How’s Your Weenie?

You know column writing has crashed in the summer doldrums when something as obscure as National Hot Dog Day is our lead item.  Yet with markets stuck in “noise trading” (futures are up a dab, gold’s back to $1,330 and Bitcoins are around $90-something) other than rejoicing that oil is back down to $106) there’s little to write about.


Still, it might be worth dropping by a 7-11 or Sunoco to see if they are giving out freebies and buying a drink while you’re there. Dollar dogs at Sonic, too.


National Hot Dog Day seems a uniquely American counterpoint to…

International King in the Wings Day – July 23

All of Britain is worked up, or so the mediafest seems, about the arrival of 8-pounds, six ounces of someday king material.

Which gets us back to the problem of writing something clever (heavy on the ‘kraut, please?) to say about Wall Street and somehow tie it in to today’s momentous occasion. 


I bet you didn’t know that Los Angeles consumes more hot dogs than New York, but Chicago’s O’Hare plane hoppers eat more dogs than La Guardia and LAX combined.  Here all this time I thought it was the pizza on C concourse.


This is also National Vanilla Ice Cream Day and you might enjoy playing Stump the Docent at Monticello by asking when Thomas Jefferson wrote down his vanilla ice cream recipe (mid-1780’s).  Sunday was National Ice Cream Day (all flavors).


Maybe this is what an economic “recovery” looks like. But there’s still plenty of room for good ole American inventiveness:  I’ve often wondered why American Beer Day was in October.  You’d think the Hot Dog and brewski folks would be able to work out a co-marketing deal.


Likewise, the American Pie Council calls January 23rd Pie Day and yet today is the ala mode companion’s day.  See what vistas of economic growth we have ahead?


Uh…..has the opening bell rung yet?   I’ll be the guy reading the report linking spicy foods with certain personality types...


Adios Egypt, Part 2

In today’s thrill-packed action adventure, we find ex-president Morsi has been reportedly “abducted” by the Army.


This whole Middle East situation reads like a series of penny dreadful novels, doesn’t it?


Summer ratings sweeps end Wednesday so maybe we can get back to normal….whatever the hell that is anymore.


More After This…




ODA: Observations, Departments, and Analysis


There Goes (what’s left of) Privacy

Oh, just wucking funderful:  The Obama administration is going to let community organizers (“patient navigators”) information people about Obamacare by granting them access to the Federal Data Hub…which is the link-up of all your personal information shared by federal agencies.


All of which will combine all of your personal data into one very detailed computer system.  Right to whatacy?


How Statistics Works

A Southwest 737 suffered a nose gear collapse at La Guardia Monday which comes after a period of relative safety for the airlines, punctuated by that Asiana crash landing a while back.  It’s a harsh lesson in how statistics works with noisy data sets and all, but the Law of Large Numbers seems immutable…


Meantime, the FAA/NTSB will no doubt look over the plane’s maintenance records, including where it was serviced and by whom.  Southwest had announced a couple of years ago that some maintenance would be done in El Salvador...


Falling Skies Dept.

After China denied using drones in the area, India’s worried is may have a serious UFO sighting to explain


Pope to Go

So he’s in South America where his driver took a wrong turn...


And in Rio, police clashed with protesters upset with the $53-million dollar cost of the papal trip.  Seems to me there’s a market opportunity for something like if you are looking for new website ideas.


Droughts in Play

In addition to the drought here in the US, China’s Hunan province has one severe enough to leave 380,000 people short of drinking water.


Meanwhile you can see animations of how the US drought is developing over New Mexico, north Texas, Oklahoma, eastern Colorado, and Kansas over here.


Dying Goes More Mainstream

I have to hand it to WTVR-TV – they have done an exceptional job in their report “CBS 6 Investigates: What happens after we die…


Dying, of course is only dying from the “earthly” perspective.  From a little broader viewpoint, it’s being  “born into a new level of existence…” which makes a little study of the subject worthwhile.


Eben Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife is a grand starting point.


More after this….




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