How Depression 2 Arrives?

The storm clouds are already gathering.  Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve announced a continuation of the L4L (lower for longer) interest rate protocol.  They couldn’t raise rates.

And today, the Bank of England followed suit, announcing:

“Our Monetary Policy Committee has voted unanimously to maintain Bank Rate at 0.75%. The committee also voted unanimously to maintain the stock of corporate bond purchases and UK government bond purchases.”

It doesn’t take but a moment’s thought to see what’s going on:  The BoE is keeping that country afloat, perhaps using Modern Monetary Theory, (MMT) just as the U.S. Fed is continuing in this direction.

We will spare you the detailed discussion of neo-chartalism, but will supply this brief Wikipedia snip on outcomes:

“MMT advocates argue that the government should use fiscal policy to achieve full employment, creating new money to fund government purchases. The primary risk once the economy reaches full employment is inflation, which can be addressed by raising taxes and issuing bonds, to remove excess money from the system.[3] MMT is controversial, with active debate[4] about its policy effectiveness and risks.”

In a grand (even global) sense, we are all passengers on a airplane that even test pilots disagree about.

Hidden by the “Gig Economy”

Tomorrow, the FedGov will announce the new Employment Situation Report.  (EMPSIT).

The key number to watch is the total number of persons employed.  It tends to be masked by “headline numbers” that are designed to drive markets hither and yon.  In our modest view, however, those kinds of numbers are far too “squishy” given that (statistically) fewer people are working jobs with benefits.

While the ADP jobs data  claimed 275,000 new jobs were created last month, here’s the Challenger job cuts report from today:

“2019 April Job Cuts Report: Cuts Down to 40,023, YTD Up 31%

U.S.-based employers announced plans to cut 40,023 jobs from their payrolls in April, down 34% from the 60,587 cuts announced in March. This is the lowest monthly total since last August, when 38,472 cuts were announced, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Despite the monthly drop, April cuts are up 11% from the same month last year, when 36,081 cuts were announced. So far this year, employers have announced 230,433 job cuts, 31% higher than the 176,280 announced in the first four months of last year.”

While twiddling our thumbs ahead of the FedGov story tomorrow, the markets with set to bounce a bit (tiny wave 2 mayhap?) from yesterday’s initial declines.

Other Depressing Outlooks

Media Bias Fact Check figures the website “The Hill” is a pretty-even source of news. So when the stupid waste of taxpayer-funded nonsense came up in the Senate yesterday, the biggest headline available was how there’s not a rift between Mueller and William Barr.  We promptly filed this in our (huge) “Shit that doesn’t matter” file.

Great Time to Be a Corporation

Why?  Behold:

labor productivity up chart

Here’s what the press release says:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 3.6 percent in the first quarter of 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 4.1 percent and hours worked increased 0.5 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019, productivity increased 2.4 percent, reflecting a 3.9percent increase in output and a 1.5-percent increase in hours worked. (See chart 1 and table A1.) The four-quarter increase in productivity is the largest since a 2.7-percent gain in the third quarter of 2010. Labor productivity, or output per hour, is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of hours worked by all persons, including employees, proprietors, and unpaid family workers. “

Here’s the Reality Check:  People are doing more work and getting less for it on a unit basis.  Baddabing!

Could the Dow open around flat?  Sure, but higher by this afternoon…maybe?

Big Picture Time

We think the market could hang on – and possibly even hit new all-time highs late summer (although this is NOT investment advice).  But sometime this fall, the two dozen, or more, who are pretending to office in 2020 from both fraudulent parties (neither of which is representing “The People” any longer – corporations pay better) will either investigate and indict what’s her name, or we could have the spectacle of “dueling investigations.”

Meanwhile, William Barr refuses to testify before House after being grilled by senators.  How much abuse can a guy stomach?  DemWitch II, the sequel, continues.  The Mueller letter is just the latest made-up “storyversy.” As Shakespeare said, so far it’s “much ado about nothing.”  Or the “Where’s the beef?” tagline.  Take Ure pick.,

Hooverville’s Relabeling

Another rhyme from “last time” America went through a long wave economic crisis, which now nears, is what about “Hoovervilles” which began near the beginning of the 1929 crash?  Where are they now?

Well, I think we will have two kinds of Trumpville’s ahead.  In one case, victim cities to runaway socialists (like sanctuary Seattle) where the homeless already occupy many encampments around the city will be rolled-up in national media as one class of “Trumpville.”

Recently featured in the KOMO TV special “Seattle is Dying” we can reliably predict that such camps will be used as 2020 anti-Trump propaganda by the the national fifth column press to further their anti-American agenda.

We therefore predict “labeling migration.” We will move from homeless camp labels named after local political figures and ity will all be “pinned on Trump.”

Remember, in Seattle, “Nickelsville was once a nickname for Seattle’s tent city, named after the mayor Greg Nickels (2002–2010))”).  Poopfrancisco and SancSeattle will be easily spun-up as hysterically touted Trumpvilles.  Remember where you heard it first.

The other place to expect Trumpvilles is along the US/Mexico border.  It is laughable that the FedGov has time and resources to oppose Americans who are trying to stem the inflow, but can’t be bothered to actually secure the borders themselves.

Might we offer the low-tech answer?  Let ICE buglecrats watch YouTube:  “VIDEO: Illegals pour out of manhole in busy El Paso intersection, flee into darkness.”  If we can find ’em, why can’t the BP?

At some point, the “low intensity conflict” will likely go hot.  Socialists, drug peddlers, and bureaucrats habitually over-play their hands.

How to Lose Our Vote

Here I was, foolishly trying to look at the shambles of ‘Merican politics with an open mind.

Then I see where “Buttigieg meets with Hillary Clinton.

In my view, Buttigieg just failed our “political IQ and integrity test.”


Almost 4-inches of rain up in the Tulsa area overnight.  Oklahoma resident on storm: “So devastated” said one report.

We had 2″ of rain in the gauge here in the Outback overnight.  According to we have had 21.83 inches of rain so far year to date.  On track for a 70″ year?

Climate change, Climate change!  Everyone panic and pay a climate tax!.”    AYSM?

Slice of local Reality?  We may be playing the “septic” version of “Game of Thrones” here when flush comes to shove…or, is it the other way around?  Hmmm…

Point is, as the (damn ground-saturating) storms from here move east, look for lots more rain and maybe a late planting or two.  Of course, it won’t be a crisis until the weather changes in NYC…

More than 30 million under flash flood watch from Texas to Illinois.

Proof the World Is Nuts Dept.

Branding School: “Hey, let’s figure out a way to double-monetize taco sauce!”  Sure: Taco Bell’s summer apparel line includes bikinis inspired by sauce packets. ISYN.

NY Times gets something right:  (Their business coverage is good – better than their front page to our tastes.) Eduardo Porter’s “Where the Good Jobs Are” is a must-read for those without degrees looking to move around to move up…Well done!

Second NY Times recommended read today: DealBook Briefing: Capitalists Fear a Socialist Revolt.  Though, you wouldn’t think so from their front page – yet.  Class warfare is not a warm-n-fuzzy.

War on the Internet:  Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin blocks thousands of social media users.  Here’s the deal:  He’s a republican, and social media is not an “official act” near as we can figure it.

We also judge the ACLU is on the wrong side of this: they are fighting to have critical comments (trolls & bashers) allowed to gum-upn Bevins social media.  Suing on behalf of trolls?  LOL.  Claiming to block people is an abridgement of “free speech.” Come on, fellers, that’s a crockaschitz.

What about Bevins’ rights to communicate with his supporters and plain (non troll) people?  His social media pages, are they not?.

What we suspect is REALLY going on here is the liberal-corporate media establishment is scared spitless that another republican politician is going “consumer direct” (as Trump has on Twitter).  Screws the corporate media out of all kinds of power…and in our view, that’s why the Bevins case matters.

Speaking of Media Power Failures: “CNN sees ratings swoon in April”. Down 26% in a year says the report..

Daily Diet Aid Story: Maggots will be added to sausage, specialty foods as meat alternative, scientists claim. Oh boy!  Yum!

I think I’ll go starve myself now… moron the ‘morrow.

57 thoughts on “How Depression 2 Arrives?”

    • Andy, I have a good friend who runs Pike’s Peak in his souped up Subaru. That is truly radical how the corners are driven.

      Thank you for your very nice words regarding the death of my husband. It was good to know CPR when he suffered his heart event. He died due to complications from emergency open heart surgery. We were married thirty-five excellent years.

      • Oh Nancy…I am so sorry to hear about your loss..
        Prayers are being sent your way..

    • That video brings back some happy happy memories for me. First up there with my Dad in 1977, in a 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible, me riding shotgun scared out of my wits. He let me drive on the way down, scared him out of his wits. Next time up, 30+ years later with my husband, scared out of my wits on the way up. On the way down, the park ranger pulled his butt over to let the cars brakes cool; he said he didn’t need to read the temperature gauge, he could tell by my face, riding shotgun again, that my husband had overdid it! A few years later, went back again, this time on a motorcycle, came down the mountain in neutral the whole way. It’s a nice test of staying married doing this trip with your spouse! This is a once in a lifetime trip up and down; but make it on your REPEAT bucket list! Thanks for sharing, Andy.

  1. “Eduardo Porter’s “Where the Good Jobs Are” is a must-read for those without degrees looking to move around to move up…Well done!”

    Phew.. I haven’t read the book yet.. but I am guessing it is a cross between what color is your parachute and a statistical analysis of average income with the consideration of the social relevance of living conditions and crime ratings of community..

    Like our area.. supposedly it is one of the top ten places in the usa to live.. and it is in some ways.. it has the small town appeal there is very little violence and crime that is associated to big city living and the median cost of a home is between a hundred and two hundred grand..children can still run out to play and you can sit on your veranda and enjoy a good cup of jo without the fear of having someone drive by shoot you..
    But to move here from another area is quite another question.first off and most important your will be moving into an alien landscape leaving behind your social support group.your still going to make an average of forty grand a year or below.. the cost of living is still going to out pace what your income is.. unless we bring back industry so that community can flourish again.. making the moves on the average is just not a good idea.. you always end up out of your comfort zones beyond your circle of support..
    then there are the hidden factors.. that you don’t see on the surface..

  2. Salvation can only come from the ‘inside-out’ and not from the ‘outside-in’ for everyone of us. I, individually, cannot change the world–I can only change myself!

    “As a Man Thinketh…etc.” (Try to stay dry ;-)).

  3. George,

    Per Ure last item on Daily Diet Aid, if you are starving, nutrition and not taste is what matters most. Insects abide – nature provides gazillions of them, and most are edible after one takes the time to remove wings and legs and properly prep them for consumtion. If you have wooded areas around where you live, gently raking old leaves will reveal earth worms at ground level. The old fisherman’s trick of hunting night crawlers (earthworms for the uninitiated) in one’s yard or in the local park with a flashlight and pinning them with one’t thumb, then extracting them with a pinch of the index finger from their cozy earthen holes also works well. Using a simple meat grinder, earthworms make excellent additions to pasta or soup, and if you catch enough, any dish you would use ground meat for is also great for earthworms. Simply blanche the worms for about 45-60 seconds in boiling water (to make them expel their worm poo and kill surface bacteria) and then cook/fry as you would raw meat dishes. Also, here in the Northeast US, 17 year Cicadas are about to emerge. Estimates are up to 1.5 million of the critters will occupy every acre of land. Cicadas are edible and many recipes are available online, but simple frying in butter or olive oils works great after removing the wings and legs. They taste rather nutty too. Pulling or splitting apart rotting wood will reveal various plump, white grubs. They can be swallowed whole in times of desperation (chewing is not recommended) but frying gently works best, although they should still be swallowed whole to avoid getting a taste of their creamy innards. Lots of books on this topic. Never go hungry if nature’s insect bounty is properly tapped. Plus, when you eventually do trap/shoot a squirrel, rabbit or water foul, it tastes like a million bucks after it’s cooked! Bon appetit!

    • WH… reminds me of the old saying…they say it tastes like chicken.

      My grand daughter had to take an antibiotic once when she was four.. the pharmacist asked her what flavor she wanted cherry,grape,or bubble gum..she picked bubble gum.. took her first dose at the pharmacy .. we headed for the car. As we are getting in she says..grandpa..say bubble gum.. I said bubble gum…nope didn’t taste like that.
      . Lol lol ..
      My guess is they won’t taste like chicken either lol lol lol

    • Hi, Warhammer, all you typed is right in line with Nancy at Zeta talk; this is exactly the prep she recommends.

  4. George:

    Big news flash. Republicans don’t care about Immigration. It was just another cruel hoax on The Base, who got had, again.

    When your Conservatives had complete control of the government, did they fix Immigration? Yea, right. The ONLY major litigation they passed was the Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.
    (83%, or $1.74 trillion went to the Upper 1% — all borrowed, ha, so important it was.)

    The Base got had. You got had. Classic bait and switch. Anger, fear, and race were the bait. The tax cuts for the Rich was the switch.

    The Rich laugh at The Base. And play them for Rubes. Trump was born a trust fund baby, and IS the Upper 1%. As if rich owners, farmers, manufacturers, hotels, golf courses, etc. were ever going to give up their cheap labor. Sorry to be the one to have to tell you. Best, Mike.

  5. George – as a sharp eyed trend spotter, you must really be enjoying the “show”. As the scheduled closing act (MMT) gets ready to take the stage, looking at hard assets that can be had cheaply might be a worthy endevour. Seems to my simple mind that MMT will drive INFLATION to the moon..Alice. Physical precious metals are CHEAP and might get a lil cheaper near term, but long term..
    BitCoin is still in dicey territory – break above $5500 – The Bandicoot is in it to win it, break below 5000, get out – not Short..never ever Sell Short BTC – possible Unlimited Loss! Can only lose entire investment = Buyer Beware..always.

    *Bandicoot only hints and drops trails – must /research & try to debunk on your own – good luck.

  6. Trumps really in-material except for his twittering and tweeting like a bird in the gilded cage,the three nuts (Bolton Pompeo and Abrams) run the affairs of things, much like the two nuts who ran Bush’s affairs plunging us into still running endless war,As for Clinton’s they will never be investigated or indited for the simple reason that they are part of the family,much like the mob,they would really have to run afoul of the other crimes boss’s/families to bring it about.The only thing that will prevent the destruction of this type of capitalism is a war,and it will have to be a rather large war not another Iraq,Syria,Libya,Afghanistan,wars we couldn’t win, and preferably wars with only a minor effort on our part,Europe would serve very nicely.!!!

  7. George,
    I think you have it backwards on Seattle. The GOP will use it to their advantage as failed liberal policies. As for the poop in San Francisco….that doesn’t exist, no matter what fake story you read…it’s just plain fake news…so that won’t get any play. We do have our share of homeless…not as big as Seattle, but big enough for the GOP to use it as an example of failed liberal policies…

    So, if the left uses the Trumpville scenario you suggested, it WILL back fire in the libs face….Or as a former spin doctor myself…the GOP would be stupid not to turn that story to their advantage.

    And Buttigieg and any other Democrat that is seeking a run for the Presidency is a moron for giving Hillary an audience. Or maybe he met with her to BEG her not to endorse him. Any endorsement from the Wicked Witch is death.

    • “”no matter what fake story you read…””

      OTFLMAO…. seems every single mass media outlet has bought that story and put it on the news so much it’s now an old story..(with pictures and video)
      Even the us govt. Bought that story to lol lol..
      A friend of mine on his mission went to san fran and he had similar stories as the news.
      My guess is your daily travels doesn’t pass those areas of town. And you’ve probably missed listening to the evening news broadcasts.
      But it is good to know there’s a perfect spot to relo are the illegal refugees entering our great nation..

    • Contrats George, after reading Mark’s comments, it looks like you have risen high enough in the ranks of the aware to have acquired a shill to post crap.

      • Thanks, EcuadorExpat, us regular readers have noticed as well. They are trying repetitive divide and attempted conquer here. It isn’t working, of course, because they can’t control the columns content nor the comments unlike, for example, the Daily Mail, CNN,, and hundreds of other websites that erase balanced, thoughtful, and truthful comments with sludge. Mark is a repetitive sludger.

    • I think we need to change Mark’s moniker to Marco Poopo. He keeps denying it and all of us keep proving it with new articles from Drudge several times a week. Heck, even Scientific American has gotten in on the act of reporting it but ol’ M.P. won’t pull his head out of that orifice cause he’s been selling well fertilized real estate to the gullible wealthy for too long.

      • Bill,
        I will put my money where my mouth is. You come out to San Francisco…For every human poop deposit on the streets that you find, I will give you $100. If we find nothing, which we won’t, you buy me a dinner at the House of Prime Rib on Van Ness. George Will agree…Best Prime Rib in the country.

      • Bill… I truly believe that Mark doesn’t know about the situation there.
        When I got married for the first time I had never seen a relationship where couples argued or had disagreements.
        I had lived in a sheltered household. My parents were rock steady.. once a month they would pull out the Bill’s lay them on the table and discuss the months income and outgoings.
        Luckily i am assuming mark has an income where he’s sheltered from real life on the street. It isn’t his fault or his responsibility to know other than what his life allows him looking through the rose colored glasses.
        For myself that’s important.. as long as he sees life as if its portraits through those rose colored glasses we are ok..
        His life is more than likely the other end of the spectrum than NM mine. The moment it looks like real life to him and he starts fretting about the social impacts is the cure that everything is about to implode. The day he wants to jump out of a fifty storey window is the day I seek out a hole to hide in. Because the end is at hand in my opinion.

  8. One more thing. I can’t copy the link, because it’s a subscription, but the Wall Street Journal has a lengthy story about Foxconn pulling out of Wisconsin. If you recall, this was a major announcement from Con man Trump touting the how he is bringing foreign jobs back to America. Well..the only promise that smoke and mirrors Trump and his brainless minions have given us is talk…No Action.

    All of his “deals” have not materialized. No new NAFTA deal yet…No China deal…no new healthcare. All he did was tear things apart and never replaced them with a better solution. My dad used to tell me…don’t get rid of something unless you have a replacement in hand…That mantra carries over to everything from household items to careers and jobs.

    Trump, the spoiled brat of wealth has always had things given to him…He doesn’t value sensibilities like that.

    • Mark, as for China, PT has done a fine job & all is working out well. My China indicator, YUM China, YUMC, is at its 52 week high. I suggest you have lunch at Taco Bell or the Colonels & celebrate PT’s China success. I suggest you try the Colonel’s extra crispy since you seem a bit fried or maybe just pooped out.

    • Mark, you are a valuable “contribitur”, but don’t you think that bashing on Trump gets a ‘little long in the tooth?’

      • Bashing Trump never gets old…Mainly because he just keeps saying, doing and tweeting dumb and dumber stuff that truly boggles the mind. It’s the ultimate reality show. In the history of world politics, dating back to Neanderthal cave management, there has never been a leader that has been as intellectually deficient as Trump. He is just a comical figurehead.

        Bush, who wasn’t as dumb, but dumb nevertheless, had Dick Cheney, Trump has Nobody really. Just a bunch of clowns, that compliment him every once in a while, to keep him at Bay and on Twitter…while they scheme and find ways to make the rich richer. Where’s that trickle Down? Oh yeah…it doesn’t work that way.

        I can ask all of you the same question…when are you all going to wake up from your zombie coma and realize that you have been duped for the past 2.5 years? Doesn’t Getting duped get old?

    • “No new NAFTA deal yet…No China deal…no new healthcare. All he did was tear things apart and never replaced them with a better solution.”

      My guess is he’s been attacked from every angle since before he took office. Everything he has started has been questioned and discredited so much that hes been to busy defending himself.
      I am thinking the ones that put those things in place in the beginning don’t want to have to start all over again.

      • Quit making excuses for this pig. He is classic, con artist deflector. He has no clue what he is doing. He makes statements, signs executive orders to give the appearance that he is doing something, but doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to actually follow through with anything.

        He deflects to hide his ignorance, then deflects again to hide his ignorance of the things he deflected to be ignorant about and the cycle continues into infinity.

        Meanwhile, nothing really gets done…the economy, which was on the upswing prior to his being President is still chugging along, because he has done nothing to make it terrible…and on things like trade and taxes…artificial intelligence in business makes the corrections on the items he did disrupt anyway.

        So by doing nothing…says to me, we don’t really need a president…we just need a corporatocracy and technology that makes policy and we could put George’s cat in power and get just as good results. Plus George’s cat’s paws can’t use Twitter, so there is that advantage.

  9. Here is where research done by Prechter and outfits like JPMorgan can shine a little light on what is really happening:

    The idea that the Fed controls interest rates is political smoke and mirrors. Prechter teaches that the Fed follows broader commercial bank rates, always. Right now, the broader bank rates are going up. The Fed cannot lower rates against the tide, and is taking a major gamble in losing all influence by leaving rates unchanged rather than kicking them up a notch. If the trend in the banking rates as discussed in the article referenced above continues, the Fed will be forced to raise rates at the next meeting by the open markets, not by decree of economic talking head committee members.

    I am concerned that this current situation may be a signal that we have crossed some invisible line with the expanding government and private debt. For the Fed to lose all semblance of control on interest rates would be a necessary precursor to a treasury default at some later date. Given that all equities are now owned through government proxy in the US, that leaves only real estate and physical metals as back-up investments to hedge against system collapses, though valuations of both are at bubble levels. The underlying domestic economic picture continues to become more embrittled.

    The depression II era scenario where physical metals are a requirement to pay real estate taxes is probably now on the table. If you don’t have clear title to a home you can live in, then maybe investing in a nice tent and at least paying off one roadable touring vehicle big enough to carry the family would be a good idea. Even owning a lot in the country with some utilities is a back-up plan to a mortgage blow-out scenario. While I own my home, I also have a 4′ x 6′ enclosed trailer which can be towed by just about anything. Always have a cash plan B if you are in debt. Always have a cash plan B if you aren’t in debt. Nothing is of permanent value if the title is held by the bank.

    The leftists are smelling the blood in the water, and are starting to circle.

  10. During earnings season, it is best to ignore the gyrations in the stock market because of the speculative buying & selling going on. For example 15 million shares of Apple are purchased prior to their earnings. When Apple announces earnings, these 15 million shares are going to be sold no matter if the earnings are good or bad. The investors are just in it for a quick trade. 15 million shares being sold all at once is going to temporarily affect Apple’s stock price. Selling 15 million shares is not like selling a couple thousand out of your Brokerage Account. This craziness affects the hole market. But, if I had the money, I would do it.

    • Point is: Too much money in circulation that only fuels speculation; and that was not the pupose of money ;-(

  11. The Bevins thing will be interesting.

    The First Amendment guarantees a Right to Free Speech. It does not require attendance or guarantee ANYONE an audience.

    • $2 bucks Andy sez you liked the tune because the woman who posted it was hoit…I see a lot of this and no, we don’t post youtube vids usually…please.

      • Its a biggen. Havent ya had the quake “tireds” yesterday? Best dart California. Souther part. Be an all night shaker.

        Just call it as i see it.

        Told ya, in an email you’d owe me a dollar. Now ya doubled down. Lol

      • Actually been seeing 2 big ones. Or a huge aftershock. Second one could be in Seattle? Hmmmmm

    • Abominable, did I spell it right? Haven’t used that word in ages. Peoples taste almost always amazes me.

    • Andy, If something is trying to come through on the other side of the veil…maybe your earthquake happened there…and it’s you trying to break through to their side. Meanwhile, our side is safe…for now.

  12. Ok i confirmation 1 Huge EQ hit Seattle at 2130pm and i got another hitting San Deigo, dont have a Time on that one. Both over 8.0’s.

    Looks like we are on for tonight!

    • Its either San Francisco or San Diego. 1 in Seattle, got confirmation on that. The diego and Francisco keeps going back and forth. Ohhhh san Francisco has more data refrences

    • Sorry old dude about the blast. I got San Diego confirmation. And a bunch of after shocks. Huge ones. I dont normally put this out, this detailed but the Higher Powers are up on me about this. I can not get that stupid Dora the Explorer song out of my fricken head!!!! The map the map the map!

      Thats all i got. 8.0 size after shocks.

      Hope im wrong about the EQ’s

      • Got confirmation LA quake is Friday! Ive never seen anything like this before. So many even some indicators of them in Tennessee. And felt as far away as Italy.

        At my house we are locked stocked and ready to rumble. like i said, i hope im wrong. Just never had so many references.

      • oddly, Elaine and I had the “e3arthuake tireds” earlier this week, but it passed. A real slow-motion series, oddly. Feels like a 6.5 or bigger, but what we have seen on the monitors so far doesn’t match the long, slow roll of this one…

      • Yeah i dont know but i have been getting them bad. I never take a lunch and yesterday i was just zonked out for a half hour straight. I could be off on the dates. But the time they happen are confrirmed from how i read things.

        Who knows? I usually dont get super bombard like that.

        We didnt have the quake last night. I could be off hy 2 days.

        Idk. I could be wrong.

        I was talking to that Coy fish last night who lives down in texas and come to find out she has also had 7 NDE’S!!!

        She said found out that we could change things that we see.

        She showed me some of her visions that came true and i showed her a few examples of my seeing things and then unfolding as stated.

        She said “something” is trying very hard to come though from the other side of the “veil”. Something Big!!!

        Which i been seeing that for a while too. I have never told anyone.

        Hmmmmmm…… guess we will see..

        Everyone, EVERYONE around me has been complaining about just beeing super tired all the sudden yesterday.

  13. F*ck! I got LA TOO! its alot. I cant nail it down because there is so many ! Like Hurricane Katrina damage!

  14. I am just having the most weirdest week. Im not joking. Even for me.

    I have litterally met 5 people from Texas in the last few days. I opened the door for this blonde lady and held it for her as she came in the store. She comes up to me later and says hey thanks about that earlier, im just a blond rebel from texas, part of the resistance. Mostly a country gal that drinks whiskey and yells at the Moon. Not often do i run accross a gentleman in these parts. I said oh your welcome darlin. Then she says im a winner thats forsure. and we part ways.

    I have soo many werid things and people say just off the hook stuff to me. Crazy.

    Im mean, im super weird anyway. I just dont know what to think, so bizarre.

    On to grab 18 gears.

    Have a great day! I know I will!

  15. I agree with other writers that “Mark” is a left wing shill. Everything “he” writes is like a broken record, same old-same old. I will add one thing. It seems that “Mark’s” frustration that PT has not been drawn and quartered; has effected his writing style. In his latest contributions, he has stooped to the level of personal name calling and insults in an effort to make his pathetic point of view. Lies repeated multiple times still are lies; and that is all that the mainstream media and the Democrats are operating with. A some point the truth comes home to roost; at which time “a woman of whom I shall not speak”, will be held accountable for her illegal acts. The sooner, the better.

    • Individuals with OCD problems should be handled delicately, not by tying knots in their carpet fringe, or surrounding their office chair with large cracker crumbs. When someone blames every flat tire they have on the Commander in Chief, well, let’s just say they have a clinical issue which should invoke the sympathies of other commentators, not personal attacks. But please, don’t try to hug an OCD victim, they might spray you with Lysol.

    • So you don’t like Personal name calling you say? You mean the type of 6th grade name calling that your loser President spews out of his greasy KFC stained mouth? What’s his latest? Sleepy Joe? Nasty Kamala?

      I sort of like sparring you Trump lovin folk. I don’t get the chance to do that anywhere else. You are the only people that I get to converse with that actually support “Dumb Don” Trump.

      Go read George Conway’s twitter feed if you want the truth. Yeah the husband of Kellyanne. I am a Trump stumping choirboy compared to him.

      You don’t think that he knows what’s really going on? I can hear Kellyanne at the dinner table to her husband” Well George you will never believe what my boss did today “

      Oh…I think we do. Your husband just tweeted it.

      • No Mark, you might have misinterpreted my comment. I was suggesting that other commenters should refrain from calling you names.

      • ” I don’t get the chance to do that anywhere else. ”

        …And herein lies the problem. You are living in a bubble.

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