Heads Up on a New Scam

Love it!  Nothing to freshen up a Monday like someone calling and saying in a heavy accent:

Hello, I am calling from the support department of Windows.  We have just had a report that your computer is infected by a serious virus.  We need to get some information about your computer from you…”

I wasn’t the right guy to ask.

“OK, butt-monkey, what’s my IP address, your call-back number, and supervisor’s name?”

Sir your I.P,. address is 684.55….[CLICK1]

So here’s the heads up.

If these crank-heads call you, and try to scare you into thinking your computer has a terrible virus that going to blow up the world, or whatever, Ure answer should be “Blow me!

You can use www.whatismyip.com to find your IP address.  Do not answer ANY of their questions…none, nada, zip, bupkis (getting the idea?).

Oh…another clue is when you call these pricks back, the caller ID # is 000-000-0000.  Right, sure, you betcha. 

But there is some good news in this.  You can now tell your friends (with a straight face)  that not all the pricks are in Washington.  Some of them are running scammy phone rooms, too.

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