Here’s the Future – and Why You’re Confused

Enough of Ure’s long-winded scribbles. Standby to learn something.

Today, absent much economic data to drive the mania, we’ll lay out the (simplified) Kondratiev War just ahead.  And explain why you are confused.  One step at a time.

There is a “War Cycle”

Socioeconomics is a not as “clean” as digital (on-off, high-low) logic.  It’s analog because the “circuits” involve wetware between everyone’s ears.

Notwithstanding, we can see evidence of a war cycle by analyzing the outbreak of wars and the 48 to 64-year economic longwave cycle popularized by Nicholas Kondratieff.

Typically, the K-Wave, as this is called, is comprised of five Juglar cycles.  Identified in 1852 by Clement Juglar, and also called the “fixed investment cycle” this is somewhat linked to the (generalized) 11-year Solar Cycle.  Five solar cycles, or 5 Juglar’s and a K-Wave may be seen.

Over the course of the K-Wave, wars tend to cluster in the vicinity of cyclical highs and cyclical lows. Which only makes sense, when you think about it.

At the K-Wave high – say 1929 – we had a screaming economy in the U.S.  There was a bubble in two key technologies.

Automobiles driven by the ICE (internal combustion engine) were made by dozens of manufacturers.  Some of the 1920s deluxe choices – including the 1928 Falcon Knight Roadster – may be inspected here.

Electronics was also in full bloom.  Before manufacturers like Atwater-Kent disappeared, America went through a radio craze that kicked into high gear when KDKA went on the air in November 1920.

Are we in a few tech bubbles today?

Unfortunately, following a technology-driven peak, a bust often follows.  This was the Great Depression.  As we’ve explained many times over, the shortest way out of a Depression is a war.  Puts everyone to work.  War at Peaks (and shortly thereafter) and in troughs, or soon following.

Now to some examples:

  • The US Civil War began in 1861.
  • U.S. entry into World War 1917.

While this is a 56-year period, remember the actual fighting was well underway in Europe itself in 1914.  My consigliere recommends “The Guns of August” for a great mood-setter and easily absorbed deep history.

While we were both members of the University of Colorado Longwave discussion group in the late 1990s (when I penned a contributed paper for the World Congress of Sociology back in that period as a member of Research Committee 51), neither of us can claim exclusivity of thought on the war cycles topic.

An exhaustive treatment may be found in the collection “Kondratieff Waves, Warfare and World Security: Volume 5 NATO Security through Science Series: Human and Societal Dynamics.”  Which is yours today for just $170 at Amazon.  Or, if your morality permits, sites like Semantic Scholar. where you can find more information about the book.

27-Year Half Cycle Wars

Kondratieff war appearances, having clustered once at the peak and again near the trough) have multiple opportunities to “make the numbers.”  Economics provides some evidence of a 26-year war cycle.  Yeilding “possible war” zones at 28, 58, and 81-years.

Vietnam, it could be argued was – from the initial plantation raids by (then) North Vietnam in 1958.  The date can be argued, of course, because Vietnam generally was an unresolved pimple on the French backside of WW II post-war agreements.

The existence of these half-cycles also instructs us to look in the 81-year period.  Which, the bad news bear reminds, is THIS YEAR: 2022.

In 2001, a colleague and I discovered a “currency cycle” in the 83.5-year (idealized) range.  Which nicely fits with Kontradieff half-cycles.  The currency blows up when the non-debt , actual PPP, purchasing power of a currency –falls below 4-1/2 to 5-percent.

As of the latest Fed H.6 Money Stocks report, we are now at 3.6% purchasing power compared to the pre-Fed 1913 levels.

Laughably, history screams “You are ALL idiots.  You couldn’t postpone gratification long enough to buy your future with savings? “

Shit happens when you sell your soul to the Devils of Interest.

The real world is driven by greed and solar cycles to a most uncomfortable degree.

The Secret Sauce of War

Just as soaking chicken for 8-10 hours (in buttermilk) prior to cooking is non-intuitive, so is sorting out economics and warfare.  This is because you have countries, technologies, and social structure.  All different.

To place where modern times are, we need to look at countries as nothing more than the “cooking pots.”

What comes out of them varies, depending on the ingredients you begin with.

Improtantly, the ingredients of war can “land in any pot.”

This is a critical difference in understanding the technical reasons why WW III is at hand and will involve the U.S., Russia, and China.  While the land masses of war seem to “rotate to the west” (in a north-up global projection), only the change of power relocates.

Just as Germany has an impulsive and angry leader in WW II (Hitler), we would not be surprised if the present analog wouldn’t feature a mercurial personality.  Vlad Putin may fit this role.

Remember though, other “ingredients of war” may change.  Thus, the “two-fronts” paradigm moves west.  The U.S./NATO West must contend with Russia east and China west.

The position of the “west country” as technology leader may also roll.  In which case we could expect China to remain dominant in technology.  Which means all that remains are the conflicts to decide whether chips and drones are a decisive differentiator from the early-on Manhattan Project.

CERN might have fulfilled that role – inventing trans-dimensional material, room temperature superconductors, and time travel, but alas, they became (for a while) a failing scientific bureaucracy.  Which happens with “correctness” looses track of the fact there has to be a deliverable.

Extreme medical experiments also seem to roll out at this time in the cycle:  World War II had its Mengele, we have our Fauci.  Both personalities big on (human) experimentation.

Not all the ingredients are visible.  A high-level, celebrity type kidnapping is still on the dance card, or something that will similarly “rivet attention.”  How close to the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping.  This was a major media event from March 1, 1932 until the Hauptman trial concluded in 1935.

Sure, we’ve had our “BPT” (big public trial) generalization of history partly filled by the Epstein/Maxwell drama.  Maybe in part by the emotions around the Smollett sentencing.  Where we were pleased to see Chicago’s mayor on the right side of an issue, for a change: Jussie Smollett blasted by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot after sentencing (

[Equality Sidebar:  If you thought 5-months of jail time and a total of $145,000 in fines was not enough, ask how you would sentence (roles exactly opposite including racial composition) a White perp of the same crime?  When the numbers are equal in your head, that’s likely close to equality.  How would you, for example, sentence a White supremacist pulling the same con? Same profile and if straight?  Would five months be reasonable there?  The midpoint is?]

We often wonder to what degree the public focus on Donald Trump fulfills this media-driven echo.  Still, we’re expecting the Big High Profile Event prior to nukes going off.

Now to the Puzzle Pieces

History is always looking to fit “next pieces of history” into at least many aspects of existing conditions.  Therefore, we look at economics and timelines with one-half the mind.

Then devote the other half of mind to “Future Puzzling” to test-fitting parts like these:

Russian Forces Shell Another Ukraine City, Kyiv a ‘Fortress’ – The Moscow Times.

And WW II-like propaganda has continued to reveal itself.  In stories short-term like Russian State TV Show Goes Off Message, Criticizes War on Ukraine – The Moscow Times.  But also, more generally as evidenced by global falling confidence in media, especially the mainstream.


Following the WW II hostilities, the Nuremberg war crimes trials began within months and concluded October 1, 1946.

The nature of this puzzle piece goes like this:  Can a Trial beheld BEFORE the Major War?

Which is the ponder today as we hold Harris stops short of calling Russian atrocities “war crimes” ( up to the light.  You see, earlier reports had her embracing a war crimes trial.  However now, that page, has been conveniently disappeared.

On the other hand, there is reason for things to turn higher, soon.  Because, the latest Google Trends run looks like war fever may be trying to break.

The big WW III spike was opening of 2020 when Covid was arriving.  Millions feared then that the pandemic was a precursor to WW III in a WW I rhyme off mustard gas.

Sometimes, in a reflective mood, it’s hard to overlook that we live in a conflicted country, as well.  On the high ground, we present our founding statements.  Yet even now while speaking of war crimes current, we don’t as a country remember well Hiroshima, Dresden, Nagasaki.

Those who forget the lessons of history…” kind of thing.

On the lookout for nu-tech, will trans-dimensional materials (or enveloping plasmas) lead to an analogous break into future.  An advance look at after-war to come, such a break is predictable. Reprising, perhaps the German Me-62 jet – which first flew in 1941.  Jets have changed the world a bit, huh?

Markets Driving Lower

That is to say, in the longer-view.  Rally at the open today and a good run through the European Close before people head out for the weekend?

This is how it looked an hour from the opening using our Aggregate Index.  A kind of “index of indexes” (or indices if you prefer).

The headspace this morning is devoted to deep meditation (while watching the S&P, OBV, fast vs. slow Stochastic diffrerentials and the MACD.

What I’m trying to get a sense of is how our future will play out.

Right Now?

It might look like this:

  • Market higher through the close today (or close to it)
  • This may set up a strong decline Monday (carry through Tuesday.  Which is ahead of…
  • The Fed rate decision (+1/4-percent, but the orders to reduce Fed purchasing is like the split brakes on a Kubota – need to be applied evenly for a smooth result!)

On the other hand, might go:

  • Higher to the European close
  • Lower hard ahead of the weekend.
  • Carry through lower Monday
  • Rally ahead  of the Fed
  • Extreme disappointment at the Fed decision Wednesday. and down we go some more…

Remember our discussion this week of how future is like staring at bubbles in a bottle of something bubbly:  They get bigger as they come up to you.  Like the Future.  We’re in the actual decisions about next week which are cast right now.  Just takes a little mind-orienting to learn to think that way.  But does marvels for returns.

I may just sit on the sidelines for a while having “made our nut” for the month.

I figure if you can make 5% on your stake for a month, then it may be time to leave the casino.  Since in our own coin purse the “gambling stakes” are up 7.8-percent for the month, (rate of 246-percent for the year) maybe it’s time to go hit the buffet line and “recharge the luck” for a while.

We’ll need it to burn off some of that tax-loss carryforward from previous learning sessions where I didn’t leave the casino in time.

But it’s like my handicapping teacher at the Frontier told me “It’s not about the money, George.  Money is just how we keep score.  Denominations don’t matter.  It’s the ACTION…man, the ACTION…”

To the buffet line until this afternoon, then?  Maybe I will work on my next great website idea:…

Write when you get rich,

30 thoughts on “Here’s the Future – and Why You’re Confused”

  1. The truckers in Canada noticed that nothing has really changed. I guess a few of them got busted and a few got bankrupted — but their demonstrations essentially changed nothing. Truedough’s regime

    Our (USA) truckers (who I support) have been driving large laps around The District of Corruption via the beltway, flying flags from their rigs, honking horns agreeably to waving supporters on overpasses showing signs and flags — and a fine and stimulating and fun time of displayed Patriotism is being enjoyed. “SASNAK,” an embedded viddy-o journalist (Goggle him on YooToob) is doing a fine, livestream, “You Are There” job of live realtime coverage each day. Quite stirring, actually.

    They are NOT challenging The Fence (a.k.a. “The Great Wall Of Nancy) surrounding The Capitol Area. They are orbiting harmlessly in the Great Circle of the Beltway, mostly mildly annoying the legions of minor government officials and functionaries driving their Lexuses and Prius’ to work. Something like an “Oort Cloud” of distant orbiting many-wheeled bodies, distant, dark, and harmless.

    Shortly they, too, will notice nothing is changing, as the GovDome apparatchiks are ignoring the unwashed lumpenproles of veeHICular surface transportation.

    This will leave OUR truckers only one remaining alternative: “Park ’em.”

    If they do — and I hope they DO, because it WILL have an effect when the flow of milk, eggs, bread, pop-tartz, sports equipment, kale chips, clothing, $400 sneakers, flat screens, fuel, steak, Fruit Loops, and all the Krappe in Walgreens and Dollar General stops — then America will seize up in its tracks, and cease functioning at all levels and purposes.

    One solid honest month will do the trick nicely, I surmise.

    OUR truckers are NOT like Canadian truckers. And they are neither stupid nor unmotivated.

    The effects of such a general strike just might catch the arrogant authorities’ notice, and some actual Rationality, Change, and Improvement could result. (I am an optimist, after all…)

    THIS is to be prepared for more immediately than is possible Nook-U-lar city-trading, in my humble opinion. Unless the perfumed courtiers of D.C. actually LISTEN, this scenario will eventuate, and the useless guards watching the useless but expensive Nancy-Fence will go home by dribbles when the paychecks stop.

    Then, the crystal grows dim, and who can say What Comes Next?

    • There is a private underground subway system connecting
      every government building in DC.
      So our superiors don’t have to see the rabble.

      • Yup.. and a lot more..most of them aren’t even in dc.. congress only works 26 days a year the rest of the time they are a non-present work force..
        To get an issue addressed and solved..Send letters.. one to every member of congress per day. That would even cost less than the fuel costs and lost time from work… its simple, easy and non threatening..
        It doesn’t matter where congressman is in the world or how much lobbyists are paying them.. thousands of letters to every member of congress every day would be a nightmare that would require attention from them it would be more effective than honking at someonethat isn’teven there.. it would create thousands of jobs just to deliver, pitch and toss..

    • One wonders how long the truckers can continue to bleed money. This ain’t NASCAR where you can earn money for driving around in circles. Maybe their motivation is the flashes they’re receiving from the well-wishers on the overpasses. But then, when you’ve seen two, you’ve seen ’em all.

      • “Cornered, nothing left to lose”

        perhaps wonder how someone could be so clueless as to not understand “Nothing Left To Lose”.
        How viciously are Ure wages/earnings garnered every year, just so you can take a bite of the great american SHIT sandwich ? You like Ures with or without a mask?

        Its a big club – “Justus”, and U aint a member, so like everyone else, take a number Sucka.

    • I truck, I have 20 owner operators that think I know what I’m doing. I haul ag chemicals. As I tell people that will listen all that needs to be done for a quick shutdown. Is to block the pipelines where all the gas in this nation comes from. Every city has just 2 or 3 terminals that are close. If you look at the national loading racks for fuel you would see that this country can be brought to a standstill in 3 days or less. I know fuel haulers and the companies that move it. No wants to get hurt for load of fuel.

  2. Russian state news has called for an end to the special military operation because the United States sanctions were ‘so victimizing and destabilizing to the Russian government.’ Putin ‘will listen’ to these brave state news FSB ‘journalists’ who ‘risk 15 years in prison’. This is Putin’s off-ramp. And the bioweapons which were found by the same people – who alledgedly didn’t invade Ukraine, didn’t target nuclear reactors, didn’t target civilian infrastructure, didn’t target a maternity and children hospital, et. al. and didn’t dope up for Sochi 2014 Olympics – will provide the cover story that Putin was ‘morally’ right in their special military operation in Ukraine. After all weapons of mass distruction was the given reason for ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom.’ We didn’t find WMD in Iraq- but the 2014 Sochi Olympics Russian dopers remarkably did find them in Ukraine. How about that.

    The intense Russian disinformation on bioweapons started in early March 2022 with the 2018 back story by the Bulgarian FSB journalist who earlier espoused that the US intelligence was supporting ISIS in Syria. Being an American I chose to listen to American Intelligence disinformation over the Russian fascist Olympic dopers.

    The Western global equity markets ended their March 2020 33/72 week second fractal low on 7 March 2022 with a (using the German DAX) x/2.5y/2y/1.5y :: 5/12/10/7 day terminal decay fractal series starting 22 January 2022. The Eastern global composite equities had their low on Wednesday 9 March 2021. This week, money has starting moving back into the global equity markets. The commodity markets (CRB) will have a later nonlinear second fractal low next week. The third fractal weekly blow-off for equities and commodities will be substantial and propelled with the euphoria associated with the ‘ending’ of the Russian ‘special military operation’.

    Over the next 6-12 months Inflation will rise and the Fed will incrementally drain liquidity and raise interest rates to combat that inflation.

    Remember that Putin is the 2014 Sochi doper cold calculating psychopath who will use the false flag BS bioweapons as his cover. He murders innocent civilian without remorse. And there be Americans who believe and promote Putin’s cover story.

    • “The intense Russian disinformation on bioweapons…” Seriously… After Fauci and the National Institute of Health gain of function money sent to a Chinese military bioweapons lab???

      Let’s see, Putin or Victory F. The EU Nuland and Obama…

      TEF, wake up and smell what you are selling.

      • Did a new five day S+P 500 Y fractal start on March 2? If so, wouldn’t a 1.6, 2 , 2.5 y subsequent decay fractal start thereafter?
        This might bring the low in the S+P 500 after the March 14 date.
        Does a large influx of stock,options,future buying negate a decay fractal? or does it just postpone an inevitable future decay?

    • …lost in the rubble of disinfo agents and their poisonous cargo loadz.

      “Fractals” – suggest sticking to the Science. .

      Genetic Diversity – Fractacality = inSOULment

      shhhhhh, its a secret”

  3. Fellow Bretheren, G –

    Consider please, the other sides view for a moment. Knowing that msm is 100% lies & fabrications =mockingbirdmedia/cia. 100% controlled – see bill casey for the details.

    The “deepstate” controls our government . They control majority of Western governments (thru greed).

    – DeepState is ultimate adversary to ALL Humanity.

    The below link is from Russian Intel – dropped on VT /Syria this week. My word this Not counter intel pro – this is real as it gets – found it to be extremely interesting..

    Caution advised as you chew thru the information – grains of salt

    Its not nice to fool with the Motherland, someone s gonna have 2 PAY .

    PS – am of Rus/Slavic decent – Ure government/military-Army designeing Bioweapon s to Kill genetically specific peoples of Slavic decent.

    F. U. deepstate – I am embedded In-Country behind Enemy lines. hahahah

    deepstate IS the Enemy – and Ures truly is part of the Extremely Prejudicial SOLUTION ..”.just another easy day”

  4. Maybe , just maybe Putin is lying about the bio weapons ,but you know China joe and the msm is lying. Hunter and the big guy won’t take their hands out of that cookie jar called Ukraine.

  5. On another note…Yesterday US Inflation hit a 40-year high of 7.9% (this is why it’s important to own property!). Since the founding of the US in 1776, the highest year-over-year inflation rate observed was 29.78% in 1778. In the period of time since the introduction of the CPI, the highest inflation rate observed was 19.66% in 1917. Why did inflation spike in 1917? When WW1 ended, government agencies removed their controls on the economy releasing pent up demand. People raced to buy goods that had been rationed, while businesses rapidly raised prices they had been forced to keep low during the war. The result was rapid inflation. Sounds familiar…. We are coming off of a nearly 2 year forced masked/shelter in place hybrid and those that were affected are raising prices to make up for losses and people are buying due to pent up demand.

    Between 1775 and 1913, the US experienced 4 separate periods of double-digit inflation. After WW2, inflation spiked to 18.1%.  Between 1978 and 1981 inflation was 10% or higher. In the past century there have only been about 6 years that experienced DEflation in the US.

    This is yet another cycle we are repeating.

  6. Since the 2008 recession, we fiddlers have enjoyed virtually 0% inflation, 0% interest rates & a booming stock market. It is time to pause & pay the piper his due. It has been like this since the Dow Jones was born. I would say the Net Worth of individuals since 2008 has increased more than a jugger can balance, probably 5 times since 2008, on average. Trees don’t grow to the sky & neither does the Dow Jones before it pauses & dishes out some misery.

  7. Comrades,

    The Ukraine is doing a top-shelf job in the disinformation arena. An FSB informant laying it all out to a Russian dissident exiled in France translated by a member of the Ukrainian diaspora? Donate to a choice of not one, but three cryptocurrency accounts! A CIS region “journalist” letting Belling’s cat inside the house whose career pinnacle was to flip a Russian radio broadcast group for a hefty multiple of the original purchase price within 3 years?

    One may have noticed the empty chair on the Ukrainian negotiators’ side between the first and second rounds of the Belarus peace talks. As an aside I must say there are not many opportunities to congratulate a Russian delegation on their business-like attire. However the Ukrainian delegates didn’t carry off their camo look close to a Mr. Zelensky level. Anyhow back to the missing gentleman. Apparently he had materialized in a deceased state on a Kiev street during the interim between meetings, and had given his life in heroic action according to the Ukrainian security apparatus.

    As a former 7 time winner of The Tour might say, be fast but don’t get caught.

  8. Comrades,

    I opened up the browser to CBC world news, and lo and behold if an Azov Battalion member isn’t front center and identified as such. The report pulled from Associated Press featured yet another pair of Azov soldiers pictured in the story body. The same Azov-embedded photographer Sergey Bobok shows up with an Azov Battalion picture in the “Irish Times”. The lined-up row of amended-Zogist saluting soldiers “pray in Ukraine’s second city of Kharkiv” we are told. Ireland, Lent, praying? Ok got it, but I don’t know any Christians who pray with fist salutes.

    Onwards to read the good word from American taxpayer funded “Radio Free Europe” headed by a newly minted ceo seasoned by some years tutelage in Sen. Rubio’s office. It seems Mr. Putin’s regime has sentenced three members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamic group to lengthy prison terms, and who are pictured sporting t-shirts protesting the 1783 Russian invasion of Crimea by Catherine the Great! RFE notes that the Islamic group is outlawed in Russia but legal in the Ukraine. Wikipedia advises that Hizb ut-Tahrir is headquartered in Beirut and is seeking an Islamic caliphate…

    To paraphrase the Smothers Brothers closing line on the “Classical Gas” broadcast –

    I am now informed.

  9. “Just as Germany has an impulsive and angry leader in WW II (Hitler), we would not be surprised if the present analog wouldn’t feature a mercurial personality. Vlad Putin may fit this role.”

    So might Biden and/or Xi. Biden is far less competent than the other two, but is at least as certain of his own abilities, even though nearly everyone on the planet KNOWS he’s singularly-lacking in ability. All three are despots. Putin and Xi know how to fight. Biden only knows how to lie, steal, and bluster.

    Do NOT assume WE are NOT the “bad guy.” Remember less than 6% of the German population had any idea their military and government were engaged in a murderous genocide, which is what happens when one ideology has a monopoly on the creation and dissemination of public information. Over 91% were completely innocent, and couldn’t understand why Britain, America, and the Soviet Union were attacking the fatherland. Our government and media are so much better at spinning propaganda than Hitler’s Germany (or even Stalin’s USSR) that if their information ministers were alive today, they’d blush, seeing what ours get away with.

    Information is the world’s most-valuable commodity. This is something we rarely see exemplified in contemporary society, but “war” affords us the opportunity to realize its import, since during wartime, rumor and propaganda rule, and the disclosure of any accurate information whatsoever, to any person, on any subject, may be punishable by death.

  10. “We often wonder to what degree the public focus on Donald Trump fulfills this media-driven echo.”

    Me, too. This is a much bigger thing than Epstein or Smollett.

    In a few months, Trump will have been continuously investigated for seven years, by the best and most-comprehensive investigators in the history of the world (highly-motivated investigators who are prejudiced against him), with neither anything criminal being found, nor any circumstance which might allow an aggressive prosecutor to charge him using faked or invented charges, or even a frame.

    Yet there are still people who are so stupid they believe he is guilty of some kind of criminal offense. I guarantee not a single one of the readers here could survive an investigation like the one to which DJT has been subject, without long ago being discovered to have committed a Federal felony, and been referred to a Grand Jury, or simply charged, convicted, and locked away.

    I have wondered if a kidnap of Baron (or of Hunter) would satisfy this. I don’t know, and I’m not convinced the Lindbergh Baby isn’t an outlier and not of sufficient historical significance to be repeated or echoed…

  11. Quick hits:

    Leading experts warned NATO expansion would lead to conflict. Why did no one listen?

    Russia-Ukraine war: Putin greenlights letting volunteers fight

    John Bolton: Impose no-fly zone over western Ukraine, expect Putin to wreak more destruction

    Just in case y’all thought Vichy Nuland was the only neocon trying to get us all dead…

    HHS paid media to advertise COVID vax as outlets gave positive coverage

    Fourteen attorneys general sue Biden administration over demand to investigate protesting parents

    Boon for Big Tech alternatives as Google challenger DuckDuckGo joins ‘disinformation’ purge

    Back to I guess…

  12. On our biowar and joint biolab goings-on in Ukraine:

    Russia asks for UN Security Council meeting over Ukraine’s ‘biolabs’

    WHO advised Kiev to destroy disease-causing pathogens

    Do Ukrainian biolabs violate the ban on biological weapons programs?


    Evidence Shows People Begging Ukraine President Zelensky To Close U.S. Biolab “DEATH FACTORIES”

    Here is a list of Archived U.S. State Department records obtained by NATIONAL FILE that show the U.S. Department of Defense funding Ukrainian labs (the article continues below after the list of links):

    Russia today is currently a trove of Information. Since Russia’s in a war, I’d consider the source WRT anything related to Ukraine or their economy (after all, RT IS a propaganda site), but where there are usually 6-10 articles on their English site, there must now be close to 30 and they’re worth a look.

    • There are many valuable sites emanating from Russia. I absolutely agree on, though sometimes any links other than the home page are “forbidden – 403”. They’re using Cloudflare tech now and who knows what else to protect their site. No biggie for now. I’d forgotten that is a Russian site. It’s important for those who need to scan many scientific papers. It’s still functioning too, though the screen looks different. Youtube pulled down the major Russian news channels, but mercifully, most of the small channels are still there. We’re poorer as a world for this insane coordinated violence in so many places, both physical and cyber. Even Ducky Go is now censoring results. There’s just so much that you can download, and there seems to be some kind of solar CME approaching too. Time to protect the computers and drives!

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