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    a Facebook group where people post deals that teachers might like. Most deals are “the deal of the day”. You might have to ask an administrator to join

  2. Auction #2850866 – Custom Built Micro-Milling Machine

    This custom-built micro-milling machine was used in a research laboratory for making very small parts and is capable of sub-micron accuracy. The original cost to build this machine was nearly $200k. Though it should be updated with newer controllers and data collection devices, the base machine is fully functional and was recently updated with new X-Y-Z stages. It comes with a new-in-the-box air dryer and lots of tooling.

    Payment for an awarded item must be received within five (5) business days after notice of award of the winning bid.

    The successful bidder will be responsible for removal or pick-up of item(s). Removal must occur within ten (10) business days after notification of award of the winning bid.

    I’m guessing about 22 sq.ft. ~96×28 inches, perhaps as much as 1000 pounds.

    I don’t know what anyone would do with a 3-D CNC mill with 0.000002″ accuracy, but if it cost MTU $200,000 to build then, it’s probably a half-million to million dollar machine now, and it may well sell for their $2000 open (unless there’s a last-minute bidding war), simply because Houghton is a thousand miles from anywhere (and 1360 miles from George…)

    Michigan Tech is like Trine and Rose-Hulman — a top-shelf scientific and polytechnical college that nobody’s heard of. It is located in Houghton, Michigan, ‘WAY up nort’ in the Upper Peninsula. It is in the Keewenaw Peninsula (that’s the “finger” which juts into Lake Superior) about 170-180 miles straight north of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    This is probably a “pick it up yourself” auction. I’ve been to Michigan Tech, but never foraging for salvage, so I don’t know their policies. Houghton (and Hancock, right across the canal) are two really pretty, quaint little cities. The Keewenaw Peninsula is where the majority of our copper and uranium came from, until after WW-II (Copper Mountain may be a National Historical Site now) so it’s kinda hilly. It is also such incredibly beautiful country this time of year that a body can forget the 380 inches of snow that fall on the Peninsula every winter…

    • Didn’t notice earlier… Michigan Tech dropped these, the auctions for which end today (7/22/21):

      Micro Motion F050S Coriolis Flow Meter, and a
      Unholtz-Dickie Electrodynamic Shaker System.

      With the above mill, they also dropped a:

      Sonic-Mill Ultra Sonic Milling Machine, and a
      Coburn 9001 Diamond Facing Lathe for optical lenses

      These are some really esoteric tools, the likes of which I’ve never seen before in a public sale…


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