Markets: Overshoot Ends? Plus: Rambling Trump

I made a promise to myself this weekend:  I would try to write “tighter and brighter” columns.  That decision was reinforced when Elaine and I listened to the presidents press conference Sunday.

Getting to the point matters: Over the course of 50+ years as a news/management/operations geek, old man Ure  (moi) has been to a lot of meetings.  Everything from the short M.B.W.A. sort (“management by walking around” after Peters and Waterman) to “everything as a  PowerPoints” to the long-rambling CEO.  Remind you of anyone?

A nearly two-and-a-half-hour presidential ramble?

Trump was called on it, at one point.  His constant references to himself and his  personal accomplishments were questioned as excessive expressions of ego.  So challenged, Trump did his usual:  Attack the sources and pivot to a weird ‘I’m doing this for all the healthcare workers and first responders…’   (I should have had a drink, first…)

Uh….No, we’re not  that stupid.  Although I can see why looking at polls one could make  that assumption.  This ramble was so bad, and become so embarrassing that toward the end of Part 1 of his remarks, I said the magic words.  “Alexa:  Stop!”  Merciful silence followed.

Many readers seem confused by my views on Trump, although my analytical/math-based views should be a bit more clear if you read Sunday’s column (here).  Perhaps a short  “thought experiment” will help un-fuddle Ure perceptions.

Imagine that you have gone to the airport in late 2016.  Two airplanes are there and you’re going for a trip on one of them.  One, HRC Air, had a poor record of passenger service.  Questions about this being a  “pay to play” airline lingered and then there was Benghazi…and the lack of personal energy to keep up a strong campaign trail presence.

The other plane had a pilot doing meet and greets with everyone, explaining all of his successful flying exploits.  He had a few, but somewhere in the back of Ure mind, there’s an old addage “There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots….”  His logbook – OK, IRS returns then – have still not been found.

In a perfect world, a third choice – None-of-the-Above Air –  would have  been sitting on the runway, but this was not the case.

The Electoral College decision was we all got on aircraft #2.  And we took off.

The pilot, crew, airline employees of the first airline HRC Air were pissed.  So they got out anti-aircraft weapons and fired at the second plane (piloted by Trump) for three years.  That AA-flak  (ack-ack)  was experienced locally as a sham “impeachment” but we’ll assume your caffeine loading is sufficient to keep up with our story.

Shortly after the AA-flak/ack-ack began to calm down, we passengers hit a patch of really rough air – a pandemic disease which may be a bioweapon – and the jury is still out on that.

Predictably, the forces behind the curtain – shareholders of the unflown airline – seized key positions in the weather service.  Feeding the pilot bad information, we expect.  Still, so far the pilot has managed to keep the plane in the air.

The problem is, however, as the rough air continued, the pilot got on the intercom to the passengers (Sunday) and rambled-on endlessly. 

Even Elaine, who’s pretty sensible about such things, was rolling her eyes.  She too, was beginning to have doubts about this “pilot” of ours and his ramblings.  She had that “Shouldn’t he be flying the plane?” look.  Relief flooded her face when I told Alexa to STFU for a while.

As luck would have it, the plane had a few reporters onboard. 

They asked the pilot a lot of questions. Too polite to ask “Why are you rambling, Dude?”  they took snipes, nonetheless.

Which is why one of the major themes in the news flow today is the pilot’s handling of questions:  One one site:  “TRUMP LASHES OUT AT FOXNEWS |||  SLAMS DRUDGE |||   RIPS AP, CBS, CNN…”  Oh, and let’s not leave out “‘HUMAN SCUM’ Trump goes on attack against media, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney & FBI during coronavirus briefing…

Umm…what about  flying the plane???

If we were still on that troubled aircraft this morning (and don’t look now, but we are…) if I were sitting next to you, I’d be recalling a 5,000 foot freefall over Cuba on a flight from Miami to Panama in my airline days of long ago.  A few broken arms, plenty of sprains, broken china, all littered the cabin of this L-1011 TriStar.  My boss, the airline Managing Director got us a half-dozen mini-bottles of Scotch which we consumed as quickly as possible.

 “When your number comes up, it comes up…” he reassured me. “Meantime, you just keep doing what you’re doing…”

The pilot of that flight got on the intercom 15-minutes later to announce “Clear air ahead…we’ll be in Panama shortly…”  News that mattered.  To the point.

The Scotch began to sink in.  The White Knuckle Ride would end safely…and all was well….

Fast-forward to this morning:  We didn’t need a 2-1/2 hour slurry or news snips with even more self-aggrandizement.  Because the pilot should have enough presence of mind to realize we’re still in mid-flight.  In crisis.  The virus is still flying.

Remind me when we get on the ground come November to look for another airline.  The two-airline system ain’t getting America where we need to fly.

Trump has jumped (either the shark or the gun) flashing-back to the last Depression.  Is this Trump trying to take a page out of Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats.  Instead, it came across like Firesign Theater.

The Good News:  We’ll be on the ground in 197-days...Elections are ahead.  Only this time, please God, better pilot choices…please???

This is a time when great medical and mathematical acuity is needed.  Not a bunch of me, me, me  talk.  PowerPoint it.  Skip the stories.

It was like popcorn – mostly air.  2-1/2 hours that could have been condensed to 30-minutes.  Instead, the rambling pilot was sounding pretty-much daft.  His flying still works…and we’re still airborne.  But…where’s those logbooks?

Are we there, yet?

Protesting WHAT?

Sure, the anarchists are clamoring for overthrow of SIP…but in case you haven’t noticed, this is a plane in mid-flight with the biggest expansion of “pilot powers” in –years.  Better we just get on (or closer to ) the  ground first.  (He who cowers and runs away, lives to vote another day.)

Didn’t the “Hundreds Rally Against Coronavirus Lockdown in Southern Russia” get the memo?

More likely than not, this is all about “choice reduction” from our former lifestyle. 

Because (and pay attention because this is another financialization):  Nichy products and small specialties are-  by their nature – inefficient uses of capital.  One size fits all is “more efficient.”  At least  so rolls the globalist’s agenda.  Choice is for them, not us.

Laid-out in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report is, as we read it, a plan e for “efficient globalism”…which is why the pandemic playbook laid out from page 18 under the future scenario “LockStep” is so bothersome.  This forecast the Pandemic and biometrics payload vaccinations from 2010…

(Text only version here – save the PDF before it’s scrubbed from the web,  right?)

As of now 334-thousand people have signed the petition to investigate the vaccine-promoting Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationSee the White House Petition here.  This is not to infer anything is wrong with such efforts.  But put in a biometric payload or not-necessary adjuvants and we’ll start opening ammo cans.

Why?  Because at least one expert says there may be NO vaccine -ever.  Which would make a mandatory shot a mass-chipping event.  Mark of The Beast.     That’s a non-negotiable “Not on Our Watch” globalism agenda item worth “laying it down for…”

We’re not “calling for anything” – we just keep our seat belt on and the tray table in the upright and locked position.  And no visitors, thanks.

Rally’s End?

Story in the WSJ this weekend put it all in perspective:  In addition to a yammering pilot, “Bets Against the Stock Market Rise to Highest Level in Years.” YPE?  (Yammering Pilot Effect?)

When we line up futures prices early this morning (7:30 EDT) here’s where we looked to open (green  circle):

My, oh my.  How far is down?

All suggests a New Crackpot Theory:  Since the flow of information is faster than it was in the 1929 event, could we be seeing evidence that the faster information flows, the slower the market reactions?

Not by a lot, but by several percent.

We should find out this week – “Sell in May and Go Away” isn’t that far off.  And we DO like to get a head start on things.

Non-Diseased News?

News flows are running 97% virus-related.  Obsessive, anyone?  Not very much of virus-free news, here lately:

Video shows Russian jet buzzing U.S. spy plane — again…this being actually diseased news in terms of the debate over whether this is a biowar, or not.  Too early to make that call…

Hitler’s Birthday:  So not surprised to see a mass murder on cue: Canada Mass Shooting: At Least 10 Dead After Manhunt In Nova Scotia.  Still braced for more, bad.  You remember Hitler, right? Born?: ?20 April 1889; ?Braunau am Inn?, Austria.

On the other hand, today is Carmen Electra’s (Tara Patrick) birthday.  So the day wasn’t a complete waste…(Not to be confused with  Tera Patrick…)

Sheesh…you mean that’s IT?

Well, I could point you at the CFNAI (Chicago Fed National Activity Index).  Which is down to 2009 levels.  So where do you think the market will go, next?  Market futures say down  512 on the Dow, so far.

Off to eat my chickens before they hatch (scrambled, lol).

Write when you get rich, and stay  chic

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93 thoughts on “Markets: Overshoot Ends? Plus: Rambling Trump”

  1. This Coronavirus may be a grand plan by the Deep State to bankrupt the rest of the world to ensure US financial dominance, like we did to Japan in the late 80’s. Each citizen was given $1,200 to keep complying like sheep. Trump is now irrelevant & the Deep State is in control. Can you say “ANTI-CHRIST”. Additionally, I may be in left field.

  2. George

    “Which would make a mandatory shot a mass-chipping event. Mark of The Beast. That’s a non-negotiable “Not on Our Watch” globalism agenda item worth “laying it down for…””

    My opinion of you Sir which is very high just went exponential!

    Over the years our government has tried with some success to turn us into livestock. We have been saddles with the Social Security number from the 1930’s and now they want to put a chip into our flesh.

    They make mandates that violate our freedoms on a regular basis.

    Eventually this load of S**t will break the camels back and the payback will be terrible to behold.

    Hurrah for George Ure !!

    • If you have your original birth certificate – take a few minutes and read what it says – we were branded at birth. Trump – I turned the corner about 2 yrs in when he wasn’t doing anything he said he would do to get elected – I am now of the opinion he is a megalomaniac. I think they should put his signature on the unemployment checks as well as the $1,200 checks that way when most of those folks find themselves permanently unemployed his signature will remind them of the cause. No Wall, No saving coal, no saving steel, bankrupted farmers with his tariffs, nobody arrested over the Clinton scandals (lock her up) etc. and now a bailout of the rich and a created panic to cover up a failing economic/financial house of cards. 41,000+ dead while all other death related category’s are falling from national averages – they are attributing as many deaths as possible to the virus a false narrative supported by – well you know. 6 foot social distancing makes for great target acquisition.

      • See AH started with 7, and GU seems to have already many more ;-)!!!

        Good luck to YOU and may God bless all of yous.

      • Having had some experience with the biggest “3rd” party in the U.S., the Libertarians, back when Harry Browne ran for President, I can tell you it’ll be a cold day in July when a 3rd party gets ANY traction here in the U.S. The system is stacked against it and the 2 majority parties won’t allow it.
        Our only hope at this point is President Trump, so rather than bitching about his self-promotion and longwindedness, I suggest we all get behind him and push! Like he says, the only thing between the “deep state” and us is HIM!

      • No hope there. Only a gazillionaire who owns a TV station, radio station, major newspaper, and prominent magazine would get any coverage at all. Without all these assets, no one would even hear of a third party running.

  3. The political and social climate has never been better for a viable 3rd party candidate to get elected, assuming said candidate is a moderate who can win a majority share (in a 3 way split) of electoral college votes. After the GOP birthed (former Dem) Trump as the 45th President, the best the Dems can put forward as an alternative is blunderin’ Biden. Seriously! Summing up the pandemic, growing global political incompetence, the suspension of basic Constitutional freedoms and a fractured global – let alone domestic – economy, we are at the edge of a perfect storm for the U.S. Republic and for all freedom loving folks inhabiting this watery rock.

    • “… and for all freedom loving folks inhabiting this watery rock.”

      Sadly, there are not many “freedom loving folks” IMHO, because most people are not born as “entrepreneurs” but as dependents. It takes too much effort to shake that yoke ;-((

    • I would be keenly interested in a third party candidate but they should have started a couple of years ago unless they own their own broadcasting network and Internet presence. There ain’t no-body out there as yet and, if they were, I’d need a full body scan of that person to make sure they didn’t have “666” on their body somewhere and they weren’t name “Damian”.

      • I take that back – Daniel Crenshaw. He might need a few more years of experience, though. Skip the full body scan ….

  4. George,
    How about a nod to the guy that took Richard Hoagland’s observations about Nazi rocketeers launching rockets on Hitler’s birthday and applied it to a Nostradamus’ Quatrain that tied April 19th and April 20th to ritual sacrifice.

    You made some comments about the reality of practicing Satanists two-weeks ago; I answer your doubts with a short history of that reality.

    This page, in one form or another, has been on my Website since 2008, and I try to keep it updated.

    Sadly, I feel your pain with Trump. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. I suggest that we have seen our last Presidential election.

    • “Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
      In a short time the Physician of the great disease,
      And the leech of unequal order and rank,
      They will set fire to the Olive branch,
      Positioning driving, one side and another,
      And through such fire their Empire accosted,
      Reigniting the last of French saliva.”

      You know Stew… I have often wondered if this quote had anything to do with the woman physician that worked for both countries that worked on this virus and then got on youtube and warned everyone that this thing was out.. unfortunately she died the next day from it.. ( yeah right)

    • Wasn’t there a Russian Scientist during the Obama administration that said Obama was the last true American president. I remember thinking when Russiagate came around maybe that scientist guy was right

  5. “the pilot got on the intercom to the passengers (Sunday) and rambled-on endlessly. ”

    I think the reason ffg or the rambling is… ITS A PANIC… he’s in totally uncharted territory..he had to let go a mass of employees from one of his resorts of people that have been in his employ for decades.
    He’s a business owner and sees everything he’s worked for spiral down the drain..
    DJT is a very smart man..the death spiral is terrifying and he doesn’t have any answers. He’s trying to convince the public that blue skyscraper are coming and hes trying to convince himself even though the inner self sees a completely different end scenario.
    That why you dont see JB or nasty nancy out spewing crap either..
    Total uncharted territory.. SHEER INNER PANIC. Tough to see your. Whole life flow down the drain..
    He should have gone option 1..freeze everything in place..

    • I am pretty sure that the Captain of the TITANIC.. felt the same way..
      On the horn trying to convince everyone that it all was going to be ok.. theres a rescue ship coming be calm..

      • But we, the USA, have always been the rescue ship. Whose going to rescue us?

        I think this COVID19 experience may be a sociological experiment to see how fear and loathing of your neighbors and acquaintances will roll out this fall when the losing side says no way…. Will there suddenly be a resurgence of the corona virus and everybody be told to shelter in place? Those that don’t to become targets and get to see the inside of those mythological FEMA camps from the GWB years.

        I remember what it was like in Portland after 2016. Antifa was given Carte Blanche after they camped in front of the mayor’s house. The people are even more propagandized now. Where are we headed?

      • “sociological experiment to see how fear and loathing of your neighbors and acquaintances will roll out”

        What I am seeing is totally the opposite Robert.. at least here.. neighbors and acquaintances are all chipping in to help their neighbors.. they are making sack lunches for people that can’t get out .. and in the sack lunches they are either paking extra napkins or small rolls of toilet paper..
        More community involvement.. more concern over what is going on and how it is affecting..
        I have read stories where local gang members that were once feared are not chipping in in their local communities..

        this reminded me of the story my father told me.. when he was a little boy.. that during the crime runs from big Al Capone.. that sure Al was a nasty man but he would end trucks out and every home with children got a box of food left by his henchmen .. schools gave glasses of milk out and a snack a school lunch .. and he had food delivered to soup kitchens for those without jobs..
        The Covid-19 Pandemic is doing that same thing.. in some ways.. the drive to survive.. concern about those around us daily..
        Only time can tell but hey..

        And the only real reason we are in so many countries and seem to be the ones that are there are only for someones business model.. we go to war so sme joker can get control of something he wants but isn’t willing to pay for it.. we blast the hell out of them then rebuild it so it looks like we are some sort of nice guy.. and it isn’t the ones that are pulling the strings that do the paying.. just like this.. they will expect the lower seventy percent and the upper twenty nine percent to pay the tab..while they reap the benefits..

      • Looking out of the box, my concern is for when high inflation comes, if when food becomes scarce, … People riot when they’re hungry. If we have food and shelter, civility will rule.. But I heard horrible stories about Venezuela. Were destroying our economy for an enemy we can’t see and will have about the effect as a bad flu year. Is anybody dying of the flu anymore? Now we have states wanting to be bailed out of their pensions and debts… More printed money.

  6. Dear Mr. Ure,

    It’s a barrel-roll of relief to hear that the flightplan is on course with a nod to the wonders of remote control. If memory serves from the AF1 movie, the president himself landed a jumbo somewhat worse for wear. Before we get there, hopefully a stunt double is employed to make a success of the upcoming 0g wave manouvers. Double check your seat pocket for the leftovers takeout doggy bag.

    Had the suds a ‘bubbling yesterday evening watching the laundry cyce through bringing back memories of the awesome Stones foamstorm gig on “Letterman” years ago when Mick played guitar like this past Saturday night.

    As the suds started to rinse out, visuals cleared and I realized from Wikipedia that the executive producer of the Stars Unplugged from their Shower broadcast was none other than a former Obamameister envoy to Ireland, brother to a current Irish party leader and former EU mp, as well as fundraiser-extraordinaire and fixer to Mrs. H.R. Clinton. Ironing my socks precluded me from watching the program from start to finish, but I was thrilled to see the insertation of your nation’s Former First Daughter flash her pearly whites to Gen Y voters of future elections.

    It’s possibly worth considering also that the CCP social media credits of behavior control has reached western shores in a big way, and one imagines some people are perhaps siphoning more than tencents out of Mama’s Jukebox as Pete might say. The gig as I see it though I don’t have all the details assembled yet is that adherents of the UN’s “Global Citizen” project earn credits from actions of advocacy on social media. The earned credits apparently can be redeemed with an entertainment collossus representing many of the artistes seen and sometimes heard last Saturday night. “Pinball Wizard” Tommy has gone 21st century.

  7. How about posting some pics of ure garden and what you are going to grow to survive on in Texas. Others from around the fruited plain could do likewise

    • Yo G, Greetings from the land of pleasant living with no golf and no yoga (major suck). A couple of gardening tips that have served me well for the last 25 years. Raised beds, no more than 4 ft. wide (ease of weeding/tending). Enrich your soil with compost. In the mid atlantic I recommend leafgro, all organic compost. Do not use Compro (composted human waste), contains heavy metals. If you use your own compost keep all black walnut tree leaves out, has chemical that kills tomato plants. I use Neptune harvest, seaweed and fishmeal concentrate as a fertilizer. A bit pricy but a little goes a long way. A weekly tonic of compost tea is highly recommended for all vegetable plants. I am also a big proponent of using stone dust once every two years to replace micro nutrients in the soil. No need for petrochemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers if your plants are hardy and robust. Stay organic my friends…..

  8. George – interesting that you mentioned Trump’s 2 hour rant. I was just talking to my brother last night about this. Btw, in full disclosure, I voted for Trump and generally supported him over the past 3 years, but I have come to the conclusion that this man is NOT the leader that America needs now. He seems caught up in self-agrandizement at precisely the time we need a clear headed person to be a leader. Many of the state governors are destroying their local economies with unnecessary lockdowns and Trump seems to not see to see the dire position that the US is entering. He keeps talking about the ‘V’ Shape recovery. Say what??

    As for the 2020 election, at this time I seem to have the choice between two dementia patients! Are you kidding me! After well over two hundred years of a glorious and once noble country, this is what it comes down to? I am not sure what to even say.

    For my part, I think we start by opening the main street economy again so at least if the federal government goes belly up (very likely) we have some entrepreneurs left to maybe reboot some of the ‘old’ economy. As usual, a few hard working and innovative people will needed to go forward – and it will not come from Washington or state capitols (in my case Tallahassee).

    • “He seems caught up in self-agrandizement at precisely the time we need a clear headed person to be a leader. Many of the state governors are destroying their local economies with unnecessary lockdowns and Trump seems to not see to see the dire position that the US is entering. He keeps talking about the ‘V’ Shape recovery. Say what??”

      If you go back and watch old news clippings and videos of the president.. He acts similarly when he is unsure of how tp proceed.. He tries to convince everyone that they are ok because of his past accomplishments..
      I am sure he is devistated to the thought that he could go down as the new captain of the ship the USA TITANIC..He see’s the legacy of business he has worked his whole life to build go agonizingly slow down the drain.. He has had a loyal crew working for him and has had to let many beloved employees go that have spent decades working loyally for him..
      I am sure he is terrified of the potential outcome..
      I sometimes wonder if he realized or knew that he could have gone large and in charge and froze everything the way it was as one of his options..

  9. I can only assume that Trump is no doubt exhausted and most probably ill from stress and lack of sleep. NO president has batted 1000, and most had their bad days. So far he has been the most magnanimous and straight forward president since Dwight Eisenhower or John Kennedy. Since most other presidents were more interested at eating at the public trough then stopping the looting of our tresurey, I will choose Trump again. What public figure does not require an ego to survive the onslaughts of the media and the court of public opinion ?? Do I wish he was more well spoken ? Yes ! But do I think he is a very decent man? Yes !

    • Oqwazyme,
      In what world is Trump ever been decent? Were his 5+ bankruptcies and screwing thousands of creditors decent? Were his many and constant adulterous marriages decent? Was his infatuation with porn stars decent? Are the 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault make him decent? Did his association with the New York Mob make him decent? Did the known stealing from his own charity and using the money for his own political gain make him decent? Does the fact that Eric Trumps wife and Don Jr.’s girlfriend get $180,000 a year a piece from the Trump campaign for no reason at all make him decent? There are volumes and volumes of indiscretions about this goon that all of you Fox watchers don’t know. Just like the series Westworld…It’s the humans that are being programmed…not the robots.

      • Uriah the general for David was sent out into battle to be killed in the front lines so David could have basheba as his wife because she was pregnant with his adulterous son God still found favor with David remember God’s ways are not our ways he is in control for some reason he has Trump run our country at this time so sorry Mark you’re going to have to get over it

      • So Dave…you are saying that God chose Trump? Now that’s batsh#* crazy…You definitely Got a really tainted batch of Schedule V drugs this time huh? . Call out for immediate straight jacket fitting.

    • I agree it is likely the President is being impacted by this stressful situation. Combine the depths of this crisis with the constant sniping of the MSM, DeepState and Opposition both within and outside his political party, I am pleased he has held up as well. As someone used to directing, I expect it is also difficult to accomplish one’s goals by nudging and cajoling to try to save the economy as well as limit the impact of the virus. Could any of us have done better? Would any of you have wanted HRC in power now? Perhaps the Sunday briefing could be handled by VP Pence and the medical committee members so the MSM is required to make an attempt at journalism for their Monday reporting.

  10. Hey G – U see where Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is demanding answers for fauci’s NIAID $3.5 Million Dollar grant to study bat corona virus at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China in 2018.

    Soon there after grant awarded WIR advertises they need corona virus researchers, followed closely by COVERT19 Outbreak. That study conformed that Humans have died from corona virus.

    1932 – Two Comic Books Tin Tin et Wuhan – Depict Wuhan Market Place on cover with Yellow hazmat suite wearing characters – (look EXACTLY like picture V. Putin in same suit last week).

    Second comic depicts yellow hazmat suit wearers in Hospital Ward – Wuhan, China.

    How is this possible? Author was a Remote Viewer??? Vivid Dreamer??? Just got Lucky..Extremely Lucky TWICE?! I know its just a CoWinkyDink..sure nothing to see hear, never mind, carry on..

    Where the hell is my Pro Pay and Hostile Fire Pay? I am living (operating) in god damned WAR ZONE taking hostile fire every friggin time I go out in public.

    Stay Inside – where U cant get no sunshine..U dont need no D3, we dont want U healthy.

    U dont need no Vitamin C, we want U sickly and in treatment.

    U dont need no 30 mg Zinc per day – it will KILL ANY and ALL Virus’s and “we” certainly dont want that.

    and above all else – dont even think about Chaga.. Nothing to see here, move along cattle, move along..

    Still no little spots on the sun today..same as it was yesterday..Dark to Light – U cant hide forever.

    Got a Ure Time machine clue hombre..
    – need to get Ure self to the san luis valley or any of the other hot spots – read Magnetic Anomaly areas/Portals/mini black hole areas.
    Positive Magnetics are not only the latest in Anti Bacterial building materials(doors/ ICU wards) – but they be where U can “bend it” like beckham…roadtrip? Wanna borrow the “Rockatansky” R.A.V. ?

    “Burning Down The House

    No Visible Means of Support
    And U have Not Seen Nothing Yet
    Everything Stuck Together
    And I Dont Know What U Expect
    Staring At The TV Set
    Fighhting FIre With Fire’ – Talking Heads

    • Remote viewers, that is some serious interesting stuff. I’m on my lipo C plenty of zinc, d3 and plus the Florida Sun makes me feel like Im Superman.

      #chagagangsta all the way

    • Does anyone know what Tintin title PM, and former journalism Belgian correspondent, Boris Johnson had been given to read while recuperating last week from his coronavirus stint in the icu?

      Apparently a couple of years back when foreign secretary he was spotted by the UK press with a copy of the “Blue Lotus” recounting Tintin’s child comic adventures in China chasing down schedule A drugs. Note to self: add the 2016 thriller novel FOX by Anthony Gardner to the reading list. We’re still here so I guess the good guys won…

    • May I say Philadelphia Experiment everybody’s read that book we’ve been remote viewing for a long time

  11. George: I like you but you wouldn’t last 2 minuets in the sh*t storm
    that Trump is standing in.
    Trump’s not super human but close.

    Open your eyes to what’s going on behind the scenes.
    Sh#t is coming and heads will roll.

      • @ George
        we have heard from a reliable source that heard it from another insider who heard it from a well placed source who was involved in a phone call that mentioned a possible meeting between to know associates of a very reliable source that Durham may be close to issuing a few sealed indictments sometime in the near future or maybe even sooner provided the courthouse staff is working the week that he wants to do it but then it will all depend on what phase of the shutdown we are in.
        Three years and still waiting….wtf…

      • That’s exactly what I tell my brother every time he calls me and tells me they’re going to arrest somebody been listening this s*** for 3 years and nothing’s happened yet and I don’t think anything will happen pucker up and take it

  12. Holy Snikeies Gman!

    Kapow ! Markets – Downdowndown in a burning ring of fire

    Kapow !Oil – Crashing ..can hardly wait for the Derivative effects to hit the Big trading houses ala Glencore et al, and the Big Banks bankrolling all that speculation..Collateral?! “what collateral – we already SOLD that”!

    Dont look now but BTC’s kinda – sorta maybe look to be..Holding Value ..who would have thunk it?

    ..DIGITAL TULIPS HOLDING VALUE While at same time S&P, Oil, USD, Silver ARE Losing Value. Worthless fraud NO DOUBT.

    No worries though – maybe those SEEDS will SOW.. then again maybe those fire ants and nasty hot weather will conspire like a deepstater (malignancy/schemer/brennan/comey/hildeBEAST/obummer) to ruin Ure best laid plans..whats the old rule of thumb for average time between crop failures ??

    U cant eat a Bitcoin, cant eat a USD, UST, or Gold/Silver, barrel of Oil – nor can U eat a from a drought stricken or water logged field. Wonder if there is anything in the ole storeroom, freeze dried meals perhaps – hey they taste better than Soylent Green!

    No Bitcoin 4 U!

  13. “the pilot got on the intercom to the passengers (Sunday) and rambled-on endlessly. ”

    what is funny.. is that is what you see…. Like any good news story there is the part that isn’t seen… The president cannot do a lot without congress… unless he sends congress home.. he didn’t do that.. he toyed with the idea because of how they are absent from their jobs but he didn’t..
    “the current practice of leaving town while conducting phony ‘pro forma’ sessions is a dereliction of duty that the American people cannot afford during this crisis,” labeling this process “a scam.”


  14. George,
    Monday’s are busy days for me, so I just now had a chance to read your column this morning. And….Finally….Congrats on your Trump is an idiot discovery!….But… I am still astounded that all of you have just now concluded what has been going on ever since he rode down that escalator 4 years ago to announce his candidacy.

    Trump has been rambling like this his entire life. Maybe I was more attuned, because I knew Trump from his real estate days and he was a scum bag back then… and tigers don’t change their stripes…

    You can say what you want about CNN, but they have been airing 100% of all of Trumps pressers and rallies ever since he was elected. I know why they do this…to show everyone how batsh*# crazy he really is. To seem him in full contextual reality is mind blowing. That’s why I rant!

    Fox on the other hand will air some of his pressers as well, but edits most if not all of his crazier comments out when they are rebroadcast for prime time shows. CNN does the opposite and focuses on the crazy talk…but as President of the Worlds richest and most powerful nation…a President should NOT be acting like a delirious lunatic in any capacity or scenario in the first place….and he does this ALL THE TIME! Therefore, even though they go overboard on this tactic sometimes…I side with CNN. They are just letting us know the scary side of Trump that matters most…His megalomania and narcissism are dangerous!

    So thanks George for realizing how dangerous this man is. He has dumbed down a nation for far too long. Let’s get a Republican/Indpendent with a brain in the WH this fall. Mark Cuban is getting closer to making a decision. I also like the Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw. He has been making the media rounds lately. Sharp guy…Military vet…not a Trump fan…but a solid Republican.

    • The last president obama was such a useless dump ass my dog look like a genuine. Which makes president Trump still look far more intelligent then he probably is. We have needed a third party 60 years now but I doubt it will ever happen.

    • “To see him in full contextual reality is mind blowing. That’s why I rant!”

      II that were the case YOU’d be delusional ;-) YOU rant because it will save YOU the money and Inconvenience to consult a psychiatrist for your own good, IMHO!

    • What’s a solid Republican do you mark a deep stator on the toes the line you living in Utopia world that does not freaking exist and never will exist I’m glad you got your Tesla ride your little electric card of the sunset

    • Batxxxt crazy? The only people that term are the ones insane with hatred that he won in 2016.

      • The Other Brother…
        Look at his Saturday interview on Real Time With Bill Maher. Ben Crenshaw is a solid Republican, but doesn’t like the tactics and tone of Trump.

      • Mark, did u watch my link? did u post a link to the Maher interview? NO! I have gone back and viewed your links, like the Atlantic rant that had no evidence or solutions just TDS crying,,or wanking is how I like to term it
        Bill Maher is a red shoe club, satanist ,pedovore,,,is he a person you admire? Thread carefully

  15. For those who forget, there was no more conceited or self-aggrandizing that our former president, Mr. Obama. Personally, I found him to be the most duplicitous president in my lifetime. He actively encouraged Americans to do and be far less than they are capable of. He constantly referred to himself in his speeches and considered himself a leader rather than an administrator.

    Strong men don’t need leaders. They sometimes need an administrator to outline the goals and strategy of a group.

    Personally, I do like President Trump and am glad he was elected. Yes, he’s mad some mistakes, but IMHO, he’s a hero. I’d never take that job even if it were possible. The alternative, an HRC “presidency” would have been like riding in a 737 MAX front loaded with a drunk pilot.

    IMHO, since federal and state tax returns are mandated and are to remain private in most cases as a matter of law, the public has no right to see them. Most complex business and personal returns could not be fully understood without study or training as a forensic accountant. I don’t want to see anyone’s tax return, and I sure as hell don’t want them seeing mine. There’s far too much private information in them.

    Regarding the COVID identity scheme: MY body, MY SELF!

    Nothing goes into my body without a lot of thought – it’s why I avoid licensed doctors and hospitals no matter what. I got some shots when I was a kid and still am not sure what they might have done to me. I studied medicine for a long time and am truly glad that I left the field before I became yet another minion with no freedom of action. No successful vaccination has ever been created for ANY coronavirus, so why would we believe it’s even possible for this very bizarre one? Why pin our hopes on a centrally administered injection of an unknown set of substances? Lastly, why on earth would we want to be marked? I have no tattoos and intend to remain as God made me. Yes, I have identity documents and cards and even a rarely used cellphone, but I can ditch all of them at will.

    Yes, injecting unique identifiers or damaging MY body(MY Self) is not allowed. That’s not negotiable.

    I already have a copy of the PDF from another source, but downloaded this one as well. Government sees their jurisdiction as a farm and wants us domesticated. That’s not tolerable. Better to be feral and free than raised for the slaughter!

    • “Strong men don’t need leaders. They sometimes need an administrator to outline the goals and strategy of a group.”

      Best info to “take home” today, IMHO.

    • NM Mike,
      Everything you just said are Fox talking points. Does anyone really know why they hated Obama outside of what they heard on Fox? What did he do that was so outrageously egregious? Ok…maybe Obamacare wasn’t such a great idea…but we still have it so…Economically, we were great,,,The thing is…We live in a new media paradigm. It’s based on division. This started with Newt Gingrich.

      Listen, I didn’t vote for Obama, but never hated him. My business, stock portfolio and standard of living thrived tremendously under him and so I was happy. He never said or did anything that really made me care either way. He let the markets dictate the results of our economy.

      Likewise, up until the past 6 weeks, my business, stock portfolio and standard of living has thrived under Trump, yet this time it was different…For the past three years I have been always looking over my shoulder waiting for Trump to screw things up. I just don’t trust that he has the mental capacity to just let capitalism be capitalism. I know his past, so I never trusted him in the first place and with Trump, it has just been one egotistical disaster after another. This is a good time to search for the new documentary coming out soon called #Unfit. It pretty much sums it up.

      We have better choices. We deserve so far greater than this.His supporters sold their souls to a really evil nut job in Trump.

  16. George, sincerely, thank you for coming over to the side of facts, and truth, and science and math. Hopefully this is signaling a sea change with Conservatives where we can finally talk about policies on their actual merits, without being derailed from the actual facts by claims of being part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd who is simply looking for a new method to impeach him. Like it’s the OJ trial, or something.

    Now we just have to work a little more on climate change. 97% of scientists, George, 97%. Best, Mike.

    • OMG Mike! That “97% of scientists agree about ‘climate change’ ” thing has been debunked over and over here. But still you harp on it. Says everything about you.

    • Yes Mike I see climate change four times a year up here in Ohio it’s called spring summer fall and winter

      • Where I live we see Climate change more often..

        The saying around here is.. if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes and it will change…lol

      • Mike,
        There is no such thing as climate change…Now IS the time to jump on the pollution bandwagon, however. That exists and that is a huge health concern..You think Coronavirus is bad? Millions die from pollution related illnesses every year in the world. And, those 97% of scientists would agree with that100% …where they are wrong is in their positioning those findings as climate change…But in reality…It’s pollution…plain and simple.

        • Forget to mention in PN this morning Mark, but notice how pollution has been administered the Wuhan cure?
          Wuhan solves climate change! Whee!!!

  17. I admire “Hands On” folks, they have experienced Good Work
    and Small is Beautiful (2 books by EF Schumacher, British economist) personally and up close. Like George says- creativity and innovation are economic drivers.
    People who work the earth-“hands on” gardeners are well
    grounded individuals. Beats washing your feet- at my age anyhow. But Epson salts might just do the trick and is mighty relaxing. Oh ,and try rubbing some Vicks Vapo Rub on the soles of those feet to clear those sinuses. It will astonish you at the speed of relief it brings. Thanks to a “culandero” deep in the heart of Texas.
    Ah ,the meek shall truly inherit earth…
    And I will still pray for our President as I have for all of them.
    As you know George, un-charted waters and seat of your pants antics take a bit of intuitiveness. OMmmm…Y’all be good noow.
    Not on our watch.

  18. Holy Crap! How quickly the tide turns. How quickly people seem to forget the “flight” that started prior to 2016. And all the plans, for his demise: Plan A: He is a misogynous: Failed. Plan B: Russia, Russia, Russia: Failed. Plan C: Mueller investigations: Failed. Plan D: Impeachment: Failed Plan E: Corona Virus. The jury is out.

    He was told 2.2 million people were going to die! What would you have done as president? Also, this is not the first time in Trump history that he has “rambled”. But now that we are in a historic, unprecedented world event, we expect President Trump to change his course?

    Without him telling the people what he has done, where the hell would you hear it from? Here on Ure? NBC? CBS?? I am disappointed people are so easily willing to abandon him.
    A third party is a no winner. Supporting a conservative or middle of the roader will guarantee an imbecile, Biden, will be president. Or Obama’s third term. Stay calm and stay the course!

  19. Meh…

    I had a daughter over yesterday for scratch pot roast. She’s a Bro — like a cork bobbing in the ocean right now. Dunno about her SO, but his father is hardcore FOXnews, so I fired up the brain-cell neutralizer and put it on FOX so they’d feel at home.

    After an hour or so of the virus show, she asked me WTH Trump was going on about, so I explained:

    “These briefings are important. Mr. Trump will say 2-3 things daily that are of vital interest. They should take 5 minutes. Then he should put Fauci in front of the mic and let him talk. Unfortunately, it’s an Election year. He’s facing an antagonistic Press which constantly goads him in the hope that he will say something, anything they can use against him to get their candidate elected, and Trump doesn’t know how to back down from a fight, so he takes their bait, and takes it, and takes it, and keeps talking.

    “The alternative to Trump is a senile old man in failing health. This makes Biden’s choice of VP singularly important, and you can bet it will be somebody the DCC picks. They accept that Biden is their “Bob Dole” and Trump is going to win in a landslide, but since nothing in politics is certain, they’ll want to have an Establishment Democrat in-place, just in-case they win…”

    We then went on to discuss possible Dem VPs. She’s convinced BootyJudge or Yang will get it. I’m not convinced there’s a prominent Democrat who’s capable of running the country, right now, so I’ll wait & see who the Dems send out for Pence to slaughter.

    “…Construction worker, from Queens, with money,” remember?

    THIS is why the daily “Trump Show” is interminable. Blame the “press corpse” for goading him, or his handlers (can Trump even be handled?) for not changing the format to one of “no questions for da Prez,” and the “coronavirus update” will go to 30 minutes, or less…

    BTW, I never listen unless I’m captive. I treat these like I do “press briefings” and “debates” (which aren’t) by reading the Cliff’s Notes — much less wasted time…

  20. too funny not to share:

    Charlie_Martel wrote:

    “The Rules as of today: ??

    1. Basically, you can’t leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.

    2. Masks are useless, but maybe you have to wear one, it can save you, it is useless, but maybe it is mandatory as well.

    3. Stores are closed, except those that are open.

    4. You should not go to hospitals unless you have to go there. Same applies to doctors, you should only go there in case of emergency, provided you are not too sick.

    5. This virus is deadly but still not too scary, except that sometimes it actually leads to a global disaster.

    6. Gloves won’t help, but they can still help.

    7. Everyone needs to stay HOME, but it’s important to GO OUT.

    8. There is no shortage of groceries in the supermarket, but there are many things missing when you go there in the evening, but not in the morning. Sometimes.

    9. The virus has no effect on children except those it affects.

    10. Animals are not affected, but there is still a cat that tested positive in Belgium in February when no one had been tested, plus a few tigers here and there…

    11. You will have many symptoms when you are sick, but you can also get sick without symptoms, have symptoms without being sick, or be contagious without having symptoms. Oh, my..

    12. In order not to get sick, you have to eat well and exercise, but eat whatever you have on hand and it’s better not to go out, well, but no…

    13. It’s better to get some fresh air, but you get looked at very wrong when you get some fresh air, and most importantly, you don’t go to parks or walk. But don’t sit down, except that you can do that now if you are old, but not for too long or if you are pregnant (but not too old).

    14. You can’t go to retirement homes, but you have to take care of the elderly and bring food and medication.

    15. If you are sick, you can’t go out, but you can go to the pharmacy.

    16. You can get restaurant food delivered to the house, which may have been prepared by people who didn’t wear masks or gloves. But you have to have your groceries decontaminated outside for 3 hours. Pizza too?

    17. Every disturbing article or disturbing interview must start with ” I don’t want to trigger panic, but…”

    18. You can’t see your older mother or grandmother, but you can take a taxi and meet an older taxi driver.

    19. You can walk around with a friend but not with your family if they don’t live under the same roof.

    20. You are safe if you maintain the appropriate social distance, but you can’t go out with friends or strangers at the safe social distance.

    21. The virus remains active on different surfaces for two hours, no, four, no, six, no, we didn’t say hours, maybe days? But it takes a damp environment. Oh no, not necessarily.

    22. The virus stays in the air – well no, or yes, maybe, especially in a closed room, in one hour a sick person can infect ten, so if it falls, all our children were already infected at school before it was closed. But remember, if you stay at the recommended social distance, however in certain circumstances you should maintain a greater distance, which, studies show, the virus can travel further, maybe.

    23. We count the number of deaths but we don’t know how many people are infected as we have only tested so far those who were “almost dead” to find out if that’s what they will die of

    24. We have no treatment, except that there may be one that apparently is not dangerous unless you take too much (which is the case with all medications).

    25. We should stay locked up until the virus disappears, but it will only disappear if we achieve collective immunity, so when it circulates… but we must no longer be locked up for that?”

    [redacted] could just read that and at least get a few laughs.

    stolen from the comments section:

    Burke’s peerage can tell you who will “win” the election right now (assuming that we have one).

  21. Me thinks ,Today, on 04/20/2020 the honorable President of the United States of America could use a complimentary subscription from one of the ultimate defender’s of human volition( in my opinion).
    Just saying…while we still have 2 pennies to rub together.
    He could use a navigation tool and a co- navigator’s advice.

  22. Hi Geo-Does this clusterf*ck qualify as the paradigm shifting without a clutch? Oil at
    -$25/bbl? HRC at the helm vs. the Trumpster, what a choice. Third parties result in the winner getting less than a majority, which is what happened when the Third Reich took power, or Lenin’s Bolsheviks, no majority to set policy so the party with the best brown shirts take power. First thing they do is disarm the people so we can’t fight back. There is a problem, but a third party is not the solution.

    Trump reminds me of Ratso Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy, a loud mouth, in your face New Yawk street hustler, blowing his own horn, but he did have the smarts and cajonis to build giant buildings and make a fortune. His biggest selling point is he’s not HRC, or next time, he’s not demented Biden. Keep up the good work and say hi to E from us.

    • The Bean!!!! OMG man, good to hear from you…and our best to the missus, as well.
      Still up in the castle we trust? And – for the woo woo question – are the cattle mutilations still going on up there? Shirley, I don’t jest.

      Inquiring minds…locked down…still want to know.

      • Hi Geo-Yep, still in the castle, hunkering down. Since we are the prime target market for the BatFlu we’ll probably be doing that for a long time. They used to laugh at me for being a prepper, but as the old saying goes, its better to be years ahead of time than one day too late. So far we have about 5 cases in the whole county so we are not in a raging hot spot. With all the news about the virus I haven’t heard about any cattle mutilations recently, but its so common around here its not much of a headline anymore.

  23. I think he is repeating over and over to convert as many as possible
    before the arrests

  24. I’ve heard 3 different medications that seem to have a positive effect on this virus – Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and now, of all things, Melatonin has been used by some doctor here in Texas that has sent patients home seemingly free and clear of the virus. Where in God’s Green Earth do these 3 drugs coalesce into a common detriment to this infection? When treatments as widely divergent as this all seem to “cure” what ails us it would tend to say, to me, that we’re dealing with something other than a virus unless it’s radically different strains of the original bug. I believe Dr. Chris Martenson has said a couple of weeks ago that there have been some 28 different variations of this particular virus up to that time. If so then we will wait in vain for any vaccine other than Bill Gates’ latest Eugenics efforts.

    To those that despair over our President’s latest conference speech all I can say is try and walk a mile in his shoes and see where you get. It’s easy to look back and be an arm chair quarterback but, given the “experts” that are inflicted on and surround him they provide a very effective screen to filter out any truth to what was coming our way and “guidance” as to which way to turn in a time whose only precedent could be 1929 and the Black Plague. Could any of us, and you know who you are, stand in front of the American public, and especially the press corps out for any drop of blood they can suck from him, and say:

    “Look, people, it’s a virus. It’s bad and there’s no vaccine for it so all we can do is let it go through our population to do what it’s going to do and worry about its source later on. A lot of people will die, hospitals will be overwhelmed, I’m getting conflicting stories about this Hydroxy-chloro-whatchamacallit-heptane drug and the Congress is constantly out to lunch with their corporate sycophants. But, in the end, we’ll be immune from it and move on. So you tell me, America, do we take this thing head-on or do we shut a pretty good economy down and pick up the pieces at some time in the future?”

    Those are the two choices our President had and the only other choice we have had is Billary and the serial sniffing, squeezing, “bribe me now or else” Creepy Joe and whatever he chooses for his running mate. The more this goes on the more I can see the U.S. breaking up into a half dozen pieces before this decade is out.

    • “But, in the end, we’ll be immune from it and move on.”

      WILL WE BILL….

      I am not sure but heard a few times that you can get it over again. That the way it works it weakens your system so that the next go round it strikes harder..

      I know I’d be interested to find out .

      • Yes, Chris Martenson said this early on but it’s when it happens within something like a month of supposedly getting over the first infection. You know as well as anyone else how long it takes to get over a round of flu. I don’t feel up to par for a week, possibly two after I get it and this CV-19 is worse IF it really gets hold of you. For those with light symptoms, which seems to be the vast majority of people, there will probably be no second round until it mutates and comes back around each year. There’s nothing else you can do so if you’re hoping for a vaccine, LOOB, you, of all people, ought to know it wouldn’t be any more effective, at best, than the typical flu shot I never take, especially with the iterations that have been detected up to this point. Regardless of what the true origins of the virus is/are this is Ma Nature’s court and she’s the only that’s serving.

  25. Me thinks I was wrong on all accounts and you are right, George to insist on a COSMO subscription for Mr. Trump.
    Because he and we have been “blindsided” since 03/13/20. His press conference on 4/19/20
    could be shown as evidence of this.
    I will look skyward (the cosmos ) as our “redemption draweth nigh”.

  26. According to the counter at the top, I’m number 48 to post today. I consider it an honor!

    For most of the above 47 posters, might I humbly suggest that you guys are right in your analysis, but you’re in the wrong paradigm, and therefore your information and conclusions are worthless? (Stew you are the exception on this rant )

    In pilot language, the plane was hijacked before it ever got off the ground. It doesn’t matter a rat’s ass who is sitting the pilot’s seat! You can diagnose and berate and Psycho-Anal-Eyes him all you want, but the plane is flying by remote control and going to a different destination than you think.

    The destination is absolutely, clearly, and precisely known! It has been for decades. What we are up against is the fact that the remote control “hijack” feature had never kicked in before, although it has been discussed and published in many forums.

    We CANNOT go back to where we took off, and we WILL NOT land at the expected destination! Consequently, all talk of who is/isn’t piloting the plane now or who would make a better pilot is of no consequence. Actually, it just means you drank too much of the on-board koolaid, and are completely immersed in the charade.

    If ideas are running through your head about how to fix our navigation errors, or who could best function as a pilot, then you need to pull down the oxygen mask and inhale deeply. Don’t stop the deep breathing (or thinking) until you synchronize your paradigm with the reality outside your window.

    There is only one ALPA (pilot’s union) so whichever pilot is in command is going to take you to the new “hijack” destination, whether they are flying in the left or right seat. The destination is the one that involves a mandatory vaccine, one-world government, global banking system, cashless society, and near total enslavement. That chop & turbulence you feel is the change in weather (orchestrated collapse) enroute to your new destination.

    Squawk 7500 and start preparing for your arrival at the One-World Terminal. Life is so much more focused and productive when you are flying in the correct paradigm.

    Total cases: 584 (4 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 64
    Honolulu County: 385
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 108
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    equired Hospitalization: 55
    Hawaii deaths: 10
    Released from Isolation: 423
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 20, 2020

    Amazingly, no new cases on crowded Oahu/Honolullu. Two new on Maui, two new here on Hawaii County… remnants of the ‘Kona Cluster’.

  28. What’s Georgia thinking? I get the gradual opening…but nail salons? Is that really essential?
    Gyms? We are approaching summer. Can’t they work out outdoors?
    Massage parlors????? This sounds like a Trump request. Talk about your happy endings.
    Hair salons and barbers? Another curious choice that people can live without. Are we that vain? I guess since Trump can’t live an hour without his hair person, his lapdog followers want the same privileges.

    All of the above are the opposite of Social distancing. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Sounds like we are flip-flopping from social distancing to social evolution in action in Georgia. I’m not sure how Georgia’s chosen path leads back to Trump’s door. Georgia isn’t a rural backwater anymore. None of the Federal mandates were ever any anything more than voluntary compliance guidelines. The governors have always been free to do what they please, and apparently, Trump isn’t the only politician on the planet with grooming issues.

    • Builders already Central either or either what makes your job so important to other people can’t work and earn a living

  29. George
    You ran an ad couple weeks ago for trading mini futures contracts looked back to find the link but could not

    Please post link would like to review the Brokerage
    Thank you

  30. These rambling Trump press conferences are merely a substitute for his rallies. Bet you don’t watch his rallies either but lots of people do. The guy knows how to work the media.

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