Hyper Cyber-Monday & Joephoria

Hyper’s Cyber Scam?


Our early morning guidance for the week.  (Don’t Buy Shit You Don’t Need!)

Take for example this morning:  Got up super-early because we didn’t over-eat because we didn’t do our turkey this weekend.  Simply too much going on around here.

But there – 5:22 AM today – I spied something I had never heard of before while blowing through umpteen gazillion Amazon Cyber Monday deals.  Ready? ????? ?????? 14pcs Suction ????? ?????? Cupping Set Therapy Cupping Tools for Massage.  And just $105.

I sat there hovering over the clicker.  Should I?

Just then the little voice in my head went off: “DBSYDN!”

It continued, too:  “Look Bozo, do you have any idea what “cupping” is as it relates to massage?”  Caffeine shock froze me.  “Well, er, no, now that you mention it…”

How many Urban readers know, either?  See, Bozo, this is why people read Urban.  Because besides the financial stuff which is good, you also get into all kinds of trippy-shit.  People find that amusing as hell.  Word spreads.  People like the leading edge of economics, unconventional news, and out-right woo woo…”

Coffee buzz passed.  Little voice in the head returned to singing the first “Hark the Herald” verses of the season.  And I swore to look up “cupping.”  Wiki’s as:

“Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cups. Its practice mainly occurs in Asia but also in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.[1][2] Cupping has been characterized as a pseudoscience and its practice as quackery.[3][4]

Cupping practitioners attempt to use cupping therapy for a wide array of medical conditions including fevers, chronic low back pain, poor appetite, indigestion, high blood pressure, acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, anemia, stroke rehabilitation, nasal congestion, infertility, and menstrual period cramping.”

Fortunately, I haven’t suffered menstrual cramping lately, although high blood pressure returns whenever I read anything with the words “Pennsylvania” and “Election” in the same paragraph.  Drives people “into their cups” as it were.

Instead? I ordered a stocking-stuffer: Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything.

Why, already I’m feeling better!

“Trute B Tolt”

There is likely not very damn much than won’t be cheaper in January in the after Christmas sales than what you will find today.

Yes, we know that “burning the hole in the pocket” feeling well.  But takes money to make money – money to print copies of resumes, gas to get to interviews, and food till the first check comes in.

Pass on the hype.  Sit on the wallet.  Go back to the Old America.  No debt.

But Cereally…

(boom-dash)  Since that’s not bloody likely…

Stock Futures are in the tank, -150 an hour before the open – but until we take out the bottom of the present trend channel, we will try not to cower under the bed.  We’re still in a blow-off until this trend channel busts.  Sure, times are going to be bad in 2021.  But not before lunch.  And most people don’t think further ahead than dinner-time.

Not only that, but the price of gold is dropping, too.  On the NASDAQ site we found “PRECIOUS-Gold spirals lower on vaccine-led economic recovery bets” which may figure.

Still, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) continue. Which we’d expect, what with money being  free and all. S&P Global Buys IHS Markit For $44 Billion In Biggest M&A Deal of 2020.

Joephoria – Leg Pulling?

The (media-named) president-elect has a foot fracture – says over here it’s from playing with the dog.  But…

Am I the only one with enough of a “bean buzz” on  to remember that Hillary Clinton fell and broke a toe a few years back?

Conspiracy theorists, are you ready?

Let’s all whisper the conspiracy plot line.  Ready? Set:  “Democrats, who run for the White House make deals with the Devil to get out the vote.  In return, the Devil gets to injure their right foot or leg…”

Yeah.  Both right feet and medical booties.

Not only that, but how many remember president Obama  also had a right foot problem that was written-up in the  NY Times in 2014?

We might build on the conspiracy notion, since there have been  shoe throwing incidents involving republicans as intended recipients.

But the real capper to the conspiracy notion was the 1997 injury to former president Bill Clinton who injured his right knee rather badly.

If you see the pattern, congrats!  (Your reader stuffer should be How We Know What Isn’t So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life.”)

While there was no particular injury to former president Johnson’s feet, it may have been due to confusion or preemption on the Devil’s part:  Lyndon Johnson had two rather different sized feet and was pigeon-toed. Howazzat for coffee pot trivia?

Not that there is anything to such conspiratorial thinking.  But, with the election certification battles continuing, it’s something different to “kick around.”

(Pun police will have my office surrounded any minute now…)

Grim & Grimmer

What could be worse than Joephoria?  What’s not to love about a Roller-backer of tax cuts, party of the unpassable Covid benefit packages? Anxious to cuddle with Iran again (despite their nuclear falsehoods)? “Please Joe, Please, send ’em a pallet of hundreds for us, too…”

In general, he’s the  best president-elect money could buy, right?

Say Joe:  Don’t look now but the Holiday Eviction Season is here.  Says the Boston HeraldEvictions happening around U.S. despite federal ban.”

National phenomenon:  In Florida: City to start accepting applications for grant money to prevent evictions.”

Media happy-talk continues.  Babbling Joephoria! 

For example: America’s unemployment has been worse amid the pandemic than other countries, but Joe Biden has a plan to fix it.  Color us skeptical:  Where is this hypothetical plan and where’s the legislation and why isn’t Congress working its ass off on our behalf right this freakin minute?

Well, shit, Citizen:  Answer’s obvious:  Cyber Monday.  Joe’s busy.

(Shall we look for a laptop for Hunter? And “send some to Pops…”?)

That Friendly Kamunist

Not like this wasn’t seen in advance:Kamala Harris slammed for tweet sucking up to small businesses after bailing out rioters.”
Just wait until Joe’s 25th’ed out.

You don’t think this is somehow connected to the report that Small business confidence drops to all-time low after Biden election,” do you?  Gee, wonder what people holding the bag must be thinking….


A few more Monday jabs?  We gotta million of ’em coming: Moderna says new data shows Covid vaccine is more than 94% effective, plans to ask FDA for emergency clearance later Monday.  Goody.  You first.

Environmentalists are coming to a new battle line.  In where else, but Washington state?  ” Proposed pesticide, heavy-metal testing rules in Washington state roil marijuana cultivators.”  Swear to God, people lock-down and get stupid, sometimes.  Anything to justify a tax or make up regulatory jobs.

You realize, just 100-years ago, there were virtually no regulators  around?  Not only that, but marijuana was legal even in Texas until 1919.  Today, saddled with regulators out the ying-yang, people are just trying to get some of their former freedoms back.

Trust me, those freedoms are just another monetization.  They will be  rented, not given.  If ceded at all…


Dave Prowse: George Lucas remembers ‘imposing’ Darth Vader actor.  (When I breathed like that it was time for the inhaler…)

Tony Hsieh, the ex-CEO of Zappos, has died at age 46 from injuries caused by a house fire.

NASCAR’S William ‘Rowdy’ Harrell and his wife died in a car crash while on their honeymoon.

Yep, slow news day when Ure’s reduced to rewriting the Obits…

The Week Ahead

Not much better.

Lousy calendar today and tomorrow.  Job reports will begin as the real data flow picks up Wednesday, the job cuts Thursday and Federal numbers Friday.

First frost will come through East Texas tonight.  You-know-who will be out covering faucets today.

And so we begin…lets talk next month.  Tomorrow.

Write when you get done,


40 thoughts on “Hyper Cyber-Monday & Joephoria”

  1. Hey George,

    “Pops” has been a little unsteady on his feet for most of the election campaign. That little Mexican two step he has been faking didn’t fool any of us.

    I expect that boot he is wearing will slide on to Kamala’s foot shortly after January 21. We know who is going to get the boot in the “end”.

  2. When the Greatest Depression-caused by Chairman Xiden’s policies-becomes more in focus,Trump will be on the course laughing from the green,while those who scoffed will be in the red,including the blood from those Dem pols when the hordes turn on them.

  3. “Cupping”. The first time I saw that was in “Zorba The Greek”. While it was fiction it didn’t do Boobalina any good.

    Great run down on while the price of precious metals are going down physical is moving off the market tout suite. Money is going somewhere and it’s NOT into BC but rather hail Marys into stocks to make money somewhere … ANYwhere.

    COMEX Gold Theft Continues While Mortgages Meltdown

    Get it while you can.

  4. Cupping was a medical procedure that was popular in Europe. My parents came over from Poland in 1939. Old school doctors were still recommending it into the early 50’s. You take a clear small cup and swab the inside with alcohol. You hold one side against your back. Someone holds a small flame next to the cup. The flame burns the alcohol creating a suction. You quickly place the cup on the persons back. Repeat about 10 times. You now have a back full of suction. It was supposed to help with chest colds

    • I don’t know about cupping.. but.. I have an arthritic condition that is pretty bad.. I hate the pain medications that they give me.. nasty stuff.. and had done some research on acupuncture.. the reviews from people that had it done.. was no one liked the ear acupuncture.. said it doesn’t work.. I did find a couple of guys that liked the acupunture on their back.. so I decided why not.. I was shocked.. it took a couple of hours for them to do it.. but wow.. they doctor had said it would take three or four treatments before I would be able to feel any changes.. boy were they wrong.. I felt it almost instantly it was amazing..
      Unfortunately.. I was only allowed three visits before I would have to pay full price for the service.. the full price going every two weeks would have been around six hundred a month.. the pills were cheaper and covered..So in my opinion IF cupping works along with acupuncture and you can afford it.. dam go for it.. the benefits I got from acupuncture almost did away with all the discomfort of the joint issues.. it was awesome.. JMHO

  5. Yo Digital Tulip Guy,

    When U gonna spill the beans regards regards the Shenzen Crypto Case Study?
    What does it pave the way for ? Care to inform Ure readers about ISO20022, and what it paves the way for???
    -its not a loan or a debt, as the central bank will be pulling “them” LITERALLY out of their collective Asses/thin air. hahhahahahahaha

    Cmon Sheep – Think! No- not about Ure next bowl of sheep chow.

    – Centralized Control versus 100% DE-CENTRALIZED Bitcoin.
    U will NOT have a choice regards Fed Coin – Ure getting some whether U like it or not. U could have chosen Liberty& Freedom, rather than another bowl sheep chow/video games/UBI..

    Dont tell lil Barky – who luvs to tell us what wonderful american heros von-matus/von-mcmaster are/were – See real Murican Hero – ret. Lt Gen. McInerney

    Correa Group – controls CIA, out of “Hunville”- hq in Frankfort, next door airport. Murican tilt rotor craft reported in area – night time. “Recently” retired SF tyes raided server farm. Limited/small firefight – “real” head of CIA was injured/captured in chaos. Where is all the intel from this raid ?

    No worries – they are cancelling Christmass due covert19 phys op – Engineered via ACT & Biochemically – as Way to pre-condition Sheeps for Accepting globalist Control..hello FED COIN!

    We can forget electoral college deadlines, and pretty much any other deadline regards Election Fraud – Because as Bitcoin Granny alwaze said ” FRAUD Unravels Everything” https://youtu.be/W3qcj2MzPYc

    ? What Dish is best served cold ?

    Anybody know anything/info bout a Canadian drug called Glybera ? said to be able to FIX Faulty Genes ..OR..prevent covert19 from getting a grip.

    Cue the Xmas music:
    dashing thru the bank, on a one Bitcoin sleigh,
    oer the bankers we ride, laughing all way.
    trezors on LiteCoin vibe,making spirits bright.
    Oh what fun, is stamping out the “tribe”
    a slaying song tonight.

    no Interviews anymoar – kemosabe – its all about da Zoom.

    nein btc 4 U, but maybe a Satoshi – if Ure lucky.

  6. After Joe hurt himself I wonder how fast Kamala started looking through the 25th Amendment? Everything happens for a reason.

    • Kamala…. what is funny is I don’t get the feeling that she is trying to be deceptive. ( she maybe manipulative but that I don’t know anything about).
      From what she says… I believe she is saying what she truly believes from her life experiences..
      Joe on the other hand… I don’t get that impression from my impressions of him Around here they are called a.. LSOS and I think that could be a symptom from being in politics to long.. or just who he is personally…… and we noticed how fast he flared when someone asked him outright.. LOL…what scares me is the loss of control and angry flair that he demonstrated at some farmer that inquired about his activities as VP..

  7. The thing I noticed with gold is that when price drops are longer/deeper, gold dealers have coins in stock. When price drops are shallow/fakey, gold dealers quickly put “out of stock signs” up.

    Funds are buying into Bitcoin. Bitcoin very well could go to infinity as algos try to corner the market.

  8. Black Friday Sales can sometimes have a bargain or two, you never know so EVERYBODY LOOKS at the various ads, even if they think they already have everything they NEED. VOILA … the marketeers almost always win out and get you to BUY SOMETHING!! (same way they get you to buy cheap chinese junk at every tourist stop from NY City to Wall Drug, in SD for those of you unwashed in traveling the US, to Rome or Sydney)

    Well I said I wouldn’t do it but I did it. I looked at the ads. Found a couple of things I didn’t NEED but got a case of the “wants”. Sheesh … and I said I was NOT doing that this year. :-(

    #1: Got the new ROKU 4K stick for my large screen TV, though I have yet to pay Netflix for 4k content. My reasoning? I got rid of a bunch of wires in that rat’s nest behind the TV, and, I “may” want to upgrade my Netflix to 4k. Delinked my existing ROKU box from Netflix FIRST!! (remember to do that if you are taking a ROKU offline) and installed the new 4k stick and linked it to Netflix. A simple and painless job, except for getting the old wires disentanged from the rat’s nest of wiring behind the TV. Cost? $29 on Black Friday sale (Home Depot, but I think Walmart had them for the same price). I count that as a WIN since one less rat can now hide in all that wiring behind my media center

    #2: Since I was on a “TV” kick I decided to look around for a Sound Bar since I have been using the built in speakers on the TV. What I wanted was the $2999 BOSE home theater system :-), man that system sounds SO GOOD!!, what I was willing to spend was oh about mid $100 range. I guess that meant NO Bose home theater system for me :-(. Walmart had an inexpensive Vizio 4.1 with subwolfer and rear speakers for $129 NOT on a special Black Friday sale. Not a Bose but I though it would definitely be better than the TV’s built in speakers. For $130 it is fine. A definite upgrade particularly with the subwolfer and rear speakers, but the speakers in the sound bar itself are definitely NOT of Bose sound quality. The next cheapest 4.1 system that I could find anywhere was more than double the price which was out of my budget ($400+- as I recall) so I didn’t even bother.

    OK … the marketing people GOT ME this year. Next year though I promise, I will be better, and will totally ignore all their come on advertising and will NOT spend any money!! Right!! Sure!! I PROMISE!!

  9. Have had cupping numerous times in the past 4 years done on my back and arms, where I tend to have serious muscle tightness, knots and other problems (in addition to ‘senior’ arthritis). It works, BUT, it has to be administered by a professional who knows what they are doing otherwise the full benefits are just not there. So, I would probably say that buying it from amazon for your own use is not a good investment.

    • Pepper, George is married to a massage therapist, among her other skills. No doubt Elaine was enjoying her beauty sleep while George was feverishly seeking new purchasing experiences. The cupping set might be useful for its intended purpose, or just as bedroom toys. Regardless, George managed to save a C-note(for now)!

      Perhaps I can interest George in a used four foot darby.


  10. George – Thought I would put a plug in to your readers for the “Quackery” book you mentioned. I read it over a year ago and found it fascinating. Learned a lot about big pharma and mega corporations that promote crazy and often dangerous solutions to health woes. Crazy doctors too. Remember the lobotomy “cure”??

  11. Two dreams on consecutive days. A day ago, someone told me 1711 is the number, it’s important and to remember it. A dude wearing a brown suit with mustache and glasses.

    Today, extremely vivid. A return to an old dream site, the warehouse. Like the mall I go to in dreams, it too is operating at full capacity these days and was nearly out of business in prior dreams. I had a desk and some contraband guns in the drawer, and cameras everywhere. I caught a love interest outside by the lunch truck just to avoid any cameras, and have a few close words. Very 1984 feeling.

    Later I was on foot at a travel terminal. Like a large airport, but for these enormous train cars that were double deck sized with rows of seats like a 737. I was with a group of armed “rebels” with all white outfits, and we were trying to move someone away from the area. A protected person. As we approached the leader pulls out two pistols from under her arms and starts shooting both into a crowd of unarmed all-blue decked out “UN” workers who were herding crowds of people at the terminal. Like a stack of these blue dudes, 20 wide x 10 deep. We ducked onto a train car and as we entered the deck more of the non-rebel white guards were there with machine guns and pretty much everyone was wiped out in slow motion, the passengers and most of the guards. Not clear if we managed to escape with our important person.

    Easily the most vivid experiences in the dream realms for quite some time.

  12. Cupping has been around for decades. I first saw it in the early 2000’s and thought it was quackery then. Cupping leaves these round hickey’s where they apply it. A lot of athletes used to do it. But they stopped because the hickey marks take over a week to go away and wasn’t a good look with the ladies.

  13. And cupping along with moxa to warm the cups always leaves you looking like you just finished going 12 rounds with an octopus or giant squid just for fun. LOL
    Been there, did that several times. Don’t look at the cups while the process is underway.. you’ll swear your body can’t do what you’ll see without pain.

  14. I’m shocked you believe anything from any “wiki”. Bunch of left-wing socialist liars. Take anything ‘they’ say with a grain of salt.

    ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ Thousands of years vs. some whacked out hypocritical ‘scientist’ who can’t read data, doesn’t know how to set up real experiments, and can’t tell sh*t from Shinola.

    I have it done regularly and it works. Cupping compliments acupuncture and acupressure.

    Happy holidays.
    The Grinch

    • Weatherguesser73 I certainly agree with your last paragraph. I have it done regularly by a Chinese Orthopedic surgeon and at 85 yr old can outdoor all of my 10 year younger friends. Dont know if cupping is whats helping but intend to keep it up.

  15. Saw this headline on your computational rss site. |

    Does Climate Change Violate Children’s Human Rights?

    Got me thinking if government borrowing should be taken to court. Certainly borrowing against another generations future should be a violation of their rights. Politicians and voters seem to always choose to borrow money for current goods or services vs paying for them today as they are consumed. It should be illegal. So very few give any considerations, to putting our children and their children into debt because we have no intention of paying as we go.

  16. Dude Cupping?!

    Cmon Gman – you know the best kinda of cupping therapy is kind you dew in the boudoir – both of those “ladies”! Ure kinda cupping therapy in the Ungovernable household – things usually end up in the Boat. https://youtu.be/V0O0nzkESTI

    “Motor boating”

    personally – ECU is asking Santa for a neo coherent Light Sabre and 50 gal. drum diesel fuel – gotta burn dem EBE’s quick before they start stinking up the hole dam county………….

  17. George,
    Amazing to me that 30days+or_ after the announcement of a vaccine we have all of these special freezers to store and transport the covid shots all over the country.

  18. Ya’ll remember when Bush Jr. and Dick Cheny both had bruises on their faces. One playing with a dog, the other eating a pretzel and rolling of the couch and hitting the coffee table. Guess they want to keep the marks low profile now.

    • All Conspiracy Theory –

      vrill “quilled” – “invested” “droned” – remember current roman catholic pope’s bruised eye & and red leather shoes ? “Their Symbols will be their downfall.. “

  19. Distractions and small things amuse small minds .yep the most piss weak psyoptic crew ever . You’ll pay

  20. Hi, George,

    I read a very interesting article on Zero Hedge about the 20 alleged election facts that do not pass the smell test. I hope that is okay to make this reference. Thanks.

  21. George you are starting to sort!! Can’t say nothing bad!!! Moriarty dalio show. Yes u are rich georgeL

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