Lies and Half-Truths Friday 13th, Trade Data

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of butt-covering by “Officialdom” instead of leveling-up with the Public.  We ain’t all stupid, but we understand that idea deeply.

A fine example this week was when the very same air travel-related computer systems failed – at the same time – in the U.S. and Canada.

OK: We get that things go wrong.  Check out the quote off a CBC report that just made me absolutely furious:

“The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said the cause of the outage is not yet clear. Nav Canada said it doesn’t believe its own outage is related to the one south of the border.

OK, follow me here:  The same airline com systems failed in two countries in the same timeframe, and we’re assured they are not “related”?  Exsqueeze me?

This is a HUGE deal.  I get up in the wee hours of the morning to read learned papers on math and science.  There’s one here about “Trust in Science and Mathematics.”  Wherein authors Johnson and Odlyzko explain as complexity increases, so does the problem of replicable results.  Oh, and the peer review system might be broken, too.  They go on to say:

This means, as with the sciences, mathematical discoveries increasingly have to be treated as not absolutely reliable, but as part of a process of searching for the truth, and even what it means for something to true.”

I’ve got a counter-theory for ’em.  I think people are lying now more than ever and the disappearance of values and morals in education means Intellectual Honesty has gone extinct.  In the process, without keen minds to make absolutely tough decisions, people (and even our government) will just make up whatever expedient shit – whatever they think will fly.  Giving them the highest personal rewards.  (Greed wins!)

Examples are found in the half-truther’s of the WH Press Clown parade.  What about the Gain of Function criminals (we still don’t know who made how much on pharma stock options, do we?).  Where’s the Special Counsel on this?

Or, in the case of Ukraine and Russia, no way of knowing who’s really winning because by the numbers both countries are nearly DEAD on BOTH SIDES.

Give us a frickin break.  (Jeez this is frustrating.  Ure’s  just sick of it.)

Free: Secret of Life

Lookie now: I made it to (within spitting distance now) of age 74 by reducing stress. Simple process anyone can adopt:  Figure out who the lying pricks are and give ’em an instruction book on how to “sit on it and twirl.”   Mark Manson has already provided the roadmap in his elementary “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life.

Instead of teaching morals and values in school, we can’t even agree on two genders (even generally) despite forensic evidence.  And racial hate has become a massive growth industry, as well.

Why?  Because instead of living in a world with a few lying pricks, the crash-over tipping point has been passed.  Everyone’s a lying prick with a few exceptions.

If you make a good faith effort to reach out to people and they shun you?  Toast ’em.  You don’t need aggravation in Life.  Too short for that.

Don’t mean to go overboard on this, but “Your own Lying Eyes” usually ain’t lying.  Systemic Liarhood has triumphed.

It’d just be nice if we could return enough mental clarity to the masses so that not every Judgement call or question would be handled on an expediency basis.

Now into the day’s Case Files

Lisa Marie Presley’s dead.  Gone from heart issues at 54.

Simple version of the story?  Lisa Marie Presley, 54, Dies After Sudden Cardiac Arrest (  Wait, say what?  Yep.  You know the question, right?

The Anti-Science forces have already started the (wake-up) call-blocking.  Because millions who watched the Hamlin game and now hear about Ms. Presley have added one plus one and are wondering if it adds up to…oh… you know.  

How dare the question be asked: Anger as conspiracy theorists try to link Lisa Marie Presley death to vaccines (

“Hold it Bubba!”  WHERE is the anger?

Sorry, I taught my first J-school journalism class in 1970 (at Pacific Lutheran University, BTW, thanks for asking) as a guest lecturer.  The “source” which this pre-emptive conspiracy hit piece throws out (modern strawman journalism training) “Many fans are angry after some conspiracy theorists…”

What have I told you about “unnamed sources?”  Think back now – this won’t hurt; it’s a sloppy journalism tell:  “Un-named sources are (more often than not) fictions used by liberal, cause, or lazy journalists who don’t do the work to get a name and do real reporting of all the facts. The result is opinion-parsing and division.

THEN it gets worse when the premise of the story is supported by people simply asking OBVIOUS questions.  Saying “...However, in the comments section, someone questioned whether Presley was “jabbed.”  (Someone got a name?  Inquiring minds want to know…)

Here’s the shocking part for the virtuous vaxxed:  We do not know, but in the interest of collecting damage data from the bioweapon, can the Defenders of VaxFaith just STFU and hear the data for a change?


There’s a reason why Robert F. Kennedy Jr Sues Media Outlets Over COVID Conspiracy Boycott – Rolling Stone.  The headline over Adam Rawnsley’s article already tells us the media isn’t exactly “clean hands” and open to all possible facts on this:  “The anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist claims it’s illegal for news consortiums to label his talking points as misinformation.”

No, Rolling Stoners, the data says that.  Watch for Musk and Twitter on vax influence.  Data, buddy, data.

Socialist Media has (sadly) resulted in the Sovietization of information.  It no longer matters what the data says. It’s what the State says.

Now, let’s head to Europe for another example.

Dueling Data, Dying World

Again, unbelievable bullshit on both sides of the Ukraine War. Notice the Russian chest-thumping in Fierce fighting in Kremina forest: Russian forces clear Ukrainian strongholds (video).  While the opposing propaganda sheet reads Armed Forces of Ukraine repel enemy attacks near 17 settlements.

I swear to God, many mornings it’s like there are two different wars going on.  One of these mornings they will merge and the rising mushroom will indicate where the winners aren’t.

Our consigliere and I were talking about this Thursday.  (Gotta get something for the huge annual retainer, right?).

Well, I figure about a quarter of a million dead and injured so far – including civilians – if we add ’em up from reliable sources.  Know when I think the negotiations will begin?”


Probably after about a million dead, injured, or displaced, based on my previous research.”

Whereupon we both (sadly) agreed the endpoint would likely be indicated with a burned mushroom souffle. Stuff happens.

Data on Trade

When I got tired of ambulance-chasing, house fires, dirty politicians, and how many book tour interviews can you do, I opted for business.  Because numbers are cleaner.  Which is how you leave journalism and get a real job.

Only to end up not even bothering to rewrite press releases like this one:


U.S. import prices advanced 0.4 percent in December, the first monthly increase since the index rose 0.2 percent in June 2022. The December advance followed a 4.6-percent decline from June to November. The price index for U.S. imports increased 3.5 percent over the past 12 months, driven by higher fuel and nonfuel prices.

We figure this will scare the piss out of the Fed because it means inflation’s coming home to roost.  Now, couple this with falling exports…wait!  Didn’t I mention?


The price index for U.S. exports fell 2.6 percent in December, after declines of 0.4 percent in both November and October. U.S. export prices have not increased on a monthly basis since a 1.1-percent advance in June 2022. Lower prices for both nonagricultural and agricultural exports drove the decrease in December. Prices for U.S. exports rose 5.0 percent over the past 12 months, the smallest over-the-year advance since a 2.5-percent increase in January 2021.”

Rut-roh Scooby: After the data, S&P futures were down almost one percent.  While this won’t make us fabulously wealthy, we should be able to stay off welfare until lunchtime.

By God that’s exciting, isn’t it?

It is to me because I held a short position going into this morning knowing that Ure would be right about a turn being due here because look where the green arrow points on my long-term Aggregate Index chart here:

If you’re really smart (which you are ‘cuz you’re still reading) you’ll see the most recent white line from the top of the yellow 2 down to the top of the next smaller white 2) on the righthand side is already telling us the market seems to be in a more negative mood than it was when the Biden House of Cards began shaking from the Nov. 8 high of everything (HOE) on 11/8/21.

Which simply gives us an excuse to put (unchanged from a year ago) trading targets up while we wait for the market to open and supply another free lunch for the smallest most inconsequential day trading addict in Anderson County, Texas.

Speaking of which – and I told you this when the numbers came out – the low ball inflation bullshit Thursday was just stockyard sweepings.  ONLY the Epoch Times seems (like us) able to read a statistic report and see the number the Fed watches got WORSE not better in Thursday’s CPI figs. Inflation Jumps in Some Categories Even as Overall Pace Slows. Remember them next time someone pisses all over their coverage because around here (jot this down?) mental acuity matters.

More and Less

Let’s start with the Moron in Chief:  WH admits more classified docs found in Biden’s Delaware garage ( Next to a Corvette.  Just between us, I’ve been looking at buying Wife Elaine a ‘Vette for her B-day arriving soonish.  A 1977 silver-blue with the light interior as a kind of replay of her back in the bunny days.  Now, thanks to PoJoe thought-leading the way, I’ve got our tax attorney working on whether I could write off a Corvette as an additional filing cabinet…

Meanwhile, it’s onward and downward in the double-standards department as Special Counsel Inquiry Leaves Biden and Garland in Awkward Spots.  Yah think?  “No More in ’24,” buddy. Makes getting out of bed seem a lot more useful. Simple, measurable, achievable goals really motivate folks, following?  Let the apologists begin!  Biden and Trump: How their document scandals differ.

Little early for Hurricane Alley to light up, but sadly it has: Savage tornado rips through Alabama and Georgia, killing at least seven. Our winter holiday (mid 70’s here) seems about over, too.

Overwrought American Puffery is loose.  Spotted on the Sog Angeles Times pages: U.S. and Japan’s new defense strategy sends stark warning to China.  I see where such puffery has a role, but the reality is that until Japan is allowed to rearm with nuclear weapons China doesn’t have a thing to worry about.  The REAL new world order will be heralded by sides of mushrooms, not puffer fish. Who are they kidding?  (Bet me the reporters are too young to remember “Duck and cover”?)

Crypto trap?  After kissing $19,000 overnight, we see BTC down a couple of hundred at times in the early slog.  And as the Regulators are practicing up – Genesis and Gemini hit with SEC charges – CoinGeek – we also figure Crime Time ain’t over and the lies about security of blockheads is…well…see if you can figure it out: Crypto crime hits record $26.6 billion in 2022, report says,”

ATR: I Need Some Help

It’s about that time of the year when Readers will be asked to nominate the Best UrbanSurvival column of 2022.  This is something the National Society of Newspaper Columnists does every year.  Sure, I may still go to the convention but so far, I don’t know where or when it will be this year.

We’ve gone to a number of these conventions over the years.  Last year’s was in Birmingham (we already have one reader there, so what’s the point, right?).  Before that a year or three back it was Detroit.  Again “What’s the point?” seems right on the money.

But might be fun, though we don’t know how the ‘rona will be doing.  Still need your suggestions on the best column from last year.

Rest assured; we’re working hard to prevent such columns from happening this year.

Write when you get…er…where’s that ‘vette ad?

120 thoughts on “Lies and Half-Truths Friday 13th, Trade Data”

  1. Meanwhile, I’m over here wondering how Biden brought home classified documents, pulled into his garage, tossed the envelope on some boxes in plain sight and walked away … coming out to admire his corvette many times and totally forgot/ ignored the envelope and IMPORTANT PAPERS in that envelope, for YEARS !!

    He either lost his damn mind years ago, is one hell of a procrastinator or, he got set up. – Hell, who knows, maybe it was dropped off like that by the FedEx delivery dude.

    If they can’t just tell the fricking truth, I’d like a better bullshit story.

    I can’t make this shit up but obviously, somebody can.

    • All: makin’ shite up is a national obsession. Stand by for more, lots more as we peel the Brandon onion. To be fair, the fella meant to return docs but … c’mon man!

      Hope you closed after the open your Ureness as we are still attempting to rally. Got home from the orfice to watch the close, SPX still banging into the descending channel line and 200 day MA. Can we break through? With a fine point yes. With a wide crayon TBD.

      Correct the Fed must be shivering over “core” ex food and energy failing to droop. So much for brownie points over lower fuel costs. Cold here. Bet the ‘lectricity wheel is spinning. Glad I’m not using fuel oil to heat.

      Have a fine weekend,
      Egor (purveyor of expedient shit)

  2. Following the ‘science’ I would contend that the failure of the flight systems in Canada & the US is clearly because of Global Warming/Climate change. Either that or it’s because the technicians servicing these systems were not up-to-date on their vaccines and boosters ~ they did it. Or, it was Trumps fault or perhaps Putin’s.

    • Or – just a warm up for the future Restricted Air Travel Program (elites only). You see there are No more Titanium parts available for replacement/repairs on Jetliners.
      Why Not Mr SIA?
      Cause slo slapped the Ruskies with sanctimonious sanctions on all things vital to modern industry including Titanium, for defending against Nazi’s, F-ing NAZI’s ! You know em, apparently majority of pols in DC swamp LOVE them – You saw the love fest in Congress for the NAZI’s with Ure own 2 &pig posing wit the ukeNazi flag and that coked up homo.
      slo – the greatest genius leader this country has seen since….well since obummer was faking it in the whitehouse..say aint that racist – WHITEhouse?

    • Steve Quayle had a brief piece that same morning about radioactive material being found aboard a plane in England. Couldn’t the stoppage have been faked tocheck for that here?

  3. Go with the Vette my friend. Best birthday gift ever. But then you absolutely MUST build her a suitable abode for the darling to reside in. Replete with only top drawer maintenance equipment and tools, all color coordinated obviously, and the interior must be well appointed.

    Happy early birthday Elaine.

    Stay safe, 73

  4. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of butt-covering by “Officialdom” instead of leveling-up with the Public. We ain’t all stupid, but we understand that idea deeply.”

    Hmm.. I don’t know if I am just Stupid or what.. I would like to think I am somewhat informed.. I to love to get up in the wee hours of the morn to relax and read.. (I personally love the crap that they spend millions to have written then refuse to read as well.. some of it isn’t very much fun to read.. but they all are filled with some dramatic areas where you wonder HUH didn’t they just say something different in another area.. like the question.. do you want cpr performed.. NO but if I am dying YES..even my living will has that in it.. If there isn’t any reasonable chance that I may return No.. but If there is then yes.. )
    I personally am trying to stay away from being to informed.. all the violence the wars really hurts this old mans heart.. what is that word discouraged.. ..sometimes ignorance is bliss.. NOW
    On a light note.. I personally like spam or a ham loaf in different meals.. but how is it made.. I probably gave this recipe before..
    ( oh if your a onion lover like myself.. I love onions and garlic.. you can grind some up with the meat.. your the boss.. and peppers to.. )

    Spam Loaf
    5 lbs. pork shoulder ( pork butt)
    1 pound of cured and smoked ham your preference
    2 Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick
    3 Tbsp. Sugar
    1 Tbsp salt ( not iodine)
    ¼ tsp. of allspice ( I personally am not an allspice fan.. so mix it to the flavor you like.. I prefer mrs. dashs and ground onion powder spice)
    3 garlic cloves chopped
    1 Cup of cold water
    Cut your pork shoulder into cubes; removing the bone and trimming away enough fat to roughly get a 20/80 fat to
    lean ratio. Place the pork cubes and fat in the freezer for 1 hour and then grind using a #10 grinder plate and set
    Next, grind the 1 pound of ham as well. Add the ground ham to the ground pork shoulder and mix well and evenly by
    Preheat oven to 250F
    Tightly seal with aluminum foil and then place in a water bath, and then into the oven for 3 hours or until the loaves
    reach an internal temperature of 155F.
    Remove from the oven and place a brick or other heavy object on top of each loaf and let cool overnight.
    At this point you can cold smoke it for a couple of hours then slice it package it and retort can it for future use

    that is a good form.. then put it on your cheese press and put weights on it..
    this is the press I personally have.. I did make a round one.. but I never use that one.. this one is slide the form on it put the top on and a couple of full jars of pickles on top for weights.. quick and easy..

    • another spam
      3.5 lbs pork butt
      3 big slices of ham steak ( smoked)
      1 lb bruschetta
      1 lb fatback
      3 tbs salt
      3 tbs potato starch
      1/4 cup corn starch
      1 tsp Pepper
      1/2 tsp of pink salt
      1 cup of water..
      first grind the meet then regrind the meat.. and mix thoroughly.. till it gets sticky from the fatback
      Now take your dry ingredients and put in a bowl.. and add the cup of water slowly till it is all mixed well.. now mix that into the meat.. form and put in soux vide bags.. and bake at 200 degree’s for about two hours.. when you form it you can put the loaves in the freezer and freeze them .. then put them in retort canning bags vacuum seal.. then cook at ten pounds of pressure for the time listed in your canning book.. or you can instead of retort canning.. you can put the bags in sous vide bags and sous vide them for two hours at two hundred degrees.. then freeze
      Now the above recipe says two tbsp.. I believe that is a little much but it is what the recipe is.. I would stick to the 1/2 to 1 tsp of tender quick.. that stuff is powerful..

  5. “unbelievable bullshit on both sides of the Ukraine War. Notice the Russian chest-thumping in Fierce fighting in Kremina forest: Russian forces clear Ukrainian strongholds (video). While the opposing propaganda sheet reads Armed Forces of Ukraine repel enemy attacks near 17 settlements.
    I swear to God, many mornings it’s like there are two different wars going on. ”

    I believe there is.. One is the staged one .. the other is the continuation of Greed and filling big buck billies pockets)
    rather than work the problem.. they want to cover the problem over.. coming soon to a country you know.. will be how to impliment the draft and convince the mindless that WAR is good.. and you need to send your father husband or child to fight to keep their business model moving forward..
    a two for.. seems that war would revalue the sunken dollar..
    “One of the enduring beliefs of modern times is that war and its associated military spending has created
    positive economic outcomes for the U.S. economy. This has been supported by recent public opinion
    polling in the U.S. which shows a significant number of people believe that war and military spending has
    improved the economy. ”

    the issue I see.. is everyone knows that this war is all a stage to keep the business model working.. the people are powerless to stop it from happening.. but we know that it would not be a winnable war for us.. the involvement of the whole planet in a corrupt war useless killing and maiming and destruction is totally wrong.. and would jump back into the peace marches..
    the war is how to convince the general public that they need to send people to die.. I personally believe that this was considered as well by those we want to march against.. and that is why millions of dollars were donated to certain persons to allow illegal entry into our country.. send in the trojan horse.. get them set up.. then if we do go to that next level.. the people are in place.. and if we don’t.. they still can drag down the USA because we pay for them to be here.. its all about the business model.. and the wealth of a few that the dual laws of the country avoid prosecuting.. .. there is always a winner and always a looser.. the part that I find interesting is even if we don’t go into this physically.. we have already lost and those opposing us have created a multipolar planet.. ( which I beleive it should be.. heck the USA has enough issues of our own without having to worry about other countries laws and ethics)
    someone asked yesterday where do the puppeteers live.. I said that one is easy.. just point to the countries that are NOT having issues.. they won’t let it go to their neighborhoods and countries.. similarly you didn’t see BLM and Antifal in the hamptons or martha’s vineyard or in beverly hills.. heavens no.. that would not be acceptable.. go down to poor petes crime filled neighborhood and have it there )

    • An alternative to the Trojan Horse theory could be that all those military-age males were let in to be conscripted (with legal citizenship as bait) when/if a boots-on-the-ground war begins. TPTB know our military manpower is in short supply and too many of those who are draft-eligible are in bad shape, both physically and mentally.

      • “An alternative to the Trojan Horse theory could be that all those military-age males were let in to be conscripted (with legal citizenship as bait)”

        the story of my grandpa that I loved.. even if it may not be totally true.. the story goes.. that my great grandpa on my fathers side came over in the middle eighteen hundreds..anyway.. they changed the name a little bit because during ww1 people were being persecuted.. so.. My grandfather goes to fight in WW1 where did they send him.. to his grandparents home town with people he knew living there.. the story was he was sitting at the kitchen table of his grandparents eating breakfast when they signed the armistice LOL LOL LOL
        What is wrong with that assumption.. is.. love it hate it.. the illegals cannot be drafted and they follow the Quran to the letter.. and that is exactly how they told us for years that they would sneak warriors in to fight the great satan with a Jihad would be by bringing in illegals posing as refugee’s to fight us from within.. were they serious.. heck I don’t know but I read one time that there was a huge donation by those factions to a certain family business .. so was that donation just to get access to the country or were vital services rendered to get that kind of money given to them…. did that family do what they said they wanted to do and give each of them a half million when they printed up vast amounts of paper.. there was a considerable amount printed up to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and so far it looks a lot like nothing is being done with it that it was suppose to do.. so where is or did it go.. with no checks and balances on a huge figure like that.. someone must have some idea.. Now I can tell you no one dropped any brown grocery bags of money off on my porch or anyone elses in the wasteland except for maybe a few congressmen then that is a given for them to receive gifts .. it sure looks as if that is the DC way.. give vast amounts of money, jobs guarantees ,vacations, stock options and gifts to get access to our politicians..
        in the meantime.. we have dumbed down our kids.. bankrupted their future and sent the price of living so far out of the range of a normal pay.. when will we know.. well I believe if it all lights up and we are pushed in with men.. then while the men of our country go to battle someplace else.. whatever was setup for happening within our borders would begin.. while we are at our weakest within the borders..
        How is that old saying.. when the cats away the mice will play..

  6. “I think people are lying now more than ever…”
    I think people are stealing now more than ever,
    I think people don’t give-a-shit now more than ever
    and a lot more.
    The politicians set the “standard”, like the ‘former speaker’ becoming a multi-millionaire using insider information, the current “President” clearly benefiting from foreign contacts, etc.
    With the Red Chinese apparently having access to the ‘securely stored’ SCI files at U-penn and those in his Corvette File cabinet the president should already be residing in a different facility.
    Someone needs to be preparing ‘the wall’ and many ‘short lengths of rope’.

  7. Rumor is the Presley girl liked imported cocaine. If true she lived to old age for a cocaine user. They usually don’t make it past 40-45.

    Rumor was Super Freak (Rick James) liked the cocaine. He made it to 56.

    Rick James – Super Freak (Official Music Video)

    Whitney Houston, not so much. (48).

    Willie Nelson is 89. Smoke weed.

  8. If I was vaxed, the first thing I would want to know is, “what can reverse or remove the toxic vax from my body?”
    Will C60, aka Carbon 60 remove those toxins? I would at least be taking it on the hope of cleaning up my blood.
    This will be proven to be CRIMES against humanity.
    If I was a vax receiptent, or had love ones die from it, it would be WAR.
    How about just a daily low maintenance aspirin for anti-coagulation.
    I do not know, but I would be doing something beside denying the SADS, sudden adult death syndrome
    SIDS did not come come into the narrative until the infant vaccine schedule increased the number of vaxes and started them earlier in an infants life.
    They do a lot of good but evil always hides behind good, camouflage,

    Crime deserves punishment, failure to do so only encourages the criminal minded.
    Where is Sister John Francis with her 12″ wooden ruler,, on edge
    BAM, wap across those naughty fingers

    Vax death deniers are like the 3 monkeys, they do not want to know, see or hear the truth.
    They cling to their so called fact [crap] checkers

    I started taking C60 for arthritis, 3 months after taking it daily, I woke up one morning went out on the front porch and realized, I felt different, like my anger was gone, an anger that had been building over the years,,, mercury from bad fillings, mad as a hatter, hat makers used mercury back in the day, it was like ‘roid rage’.
    Dr gave me steroids once, never again, maybe they don’t do well, with a mercury polluted body, bad bad bad for ole brother Darrell
    Used to cuss at other drivers all the time, fucking idiots don’t know how to drive, only think about themselves and do not pay attention to all the other things going on around them. I rarely cuss at others now, but you know, I AIN’T perfect
    Thank you God for my Carbon 60, I AM happy
    Zippty do da Zippity aye, I awake with a song in my heart everyday.

    You just don’t know how dark it is until someone shines a light,
    Motel 6, we’ll leave a light on.
    I wonder , after all the rain, does San Fran smell better?

    pine cone? pineal

    If Covid is a man enhanced virus not natural, it only make sense that it would lose some of it’s man enhanced attributes with time, as it is not a natural part of it’s reproduction,,, now that is my theory.
    I have never FEARED the Covid, never masked and only gave social distance to mask wearers,
    Went by the feedlot and asked the bovine how they felt about forced injections,,, all they gave me was a bunch of shit and where is the feed truck? ,,, a controlled population crammed together, life in cow city, what a pity

  9. You sound like Canada’s Jordan Peterson today, who screams that the greatest virtue is truth, for without truth, there is no courage. He is one of the last Canadian heroes we have here fighting WOKE.

  10. Saw an F-35 flying Sky CAP the day of the FAA NOTAM’s outage and downing of US and Canada flights.

    Consider this:

    Air Marshals Angry At Biden Admin For ‘Menial’ Border Tasks While New AQ Threat Emerges

    “Al-Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US, possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics,” with DHS sources saying the alert was widely circulated on Dec. 31st.”

    Things are never as they seem.

    • 53 KC-135 air refuelers in the air that morning. Figure 4-6 fighters per refueler and that should tell you a bit about the NOTAMs failure. Clearly it wasn’t perceived as an electrical failure.

  11. Up in our neck of the backwoods, we can usually get two potato crops a year, if we plant in April, one set is ready by July-August, then we plant the second batch which we dig in October. Usually they are Yukon golds, so maybe they grow faster, but this year we are trying it with German Butterballs. Squash goes in after the vine borers die off, usually the second week of June. Beans (climbing, not bush) always go in every year and we leave them until frost, then shell them by the woodstove in the snow season. Blue Hubbard is the keeper squash, although the early settlers grew Cushaws, which are hard to find around these parts.

  12. Lunch money ?? Dude f- the lunch money, when you can buy the deli, or a new Z06..vroomvroom

    Did you not like double and triple baggerz I gave youse last week ? like bitcoins, I try leading da horse to water -nerp. I try leading youse 2 Gross profits in Options play..but nerp lunch frigging money. So what does coot do with all his well gotten gains this past week ? Been loading up on Cheapycheapcheap USO OutDaMoney (OTM) February Calls (contract to Buy at set Price regardless of underlying stock price). Why loading up ? Cause da coot alwayz has one big kahuna position in a speculative play, always..
    Playing the Winter is coming game – and come it will – just ask Mr Pootin for exact timing..dundundun

  13. GEORGE URE – “I think people are lying now more than ever and the disappearance of values and morals in education means Intellectual Honesty has gone extinct.”

    G.A. STEWART – “Integrity is a word that I try to take seriously; I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror. I work on the premise that after we take that last breath, we will all be called to the universal bar.”

    “In conjunction with the Amazon KDP fraud is my longtime criticism of the posers. That would be the adult bloggers who act like High Schoolers writing an essay by copying out of the encyclopedia Britannica. Today it is easy; pretend bloggers can use AI to rewrite someone else’s work and call it their own.”

  14. George. You ask us to pick your best column of 2022. Impossible. It just keeps getting better every day so I guess it must be December 31.

    Now that we have the classified documents found at Car-a-lago, you can only get better. The leftists are in spin-a-rama overload. In the end, its all racist, isn’t it?

    P.S. special nod to Ray for yesterday’s masterpiece 229 accomplishments of Trump in response to sunny’s request for 2. Now if Trump had only not planted those classified documents in the bumbler’s garage.

    • “P.S. special nod to Ray for yesterday’s masterpiece 229 accomplishments of Trump in response to sunny’s request for 2.”

      AMEN… I was afraid I would have to dig up his accomplishments.. No one was afraid when DJT was in office.. now I am not a fan of his narcissistic type personality but overall he did a really really good job without any support whatsoever..I would vote for him again.. and of course we would hear the twenty four seven complaining about him..

      • Not me.

        It was compiled by Paul Bedard, and I merely filched [it] from the Washington Examiner in 2018…

        • Please, God, Please – give this tired socialist a brain!

          1. Trump is the first (and only ever) president to face a bioweapon.

          2. In stats you will learn to cite total (and then per capita if you pass the first class) and Trump looks really better than slow. Year on Year change is for Schiff-for-brains types.

          You’re in a room full of elders on this-here website and lots of us are retired C-level guys who built the world you take for granted. Try to listen more and turn off those voices in your head! Don’t cite out of context leftwing bullshit or you’ll get banned on the basis of IQ

      • g – personal attacks are really beneath you. the fact is, less people were employed when trump left office than when he took office. first time in 80 years it’s happened rather, than agree with this verifiable fact you gotta lash out and claim BLS is leftwing BS. you got no idea what i take for granted. as for being C level guys. So?

        i’ve been reading you for 15 years. y’all are part of the trump cult now. it ain’t the same. denial of facts ain’t a good survival strategy. not 15 years ago. not now.

        • Naw, actually personal attacks are not beneath me, lol. You just gotta double-check the real numbers and do per capita calculations. Biden’s down because Covid did wreck a lot of stuff.
          But there is a bigger problem that has been building: America’s running out of shit to buy and many people (in demo/.commie places like Seattle) are downsizing into the local (shades of Rio) drug culture and living off fellow citizen’s tax receipts. Crooked deal at best. Which is what the dem-socs are selling.

          Yeah – I like C-level guys are a matter due special respect. Because to get there and hold there requires a lot more team building, broader vision, finer sense of organizational development, and so forth, that “lone wolf” operators. I’ve been both. Look at Elon Musk as an example. Plenty of lone wolf and no shortage of brains. But now in the record books for biggest ever loss of personal wealth.

          As for Trump cult? Naw. You haven’t been reading closely (or I’m a worse writer than I thought – which is a real possibility, I’ll grant you). Trump was a like cheat, and sleazy as most rich high end developers are. BUT the culty isn’t Trump.

          The Cult is Save America. Trump tried to close a few doors, tried to get us thinking about reshoring lost industry and Biden’s a babbling dickhead on these kind of core “stray afloat and not do a forced Great Reset” kinds of issues.

          So please, don’t be so quick to broadbrush with the Anti-Orange paint. There’s another way to look. That Trump did put a lot of AMERICAN POINTS ON THE SCOREBOARD.

          We’re waiting for Mr. Baublehead to do the same. And we’re getting tired of waiting.

          The handover of America has been slowed and the while car splash deal is the radical left billionaires who are Hungary for power, if you know who I mean, messaging that some other agent provocateur will be needed for 2024.

          That’s not for Orange. That’s for AMERICA and anyone else who holds to the same action points would be fine around here.

          Donald Jr. might be interesting? lol

      • loob & others, ‘special nod’ to ignoring Trump’s ‘accomplishment’, Trump’s tax cuts to the rich caused the third biggest primary defict growth ever, behind only GW Bush & Lincoln, keep drinkin the kool aid, he wont be president again…:

    • Trolls always have an issue with truth or facts. Their entire existence is based on posting nonsense (usually someone else’s, because they are singularly lacking in imagination) or using someone else’s bullshit or strawman argument, then running away. They get off on pissing legitimate posters off, and starting arguments between same. This is why I rarely mess with, or reply to trolls. They are the Internet’s original bullies, and I have no use for them.

      When I was a Sysadmin, I would sniff them out, then ban them, their computer’s unique identifier, and the entire range of URLs from which they could possibly post through their ISP. My impression of Sunny is he’s a young dumbassed kid, and ignorant, not stupid, so I will occasionally invest a little time in him. Should my impression be wrong, he’ll go in my killfile with the other shitheads…

      • ray – i’m 60. name calling is no way to live a happy long life. i have over 300 credits in everything from auto mechanics, dog grooming and traditional chinese medicine to business, law and accounting. i’ve owned my own businesses with employees, have had a great variety of jobs. balloon delivery, undercover private detective, commercial hydroponic tomatoes 12,000 sq ft under plastic, floor installer, dishwasher, tree and landscaping, accountant, sales, college administrator, teaching, retail, primate caretaker. that’s just some. i’ve been in suits, blues with my name on the shirt and wetsuits. you don’t know me. treat me as you would any stranger you run into on the street.

        • A stranger, making similar assertions, would be treated the same.

          I do say, assuming your bio is real, you DO sound like you fit in with the odd “family” around here – also a bunch of hands-on doers…

        • you did a lot of day labor to I see LOL LOL…
          Suits.. NOPE.. and I told everyone if they decide to bury me.. and I am wearing a suit.. I will haunt them.. chains, Moaning the whole works and when they try to sleep.. I am going to sing to them.. ( I am the worst singer you ever heard) .. I am not a suit guy.. never had my own business.. I found myself in Healthcare.. it gave me the fulfillment in life that I sought after..

        • sunonSOMEgrass?

          And yet, you continue to post the most amazing refutable material.

          Where in that unfurling learning curve, you call your bio LIFE, did you not obtain, or learn common sense, research, critical thinking skills?

          You’ve been coming here 15 dickens years?

          Then, why oh why haven’t you learned anything?

        • You’re 60, and trolling comment pages in the same manner as an uncouth college kid in 2nd year PolySci?

          You obviously ran things in all those jobs, because you never learned how to learn.

          I apologize…

  15. I keep wondering if the ‘software glitch’ that grounded all the planes was just a cover story for something else, like a potential possible ‘terror’ attack or something of the like.

    • Da … ya think?

      Something serious was going on. Someone noted, maybe here, that they counted 52 refuelers up once that “grounding” got rolling. That is a serious number. One Saturday night when they were obviously doing a war game they had 32 up, never had seen that many up at the same time, plus 6+ command planes and one of the 3 flyable doomsday planes (we have 4 but one still isn’t flyable … got a bad hanger rash problem).

      IF during a major practice event they have 32 up … then 52 ON A WEEKDAY MORNING is screaming a warning from the mountaintops.

      Disclaimer … “I” did NOT go out and look at what was actually flying myself, only repeating what I read elsewhere … so that comment by someone may be total BS, but I am inclined to believe it is NOT.

    • It was not a “terror attack.” It was a “test run.” A site-hacker will find a path into a network, deposit a back door, then go away and not return.

      What is going on right now is DHS has a bunch of NSA, FBI, and military “white hats” going through every line of code in every executable and library, every script, and every datafile, trying frantically and desperately to locate this installed “back door.” They know it is there, as do I, as does everyone else who’s ever done network security.

      By today, they will probably have commissioned someone to write a new flight software package from the ground up, but it won’t be ready for a year, so they’ve got to do damage control until 2024, and hope no antagonistic government dumps the package (and a hundred airliners) before they can replace it. Maybe this is what al Qaeda meant when they whispered they were exploring “more creative ways” to use airplanes as bombs…?

  16. “Give us a frickin break. (Jeez this is frustrating. Ure’s just sick of it.)” I think we are all sick of it George! I’ve got so many bruises from vice-grip clamping’s I look like 200 lb. albino prune! And that’s a terrible visual!

  17. My daughter works remotely. All 7 people in her room got sick but they got different diagnoses. Two a sinus infection, one RSV (?), and once my daughter was told she had Covid they each did a covid test. They all have Covid. They are currently doing the blame game.

    She was diagnosed on Saturday and her doctor told her she could go back work on Tuesday with a mask She still had a temperature on Tuesdsy .I got sick and went to the doctor’s yesterday. I was told to stay home for 5 days after my temperature returns to normal and then wear a mask for 5 days out in public.

    The scripts went to the pharmacy at about 3:30. The pharmacy is so backed up that they were unable to fill the scripts until today sometime.. it’s about 9:30 am and they haven’t notified me yet. My daughter also had to wait about 12 hours for her prescription.

    This particular covid variety starts with sinus infection type symptoms and doctors are not testing for Covid right away. I had covid in 2/20 and this is not as bad as that. It’s interesting because every once in awhile I feel perfectly normal and with no temperature. That can last for 6 or more hours. Just enough time to go back to work or go shopping and spread the disease.

    George I really liked the episodes when you built the garden room and then figured out how to cool/heat it. I was impressed with how nice it looked.

  18. Somebody should come up with a board game of STUPID recent events where you have to find out Who, did with What, Where.


    Hunter – Left His Laptop – At The Repair Shop.

    Joe – Left His Classified Documents – In The Garage.
    (extra points if you mention “corvette”)

    Volodymyr – Plays Piano – With His Pen*s.

    Call it, “CLUELESS”

    • Sorry, that should read,

      Volodymyr – Plays With His Pen*s – On The Piano.

      Ahh, the technicalities of a correct answer. – Just like Jeopardy.

  19. The value of eggs popped again. 40.2 cent each. Eggs are in noodles, donuts and most baked goods. Those will become more valuable.

    The American Rescue Act of 2022 only carries the pension complex to 2024. Then a reload will be needed.

    I checked into raising chickens but I’m on a ‘residential’ lot and can’t have them. A little piece of .gov paper blocks me from food.

    A neighboring community in the next MSA, Ann Arbor, MI allows backyard chickens for an annual $20.00 permit fee.

    “Ann Arbor’s rules allow up to six female chickens, no roosters, though both male and female ducks are allowed. Residents are not allowed to slaughter their chickens and ducks and must keep them in covered or fenced enclosures.”

    • “I checked into raising chickens but I’m on a ‘residential’ lot and can’t have them. A little piece of .gov paper blocks me from food.”

      Do they also define what animals are considered pets…..?

      • The animal list is segmented into domestic animals/farm animals. Chickens are on the farm animal list.

        Domestic animal ownership is limited to three, folks with ‘more than three animals six months old or older shall obtain a kennel license’. This includes cats and dogs.

        In the Great State of Michigan, “No person shall own, harbor, keep, or shelter more than four animals of the same species over the age of four months in a single residence.”

        My area is infested with house cats. The cold snap wasn’t long enough.

      • “Do they also define what animals are considered pets…..?”

        Now that is an interesting question.. LOL last spring I was driving down the street and the jogging path next to it.. there was a young man jogging.. running next to him on a leash was what I at first thought was a dog.. but when I got closer.. it was his… GOOSE.. keeping perfect step with him LOL LOL LOL LOL
        Now would that goose be considered a farm animal.. or a pet..

      • I tried raising Tilapia.. LOL LOL what I discovered is..they will die of old age before I would kill them to eat them LOL LOL LOL..
        they are safe around this place.. LOL LOL LOL what is funny is I believe they know it to from how animals act around our yard.. LOL LOL LOL..

  20. On blind peer reviews: when I was in grad school, I believed in the system. After carving my own small niche in criminal justice research, I don’t. I have been asked on several occasions to be a reviewer of evaluation research. In every case I had a strong suspicion whom the authors were from either the methods used or the description of the project. In one case in particular I outright refused because I was fairly certain that the author’s prejudices would cook the data, either unintentionally or by design, but that the biases would not be apparent in the article she submitted. Perhaps in the physical and biological sciences the story is different, but in an era of super subspecialization it is likely that “the club” working in a given area mostly know each other.

    Another issue is the proliferation of pseudo-journals on the internet, journals that claim to be peer reviewed but, in fact, are the PR pieces for a particular point of view with no transparency in the alleged review process. At this point, the only defenses are triangulation and replication. Don’t believe the first article about anything. By the time half a dozen articles have been published, preferably from different institutions, different places, different research methods, and different author backgrounds — then maybe there might be something there.

    For most of my almost fifty year career, the sociological bias in criminology was so strong that anyone who looked for causes of violence in genetics or brain chemistry would be instantly tarred and feathered and be accused of prejudice, eugenic and racist leanings, and instantly exiled to the outer darkness. Fortunately, that is changing now but I suspect we will find a new orthodoxy that will be just as harmful.

  21. Of course our current Transportation Secretary has added his own touches to his portion of the government. Anyone involved in aviation for more than the past year or so remembers that NOTAM stood for ‘Notice to Airmen’. Now in this period of exclusivity and p.c. bullshit, I has now become ‘Notice to Air Missions’. Makes me feel kind of important to know that I am on a mission every time my J3 leaves the ground. Thanks Pete!

  22. I believe the person whom so discreetly left lap-top is the provider of Classed-Docs he stole for sale to foreign entities. Why be so careful to conceal/store when they have already been (sold) disseminated world wide.

  23. If you rely on CPAP equipment, I urge you to purchase a home water distillation kit NOW to supply water for it. Store shelves around here have been bare of distilled water since before Christmas. No explanations, no plan of action to address the problem, just vague theories about what caused it. It would be nice to see the media stop regurgitating political pablum long enough to look into this, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Home distillation machines are still readily available…but who knows for how long.

    • those are nice.. I have a few different models.. mostly to make fuel if fuel becomes an issue..
      to distill a little water though.. you can use a simple pan and lid.. put a jar in the pan in the middle.. put your water in the pan a little weight in the bottom of the jar if the jar is light.. flip the lid and put ice cubes in it.. simple easy and everyone has an old pan.. ( oh I forgot use an old pan.. depending on how hard your water is.. you will gather mineral deposits on the inside of the pan..

      this is the same thing.. but not what you have laying around.. ice or cold water goes in the top pan the distilled is collected in the middle pot and drains out the hose into your collection container..

  24. The U.S. will hit its debt limit this coming Thursday. How close will we get to a government shut-down before a miracle compromise is reached ?? Amongst all this drama, what will be going on behind the tightly drawn curtain?

  25. Conspiracy theories are started by the public figures we depend on for straight information lying or omitting facts. It doesn’t take long for someone to fill in the gaps with a logical guess at what could be getting covered up. There is also a good dose of narcissism from the speaker assuming a larger gap between their intelligence+reputation and the average citizen’s than exists.
    admit nothing – ‘safe and effective’, ‘deny foia request’
    deny everything – ‘I AM THE SCIENCE’, ‘not lab escaped’
    make counter accusations – ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘bad science’
    Is a diagnosis of heart attack any more precise than being diagnosed with a cough?

    • I don’t know is a diagnosis of what sex you are any harder than an ‘innie and an outie?’

      I see we are not fkg with the animal kingdom, they still get to be a male or a female and they get to hang together without any other animal calling them racist.

      Can you imagine putting 2 bull elephants together and waiting for them to produce a baby, and sell tickets, and tell everyone the male can get pregnant.

      Yeah, I know, a Supreme Court Justice was selected and elected and “it”, I think it is a SHE, sits there and cannot define a woman, she is not qualified to even give her opinion.

      That’s another example of how this country has gone to hell in a hand basket or is that a purse?

  26. The Fed has repeatedly stated that their target for inflation is 2%., officially inflation is still over 6.5%. So how can the Fed justify ‘not’ raising interest rates further? How can they ‘wimp-out’ from their own policy and guidance? Many feel that if they do raise another 50 basis points it could feasibly be the trigger that starts the recession ball rolling. Higher unemployment and a mild recession seems to be The Feds target / goal to save the overall economy and give them time to shore up the banks. There is no conscious on what The Fed will do.., nor any agreement on what the outcome will be.

  27. I feel your pain today G, the truth is long gone.
    Liars, Killers and Thieves
    every GD one of them but what really chaps my hide today as I watch the Mecum auto auction is the price of restored 70s muscle cars. Bought my first car in 1977, 1970 El Camino SS with a LS 454, cowl induction, 3 speed auto and factory positraction. Paid 2500$ for it. Sold it in 1986 for 3500$ because I needed a bigger truck for my newly purchased 10 acres cause the wife wanted a horse ranch. That El Camino would get close to six figures now. This is what’s boiling my blood today.
    ps….that car hauled ASS

  28. A third batch of classified documents has been found and reported to the DoJ. This newest batch is in a “new location”., and has been reported to the DoJ., according to Biden’s Team.

  29. For your viewing distraction as the biggest financial reset in history unfolds post DAVOS (wouldn’t you like to know :-)? We will find out soon enough.

    Observing actions [reading the picture with with one’s eyes] I would say there is some validity to the Pooh Team having difficulties.

    300K force mobilization in Belarus, the firing of another general. The Pooh Team is clearly frustrated.

    Like WW2 before it, the Russians will just keep throwing resources at this until they get their way, or run out.

    Regardless, when you give up custody of your sunshine cans to someone else , this is what it can lead to.

    Wifey is UKR born USA gen 2, and she mentioned to me that Pooh Teams never stop, they will just keep pressing until they are pushed back upon and until they run out of resources and are stopped. Ukraine as well. She stubborn as hell.

    Look for Pooh team to try and spread joy past UKR into neighboring nations.

    Wonder where the Black Sea Fleet will be landing? West of Odessa makes sense.

    Stay focused on making sure you are taking care of your personal circle, ’23 is going to be one heck of ride.

    When the kabuki theater is over in Q2 and they stop the music, It will be clear to all that the Fed Now App needs to be loaded onto your smart phone if you want to continue getting paid.

    LOLz not financial advice.

    Think about an unseen third hand creating friction for all sides. I don’t have to tell you home gamers that.

  30. According to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence, in the last seven days, Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) is up 13%, Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) has jumped 12.8%, and Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) has risen 27.5% as of 9:45 ET on Friday morning. Bitcoin is up another 6% as of an hour ago. [ now over $19,000 ] It would appear that the risk factor of digital “currencies” has once again fallen to the side of the road.

    • What a pitiful suck-ass-kissing article from cnn (communist news network)….all bunches of BS.

      Let’s give the former President Trump the SAME leniency!!!

      Busy, packing, busy traveling, busy, busy, busy!!!

      President Trump could declassify anything/anywhere.

      VP Biden could not.

  31. For anyone interested, Monkey Werx on YouTube does a briefing every M-W-F on mil acft & associated activity. Heavy lift, refuelers, troop movers, other gomment birds going to interesting destinations. So yes, the day NOTAMs were down there were either 52 or 53 refuelers airborne right quick. For three months leading into late Dec there was a massive amount of troops & equipment moving both east & west from the US. Of late there have been “troop” transports — smaller birds — moving some unknown type/number of people around inside CONUS, places like SoCal, Minneapolis, KY, OH. Good updates, worth keeping an eye on.

  32. Teenagers are dropping dead from heart attacks at school during sports in Las Vegas, 2 just in the last week, boy & girl …
    Make sure you get those booster shots ….

  33. Lisa Marie was a candle flickering in a CAT 5 hurricane of drug abuse. Like her father before her, her heart just couldn’t take the self abuse any longer. Just like daddy, she flamed herself out of this plane of existence. Her family knows it, admits it, and with great sorrow and difficulty, accepts it. May she finally R.I.P.

  34. “Biden and Trump: How their document scandals differ.”

    Their “scandals” differ in that Mr. Trump was President, and therefore could de-classify any document, of any classification, on the fly and without even giving notice, whereas Mr. Biden was Vice President, and could neither declassify, nor remove documents from the government facility in which they were viewed. Mr. Trump, therefore, is guilty of nothing, while Mr. Biden is guilty of mis-handling of classified documents, or treason, depending on whether Hunter’s friends looked ’em over in his office at UPENN, where Hunter had keys and 24/7 access, or at home, while they were helping Hunter work on his dad’s Corvette, in his dad’s garage, where the FILE BOX OF DOCUMENTS WAS PLAINLY VISIBLE IN A PUBLICITY SHOT TAKEN OF PRIVATE CITIZEN BIDEN, puttering around in his Corvette, in his driveway, with his “locked door” standing wide open.

    The truth gymnastics required to “damage control” this affair will make Simone Biles jealous…

    • You do understand that when stuff is declassified it gets declassified for the entire planet. So you’re fine if Trump declassified the US most sensitive secrets for the world to see. Cool. Btw that defense fell by the wayside. Trump’s lawyers have not made it in court. All Trump had to do was return them when he was asked nicely. Instead he refused. Ignored a subpoena, said they were planted, said they were his, whined for a special master, sued to keep government property, lied that they were all returned. The way biden and trump handled the discovery of documents couldn’t be more different. And I’m no fan of either. Simple objectivity is clear though.

      • You mean Joe with no authority is the good guy and Orange Man bad? Oh my, let’s see if the lefties like you can find some finer strain of bullshit reasoning to justify the Buyed em crime empire?

      • g – you’re losing it. your anger and name calling prove it. do you want readers who only agree with you? can you discuss without hurling insults and name calling? let’s compare the two differently. let’s hypothesize that both biden and trump walked out of a store with product. now let’s look at what each did when they discovered that they had something they didn’t pay for. biden went right back to the store and returned the goods. trump refused to return the goods when asked. trump claimed the goods were planted on him. then he claimed they were his own property. trump claimed he paid for the goods. then trump claimed he needed someone else to determine whether the goods belonged to him or the store. then trump went to court to fight to prove that the goods were his. then trump attacked the store security.

        why is this so hard? objectively, it couldn’t be more different.

        • It’s not hard. You take a simple fact (Trump was president) and extensibly make wild claims and don’t expect people to get angry with you.
          You’re a bright guy – since you have been a long-term reader and all – but give it a break. Like Covid shots, people made up their minds and Trump and vaxes long ago.

          Biden with a coked out kid can only be trusted at the same level as Trump, and many Americans are appalled at the double standard. You are not.

          Which is why I call you out on it.

          Both broke rules, Biden (Mr. 10 percent Pops) more so.

          No longer story needed!

  35. Ohhh Noooo Mr U !

    dont look now oh yee who hates Bitcoin/blockchain..Ruskies Sberbank is issuing 1st Gold based blockchain asset. hmmmm thus enabling Energy debt to be settled in cyprto/Bitcoin. rut-roh

    Good luck purchasing Oil/GAS/Fertilizer/Grains/Metals/Precious Metals in future with Ure tired ass, worn out worthless USD, which is backed by ?? a LBTGV rainbow warrior military? rrrhhunnh?

    But hay, look at the bright side, Ure cia is running EVERYTHING – including Ukraine – anyone remember how Vietnam turned out..remember the christians in action turning everything (Names of those who helped them) over to the Commies at the end of that police action?

    What moar could possibly go wrong ? Hint – Everything !

    Since at least Ike’s time , the demons (ChritiansInAction) have “run” everything..on Ure dime.bwahahahahaahahah

    Oh where of where is Dem. Congress critter from Kentucky – Geoff Young, might want to educate Ureselves bout this guy, before his “boston” brake job is completed during next car inspection. Shelf life dont ya know..

  36. Speaking of things to watch for, Dr. Malone warns about mRNA potions being developed for both pets and livestock. With the vast number of “spin around in circles, fall down & twitch till they’re dead” videos posted thus far, I fear our food supply is about to be terminated in place — on the hoof, so to speak.
    I’ve mentioned this before, but urge everyone to gain some basic knowledge about herbal, homeopathic & other natural remedies while they can. A few basic herbs, raw local honey, baking soda, Borax, Lugol’s Iodine, and colloidal silver — plus a nebulizer — are essential for your home medicine cabinet. Also organic clove oil & Black Walnut hull extract for tooth aches/abscess. Too many people seem to forget they may soon be the only medical intervention available. Plenty of excellent books out there on native species in your area for food & medicine. Good website on natural remedies is

      • You did remind me about the clove oil though, because I’m on my last bottle, and for that, I thank you. I need to also buy a pound or two of whole cloves and nitrogen vacuum-pak them…

      • “I need to also buy a pound or two of whole cloves and nitrogen vacuum-pak them…”

        Now that is interesting @Ray.. I have never nitrogen vacuum packed anything.. How do you do it.. I would love to tri it..I believe my vacuum packer can use gases.. but I haven’t ever done it.. can you do that with a regular vacuum packer like the magic seal..

        • I do. The local beer & wine supply store sells tanks and refills. I seal the bottom, fill the “bag,” then seal most of the top, flood with N2, shake, then vacuum it out. Oxygen and “air” are both slightly heavier than nitrogen, so even though I shake the bag, my vac-pak likely isn’t as good as it could be. However, I believe that it improves the finished product, and it can’t possibly be worse than a common vacusealer, so why not…?

      • the clove oil.. I got me a bottle of the quinine .. that is nice.. I have to thank Hank for the tip on it and the product he uses.. I have either been making grapefruit tea or buying quinine in club soda up until now..

        • “I got me a bottle of the quinine”

          Ditto. If I never have a use for it, it looks pretty on my “essential oils and herbs” shelves.

  37. I was listening today to a fellow who said he was in the intelligence community. He said any top secret document has to be signed for in the scif if you want to view it. If the pedo signed for these documents, and proceeded to walk away from the scif with said papers, he’s in more trouble than the talking heads say he is.What

    • That’s correct. Only the President can do this.

      This is why every news outlet in the Western World is doing hardcore Biden damage control, and will be until someone finds a really big dog to wag…

  38. People drop dead of heart problems every day. Always have; likely always will. And that includes young athletes who are being exploited and run into the ground. They collapse and die just like old f@rts.
    Every tragedy which was once handled quietly and locally by family, friends and clergy is now a three ring media ass-clown feeding frenzy.
    National politicization of each and every family tragedy is partisan sadism, not news.

    • COVID Vaccines Are “Obviously Dangerous” And Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

      The true character and scope of the harm caused by the unprecedented mass vaccinations for COVID-19 is just now beginning to become clear. Leading scientific journals have finally begun publishing data corroborating what the underground research community has observed over the last two years, especially in relation to complex problems of immune suppression.

      Truly concerning numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also emerging.

      At this moment in time, a new, allegedly super-infectious Omicron variant is all over the headlines. A sub-variant of XXB, this strain is said to possess immune escape capabilities of precisely the type that some independent researchers predicted would follow on the heels of the mass vaccinations’ narrow antigenic fixation.

      That such an extensive vaccine coverage has not yielded better results after nearly two years is a remarkable fact. Even more so in light of some individuals receiving four or more repeated exposures to the same vaccine antigen, yet still contracting the disease they are supposedly immunised against.

      At the same time, even more ominous warning signs abound.

  39. Thank you George, lot of ground covered today , hope your tongue did not wear a hole in your cheek. Sad and / or unbelievable as some of the topics are, your humor prevailed. Much thanks.

  40. not sure if anyone mentioned this or not yet.

    if Urban survival is a buisness? all ya have to do is put custome license plate frames in E’s vette to make it a company car. send her in it to Walmart for a box of staples and boyahh. tax right off. that is what my father did when he ran a construction company for 30 years.

    company cars have to have the company name on them. doesn’t matter how big it is or where it at. license plate frames with Urbansurvival on them would count as the company name on the car. my father used the same license plate frames fot all their vehicles as write offs for 30 years. had them custom made.

    once apon a time I had a small fence building buisness. I had a letter drafted up, on company letter head that said potentially expanding business operations to Maui. took a trip there. went to the better buisess burrow, registered my little fence company in Maui and paid the $40 fee, called a place for an office and put $250 deposit on it out of my company check book. got a receipt and wrote the whole trip off. a month later I got my $250 back, I wrote them a letter that said our company isn’t quite ready to expand our business to Maui just yet, cost of materials and relocation costs, we are no longer interested in renting an office there. wrote a $7500 “buisness trip” for 14 days in Maui. :)

    I’m sure Space Ex writes off space exploration for future buisness all the time. hahaha.

    but your fella knows more than me and things may have changed alot since 1996. LOL

    a long time ago, somebody very wealthy said to me. be careful son, they tell pretty lies with smiles on their faces.

    I had never heard that before that day. it is one of the most true things I’ve ever seen. and I’ve walked away from more than a few women who were doing exactly that. I don’t even say good bye at times any more. no thanks. I’m good. see ya.

    per ure put,

    (heads up: you will definitely want to see this shot, in this video George)

    then poof. I’m gone. just like that I’m 4000 miles away before you figured out what socks you were wearing that day. when spidy sences are tingling? they are always right.

    its as you said the other day George about ghosting.

    “Thanks Casper”

    as they said in stripes.

    that is fact Jack!,

    Que ~ Miraculous Put

  41. yeah shit George,

    Last Treasury TIC release shows a drop of 475B in foreign holdings of treasuries year over year. that is not good.

    OCT 21: 7660.7
    OCT 22: 7185.4

    The next TIC release will be here in a few days with Nov 22 data:

    DUDE says, just bring your books and clothes. all you need will be provided.

    so far that is the case.

    someone said something to me today that doesn’t have a cell phone. there is actually people who don’t have cell phones in this world. who still use map books and carry tools and guns in their car.

    that person came and got me and said,

    this is a good plan. I can’t say much more than that. but I’m not even remotely where I was. had to leave a few things behind. and right quick. all my shit was packed and I was safely sent elsewhere.

    don’t worry about paying me back. you just don’t tell anyone where you are or where you are going. now is not the time. this is a good plan. you owe me nothing. send it to this address and he wrote it down on a piece of paper if you feel you must.

    things are rapidly changing. I had a moment today where I was like what the fuck?

    it’s not every day DUDE shows up as 2 men and say grab your shit. you need to go and now. I asked why, he only said this is a good plan. just get your shit and be quick about it and get off social media now. don’t say anything to anyone but your mother. she won’t say anything to anyone. time to go. and now.
    not everyone is your friend. understand? I said yes sit. he paid for it all on his dime so it couldn’t be tracked back to me.

    I know more than that. but I’m not saying shit. it is a good plan and a trip for sure.

    Made one phone call. everything I needs there is waiting for me. I don’t need anything but clothes and my books.

    I gotta get. no more web time for me for a while. everything is Rapidly changing.

  42. when 3 dudes show up, packing fire arms, dont carry cell phones, tell you. you need to go and now. and you know intuitively they are telling the truth. they ain’t the kind to bullshit and do that sorta thing for no reson.

    they won’t even go in the house. I said can you give me a hand grabbing my shit?.

    and one says there is a reason I’m parked this far away from that fucking house. I’m not going in there.

    and I’m not talking about my moms house. at lunch this hot blonde I’ve seen twice comes up to me and is super friendly to me. wants to hang out.

    after I got my shit in the car. I mentioned her to the fella I’ve only met twice. he said don’t be stupid. you know why she is friendly. all serious like.

    then pays my bill at a hotel, gives me a key and says don’t let anyone know you are here. except your mother. don’t leave. if you smoke. go stand infront of that camera. so your on camera being Here. even tho nothing is tracked to you. make sure your gone in the morning.

    and I know that type of man is cut from an old cloth. doesn’t have a cell phone. lives in the woods. doesn’t talk much and is a good man. keeps to himself. elder in his church all that. very respected old dude. kinda reminds me of John Wayne era ype fella.

    when that dude shows up and says it’s time to go for you and right quick. with two other dudes carrying, who also don’t have cell phones? it’s fucking time to go. they are doing you a solid. because they are those types of men. I asked about a few things and all he said is this is a good plan. you need to not be here and right quick. you understand?

    I said yes I do. he gave me that look that says, I just saved your fucking life. then he said, I do not like that kind of shit. you are a good man.

    right before he left he said, this world is about to go to shit and real fast. not for you though.

    you owe nothing. I’ve only done my duty. wrote an address down on a piece of paper. if you feel ya must pay me back. you just mail it Here. do you understand? I said yes, I understand. thank you. he nodded and walked away.

    so by the time you read this in the morning? I will a long long ways away from the locality I was when writing this.

    because the look on those dudes faces. shit is about to get real and soon. they weren’t the kind that bullshit.

    never know what the day holds.

    I guess some dudes got me where I needed to go. like I’ve done many times for others.

    see ya George and everyone else. not sure when I will be back here.

    • Nor can we be certain to be here for you when we do.

      Old men see ahead farther than young men.

      A decisive couple of weeks till the other side of Feb 21.

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