Job Numbers Roll, Jamie Diamond Warns

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this morning’s two job reports (ADP and Challenger), I think there’s some dandy prepping advice to be had in a read of Jamie Dimon says ‘brace yourself’ for an economic hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine war.

This entire attempt – at skipping a Depression – has been made based on creating so much money that, literally, prices can’t go down. They can, however, collapse but that’s a different matter.  Declines that are orderly pose no systemic risk.  When the herd panics?  That’s a stampede.  There go the fences. Up, or down, you can get run over if not super careful.

The Fed’s recent hikes have been necessitated by a bond-market damaging drop in bond yields.  Now, with the (scapegoat) Covid lockdown over, a Ukraine war to polarize and divide so Americans can’t bitch about things (scapegoat 2), there’s little to do except America getting back to work.  At some point, cheap rates were bound to be reversed at some point.

Your next good window to buy a home, may be 8-9 years ahead, assuming lobal economic cycles survive China’s war on the U.S.  But you’ll want to add to your home inspection a week-long radiation site survey.  (Who is this crank in the woods, huh?)

Papered-Over Collapse

We are there now – and aware business leaders – are already not only seeing trouble ahead, but they are planning evasive action.  Will preppers soon be labeled hoarders?  It’s how the corporate-government alliance manages people – by managing their shames, differences, and resulting hate narratives.

But let’s stick with the Money Illusion.

Fact is, the Federal Reserve (as we have explained before) simply “made up” $9-trillion worth of money.

Long ago, a colleague and I worked out that fiat money has a likely “cyclical failure rate” when residual purchasing power drops below 3-1/2 t0 5 percent, or so.  It’s a little more complicated in that the time over which monetary debasement is spread out, the lower the effective “collapse bound” drops.

If your money dropped to only 3-percent of retained purchasing power over a year, you’d be in the streets demanding new government.  But, spread it out over 109-years (from 1913) and toss in a mishandled Depression in the 1930s to slow the pace, but you still get into that “erosion over time” exponent.

What would have cost $10-dollars in 1913 would set you back $296.15 today.  HOWEVER even this is misleading.  Because of the pernicious deficit spending contagion that will eventually collapse America spread from the Washington (central government) schemers to the state and local levels.  Think metastasize.

Here in our local small town, the state and local sales tax adds on 8.25%.

Which means, basis 1913, the ACTUAL (out the door cost) TODAY would be  $320.58.

Which reveals, when divided into the original $10-bucks, means the dollar is presently worth just $0.03119  or about 3.2 cents compared with pre-Fed, pre local tax increases.

This is not to say we’re screwed. That should be obvious by now, or you need to get out more. Rather, regardless of what you think of Mr. Diamond (and JPM’s metals market operations), he is still quite likely right on what’s just ahead.

We live in a world where the corporations are giving us more Truth than the “nominally governmental” but really put up by the Bankster Class Fed.

The Fed money stocks report- so critical at monetary inflection points like this (it’s their H.6 report) is carefully delayed to where it becomes useless for small market players.  You need to run for office and get on some of the banking and finance committee to get something closer to real-time information, we suspect.

Here’s the joke behind the Fed:  While they manage (sit on) critical economic information that should – like the US Treasury Debt to the Penny – be updated every few days.

If you ran a manufacturing operation, and weren’t told what sales for the month were on the first of the month, someone would get fired.  Instead, we got Joe and Jerome.

Of course, we may be the only one between ’em knows WTF ERP systems are all about? The Fed controls public information about what’s back on us as tax chattel.

Lying through omission (and its half-brother delay) is still lying (mano y mano) in this part of Texas.

Two Job Reports

Both of which are worthy of thought.  First up is the ADP report:  Weaker than expected +128,000 for the month.  (*Bet me more people than that jumped the borders same month?)  Drilling down…

Earlier, the Challenger Job Cuts report was passed.  How’s this for a reassuring headline?

May 2022 Challenger Report: Job Cuts Fall Overall, But Explode in Tech, Fintech, Construction | Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. (

Which is the economic background for this chapter of collapse to be played.

One for the road?  New federal UI filings:

Let’s Play Alex

An early check of the satellite imagery from the National Hurricane Center shows the remnants of Agatha-Alex (number 1, red info) on the graphic, will be knocking on Houston’s door (or maybe NOLA) this weekend.

So, 80 percent change of tropical cyclonic formation off Houston, follow?

Our second disturbance will soak south Florida, but good, this weekend.  But less than a 60% chance of developing, so wet, wetter, and wettest… Might want to skip the private jet to Puerto Plata in the DR to party this weekend.

(If you’re a big-time follower of our ShopTalk Sunday home handy-bastard columns, this Alex is not to be confused with the DAP acrylic caulk product.)


Our three “precursor wars” are almost set to light off for fall.

On the Russia Ukraine mess, Russia is still paranoid about invasion.  And not illogically if you follow NATO’s new doctrine makes the alliance the new Third Reich (

Plus we have “range creep” going on.  As you know, yesterday the spin was the US would give 70 km m rockets to Ukraine.  See the number overnight? UK to give Ukraine 80km-range MLR systems – defense secretary (  Either we have a math problem or this is amping up pressures on the Russians.  Do I hear 90 km?

Which, if they went first-use with even limited clean nukes, would STILL give the WHO and other Globalist World Shakedown artists an excuse for more lockdowns, limitations, social credit scoring…of the shit just runs crazy after that.  Round up people who said “tritium” in the past year and so on.

Be skeptical.  Soon come, mon.

Depp-ravity and Beyond

Johnny got dough.  Amber got less.  Does anyone really give a shit? Besides counsel?

Jumping Joe flash, it’s a gas, gas, gas: OPEC+ alliance decides output amid record U.S. pump prices.  Triple A pegged gas at $4.715  and diesel at $5,556 .  (Brandon!  Brandon!  Brandon!)

Special Seattle note:  Once upon a time, the fate of Boeing was the fate of Seattle.  But with Amazon, MSFT, Adobe rentals, and all that, not so much.  Ever since Boeing’s corporate offices skipped town for Chicago, we’ve been questioning their wisdom.  Here’s some interesting Seattle content to cruise The Boeing Company [BA] fell -35.10% so far this year. What now?

We got out just in time.

Write when you get rich,

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36 thoughts on “Job Numbers Roll, Jamie Diamond Warns”

  1. George thanks for the Wed report. Great work. I hope you can get a heads up on when the banks have to close their doors.

  2. A new one is going around from last month.

    “China Preparing For “D-Day” INVASION Of The Continental United States!”

    Trudeau would sell us out so expect angry bears (Russians) flanking us from the North.

  3. “7 Nations”

    -Worthless drooler cant do anything right.

    We have the entire nation of the US enslaved, yet we still couldnt get them to attack and destroy Iran. So we went one better – we got them attacking Russia by proxy…stupid sheep still dont know they are enslaved – you fight our Wars, you kill our enemy’s, give us ungodly sums of money – every year for killing our neighbors. We destroy one of their most famous symbols of NYC/USA – and you go to War for Us – sacrificing their own precious blood and treasure.

    Got a problem slave ? dont like URE servatude? You are ANTI- Semtic .

    Its very clever – we hide behind the swastika, committing war crimes against those who refuse to bend over. Cept now we be hiding behind unicorn and rainbow patches..cant make this scheisse up!

    Lets Go deepstate – go Pres. Gaga ..together YOU can do it!

  4. This is a semi-serious question….

    If ‘The Fed’ can keep making up money ad infinitum wtf are we paying taxes?

    • Yes the Fed can – and IS doing it. It issues bonds, which it them buys itself.

      Why are we paying taxes?> Inquisitors. Something about stepping on thge dragon’s tail. Sometimes, you just pay the mob.

      • What a world we live in…where honest people have to pay tithes to the criminals to avoid going to jail for breaking the ‘law’.

      • Yo Jorge, more like paying the VIG to the usurious Fed….time to end the fed and go back to real money, see silver certificates or green backs…..

      • “What a world we live in…where honest people have to pay tithes to the criminals to avoid going to jail for breaking the ‘law’.”

        It has been like that since the beginning of time.. the allegory of the cave.. Remember one of the most Iconic religious figures of all time was CRUCIFIED for not being religious enough.. and everyone uses his death as a ritual in their religious ceremonies..
        Anyone that truly believes that they own their own property.. or will be able to keep it is fooling themselves.. we pay taxes to be allowed to live where we are.. but if we don’t pay them.. they can walk up and sell your home from under you.. the same thing with the book a pale horse..and when we pass on.. we get none of it that we coveted..
        its all about control.. if people really believed or knew that money was nothing and gold had no value other than being a decoration.. all of civilization as we know it would collapse..
        Gold nanoparticles though can be used as a CO2 filter.. which is what I think that the annunaki was so interested in the gold on earth and why even today we covet and value it above all things.. .. to get the gold to use to filter hazardous co2 in their atmosphere.. funny how here on earth.. we will in the future be facing the same situation at that point the value of gold will go through the roof..

  5. From the Mormons: “Add to that Finland’s and Sweden’s application to join NATO, and Russia may feel that we are backing her into a corner.”

    LDS is not exactly cutting edge in the information department, but they’re also not afraid to speak out when something DOES grab their attention. George’s sites tend to be on the cutting edge of things like this, so I believe we come to take it for granted that “since we know, everyone knows.”

    They don’t.

    This blurb is significant because it indicates mainstream folks are catching on to the fact that all is not always as it is made to seem…

    • “not exactly cutting edge in the information”? When the Davidic King appears, some mainstream folks will catch on, others will suddenly not be able to access their “oil” due to the cutting edge of their Wave 4 stubbornness.

    • History routinely demonstrates that failed domestic policies require the conjuring of demons and dragons abroad to take the blame.

  6. Speaking of the Blues, players like Manchester City’s Oleksandr Zinchenko have the Ukraine national football team one win away from qualifying for the World Cup. Here’s the Deutsche Welle report following the recent Ukraine victory over Scotland.

    Here is the deleted BBC link shedding a bit of light on Mr. Zinchenko’s multi-million £ football contract extension.

    Alright folks, let’s put the Premier League pitch battles aside. Back to the war!

  7. Rooty toot toot, hey good looking, hear bee the the bandicoot!

    Define from unda cheese..

    = BHP

    – lookey lou ye of little faith, this AM it opened Up , but down in price ?????
    Now how you figure that works out on the coots PROFIT line?
    Long June 72.50 Calls @ $1.08 – underlying was $68-69 back May 23rd-25th.. Expiration 6/17/22 -for the lazy, breakeven – 72.50 + 1.08=73.58
    Woke up this morning – and got myself self a beer (cause the futures uncertain and the end is always near)-JM…… then started perusing the Financials. What did my wandering eyes see ? a spinoff from BHP – woodside energy grp @ $36 a share !!
    Winna -winna fried chicken dinna! Sold those june 72.50 today for FIVE DOLLARS ea.

    For those not paying attention (jus about everybody) this has been a public service post for the betterment of Ure financial future. Above transaction is brought to you by the coots ” Leg into Profitable Positions Option Strategy”. Lot less $ put at risk with this simple method – hard times trading 100% maniped mkts – very hard finding a “perfect trade”.

    Oh look a profitable commodity company, paying dividends with proven reserves in the ground = the next target for this “nibbler” strategy pan american silver (PAAS) which will get slammed by bank traders as soon as it moves above its 50dma..careful/disciplined is the way to make em pay.
    ? Can coot value a Bitcoin miner Stock in a similar fashion – they got coins they have mined, currently mining new coins, what sort of historical price to base valuations on reserves in hand ? Valuation on future price of future mined coins?? Go ahead Micheal de Luddnosti, value those future coins at Zero, and tell the coot how much you have Shorted.

    In the meantime looking at you MARA sept 10 calls @$2.40

    ..sniff sniff, you smelling the sharky smell that smells fishy?

    • “Woke up this morning – and got myself self a beer (cause the futures uncertain and the end is always near)”

      My motto to..never buy green bananas.. and why would you ever want to buy a bag of apples..heck if you don’t survive the rest goes to waste.. around here they actually split a dozen eggs in half just because of that reason

  8. Do not manipulate gold down here . If you do it’s all over . Take the hint . New joe Biden is getting faster as well

  9. Here’s a good historic rhyme with “world’s largest building”. Yesterday’s “largest building” was just across the way:

    Saudi Arabia wants to build world’s largest skyscrapers that will run for miles

    “The world’s largest buildings

    Taking the concept up a notch, the project will now feature twin skyscrapers that will extend for miles, people with the know-how about the project told Bloomberg. Each skyscraper will be about 1,640 feet (500 m) tall, but instead of competing in height with other buildings, it will outrun them in width. ”

    Original ‘world’s largest’, The Tower

    NEOM location

    Neom: The futuristic city where ‘people, robotic avatars and holograms can co-exist’

    “The $500 billion (€480 billion) smart city aims to attract five million visitors by 2030 and the first hotels are scheduled to open in 2024, though according to McEvoy, the development will never end on what is “perhaps the most ambitious project in the world”.”

  10. Moar light! G – the following just had to see the light of day. Lets start with masks, then move on fake school shootings..please pay attention, Ure sanity may depend on it.. see that tab? thats how it goes on and off. Wheres OG slo ?,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
    anything strange about the person in right frame ? yeah she was shoot and killed back in sandy hook – miraculous no?

    Hahah – they convicted 19 Nazi’s at Nuremburg, the rest Created NASA, CIA and the Federal Republic of Germany .

    The arrangement was made after germans WON WWII – they are the 3rd power, backed with unimaginable weapons, the j’s are their strawmen and bankers – that arrangement was made following creation of israhell – the spearpoint of the invisble nazi empire..and why we be supporting and fighting FOR the nazi’s in the kraine.

    ?who was eugene anal scwab ?

    and now YOU know why North American Food Supplies are being attacked -F-ing ATTACKED!

    No fight – WE R F_ _ _ _T!

  11. So there’s an 80% chance ALEX will come rolling up into your neck of the woods. Prep for heavy rains and wind. Grocery shopping? Any good Hawaiian would be checking Toilet Paper stocks, too.

  12. Last chance . Let it go the gold up and up . If not you will burn forever: serious stuff

  13. Those shorts 2 days ago went bad george . Told yah . Told yah what to do . Gold gold gold . Short option strategy must be reassessed. Investing like sailing . Adjust to conditions . Gold gold gold . I’m 25 years younger and I’m love with gold gold gold again

  14. trying to confirm a story supposedly from the Vancouver (BC) Times that Paul Pelosi was later arrested for child porn on his phone and a crack pipe and crack in his car. Anyone else see this story?

    • The big paper in Vancouver is trhe Sun. The Vanc Times has run with things in the past that have been more like Q posts than police blotter reports… Word to the double checking – which we appreciate you doing…

    • I STRONGLY doubt it.

      Both are proven with Hunter Biden and if he’s arrested at all, it’ll probably be for tax evasion.

      Pelosi is a more-powerful political figure than Joe Biden, with a much larger fortune. Hubby would probably have to vid himself murdering Nasty’s boy-toy before the prosecutor would even consider a felony charge against him.

    • I can understand cops going through a wrecked car with a drunk driver and finding a crack stuff, “in plain sight”, if it was actually there. A more disturbing thought is that they would have to go through the phone to find the alleged CP! That would seem to be going way beyond a reasonable search, with no probable cause!

      • If they find evidence of an ongoing felony, they can search damn’ near anything, without a warrant. I put no stock in the Canuck report. Octogenarians who’re trying to hit the billionaires’ club before they check out are not likely to be indulging in dope, and not likely to be able to get off, let alone on little boys or girls, especially after seeing Nasty Nancy without her makeup.

  15. Condolences to jeff kern and the family of deceased Lester shine. Great bloke who taught me a lot . Anonymously. May you RIP he was 89

  16. Hmm.. now that they realize that the sanctions are not working.. and want to see an agreement.. the real problem is..
    ARE THEY TO LATE to be saying this.. … we should have given them the guarantees they were asking for before.. and with drawn our nuclear missiles off of their borders.. it would have been so much easier.. and a whole lot of lives and lively hoods would have been spared.. but then that is only my opinion..

  17. San Francisco DA left hanging after police refuse to help with sting

    San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was left hanging after he seized control of a burglary ring investigation developed by police when officers refused to transport a suspect and evidence after a raid, officials said. The move backfired on Boudin when media reports surfaced that he resorted to renting a U-Haul to confiscate 130 banker’s boxes of electronics, the San Francisco Police Officers Association said.

    Gaetz, Jordan demand answers from FBI on workspace at Democratic law firm

    FIRST ON FOX: Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz have sent a letter demanding answers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding a “Secure Work Environment” the bureau has apparently been operating for years in the Washington, D.C., office of the Democratic law firm Perkins Coie.

    Zuckerberg Group Spending $80M to Hijack Local Election Practices and Help Liberals.

    The Center for Tech and Civic Life – a nonprofit group that controversially used funds from Mark Zuckerberg to boost turnout for Democrats in the 2020 election – launched a new $80 million initiative targeting local election departments. Under the leadership of Tiana Epps-Johnson, the CTCL overruled local election officials and increased turnout in almost exclusively Democratic districts through mail-in voting in 2020. Proving the partisan conflict of interest, the CTCL supported many election offices’ shifts to vote-by-mail and allegedly accessed mail-in ballots ahead of the election using funds from the Facebook founder’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

    No Free Lunch: Biden Admin Will Pull Meal Funding for Schools That Don’t Comply With Its LGBT Agenda

    The Biden administration is requiring schools to comply with its LGBT policies or lose billions in federal funding for school lunches. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service announced in May it will prevent low-income students from participating in its National School Lunch Program if their public school does not adopt the administration’s interpretation of Title IX, which holds that the federal civil rights law’s provision against discrimination based on sex includes designations of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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