We find ourselves asking a very interesting question today, with headlines like Trump Ordered Attack – Then Pulled Back!” which we’ve tracked back to a NY Times story  “Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back.”

In our (cynical) view, this looks like another swipe at the presidency by the too-liberal, too-anti-Trump, too-open-border  NY Times.  (TLTATTOB-NYT, for short.)

It  positively reeks of anti-Trump spin, doesn’t name names, and looks like an effort to paint Trump as indecisive.

Here’s the possible reality – as we see it:

When America is attacked, the very first thing that happens is the U.S. military – which keeps “hot response plans” at the ready for  all global contingencies (including this dust-up)  – parlays with senior policy advisors.  Essentially, the .mil’s tell the White House “ We can give you options A and B.  A would be an attack on X, Y, and Z military assets.  B is our bigger option  (which might be to sink a few capital ships, or something on that order).  Which way is The Man leaning?”

With this, the policy wonks will say  “Warm up A and get it ready for serving.  B will take more time so start working the logistics to back that one up.”  These options are termed ‘courses of action,’ or COAs by the DoD community…

At this, the policy wonks can then advise The Man “We got a hot Option A ready for X-timing and an Option B will be up six hours after that…which one do you want?”

At which, Trump and his inner circle would debate a bit and then Trump may have said something like “Let’s see what happens” so the “spun-up op” (Option A) would be backed down to the “hot/standby- two-hour notice” readiness level. Sometimes just preparing for retaliation is enough to send the desired message.

What we read today instead looks like another liberal media smear, playing into the hands of anti-Trumper’s and the increasingly radical left.  Trump is NOT a poster-boy for “indecision” which is the slant a reader of today’s coverage is left with; as is clearly inferred by the headlines.

Again as in most innuendo stories:  No names, just a bunch of “sources” who, talking to the press about active military plans in advance, ought to be the subject of a grand jury investigation and prosecution for revealing US military options.

We sense the “rogue element” in government at work, still trying to unseat the duly-elected president, almost 2-1/2-years after taking office. Indeed, this smacks of a deep state – deep throat, in many ways.

Jail the leakers.

When the president likely said “Let’s see what happens” he may not have been referring to Iran.  We would not be surprised if the Justice Department under William Barr is not using current events to intercept and document anti-American efforts by yet-undisclosed domestic sources though including the press.

We can level Iran any time.  In taking a measured approach, Trump may be setting a trap for those getting careless in their attacks on him as their  agenda of selling out America and driving us into global socialism is in trouble.

A further notion is that Trump may be gauging Russia’s regional, Ukrainian and Black Sea military and diplomatic responses.  This is a big game with canned sunshine escalation paths.  Time spent “pre-playing” outcomes is well-spent.

If I were a former Obamanistas intel player, leaking such stories and prodding  co-opted media, this would be a smart time to take the battery out of the burner phone and go on a permanent vacation somewhere with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

There’s perhaps a reason the Barr report is not out yet.  Flies are still landing in the trap, by the look of things.

The NY Post (in our view more responsibly) reported the FAA advisory to American air carriers.. a kind of “Look Out Below!.”

A Personal Note:   51-years ago when my clearance was issued, the  application  form was about 25-pages long.  I couldn’t even reveal the location or lat-lon of the installations I was at as a 19-YO “whiz kid” for a defense contractor up north. Equivalent rank to an O4  at 19?  Almost unheard of.  The reporter life came later.

Believe me when I tell you: To reveal in a news report, information such as target types (as the NY Times did) and timing (ibid) would be (at least under terms of what I had to sign) a one-way ticket to Leavenworth.

Unauthorized disclosure of military plans can be viewed as being complicit to treason, one of our highest crimes on the books with the most severe penalties.

Such disclosure does, to an aging Electronics and Radar Cold Warrior, look like a clear violation of clearance requirements by the “sources” – if they exist.  Clearances don’t “expire” for many things.  Which is why we wonder if a grand jury somewhere should be taking notes on who is disclosing national secrets with an apparent political agenda to paint our president as indecisive.

For special access required (SAR) programs, which is what former “intel chiefs” under Obama may not recall well, the papers signed for SAR;s obligate the signer for 75 years of silence . . . for a reason.  Or, did they sign SAR’s?  Another intriguing question...

Iran now (thinks) it knows what  kind and what  type and under what timing considerations  and damage profiles a counter-attack will bring.  Thanks a lot, NY Times report!

Or, is this even more Machiavellian than even this? We have to acknowledge there is a remote possibility that the Times ‘leak’ may have been intentional by Trump in an attempt to make him to NOT appear to be rash and trigger happy.  Which is what the donkeys are trying to “pin on” Trump.

Trump already warned the Times once of “treason” for disclosures.  He may not afford them an third chance.

Meantime, the democrats are jumping at the chance to smear, as well, with Schumer and Pelosi getting big face-time on center-left media.

Act surprised as CNN plays pile-on Opinion: How Trump created one hell of a mess with Iran.

Loosing the Fed’s Money Strings

The Federal Reserve H6 Money Stocks says (to us, with no warranties) with the latest data out last night, that the rise in markets is “A Go for Summer” as we see the brakes are off of M-1 on a 90-day basis:

fed money stocks report

Although the Dow futures are down a tad going into today’s open,  Gold is taking a short pause and Bitcoins are just over $9,800 apiece.

AION  (And, In Other News)

Oh, jeez, the line of spew, huh?  Rack ’em up:

Border whine du jour 250 kids allegedly living under inhumane conditions at Texas border facility.  Send ’em south, then.  We aren’t a national daycare outfit with no borders, are we?  Mexico has day care, right?

Megalomaniac Pricks in Brussel’s Watch: European central bankers claim oversight over Facebook’s cryptocurrency.  Kiss my what, you egotistical pricks who think you own the world?

Anti-Robocall Bill Gets Bipartisan Backing.  We’ll believe it when the calls stop, not until.

Odd timing?  Terrorism bust for an purported ISIS fellow earlier this week in Philly and today Fire breaks out at crude oil refinery in Philadelphia.  So, accident or planned?

In Time The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation sounds alarmist and the kind of thing we’d expect to hear from the booze industry.  Besides, couldn’t the same gripes apply to Round-Up Ready Soybeans?  Water theft and ozone issues?  Pah-leeze.  What about cancer from chems?  (Talk about twisted logical going large…FMTT)

Crooked News or Search results?  The term “Trump racist” gets 168-million hits on Google this morning.  While “Biden racist” comes up with 39.3-mil.  Even after old Joe’s dealing with anti-equality senators.

Point is:  Reality is not well-reflected in digital realms due to Digital Mob Rule.

Errors and Follow-ups

Errors?  Us?  Well, a reread of the Field Day Rules as several readers pointed out make our operations tomorrow a 1-E not a 4-E (the number of transmitters in use at one time).  We sit, corrected.  17 watts from the transceiver for 150 watts out (amplifier on low power) if you care…

The “Fixed Fridge?”  While it worked great for a couple of months, our deicing repair to the old Kitchen-Aid fridge crapped out.  The replacement will be delivered Sunday.  Lowes has some pretty good 4th of July appliance sale prices on through the 10th.

Swamp Cooler Efficiency?  Since we are having so damn much rain, the humidity is seldom under 55% outside this year.  We had a good number of days last years in the 40% range.  So the use of the swamp cooler while offering some relief on hot days like this one, will only improve comfort by 10-degrees, or so, by the time you calculate “comfort”

WeatherUndeerground (on the 10-day forecast) tab will let you “Customize” the display to show you humidity ahead which is a useful planning tool  We will have 50-70% clouds for the solar-power system on Field Day.

Hydroponics Update:  Two of the hydroponic tomato plants are still about even with the dirt-garden plants.

We found an inexpensive 150 GPD reverse osmosis system that will be put to use at the next water-change.  Our “hard water” here has 750-800 TDS readers and 8.3 alkaline – all natural minerals.  But, the RO system should give us 7.0 pH and under 50 PPM of TDS.

Trying a 3 Stage – Hydroponics (Plant Growth) Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System | Manual Flush Kit | 150 GPD Membrane | LiquaGen Water but this is turning into a $10-tomato project… I remind myself, just remember the n-th tomato cost…

With Dow futures down 50, Moron the ‘morrow…Me and my hoe will be in the garden next…