Inflation Data Rolls – Outback Diet Update

The biggest news of the day in financial circles is the just-dropped CPI numbers.  Since, with the Fed FOMC gaveling-in today, this will be the last official big data read on inflation.

The modest improvement in the top line number was mainly due to the energy component dropping.  The Saudi hikes will eat that in no time.

The key parts of the data are obviously the all prices (less food and energy) which – to the Fed’s way of looking at things is a better measure of inflation than the all-round, all-in, numbers.

The Nature of Inflation Will be Changing

Most “mainstream economists” try to read future tea leaves by looking in the rearview mirror at long-term data series.

No doubt, it is of some use.  But in a broader (like global) sense, we may be on the verge of moving into what I’d explain is “post monetary inflation.”

My premise here is simple:  We are slowly eating, screwing, and resource depleting the Earth to death.  In a Peoplenomics report tomorrow, I’ll be discussing what I call “Cause Economics.”

Which is what happens when real, necessary jobs are swapped out for optional, marginal return jobs.

You may not see “Cause Economics” clearly, but when you “get it” you’ll see how “climate,” “racial division,” and “gender-marketing” have all become new frontiers in economics.

From the Drudge Report this morning, the headline Topless Trans Woman at White House Pride Event Sparks Outrage ( caught our eye.  As did Target stores see more bomb threats over Pride merchandise (

We look at the data – increasingly as an economic front – and label the meta study “Cause Economics.”  Racial economics is a related area.  Where economic data along racial lines has been hijacked not to ensure equality as embodied in the Constitution, but rather for competitive advantage.

Which, in our view gets to be the “common thread” in Cause Economics.

What we therefore jump-ahead to is the model of a resource depleting population.  At what point *putting this in aeronautical terms* will the control surfaces clustered around money supplies and rates, be overwhelmed by a multiplicity of Causes.  Each, we see now, are being maneuvered about as “economic” as a cause-treatment justification.

Jumping ahead, as resources deplete, and cost and availability become increasingly nonlinear – and guided by nonmonetary aspects (ask Anheuser-Busch how this works) – price controls at the conventional “bankster level” will at least share power – if not become subordinated to – Cause Economics.

Put another way, we have never seen big retailers like Target or brands like Bud Light move prices.  Yet, since we watch beer prices, we can see how Cause Economics flexed as a short-term deflationary event on the one hand. While the price of Target stock was also deflationary.

We’d like to offer the Fed a subject to look at.  Since as “deindustrialization” occurs (robotic production lines are increasing, so fewer humans in the goods sector is meaningful) and that leave “made-up divide and conquer (Cause-driven jobs) as the main growth opportunity.

When it comes to “actually living Life” we count seven Major Systems that make physical existence work: Food and water, shelter, energy, communications, transportation, environmental tools, and finance. These goods require manufacturing.  Which, offers this headcount (not corrected for the massive population growth in America) actually PEAKED around 1980.

We’ll get more into the beginning of the end for manufacturing in the Peoplenomics report.  But we’re now in a world – close to re-revolution on many fronts – to where the economics of manufacturing is largely being overtaken by Cause Economics.

What Passes for Snews

One of the big stories – and it goes squarely to this notion of Cause Economics – is the change-out of George Soros.  George Soros Hands Son Alex Control of His $25 Billion Empire (

We rest our case.  Woke sells, woke is a kind of emotional racketeering, pushed, peddled, and pimped on social media.  Which (like an unlimited supply of blow) will eventually kill all the addictive personalities.



We’re getting sick of all the hype around this, already.  Who has time to watch the antics in court when the Government will get its “pound of flesh” no matter what?  Trump to appear in federal court in Florida in classified documents case. We’ll be doing real work, instead of wasting bandwidth on this. If you’re less clear-thinking, try Watch live: Outside Miami courthouse ahead of Trump’s appearance on federal charges.  Won’t be commercial-free because?  It’s another bullshit monetization which is what “the news” mainly is anymore.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people department: US: 9 people hurt in Denver shooting after basketball game – The Week.  This seems like a follow-on to the brawl at the fights this weekend. See why we stay home?

Inquiring minds read a story like this because it raises logical questions:  Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker announces high-speed rail project, will speed up trains between Chicago, St Louis | Fox News.  Who the f”’ would want to leave St. Louis to go to Chicago?  By the way, during the GOP tenure in the Oval, we enjoyed the daily body count stories (in Chicago) from the Trib.  Seems like there’s been something of a Biden-inspired ceasefire (at least on the front pages) since the dems copped the Oval…  Most people would miss it but papers red and papers read if you follow.

China slows before the U.S. goes (into recession?):  China’s May new loans miss forecasts, more stimulus likely | Reuters.  So, would taking Taiwan stimulate their economy?

Keep an Eye on Toyota

New technology is coming.  And it may change (literally) the balance-of-power sources in the World:  Toyota plans to introduce solid-state batteries in vehicles by 2027 – La Prensa Latina Media

Obviously, this is one of those “insert magic here” boxes on the path into future that we keep modeled in Visio. But whoever gets out of lithium and locks up the tech of something with a better resource/performance profile will own the future.

ATR – Updated Anti-Aging Ops

Pleased to report that our ongoing efforts to lose weight and roll-back aging are continuing to reap results.  I’m down >12 pounds from five weeks ago.  And working on improvement in a number of personal health areas.

None of this is advice – you got a doc for that.  This is just the current key elements of our regimen. Here’s the updated summary of what we’re doing:

Early Stack (4 AM):

Addition:  Low dose serrapeptase seems to be slowly clearing up some of the scar tissue in my left eye.  Last month, a visit to the eye doc measured a best case 20-30 which improved from 20-40.  Able to fly again!  Except for the money angle, lol.

Breakfast Stack

  • Now vitamins multi.  Eve for Elaine and Adam for me.

Noon Stack starting next week:

  • Tip from the Major was to add in DGL – which is basically black licorice root with the bad stuff taken out.  The remaining chemmies seem to help reducer visceral fat around the mid-section.  Do your own research.

Dinner Stack

  • Selenium (mixed types)
  • CoQ10 in a good-sized dose.

There’s a good backgrounder here: Selenium and Coenzyme Q10 Intervention Prevents Telomere Attrition, with Association to Reduced Cardiovascular Mortality—Sub-Study of a Randomized Clinical Trial – PMC (  Again, not advice, but something to “ask your doctor.”

Night Stack

  • Melatonin plus 5-HTP
  • Berberines
  • DHEA

Which my OTC mashup (maybe works alike) of metformin, DHEA, and HGH described in First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed ( in 2019.  There is also a growing interest in metformin in reducing hallmarks of aging, but berberines so some of the same things and are more naturally occurring. How metformin can slow aging and extend life span | Fortune Well

Our next experimental addition may be astaxanthin, but we like to change one thing at a time and see how it goes for a month, or more.

Because I’m in the weight loss mode, I am also intermittent fasting and low carbing (just outside outright keto feels best). Last meal at 5 PM then no food until 8:30 AM and then nothing until toddy time (4 PM) dinner (5 PM). Sleep and repeat.

Feeling great…thought you’d like to see the roll.

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “Inflation Data Rolls – Outback Diet Update”

  1. Yo G,

    We are still Missing number ONE !

    Da F is going on around that 20+ acre spread in da Texas outback ? Did you get Ure marijuana patient Card ?
    Perhaps, when when you two kids are done screwing around down there in that Texas stew you call weather, you can focus a little time and effort into..wait for it, its that IMPORTANT
    …E X E R C I S E Chief, F-ing EXERCISE every stinking day you are alive and breathing.

    #1 in Alzheimers prevention
    #1 in CANCER prevention
    #1 in Longevity
    #1 in Weightloss
    #1 in mental Acuity
    #1 in feeling better everyday

    The #1 list goes on – NOTHING compares to Exercise when it comes to Positive Health outcomes, nothing.

    Human beings have got to move, if they want to stay one step ahead of that nice little boy with da silver scissors, who cuts our Lifelines at the end of current lifetime. “no grim reaper, thats fear porn, beautiful child with silver scissors”. foot in front of the other – just 20 minutes a day is a gggGGGreat start. The old saying still holds true today..”When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

    Near future trend analysis suggest the “goings” are going to be getting tougher, soonly. Exercise should be part of ALL Preppers plans – waiting until the SHTF to get those fat asses in shape does not a good plan make..imho

    • While swimming with your hands tied, can you tow a rowboat to Alcatraz, with the rope in your teeth?? (after eating a loaf of that nasty bread)?? (we ARE old,,yikes)

      Thanks Mr. Ure,, this is all endlessly entertaining.. (and thanks to all who post here)..

    • “beautiful child with silver scissors”

      Where did you run across that description? I love it!

        • The words: “beautiful child with silver scissors” does not exist in the Edgar Cayce Readings. I have searched and it is not there.

          But while I was searching I did find something unusual for the research minded hereabouts.

          TEXT OF READING 120-5 F 72

          This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his office, 115 West 35th Street, Virginia Beach, Va., this 23rd day of December, 1929, in accordance with request made by self, Mrs. [120].

          2. We would give some medication, either that as may be applied in the Radio-Active Appliance carrying the iodine and in the small quantities of soda and gold. If this interferes – as it may, with the surroundings – though they should be bigger than their own selves – there may come quicker results with the renewed activity in the system. The ordinary conclusions of the activity of Gold, when assimilated, is incorrect – for these feed directly to the tissue of the brain ITSELF, and – given properly – silver and gold may almost lengthen life to its double, of its present endurance.

          Referring to Gold Chloride.

          The readings are so fascinating and dwelve in many directions, as many know.

          Health/Wealth/Life/Death/Past Lives/Past, Current and future events/Jesus, and endless other incredible topics.

          Well worth the price of admission so that you can search the readings for yourself.

  2. “From the Drudge Report this morning, the headline Topless Trans Woman at White House Pride Event Sparks Outrage ( caught our eye. ”

    I looked but didn’t see…was there an horney leg humping dog hug and sniff the hair? lol lol

  3. Astaxanthin is great stuff! Derived from seaweed, it is made here in Hawaii. Get the 12mg clinical dose, not the cheap 4mg. It is a supreme antioxidant for joint problems, and also fortifies the skin with UV resistance. I take 12mg daily.

  4. I also take a strong dose of Serrapeptase. Best taken at night on empty stomach as it is best absorbed in the lower GI tract. Mucolytic, it dissolves mucus (I have pollen allergies) and I have found it aids in cleaning the arthritis fibrin debris out of my hip joint. Also important is to increase your hydration. The water flushes things out.

  5. “Who the f”’ would want to leave St. Louis to go to Chicago? ”

    lol lol lol better yet.. who in the fauch-i wants to visit either of those high crime get shot at cities…
    I can tell you my plans to visit the smells like ass cities is as high as my wanting to visit the walk through the poop and needle cities of San Francisco or Seattle.. de-funded police high crime and huge deposits of illegal refugees.. ill stick it out here at home..

  6. “Tip from the Major was to add in DGL – which is basically black licorice root with the bad stuff taken out. The remaining chemmies seem to help reducer visceral fat around the mid-section. Do your own research.”

    I’m planning on trying the cold pack on that protective padding around those rock hard stomach muscles…
    I have read a considerable bit on studies on frequency and cold exploding the fat cells.. they supposedly get released from the body with your toileting.. cool the area down then expose the area with frequency…. just has me curious if it works or my age I don’t have anyone to impress ..

  7. According to the Headlines, Climate, Racial Division and Trans stuff are battle grounds. But it’s only when the media pinpoints some (event) that pushes the envelope of tolerance that conflict issues.

    I step away from the media and step outside, and don’t see a climate crisis. Don’t find racial division and I really don’t care if someone I pass on the street is trans. Weather is still weather, people still treat people politely and as long as being trans doesn’t cross the pedophile line, none of it matters in the extreme sense the media presents to us.

    We listen to media speak but reality is obvious with a look for yourself. – they pin point a situation, make a mountain out of a mole hill and then wait for the emotional response. – meanwhile, the true mountains are reduced to mole hills and swiftly swept out of sight.

    I find it interesting that strange people shop at Walmart (not all but some) and there are videos …. But go to Kroger, the Mall or even the local parks and gee, the people are different. Guess it’s Halloween at Walmart but nowhere else. (?)

    Old saying, “If you think you have a problem, you probably do.” – Media makes people THINK there’s a problem, regardless of weather there is a problem or not. Causing anxiety.
    I found a little friendly conversation can allow people to resolve that inner conflict media creates and they drop their defenses. – I am not the enemy.

    I hear it only takes 15% of a population to believe bullshit stories, is enough to cause unrest within that society. – The lazy, ignorant, the non-critical thinkers.

    Reminded of 911, and people were angry and the call to be strong was resounding … until G.W.Bush and company insisted this nation feel the words, “fear and terror”. – The sheep lead the herd. Big mistake, but it was the agenda.

    That’s the shit that drives us. Thank God there are people who are rational and practical and remain strong through the media speak.

    Buy and sell things but NEVER sell yourself short of who you really are.

    • from personally working retail at various different retail outfits i can honestly say strange people shop everywhere Bob…shoplifters are not usually the poorest or destitute they usually have mire than enough on them wealthy try to get away with more than anyone..( they are the cheapest. tip the lowest expect the most) at a grocery store the joke was the weekly barbecue.. someone would always come in rider 50 steaks or more then on Monday bring back half or so and demand their money back.. since the store couldn’t sell them we would have a grill out back for the staff..
      they never cornered any of them on it either..instead they would give them a complimentary bag of food for their troubles . I still razz old workers that I worked with on that lol..

      Walmart is just more noticeable because the vast majority of the lower incomes do their regular shopping there..and they don’t have the funds to repackage their weirdness..

    • There is a 3 hour video that was released yesterday (6/12/23) that could explain a lot if not all of the garbage our government is shoving down our throats. It features eyewitnesses to extraterrestrial manifestations as well as manmade devices derived from ET technology.

      Of particular interest is an account at around 1 hour 50 minutes (+-) of an underground facility where huge objects were suspended with no apparent means of support. No sound, nothing to indicate what held them off the floor.

  8. George
    Would you be willing to tell us your source for the Serrapeptase?
    Being a week or so older than you I am starting to get cataracts.
    I am looking for a medicinal way to reduce this vs the surgeon.
    Any words of wisdom are appreciated!

  9. Sorry George, but the adblock goes back on. The nose-hair trimmer ad cost me a mouthful of coffee and damn near a keyboard…

  10. Through years of painstaking research and successful experimentation I have discovered a method to reverse aging by simply adding 10 years, or whatever number floats your boat to your official date of birth. It is not my original idea as according to my mom my grandmother was well known to practice this method up to and until she passed. She would go so far as to claim that I was her son and told me I was to call her mom not grandma. Since I have no data from gran, I mean Mom’s experiments, I have begun my own process. My vitals are in the excellent range and my overall stamina and well feeling are good I have begun testing my hypothesis. Tests so far run on various interactions with people have mostly been confined to what can be described as blank stares, pondering looks, and standard WTF?. The first test was conducted with my wife who responded, “Really? You don’t look a day over 75.”. smart assed comments were expected from the 62 year old love of my life. The final test will be on my next checkup visit to the Doc this fall. I should have a lot more data by then…….or not.

    Stay safe. 73

    • There was a comedian years ago, whose name I have forgotten, who used to say he always added 10 years to his true age when asked how old he was. He loved getting the comment “Damn you look good for your age.”

      • So true. There is also a fellow who recorded a song, “I dont look good naked anymore.” Last time I checked myself out getting out of the shower scared the crap out of me.
        I thought about asking the wife but I already know the answer to that question. “Haha. You wish!”

  11. Who the f”’ would want to leave St. Louis to go to Chicago?

    Chicago has the most homicides and St. Louis has the second highest homicide rate..(next to New Orleans…although they just dethroned St. Louis who has held that infamous title for the past decade). Escaping on a high speed rail from one hell hole to another doesn’t make a lot of sense. Besides, from a business standpoint, what does St. Louis have to offer any city?

    • Home of original Tranny Fluid brewers, the Arch, the Running Redbirds (Cardinals) and NHL hockey squad St Louis Blues..yeah Ure right I dont know what..

      • A/B faced a forced buyout in 2008. 2008 funny money is where it all began. Little Bush had a mandate. The base blames Obama. Wait for the Communist revolution which is sure to come.

        “As it turns out, the descendants of Adolphus Busch didn’t have much of a choice. In June 2008, Belgian-Brazilian brewing company InBev offered to buy the business for $46 billion in an effort to consolidate four of the world’s largest beer companies under one roof.”

        – Mar 12, 2020

        “Economic hardship, food shortages and government corruption all contributed to disillusionment with Czar Nicholas II. During the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks, led by leftist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, seized power and destroyed the tradition of czarist rule.”

        • “Economic hardship, food shortages and government corruption all contributed to disillusionment with Czar Nicholas II. During the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks, led by leftist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, seized power and destroyed the tradition of czarist rule.”

          in the diary I have.. the czar did try to get help. came to the usa and asked for help. the word went out to members of the YMCA for farmers that would be willing to go teach the farmers there our farming techniques..
          which they did..a little to late though. when the farmers were coming in from the fields they seen the red army entering the villiage..and took off across country afraid that they would be seen as members of the white army because they had to wear uniforms or khaki.
          if they had actually attended to the needs of the people it never would have happened.

        • it’s the same with every failed civilization..
          PLATO once said something to the tune of ..the fall of civilization is with the corruption and greed of those that lead the people and the people accepting their actions..
          “Plato returns to the theme of how his ideal city degenerates into various lesser forms of government: Philosophical aristocracy falling to timocracy, timocracy to oligarchy, oligarchy to democracy, and finally democracy to tyranny.”
          we have a divide in our leaders they live in the bubble are so disconnected from the people and their needs. we have a president that has never held a real world job and a congress filled with multimillionaires that are so far from the lives of regularpeople..if it doesn’t affect them personally there isn’t any way that they could reflect on it from their own personal experiences..
          put enough stress on the general public and they will rebel..remember the story about taxes and tea..

        • It’s such a JOKE!!!

          Like the Bolshevik HOLOCAUST of the Russian/Ukranian people really fixed: Economic hardship, food shortages, and government corruption!!!

          Gosh, people!!!

          WAKE UP!!!

          Bolshevik TWO coming to a town near you!!!

    • When traveling between the greater NY area and NM, St. Louis and its river represents the midpoint. It’s always easier to drive once you’re on the home stretch.

      Missouri always has cheaper gas than Illinois, so I plan accordingly. I have no idea why anyone would want to go to Chicago.

  12. The market is acting like ‘The Fed’ will take a pause on raising interest rates as sure thing.
    Tomorrow afternoon should prove to be “interesting”.

  13. I’m not putting this in the “Hot Deals” section yet, because they’re not really hot deals — yet:

    East Lansing Schools is liquidating their wood shop equipment — lotsa Jet and Grizzly tools, and a Ridgid planer, among others. They’re asking “used tool” prices to start (i.e. ‘way too much), which means unless someone is desperate for a specific tool, none of it will sell and they’ll relist it in a few weeks or months, with much more reasonable starting prices and reserves. Listings may be viewed here:

    Anybody going to Lansing, probably in early August?

    • great price on the drum sander.. but with shipping and it’s only a 12 inch the price would still be half of a new one with extra belts.

      • Prices will be much cheaper after the school district figures out nothing’s gonna sell at their starting prices. What typically happens is a school, or school system does a cost/benefit analysis on the number of kids who take shop, plus the cost of the insurance to cover their asses if Johnny decides to shove his arm in a planer, versus what “all that space” could be used for, if it weren’t filled with large, heavy, expensive hunks of steel and cast iron. Then their school board decides to allocate use of that space to something else and all that large, heavy machinery has to be warehoused (in a warehouse the school doesn’t possess), sold off for anything at all (at this point the school allowing an amateur millwright in, who is going to pay the school a few bucks to move that heavy stuff out. If they can’t sell it, they will then pay somebody to remove it and send it to the scrapper.

        To recap:

        The seller’s steps are
        1) make money
        2) break even
        3) pay hundreds or thousands to throw the stuff away

        #1 rarely happens
        #2 is where people like me come in
        #3 is to be avoided, if at all possible

        When I used to go to the State of Indiana’s surplus warehouse, I’d see a space of, between 2000-5000 square feet, filled with desks and file cabinets, most of them perfectly good, about once every two months. It was not uncommon for the State to sell that off as a single lot, for $10 — commensurate on the purchaser taking ALL of it. They needed the space more than they needed to make any money on the stuff.

        The worst time I ever had was purchasing a band saw, a couple drill presses, a mortiser, and some other medium-weight tools from a school in Ohio. (I believe I mentioned this here, before). Two elderly employees (shop teacher and custodian) helped me load. They did so through occasional tears. The school had “reallocated” all its shop space as teaching space for the THREE mentally-disabled kids in the school, and would be “reassigning” these two longtime employees after they built a rubber “tantrum room” where the teacher’s office had been…

  14. High Speed Trains to Chicago

    St. Louis USED to be a big passenger rail hub, no more if you look at the Amtrack Route Map. Unless they are going to add High Speed Trains going south to Dallas/Houston and New Orleans I don’t see the point since St. Louis is NOT the destination it once was.

    Most don’t realize there are already TWO High Speed Trains servicing Chicago, both run through Michigan. (Bluewater and Wolverine)

    One High Speed Train runs from Detroit to Chicago and another High Speed Train runs from Port Huron to Chicago.

    (yes Port Huron is small but that is the ONLY place where passenger trains traverse the Great Lakes water barrier west of Niagara. That Port Huron high speed passenger train is the central US rail connection to Canada’s passenger trains that service Toronto to the East. (there are NO rail bridges to Canada down river in the Detroit area)

    As everyone knows virtually all of the high speed rail connections in the US are in the NE Corridor, north and south only – NO east/west connections.

    High Speed Passenger Trains make sense imo in more densly built /heavy population areas where they are a true alternative to air travel or on a few selected very long distance routes.

    (disclaimer … when I worked in Lansing MI if someone in the office had to go to Chicago for the day they would generally take the Bluewater high speed train having breakfast on the train and then catch the late afternoon train back so as avoid the O’Hare-Downtown commute and TSA hassles (station to station is 4 hrs each way).

  15. Goldman Sachs just raised their target for the S&P500 up, by 17% by years-end to 4,500. [ roughly 160 points higher than – right now.]
    . Rather hard to see a recession., with most trading houses revising their predictions upward for the market., unemployment so low., consumer spending doing just fine, thank you. Interest rates ‘survivable’., and the general population seemingly unconcerned about inflation.
    It all seems rather “disconnected”. Europe is in a recession and war is raging., but it appears that no one really cares all that much.
    Time for China to step into the spot light ?

  16. Chicago, where books can’t be banned from public libraries (Illinois is only state doing this),people%2C%20marginalizing%20ideas%20and%20facts.

    1st Amendment (freedom of press), 2nd Amendment (gun ownership), knowledge and info a more powerful tool than raw fire power! (why I read UrbSurv!),for%20a%20redress%20of%20grievances.

      • Fake phony BS.

        It was required reading when I was in college. If’fn you’ve ever read it, it reads like stoner fiction, based on stuff SDS soldiers would have kicked around after a double-hit of Benzedrine and Quaaludes, a colander-sized pile of goldbud, and a half-dozen (or more) hits of college-lab-made blotter acid.

        If you want the real thing, search out a copy of Kurt Saxon’s The Poor Man’s James Bond and download it.

        {You might want to do it at a McDonald’s hotspot, using a computer that’s borrowed from a used car salesman or someone you hate. The FBI and CIA laugh at people who snag a copy of the Cookbook — PMJB, not so much…}

  17. the Koch just is trying to pull a hockus pokus, look here, waving his majic wand of make believe. You are a Biden woke folk, here is what Jill Biden says,

    “The first lady, speaking to a small group of Democrats in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, said she was surprised to see a headline before her flight landed that described a majority of Republicans in a poll saying they were still planning to vote for Trump, who is set to appear in a Florida court on Tuesday.

    “They don’t care about the indictment. So that’s a little shocking, I think,” she said”

    she is worried,,, the indictment just make US stronger, more resolve. The Dept of justUS system is showing it’s own crime of being used as a political attack dog.

    be a prepper, store some aspirin, and some vodka, ure gonna need em. did ya ear about the Ukraine person that has 17 tapes , 15 with Hunter and TWO with slo joe,,
    hey Joe, where ya goin with all that money in your hand ?
    there is a STORM a brewin
    cant ya “c” it ?
    the pedo fucking flag hung on the White House is a belligerent force occupying the White House !!!
    ” The Manual’s explanation of what might be termed belligerent occupation is carefully analysed and the Chapter goes on to address when military occupation law applies, how a situation of occupation ends and when GC obligations cease to apply, the authority and obligations of the occupying power e.g. in relation to legislation and courts, the movement of persons in occupied territory and the protection of children there.”

    flag story,

    the Illnois public library law will keep PORN in PUBLIC schools. Do you think that is a good thing?
    Pritzker, a Democrat is an accused pedo enabler

    • “They don’t care about the indictment. So that’s a little shocking, I think,” she said”

      She hasn’t a clue. We care tremendously about the indictment. It is a slap in the face to the US Constitution and the citizens who still believe in it.

    • Not a Biden fan. I’m thinking it will be Kennedy vs DeSantis. Kennedy is the least like Biden the D’s can muster, and DeSantis looks like the next deep state sleeper, making him the least like Trump.

      • the demonrats/RINOs FEAR Trump
        they do NOT FEAR the others,,,

        “Republicans claim that you did the same thing and got off scot-free, why did your friend Jim Comey let you off so easy?” the host asked Hillary Clinton.

        Hillary laughed as she trashed Trump and said it is “profoundly disturbing” to see Republicans defending Trump”.

        Hillary gave away the game (just like Dr. Jill recently did) and said Trump’s federal indictment should have been the final straw for the Republican party.

        Clinton was shocked to see Trump still has tremendous support following the federal indictment.

        I like Robert F K jr,,, he would be an excellent VP under a Trump presidency

        • Farcical – that idea of RFK jr VP under the useful idiot tRump.

          I can still picture tRump all turtled up on floor in oval office.

          – he went fetal as DS dr. foulqi and brix kicked his shit in. COWARD
          He is controlled opposition, the darker side of a very dark, bent coin. Id tell ya about Melanie and Boltons wife at private _ _ _ clubs in NYC, with donny &jonny both being Observers, but mere mention should be enough..

          “No, I’ll take an ancient Blood Liable with an Irish Vendetta for $1000 Alex. No like RFK jrs remarks regards israhell, but I’m wishing hard – that is just strategic bluster.

          Personally this commentator will be surprised to see USA hold Elections in we start delivering US made depleted uranium shells to jewish NAZI ukraine, your payback in radioactivity is guaranteed to be HOT.

          Got Bomb Shelters ?

        • “I like Robert F K jr,,, he would be an excellent VP under a Trump presidency”

          …And I would not be surprised in the least, to see this as the Republican ticket, after Trump wins the nomination and RFK gets utterly screwed by the Dem Establishment. Trump and Kennedy share many of the same underlying beliefs — and they’re both JFK Democrats.

          That Hil & Jill (and a bunch of 5th columnists in the media) have stated they can’t believe the support for Trump, is scripted propaganda. The political aristocracy want to shame Trump supporters into forgetting he’s in the Dock because of invented charges related to a non-criminal situation.

          It is like the “news” showing pictures of dozens, maybe hundreds of cardboard file boxes when they talk about “Trump’s classified documents.” This is staged. Those boxes are sized to hold 10 reams of paper — 5000 sheets, each.

          The sum total of all the “classified documents” Mr. Trump is accused of refusing to turn over is 102 PAGES

          I find it offensive that there are people even here, which I consider one of the highest IQ collectives on the entire Internet, who repeatedly allow themselves to be “Goebbled” by carefully-choreographed speech and cinematography that’s foist on us by people who want to see us dead, and our way of life lost forever and forgotten.

        • The main incident in the charges against Trump seem to stem from Trump’s handling of a serious incident of insubordination by Miley. The DOJ’s position on allowing the military to limit a seated President’s authority to deal with their bosses inappropriate political conduct crosses the line into sedition. But I also find Trump’s ineffectiveness in the chain of command far more disturbing than the bogus classification issue. I see nothing good in any of this. This is a three-ring ass clown circus.

    • “They don’t care about the indictment. So that’s a little shocking, I think,” she said”

      I believe the reason the majority of people don’t care us just because of the handling of other issues that are much worse..
      classified documents in a safe with high security all around it .classified documents laying on z table and floor of a garage with an open door..
      thousands of examples of alleged various crimes and allegations that high crimes were done with foreign agents placing the usa in jeopardy.. we had an alleged satanic pedophile ring that had thousands of posts photos and other questionable activities all covered over .. a man that overpaid a sex worker.. and someone in a high ranking political position over paying for a pizza with walnut sauce.. what was it something like 30 thousand. then the agencies telling congress to kiss their ass..doj openly covering over and neglecting to act on high crimes and crimes of selling the usa out for money..
      the people see this..printing up trillions and getting us in a war to cover over their activities..neglecting the usa ..
      both are wrong so Trump got laid.. with a wife like his I sure don’t know why he went after stormy..but she was of legal age not a child and she is definitely old enough to choose ..

  18. everyone forgets about Michael Robinson
    aka Michele Obama for the dems next candidate
    the deep-staters will not accept Kennedy
    Barry Sorento’s 3rd term? or 4th term if you count Biden as a sock puppet of Barry

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