If Trillions Were Thousands

Confused by things like the federal budget?  Have no fear.  Today we run through how to keep everything easily understood.
We’re going to kill zeroes.  Lots of ’em.

Not till we get through headlines and charts, of course.  One needs to warm up to zerocide.

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George Ure
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21 thoughts on “If Trillions Were Thousands”

  1. The light crown project is amazing. I’m certainly interested in learning more about it.

    As for the market, Andy’s DOW 32,000 prediction is looking more and more possible every day. It’s a question of when? Your aggregate index is worth the price of the subscription, because it shows market direction so clearly.

  2. Andy – George Noory on Coast to Coast AM makes $500,000 a year plus his gigs & subscriptions, & dating web sites, probably brings that to a million a year.

    Art Bell was estimated to be worth 10 million.

    Start a You Tube Program. I believe they pay you if you generate subscribers & ad revenue.

    • George could be your first guest. You can talk on the phone & film it. See John B Wells caravantomidnight.com website.

    • Hmmmmm…..just worked 10, off for 6 then back to work for 22 hours straight, then off for 8 then back to work for 14. In between I hit the gym and had fun with my girlfriend and slept for 4-5 hours. Lol

      I’m sure that gig is a bunch less work and well…. I will chew on it for a while. Thanks ECS

  3. George, I’m definitely interested in the Light Crown project! I have a special interest in cognitive neuroscience and I’m acutely aware of the sequelae of TBI!

    Thanks for offering this information. I’m quite glad for my subscription which will renew this month.

  4. George, what are your thoughts on Dividend Income. In retirement, this can be a substantial part of annual income. Buy trading, you are giving up a sure source of increasing income (if the company raises the dividend) for unsure trading profits. Plus the time needed & stress is greatly reduced. It looks like a trade off.

    • What in your opinion, are the top ten dividend stocks? Ones that are the best protected from major downside when the mkt corrects? Ive heard coca cola- Pepsi and stores like walgreens since the boomers will be in them frequently to pick up prescriptions…

      • My favorite 10 in Alphabetical order:

        1. AAPL
        2. CBU
        3. CVX
        4. DUK
        5. MSFT
        6. NVDA
        7. PEP
        8. PM
        9. WM
        10. YUM

  5. Very interested in the light crown project, yes.

    I would also be interested to know how many dollars go to corporate welfare if that data is available.

    So much more understandable when you removed the zeroes. My overall perspective has greatly improved.

    • Yeah, I noticed in my newschasing days people are blinded by BIG number. Zerocide the numbers and the world is a lot less nuts….well, a BIT less…

      • Phew George I have got to say I sure am glad you corrected yourself.”
        .well, a BIT less…”
        The world looks pretty damned nuts from my perspective. Lol

      • I don’t think it is any less “nuts,” but slashing zeroes makes it much easier for the masses and low-information voters to see and understand just how crazy things are…

  6. I am in on the Light Crown Project. I have a red & blue light which I bath in while doing TM FOR 20 minutes. My wife says I am losing it in old age.

    • Just pull up a few of the many thousands of pages of research done on the affects of both light frequency and the frequency emmited from jewels and other precious stones. (Crown jewels )

    • Also a phone of the future by the (OTCQB)MGT Corporation that John designed not sure though if this is the same phone that the psychics said were going to reduce apple and Google Android stocks

  7. Hey George, I’d like to cast my vote in favor of the light project as well.
    As a closely related follow-up, are you going to do a Dimensions Next Door Part II ? I really enjoyed the first one (especially the typos) :) and it seems to leave a lot of questions hanging. Or, is that on purpose to get us out there and researching? I let that heavy research slide some time ago as Life pulled me away from fun stuff. But the Truth of the Universe still calls to me…

  8. George,I am late reading the May 9 column, but I want to add my strong support for a column on making your own Light Crown! It is very exciting, & is the kind of thing I always investigate, when I have a good opportunity. Thank you for the opportunity. I also follow your educational market information with great interest, which is worth the price of your subscription, by itself.

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