  With American markets feeling like we were “on the ropes” last week, Elaine and I took of Saturday morning for the Winstar casino/resort an hour north of Dallas.  Our primary mission was work-related.  My long-time friend Robin Landry and I met (dueling laptops, right?) to figure out if this is a small fourth wave down or part of a bigger picture.

The answer is not simple, but we will explain how we’re both right in our report Wednesday.

As for this morning’s report, a bit shorter and to the point, but some worthwhile observations….

The first is that if casino action indicates the mood of the American middle class,. then the republicans shouldn’t be so damn worried.  People on the casino floor Saturday were laying down big bets like they didn’t have a care in the world.

In fact, it was the “freest spending” action I’ve seen yet.  Seriously!

Toss in the fact that futures were up modestly, and the democrat dream of the Trump Bump ending in time for election day seems a bit far-fetched.

Not that nuts with bombs and mass shooters don’t give people reason to think things through – they do, of course.  But, for all the antifa hate and anarchy press, in most places – like here along the Texas-Oklahoma border – politics isn’t at all evident.  The few MAGA hats I noticed were worn by people quietly going about their business.

This led me to conclude something the democrats should have figured out by now:  It’s the Economy, Stupid.  As long as the market is just doing a “normal” pullback, people are ignoring the longer-term issues and partying like it’s 1999.

This doesn’t keep the open-border party from whining, though.  Again, we’re reading that the world’s sorest loser – Hillary Clinton – is making noises like she wants to lose again. No decision until after mid-terms,. though. Yet, somehow, she’s not capable of learning from past mistakes.  In my view, she’s got a ton of ’em to answer for and under oath would be dandy.

It was also just a bit too pat for our tastes, to read that “Michael Moore Reveals Video of Bomb Suspect Amid Angry Crowd at Trump Rally .”  Too pat for us…

Still, the report that a Student helps raise $540K for synagogue shooting victims renews our hope that not ALL young people in America have been brainwashed by the social machines.

A Pending Economics Lesson

There is a new president in Brazil today as “Far-right Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidential race.”

There are any number of media/spin comments that could be fairly made.  I will confine myself to just noting that “far-right” in today’s world of media spin and the ongoing press toward global socialism, defines anything as “far-right” if it doesn’t include pandering to unlimited genders, open borders and so forth. If you’re right of Soros, you’re a conservative or worse.

Bolsonaro, however, may be in a position to deliver a long-needed economics lesson to the idiots of the far-left media.  To be sure, things like mining in the Amazon will be demonized for their risks.  As will liberalizing gun ownership in a country where lawless has been a watchword.

But compared to Venezuela – the current poster-child for socialist ideologies failing, we’d be inclined to bet on Brazil as the next major economic miracle.

There’s a reason Brazil is one of the BRICS countries.  China and Russia have long-seen the practicality of Brazil  becoming a long-term global leader  Just don’t ask the left-leaning media for anything near fair coverage – because if you haven’t noticed, that’s something the sell-outs haven’t figured out how to deliver.

The Week Ahead…

We will be back on home turf for tomorrow’s release of the Housing Report from Case-Shiller/S&P, Corelogic and whoever…two-part report for us.

Personal Income and Consumer Spending are just our from the Bureau of Economic Analysis…

Personal income increased $35.7 billion (0.2 percent) in September according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $29.1 billion (0.2 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $53.0 billion (0.4 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.1 percent in September and Real PCE increased 0.3 percent. The PCE price index increased 0.1 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.

Doesn’t look like the world is ending, does it?

Then Wednesday ADP job numbers.  That normally means Challenger job cuts the day after and then Friday the Federal numbers which we look to see hold, or maybe rise a tenth just based on seasonality.  They ought to look good through year-end though with Christmas hiring to come.

Trade deficit will come out Friday, as well.  It may be that the strong dollar will bite a bit here.  These are all “noisy” markers…

Future News Ideas

Keep an eye on those caravans in Mexico.  The Mainstream is soft-selling this now – perhaps a few democrat pollsters have figured out that an invasion by 5,000 young military-aged men, some with drug ties, is not how to sell “open borders” to the low IQ voters, after all.  Geniuses, aren’t they?

US automakers don’t seem to understand that job[jacking and offshoring are NOT something that goes unnoticed by American car buyers.  As To make more Ram trucks, Fiat Chrysler reconsiders Mexico.

The invasion takes a break as Migrant Caravan Rests as a Second Group Tries to Enter Mexico.

Speaking oi borders, US to press patrols in disputed sea, China warns ‘meddlers’. Guess when you’re the Big Dog, all the pups want to challenge.  Alpha male disease…

The slow death of social media – rolls on with Fox now asking Is Snapchat dead?. And yes, there is life-after as Germany’s ProSieben buys U.S. online dating site eharmony.


Which has been changing since the last Ice Age continues to provide news content:  A day after hitting Guam Philippines on Alert for Typhoon Yutu Days After It Wreaked Havoc on a U.S. Territory.

Again: It Wasn’t Us

Iowa and New York Are Home to the Winning $688M Powerball Tickets.

So we’re off to breakfast…well pleased with the Johnny Rivers concert here Sunday afternoon.  Skip (Allen?) the piano player with the group was incredible.  And River’s can still hit the notes…by the time it finished, about 1,500 people were on their feet cheering for more.  Us, too.

We probably won’t take another break fro9m “the ranch” until January-February.  We continue to hope that the people of America will come to their senses and a nice rally into the new year will come.

but, as always, we’re driven by the data…and more of it tomorro9w morning.  Same time, same website.

Run by moron the ‘morrow…



24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at the Casino….”

  1. Over the weekend, I think I discovered why TIME TRAVEL is not possible. Time only exists in our mind. The past is only a memory in our mind. As such, the past is only a recorded event in our mind & exists no where else. The future is only a projection by our mind anticipating future events that may or not come true, it is only a guess, the future does not exist except in our mind. The only time that is real is NOW, the present moment, which will soon be the past.

    Conclusion: You cannot travel to the past or future because they only exist in our mind. You can only be in the now, the present moment.

    • ECS,
      The past is not just a memory of our mind and does exists elsewhere…especially if it is recorded by video or a still camera. And with billions of camera phones available to record the present to re-live and learn from the past, so that we learn to mold the future…it seems that we have a pretty good grasp of time and it’s management as well.

    • So is this BS opinion Now Past or Future and speaking of time travel…the future is a real concept since one mili second past the NOW is the future….and the past is in the ‘rear view mirror’….just say’n

    • if you really want to discover time travel.. it is pretty easy.. look in the mirror.. the reflection is one of ourselves in the past..

      the other way.. is years ago I met a man that would take these long bike trips for MS.. anyway one day he came in telling about the wonderful things that happened while he was riding.. then he said.. I took pictures.. well gosh almighty I want to see off he went.. brought back this beautiful box full of pictures.. all of the white lines down the road.. LOL each one he had a story to tell about what was going on on the left side and the right side.. phew.. I wanted to send him into the future..
      another time he came in and we were talking and he was talking about vietnam and all the stuff there.. he said.. I took pictures.. I asked.. are they real pictures of the activities there. yup.. off he went came back with an ammo box.. what he never mentioned was.. He was in the Cb’s.. and all the pictures.. were of the dirt berm around the camp.. of course he had a story about what was going on..
      so if you really want to visit the future.. like next week.. go out and take a bunch of pictures of the white lines.. then go into any metropolitan Mall.. and find some unsuspecting customer sitting on a bench waiting for his wife and share your photo collection..
      I am more than positive that one out of fifty will knock you into next week LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL..

  2. I see Big Blue heading down toward 110.00 this morning. I am reminded of my father’s market theory – “As goes IBM, so goes the market”.

  3. George

    “In my view, she’s got a ton of ’em to answer for and under oath would be dandy.”

    Saturday night I listened to an old Art Bell show from October 1995. One of his guests was a journalist who was talking about the Vince Foster suicide note.

    It was stated that three top hand writing experts declared the note a forgery. One of them was a professor from Oxford University who teaches the subject of hand writing analysis.

    It seems Hillary has a few skeletons in many closets!

    Just saying Bro!!!

  4. Yessir, the next crash is always around the corner, next week or next month. Love the Elliot wave guys, with two counts, they are always correct, market goes up – see, I told you so. Market goes down – see, I told you so. LOL, what crock!

    • Dear Mr. Ure,

      It’s the ultimate compliment when your detractors try to ride your wave?

    • John… I personally hope that the next one waits till I am not able to view it LOL..
      the good thing is I don’t have a fifty story building to jump off of.. as someone suggested above.. take snap and food stamps and housing assistance and eic tax credits.. take all the giveaway programs like the fire departments the schools.. really why should I pay a dollar an hour of my hard earned money for someone elses kid to get an education.. what do I care if someones house burns down that comes out of my paycheck as well.. get rid of all the graff.. cut govt jobs.. cut congress salaries make it so that the states pay.. military.. who needs them if the one percent want a war to get rich let them pay for it.. department of social services average pay is forty grand.. if you did away with it then cut the jobs.. you would save hundreds of millions.. hmm.. sounds good.. its just not practical.. sometime in the past I have a sneaky suspicion that it was planned to get the vast majority of the working population on social programs of some sort or other.. take that away.. you have a chaotic situation with the masses ready to pounce.. that is how someone like Adolph gets in power.. let them eat cake..attitude only had someone loose their head.. instead they should have used it for good.. by the time the czar realized it and sought help it was to late and everyone died in his family.. except a few of the royal family that escaped to the USA via the YMCA evacuation from russia..

    Monday, 29 October 2018 07:25

    Russia is going to test-fire naval missiles in the sea outside of central Norway, at the same time as the NATO exercise Trident Juncture, and in the same waters.

    What could go wrong?

    “Russia plans to carry out a military exercise right outside Norwegian territorial waters. The exercise will involve missile shooting – and is scheduled in the midst of the ongoing NATO exercise Trident Juncture.”

    The Russian exercise will take place in the sea just outside the Møre Coast, a short distance from the Norwegian cities Kristiansund, Molde and Ålesund, and in an area with several Norwegian offshore installations.

    The Norwegian Armed Forces Operational Headquarters (FOH) confirms this information.

    Norway received a message from Russian authorities Friday. The message from the Russian Central Air Traffic Authority states:

    “This is to inform you that the Russian Navy is planning a pilot shooting of missiles in the Norwegian Sea, 1, 2 and 3 November 2018. Daily from 0700 to 1400”.


    There’s a big war coming and it is OUR fault in the USA.

    The U.S. and many of its NATO partners – along with others – have been trying to forcibly overthrow the government of Russian ally Syria, for years. They’ve done this via proxy armies of terrorists and mercenaries whom they fund, train, arm, equip and pay. Russia stepped-in and put a stop to these activities, and the US/NATO/allies are going bonkers over it.

    The Israelis had been bombing Syria weekly for two years. Russia put a stop to that when it supplied the S-300 air defense system to Syria last month. Israel and the US are going nuts over that, too.

    The U.S. and NATO have been moving troops, planes, tanks, artillery, missiles, ammunition, and fuel toward the Russian border for months. The Russians are not impressed; or intimidated.

    At the same time, the west has been accusing Russia of anything it can, from the phony “Novichok nerve agent” claims by Britain, to the totally false “Russian Collusion” claims by US Democrats over their failed 2016 presidential election bid.

    Worse, the US imposed severe economic sanctions upon Russia based solely and exclusively on the utterly false “Russia Collusion” lies; and these economic sanctions are worse than those applied to Japan before World War 2, which caused Japan to attack us.

    Criminal charges filed against individual Russians by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller are not only fraudulent on their face, they accuse persons of doing things which are NOT A CRIME, so they call it “defrauding the United States.” Except the “United States” — defined in the federal rules of Civil Procedure as “a federal corporation” — does not conduct elections! States conduct elections.

    So to the thinking of many in the legal profession, Mueller lacks legal standing to bring such a charge because the federal government he represents does not hold, host, or operate elections!

    Now, the US and NATO are holding massive military exercises off the coast of Norway, right in Russia’s backyard and have even sent the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier battle group to the Arctic, within range of Russia’s Northern Fleet headquarters, to conduct an “exercise” they call Trident Juncture. Russia is clearly not backing down; they’re now holding their own exercise in the same waters at the same time.

    The west has been trying to CAUSE a war with Russia for this entire year. Now, they may get one.
    Here’s Why:

    The reason the US and NATO are doing this is because the government of the USA is BANKRUPT from over-spending. It is rapidly approaching a point where it cannot even service interest on its debt, never mind pay it down. SO the US needs DEBT FORGIVENESS.

    The only way they can achieve that is to cause a massive war, get vast portions of the USA itself smashed to hell and a whole slew of our people killed, so they can throw up their hands and tell creditors “Our country is smashed to hell, our people are dead, we have no way to pay back the $21 TRILLION we owe, the debt is void.”

    By doing this via war, the US Government also achieves another needed goal: Reduction in social spending which caused them to go Bankrupt in the first place.

    In any MAJOR war, what will be the first targets? The major cities.

    Where are most of the “needy” who are on welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, medicare and medicaid, located? In those cities.

    So by getting the cities smashed to hell by major war, the government also KILLS OFF the “useless eaters” whom they’ve been paying welfare to.

    The feds look at war as a WIN-WIN situation . . . . for them.

    Then they get to remain in power, and start the whole process all over again, so that in another fifty to seventy-five years, they can do it all again.

    THAT is why the US and NATO are doing what they’re doing to cause a war with Russia. The US and most NATO countries are broke and they need to weasel their way out of it. War is the method they’ve chosen.


    • Mojo,
      Here is where your logic is wrong. Let’s take social welfare. The states that lead the nation in Food stamps for instance, are all in Trump territory. Do you think for a second that Trump is going to execute a Reduction in social spending in these states? Hell no…Other than DC and Oregon, he has had multiple rallies in each and every one of these states. These are his people! Look at the top 15 in Food Stamps!

      1. New Mexico
      2. Louisiana
      3. West Virginia
      4. DC
      5. Oregon
      6. Mississippi
      7. Alabama
      8. Georgia
      9. Alabama
      12. Oklahoma
      13 Florida
      14. Nevada
      15. Kentucky

      Second, all of this Russia chest thumping is happening under Trumps watch. And don’t kid yourself…Russian interference in our election is unanimously supported by both parties and the entire intelligence community. It is obvious and right in their wheelhouse of activities that even Putin uses at home on his own people to control his own 18 year autocracy. The only one that doesn’t think that Russia is responsible…depending who is interviewing him, is our compromised POTUS.

    • “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

      A very smart person said that. Oh yeah, it was Albert Einstein. World War III cannot be fought. It’s not an option. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    • Wrong again Mojo none of that’s going to happen it’s going to come about some play not as long as the story that you told,

    • “The feds look at war as a WIN-WIN situation”


      NO ONE WIN’s IN A WAR…All war does is instill a deep hatred towards our country even though the vast majority of the citizens here are decent people.. Stupid of course.. they keep hiring the same idiots to run congress.. of course what do you call someone that sells themselves for money.. yup we have a bunch of expensive prostitutes in congress LOL.

      everyone looses in a war..and with the fact that china makes our war machine and supplies the usa the population of that country the fact that they push a free education and expect it ( while we are pushing the dumbing down of our youth) the odds are like a casino.. it is stacked in their favor at winning any conflict with the USA partnered with Russia as would give them a huge advantage..and since all three would go toe to toe we all loose and will have the privilege to learn how to make fire with two sticks if we lived through it… it would take five years to retool america to compete and build up the industrial complex for manufacturing.
      Again.. after listening to Putin’s speeches reading what has been written about him and looking at his past activities..
      He is not a war monger.. the only places he has gone into have begged for his help.. he is a very logical person and a thinker he is in my opinion a man of dignity and would be welcome to sit at my table for a good cup of coffee anyway the same thing with Ping and Trump.. I see all three of them as men of honor and dignity..
      Of course he will show a sign of might the same way we will.. he won’t provoke a fight but by god don’t back him in a corner .. he will come out swinging and try to finish the fight as a winner..It is the same way with Ping will.. now Assad ..He isn’t as dignified and fights dirty to get his way and to keep his might.. but he isn’t stupid either. He knows that the puppeteers want his country and will destroy his whole country to get it.. heck if you read a little you will see that the puppeteers have said as much.. they have something the puppeteers want..and if you check out the history of those dirtbags.. well its obvious they don’t care who’s children they kill or whose homes they destroy to rape the land of what they want.. then come back smiling to help them out of the despair they have created..
      what really makes me shudder. is everyone buys it.. even the dignified leaders without contesting their evil psychopathic behaviors..
      I also think now looking at it all from the puppeteers perspective.. that they have been doing this for such a long time that they actually believe they are doing the right thing.war for peace fuzking for chastity you know the drill…their Justified psychopathic behavior’s are bought and accepted by all.. although all of that is my opinion and who really cares about my opinion anyway.. just some country bumpkin ..

  6. Dam and double dam.. our region hit with the power ball.. that means.. no winners for here for three years give or take..

    “Speaking oi borders, US to press patrols in disputed sea, China warns ‘meddlers’. Guess when you’re the Big Dog, all the pups want to challenge. ”


    it is by all technical terms the south china sea is the south china sea.. and it really isn’t the south USA sea .. so my guess is as long as those in the region work out the details we should keep out big nose out of it all.. sounds to me like another control issue with the puppeteers..

    Ping is an honorable man.. they really don’t meddle around the world.. but he will do what is right for the citizens of china.. just my opinion here..

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