In a recent report, I laid out the curious timeline of weather manipulation.

It begins with theory in the 1980’s, goes to HAARP and the other “atmospheric heaters” in the middle 1990’s. Where, we can safely assume, a certain Vice President became aware of things like the Air Force Owning the Weather: 2025 study. Read “Weather as a Force Multiplier” here.

And then, a certain VP didn’t want to run in 2004 but that was because a climate exchange was birthed before that… and helped by a Chicago legislator who now sits in the WH.

The technical side is fairly simple: Ultra high-power atmospheric heaters (there are many in use around the world) can be used to move weather systems around. So when the markets aren’t open, I find myself drawn to weather stories.

Coincidence? Or opportunism? Planetary saviors? To my, the jury is still out. I’m doing something others are not: Collecting the data.

Take India, for example:
India’s Weather Is So Hot Its Roads Are Melting” reports the venerable Popular Science.

But at the same time, we have noticed here at Uretopia Ranch, something quite the opposite. We’ve just had about the most perfect weather for a Spring, ever.

Take Tyler, Texas, which is the nearest big official weather data collection point.

So far this year, Tyler has had 947 heading days and only 421 cooling days. Plus 1,835 growing degree days. Since the first of the year, the average temp has been 61 degrees.

Now let’s look at last year.

1,396 heating degree days, 446 cooling degree days, but only 1,640 growing degree days. Mean temperature was 59 in 2015.

Rainfall year to date is about 16 inches compared to more than 32 last year.

Wind speed was up 1 MPH this year, too, on average.

This is only a single observation point, but it brings into focus that weather – which is always changing anyway – is now considered a weapon of war.

This weekend, we are reading about Bonnie has now weakened to a tropic depression, after being a tropical storm.

One of the avowed goals of the “climateers” seems to be to scale back the lifestyle expectations, especially in emerging countries, so that a greener path into the future will occur.

High and lofty goal? Or is it all about monetization.

We have to consider this as recent headlines like “UN Draws BNP Paribas for Green-Bond Push to Unlock Funding” have us wondering (along with climate exchanges) how much of climate change is “science” and how much is hyperbole/propaganda in order to achieve a global “consensus” and around that, a global tax – nominally in support of climate change – could be imposed?

We won’t bother questioning the science (which has been diddled with from raw data and all the rest of it), and we will only mention the atmospheric heaters in passing, because to do otherwise will inflame climate “true believers” who simplistically think everyone in government is just “trying to do the right thing.”

But what we will do in passing is report that this part of Texas has experienced a marvelous spring and if this is climate change, it isn’t so bad – for now.

Besides, it’s more important to be researching other matters, such as the role of government propagandists on social media, and the like, to understand where the tide of human events will flow next.

We suspect toward your wallet.

No Market Data – But Just Wait

Oh, sure, Asia and Europe were up a bit overnight – they don’t observe our holidays. And later this week, we have the ECB meeting. Could this be a
“buy the rumor, sell the news” event? We’ll see at events roll out.

In the meantime, we will have a two-part news commentary tomorrow because the Case-Shiller Housing numbers come out. ADP Employment Wednesday, Challenger job cuts (and the European Central Bank) Thursday, and US Employment data Friday.

Bits Over Paper

The good news in all of this is that Bitcoin is continuing to ascend. Up to $538 and change when I looked this morning, and I am guessing much, much higher from here. We mentioned this to subscribers back at $423, so things are working out nicely for those interested in bits over paper.