How “News” Became Crooked

35-pages of my latest book (on Collapse Capable Electronics Operators) can be quickly trained up in “Event of an Actual Emergency.”

In this week’s partial release of the book are sections on HUMINT (HUman INTelligence) techniques as well as SIGINT (SIGnals INTelligence).

This section has a very short, very worthwhile explanation of how American news coverage has been perverted and corrupted by an unholy alliance between left-wing academics and profit (by ratings) motivated corporations.

The premise of this training manual is extremely simple:  When the Internet goes away, so does communications and this in turn will take down power, water, food distribution, oh – and law and order.

Here’s the part (of the HUMINT chapter) that’s extremely valuable in understanding today’s world.  It’s how the general case world really works and how the Internet-required world works:

“Should you find yourself as the “smartest person in the room” it will be critical to understand the “news reports Magic 6” of clear reporting:

    1. Who (are we fighting or opposing)
    2. Why (are we in conflict with (whom)?)
    3. What (are they (and we) doing or planning)
    4. When (will they do or attack or when is it “too late?”)
    5. Where (will first indications arise from)
    6. How (will they attack).

Problematically, the more (socialist, academic, propagandists) in journalism (we have taken to calling it urinalism now) have tossed out these simple well-understood basics and have attempted to “redefine news” in a ratings and revenue *R&R* kind of way.  Today’s cub reporters have been brainwashed into believing “news” is a subjective stew of:

    1. Impact
    2. Immediacy
    3. Prominence
    4. Conflict
    5. Proximity
    6. Human Interest
    7. The Bizarre
    8. And (with a nod to lowest common denominator programming) Celebrity

Most items on this second list are “dead ends” as they are fraught with childlike judgment decisions that have no place in either intelligence operations or “real” news analysis.  This is precisely predictable, however when intelligence gathering (HUMINT and SIGINT) are assailed by mush minded liberal implants. Maybe that’s too extreme because childlike appeal is critical to psychological “shaping operations” which we are arguably experiencing both online and in country now.

Imagine you are in a camp where 1,000 survivors of a Global Earthquake and partial crustal shift have assembled.  Look at both ways of thinking – but choose only one – and ask yourself “What will give us the best (greatest) possible survival odds facing Civilization Collapse potential?

If you have 5-W’s and an H from every person within 5-miles of your location, you ought to have at least a basic idea of the local “on ground” issues.  If your team has collected the 5-W’s and the H correctly, you will have knowledge of resources, weapons, food stores, medical supplies…valuable skill sets?  Things that are easily missed with inadequate focus on “the basics.”  They have – and will – never change.  Effective intelligence analysis never changes!

The perversion of news has happened over more than 50-years.  I’ve been there to watch, earning my first “stringer fees” covering a train wreck in 1969.  Now, 53-years later, I’m still writing, and still belong to the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Once you understand the “clean questions” have been replaced with “values-driven questions” it’s clear what has happened to America.

Celebrity Sucks

Has Donald Trump done anything new since leaving office?  Not much.  But the media has conditioned Trump-hate into almost half the population.  And, in doing so, Celebrity (one of the main checkmarks of faddish news).  With enough celebrity scoring, today’s urinalists justify “piling on” because of “Impact” “Immediacy” and “Prominence.”

I haven’t been able to go a full day without being assaulted by stories like Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg expected to plead guilty to tax charges ( (There’s always someone in Accounting, eh?)

This is when the “Emotion” cards are played by the media stooges of communist propaganda. China Hates Trump – which you might not realize.  He upset their timeline to take down America.  Tried to build a wall and such.

It’s why stories about Climate Change are fraudulent, too.  The reality is China has delisted several Energy companies trading as American Depository Receipts (ADRs) so that they can trade energy with Russia unhindered.   You getting this?

See, China and Russia are building out BRICS and with it, the replacement for the U.S. dollar.  When STUPID Americans are programmed to kill coal, it ends up being shipped by the carload to China – which is STILL building coal-fired plants and running them full tilt.

Pissing and moaning, getting sucked into climate fraud (Greenland was formerly green, right?) doesn’t reduce carbon globally.  It merely lets the genetic spin-off of communism flank the West.  Not only on Energy, but also on Manufacturing.  And with their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) China has taken a commanding lead in the Global Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.  I know – too busy checking gendering and remembering to capitalize Black but not white (racist!) – to worry about strategic metals, right?

Then It Gets Worse

My backup consigliere is a high-powered attorney in a little berg called Century City.  Out in Gruesome Kalifornia.  He keeps me in the loop noticing that this “Celebrity” propaganda has been used by socialists and woke to reinforce the “split legal system” in America.  Where the “newsworthy” are “Special People.”

Doubt it?  Take a read of this little gem:  Wealthy Khloe Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon got millions in PPP loans they didn’t pay back.

Meanwhile, Fauci, et al, behind Gain of Function go unpunished, and operators like Bill Gates are still maneuvering your future without consent and without a vote: Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act “Secretly” Brought To You By Bill Gates. You got outbid.  Taxes are going up despite Brandon’s lies.

My (Midwest) Consigliere meantime, says it all is a prequel to coming events like those that led to overtaxing of the French (to fund their war with England and support the breakaway Colonies) back in the 1700’s.  Like the Bidenistas, the French sent out cadres of Tax Collectors.  Which ended within 10-years as guillotines were put to work on royals and their henchmen.

That, dear Reader, is where we’re going.

And about the Big War in the 2024-2026 timeframe?  Oh – still on.  And with it will come the combined forces of China and the Muslim world working to take down Europe as events chronicled in Nostradamus (and even the Bible) are rotating into play.

Don’t suppose you happened to read China to send troops to Russia for joint military exercise?

In economic cycles work, as the China-Muslim block attempts to seize Europe, Russia will turn to the U.S. for help.  “But there may not be much left to help with – all depends on how much in the way of bioweapons, nukes, and EMP comes in the package…”

So, I asked my consigliere “Being a little glum in our outlook, aren’t we?”

“No.  The glum part is closer.  Like less than 50-50 odds of a presidential election in 2024.”

Yep.  That’s glum alright.  But the good news will be the special appropriators behind the WEF Global Reset pap will dead-end.  Too much revolution and holding to core American values like “Get out of my face.”

But you and me aren’t “Celebrities, Impactful, or Immediate.”  No say, no weight.  Raiders from China or Davos – choose wisely.

The world’s headed Soylent Green.  Which is why I’m taking the day off to work in our garden.

Stock futures were up a bit earlier and BTC was suckers-in, smart folks-out around $23,500.

Write when you get rich (or hit medium-well),

56 thoughts on “How “News” Became Crooked”

    • I think George missed the most important factor on the second list(after Celebrity):


      It’s the backbone of advertising and current urinalism is nothing but propaganda.

  1. “No. The glum part is closer. Like less than 50-50 odds of a presidential election in 2024.”

    Hmm.. I wonder if he was thinking about that little law they passed way back when.. ( during the cold war) that basically says.. ( my interpretation of it) that in the event of a national state of emergency that elections can be put on hold, congress sent home and the country is controlled by the department of defense and the president.. Hmm.. interesting..
    for the protection of the COG and the people..

      • Will there be no room for the “dude” who promised to save us all if we just believe? Why always so negative?

    • That will require a whole lot of salesmanship.

      With Washington under siege by the Brits, we still had an election. Under Civil War, with battle raging within a couple hundred miles of Washington, we still had an Election.

      The only scenario I can think of, where neither a General Election in 2024, nor an armed revolt numbering in the tens of millions marching on D.C. would happen, is “One Second After…”

      • “With Washington under siege by the Brits, we still had an election. ”

        So true @Ray.. the difference now is the puppeteers are seeing their world crumble around them.. along with a climate and society collapse that if it isn’t stopped will make the weimer depression and the collapse of the Egyptian and Mayan societies look like a walk in the park..
        We are on a course unraveling the systems that were set up.. I M guessing that they realize that it was their unbridled greed that is their undoing.. the problem is..their greed destroyed the industries set up..and by pushing their desires is now the course that will undo everything they accomplished..
        One of those dam that was stupid for me to do.. the question is.. could they back off and stop the acceleration of their previous actions..

  2. “No. The glum part is closer. Like less than 50-50 odds of a presidential election in 2024.”

    Which brings to mind the change of power in Iraq.. with Hussein.. and similar laws they had in place to what we have had put in place..
    the way I understand it is that they dragged one member into for interrogation and half of the cabinet was named as enemies.. anyway..from my perspective aren’t we seeing similar actions being taken today by our party in power right now using laws they all voted into place years ago and the public spectacle witch hunt on an ex president all while ignoring more heinous evidence of crimes against the country…. members of the legal system have been put in positions and more serious crimes against the country are being ignored in the very public witch hunt…. the raid on an ex president of the USA.. and calling for members of his administration all being done while evidence of more heinous crimes have been neglected.. it is always s business model about money or power.. they sell their souls for either of them and forget about the greater good of the people.. and from my perspective by doing what they are doing and getting rid of the sexond amendment which will allow the federal govt to take control of all of our lives control the things that we can say or do.. ( HEY there is a book about this.. I believe it is broken web )

  3. “guillotines”

    How far are you away from guillotining Trump? Biden supporters are the same distance.

    The police will arrest you anyway. “Safety in numbers” did not work for the January 6th rioters. The fact of the matter is even Trump turned his back on the rioters.

    The Uvalde sheriff system allowed a bunch of little kids to be mowed down to death. *POW* *POW* *POW* times seven. A 21 chopper salute. Do you see any pink slips let alone guillotines? (Either is justified.)

    Not to forget the two-party system was contrived in 1828. Duality and Yin-Yang. The two-party system is genuineness and basically limits revolution to assassination attempts. Guillotine talk isn’t productive and January 6th reminds us.

    We’re trapped until system reset.

    About two weeks ago I posted a dog mauling story. The dead guy accepted 6 dogs from a friend which brought the dead man’s dog collection to 25. The six dogs jumped on and mauled him to death. Today people defend the dogs. This shows the disconnect between reality and abstract thought. The guy is dead. Those dogs did the murder. Yet people still label the dogs as gentle.

    “Carranza says his purebred English Bulldogs were good, gentle pets. He showed FOX26 News several videos of them happily interacting with children, playing on the beach, and running around through the woods. The oldest dog had been with Carranza for about ten years; the youngest was about a year and a half old, he said.

    “My dogs weren’t vicious like people are saying,” said Carranza. “They were loving. We loved them like family members – they were treated like family members. I would take the dogs wherever I could, whenever I could.””

      • violence never solved a thing..
        JUST VOTE the idiots out of office… if the person was an idiot in his last tour of office.. how in the world can you assume that he will change in the second tour of duty.. he won’t.. in the real world the whole bunch would have been fired working for McDonalds.. they have integrity and expect a job done right…..

    • OUT of Work list, seeking unemployment benefits,
      Jeb Bush
      Liz Chaney
      Brian Stelter
      All have TDS
      Trump has done more than most sheeple stop and think about, he and Q have EXPOSED the satanic peadophiles that rule over US and the rest of the world, they is a bunch of butt fuckers/fuckees!
      Trump has awakened millions of normal everyday Americans and citizens worldwide to the corruption in the global governments. Many around the globe look to America for leadership, they see in President Trump. The stage is set and the FBI has taken the bait. Don’t be a bait eater. Epstein Epstein Epstein has anyone seen Epstein?
      Were the dogs pissed about their owners giving them monkey pox? just kidding, I wonder if Joe is kidding around with Commander?
      Just because stuff does not fit your schedule, does not mean you should piss and moan , the only rioters on Jan 6th were Antifa types implanted into the peaceful protest, FBI has become the terrorists against we the people.
      When you figure out what and who really brought down the towers, it will hit you in the forehead like a ton of bricks!! Dick Chaney said abut Blg 7 “pull it”
      America has been mis-guided by false-flags since the private bankers got the Federal Reserve Act, fucking Americans every which way but free,, your captivity is mental, hypnotic, like the Major has hinted at, majic, wizards and warlocks behind the scenes, controlling your thought process from behind the curtain, cant ya C ?
      abC Cbs nbC msnbC, bait cutters, chuming the waters of your mind

      7000 years of human captivity by multi-generational collaborating crime families and you expect it to be fixed just by Trump snapping his fingers during a brief 4 years in office fighting the snakes and crocs the entire time, do you ever stop and think, maybe he set traps or protection devises,,,,? Space Force recently took over command of all military satellites

      The BIGGEST key is getting people to be AWARE, Dorothy has pulled back the curtain. In the movie the Wizard is shown to be a kindly old man, but in reality they are God Damn Pedophiles, using your tax dollars to collect children for them ,, Child protection Services, sure not all children they take disappear, just a profitable amount, got to keep up the cover story,, evil always hides behind camouflage and likes to be around children, like a fisherman is drawn to water

  4. A few simple short ideas under the concept of communications security:

    1) Minimize “traffic” (messages, especially verbal) as much as possible. Short form: Shut up — unless the importance of what you have to say is greater than the risk of being overheard. If you must “light up,” be brief. Leave out niceties and extraneous chatter.

    2) Use codewords, and DON’T say stupid stuff like, “Headquarters to 54 — Signal One when you get near a phone, please.” Actually heard often on the local P.D. frequency. It doesn’t take a genius to sus what Signal One means.
    Think a bit about why/how the Navaho Code Talkers were effective. CHANGE the codewords periodically.

    3) “Data Denial.” Use frequencies others are unlikely to use. Comm “off the beaten path.”
    MOVE your home channel periodically, and don’t SAY anything about it. Just silently disappear. KNOW what channels work for you in advance and DON’T need “Comm-Checks” once the balloon goes up.

    4) If jammed, don’t waste your breath arguing or fighting with the jammer. Just ignore and over-ride, or hop to another codeworded channel. Preferrably to an entirely different band or service. If you do code-hop CHANGE the codeword and don’t use the old code again.
    “A this is B: Strawberry.” and then shut up. Don’t EVER use personal names. CHANGE your “handles” (on-air name) periodically.

    5) Spend some time “listening around.” See if you can spot other operations — groups — who aren’t as careful as you, and who talk too much. DON’T interact. Be the fly on the wall.

    6) Have patience and restraint. Loose lips bring raiders.

    7) Use the minimum transmitter power and antennas necessary to do the job. Minimize your on-air footprint.

    Be lucky and thoughtful.

    • All excellent points. Well done.
      Another would be in the runup to what is most likely to occur is to be cautious of what you post anywhere.
      George keeps his own servers and I have the utmost trust he goes to extremes to protect the personal data and email addresses of his subscribers. But think about all the links exchanged in the comments section while at the same time considering all the data collection done on line. Little pictures have big ears and long memories. That being said the intrepid group here should expect to already find themselves on many lists. In fact they should feel insulted if not.
      Stay safe. 73

    • “3) “Data Denial.” Use frequencies others are unlikely to use. Comm “off the beaten path.” ”

      Years ago, it was suggested on the prepper/survivalist messageboards that centcom for each family or group invest in a marine tranceiver, and a couple of “satellite tranceivers” to run land dx comms on frequencies no one else would be using. Back then, most of the real prepper/survivor types were ex-mil or ex-spook…

  5. Media

    What you describe has been know for decades.

    The question is how to reverse it when the media and the Powers control communications.

  6. “Has Donald Trump done anything new since leaving office? Not much.” Have to disagree with you here. If he was just painting pictures in his garage or building houses for the homeless it would be true, but he has active keeping R party in his pocket and his choices may very help the Senate stay in D hands – Walker? Oz? Vance? They are the ongoing legacy of celebrity candidates hand-picked by 45. If he runs again, I’m afraid he and his big, uncensored ego and mouth will help lose the Whitehouse again.

    • They will never Trump run again…
      His age is against him to..
      If he did he’d probably win.. but the evil entities in politics will never give him a moments peace..
      Working stiffs no longer have time to sit and reflect on the world’s troubles..instead it’s fast meals and 15 minute news blurps on msm.. and stress from a dismantled local communities system..

  7. Is the plant grow room located beside the studio? Perhaps the rock beats are stressing your veggies out. Maybe some classics and jazz will get them back in their groove?

  8. George, you keep making an analogy of the current world drought and the 30s dustbowl as a refutation of the climate crisis. I know you already check the Drought Monitor. Perhaps you would like to compare the current map with this map of the extent of the Dustbowl.
    Perhaps the quantum increase in the current disaster might indicate some greater force than just weather. But, since your audience buys your limited frame, I guess the lie is working for you.

    • What a freaking insult!!!

      You have the nerve to post HORRIBLY outdated wrongly drawn) 2004 school-aged maps and that’s your piss-poor clone of real science?

      Ure recommends you look at maps like this for a real taste of Depression drought. 8 inches of rain in Amarillo, for example:
      A great discussion is found here:
      Just remember that the combination of heat-islanding forest-cutting narcissists PLUS periodic drought is worth questioning. Amarillo has already had 10.1 inches for THIS year ( and they are on track for 15-inches or so.
      Contrast that with historical observations like





      Yearly Precipitation Totals 1921-1960







      Yearly Precipitation Totals 1961-2000








      13.3 in 1934!
      (source us govt data)

      And you’ll see why climate whiners don’t make a dent on modern reality.

      Please, don’t quote inaccurate grade school bullshit to the grownups. I’m a solar owning, ultra-green, tree farmer and arrogant city slickers who get hired for $25K a year by spoiled billionaire rich kids to enforcement green idiocyjust pisses me off no end.

      Kansas city 1932: 1932 27.07 inches
      So far in 2022? 39.3 inches
      Some droughts, huh? Climate! Climate! Find something to hide under!

      Let me tell it to you straight because you don’t seem to hear me:

      Climate change is real – always has been because climate has been changing since the Laurentide sheet began melting.

      But can the rotten crop communist-backed, social rabble do shit about it?> Ask the Anasazi. But at least they didn’t piss away valuable resources and assets on crypto mining before they pulled up stakes and moved on.

      I still regret not being more vocal about telling friends of mine all too gently “Don’t put money into Phoenix area real estate — no water always ends badly!!!” (The Westerns…the water wars?)

      With 2.96 of rain this year? 1924 Phoenix had 3.03 inches for the whole damn year.

      Weather my friend, plumped up to hysteria by political hacks like Al Gore. See anyone swimming on Wall St. yet? When Gore walks and sells off the corp jets? Flies coach like regular people?
      Greenland will be green again, though.
      No thanks to climate shills, though.

      The UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics audience isn’t buying a “limited frame” from Ure. They get deep data rinses of troll bullshit.

      Go be woke, or something.

      • Clear as afternoon sunshine, George has now joined the Pantheon of Greats. One expects that Zeus rejoices.

        As the Greek Cynic philosopher Diogenes allegedly replied to Alexander the Great upon inquiry of the former’s needs:

        “Stand out of my light!”

      • G, (or ‘Woke’…up on the wrong side of the bed today??LOL!!)

        Chinese Energy companies (& others) delisted from the U.S. stock market due to their not meeting U.S. audit standards (but twist that into your ridiculous anti-Climate Change rant, and they didn’t run over to Russia’s stock exchange either…):

        Add that ‘Great Reset’ Global Repap Conspiracy hogwash to your cesspool of fear-mongering:

        This drought has been more prolonged that 1930 drought:

        Viva Las Vegas!
        Waterholics beware, strict conservation in Las Vegas:

        Las Vegas cut use 26% while adding 750k population:

        • You know, if I could just get you to transform your vitriol into something useful. That article is long on sales and low on data points. Anecdotal =/ measurement.

          You know, like take this part:
          “Starting around 2000 or the late 1990s, we’ve seen many years of below-normal precipitation,” said climatologist David Simeral of the Desert Research Institute.” (A desert research guy will always see desert, right? Especially when driven by BLM’s wrong-headed wanton destruction of the West. ) [Ever notice how the climate monetizers come afgter people like Allan Savory who actual has some good ideas? for example? Can’t fix things too quickly – the monetization’s have not run their course yet!

          And look at the solar data over here…We won’t spoil it explaining the pattern to you –

          You might be able to discern the pattern. But don’t let your head explode. Just turn up Climate Al and Slippery Joe and Hunter pass-through. We got climate to sell and wars to fund. Bet you cheer those Revenuers Joe’s hiring, huh?

      • Ah I haven’t felt that ebullient since days of tuning to the late great Bob Grant show on A.M., So spot on. I’m Smiling. Don’t ask me how I’m doing!

      • “twist that into your ridiculous anti-Climate Change rant”

        ????@C….No one has ever questioned whether or not there is a climate change happening.. or if mankind has an influence on it.. with what almost eight billion little furnaces.. obviously they will have an impact..
        the big thing is it is not manmade.. man has had an influence to it.. ( like a mall.. a mall gets buy cheaper in winter than in summer.. the reason is heat.. if you have five thousand people all at ninety eight degrees.. walking around it will increase the temp of the building..
        the thought to monetize climate change is where the arguement is.. if we stopped using all carbon fuels right now globally.. our co2 emmisions would continue to increase for a minimum of fifty years.. plain and simple.. where the big question is .. how can this be managed.. managing it with a tax is just stupid.. but then I am just some old nute job on the wastelands of the USA..
        we consume fifty five acres of prime crop land per minute globally.. our population is increasing what almost three hundred people per minute.. we are deforesting what about twenty five hundred trees per minute..
        so to compensate it.. we need to replace and increase our crop potential, compensate for the amount of trees lost per minute..
        some of the answers are simple.. instead of horizontal crop production we can go verticle crop production.. AKA grenscape the cities.. to compensate for the tree loss.. co2 filters in the most congested area’s.. water loss.. there is never a water loss.. just like peeing.. a little water in.. a little water out.. the water is never gone it is transformed.. so air wells.. gather the lost moisture in the air.. then for power.. china is doing their job.. they are making more.. power plants.. one goes out one goes on.. never a loss of power.. they are now producing what china is at what thirty something percent renewable.. ok we don’t have the space.. I am not a nuclear power plant fan.. we just don’t know enough.. and sure we can tell the indians like we did the bikini islands that it is good for you.. but it isn’t and disposal of the spent fuel is really dangerous.. so solar.. gather the suns power.. promote people to put solar power on their homes.. put up a solar tree.. there again.. don’t pile them all at one plant the furthest away but spread them out like branches.. starting at the furthest point from the power plant.. homes will be like leaves on the tree.. the towers the branches all working back to that beautiful coal fired plant.. change the burn pots.. changing the burn pots slightly gives you a nice clean burn.. the toxic exhaust is consumed and reburned leaving you with less toxic exhaust.. nothing spectacular about it..
        we will not stop climate change.. it is a normal cycle.. what we need to do is build for our grand children and great grandchildren..
        OIL.. ok there is an island in the ocean bigger than the state of texas.. all plastic refuse.. each person dumps approximately seven pounds of oil products.. the ability to convert this plastic foam etc.. is really simple cheap and easy to do.. the big issue is that it isn’t profitable .. that is why we cluster our power plants.. greenscaping will also drop the global temperature..
        but then I am not wealthy I live at the bottom of society.. I have no business connections and no fancy shmancy pieces of paper hanging on a wall.. the only ones that ask my opinion are those that know me.. or have had someone suggest asking an old nut job in the wastelands.. so I cannot build my own solar tower to prove my point like the light house of alexandria.. it would be spectacular.. and once proved.. would take off.. but people live in a box.. they close the flaps and most of the kids today couldn’t think their way out of a paper sack.. My concerns are .. health insurance.. rent utilities groceries, etc.. the basics of life.. people that have the golden goose policies that are offered to govt. employees cannot fathom what its like for those in my position of life.. they would drop a rock when they filled their shorts.. we need to go back to family values and ethics.. Plato said that to.. a politician that lives in his bubble cannot know.. that is why our present administration is such a failure.. he has spent his whole life in the bubble.. doesn’t have a fussing clue about real life.. that is whey Trump was hated not only by our own bubble people but by the leaders of foreign countries.. our bubble heads are only interested in making coil.. each one makes millions and millions.. thrown at them no struggles..then I digress…. he has built and failed so many times he knows.. that also why every member of his companies gets free meal.. and all feel as if he is accessible to each one.. he has been there.. done that.. failed and then grew..
        the changes needed will come but only after it becomes dire.. then there will have to be changes in the way they can make the green pieces of paper..
        until the business model changes for those at the top looking at a number on a sheet of paper.. mankind will have to struggle through the what if.. deal with the tragedy.. in the past.. when climate change hit and destroyed kingdoms.. changes were made to compensate.. it will be the same this time as well..

      • “if I could just get you to transform your vitriol into something useful.”

        @C sounds just like a government employee of some sort …. you get more useful information out of a Winnie the Poo book than you can out of the crap that they print up in Government..
        kind of like me trying to help someone change his address.. I am failing.. LOL LOL LOL LOL I knew one guy that the govt had his mame a Junior.. LOL LOL I am trying to get mine to MISTER LOL LOL talk about frustrating who could believe that they can’t get that figured out at some point.. He passed on known only as JR. .. did they really go to school those morons couldn’t figure out how to get out of a bag

        the lessons taught in winnie the pooh..
        1. Positive Thinking.
        “However,” he said, brightening up a little, “we haven’t had an earthquake lately.
        2. Empathy.
        “What about me?” said Pooh sadly. “I suppose I shan’t be useful?” “Never mind, Pooh,” said Piglet comfortingly. “Another time, perhaps.” Piglet, being a Very Small Animal, acutely understands what it is like to feel useless.
        3. Gratitude.
        But Eeyore wasn’t listening. He was taking the balloon out, and putting it back again, as happy as could be… It doesn’t matter to Eeyore that Piglet meant to give him an inflated balloon and Pooh meant to give him a pot of honey for his birthday and what he got was a popped balloon and an empty pot. He enjoys his gifts because his friends thought to give them to him.
        4. Creative Problem Solving.
        In the very first story of the very first book we learn about Pooh’s Passion for Honey. In Pooh’s quest for honey, the bees have become suspicious of him, and thus he needs a new plan that will allow him to fly under the radar and stealthily take the honey. He decides on attaching himself to a balloon. But a blue balloon or a green balloon?
        He explains the benefit of each to Christopher Robin: “When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know you’re coming. Now, if you have a green balloon, they might think you were only part of the tree and not notice you, and if you have a blue balloon, they might think you were only part of the sky and not notice you.”
        5. The Importance of Education.
        “But to the Educated – mark this, little Piglet – to the Educated, not meaning Poohs and Piglets, it’s a great and glorious A.” Those who can spell in the Hundred Acre Wood are the ones the others look up to. Owl is wise and often consulted for advice because he can spell Tuesday.
        6. Taking Pleasure in the Simple Things in Life.
        And that was the beginning of a game called Poohsticks, which Pooh invented, and which he and his friends used to play on the edge of the forest. Poohsticks may be one of the simplest games invented, but with the right friends, it can be endlessly entertaining.
        7. Get Along With Everyone.
        “Tigger is all right, really,” said Piglet lazily. “Of course he is,” said Christopher Robin. “Everybody is really,” said Pooh. “That’s what I think.”Even though Tigger is strange to them at first, the other characters soon embrace him as a friend. If these woodland creatures are able to put aside their, at times, staggering differences, certainly we human beings can as well.
        8. Take Time to Do Nothing.
        “It means just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” In an increasingly stressful world is it important to remember that a break is necessary to one’s physical and mental health.
        9. Embrace Your Individuality.
        There are so many wonderful things about Tigger, but what’s the MOST wonderful thing? That he’s the only one! Being different is great.
        10. Friendship.
        “Pooh, promise you won’t forget about me, ever. Not even when I’m a hundred.” Pooh thought for a little. “How old shall I be then?” “Ninety-nine.” “I promise,” he said. (The House at Pooh Corner, p. 179). The overall theme of Winnie the Pooh is the importance of forming solid, lasting friendships. With good friends, you will always have someone there to lean on, someone who will go on adventures and expeditions with you, and even someone who might invite you over for tea and a mouthful of something.
        and always remember what is the most important thing said..
        “If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”

        Now try and get any of that out of the crap they write up…its all in the business model…

      • “(Ever notice how the climate monetizers come afgter people like Allan Savory who actual has some good ideas?)”

        Absolutely G…. just so they don’t put FART bags on them.. the idea is insane and stupid.. co2 is from their belches LOL…
        Years ago I was working on dam’s.. anyway they were developing a feed that would expand.. the idea was they would get the chemical nurishment and the feed expanding would make it so they felt full.. a Texan rancher and we were talking about it.. and he said YUUUP.. I had me a HOSS.. and decided I would teach it not to eat….. got it just about trained.. and it up and died on me..

  9. Hot on the heels of the Ukrainian grain deal to save starving people, Mr. Erdogan, president of the neo-Ottoman Empire is back at it. Today is the peace talk meeting with Mr. Zelensky, and the head of the UN formerly a mandarin at Socialist International. USA? Sorry, Mr. Biden has no official events scheduled today.

    Considering such a meeting would be in the bailiwick of Mrs. Nuland, where is she in the scheme of the algorithm? Well she does show up in yesterday’s daily prayer on “The Presidential Prayer Team” website. At a glance the site has an appearance as a White House government page, but it’s actually a tax exempt charity based out of Arizona. For 2020, the most recent year available, they spent $888,276 to “mobilize people to prayer”, and $472,187 on general, administration and fundraising activities.

    Okay, let’s rejoin DJ Ure back in the studio after a grow room soil acid test session. Here we go, by special request out of DC, you’ve heard this before from The Fab 4, and it’s timeless:

    “I’m Only Sleeping”.

  10. George, great Article on the 5 Ws and H today. And from a rookie radio-man with survival equipment for the family thanks for those great tips William of the Radio Ranch. Saving both.

  11. The 1807 36/90/90 year US hegemony.

    The US Wilshire peaked in November 2021, the 90th year of the 36/90/90 year fractal growth series for the US hegemony.

    The pickle for Eastern and Western Central Banks is how to control inflation in an environment of peak resource utilization and finite dwindling energy and good reserves. Fusion technology is not likely to provide an answer to the needed energy problem the next 20-30 years and nuclear fission reactors. best option are subject to political agendas and imprecise military missile strikes. Fractally, the marker CRB index and more specifically oil futures since the March 2020 low are following a 28/58/42(9/22/9 of 13) week fractal series to complete a base fractal of a 54 year inflationary resource-limited fractal series.

    How effective in the next 54 years (the US hegemony fourth fractal) will the only tool the central banks have, ie, lowering and raising interest rates between -1 and +2.5 percent and printing money, in an inflationary environment of the competition for limited food and energy resources and under the constraints of rising measurable CO2 levels: 30 % in the last 60 years?

  12. Good morning Optimist Prime, you always have such a postive outlook on the future.

    And a stellar input to output ratio. If had a significant other, mine would be the same. Seems we are on the same page. The odds. Lol

    My perspective from the Emerald City on a cloudy summer day is. Where the futute is now, when we look back frkm where came from. Standing yesterday’s horizons.

    We are about to embark on a big job Monday. I work for a company nicknamed the “red army” and my truck number is 1769. That is 7 vehicles prior to # 1776. Huge manufacturering plants one is rumored to be making Amazon Delivery robots is one of the projects after we move the dirt around.

    Once apon a time, Alice said to Dorthy, I’ve seen some really strange things. To which, Dorothy replied, me too. I killed a bitch with my house and stole her shoes after walking miles on a brick road only to meet a man, who said her shoes would take me home.

    Have a wonderful day. Off to grab 18 gears

  13. Uhem Witch. LOL

    One had to ponder how useful the Chinese slave labor is, once Robot construction goes mainstream.

    • Was the cotton Jin the catalyst for the Civil War? Don’t mind me. These are trucker thoughts as drive all day. Give me time to think. Will Mainstream robot production cause a civil war in China?

      Because delivery robots are only the beginning Mr Jetson.

  14. “See, China and Russia are building out BRICS and with it, the replacement for the U.S. dollar.”

    …And we’re too f’ing stupid to realize the only reason daddy has a car and a job to drive it to, and mommy doesn’t have to draw flowers in the dirt floor of our hovel and cook the family dog for supper, is because the USD is the world’s reserve currency. Our “bums,” living under bridges, are more wealthy than 47% of the world’s population. We’ve been so insulated, and spoiled, for so long, that none of us can even conceive the level of poverty which awaits us when world trade is made in renminbi and crude oil is traded in petrorubles.

    • Sadly this one of the most accurate comments on this or any other forum. And there is no happy ending. Our only hope is that “Our” evil immoral whores beat the worlds other evil immoral whores. No good guys , just winners and losers.

    • “none of us can even conceive the level of poverty which awaits us when world”

      the can man really opened my eyes..we don’t have a clue.. I thought I had hit bottom..then I learned his life story..
      And he was more fortunate than many..

  15. “But the good news will be the special appropriators behind the WEF Global Reset pap will dead-end. Too much revolution and holding to core American values like “Get out of my face.” ”

    Not seein’ it, unless we send a contingent to Switzerland, to teach them how to build guillotines, as well. Whether they’re called Antifa or the WEF, at the rate we’re going, Hitler’s gonna win the war, yet…

  16. In 1958, the pre-eminent broadcast personality in America, Edward R. Murrow, gave his “wires and lights in a box speech,” in which he warned his media colleagues (and tangentially, America at large) of broadcasters tending to become the star instead of objectively reporting the unbiased ‘news.’

    In that historic and prophetic soliloquy, Murrow presciently proclaimed to his colleagues:

    “Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.” See:

    And wrt the corporate factor behind “news” reporting, Murrow observed:

    “One of the basic troubles with radio and television news is that both instruments have grown up as an incompatible combination of show business, advertising and news. Each of the three is a rather bizarre and, at times, demanding profession. And when you get all three under one roof, the dust never settles. The top management of the networks with a few notable exceptions, has been trained in advertising, research, sales or show business. But by the nature of the corporate structure, they also make the final and crucial decisions having to do with news and public affairs. Frequently they have neither the time nor the competence to do this.”

    This was 65 years ago, folks. And what has changed? Add the partisan influences in all arms of the media and we hardly get an accurate accounting of what is going on across the globe and in our once venerable and United States. Instead, we get a constant steam of partisan editorial opinions under cover as the news, and little more. So it is up to “we the sheeple,” shepherded by Ure favorite columnist and mine, to determine the truth, the whole truth, and . . . well, ya’ll know the rest.

    “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    • Yeah, I worked in the TV engineering end of that cesspool for 40 years. Amazing and true insight from Murrow, long ago. I can’t watch TV anymore.

    • Murrow was a Liberal. He was not a Libtard or fanatic, but was quite left of center, politically. So were Cronkite and Brinkley, and pretty much any other A/V journalist any of us would care to name.

      The really telling difference between then and now:

      The news anchors & reporters (especially the WHPC) were Ladies* and Gentlemen, and they rarely allowed their personal bias to invade their workspace.

      *With the exception of Helen Thomas, of course.

  17. Rain fall to date ’bout 5 inch, last year ’bout 15. Average ’bout 10 inch says local weather guy Detroit. Last year sunflowers were tallest 14 foot, average 10, this year only couple of my several hundred are 8 foot. Squirrel got ’bout half my bodacious yellow sweet corn, but small cobs, still harvested several dozen. Got beets to attempt recreate Aunt’s horseradish red beet relish. And still digging new potatoes as wanted. Weird thunderstorm from the east last afternoon, looked like smacked Pelee Island, I managed an tenth inch.
    Vic S

  18. Dang, George! All of a sudden everyone seems to be despondent. Penny Kelly has a heckuvatime holding it all together on her latest Look-See as opposed to previous ones in which she thought she had a pretty clear view of things. She’s a bit hard to watch this time around – Nothing but chaos out there she says so nothing’s coming through. Just be sure to develop the ability to enjoy the moments we have together. There’s more but I haven’t had time to view it all. She’ll probably give an more thorough accounting in a day or two when she talks with Jean-Claude.

    Juan O. Savin is even more strenuously emphasizing an end to all things and a regrouping of the country down a very short road –
    He covers a wide variety of subjects from cryptos to the Masons to the Nesara/Gesara fantasy.

    The increase in cosmic rays coming through due to the lowered magnetic Earth fields must be really getting everyone agitated.

    After having watched a good many Near Death Experience accounts on YT it seems they all are anything but consistent. Perhaps, if they’re true, the people having the experiences are following what their minds were most occupied with at the point of the experience. The most entrenched thought patterns prevail in such times. I say this but here’s an NDE account from a woman who picked up her psychic ability after she was shot 5 or 6 times by her ex-, died and came back. She relates what she is seeing 70 years into our future –
    I Died And Saw Seventy Years Into The Future
    It never seems to fail that predicted events, such as the “imminent” banking collapse we hear at every turn now, doesn’t happen until 2024 when we have the CBDCs imposed on everyone and, “in a surprise to no one Donald Trump is re-elected president in 2028” …!? She doesn’t say what happens politically between now and then, however.

    More and more it all reminds me of Matt. 24:38 and :39 – “For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. And they were oblivious, until the flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the coming of the Son of Man.…”

    Buckle up!

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