Iran Attack “Pulled-Back” or Another T-Bash?

We find ourselves asking a very interesting question today, with headlines like Trump Ordered Attack – Then Pulled Back!” which we’ve tracked back to a NY Times story  “Trump Approves Strikes on Iran, but Then Abruptly Pulls Back.”

In our (cynical) view, this looks like another swipe at the presidency by the too-liberal, too-anti-Trump, too-open-border  NY Times.  (TLTATTOB-NYT, for short.)

It  positively reeks of anti-Trump spin, doesn’t name names, and looks like an effort to paint Trump as indecisive.

Here’s the possible reality – as we see it:

When America is attacked, the very first thing that happens is the U.S. military – which keeps “hot response plans” at the ready for  all global contingencies (including this dust-up)  – parlays with senior policy advisors.  Essentially, the .mil’s tell the White House “ We can give you options A and B.  A would be an attack on X, Y, and Z military assets.  B is our bigger option  (which might be to sink a few capital ships, or something on that order).  Which way is The Man leaning?”

With this, the policy wonks will say  “Warm up A and get it ready for serving.  B will take more time so start working the logistics to back that one up.”  These options are termed ‘courses of action,’ or COAs by the DoD community…

At this, the policy wonks can then advise The Man “We got a hot Option A ready for X-timing and an Option B will be up six hours after that…which one do you want?”

At which, Trump and his inner circle would debate a bit and then Trump may have said something like “Let’s see what happens” so the “spun-up op” (Option A) would be backed down to the “hot/standby- two-hour notice” readiness level. Sometimes just preparing for retaliation is enough to send the desired message.

What we read today instead looks like another liberal media smear, playing into the hands of anti-Trumper’s and the increasingly radical left.  Trump is NOT a poster-boy for “indecision” which is the slant a reader of today’s coverage is left with; as is clearly inferred by the headlines.

Again as in most innuendo stories:  No names, just a bunch of “sources” who, talking to the press about active military plans in advance, ought to be the subject of a grand jury investigation and prosecution for revealing US military options.

We sense the “rogue element” in government at work, still trying to unseat the duly-elected president, almost 2-1/2-years after taking office. Indeed, this smacks of a deep state – deep throat, in many ways.

Jail the leakers.

When the president likely said “Let’s see what happens” he may not have been referring to Iran.  We would not be surprised if the Justice Department under William Barr is not using current events to intercept and document anti-American efforts by yet-undisclosed domestic sources though including the press.

We can level Iran any time.  In taking a measured approach, Trump may be setting a trap for those getting careless in their attacks on him as their  agenda of selling out America and driving us into global socialism is in trouble.

A further notion is that Trump may be gauging Russia’s regional, Ukrainian and Black Sea military and diplomatic responses.  This is a big game with canned sunshine escalation paths.  Time spent “pre-playing” outcomes is well-spent.

If I were a former Obamanistas intel player, leaking such stories and prodding  co-opted media, this would be a smart time to take the battery out of the burner phone and go on a permanent vacation somewhere with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

There’s perhaps a reason the Barr report is not out yet.  Flies are still landing in the trap, by the look of things.

The NY Post (in our view more responsibly) reported the FAA advisory to American air carriers.. a kind of “Look Out Below!.”

A Personal Note:   51-years ago when my clearance was issued, the  application  form was about 25-pages long.  I couldn’t even reveal the location or lat-lon of the installations I was at as a 19-YO “whiz kid” for a defense contractor up north. Equivalent rank to an O4  at 19?  Almost unheard of.  The reporter life came later.

Believe me when I tell you: To reveal in a news report, information such as target types (as the NY Times did) and timing (ibid) would be (at least under terms of what I had to sign) a one-way ticket to Leavenworth.

Unauthorized disclosure of military plans can be viewed as being complicit to treason, one of our highest crimes on the books with the most severe penalties.

Such disclosure does, to an aging Electronics and Radar Cold Warrior, look like a clear violation of clearance requirements by the “sources” – if they exist.  Clearances don’t “expire” for many things.  Which is why we wonder if a grand jury somewhere should be taking notes on who is disclosing national secrets with an apparent political agenda to paint our president as indecisive.

For special access required (SAR) programs, which is what former “intel chiefs” under Obama may not recall well, the papers signed for SAR;s obligate the signer for 75 years of silence . . . for a reason.  Or, did they sign SAR’s?  Another intriguing question...

Iran now (thinks) it knows what  kind and what  type and under what timing considerations  and damage profiles a counter-attack will bring.  Thanks a lot, NY Times report!

Or, is this even more Machiavellian than even this? We have to acknowledge there is a remote possibility that the Times ‘leak’ may have been intentional by Trump in an attempt to make him to NOT appear to be rash and trigger happy.  Which is what the donkeys are trying to “pin on” Trump.

Trump already warned the Times once of “treason” for disclosures.  He may not afford them an third chance.

Meantime, the democrats are jumping at the chance to smear, as well, with Schumer and Pelosi getting big face-time on center-left media.

Act surprised as CNN plays pile-on Opinion: How Trump created one hell of a mess with Iran.

Loosing the Fed’s Money Strings

The Federal Reserve H6 Money Stocks says (to us, with no warranties) with the latest data out last night, that the rise in markets is “A Go for Summer” as we see the brakes are off of M-1 on a 90-day basis:

Although the Dow futures are down a tad going into today’s open,  Gold is taking a short pause and Bitcoins are just over $9,800 apiece.

AION  (And, In Other News)

Oh, jeez, the line of spew, huh?  Rack ’em up:

Border whine du jour 250 kids allegedly living under inhumane conditions at Texas border facility.  Send ’em south, then.  We aren’t a national daycare outfit with no borders, are we?  Mexico has day care, right?

Megalomaniac Pricks in Brussel’s Watch: European central bankers claim oversight over Facebook’s cryptocurrency.  Kiss my what, you egotistical pricks who think you own the world?

Anti-Robocall Bill Gets Bipartisan Backing.  We’ll believe it when the calls stop, not until.

Odd timing?  Terrorism bust for an purported ISIS fellow earlier this week in Philly and today Fire breaks out at crude oil refinery in Philadelphia.  So, accident or planned?

In Time The Environmental Downside of Cannabis Cultivation sounds alarmist and the kind of thing we’d expect to hear from the booze industry.  Besides, couldn’t the same gripes apply to Round-Up Ready Soybeans?  Water theft and ozone issues?  Pah-leeze.  What about cancer from chems?  (Talk about twisted logical going large…FMTT)

Crooked News or Search results?  The term “Trump racist” gets 168-million hits on Google this morning.  While “Biden racist” comes up with 39.3-mil.  Even after old Joe’s dealing with anti-equality senators.

Point is:  Reality is not well-reflected in digital realms due to Digital Mob Rule.

Errors and Follow-ups

Errors?  Us?  Well, a reread of the Field Day Rules as several readers pointed out make our operations tomorrow a 1-E not a 4-E (the number of transmitters in use at one time).  We sit, corrected.  17 watts from the transceiver for 150 watts out (amplifier on low power) if you care…

The “Fixed Fridge?”  While it worked great for a couple of months, our deicing repair to the old Kitchen-Aid fridge crapped out.  The replacement will be delivered Sunday.  Lowes has some pretty good 4th of July appliance sale prices on through the 10th.

Swamp Cooler Efficiency?  Since we are having so damn much rain, the humidity is seldom under 55% outside this year.  We had a good number of days last years in the 40% range.  So the use of the swamp cooler while offering some relief on hot days like this one, will only improve comfort by 10-degrees, or so, by the time you calculate “comfort”

WeatherUndeerground (on the 10-day forecast) tab will let you “Customize” the display to show you humidity ahead which is a useful planning tool  We will have 50-70% clouds for the solar-power system on Field Day.

Hydroponics Update:  Two of the hydroponic tomato plants are still about even with the dirt-garden plants.

We found an inexpensive 150 GPD reverse osmosis system that will be put to use at the next water-change.  Our “hard water” here has 750-800 TDS readers and 8.3 alkaline – all natural minerals.  But, the RO system should give us 7.0 pH and under 50 PPM of TDS.

Trying a 3 Stage – Hydroponics (Plant Growth) Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System | Manual Flush Kit | 150 GPD Membrane | LiquaGen Water but this is turning into a $10-tomato project… I remind myself, just remember the n-th tomato cost…

With Dow futures down 50, Moron the ‘morrow…Me and my hoe will be in the garden next…

51 thoughts on “Iran Attack “Pulled-Back” or Another T-Bash?”

  1. George,

    Excellent summary of the ‘event’….now we wait for Mark to ‘enlighten’ us…and G-bash

    • Obama and McCain are the ones that created and funded ISIS. That’s why McStain was executed last summer. DO some research and try to stay up with the class please. KEK

      • Hmm I didn’t say Trump did it ,what I said was that WE did it that WE created ISIS and we did ,so teacher go sit in the corner and recheck the posting.!!!.!!!

  2. Totally on point, George. I’ve nothing to add, but the following quote seems appropriate:

    “Americans cannot comprehend how their fellow countrymen could not love their country. But the left’s anti-Americanism is intrinsic to their entire worldview. Liberals promote the right of Islamic fanatics for the same reason they promote the rights of adulterers, pornographers, abortionists, criminals and Communists. They instinctively root for anarchy against civilization. The inevitable logic of the liberal position is to be for treason.” ~ Ann Coulter, ‘Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism’

    • Warhammer, cute. You can call people names all you want, but the simple truth is that the Conservatives used slogans like Liberals are Traitors, Support the Troops, Freedom Fries, etc. to launch a stupid war and break the Middle East. The only winner: Iran. The cost: $8 trillion on the US national debt. And all those fine US service folks killed and maimed. And now you have one of the architects of that debacle back driving Iran out of a nuclear limitation. Brilliant. Face it. Conservatives have no common sense. The magnitude of conservative incompetence is staggering. Best, Mike.

      • L:OL – spoken from the barricades of the Left?
        Come on Mike:
        “Trump is crazy!”
        Trump “colluded”
        Trump’s in bed with Russia
        Trump (Steele report crap)
        Comey is honest
        Mueller proved it!
        “Impeach the Orange Clown?
        WTF? Sticks and stones man.
        Trump is owe two more years by the sore losers who still don’t accept and are obstructing his presidency, nominations, agenda and more. Jeez, Mike…are you tone deaf?

      • Conservatives broke the Middle East? So it wasn’t Obama that pulled troops out against his military’s advice before Iraq was stabilized and let ISIL overrun large swaths of territory? It wasn’t Obama who lifted sanctions on Iran and flew pallets of cash to them that allowed them to fund their adventures in Yemen and Syria?

      • Once again Mike shows why we have to totally defeat and remove as many on the left as we possibly can. We have to do everything we can to destroy the left and people like Mike at the ballot box. Their narrow mindedness and inability to see things for what they are and have been is mind blowing.

        At first you give people like Mike the benefit of the doubt; they are just stupid. Then you watch and listen and read and you come to the realization there is a real motivation and objective to their actions, words and thoughts. It is still ignorant and without merit, but there is an agenda here.

        Mike you are a ideologue, small minded leftist that is a threat to everything this country stands for. That George continues to give you a platform here shows the difference between your ilk and conservatives. Your ilk want to silence and ban when they read something they disagree with. George continues to allow you to spew your ignorance and agenda.

        2020 is going to show you how far off base and stupid your agenda is when Trump wins in a landslide and regains the house.

      • As I remember we didn’t have much choice on getting out of Iraq as we were informed that we had over stayed our visit, and our last unit left at three in the morning so that the people of Iraq would’nt see us leaving,already they are trying to change history and the ink isn’t even dry yet>>>

  3. With that Russian frigate approaching the Carribean, I hope Trump takes action to safeguard our Gulf coast submarines and crews.

  4. RO water is “dead”. Per the experiments at U of Washington, discovering 4th stage water, you might try running the water through a pipe filled with food safe marbles, under pressure. Or pebbles from a stream. Some tourmaline wouldn’t hurt. For a comparison, try sprouting some seeds with RO, rainwater and well water. Then try 4th stage. Rainwater is probably best, followed by 4th stage. Depending on minerals.

    • My water filter system.. first goes through a sedimentary stage..

      then a disinfecting stage…

      then the RO filtration system…

      here is the one I have.. except I changed it.. I got rid of the electrical dumping system and reconfigured the inside of the case.. took out the pressure bottle.. which I have in another place below the faucet.. a very nice system with a compact case.!57107!US!-1

      after the RO water filter..

      I have a you fill it cartridge… filled with Pink rose quartz….. I chose it because one my mother always use to run drinking water over rose quartz in a funnel..right now I don’t have it on.. but use to have a venturi injector just beyond that to inject oxygen back into the system..that system I got a bunch of from water coolers.. back in the day to keep mold from growing in water coolers these systems were installed.. the reason I took it off.. was that people were drinking the water faster than it had time to degas.. so to keep the taste up I put an aerator on the faucet no degassing required…. the ozone generator has the UV lighting.. I use to have a separate UV light in the RO system.. it isn’t required now..
      Now.. I sprout seeds with my filtered water all the time… way better I think but then I never really compared the two. and probably will.. I know rainwater around here is more acid than alky.. with more nitrates in it.. don’t have the specific numbers but.. read it once upon a time..

      what I can say.. is I buy dried hash browns.. I totally love them.. fill a container up half way with the dried hash browns and top it off with water.. put it in the fridge.. with tap water.. if you don’t use them in five days.. they will start to mold.. with the filtered water.. well I haven’t used them in several weeks and the water and hash browns are fresh and ready to go.. rinse them off.. and drain them and fry them up..

      I realize my system is a little over kill.. well way overkill.. but it is my system.. switch out the ro membrane with.. one for salt water.. I like the fact that it is all in one nice neat cabinet..I can pull out to change filters.. no crawling around on the floor to get at it..

  5. What a beautiful mental image U drew this AM..NYT obamanistas “breaking rocks in the hot sun” at Fort Leavenworth.The limp wristed ,cross dressing, androgyne luving obamanista freaks would not last month at a lockup like Leavenworth..Gitmo or sucicide is my best guess.

    Cant imagine how U survived mentally in R.D. station like Adak. Go crazy with nothing to do in remote duty stations. Toilet paper races? like O2 races onboard boomer subs, gets old fast..guess U read a lot…

    QUAD Witch = 2 knocks..see Yogi Bear and BooBoo..
    B.B. -“Yogi there was a knock at the door. YB – ohhh, it must be the Ranger Booboo my boy, cause Opportunity only knocks Once!”

    Higher highs in Gold comming soonly, higher prices drive larger % gains On The Margin for the high cost producers..hence find high cost producer – buy into position, sit back and wait for the Mkt to come to U

    Facebook Libra coin = Sheeps this one is 4U..line up for your “pelletized food”.

    They only want $10 million to run a Node, helluva business opportunity, no?

    • “Facebook Libra coin = Sheeps this one is 4U..line up for your “pelletized food”.”

      E/D what scares me.. he might pull it off and do away with the federal reserve… the way it was being talked about is it will be a backed monetary system where the rest are not..

      We all already know that the dollar is going to tank.. and the federal reserve is actually making sure theres no other recourse than a total reboot of our country and monetary system. Similar to the weimer depression it’s coming like Argentina etc.
      Theres been a lot of questionable theories on who was behind the creation of Facebook.

      The federal reserve may just be on the way out.. what would be a good transaction exchange for the unstable dollar bill.. million to one.. hundred thousand to one..
      The list they published had a lot of places where the libra could be exchanged already set up.. meaning when I joked at the restaurant about paying for our meal with a bit coin .. they would already accept the libra..

  6. According to the news paper article the drone cost $130 million dollars! I thought drones were supposed to be cheap? Where are the supposed savings? I don’t get it.

    • The best way to view unmanned systems is they fill a mission set best described as “dull, dangerous, and dirty.” In the case of this particular UAV, it is an MQ-4C, a Navy derivative of the Air Force Global Hawk. It has a mission set very similar to the U-2 spy plane. It loiters at high altitude with an array of sensors gathering intel. This UAV has an endurance over twice a U-2’s 12 hours, so it is definitely in the ‘dull category. Likewise, it cruises at 60,000 feet. Military regs require aircrew flying above 50k to wear pressure suits, so the very nature of its operating environment is also ‘dangerous’. Most of the cost is not the platform itself, but the array of sensors and communications gear it carried, like the synthetic apperature radar that can map 100,000 sq km in a day…and relay that information in real time by satellite link. And since you don’t have to accommodate a human, you can make a smaller plane carrying a larger payload. Global Hawk weighs about half what a U-2 does at max gross takeoff weight.
      Cheap in this case is the need for multiple manned platforms to carry those same sensors performing multiple sorties to provide the same capability as the unmanned asset. Those platforms are bigger, requiring more fuel, and therefore higher operating costs, plus the cost of training those pilots and aircrew.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful explanation. 130 million is still expensive but the taxpayer is getting a lot for the money.

      • Yeah Yeah – surveillance drone..thats why its nicknamed a reaper drone. That badboy not only carries air launch torpedoes, but the Hellfire Missles as well.
        1) holes in side of tankers above water line
        2) note capt of tanker cited unidentified flying objects just prior to explosions
        3) drone flying silent – transponders Off
        4) word on the sand..Iran has Hellfire missile wreakage
        5) what was E3 Hawkeye flying along for ? play by play?

      • If we weren’t the world’s peacekeeper preventing WWIII & keeping their economies afloat, how many 130 million dollar bills would the world let us print before cashing out their T-Bills. You can get away with a lot when times are good, but reality will eventually set in, & then we will do it all over again. Polititions don’t try to learn from their mistakes, they need campaign contributions.

      • No, the UAV that was shot down was an MQ-4C Triton, not an MQ-9 Reaper. The Triton does not carry weapons…the ‘M’ designation for multi-misson in the case of the Triron designates reconnaissance and several of the ‘-int’ missions (ELINT, COMMINT, etc.). Yes, the Reaper carries Hellfire missiles, but it’s two in board hardpoints can only handle 500 pound class weapons, not the 3500 pounds for a torpedoe.
        George, you probably wouldn’t enjoy flying a Global Hawk as much as you think. It is my understanding that you don’t fly it so much as employ it. ‘Flying’ is basically programming an autopilot. Predator and Reaper you do hand fly, but it depends most of its time on various autopilot modes. If you can imagine flying your old plane only looking out the front window, you basically got it.

  7. Ditto George on the busting up big rocks into little rocks at Leavenworth! Treason is still Treason in my book and always will be. I see stuff on the net constantly that back in the 60’s would get you 2 bullets in head and by-pass Kansas completely. It sure isn’t the country we grew up in is it George!

  8. Most Millenials don’t watch or read the news, yet they are experts on Trump. They are a product of short news snips planted by the Dems & fake news. Everything to them is instant gratification & feelgood in a nutshell. How will they feel when all their toys are taken away. They will say, “WHAT HAPPENED”.

    Bye the bye, does Nancy Pelosi sound like she is having a nervous breakdown? She can’t handle the new wave of Dems in Congress. Good thing Congress is only a 2 year term for idiot control.

    • Not all of us are this way. I am thankful that it finally clicked about chasing bags for me and my girlfriend. We plan on being out of debt in 2 years and owning a piece of property free and clear in 5 years. We watch the news and are up to date though we prefer George as he keeps things on the level. We also prepare and keep our hands in the dirt with eyes on the bags and prize. Not all of us are stupid and like that and it’s more than you think I promise you! We hope to make our parents and grandparents proud of us!

      P.S. George, could you do a lengthy article on water storage and what you should look for on a property in regards to water? I know you said Elaine studied this before so I am interested in how to make water storage happen. From apartment to homes and property. Thank you for all that you do!!!!!

      • MC, buried PE or polypro may be best. I’ve been thinking about copying the design of the old railroad tanks. It’d be spendy if one had to buy the wood, but if they could just cut a couple trees (which I can), and construct their own steel banding, then not so much. The major problem with any water storage is keeping it potable (fit for human consumption) because algae and mold become an issue within days. If it ain’t fit to drink, IMO it’s not fit to use to irrigate my potential food.

        To get started though, consider rain barrels and a gutter diverter. Use a simple filter like a couple layers of flour-sack towel to get the majority of mineral and plant detritus out. This was the system used by the folks who built my house. It fed into a buried concrete cistern, and the Lady of the house used it for her laundry (rainwater is naturally soft.) Liquid “pool shock” is nothing more than double-strength, food grade chlorine bleach. 1tbsp/barrel is sufficient. If the barrels are for long-term storage (LTS), check the water every few months. Chlorine is a gas. “Bleach” is chlorine gas, suspended in water. It leeches out over time, and will leech out of the barrel too, because the chlorine molecule is smaller than the chain hydrocarbons from which the jug or barrel is made…

    • Most mellinials are to busy working multiple jobs to really take the time to study the information around.

      • They are not too busy to bash Trump. “I am too busy is a hollow excuse.” Doesn’t hold water. It is an excuse for whiners, & most millenials are excluding Millenial Caller who seems to have his head screwed on tight & a responsible citizen. Mark is a busy man but he has the time to read & misinterpret the news prior to posting.

      • vote Trump.. I am a trump supporter.. if he decides he wants to go through this mess again he has my vote…

        Comparing Mark and his career to that of a floor worker … well there isn’t any comparison both jobs are important both have their plusses and minuses both can be demanding.. but.. there isn’t any comparison as far as hours and duties and time to take a moment for ones own use…

        working in the labor force.. one bosses don’t care about your family your kids or what in the hell is going on in your life…. many don’t allow you to even use your vacation hours you build up. When I quit working I had over a year of vacation hours.. I had been giving away eighty hours a year to people that got sick and needed hours or loose them… sad but true.. your kids sick .. whats that have to do with you dumping the trash get to work.. few work the work schedules I did.. I worked a hundred plus hours a week.. Now I am a reader have been for a long time. I read faster than most and was creative on how I could keep my reading up.. even with that I was only able to read a fraction of what I use to…. I worked in a field where you didn’t get to sit for break most of the time.. you kept on working.. that is the healthcare field. long hours short shifts and rotating hours. the same when I worked in factory building cabinets.. your just a hunk of grey meat on the floor.. In twelve years I took four hours off to go be by my daughters side during her surgery.. I was written up and threatened because twelve years earlier I had had jury duty and my points gathered then made me liable for termination. during the Reagan recession I worked up to six jobs.. the wife says I worked eight but I don’t remember the two she is thinking about.. I slept by an egg timer… that is the sad truth about the mellinials that work the blue collar jobs.. not someone that sits behind a desk.. that can take a coffee break or a few moments to scope out the news.. even mark you can tell he lives in a sheltered world all his own to.. he is clueless about what is going on in his own community. and it isn’t his fault.. it is part of the staging of people.. what happens in one sector very rarely is seen in another…. when my new doctor started to bitch.. Obviously he seen the dollars amount not the job before he chose his career and didn’t take time to know just what he is getting into.. unfortunately if he is still hating the work I have to find another doctor.. the one that comes to mind is alos and old foggie and will be retiring soon leaving me with kids that only look at the dollar signs not the job…. my old doctor had worked the floor with me.. and I am positive knowing my work schedule chose not to whine at me for their hours.. I would have pulled out that little violin I have and played a sad mournful tune..
        dish washers.. same thing.. all they see is a thousand plates coming at them.. and the news.. its something they gather up and set out for the next customer to glance at..
        for the average blue collar millennial.. because of outsourcing jobs and importation of goods.. the days were the old man gets home mom stays home with the kids to make sure there is an adult presence around is long gone.. mom has to work.. dad works one job and probably a part time in the evening.. when there is time they get home take little billie to the soft ball match.. or they are so tired.. back in the day there was one job.. one income and dad or mom would get home pull out the evening news and read the paper after supper.. sit back relax and once a week take a weekend to do yard and honey doo’s .. today its a rush rush world.. low wages no benefits.. I for one have never been on a real vacation.. there was never time .. the jobs I had you weren’t allowed to take them.. you had to man your shift.. my wife still working is the only one for her shift.. she works seven days a week..I read faster than most so I even then would listen to audio books and I still do.. glance through a book quick.. but my book a day from when I was a kid dropped down to ten a month.. at a few points like hell year where I worked 140 plus hours per week.. forty of those hours was used to work off a surgical debt at the hospital.. there were no books read that year…. not even audio books because I was afraid I would relax and that was not acceptable..
        See that is the group I am referring to.. not the executive branches of the labor force.. but that lady that dumps the garbage the guy flipping burgers.. the man delivering the goods to your local merchants..
        the only thing they get to hear is the scripted crap that is used to brainwash the people.. this group doesn’t have a chance to go and research. there is more important things for them to do.. like take a nap.. or take the kid to the doctor or his softball league.. and unfortunately because of NAFTA and the lack of adult supervision.. we leave our kids in the hands of not mom or dad.. but the local gangs or some computer game.. the MSM television shows that have games where the winner is the ones that demonstrate the best sociopathic tendencies.. or some show where bashing a zombie is the best thing.. rapes murders violence .. its all there.. turn on the tube.. that is the babysitters of our kids for the lower groups.. then we question what has happened to society..

    • Hmm who really cares about the democrats or the republicans for they are your masters and you are their slaves, so what does it matter if the master is wearing a red ball cap or a blue ball cap for your still their slave,they will throw you the scraps and you will lick their hands in gratitude and vote for one or the other the next time around.!!!.!!

    • I was born in 1981. Up until 5 years ago, I was apart of genX. Now all of of a sudden I see I am part of the millenials. SMDH. Most of the younger people I know, don’t have 2 nickels to rub together and not for a lack of trying. Most of the BOOMER generation that I am surrounded by, doesn’t give a damn about anything except themselves, their retirement, their toys, their vacations, their, their, their etc…. Most narcissistic people ever existed, couldn’t imagine any generation being worse. They have routinely said they don’t know anything about politics and could care less and I have been hearing that since the first Bush was president. So you can all go F yourselves. Youre outta touch and have no clue what is actually going on. TRUST THE PLAN!! FYI Trump was outing where the CABAL is hiding in IRAN last night by the fake strike. Expect surgical strikes to take out their bunkers and free the Iranian people. Just like he did in Syria last year. The man has a team of military intelligence running things, he is just the public face. The Republic will be restored to all its former glory! Hence, Make America Great Again!

      • I was told by a wise man year ago “No One cares as much about your money as you”. So learn how to invest it yourself. Start a business, buy real estate, invest in the stock market, live within your budget, etc. Do things that will make you prosperous.

        One thing about Trump is that he is always moving forward instead of always looking back. What happened is over, forget it, for the future is where your future is.

      • The reason kids don’t have those two nickels is not because they haven’t acquired them, but because no one ever taught them how to NOT spend them. Scruels today don’t teach practical math or science skills or prescient history or civics. Kids learn how to multiply 5×3 in seven easy steps, but don’t learn how to fill out a personal check or money order or create a budget. They learn “communism” is just another form of government, but don’t learn the meaning behind our founding documents (this one really honks me, because communism is monetary theory, not political theory…) They learn they can “make a volcano” with vinegar and baking soda, but don’t learn they can also put out a fire or cure indigestion with it. They learn George Washington was a “dirty slave owner” but don’t learn he was made King, turned the job down, and in so-doing, forced the Continental Congress to create the United States as a “representative Republic” instead of a “parliamentary monarchy…”

        The Xers and Millenials (and GenZers coming up) are more narcissistic than we. It just manifests itself in different ways, depending on disposable income flow and tech dexterity.

        It is true, though, that the Boomers ruined you and your’n by ignoring you as people, and delegating babysitting duties to the television. Vengeance will be yours, as you get to choose our nursing homes.

        That said, I ceased being a narcissistic pr!ck the day my eldest came home from the OB Ward, and have lived the past 30-some years, for my kids. I may be in the minority, but I’m reasonably certain I’m not the only one. I am definitely out of touch with the decadence of modern culture (by choice, BTW) but am fully cognizant of goings-on which actually matter, or will matter, to those who come after me.

        ‘Heard some pundit or other today, question why AOC has such a following. Apparently truth escapes the world of punditry. It’s because she’s young and attractive (duh!) Not pretty, mind you, and never will be, but she has great eyes, a good complexion, and blinding teeth, and is really refreshing to look at, compared to the raisins on the Hill. Mayor Pete, the same way. His head is full of Marxist dung, but he’s much more camera-friendly than a Pelosi or a Schumer.

        The nice thing about being an old fart is you whippersnappers have to pretend physical attraction plays no part in contemporary life. We know better, and “calls ’em like we sees ’em” because we care much more about accuracy than political correctness and other obfuscations to clear thinking…

  9. Just went out and picked up my WSJ. Skimmed thru and odd that they don’t seem to have a hard on for POTUS. I am beginning to wonder if NYT has an agenda we arnt privy to or is it in plain site. Went by Huntington Post last nite and their view is if we don’t lynch POTUS today its all over. It must be hard on reporters having to carry so much hate everyday.

  10. With the Iran situation, Trump has brought back the term cold war term BRINKMANSHIP.


    the art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, especially in politics.

    “in any game of brinkmanship, it is possible that one side will collapse suddenly”

    To help getting over calling Trump the Orange Clown, I suggest some readers watch Annoying Orange on Prime Video. It will calm you down.

    Alex Baldwin would agree that Trump has Steel Balls as used in his Glengarry Glen Ross movie speech. As Trump said to a couple of posters here. “See this watch, it cost more than your car.”

  11. Picking sides on who broke the middle east is like sorting chairs on the Titanic. Just doesn’t matter. The Brits and the French screwed it all up after WW1, and like many other things the “can has been kicked down the road” since then. Calmer heads hopefully prevail, but in the America of 2019 it is all about my team on the fringes, not the vast amount of us in the middle.

    • Point taken. To clarify my (and many others’) quarrel with Mike, we for the most part are willing to acknowledge and criticize the short comings and failings of our particular side of the political spectrum. Mike cannot and will not, forcing us to point out the short comings of the other end of the political spectrum. It is one of George’s thesis points on this site that both major political parties are responsible for many of the problems that face this nation (illegal immigration, the national debt, the Middle East, etc.) Mike refuses to acknowledge any responsibility on the liberal side of the spectrum for these issues and casts it all at the feet of conservatives. In truth, though, he is only undermining his own side. Given that liberals have had control of the White House and/or Congress for substantial periods of time for the last two generations, if all these ills are at the feet of conservatives, then liberals must be totally incompetent and ineffective, since they did nothing to stop it, even when they were in all the positions of power.

      • No its the same old scam of divide and conquer, and its worked every time as the people settle into the blame game,lacking the mentality to even begin to understand that its all one party, all financed by the same group for the benefit of said group.Reminds me of a poll taken a few years back on how well congress is doing,the vast number who relied to the poll said they were a do nothing congress, except for their congress person who in their eyes was a shining star,I presume because THEY voted for him.!!

  12. “””We find ourselves asking a very interesting question today, with headlines like “Trump Ordered Attack – Then Pulled Back!” “”

    A great question to ask.

    Peeking out of the box at it…

    Iran signs a pact with Russia and China for support. Across the board in exchange for oil,medical supplies, food…
    Less than a week later ..iran.plants bombs on two tankers.. one belonging to a country that they were in the middle of negotiations.. the other belonging to a country that is sympathetic to them..
    They were using a boat screaming I’m an Iranian boat etc..
    Ok for me let’s say iran did really do it..( because of all the hidden traps that keep showing up to make DJT stumble into and cause an international catastrophic event dipping the world into hell..I have a tendency to doubt that iran would be that stupid. Not that the perpetrators weren’t iranian..but I lean towards they had ties with deep state.)
    With China being the major manufacturers of our military.. and Russia and China having agreements with iran..and other countries that the puppeteers see as points of losing control.. wouldn’t striking iran be the same as declaring war on China and Russia? Since they have vowed to be their backup plan..

    I think he was smart to pull back.
    It’s pretty common knowledge that the deep state would like nothing more than to set djt up..and there were reports I read that munitions, control and guidance chips for our defense missile systems had programmed flaws.. let’s add one more possibility. We got rid of our ports less than one or is it five percent of containers are checked.. Russia isn’t stupid and have their klub-k defense systems in use for a couple decades now.. what’s the probability that some of those were shipped here.. let’s go south to the border.. terrorist factions have openly said they are posing warriors as refugees to enter and get established here.. a whole side of our political system is crying because our president is trying to stop illegal aliens from entering our God where is his humanity.. there’s children..yet those countries dont value children and commonly use them in military strategies.
    . …

    Dont know I’m probably wrong.. but I would say great caution should be used. Find out who is truly behind that and why. Why are we the designated police..why does the blue collar laborer have to pay up once again..

  13. “Indeed, this smacks of a deep state – deep throat, in many ways.”

    Have not his actions sofar indicated that HE is ‘deep state – deep throat’ in person? Methinks so! ;-)

  14. Lol take off your red ball cap and along with it the blinders and put on your thinking cap in its place, the information fed to the papers was from an agency waay up the ladder into the need to know area and probably beyond that.Now from everything I have read the Saudi’s were hit and hurt bad yesterday in a missile strike from Yemen,airport, water plant,ect and I’m sure they had Washington on the horn in minutes telling then not to escalate the problem any further,now seeing the Saudi’s and Israel are our only proxies in that area then Israel would/could be next and they do love their hides.

    At the moment Trumps got egg all over his face for running his mouth threatenng this one and that one, so now its face saving time (just like Obama in Syria and his red line) and that will take place in Russia as our rep. meets the rep. from Iran.!!!

  15. Based on the media’s bias:

    Trump makes strike – Media comes down on him for being a warhawk idiot.
    Trump axes strike – Media comes down on him for being a wimpy idiot.
    Trump defers strike – Media comes down on him for being an indecisive idiot.

    There’s a common theme here, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Trump recognizes that since he can do no right in the eyes of the Media, he should do what needs to be done without regard for them.

    I suspect this’ll be a free pass, but if there are more “incidents,” he will do the same thing Reagan did: Alert the Iranians at a target site that they have 15 minutes to leave…

    What’s really telling to me is that a certain SC Senator has come slithering out of the woodwork…

  16. “Odd timing?  Terrorism bust for an purported ISIS fellow earlier this week in Philly and today Fire breaks out at crude oil refinery in Philadelphia.  So, accident or planned?”

    If they were being honest with us….when they said they were going to come in posing as refugees get established…then THERES MORE TO FOLLOW….

  17. What do you think the odds are that Iran has secretely acquired a few deliverable nukes from NK or Pakistan as protection from a strike? Tel Aviv and Riyahd would be likely targets. Libya and Syria have been posterboys for what can happen when you don’t have “insurance”.

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