Job Data, Overreach Roulette, Bubble Madness

There’s a ton going on around here.  So we’ll skip some of the “folksy” and try to remain on point…

Jobs:  Who’s Left to Fire?

The news out on the Jobs front is predictably good.  Not only have millions run out of unemployment comp claiming rights, but there’s also not many people left to fire.  You can see this in the Challenger Job Cut report just out:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers rose 14% in September to 17,895 from the 24-year low of 15,723 cuts announced in August, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
September’s total is 85% lower than the same month last year, when 118,804 cuts were announced. Employers announced 52,560 job cuts in the third quarter, the lowest quarterly total since the second quarter of 1997, when 51,309 cuts were recorded.”

The good news – such as it is – is also seen in persistent low employment claims in the weekly U.I. filing rate.

Again, however, it all needs to be taken with a tablespoon of salt: U.I. Benefits do run out (eventually) and desperate people will take any gigs they can when hunger begins to set in.

This was evident in the ADP number yesterday: 568,000 new jobs were reported in September.  Likely to be echoed in the new jobs data from the Feds tomorrow morning.

Our analysis is, unfortunately, somewhat jaded.  The Biden administration is, in effect, hiring more people to bail-out the Titanic America already holed by the plandemic.  Looks great statistically…until you need to dog paddle.


Yes.  That’s right.  Chinese Communist Party Central Committee meetings get underway in a couple of weeks.

Set a reminder to check if there’s a unanimous vote to support president Xi’s plans to (gunpoint) reunify Taiwan with the Mainland.  If yes, circle the night of Nov. 4 when the kickoff could begin.  Right after the CCPCC leadership is back from a weekend seeing the sights and exercising power in Beijing.

Also, see where Newt Gingrich knocks Milley: ‘So incompetent’ he revealed extent of socialism in military?  Which part of “not surprised” do you want me to say?

CV-19: Overreach Roulette

When you’re well into your 70’s, you get to know a lot of people.  And I had the pleasure of talking to a doctor-friend Wednesday, who may be about to get fired because of power-crazed overreach in “mandates.”  We’re talking one of the top 75 docs in world in specialty.

The reason?  Well. this doc works for a medical group which “manages” specialists for a large number of regional hospitals.

In this practices zeal they not only demanded the doc prove a vaccination (which this doc has…).  But, there was a checkbox that says to the effect “By checking this box, I agree to allow [practice name] to share this information with government agencies…

This is a “deal point” and the doc won’t budge.  Having sent the entire management group of overreachers a brief lesson on HIPAA.  That’s the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  There are very tight regulations on healthcare information privacy.  This part of the Wiki on HIPAA is critical stuff to know:

“The HIPAA Privacy Rule regulates the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) held by “covered entities” (generally, health care clearinghouses, employer-sponsored health plans, health insurers, and medical service providers that engage in certain transactions).[19] By regulation, the HHS extended the HIPAA privacy rule to independent contractors of covered entities who fit within the definition of “business associates”.[20] PHI is any information that is held by a covered entity regarding health status, provision of health care, or health care payment that can be linked to any individual.[17] This is interpreted rather broadly and includes any part of an individual’s medical record or payment history. Covered entities must disclose PHI to the individual within 30 days upon request.[21] Also, they must disclose PHI when required to do so by law such as reporting suspected child abuse to state child welfare agencies.[22]

My friend the doc is not about to give some private company any rights to spread around PHI.

This is but one of thousands of such egregious overreaches being attempted by information swindlers all over the country.

JOE BIDEN CAN’T MANDATE.  That’s what dictators do.  His powers are limited to the Executive Branch of government.  {Period}

Thankfully. there are still a few smart Patriots who remember we’re not a dictatorship, best efforts of the Dramacrats notwithstanding.

CV-19:  It’s a Business Model

While the Biden administration continues to fumble science – transitioning vaccine use from a private matter between patients and docs (protected by HIPAA) into a political witch-hunt and power grab via illegal dictatorial mandates (can yah tell I’m pissed?) – we NOW see how the WHO is the marketing arm of Western Big Pharma as the Russians are wondering Who at WHO doubts to register Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine? (  Worse – on the new U.S. studies, the Big Pharms are overseeing their own research so zip third-party (non-fiduciary) oversight.  Get the foxes into the hen house and have ’em count!  And keep any Russian or Chinese solutions out – even if they work they’ll take market share….  FMTT this is all hosed-up.  Money and politics when it should be science-based medicine.  Period.

News Scanner

Let’s Kill the Economy, shall we?  White House Moves To Scrap Trump-Era Rewrite Of Key Environmental Law.  While this seems like a good thing to people who have been hornswoggled into the “woke joke” – what this does is provides lots of useless time delays on new projects.  And time, dear reader, is something this country doesn’t have much of, left. We need self-sufficiency like yesterday.

Oh!  Look what an Obama appointee did!  A federal judge temporarily blocks Texas’ SB 8 abortion law : NPR.  Again, which part of “not surprised…”

Time Off From Trading

I told you a week ago that we would (likely) get into a hell of a rally this week before heading down again in a while.

Sure enough, it was a barn-burner of a rally in markets.  Instead of “lunch money” trading this week, it has been “really nice dinner out – name the city” trading.

The rally will continue at the open this morning, too.  With Dow futures up more than 280 points.  Normalcy bias is strong.

Because there’s so much going around here (new computer migration, deck project, tiling the kitchen, and so forth) I will be turning off the online “index roulette” machine for a while.  Trading is to have fun – OK, and make a little, too.

But, as Elaine and I have been considering lately, even if we had all the money in the world (other than burning more resources) what would we really do with it?

People just don’t realize that odds are very high that we are all like little “space probes” sent into Life to film an adventure.  We have plenty of that.  And more money doesn’t change the “adventure” much.  Sure, you can change up to a newer Lexus, bigger house, something on the water, maybe.

But in the end, Life is about filming for the “life flashed before my eyes” moment and everyone (near as we can determine) gets one of those regardless of income.

The only thing to mention for Peoplenomics subscribers is that with the (marginal) new low earlier this week, our upside Aggregate Index target for this large Wave II up will likely be in the range of

For Wave II expect:
Retrace  .23639,213.85
Retrace .38239,455.02
Retrace .5039,649.93
 II Max Target .61839,844.85
II May .75 Retrace40,062.89

With the futures (at click time) holding around 39,088 on the Aggregate, one more good pop to the upside (with accommodative hype from the sell-out media) should put us into the .382 retrace area, or better.

Which pencils out as a budget deal and a great relief rally of what, 500 points?

Toward the end of next week, though?  Worry.

Time to Careful Watching

As my consigliere noted this week “You know, if China keeps flyting sorties up to the air defense zone of Taiwan, in a couple of weeks, up to half of Taiwan’s Air Force could be down for maintenance…”

Death by a thousand cuts.  Look for several more sorties before Taiwan goes hot.  Jet aircraft are generally reliable but to keep them that way is a hell of a lot more than an oil change.  We’re thinking first full weekend of November.

Our only question is whether China will short the US markets before or after?  Answer that and you’ll be able to make up money.  Why, just like Joe Biden!

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Yep you all be good little humans. Litlle trades little brains little balls . Yep good little boyz .

  2. Yeah see yah veges . You all be good little veges now . Listen to old uncle George and make all your little trades and keep jimmy Cramer and bobby pretzel happy Elliot around. U2 sheetcoiners!!!

  3. Hopefully G-II is just getting his natural immunity update booster, with no serious effects. Anyone who is out in public is being exposed, and first responders get microexposures to the new stuff pretty quick, even with PPE.

  4. Sorry to hear about George Junior. There is nothing like close family illnesses to refocus our attention to what is truly important in life. Wishing him the best for recovery. Please keep us posted on his treatment regiment.

    To bring a little levity to the day, I thought you might enjoy what our Prime Minister TrueDope is “woking” us up to these days. To think we just re-elected him again. Brutes for punishment.

    If this keeps up, I am going to start using this script for my computer password until it gets too long to remember.

    • “Sorry to hear about George Junior. There is nothing like close family illnesses to refocus our attention to what is truly important in life. Wishing him the best for recovery. Please keep us posted…”

      I second this.


      AYFKM? My condolences on the loss of your nation…

      • You forgot the + sign Ray. Definitely needed if you want to use for a secure password. Unless of course, this is already taken for a new COVID variant.

        I have an image of Joe Biden trying to spit out this string of letters without a monitor in front of him.

      • “I have an image of Joe Biden trying to spit out this string of letters without a monitor in front of him.”

        You know BIC on an alzheimers wing the code for the door is usually on the opposite side of the door where the lock is.. the reason is they cant remember it that far..
        One time we had a professor that started to giggle.. the sign with the code was by the combination lock.. she giggled then said.. like I can’t read Roman numerals and walked out . One of the nurses says..hey.. I said she has alzheimers she isn’t stupid.. move the sign . One time I was going out and forgot to reset the lock.. it wouldn’t let me out I laughed and told the other worker..well this must be a sign I’m suppose to stay lol

  5. Distractions Kemosabe, distractions is all it is over there in far east.
    As evil as CCP is – they aint that stupid.

    House of cards financial situation (s) worse than US conditions, just waiting for a spark (s).
    Tons family/relatives of mainland Pinkos – living in Taiwan, cant wrap head around actual combat/attacks on island nation.

    Japan ? sure they have beef – a deep seated hatred for the nips and great admiration
    for Unit 731 – so much so they have their own Unit 731 now – continuing the earlier research, only now they work/re-search on Uighurs.

    WOTD = “like most firemen – he is in really good shape” FMTT that is a WHOPPER!
    Me thinks you should consider getting Ure peepers tested&corrected, when was the last time you went out in public ?

    …”like most” Sure G, and Bitcoin has no intrinsic value..bwahahahahaha
    Thanks for the early morning Smile &Chuckles – Ure the best!

    • When a business folds the IT dept. is the last to go. Taiwan and South Korea is the hardware dept. for the West.

      l’d expect North and South Korea to unexpectedly reunify.

      “actual combat”

      It’ll be something else watching modern Western style cities being bombed. All the glass will shatter from the first MOAB. The second MOAB pushes everything out of the buildings in a fiery rain.

      The Walking Dead – Bombing Atlanta.

  6. Want to thank you for your good work. Glad Ure family are dialed into I-MASK and supplements.

    Better half and I run a small business together. Had confirmed exposure without problems when two employees fell ill with covid last Thanksgiving. We’ve taken a daily regimen including C, quercetin, D3, melatonin and zinc for years before covid hit. As 2/7 of our company’s workforce downtime is not good, appears supplements have served us well.

    Likely had the bug February of 2020. Was not severe but did linger. PCP said go home and here’s your albuterol. No longer involved with that PCP…

  7. George

    I sincerely Hope your son does not have an episode with the Covid bug!

    Being a father myself with four granddaughters I understand the worry.

    Last Friday was granddaughter’s number 3 twentieth birthday. At her party I handed my son a bag with 600 units of Ivermectin, 5 large bottles of vitamin D3 and 3 large bottles of vitamin K2 complex along with dosage information.
    The hope is that they can build up everyone’s immune system with the vitamin D and kill any Covid bugs with the Ivermectin.

    I spent a few C notes on that peace of mind project but don’t care about the money but do care about Family!

    The bag also contained three highly researched Religious Exemption forms I generated for my son, his wife and granddaughter number 1 who are under the mandate threat. In their case they qualify for the exemption as they attend church every Sunday and are big time Christians.

    When I did the research for the exemptions I found three specific items that allow a person to demand an exemption legally. There is also no language in the primary law that allows an employer to conduct a religious sincerity test. If a person requests an exemption it must be granted.

    Once again much Hope for your son!!

    • I second the above sentiment!

      The real challenge with religious exemptions is that they can be denied IF the employer cannot(or will not) make accommodations without “undue hardship”. That’s regardless of the sincerity or obvious legitimacy of the religious beliefs. I have a son who is in this same position regarding these intrusive “mandates”. He’s highly educated in an essential specialty and very good at it, yet may well be fired if he doesn’t get jabbed. It’s a great fit, and it would be very difficult to get another situation like his – regardless of jab status. He’s been OK for a while due to the EUA status of the vaxxes and the fact that he always wears masks and gets regular testing, but now they’re mandating. He also has had covid and recovered fully, but they don’t care. Large institutions are clumsy and insist that their one size must fit all. As of now, I’m not sure what he’ll do.

  8. You covered a lot of ground this morning. First off, prayers and positive vibes being sent for G2.

    Second, I have and am greatly concerned for my personal health and future because of all of these *mandates*. I’ve been so worried about this mess that I’ve barely slept in the last two weeks. So much so, that I went and had a long, very professional conversation with my doctor yesterday. Other than being a great physician, she grew up in the Ukraine under Soviet rule. With such a background she has a very different and sober perspective, not only on our current virus/vaccine situation, but the our current parallels with the former USSR. Suffice to say, I valued her guidance, she provided me a letter for my personal use and I have a couple of clear paths forward that are based on real-world risk assessments. I slept much better last night for a change. You all should be so lucky and I consider it a blessing from THE DUDE.

    Third, I have some thoughts on your link to the story about our current overlord changing the rules for NEPA environmental work. If you read the story you’ll see the term ‘environmental justice’. That is a clear red flag ANYTIME pertaining to this. The whole premise is complete bullshit. I know because NEPA is one of the main business lines for the agency that I’m employed by. We do a metric shit ton of NEPA projects for the Air Force. It’s always been incredibly complicated and one of the main problems is not the environmental aspects of the projects, but that the government can’t get out of its own way. Before Trump streamlined things a little the review process was completely self defeating. It would literally take years to get an Environmental Impact Statement or assessment completed. In my opinion, these hurdles were designed as a make-work for the attorney/professional leeches and to hobble the U.S. internally. Keep in mind, even the ‘streamlined’ version is difficult. Especially, when you’re dealing with things like hypersonic missile corridors (yes, I’m working on that now). I’ve got a brand new high visibility that the customer wants a 1st Quarter award on…that means next month. It’s so high viz project involving the F-35. Everybody and their cousin will want to put in their 10 cents on this one. What I mean is that lots of brass and their staff will want their names attached to it so they can say ‘see look what I did!’ Even though, they really just did jack and shit. Did I mention that they want a 12 month period of performance, which is somewhere approaching impossible to start with? Then this morning I read that Comrade Buydem wants to put the lawyers back in the mix? FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s a link to the story with a bunch of untrue information in it:

    Ebbing AFB is NOT in Fort Smith, Arkansas. You still trust these people to give you good information that you base your health care decisions or any other decisions on? Suckers….

    • Thanks for that link, PB. I have some NAC on the way for my daughter who (ignoring my advice) took not one, but both jabs…hoping taking the NAC will help protect her from the “adverse effects”.

  9. I don’t think China will invade Taiwan any time soon. They won’t need to. All they have to do is bide their time until the US economy implodes, and Taiwan will come crawling back on their own.

    • Heck they’d have an easier time Waltzing Matilda into Australia where the citizenry can’t protect themselves and I doubt the military is prepared or tougher than the Taiwan military ……

    • You may be right, but I’d be very surprised – expecially since China changed after 2012. Taiwan can’t win in a hot war, but they may well die trying. Those who populate Taiwan were largely the descendents of those who lost when Mao took over, and they got to hear the real (original) horror that was somewhat purged from the Chinese populace during and after the Cultural Revolution. All Chinese have long memories.

  10. “Sure, you can change up to a newer Lexus, bigger house, something on the water, maybe.”

    First off.. prayers sent for G2… hope it is just the fall bug not Covid..
    as far as.. the making more money.. well with a stay at a long term nursing facility as high as it is.. there is the chances of having to stay in one.. money for doctors and nurses.. and that only covers rent..
    in the eighties I took my parents in.. the deal was they had to buy the ten by twelve room for at that time the cost was 190 grand.. then pay the six grand a month maintenance on it.. dad about fell over.. no meals those were extra along with transportation and medical expenses.. medicine had to go through their pharmacy..
    today I am not sure what those costs are.. but I know that back then the nurses made around five bucks an hour.. so my guess is it has gone up.. end of life expenses are huge.. they do allow you to pay off a funeral expenses.. unless your rich..

    ON a good note.. aluminum shortage must be over.. or close to it.. the price of empty aluminum can’s dropped like a rock.. it was almost two dollars a can for the craft home brewer.. and hard to get.. but yesterday I checked.. ( it is home beer making season) and the price had dropped to thirty cents a little less.. so I bought my years supply of can’s… they are on the road headed my way.. I also bought some of the clear PET can’s to.. I will do water and wine in those.. but they are coming from china.. ( no one in the USA makes containers)

  11. Mr. Ure, thanks every day.. In early November, a couple of well placed Trident MIRVs from an Ohio Class,, could cut off the head of the Dragon,, and create Tiananmen Crater.. the Art of the ‘Old West’ War.. and the remaining 1.3 billion choose their own government.. but we’re gutless… (I’m totally non-violent, but pragmatic) peace….

    • “a couple of well placed Trident MIRVs from an Ohio Class,, could cut off the head of the Dragon,, and create Tiananmen Crater.. ”

      Joe recent studies says we have a greater potential of loosing..don’t forget all the corrupted guidance chips that was discovered..and our total dependance on china to keep products moving..
      They should have had a clue when every camera was switched on remotely a few years ago.. or the acquisition and control of a few thousand security systems a couple years ago.

  12. A question regarding the (so far, only theoretical) trillion dollar platinum round:

    The Federal Reserve does not own a coin-stamping press.

    Y’know who does?

    The United States Mint.

    The stuff which leaves the Fed is fiat money.

    The stuff that leaves the Mint is 100% backed by the U.S. Government.

    If we were to stamp a $tln coin, it would be collateralized by the Smithsonian, Yellowstone, and the USS Ronald Reagan.

    Ignorance is NOT bliss.

    Now that you have been enlightened, is there ANYONE who thinks this is a good idea?

    If so, close your eyes and picture a Chinese company logging off the Giant Sequoias and turning them into OSB,..

  13. I couldn’t help but notice this week that the place I work has over 100 job reqs open in my local office. This is about 4x what it usually is, in the before time that is.

    About 50 are engineering jobs. So if each of these pays around 100k, that’s 5 million in salary sitting on the table.

    Funny thing though, how many are positions that are, uh, recently retired? The company has a vaxx to work policy. Software engineers are particularly good at stashing stock and bonuses for 20 years. There has to be a raft of retirements, which works for the company right? Instead of 7 or 8 million in salary, we’re hiring 4-5 million in salary. Compound that globally, and across all high paid professions (especially the engineering kind).

    What seems like a cynical payroll ploy could turn to disaster as the brains all walk out of the building. There has to be a tipping point, at some point.

    I’m wondering, “who’s left to hire?” – other side of the coin from your headline George.

  14. I’ve emailed and mailed (mostly email) the following “Open Letter” to my State Senators, State Reps and will be sending to US Reps and Senators next. Please research what I’ve referenced for yourself. I believe you would come to the same conclusions I have. Some of the info I got from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the Children’s Health Defense and went researching from there.

    Why is no one mentioning the total abolition of RULE OF LAW for this covid vaccine mandate?
    When Judges use Jacobson v Massachusetts 197 U.S. 11 (1905) case for allowing COVID-19 vaccine mandate, it’s an egregious misapplication of a formal ruling.
    Jacobson was not forced to take the Small Pox vaccine. The gist of that Case was whether or not Jacobson had to pay a 5 dollar fine imposed for the refusal of taking a Small Pox Vaccine.
    The Revised Laws of that Commonwealth, c. 75, § 137, provide that the board of health of a city or town if, in its opinion, it is necessary for the public health or safety shall require and enforce the vaccination and revaccination of all the inhabitants thereof and shall provide them with the means of free vaccination. Whoever, being over twenty-one years of age and not under guardianship, refuses or neglects to comply with such requirement shall forfeit five dollars.” (reference 1)
    The Outcome of that Case was that Jacobson was not forced to Take the Vaccine – HE WAS FORCED TO PAY A FINE. HE WAS NOT LEGALLY FORCED TO BE VACCINATED and he DID NOT TAKE THE VACCINE. He had to pay a Five US Dollar – FINE. An amount that would be equivalent to about 150 US Dollars today.
    The small pox vaccine at the time had been in use for approximately 100 years. And its efficacy, side effects and risks per advantages were studied and well known. Adding to the argument, Small Pox had a FATALITY rate about 14 percent. (reference 2) Making the survival rate around 86%.

    Covid has a survival rate of at least 98% for all age groups. Some studies put the numbers as being higher than 99 percent. Wikipedia has the death rate for the United States at 0.002103% as of Oct 2, 2021. Placing Covid within a 2 to .002 percent fatality rate. (reference 3) That’s a 99.98% (per Wikipedia) survival rate. Covid vaccines are EUA (Experimental Use Authorization), been around for less than a year and have only been in wide spread use for about 6 months. They consist of new pharmaceutical technologies that have never been used on humans before. In the past any Vaccine had to be vigorously and thoroughly tested for a minimum of five years before being released for general usage on a human population. Data on LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS, EFFICACY, KNOWN RISKS TO ADVANTAGES/ BENEFITS, FATALITIES are nowhere to be found for the Covid vaccines as they are yet to be quantified. They may never be quantified due to the EUA usage being forced upon humans as we speak.

    When US Common Code 45 CFR § 46.116 – General requirements for informed consent Is totally ignored. Requiring someone to take an (EUA) experimental vaccine or be fired from their job is EXTREME DURESS. An abhorrently egregious violation for which this code stands.

    What due diligence for JUSTICE is being done for the citizens of the United States? When Judges are citing an anemic, practically unrelated argument from a 1905 case? Their Disregarding of US Common Code 45 CFR § 46.116. Do we truly want to go down in history for being people who are doing everything in their power to reinstate Segregation in the United States of America?

    VACCINATION SEGREGATION; is that the new motto being pushed upon us by the US Court System?
    Please stop this blatant violation of the US Constitution. PLEASE, STOP THE COVID VACCINE MANDATE!

    2) Edward Jenner and the history of smallpox and vaccination;
    3) as of 10/2/2021 Wikipedia had the death rate of 2,103 out of a 1,000,000.00 (million), also known as 0.002103%

    Stop Vaccination Segregation

    • People are smart enough to realize after the mess we’ve been subjected to over the past 2 years that something is amiss when considering all the “mandates” that don’t follow the science. We’re being lied to and that realization is dawning as we speak – and not because there’s a bunch of whack-o antivaxxxers out there. The rush to get this “stuff” into everyone is every bit as suspicious to a thinking person as mice who watch you set a trap and leave.

      How many thousands of doctors and other scientists does it take to rouse people out of their social stupors to realize that submitting to endless vaxxxes and boosters means your job situation doesn’t matter because you won’t be at your jobs much longer anyway if you submit – you’ll be exactly where they want you – d-e-d, dead. If the vast majority of people, even elderly, survive (if they can stay away from the hospital) why the insane rush to jab everyone?? There’s something NOT RIGHT here. I’ve got a former brother-in-law that’s about to expire because his lungs are totally blown from a ventilator some mindless witch doctor has put him on up in Dallas. Covid makes blood clots, The Jab makes blood clots, surprise, surprise, surprise! They’ve been giving Heparin to patients here because of this, an anti-coagulant while refusing to give Ivermectin or HCQ. Biden has limited the issuance of the monoclonal antibodies, which work just as well, to Red States. Does that tell you anything?? Trained, professional medical personnel are walking off their jobs because they KNOW something isn’t right.

  15. Anyone happen to know of a reputable online seller of IVM? I’m in Canada and the College of Physicians in my province has prohibited doctors from prescribing it. Vet supply stores won’t sell it to the public either. I know of but have no idea if legit. And horribly expensive too. Thanks for any help in advance. And George, if I’m stepping on any toes or creating any risk for you by making this request, I will completely understand if you disallow it. I did try to be somewhat obscure and not use direct and searchable names.

    • If your doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe it to you can you not order it under a Rx from somewhere like and, effectively, import it? What about hydroxychloroquine or the same drug under other names? Talk to a doctor is where we got our bottle of HCQ. It sounds as if you are effectively shut down up there unless you know a farmer/rancher that can get it. What about those that have ordered it from India? Down here we can order it from Amazon (I think still) and we HAVE ordered the topical from Tractor Supply – but ONLY use it as a topical application as it has Isopropyl Alcohol as a carrier, the same as what you have for an astringent in things like Sea Breeze or straight rubbing alcohol. Rub a measured dose on and let it dry then you can wash it off.

  16. Dave B.

    Hey George,

    If the following is too long to be posted or otherwise unacceptable, then I will certainly understand. I am an attorney in private practice (26+ years) licensed in a Midwestern state and in Federal court. While the following is not intended as my legal advice per se to you and your M.D. friend, IMHO my recent, updated legal research / preparations (i.e., since March 2020 to-date) vis-a-vis COVID-19 “mandate” issues (e.g., masks, “vaccinations”) has informed me that, unfortunately, the HIPAA statute and related Federal case law do NOT provide any individual with a “stand alone” cause of action per se against a person / entity that discloses HIPAA “protected” medical information without or beyond the express consent of such a patient. Instead, case law has indicated that violation(s) of HIPAA should be coupled with at least one other materially-related, alleged violation(s) of law / cause(s) of action such as claims of employment discrimination, of violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (i.e., ADA), of age discrimination, etc.

    For an example, relevant case law suggests that, while an employer may lawfully request and even require an employee to disclose his / her COVID-19 “vaccination” status to the employer, that employer is prohibited from requiring such an employee to disclose the reason(s) why s/he has not been “vaccinated”. The basis for such a prohibition appears to be supported by HIPAA where / when asserted in conjunction with other materially-related rights / claims pursuant to other applicable law(s) which protect the employee from invasion of privacy, defamation, and several kinds of discrimination, etc., depending upon the particular factual assertions and issues in the given case.

    Since March, 2020, there has been more and more litigation against COVID-19 “mandates”, and rightly so. IMHO, the U.S. Constitution prohibits and protects Americans against such tyranny in all its versions. But freedom-loving people must be well-informed, think critically, unify, speak up, and act in order to effectively resist and to lawfully overcome every attempt at such totalitarian control. To that end George, I also thank you for all your efforts.

  17. “Benefits do run out ”

    Hmm I never paid any attention to UI since The vast majority of people that find themselves UNEMPLOYED do no receive unemployment benefits.. of you quit… tour not eligible… if your let go.. your mother eligible..
    Those that usually get it are seasonal employees where the employer wants to retain them but cant afford to keep them during an off season so they use the UI as form of benefit to keep a working staff..
    During covid there was a little leeway.. but on average it doesn’t happen..

  18. i cant beleive how much good news there is everywhere . yep its time to swing long . its an xyz abc x w 1 of 2 of 3 of 5 of IV wave . yep a little trade

  19. wow !!!!!!!!!! what woo hooo on this sheethole ASX market . pigs gouging feasting eating everything even each other wwwwwwwwoooooohhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo piggery !!!!!!!!!! bull pigs rule . little trades eating big guts

  20. Think only smart people read George, Thats why he does not have more posts or readers, George tells it like it is, Love all you smart posters, Mark has his head up his Axx. he will be the one crying and
    the bitcoin man, good luck with the money that will go by by, should have bought food and lead (smile). Kook Tim

  21. I’m going to do a link-dump, but to not eat up ALL of George’s bandwidth, I’ll be experimenting on means of delivery…

    The way this works today:

    I’m going to list just headlines, then the site from which I grabbed them. To read an article, copy the headline, follow the link, then paste the headline into the search box at the linked site or google with a “headline site:linked site” search.

    FWIW, EVERY one of these articles, even the ones which seem like a rehash (several are), is dated either October 7th or October 8th…

    Biden: look beyond mass firings to how great mandates are economically
    Looks Like Coronavirus Accidentally Leaked from a Lab in Wuhan
    CRT racialist Precious McKesson is now Special Assistant to DoE

    Why Did US Declassify Size of Its Nuclear Stockpile?
    How Constitutional Systems and Citizenship Perish
    Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Depends on OSHA Emergency Regulation. Here’s How That’s Fared in Court.

    Former Border Patrol Head: Biden Paying $5 MILLION PER DAY To Not Build A Wall
    Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards

    How to Nullify COVID Vaccine Mandates | Beyond the Cover
    Tax Credit in Reconciliation Bill Would Give Illegal Aliens $82 Billion
    BIG NEWS On Election Fraud In Wisconsin!

    ‘Cowering’ EU fears Putin will turn off the gas, says expert – ‘Hostage to Russia’
    EU meltdown: Poland ‘on path to Polexit’ after judges rule national laws have primacy

    Home Depot teams up with Walmart’s GoLocal for speedy delivery service
    Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other large retailers are chartering ships to bypass supply chain problems

    Elon Musk announces Tesla HQ is moving from Silicon Valley to Texas
    ‘Who broke the internet?!’ Major outages hit Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, Zoom, Snapchat & others after FB crash
    Hillary Clinton says she’s AFRAID of ‘minority rule,’ claims Republicans are threat to US democracy

    Taiwan starts building second improved Tuo Chiang-class corvette for RoCN

    US Troops Secretly Training Taiwanese Since Last Year: Report

    Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit

  22. ‘Cowering’ EU fears Putin will turn off the gas, says expert – ‘Hostage to Russia’

    Regional benchmark prices are up almost 500 percent so far this year, with the UK seeing prices for November rise by 14 percent to £2.79 per therm on Tuesday.

    “The therm is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 British thermal units. -Wikipedia”

    That would be $66/day for my 100,000 BTU furnace to heat my 780sf house in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, with Joe at the helm, I fully expect to see us get there (along with gov’t funded utility cost relief, to ensure everyone but the super rich goes on the dole.)

    10 months until $7/gal petrol. I’m not backing down on that prediction until August has passed, and proven it up, one way or the other…

  23. Proper headline === Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other large retailers are chartering ships to bypass supply chain problems.
    Tabloid headline addition === Will the strategy save Christmas?

    …And this dreck is from Barron’s!!

    For the article, go here:

    In a H-D/Wal-Mart related story:

    The Home Depot Teams Up with Walmart GoLocal To Enhance Local Delivery Capabilities

    The home improvement retailer is the first to join Walmart’s new delivery as a service business, which uses Walmart’s expansive network to provide white-label delivery for businesses of all sizes.

    This surprises the heck out of me, because I believe Wal-Mart owns a piece of Lowe’s.

    I can hardly wait for George’s first report of a Wal-Mart drone delivering Home Depot 2x12s or thinwall to him…

  24. 6 reasons this is a fresh multiyear bull market and 6 stocks in the surprising sector you should favor

    But don’t let their negativity rub off on you. We’re still near the beginning of what will be a multiyear bull market. Here are six reasons to buy stocks now, and six names to consider in one of the best sectors to own at the moment.

    …And this is why I never read Barron’s any more.

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