Guest Column on ‘Peachment & Autumn Falls

First thing done around here, most mornings, is to look through reader comments,  This morning, hats off to reader Ray, who has been so kind as to write this morning’s column for me, whether he knew it at the time, or not.  Because it really IS all one needs to know procedurally about the political blender running in the District of Corruption:

“For the dimwits: The House draws up “Articles of Impeachment,” which is the Congressional equivalent of a judicial “grand jury,” where allegations of wrongdoing are defined and delineated. The House then votes on the Articles, and if any are found to have validity, by a recorded 2/3 majority in a single roll call vote (no do-overs), an “Impeachment Hearing” is convened in the Senate.

“A Senate Impeachment Hearing is the Congressional equivalent of the judicial “Appellate process.” Only Articles passed by the House’s 2/3 majority may be considered, and only evidentiary matter introduced in the House proceedings may be entered into evidence for the “Prosecution” (the Senate.) At the conclusion of the Hearing, the Senate conducts a single recorded roll call vote (no do-overs.) If a 2/3 majority votes to convict, the defendant in the proceeding is immediately removed from office, and the next in-line for that office is sworn-in. If a 2/3 majority is not reached in the roll call vote, the defendant is acquitted, and any legal or Congressional sanctions placed on him(her) immediately lifted.

“As a comedic aside: Should Mr. Trump be subject to an impeachment proceeding and said proceeding run into the Election period (which would guarantee his re-election, BTW), if he is successfully impeached, and the Senate vote occurs even one second after he’s sworn in for his second term, Mike Pence would not only become da Prez, but would fall through the loophole in the “FDR Amendment” and become eligible to serve 12 years as President…

“I find the “whistle-blower report” very troubling. I find it very troubling that an IG (or any other investigator) would accept ANY secondhand commentary as EVIDENCE of anything, and I find it very troubling that not only was it leaked to the NYT, which ran with it completely unverified, but that every pub on the Wire also picked it up and ran with it, unverified.

“The first pulp reference to it I personally saw, was the Page-1 Headline in USA Today. USAT is centrally written and composited, then sent to newspaper affiliates nationwide, encrypted, through CLARINet, for regional publication. (This is why the USAT you buy in Cleveland, or Memphis, or KC, or LA is identical to the one you buy in DC, and how they hit the newsstands across the country at substantially the same time.) They typically shutter the compositing room at 1700, yet the writeup on the “whistle-blower” managed to get written (from the, at the time not-yet released NYT article) and composited to Page-1 “above the fold.” How does a newspaper do a wrietup on an unreleased story they didn’t originate? How is that possible? People with even the slightest grain of integrity and common sense, know. People lacking these, never will…”

Welll said!  Further assessments from (logical, clear-headed) readers include mention that the Wall St Journal is coming to terms with the idea that Poka-Warren would not be good for business.  And that when comes down to it, the democrats are radicalizing themselves out of a win in 2020 and beyond.

Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency ” author Andrew McCarthy: Dems hold Trump to double standard – What was OK for Obama isn’t OK for Trump.”

But why stick with laws and facts?  The big fish-wrapper in Gotham is loading it’s front page with all kinds of innuendo attacking Trump.  Like the DNC, which was hip-deep in this Ukraine story, they not only don’t seem to remember that HRC lost in 2016, but they want anyone but Trump in 2020.

I don’t think people east of the Mississippi realize how many millions voted for Trump as really a anti-vote against the Obama-Clinton cartel.  And since the cartel is still writhing, will do so again rather than vote for the communist insurgency put-ups.

The one irony:  We’d love to see the dems rush to judge Trump.  Because even if he were to lose an impeachment vote in the Senate, if it happened before the 2021 Jan swearing-in, Mike Pence could be a short-term president pro tem for however long.  Then, Trump would be back for Term #2.

The media is so baked in their own hate, that all we can do is watch the markets, and “trade the idiot spasms.” As an example, take this “frenzy trade:”

Into one issue (1000 shares) at $17.0199 3:32 PM Wednesday.  Out at 10:15 AM Thursday at $17.2438.  Which doesn’t look like much (22.39 cents a share),  But, slide the zero over one place to the right (it becomes dollars) and you get enough for lunch, dinner, and a bottle of $3-buck chuck plus tips and parking nmwith less than 2-hours of market exposure.

You go crazy people!  Bring on them “swings!”

The trouble is doing this consistently.  But that’s the joy of mood-swing trading.  Definition: day-trading is in and out during the same session, swing trading goes into the next day and doesn’t land you in the FINRA Pattern Day Trader category.

More details on how this is done?  Cory Mitchell, over at The Balance, has a good discussion of the technique in “How to Day Trade With Less Than $25,000” which is worth your time.

As I’be become fond of saying lately:  AmeriTrade and E-Trade are much closer than Las Vegas and the odds are better.  No TSA, better drinks after, cheaper food….and I can pinch the help here, lol.

By the way, does Gamblers Anonymous have a Wall St. group?  Always wondered about that…

Fed Taking Things UP?

The stock market MAY be take a month-end breather, but the reason for the recent rally is clear if you look at the Federal Reserve weekly H.6 Money Stocks report.

There are two “sliding windows” in the report.  Table One that ends on a monthly basis, and Table Two that is only a couple of weeks old.  When you get late into a month, like where we are now, you can look at the “monthly” window, which presently ends on the last day of July and compare that with the closer-in window which ended September 19th.

In the early window, the M1 print rate was 5.9% (annualizing the most recent 3-months back then).

The later window, shows the M1 print rate at 7.1 percent annualized.   So, despite president Trump calling out the Fed on rates, seems to us they have been reasonably accommodating, and other than the recent glitch in the short-term markets by the NYFed, they don’t seem to be screwing up.

Global Cash Attacks Ramp Up

While it seems the US Fed is making a wise choice is avoiding negative interest rates by using other policy tools.  Negative rates are really an outright attack on people’s saving by banksters colluding with the European Union.

Take a look at a report in the NL Times recently about how EU people are being hosed by their super-pseudo government going negative:

Dutch consumers will start paying interest on their savings accounts in the near future, various analysts told Financieele Dagblad. They describe negative interest rates on savings as an unavoidable future.

Any hiding places from such cash thieving?

The cash that Dutch banks keep and are required to deposit at the European Central Bank currently costs them more than half a billion euros per year, due to the negative deposit interest rate. “Dutch banks together have 138 billion euros in surplus liquidity, and they pay 0.4 percent on that”, Elwin de Groot of Rabobank said to FD.

Which is why it’s being reported that banks will begin charging customers to hold savings on any more than 100,000 euro shortly.  They’re just passing along their pain – a pain entirely made-up by misfeasance in government.

Negative rates is economist lingo for “Stealing Your Savings” – it’s just that few are so clear in their thinking as to call it out.

Point is, with negative rates, would you pay a bank to hold your money?  Or, would you opt for a free storage device?  Like, oh, stuffing a mattress, for example!  Depression-era Americans weren’t stupid, you know.  The consumer is ultimately logical.  Mattresses packed with money were a learned behavior when banksters were thieving.

Meantime, all those warning’s we have given you (and to several posters here who inexplicably love bitcoin, the world’s 100% perishable play-money) may be coming to roost.  Our condolences to bag-holders this morning as Bitcoins are down to $7,980 when we looked.

Facts aside, we’re sure the “buy the dips mantra” will fire up shortly.  Like cicadas and other insects here in the South, the noise from the crypto-pimps comes up around mid-morning.

DDDD (Daily Double Data Dose)

Durable Goods and Personal Income.  Durables first.

From the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Personal income increased 0.4 percent in August after increasing 0.1 percent in July. Wages and salaries, the largest component of personal income, increased 0.6 percent in August after increasing 0.2 percent in July.

Then  the “punchline” of it all:

Personal saving was $1.35 trillion in August and the personal saving rate, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income, was 8.1 percent .

We can hardly wait for additional data next week.


Monetization Wars: Apple will seek theater deals for movies before streaming: WSJ.

Friendly Skies? Japan Airlines introduces ‘child icon’ tool to help passengers avoid sitting near young children.  Like on a different flight, maybe?

No money in peace is proven again.  Because Oil Tumbles On Report Saudis Agree To Partial Ceasefire With Yemen.

And clicky birthyday! Google’s 21st Birthday: CEO Daily.

Around the Ranch

Busy day around here today, OMG!

As soon at I click “Publish” it’s off to “mount up” on the Kubota to move some small limbs that were trimmed earlier this week between the house and office.

Then it will be time to strap-on the Husqvarna back-pack leaf blower.  Yessir, that time of the year again.

Following that, putting up a few new picture frames in the office.  Then some finishing touches on a pictorial for Saturday (ham radio, Morse code keys is the topic) and then writing Peoplenomics for tomorrow morning.

The most dangerous part of the day?  Well…a new Harbor Freight  mailer has come in.  If you want to see an all-time epic battle of self control, watch an American Male Toolk Slut with five-figures in checking and no debt plus 30-acres to put things, flip through them pages…  Sand Blasting cabinet, maybe?

Eventually, might be interesting to have an in-depth “Leaf it alone” discussion.  If you leave the leaves (so to speak) on the ground, they block the light and kill any grass under them.  We have three leaf blowers as a consequence.

The Husky backpack is the best one for large-scale attacks.  It moves the most air.  Next one down is a hand-held PoulanPro but it’s not as powerful as the Husky.  Third choice is the Toro electric leaf blower.  Which does about the same job as the Poulan in terms of air movement.  It’s better on the environment if you don’t count the coal-fired generating plant which no one seems to… But dinking around with two 100-foot entension cords is not my idea of an “ideal weekend.”  And when it’s wet of raining?  Two-cycle weather’s what we call it.

All blowers make about the same racket, so we buy those foam shooting earplugs by the gross.  $9-bucks for Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs, 50 Pair – 32dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Travel, Concerts, Studying, Loud Noise, Work.  Elaine’s been known to use them in the house, too.  She hates the noise of vacuuming. My answer (“Just do it twice a week, then...”) doesn’t fly.  She’s a wee-might more particular than Mr. Barely Housebroke.

That’s the workplan here for the day…Overnight low temps in East Texas haven’t dropped below 70 overnight yet and may not til October.

Ever wonder how much of “climate change” is just normal variance; Summer coming late, staying late some years?  Like this one…

Oh, and Ray:  Great column!

Write when you get rich, (the groundskeeper, I-9 on file)

79 thoughts on “Guest Column on ‘Peachment & Autumn Falls”

  1. George

    “The Husky backpack is the best one for large-scale attacks.”

    Does Husky make a flame thrower version? The weeds on my property grow at warp speed!

    Air Force C130 cargo planes routinely fly over the property as they practice low level, (300 Feet), flying out of Camp Shelby. An accidental napalm drop on those weeds would be OK by me!

    The older I get the more I detest mowing weeds!!!!!

    Right now I use a DR Field and Brush mower. I dream of something bigger. Something like a Cat D9 dozer maybe!

    I think you get the message that I hate yard work. Waste of human potential!

    • I never bother with leaves. God has blessed this area with occasional winds that will waft the few leaves that exist to somewhere due east. Fast growing Siberian Elms are a bigger problem. I just harvested a cord of wood from them and added far more to an enormous brush pile I have. When I fix the chipper, I’ll reduce the brush to wood chip pavement. Burning it would bring unwanted attention from the fire department, etc.

      The best use for an electric leaf blower is cleaning out a dryer duct. It’s very effective.

      On another subject, consider “negative interest rates” as a wealth tax. None dare call it that(yet).

    • agent orange works really good to but please be careful.. ( if you can find any that is..) one squirt and it kills a lot.. I put a teaspoon of it in a quart jug and it almost killed the apple tree… LOL EVERYONE WAS PLEASED WITH ME… the wife made me dispose of it..I almost cried when she did that.. if you wanted to get rid of weeds.. that was the ticket.. unfortunately 2,4,5T is very hard to find.. it had the drop power.. but you can still get 2,4D in roundup.. although I think its time for sale is limited..with the health issues that it caused.. then of course they make roundup ready seeds.. which I think will be causing a lot of health issues to..
      But….. if you want to kill weeds and not pump all the glyophosphate into your system..

      Or shop for acetic acid…. get the stronger the better.. forty percent is good enough.. if you want to wait a while then household strength is good or you can make your own..
      dawn dishsoap.. one tsp.. to a gallon of vinegar.. or you can use a petroleum product..
      IF YOU want to clear it
      then take the gallon of acetic acid ( vinegar) two cups of salt and one tsp of dawn dishsoap.. mix well spray.. it will drop almost as fast as agent orange…LOL..

    • I finally gave in and bought a Red Dragon VT 3-30 propane vapor burner. It doesn’t have the contoured handle that George’s does, (it’s also double the cost), but it is long enough that I don’t have to even bend over to roast thistles & milkweed. Red Dragon is a professional manufacturer, and the industry standard. It is their burners you see roofers using to either seal-down poured asphalt or to remove asphalt or rubber roof for a “tear-off,” and the burner highway road crews use to apply “hot patch” asphalt to potholes. Their model number is descriptive — the “3” means the burner is 3″ in diameter, the “30” means the burner shaft is 30″ long. (I actually wanted a VT 2½-30, because its “tamer” 400,000 BTU output would’ve been adequate and it is 20% less hungry than the 3-incher. Unfortunately, one which would suit my needs exactly is unobtainable except as a one-off custom order.)

      BTW, the 3-incher shoots a 3000° blue flame about 5 feet, which is close enough to a flame thrower for me…

  2. Yo G – big surprise here – Do Not Buy Into Bitcoin at this level or any other level -period! You might lose your entire wager/investment, there is no future but, Taxes, Desolation and Death.

    The markets will forever keep going up..and up, the flow USD’s will forever be expanding..

    Repo Ops have saved the Banks from the Feds own incompetence..clearly our central bankers do not have friggin clue how their own “plumbing” works. Originally thought and posted regards a big bank in trouble – still might be – but the Cash flow issue (s) are of the FED’s own making..morons.

    Oil has just “closed the gap” and looks interesting – UCO triple levered crude ETF perhaps.

    Bitcoin is starting look interesting in the $7000 range with support levels in place – next stop down $6000 area – somewhere in that range the coot will be looking to bag a “gobbler”.

    Gobbler Guillotine anyone? gobble gobble nerk nerk! Keep an eye for Bambi sign, deer should start getting frisky soon.. ” no mr warden, Im not baiting, I always hike thru these parts, and I always have an apple with me for snack and I always sit on that log and toss my apple core. no sir would never stoop to baiting deer”

  3. Picked up a Husqy blower this summer. Returned with a fouled carb. 100 smackers for it and a couple of boxes of Stihl 2 cycle oil, (Bite me Greenies.) carb kit from the Zon and good to go.

    I’ve worn out 2 Stihl blowers in the last 5 years. It’s not the engines but the associated mechanical parts and hoses. Hard to keep stocked with replacement parts here at the ranch. If I can get a couple years out of this Husqy I can get my replacement stocks replenished. Around here parts for Husqys are tough to source easily.

    What is your strategy for composting your leaves?


    • parts for rare stuff on eBay – saves America
      As for composting? One huge ass pile – 20 feet across and coming up on 5-feet deep. Next spring will harvest some “down low” and some vermiculite for the garden. Done with $300 each hydroponic tomatoes for now, lol

      • Hydro maters are not fun excepten for some of them little snack type for growin in the wintertime. Heirlooms are the only way to go. Use 25 gallon grow bags or tubs filled with a potting mix in your greenhouse. Add a “T” tape for irrigation and feed regularly. In cattle country, you should be able to pick up those tubs that have the mineral supplement in them for cheap after they get emptied by those evil fartin earth warmin cows.

  4. How I envy you George. A Husky backpack leaf blower. Wow. The ultimate power “man tool.”

    I have a small place and bought the Toro electric blower this summer to clean the garage floor (used to take an hour to sweep) and to blow leaves off the back deck. It is an awesome rush for a 77 year old male to see the crap fly. Wish I hadn’t waited so long.

    Can’t wait for the first snowfall which should be soon where I live in Canada.

    Definitely one of God’s best gifts to man.

  5. On Banking and Europe…Remember when we all use to pay fees for checking and savings accounts prior to the 2000’s? It was then, that Local banks began to advertise free checking…Later the banking giants joined the fray.

    On impeachment. I think you all miss the point. Trump is corrupt and combine that with the fact that he is not a smart guy…and the conclusion is that he is an acute danger to the world… And, whether or not he committed impeachable offenses or not, he needs to be outed as a scam artist and removed from power. There are rumors flying around that the Whistleblower was a Jason Greenblat/John Bolton tag team. With an assist from prior disgusted former administration personnel like James Mattis, Kristjan Nielsen, John Kelly, Nikki Haley, H.R. McMaster, Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn, Anthony Scaramucci, Rod Rosenstein and others.

    Consider Mattis, McMaster and Kelly. All were highly decorated and respected military brass. Some of the best our country has to represent us. Yet, all clashed and could not come to grips with Trumps lack of knowledge on world issues, events and none could stand his narcissistic behavior. Mattis does talk about this in his book. Kelly has intimated that Trump is unfit for the Presidency. How could three stand up men like these be wrong? They aren’t.

    Rex Tillerson was a successful engineer and later CEO of the world 6th largest company by revenue at Exxon. A former Eagle Scout and National President of the Boy Scouts of America, you will not find a more dutiful and honest person. He loathed Trump and his idiocy…calling him a moron on many occasions. Boy Scouts don’t do that unless the situation gets really bad.

    It also has been suggested that Anthony Scaramucci is behind the organization to take Trump down. What the Mooches motive is, I don’t know. I suspect he knows more than we do and thinks Trump needs to be stopped.

    Whatever the case, every time Trump blurts out his variation of the English language in his unbridled pressers, I want to throw up. How did we get here and the do what ever it takes mentality to get this goon out of office is of utmost importance right now. And to be clear, it’s not the Nancy Pelosi show. She DOES NOT want to inherit the job…according to a friend of a friend of Jackie Spier. She would be willing to let Pence take over…Right now, it’s anybody but Trump.

    • One more thing I forgot to mention. One of Donald Trumps most important mentors was Roy Cohn, one of the most corrupt and reviled men in American Political history. He taught Trump how to flout the rules and get away with everything. But here is the deal. This is a smarter America today than during Cohan’s time. We aren’t falling for the BS of Trump. ( unfortunately 32% of you are) It’s time we all join the fight and rid the world of this pock on humanity. There’s got to be a better GOP to represent us…right?

      • @Mark

        TRUMP is here to PURGE the world of EVIL PEOPLE….corrupt politicians ,their minions ….money changers (the FED).sex trafficers, drug cabals….and hopefully put ‘ egg on the face’s ‘ those that hate him……….

      • “TRUMP is here to PURGE the world of EVIL PEOPLE…”

        Actuallly D…. I don’t think he is here to purge the evil.. he is more base than that.. He doesn’t want fame he already had it.. money.. he flys to work in one of his aircraft.. lives in an apartment clad in gold (yuk) More money than I could even imagine in the wildest dreams..
        Instead I think he see’s he is in his twilight years.. he got in the race as a wild card to get his guy in office.. then won.. I am pretty sure he didn’t have a clue just how fed up the american people were..
        Once he was voted in.. he seen the problem at hand.. knew how he would change it.. then went after it.. I think he was shocked and suprissed at just how bad the puppeteers were after him to.. why.. I think if they would have supported him with any of it at all.. he wouldn’t be running for the second term.. the reason I see he’s running is he is a caggy old businessman that built his empire the hard way..
        hes smart.. he knows how to get things done and he wants his money to continue to be worth what it is.. in fact he is trying to look out for the people with money..
        make sure they have the secure foundation.. to do that any five year old will tell you if you build a tower.. you have to have a strong base.. you can’t just pile blocks on top and have any stability.. it will fall over.. so build the base.. make the companies hire americans for a change.. the checkbook.. well if you don’t deposit any money how long can you write checks.. the feds printing sure isn’t going to do it.. then there is the fear factor.. the country is following the book adolph wrote.. almost two thirds of a century ago.. and after seeing the problems that had with enslaving the rich.. unfortunately it was the jewish community that was enslaved.. I sure that he doesn’t want to see that again.. who gets blamed if you take the funds away for a regular family to survive.. the fact that everyone has made his life hell just irritated him enough that he will run just to be a thorn.. and I think he will win.. I will vote for him.. what I see is he is working for my good and everyone elses.
        To make the money he already has built up to keep its value..why have enough for a truck of bread when you can keep it so you can buy a fleet of airplanes..

      • @ Andy

        No Trump is not the second coming of anything…He is just a messenger….put into place to ‘enlighten’ the masses as to the Real EVIL ….and tto get us ready for the trip ‘ down the road to predition’….

    • You TOTALLY miss the point on Impeachment. Pay attention here.

      1. Dems had to vote to impeach because
      2. The story is coming out about Biden strong-arming (with Obama, Clinton aide) Ukraine. See John Solomon of the AP. His story nails it.
      Oh, and Trump gets a well-played. Forces dems into a “make shit up” play which takes out one more more of the dems and still may not keep the Rs from getting Obama, KLynch, Hillary et all in the end.

      Don’tcha love coups and crooked media>?

      • That’s a nice spin George…but I ain’t buying it. When 62 people in his administration either get fired or quit…when Generals and CEO’s break protocol and call Trump unfit…when Roy Cohn is a mentor and Michael Cohen is his “fixer”. When the corruption is so bad that he needs a fixer in the first place…when he goes bankrupt 6 Times on Daddy’s money and have Daddy bail him out a few times…when hanging out with the likes of Roger Stone and that Epstein loser is no big deal and then have to normalize it and say Clinton hung out with Epstein too….(two wrongs don’t make a right)…when he is always defending himself rather than govern….when he can’t just shut up and constantly attack, lie, cajole and make matters worse…when tweeting becomes a way to govern rather than thought provoking papers, theorems and policy…when having a 3rd grade vocabulary is the new normal……
        Then we as a nation sink to lows beyond compare. We are almost at the brink. I for one am so ashamed of this President. I desire normal, diplomatic policy making. Fix News and the fight back by CNN has made this country a stressful, angry place to live. Impeach Trump…

      • …But they haven’t “voted to impeach.

        Pelosi made public an ongoing “conference” amongst the six most-powerful committee chairs, to discuss whether there is anything the Dems can possibly stretch into an appearance of grounds for impeachment. She has been doing this “conference” for more than a year, anyway, and essentially just made public the “I-word.”

        “Impeachment Inquiry” doesn’t exist. It is a made-up term to attach a label to the ongoing conferences Nattering Nancy has been having with the chairs. The “tell” for this is in the Constitution itself, in the description of the impeachment process. This is pure theatre, and we’re buying in, en masse, because it’s hitting us in scaretype and as the 6pm lead.

        Nothing has changed, at all, except by using the word “impeachment” publicly, she has gotten the Squad and Nadler’s p!ss & moan minions off her back for a while. All of them are Constitution-illiterate, and will give her a break, for months, before someone takes the time to read its pertinent bits to one of them.

        Will the House vote to Impeach? ‘Beats me. They have no grounds, but there are folks walking the street today, who spent 20 years behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit, so neither grounds, nor evidence, are necessarily required. In actuality, nothing is required, other than a 2/3 majority vote, and this is what the Chairs have been lobbying (bribing, extorting, threatening, and all those other things which are in the qualifications list of every good politician or diplomat) for, since the ’18 Midterm.

      • Sadly they silently eliminated the requirement for First Hand knowledge on Whistle Blower complaints – just so you are aware as to why this is proceeding …….

      • Told ya Bernie would win. Hahahahhahahahha!

        But his runing mate will take the office.

        “Pfffftt! Pffft! Pfffttt! Pffft! Beans Boss? Nah and you boys had enough. We are sending Mongo to see the sheriff.” Blazing Saddles.


      • “When 62 people in his administration either get fired or quit…”

        good thing they weren’t in NK huh Mark…. when kim thought his brother sold him out..( oh he did have a bag of money LOL) some woman following him killed him with poison.. when his uncle sold him out.. he fed him to the dogs..
        If he would have been investigating a past president they would have been so sad they would have killed themselves by now or been in some horrible mugging event..
        at least they are all at home bitching about being fired or how upset they were that they quit….
        I am sure at this point he doesn’t know who to trust.. everyone is for sale at the right price..

      • Heck … If they gave me enough money.. I can debate just how bad he is to.. and it wouldn’t cost as much as they have had to dish out to congress.. I would be the new anti DJT on the negative side posts LOL…
        catfish usually get the stinky end … and seriously who could care less in what a catfish has to say

    • Reality really bites for you Lefties hunh?

      Reality = ‘the worlds worst businessman” is BETTER for Economy than the worlds “Greatest” Politician..obummer.

      • East coast, if you can’t face the reality that this President is an absolute fool with only narcissistic intentions…the YOU and others that support this idiot ARE also part of the problem. Never before in the history of this nation has someone been so incredibly feckless and corrupt.

      • “this President is an absolute fool with only narcissistic intentions…”

        Yes Mark…. but the success of his nacissistic intentions will benefit so many people at the worker level..Strengthen your bottom line.. let your money stay valued..
        It would stabilize the dollar strengthen the stock market.. increase employment secure our borders from invaders that have openly said they are going to come in and attack from inside..

    • “And, whether or not he committed impeachable offenses or not, he needs to be outed as a scam artist and removed from power. ” WOW! This statement splinters my mind so badly that I can barely put the pieces back together again to utter a reply. But with your total lack of logic and ethics being a lower-end standard that I couldn’t possibly dip beneath, I’ll give it a try. You are proposing that Congress impeach a president even if they find no impeachable offense–the only “offense” being that they (and you) don’t like him. In other words, you’d be more than happy to have Congress commit a crime in order to oust a president who didn’t commit a crime, but was duly elected by far more than 32% of the LIVE, LEGAL citizens.You’d be a perfect Congress critter, corruptible to the core. Run, Mark, run (for office, that is)!

    • “And, whether or not he committed impeachable offenses or not, he needs to be outed as a scam artist and removed from power. ”

      So, it’s okay to ignore or abuse the law, as long as your intention is good, as judged by your standards?

    • If you really think Pres Trump is an idiot, then explain how he beat all the other GOP candidates, plus the biggest political machine of the day…Obama/Clinton? Seems to me you’re the idiot, Mark, so STFU.

  6. DO SHARE BUYBACKS HELP EARNINGS. Microns 4th quarter earnings last nite.

    “Micron reported EPS of $0.56 in the fourth quarter, which beat analysts’ consensus estimate of $0.49.

    Share buybacks, however, supported its earnings in the quarter. The company returned $2.7 billion to its shareholders under its $10 billion share repurchase program in fiscal 2019.”

  7. A shepherd asked a mathematician to help him round up 37 sheep.

    The mathematician said “40”.

  8. “Cyrpto-pimps” ..hey – I resemble that remark.

    Thats right “Ho” – I be the Pimpdaddy and you be the “Ho”. Price down into the $7k-$8k range, more support in the $6k range..notice the $ sign in front of the price for 1 – yes count them – 1 Bitcoin ?

    Think about that for a second “perishable play money” – 7 THOUSAND of those $ for one measly Bitcoin.

    Now get out there on the streets and earn your “Pimpdaddy” some more $..”ho”

  9. oneRay can write! Well done.
    With the whistle blower leak I was wondering how the Chilton foundation was going to fit in the Biden trap? and there it was in the released transcripts,,,Crowdstrike and server both were mentioned
    Q said “we have the servers” It must be totally nerve racking, knowing that you are guilty as hell and you can hear the dogs barking , growing louder as the punishers approach
    I watched the House show yesterday and you can see and hear the FEAR in liddle’ Adam Shiffty
    We did not vote Trump in to be Mister Nice Guy, we hired someone to drain the swamp and he brought friends,,insert emoji smiley face,Thanks again Ray and George

    • Shizt doesn’t stick to teflon…

      Anyone trying to burn it on teflon will be to sad to continue and commit suicide or be in the wrong spot and get mugged..

  10. When I worked at a large condo complex, leaf season was the worst, raking, storing, hauling, dumping, took huge amounts of time an manpower. i solved it by equipping all the mowers with mulching blades, no bags, and mowing twice a week. took less time (since we had to mow anyway) and was good fertilizer as well. only negative was that you had to keep mowing later in the season (usually until mid november), and people would complain about tracking the finely chopped leaves in the house.

      • …You’d be amazed. It doesn’t require mulching blades. Ah mulches da leaves every fall with mah baby Deere:

        Understand, I am a disciple of the George Patton school of lawn care: I hate paying twice for the same real estate –meaning I mow around the perimeter of an area, throwing the clippings outward so as not to have to re-mow clippings.

        With that said, to mulch & disappear leaves, I do the opposite, perimeter-mowing, but throwing the leaves inward to deliberately re-mow them.

        I’m a Husky fan, but have an Echo blower (which is amazing — 132mph exhaust at idle!) I blow everything away from shrubs and clear my driveway, blowing the leaves into the yard, then I mow.

        You have to mow the area three times — four if the leaves are more than 8-9″ deep (which mine usually are.)

        The first pass is with mower-up, which will condense the leaf pile somewhat, and even it out.

        The first (mower-down) mowing will reduce the leaves to pieces.
        The second will reduce the pieces to slivers.
        The third will reduce the slivers to near-dust.

        After the third pass, the lawn will look green and clean. The only leaf bits one will see are those which fell after the second pass. The leaves fertilize and insulate against the snows to come. ‘Doesn’t do a lot for Spring fertilizer mulch, but it subtracts one issue from Fall cleanup…

  11. Hey George,
    Regarding Trump’s screw up de jure.
    Calm down everyone.
    Let’s let the facts continue to come to light.
    There are still many percipient witnesses (i.e., ones with first hand knowledge) and many ‘cached’ documents still to be reviewed and analyzed.
    Then we shall see, what we shall see. Best, Mike.

    • You’re right (for a change). Seeing the Hunter Biden shakedown come out is glorious. Especially during the curtain coming down on Obama/Clinton.

      As we say here in The Republic (and we may be the only one around if this coup keeps going):

      Bring it.

      • Yeah George.. good point on the real wrongdoers…. but if I remember correctly President trump was wearing tweed I didn’t see any teflon in his suit whatsoever.. so the which group is right and which one is wrong is all in the suit and who bought the suit..

  12. A clever person I read online said that pushing for impeachment plays into Trump’s hands. During the investigation, ANY and ALL info from documents to testimony on ANY RELEVANT topic can be revealed. It is suggested that Trump holds the trump cards so to speak that will pull the rug from under the Dims. It will be enjoyable to watch.

    I also noticed, as pointed out by Rush yesterday, the Adam Shifty, admitted what he said previously was a PARODY, and then went on to continue repeating it. He really groks Bernay’s PR and propaganda methods about repeating lies until people it to be gospel.

    • BTW, Trump has been successful at playing hardball with financiers, politicians and the construction trades related mob during his real estate development career. He is tough as nails, although somewhat emotional, and truly wily and clever. He is also very well educated, and not the bumbling dolt his enemies portray him to be.

      It takes a street fighter to be successful against the Deep State players. Plus, he has the power of intention from his supporters, many of whom pray for him.

      • @Okie

        ALSO with HIM is the 27 Military people pictured at the WH….early in his admin…THEY are the ones that give him the true ‘INFO’ and also PROTECTION…. aka the Q Team

  13. “Negative rates is economist lingo for “Stealing Your Savings” – it’s just that few are so clear in their thinking as to call it out.”

    We could sink battleships with > 1000 of the best on board, but we hesitate to take out 1 or 2 evil people.

  14. “Our condolences to bag-holders this morning as Bitcoins are down to $7,980 when we looked.”

    Grin — that, and the DAX are the first I look at in the morning to establish the mood in the markets.

  15. My thoughts are leaning toward all those new Banker billions being transferred into cryptocurrency for the next 6 months,
    With most of it going toward centralized cryptos and the remainder portion going into decentralized cryptos,
    It’s called the European Robins

  16. If we would follow the Chinese example and instead of “blah, blah, blah” would declare DJT president for life we couldn’t do worse than any other choices.

    Which POTUS was ever any better, and why? JMHO.

  17. Trump, guilty by innuendo, but our legal system is based on real evidence being presented & that is why Trump is still President. Hooray!!! You’re fired Nancy.

  18. “Oh, and Ray: Great column!”

    Thanks, and happy I could offload a couple thousand words from your morning routine.

    However, if you give me an advance warning next time, I’ll polish it up to make it readable… ;-)

  19. Weeds are a foundation for a great unattended Garden.

    For those of you who have more money than you know what to do with and you have plenty of Acres of Open Fields.
    Let your Acres grow freely for two to three years.
    Then take your bush hog and cut a path all the way through the narrowest side and back through and 4th until the whole field has sections bush hog through.
    Leave a space 10 feet from the edge of one bush hog path to the edge of the next bush hog path.
    If you have a 42 inch to 48 inch mower cut down through one side of the bush hog path close to the ground as you can.
    This will be your walkway.
    Now with all that extra money you have buy $1,000’s of seeds, of at least 10 to 20 different varieties.
    Spread those seeds heavily over the 10 ft wide weeds that have not been cut and also spread them over the cut area.
    The path of your bush hog should be from west to east and then back from east to west.
    The Weeds give the plants seeds shade on the south side of the bush hog path.
    And plants and seeds that need the most Sun will grow on the north side of the bush hog plant path.
    And since you’re rich and have plenty of money 4 seeds you can try this every month through the growing season.
    You’ll find many of Vine growing plants will grow up long side and travel up the weeds you’ll find other plants that are need shade and you’ll find other plants that need sun.
    If you have more Acres you can do the same thing with trees fruit bearing trees nut-bearing trees I’m throw seeds on the ground around the trees find out which ones will take off and produce fruits vegetables.
    I know this all sounds frivolous but what else are you going to do with all that money you’ve got.
    Have a good day may all beings be lovingly fulfill financially fulfilled and readily fulfill so be it

  20. Thinking about modern “tiny houses” – rerun from the 1960’s.

    Cool pics nevertheless.

    The Futuro House

    The Futuro House was conceived by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a “portable” ski chalet. It is an iconic piece of architecture and this site is devoted to documenting the history of the Futuro and the current status and whereabouts of the remaining examples.

    “The commonly quoted area of a Futuro House is 500 square feet and is based on a diameter of approximately 26 feet at window height. A 28 foot diameter unit would have an area of approximately 615 square feet; an increase of some 23%.”

  21. “Should Mr. Trump be subject to an impeachment proceeding and said proceeding run into the Election period (which would guarantee his re-election, BTW”

    COULD that be the ultimate plan by the puppeteers??? I have been curious what they have been planning for their next event to try and get DJT to eat that damned worm on the hook..

    the USS AMERICA has hit the iceberg.. ( a planned hitting of the iceberg event I might add) and will go through the changes that follow all of the cycles..
    could it be that the plan is to keep Trump in office by posting the claims.. with either outcome they win.. impeach Trump.. hes out the new NERO that tweeted as America crashes.. He gets re-elected and America crashes.. he’s at fault… they WIN… If I was trump I could bow out give one of a thousand reasons and support pence to run in his place.. He leaves while the USA is on top low unemployment markets looking good..
    then even if they do try to make it look like it is DJT’s fault he is exonerated.. Unfortunately he is a tough old man and now that he is faced is going to fight to do what he see’s is the right thing.. the very things I support him doing to because I think he is doing what should be done for the american worker..
    If he can keep america afloat four more years.. then they will continuously attack him at every angle.. and try to make his every move look like some plot to undermine the system… Hes using xxxx toilet tissue.. and let everyone know it.. hes against all the other brands of tissue.. how dare he do that… blah blah blah.. did you see that he was drinking a pepsi.. how dare he do that.. it could be the continuous nightmare for another four years … I personally don’t trust any news source any longer.. they have proven to all be bought and paid for and marketed just like our legislative leaders that should be looking out for the american citizens best interest.. I don’t trust anyone that has been in there longer than one term at this point..I am sure there are good ones but .. what is real what is made up crap is the big question.. at some point the idiots will find the right worm to put on that hook and get DJT to snap at it to.. we all have our weaknesses.. the gas attack after he announced we would be pulling out is a good one.. DJT has a decent heart.. just looking at the registers of his workers in his private companies or the fact that he excused himself as he went by a housekeeper , talking to the serving staff at his innaugural ball indicates that..
    No if I was him.. I would bow out.. turn my support over to Pence make sure I reindicated that I had made the changes needed to see americal flourish if they kept to his plan and quietly fade into the background..

    If I was Pence.. I would run for cover to.. or refuse the job.. the USA cannot continue the way it is.. the interest on the deficit is a beast all it’s own.. and if the puppeteers get their way.. and they have a pretty good history of being able to manipulate countries to do their bidding or face their wrath..
    Of course it is my opinion and I could be wrong.. I had predicted it would have started a couple of years ago already.. and then DJT got elected.. I actually think he is the reason we are still afloat..

      • Of course.

        I don’t believe the Dems are Dums, The only two Presidential impeachments in American history resulted in a huge groundswell of popularity for Johnson and Clinton — as if the People took impeachment as a personal insult. This is why I say an actual impeachment proceeding, at this point in time, would result in a guaranteed Trump victory, probably by a landslide. They can’t, not know this.

        This is why I believe Pelosi’s “impeachment inquiry” is a stunt to get the commie wannabees and overlord minions off her back. She may be edging on senile, but she’s still a pure political creature, and when lucid, is an amazing manipulator. She’s also a megalomaniac, and the copy AOC and the other communist freshmen are receiving can’t but grate on her ego.

        Pelosi also knows a successful impeachment is impossible with the current makeup of the Senate. BUT, throwing the “I word” around, fires up the radical base, the Marxist-wannabee kollege kidz and their ivory-towered indoctrinators, and the “never Trumpers,” all of whom believe they’d rather live in a corrupt bureaucracy than support a ribald construction worker who’s trying to clean up the corruption and inequity…

    • Could be, LOOB. However, Trump is the third Prez since the J.P.Morgan-orchestrated takeover of the U. S. economy (that’d be the creation of the Fed) who has an actual background in Economics (although Reagan never used his, ‘cuz he got the voice gig which launched his acting career, first…)

      Trump, like Reagan, is hamstrung by having underlings in his Administration whose security clearance and information inflow is better than his. Where its worse for Trump is he also has to deal with anonymous seditious staffers throughout the Executive, and a Department of Injustice which would not lock-up anyone from the upper echelon of the elite ruling class, to save their own asses.

      All that said, I’m sure President Trump is well-aware of the forces lined-up against him. I don’t believe Mr. Trump would run for re-election, unless he was confident he could walk the economic tightrope for another 5.5 years. Trump has an ego (look shocked!) and he does not suffer defeat well. I don’t see him dealing himself in on a 50-50 bet, or even a 60-40…

      • the ones I feel sorry for is his family… Poor wife and kids.. constantly attacked I feel truly bad for what they have to endure from the media..
        My gut feelings is if there wouldn’t have been all the negative drama and constant attacks this whole time and congress would have at least gave some of his ideas some credibility.. he wouldnt be running for the second term.. instead this non stop trump bashing just brought out the hard determined I can do it attitude in him..
        I personally would fold em and wouldn’t subject my family to anymore of the relentless attacks… its an up hill battle and heck he has the money to live comfortable the rest of his and his kids and grandkids and great grandkids lives.. but then that is how he made himself successful.. he lost it all.. and had to rebuild it from the ashes of his defeat a phoenix of industry and learned along the way… the trump bashing did just brought that defiant can do attitude out..
        And he isn’t getting paid for any of it.. he donated his income away.. I truly believe that he has our country in his best interests..
        I was visiting with a professor friend the other day and he thought the masonic lodge membership.. well I have nothing against the masons at all.. most of these lodges were the face book of the day.. were everyone could congregate and socialize..
        so I don’t buy into the conspiracy crap..

    • The young’uns actually fear Pence more than they do, Trump, because he’s [what we old farts call] a “good, Christian man.” The youthspeak for this is: “He’s an overbearing extremist, religious fundamentalist,” (they also have a number of more-colorful terms with which they describe him) and they believe he would somehow tear down their 24/7/365 multisexual burlesque show. The “children of tolerance” are exceedingly intolerant of anyone of Christian or Hebrew faith, who’s morally well-grounded.

      This is what makes their affinity for Muslim fundamentalists most interesting to me. Andrew Wilkow stated several years ago: “Modern Liberalism is the only ideology in the history of the world, which requires its supporters to simultaneously believe two diametrically-opposed viewpoints…”

      Until I heard kollege kidz discussing Mike Pence, I didn’t have a relevant personal example for his meaning.

      Christians may talk you to tears, trying to “save” or “convert” you, but they don’t REQUIRE you to choose between “conversion and strict adherence,” or the scimitar…

      • The kids are being trained to be subservient to empires of foreign entities by American institutions of allegedly higher learning. Personally, while I have my beliefs, I have never been particularly good at kowtowing to psychopaths, holy or otherwise, foreign or domestic. It is a traditional American belief, which the American kids are having beat out of them. What will this country be like in 20 years, if this continues?

      • I think the religious problems .. hmm… the problem I see.. is we pick and choose what we are to believe… we don’t believe or take the word as exact..
        I think because of that black and white no room for grey.. is what has caused the crime to increase in the countries where the refugees were welcomed open armed..
        even though they were running from the extremests of their faith.. they also hold all that it says as absolute.. the same with the Torah ..
        where we as christians have buffered it a bit.. we don’t take it to the extreme.. well there are those that do.. yet fail to realize that Christ.. was crucified because he was not following their extreme laws.. well actually.. I don’t have it in front of me but from an account I read the real reason he was put to death was for not following the religious laws and the fact that he was born to a single mother.. which at the time would have put him to death at birth..
        what I find funny is I was visiting with a coworker that was from russia.. and they had mentioned that they wished they could go see their grandparents.. I said well that should be easy enough even though you have your citizenship.. they said no.. because they had a tatoo and a child..there were things that were seen as against their modesty and decency laws that they wouldn’t be let back into the country..
        A religious cultural divide..

  22. George,

    I was scanning down through the comments and I noticed that Okie Cat Fan said something that hadn’t occurred to me before now. Okie said that “Trump has the power of intention on his side because a lot of people pray for him.” That hit me like a bolt of lighting! Not only is it true, but think about who, for the most part, isn’t known to pray or even be religious/spiritual…the leftists/global communists! It’s the like the line out of Apocalypse Now…Charlie don’t surf!

    I’m not a religious person, but I truly believe that this isn’t all that there is and there truly is power in focused positive intention. So, if that truly is the case, then I would suspect that not only are leftists at a tactical disadvantage, but also at a spiritual disadvantage.

    That’s all I got…discuss!

  23. Good stuff Ray, like i told ya a while ago. I see ure words manifesting in the comment section. ;) but you were in denial back then.

    Its all rock and roll.

    • Not denial, my friend, but desire — desire to acquire as little notoriety as possible, whilst still sharing bits of knowledge and experience, and allowing many to use (or ignore) slivers of my insight, as they so choose…

  24. When your dad is US VP and you still get kicked out of the Navy, you might be …fill in the blank.
    When same guy gets a sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian energy co, discerning minds might conclude …fill in the blank.
    Then your VP dad shuts down an investigation into same energy co using $1B of our money and then brags about it publicly. Tells them they can Barack if they don’t like them apples.
    To all this, Trump says it sounds horrible and suggests they look into it.

    And that makes Trump unfit???

    The mental health crisis is real. 1/2 the people think Nurse Ratched was the hero. Sad.

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