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This is a page dedicated to the shopper in all of us.

Simply post any “hot deals” you have found and I will approve comments/recommendations as appropriate.  If you spot something that’s a good deal others would like to know about, please share!

(No lingerie, sex ads, retailer hype!  We’re after tools, prepping goods, and genuine “good deals” online.  We all know about Amazon, WalMart and using Honey…so share away!)


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    a Facebook group where people post deals that teachers might like. Most deals are “the deal of the day”. You might have to ask an administrator to join

  2. Auction #2850866 – Custom Built Micro-Milling Machine

    This custom-built micro-milling machine was used in a research laboratory for making very small parts and is capable of sub-micron accuracy. The original cost to build this machine was nearly $200k. Though it should be updated with newer controllers and data collection devices, the base machine is fully functional and was recently updated with new X-Y-Z stages. It comes with a new-in-the-box air dryer and lots of tooling.

    Payment for an awarded item must be received within five (5) business days after notice of award of the winning bid.

    The successful bidder will be responsible for removal or pick-up of item(s). Removal must occur within ten (10) business days after notification of award of the winning bid.

    I’m guessing about 22 sq.ft. ~96×28 inches, perhaps as much as 1000 pounds.

    I don’t know what anyone would do with a 3-D CNC mill with 0.000002″ accuracy, but if it cost MTU $200,000 to build then, it’s probably a half-million to million dollar machine now, and it may well sell for their $2000 open (unless there’s a last-minute bidding war), simply because Houghton is a thousand miles from anywhere (and 1360 miles from George…)

    Michigan Tech is like Trine and Rose-Hulman — a top-shelf scientific and polytechnical college that nobody’s heard of. It is located in Houghton, Michigan, ‘WAY up nort’ in the Upper Peninsula. It is in the Keewenaw Peninsula (that’s the “finger” which juts into Lake Superior) about 170-180 miles straight north of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    This is probably a “pick it up yourself” auction. I’ve been to Michigan Tech, but never foraging for salvage, so I don’t know their policies. Houghton (and Hancock, right across the canal) are two really pretty, quaint little cities. The Keewenaw Peninsula is where the majority of our copper and uranium came from, until after WW-II (Copper Mountain may be a National Historical Site now) so it’s kinda hilly. It is also such incredibly beautiful country this time of year that a body can forget the 380 inches of snow that fall on the Peninsula every winter…


    I don’t know if these are actual “hot deals” or not. They are being sold by Allen County, Indiana and the good folks in FWA wrapped them in pallet tape so I can’t see what they are. They look like H-Ps, but mostly Dell, and probably Core i3/i5/i7 Win7 boxes. The fact they’re “wiped” means they are hard drivus intactus. They may be blank drives, may have a hidden partition with an automated OS reload, or may have a virgin OS install, but the important thing is they do have the drives, and drives should be somewhere between 240GB and 1TB in size.

    I’ve been to Allen County several times, but never to Wells Street, so I know nothing about either the facility nor the personnel.

    Each pallet has about 100 desktop computers taped to it… The pallets will probably go for between $500-$600, or ~$5-6 apiece.

    Got Beowulf…?

  4. Short notice, sells today:

    Plasma Table – Shop Sabre Sidekick 10, WinCNC Controller Ready

    Foot print: 93″ x 145″ x 66″
    Weight: 2500 lbs
    Control system: WinCNC w/ Mitsubishi controllers and glass encoders
    Voltage: 220vac
    Machine serial number: 5158

    This table was used by an artist and has never had a plasma head attached, so it cannot currently be operated. The machine was used for painting and has had very light use compared to one being used in manufacturing.

    Manufacturer’s link:

    The unit is in current production and all parts/pieces are available. Base price is $16,995. Options list is ridiculous:

    Traverse City is beautiful this time of year, but if you can’t get a room at one of the local Indian casinos, it gets spendy fast. More than two dozen wineries and two dozen more micro breweries attract a lot of visitors. They ARE also selling a couple 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors (bulletproof armor and that luscious 4.6 quad-cam engine which is their detuned racing mill) so if somebody needs a really fast doomsday vehicle…

    • thanks Ray..Dam nice find… I would love to have one.. but..unfortunately the wife wants to park in the garage.. and a bargain to boot..

  5. Auction #2913810 – Lathe
    Clausing Metosa
    480 Volt
    36 inch Max Length
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2910100 – Solar Wire Welder
    Lot of 2
    Model 2175
    208/230 Volt
    No Tanks
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2910105 – MAC Tool Mig Welder
    Qty of 2
    ULT 200
    200v- 240 volt 30 Amp
    No Tanks
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2913720 – Belt Sanders
    Porter Cable Model 361
    Qty of 3
    120 Volt 10.5 Amp
    Made in USA
    3″ x 24″ Belt
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2913982 – Clausing / Kondia Mill
    Type : FV-1
    Serial# AB44
    Servo Type 140 Auto Feed
    480 Volt
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2913984 – Clausing / Kondia Mill
    Type : FV-1
    Serial# AB594
    Manual Bed
    480 Volt
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2910064 – Snap On Welder
    Model YA205
    208/230 Volt
    No Tanks
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2910057 – Chicago Box & Pan Break
    Model 8Y-812-6
    8′ Adjustable Fingers
    Rated for 12 Gauge Metal
    Weight is 3,750
    Current Price $1.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    Auction #2836749 – Booklet Maker
    Duplo DEM-120
    Collator 2 tower W stitching Unit
    3 Modules
    Working condition when put in storage 2 years ago
    Low Hours
    Current Price $10.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 6 days 16 hours

    One of my favorite locations. 4-County is where I bought the tube caddy and got the two file cabinets filled with new-in-box vacuum tubes thrown in. The school doesn’t sell stuff often, but it’s always top-shelf when they do. Picked up a lot of ~1990s-vintage TEK toys, generator, sillyscope, several power supplies, etc., for $20.50. Their “reserve” is meaningless. Last year they sold a working antique (ca. 1955) firetruck for $400

    It is 2 miles south of Archbold, Ohio. Archbold is half-way between Napoleon and Toledo. Napoleon is where the world’s largest Corvette graveyard is located. Archbold is the home town for Sauder Furniture, and the location of Sauder Village. ‘Twould be a pleasant afternoon drive for either OOW-Steve or George’s consigliore. The rest of us would have to hire a freight service.

    The Pan Brake weighs 3750 pounds. The lathe and milling machines are probably a lot heavier and the booklet maker is likely close to a ton. I bought my brake 10 years ago in Newbury, Michigan (UP) in a huge scavange where I rolled Ohio, Michigan (LP), Michigan (UP), Wisconsin, Illinois, and Kentucky with a 23’ trailer — 2600 miles in 3 days, doing most of my own loading. I paid several hundred dollars for that brake and fortunately, the Newbury HS football team loaded it for me. The one in Archbold will probably sell for less…

  6. After many places ran out of seeds this past year we decided to buy the 2022 seeds as soon as they hit the web this week. Seeds are tools, right? Here’s the deal we found for a reputable website: 20% off promo code: PSBDAY20 at .
    George, they have some fruit trees that will do well in a year round greenhouse; seems potting and pruning them keeps them the right size for that situation. has a video showing mature fruit that stays on the tree for up to 2 years before it starts to shrivel and not taste good. That’s a great shelf life!

  7. Auction #2940888 – Monarch Lathe

    Current Price $200.00 (Reserve not met yet)
    Time Left 17 hours 20 min
    Auction Ends Dec 8, 2021 3:00:00 PM MST

    Monarch Lathe- Worked upon removal.
    Needs Power Cord.
    Buyer must schedule pick up M-F 8am-3pm EST
    Condition: FAIR


    Auction #2943800 – Bridgeport Mill

    Current Price $101.00 (Reserve not met yet) Help window
    Time Left 6 days 15 hours
    Auction Ends Dec 14, 2021 1:00:00 PM MST

    Bridgeport Milling Machine- Needs mill vise and draw bar.
    Worked upon removal.
    Being sold “AS IS”

    These are at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI .

    I’ve never dealt with Washtenaw so I don’t know anything about their system. They’ve been selling machinery the past few weeks though, and these two are legendary postwar tools.

  8. As some of you know, among other things I did to work my way through college, I repaired (and in a couple cases restored) OBSCs (Old British SportsCars.) I had a really good reputation for doing work of the highest order, but a really bad reputation for taking the time required to do so.

    One of my “secrets” for building a bulletproof MG or Standard engine was sourcing some of the parts from Paeco. This is a big deal. Austin/Morris and Standard/Triumph were known for engines whose heads would “lift” and which had “hot spots” because of sucky oil and coolant flow. Paeco had this parts category they called “SRE” (for super reliability engine.) The Paeco SRE was essentially a stage 2 racing engine built with stage 4 parts. Hence you’d get a small horespower boost, but an engine that’d never be stressed and would therefore last nearly forever.

    Paeco Industries, in Birmingham Alabama, was THE source for engine bits that would make an OBSC outrun its braking and suspension systems, and last nearly forever. Bits like forged aluminum and titanium pushrods, rockers, valve retainers, titanium valves, aluminum flywheels, etc. They offered an MG engine that’d turn 7900 rpm and make 146BHP (stock MG engines redlined at exactly 6000 @94-BHP, MY-1972, other years were less) and an Alfa Spyder engine that’d run 9600 all day long. They also had a rebuilding service where they offered to manufacture any piece necessary and restore any ICE. They did a booming business, building pistons, sleeves, valves, &c for 19th Century – to “post-depression” antique vehicles.

    As a reminder of how old I am, I dropped in on Paeco tonight, and was greeted by this:

    “After serving the sports car world with performance parts and engines for 57 years, we have finally closed our doors. However, there are a lot of items still here that need to be moved, and we are selling them at ridiculously low prices.”

    They have already sold off some of their equipment and most of their “interesting” car parts, but there’s a lot remaining (including a turret lathe I would own Monday, if I had a place to put it…)

    Paeco is just off I-65 and I-20. Birmingham is ~580 miles from George, and there are 5 casinos in Greater B’Ham… Just sayin’

    Paeco may be found here:

    • As a farmer I can tell you for a lot of soils there is no economic substitute for some of this stuff.

      The specific tactical problem involved in protecting the country is not fertilizer, guns, or the more dangerous drugs, alcohol, and gasoline. It is the political system which has shorn a constitutional republic of its adherence to laws. Replacing them with made-up edicts and official pronouncements in an extra-legal manner/. An “educational system” selling sex change, teaching situational ethics alone, ignoring the Pledge of Allegiance, and selling favors to corporations for curriculum inclusion is hardly ethical.

      Reading, writing, and arithmetic has been replaced with anger, revenge, and reparations by those with the loudest voices and most erudite degrees.


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