Global Pandemic: Climbing Through 80,000

With the stock market dropping more than 1,000 points (by the Dow) Monday, it’s hard to imagine how things could get worse.

Stick around…

The problem is in the data – and the data is saying much bad juju is still ahead.

Today, we have cases at 80,289 and deaths at 2,704.

Let’s plug these latest into our handy-dandy paranoid planning tools and see what gives.  First is our “OUTING METHODOLY LIES spreadsheet.  Notice how the rate of infection has dropped?  LOL…not in Nature, no silly, of course NOT.  But in government, I’d wager…or in lack of working test kits?  Hell yeah:

This is not particularly useful as a projector (juju to come), but it really slams home the results of a) not having enough good, working tests, and b) it shows how governments (worldwide) are sitting on the data now.  They’re in full panic mode, trying to remain calm.

Importantly, though, South Korea will today, we expect, pass through 1,000 cases.  In the USA we’re up to 53 cases now.  One doctor pal says when the USA gets to 100 cases, your odds of exposure go to about a in 670, or thereabouts.

(Tell me, you already have a month of food stored, right????)

OK, let’s go to method of projecting, then:  Here’s how we pencil this out:  We take this morning’s numbers (80,289 and the 2,704) and we compare them with the WHO 5-day-ago number.  This gives us a simple 5-day percent change which we then project forward into the early summer to see how good (or bad) things will be:

A little blurry (trying to make it fast-loading for phones) but you can see that we could pass through 10,000 dead and a third of a million cases by, oh, end of June, or so.

UNLESS – and this is the part that’s hard to estimate – the global system begins to implode sooner – and that’s what yesterday’s market drop was about.

Here’s the thing:  Now that we have begun to have a moment of recognition, we can predict something of a “Turn-Around Tuesday.”

In Elliott wave terms, the question is “Was Monday a Wave 1 Down” and how long might a Wave 2 Up from today last?”

Planning a trip to South Korea? Coronavirus live updates: CDC raises travel warning for South Korea, US airlines waive cancellation fees.  With one daughter & hubby planning to vacation in Japan in September….I keep telling them “make an alt. plan…”

Hey…speaking of Asia travel, did you see where Boeing close to deal to supply more 787 Dreamliners to Japan’s ANA, sources say?  We gotta wonder what the deal-breakers (lawyers) will put in the fine print for a “Just in case there’s no international air travel” clause.  (Or, am I the only one so paranoid and forward-looking?  Boeing hasn’t been the same since Roberto retired, as I see it.)

One oddity of supply chain, that I hadn’t thought through: Paramount Pictures halts production of ‘Mission: Impossible VII’ in Italy due to coronavirus outbreak.  (That and will there be a John Wick IV coming?  Now we’re into mindless ‘Merican supply chain stuff…but we can’t work all the damn time, can we?)

Dumbest headline of the day: NY Times gets our nod for  “The World Isn’t Ready for a Major Coronavirus Outbreak.”  No shit, they figure this out without help?

One cornerstone to surfing CVM (corona virus markets)  will be the Housing data which will be along in a few minutes and we’ll have it on about 16-minutes past the hour.

Food Matters

And since we both eat on a regular basis, here’s some actual news/data that’s useful: Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, and H-E-B in Three-Way Tie Atop Retail Sector, Besting Amazon, American Customer Satisfaction Index Data Show.

IT Job Security?

May depend how much managers know about AI and how to deploy it in the server-farm world.  Based on a quick scan of Gartner Says Over 40% of Privacy Compliance Technology Will Rely on Artificial Intelligence in the Next Three Years.

You have coded all your passwords to vendors and services, right?

Bern Baby!

Ah, the selling of socialism marches on! Also known as complete lack of budget sense and nationalization ala Venezuela, is seen in Bernie Sanders calls Donald Trump a liar and explains democratic socialism.  Not as honest as “Taking 101” but near enough.  As we’ve said many times, “Free luncher’s” sound great if you’re hungry, dumb, or both.  If you get stuck with the tab for everyone?  Well, not so appetizing.  You go Bernie Castro…to some other worker’s paradise, pah-leez…

Dear Left-Wing BS’er

There’s a part of this website that you may not be aware of – and it’s the part where I personally review everything posted as a comment  before it goes up on the site.  As you might expect, there is a ton of spam and also a fair amount of personal attack crap.

Take this morning, for example:  Had one comment with the subject line “You just lost a subscriber…”  And then it went off on a wildly imaginary take on what we write here.

But, here’s the thing (and it’s laughably simple, if you’re a grown-up):  The I.P. address logged as the comment origination point is NOT a Peoplenomics subscriber I.P. address.  People come and go from Urban all the time.

I have to admit, I ran it out of curiosity.  Because there wasn’t ONE part of the rant that Peoplenomics goes off on.  Peoplenomics is generally very light on politics.  For the simple reason that politics – at its core – is an essentially useless endeavor.  And, to underscore the point, remember that as an American Victim Voter, you only get a single really solid “moment of input” to your elected officials every two, four, or six YEARS.  When you pull the lever or mark a box.

The rest of the time, government is on auto-pilot.

There are exceptions, of course.  Those being if you have money and can “buy a grassroots movement.”  Budget from $1,000 for a mid-sized city government issue, on up to (what is the NRA spending, for example?) millions defending a constitutional right.  Cue the Vanna White “Big Money!  Big Money!” track.  Which, BTW, is the only reason I play Wheel of Fortune at the slots…but I digress.

If you are a subscriber, and really have a beef, you have my personal email address.  I’m very responsive (as real subscribers know).  But, if you’re so wrapped up in hate that you have to write bullshit like “You just lost a subscriber” anonymously – at least man-the-f*ck up and use a real name and email.  People are brave in the dark, aren’t they?

More in the Housing numbers in about 15-minutes…

Whee!  Fed just dropped $74.46 billion in from the repo depot.  Feel the rally, yet?

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “Global Pandemic: Climbing Through 80,000”

  1. Freedom of speech is not free. But there will always be some who treat their words like their money – poorly – and then expect the government (we the taxpayers) or their public defender to bail them out. As you’ve constantly reminded us, George, that ain’t how this Democratic republic was designed to work, and has worked for the last 235 or so years.

  2. Oh the horror G ! This corona virus is going to really put a damper on the coots relaxation activities. After spending a day trading my ass off – +28 different Trades – the coot went into the village for a drink and massage at the “washy-washy”. While the rum punch was refreshing, the happy ending made me a lil nervous.. hard to tell if a sneeze is from allergies or cold virus(corona). This is a minor problem in that coot will switch over the Guat massage joint – not so good with the massage – but the happy endings..

    Booked profits in the AM, started to double down my positions in the afternoon – Doubled Down! This pig is getting roasted – and coot is going for some Cheek Meat! Yum!

    Got Gold – get some Physical, Streamers/Miners – Same deal with Silver – whats old is new again soonly..

    Why would anyone cancel a subscription – lose an opportunity to break G’s cojones – no way – far too entertaining that!

    • “After spending a day trading my ass off – +28 different Trades”

      Please tone it down “for your own good sake,” jmho! Who are you trying to impress, yourself? There are enough of those already ;-).

  3. “Free luncher’s”

    The farmers are already lining up to the teat for an even bigger bailout. We need farmers, justified.
    The steel workers too. We need steel workers, justified.
    Trump is trying to push a bailout to the coal miners. We need energy workers, justified.

    Cruise ships that aren’t floating translates to negative impact on port economies. Port economies will need bailouts.

    If the boats aren’t floating, planes are not transporting flying. Airlines are going to need a liquidity injection. If the planes aren’t flying, cars aren’t driving to the airport park and rides, they’ll need bailouts.

    • There should have NEVER ever been a bailout “for demonstrated incompetency.” You either know your business, or you have no business to persue your faulty judgements. It may sound harsh!?

      • BIS, Central Banks are Selling paper “derivatives” very hard and have been selling since last night.

        Physical Metals, Streamers, Actual BTC’s – not paper representations.

        How much Verified Gold/Silver Ounces in the ground? At what value are they on the books? Just like buying Oil companies in down times – how much Oil in the ground – at what price is the Oil on the Books for? There are still some CHEAP stock of great companies with Verified Ounces in the ground – U can calculate the the Discount and proceed accordingly.

        If you cant hold it – U don’t own the end..

      • What’s of real value are “people with brain,” and knowing how to put it to good use for the benefit of humanity, jmho.

  4. Greatly appreciate your site,though not a subscriber anymore…got rid of those plastic cards. Just wondering if anyone might have helpful information on how things might evolve if the state decides that cash is contaminated. Are metals likely also to be confiscated as we transit to a digital marketplace? Seems the process may prove quite disruptive. Just wondering. Appreciate any thoughts. Oh well, off to Lowe’s to pickup supplies to keep me entertained for several months, should I end up home alone…..thanks

        • Yup…as soon as I get my first (back) check from The Socialist Writing Office.
          Let me think…umm…3.5 million words in the PN library and at $1/word that’d be $3.5 million.

          Yeah…about right. Bernie, you need my address or anything?

    • “Greatly appreciate your site,though not a subscriber anymore…got rid of those plastic cards.”

      I’m in the same situation having ditched plastics >10 years ago. Yes, there are some inconveniences — but people doing it to themselves.

  5. One of — if not THE — uncivilizer of the interwebs is the anonymity it allows. Such anonymity also allows for death threats and lying intimidation and despoiling of various kinds out of sheer meanness.

    You have floated the idea of “Internet Licensing” for some time as a likely unavoidable consequence of GovDome’s intrinsic inability to simply let a thing lie — ever. They are impelled to KONTROL everything that may seem to have a fixable problem, and “Internet Licensing” may be inevitable for that reason.

    Licenses issued can be revoked and CHARGED FOR — and everything IS a business model — seems to me I heard somewhere….


    • Licensing is a terrible thing – it will increase censorship and self-censorship! Both are happening on platforms like youtube, where AI inference engines are playing havoc already. Some channels are actually creating simple codes to avoid using words that will cause them to be demonetized. Kudos for them!

      I abhor stupid stuff like death threats and other personal attacks. That said, I abhor censorship.

  6. Yes, the Corona virus is having its affect. Everyone is edgy. I see a lot of masks in the streets. We try to push on like it’s business as usual, but mortality is always on the back of our minds. We are seeking answers and for the life of me, I can’t understand why a germaphobe like Trump is in denial about the virus. Just yesterday, he said the virus will be short lived. He has also said that warm weather will kill it, but the virus is spreading to warm climates like Italy, the southern tip of South Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia.

    This is one time I implore that our President take the reins to calm a nation with a strategy that we all can embrace to help corral the spread of this potential pandemic. Ignoring this issue will cause complacency to contain it and Trump has a base that listens…and even Never Trumpers will at least take pause on their myopic anti-Trump quest to work together to solve a serious issue facing the nation and world.

    This is a test of Trumps leadership ability. I hope he succeeds, because up to this point, his business model was to divide a nation, not bring it together. His me against them strategy of governance is straight out of a Saul Alinsky playbook. But, in a world of up to the second info gathering, what ends up happening is a divided nation. There an absence of Trust, sense of lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and in this case of the Corona virus, an inattention to results.

    Instead, Trump needs to throw away the playbook and just be normal and say…How do we engage with one another to solve this issue? Sound fair? Then Do it TRUMP!!!!

    • It could be that this Corona virus is just another in a long line of alleged pandemics that started mysteriously and fizzled out mysteriously, and that if Trump knows this, then he won’t waste time saying much about it. There is some speculation that, since the disease is occurring mainly in countries with whom the U.S. has “problems,” perhaps our military is somehow involved with it, in which case they might also know when and how to end it.

    • @MARX

      Trump has tried to Engage with the dems…their ‘ hatred’ has made that gesture IMPOSSIBLE….as we here have witnessed this by YOUR comments….TRUMP will do what he thinks is best for this country…but given the liars and obama holdovers in ALL federal agencies ( CDC) he will be given wrong and incomplete info to make his decisions…as the hatred for him…is such that this countries citizens are just wasteful eaters…and need to be removed….as the past 3+ years shows us….on your own will be a better way to address this coming ‘event’…

      • Hmm if Sanders is the one to go head to head with Trump this fall he will win by a landslide for the simple reason, that Trump was elected not because people loved him or his policies, but because he was running against Clinton,so one could say he was elected on a protest vote from the people,you hear more and more people saying I voted for Trump but never again for he’s failed to keep any of the campaign promises,the only one he’s concerned about is the 1%,and that says it all for like old Bush he will be a one term president.!!!

      • d,
        “TRUMP will do what he thinks is best for this country”
        Not so fast there pal. What world do you live in? Trump has always done what is best for Trump. What incomplete info on this virus is he getting that he can’t make a simple decision to work together to contain it? Tell me please!!!This virus was not in his playbook…Trump is not good at conciliatory audibles. HE IS IN A QUANDRY.
        I can hear him now…

        “If I work with both parties to help solve this crisis, how will I look to my base? Will it make me look weak? How about if we just quarantine Republicans and let the Democrats and die? Then the world is mine….ALL MINE…HAHAHAHAHAH!”

        I bet all the tea In Huwan that this has crossed this idiots mind…That said…I am holding hope that Trump comes to his senses and does the right thing and brings us all together and helps us understand the severity of this crisis. He does that…and I will give him the credit he deserves. The ball is in his court. Will he sink the game winning three or dribble off of his feet and cause a turnover?

    • Looks like Trump has found the issue that can throw the election. I hope his advisors are giving him solid information.

    • ” Everyone is edgy. I see a lot of masks in the streets.”

      Mark, I don’t know of anyone being edgy!! People that wear masks are 1 in 10,000 and that info comes directly out of Manhatten itself ;-)). FWIW!!!

      • Bolshevic,

        You must live in a cave. Masks are all over the west coast…Big cities out east too. I went to the doctor today to have work out injury looked at and I wasn’t allowed in the front door without a mask. Large cities with international traffic are taking this seriously…as they should. Why take the risk? I went to my 40th college reunion two weeks ago and half the plane from St. Louis had masks on….me included for safe measure. Uncomfortable as hell…but this virus will cause a lot more than discomfort if it infects our bodies.

    • “This is one time I implore that our President take the reins to calm a nation with a strategy that we all can embrace to help corral the spread of this potential pandemic. ” must not have been paying attention… he already has.. he signed in the emergency response act right away as soon as it became evident that this was something very serious….
      If I am not mistaken.. similar to everything else he has been working towards it was met with fierce opposition and condemnation of his actions….

      My guess is they are holding back on putting the actions into place because once you do..I think mass panic will result.. the best choice is stay calm and keep it positive.. everything is working just fine business as usual…

      all while they are working in the back ground towards stopping its growth.. I was just at a medical facility and the staff was talking about what was going on there..
      in the medical field news goes fast.. as an example.. LA has a law where you cannot be on tthe phone while driving.. an ER nurse was running late because it was one of those full moon nights.. she gets on the horn to make sure her kids were up getting ready for school.. an officer seen her on the phone.. he had a trainee in the car with him.. to show off he pulled her over slapped her around and slammed her to the ground and ran her face in the gravel.. then the slammed her on to the back of the car cuffed her and banged her head on the door frame as they took her in….
      That hit the shift report thousands of miles away a couple hours after it happened.. the comments going around during shift report.. I sure would hate to be a cop in LA right now where emergencies are stacked like cord wood…… oh you got shot in a gang war I am so sorry.. take him to room z we will be right in… LOL they said I need to get an accurate temp roll your lazy ass over..and spread your cheeks..
      The news goes fast.. every floor worker.. I will never forget the night we called in a doctor.. ( he wrote a dumb ass order.) he came in all upset.. through the chart at the nurse.. she went down the hall crying.. I looked at him and said.. you know it was your stupid order that made her call.. I want you to chunk that dam chart at me just once… ( he refused to treat the patient stormed out and the patient died )

    • I’ll generally agree, though the advent of intense sunlight will help a lot. Even in my sunniest of states, this winter has been incredibly overcast and septic. My living room illumination is far brighter than outside today. Humanity will survive this virus one way or another. Still, the state of civilization to be remains uncertain.

      Every presidency starting with GW Bush has tried to divide us – it’s not just a Trump administration thing. I do believe that the president is trying to create a new consensus that’s not all about “right and left”. I can only hope that’s true. Regardless, dealing with a virus needs to start with individuals and families, using good old American self-reliance and initiative.

    • Mark from Haenam South Korea to Soul South Korea is 207 mile another 20 miles north would put you on the DMZ. Haenam is on the Southern tip of South Korea haven made that trip 4 times in the winter,out in the open believe me it was just has cold from the southern end to the northern. The northern wind from Siberia is what made it so dam cold. It would freeze your canteen solid over night.

  7. In the event that the supply of generic drugs from Red China is interrupted,Trump needs to issue an Executive Order mandating that the brand name drug drop to the price of the generic one for the duration of the crisis.No Democrat will dare challenge that.

    • A drug company out of Boston called Moderna is testing a vaccine and it was sent to the NIAID. If Trump really wanted to gain brownie points, he would mandate a low price on that vaccine. Now that would be leadership Tom. Make saving lives affordable…what a concept.

      • why not just open the borders so name brand drugs can be purchased from other countries.. or put a cap on they do in other countries.. or mandate all drugs be sold for the same prices that they are sold in other countries..
        Now we know that will never happen.. but since the us citizens give the pharmaceutical companies grants to do research.. then they should pay back the grants to the american citizens or lower the costs on all drugs to compensate for our generosity..
        The US citizens get bent over from all sides.. and if you have noticed.. all the demoralcraps speeches are basically .. I can get the hand prints from your shoulders from being screwed.. and what is funny.. is we have the laws already in place.. open the borders.. a congressional act.. I was buying one of my medications from canada.. they had a pharmacy locally.. you took in your perscription they faxed it up had a doctor there take a look at it then contact your physician to make sure it was the proper medication then write a script in canada and they over night it to you.. the cost difference for the one medication was a little over a thousand dollars a month.. and that is with all the other costs on it. It was a big deal.. shortly after they started to expand their pharmacy in the usa the lobbyists got a hold of Congress and they passed a law and the pharmacy had to close their doors… there has never been a good reason why the people should pay as much as they do..
        the arguement is they have to pay for research.. well then even up that cost and sell it for a little higher in other countries.. where it is made.. and if that is something they why in the heck are we giving them billions of dollars for research.. excuse me.. that just doesn’t sound right.. I want to buy this or that .. but I will give you the money to create it then you charge me ten thousand percent more than your planning on selling it for.. GMAFB
        I get passionate about this issue.. since it affects our family so much.. for over forty years I was telling everyone what I seen coming this way.. make it so everyone has the same policy.. federal out of your taxes.. then sell suppliments.. oh you want extended stay or plastic surgery or maybe this or that.. the only ones that benefit are the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies..
        put a cap on prices no price gouging and open the borders.. let insurance companies compete..let the pharmaceutical companies compete.. if they lose their american sales and expand their foreign sales whats the difference maybe they will lower their costs..

  8. The comments can be considered a good indicator of your success. First, by the fact people choose to engage with others and yourself on your topics covered. And secondly but just as important the anonymous comments show you are reaching with your insight and there are those who want to disrupt.


  9. George, a little late here (and off topic) but I was working on my bike and thought you just might appreciate a small tip. Might even be a money maker, too. I use old seat belts that I get from the junk yard (really Disneyland for this tinkerer) to line my tires for protection from punctures. Cheers!

  10. Doesn’t all the coronavirus stuff, make it an even stronger position for Trump negotiating a trade deal with e ChiComs??

    Second; I understand from some of the reports that the genesis of the virus started in a class 4 lab just outside of Huwan. One of the only in China. Was this a backfire on what they were preparing to do to another country,(taiwan) before they created the cure?

    Last; thanks for the reinforcement of the rules. You have always been a straight shooter. Sad that so many people like to hide in the dark and throw crap out on this and other sites anonymously.

  11. “Today, we have cases at 80,289 and deaths at 2,704”

    For the simple minded, take the first number “two to the left” that makes 802 and divide it (in your head ;-)) by the second number 2704. What’s the big issue? People have been dying since A&E.

    • Look what it has done to China, and is now doing to South Korea. I suggest getting a copy of the American Experience DVD episode titled “Influenza 1918” (1998), and watching it.

    • “What’s the big issue?”

      Take a look at the USA CDC’s website that projects min/max influenza total illness and mortality numbers from last October 1st to February 15th, 2020. The bottom line then based upon the best data the CDC has is typical USA influenza mortality in the last four months may have ranged between 1 in 2000 to 1 in 1000 cases. Therefore given the current 80,000 covid-19 cases, one should have expected 40 to 80 deaths globally, not 2700?

      As an aside the CDC pandemic page observes that a second wave is typically worse than the first wave.

  12. “Tell me, you already have a month of food stored, right????”

    With an admitted incubation period of up to 24 days, and with some sources claiming up to 40 days, just what do you think a months worth of food is going to do for you?

    “No Democrat will dare challenge that.”
    The difference between a whore and a democrat is that there are things no whore will do for money.

  13. America will NEVER have a successful national health program as long as obscene profits are made with the existing system. Obscene profits have the power to maintain the status quo, and derail any proposals to fix things.

    This is nothing new. It has happened before in other industries. The same story line, but players are different. Example, Standard Oil,

    For more detail,

    Are there any politicians with “cojones” to do the same? If not, then forget about affordable care!

    • “Are there any politicians with “cojones” to do the same? If not, then forget about affordable care!

      Politicians can only be elected by soliciting enough money in order to be on any ballot whatsoever ;-(, “cojones” play NO part in it — ergo: HOPELESS

  14. George,
    -Why all the labels? Why all the goofy propaganda branding? Sweden, England, Canada, etc. are overwhelmingly capitalist countries. So are we.
    -And remember, the ‘Velocity of Money’ is vastly greater when the money is spent on hungry kids, sick Americans, and infrastructure than when it is spent on tax cuts (overwhelmingly to the Rich and stock buybacks). Otherwise Reagan wouldn’t have tripled the national debt. Best, Mike.

    • You give me a chance to address idiots. Thanks.
      1. Sweden is socialist. Sure, sure, their marketing says “pro capitalist” but then they tax it all back. That, pard, is socialis.
      2. England is a pack of self-loathing white liberals who will turn the country majority minority by 2060 (I’m betting earlier) Not bad from 85% white in the UK 2011 census. Gotta work hard to be that stupid, but get a kneeling pad. Were it not for their partial ownership of the Fed…don’t start me – obviously you don’ty do well with facts.
      3. Good news is, Canada is another pseudo-socialist hang-out. Why I want to know is where is your self-righteousness when Kid Pordeau puts on blackface and say, what about the VA gov, huh? Do as we self-loathing insecure white do-gooders say and leave your ruling class of lefties alone?
      I was really too polite in not mentioning your president front runner writing a gang rape essay… then again, NPR’s apology piece over here is some of the best fiction EVER
      You know, if you really believed in equality, you wouldn’t give “free education” to the poor and minorities and still the grownups with the tab. Because THAT is INEQUALITY…which I see youy strongly support, based on what you’ve displayed in your latest ignorance dump.
      Then there’s M2 – which has nothing to do with poor and sick and blah blah. Obama pissed away a huge infrastructure bill with no visible results I’ve seen.
      Last, please quote where I used (not quoting someone else) one of these “goofy propaganda” lines you so hate.
      Truth hurt that badly?
      Write when you can read a P&L and understand M2 better.
      Hint:” Divide GDP by M2.
      If there’s anything wrong with spending, ALL SPENDING BILLS ORIGINATE IN THE SOCIAL ABUSERS HOUSE.
      Peloser, Schiffty, AOC and the Squid…and wasn’t there someone who married her brother in there, too?
      Hang out with them long enough and they’re bring you down, too.

      • George, I have a result of Obama’s infrastructure bill! It’s right outside my property line. It’s fast fiber just waiting to be lit up. Of course, it’s been waiting for 10 years and apparently nobody knows who owns it or if it connects to anything.

      • “Kid Pordeau puts on blackface and say, what about the VA gov, huh?”

        depending on where you are.. the VA has a wonderful medical system.. a misconception is you go in to the doctor and then don’t have to pay for it..

        They charge just as much as any other medical facility.. the only issue that is different is.. you can go see a doctor in the clinic if you are not insured.. if you need to see a specialist you can they will get you in to see a specialist..depending on income.. your medications costs depend on your ability to pay for them..
        Doctors that work at the VA also have offices off campus and work for other medical hospitals.. ( they go to work there so they don’t have to pay back school loans.. depending on how much they owe depends on how many years they work there..) Their wages are comperable.. one doctor was whining.. ( definately I was the wrong person for him to whine to..) so he makes a hundred and fifty thousand a year as a va doctor.. he doesn’t have to pay the wages of his nursing staff.. or their benefits.. he doesn’t have to pay rent.. around here it is someplace around three hundred a square foot.. he doesn’t have to pay for equipment.. he doesn’t have to pay for supplies.. He gets the golden goose health policy and retirement policy.. all while he still works at the other hospitals.. the VA medical system.. they get holidays off.. or overtime if they work the holidays as a regular shift.. they get to take a vacation..( I gave away forty hours a year to people sick because I was a point five and couldn’t take time off for the vacation and still get paid)
        unless your income is way low or you have a service connected disability.. you pay.. the lowest is fifty dollars a visit.. if you see a specialist off campus you pay two hundred.. medications are ten dollars for generic..( they come from other countries.. I got one medication that was shipped from india once and a lot from .. CHINA) and up to 160.00 for name brand as a co pay..
        their collection agency.. is the IRS.. and they just go to your bank and take it out once a month..doesn’t matter if there is anything in the bank.. the bank isn’t going to argue with them..
        for someone to say well what about the VA and their healthcare system.. yes it is good and it does work it does cost.. the only thing it offers you is the ability to see a doctor in a clinic.. most generally clinics send you to the ER if you are uninsured or don’t have the money for the treatments.. you can get treatment if it is something serious.. where on the outside of the va you cannot give them the money down payment and it isn’t life threatoning.. they with hold the treatment..
        the wait time is way shorter to see a specialist. if it is life threatoning you like everywhere else is seen quickly.. if it isn’t then you have a wait time.. but the wait time is less..

    • exactly.. they shouldn’t have ever passed that affordable care act.. back in the seventies.. everyone had insurance.. part time full time .. it was affordable.. a clinic visit five dollars.. all that had to be done is inforce the laws that are already in place.. no discrimination.. no price gouging.. everyone pays the same price.. if the cost to maintain or produce the product goes up.. everyone pays.. sort of like a coca cola minute.. we don’t see ten cent bottle of coke anymore.. the price has gone up as the cost of production has gone up.. everyone pays the same..
      by discriminating healthcare just sent the prices up for everyone.. and the gap widening..
      Now I am for free education.. but then you can get an education for free.. already if you want to get the paper then you pay for the credit hours.. MIT has their full course catalogue available for free.. so do many other colleges.. ( I love oxford and one in india that has courses that really keep my mind busy..) the list of colleges is way to long for me to jot down.. I now take what I want and leave the rest.. I am way to old to even think about getting that sheet of paper .. but I do tell my kids to go for it.. get it.. then get a job that will pay.. but like my spouse.. she is a professional.. and was talking about going to the next level.. the problem was.. the next level only offered a quarter more and the cost of the education would not pencil out in earnings..
      I tell the kids.. go for what you like.. one is in julliard.. planning on being an entertainer.. she already has been told that she is going to star in a production in the uk … so it is possible.. weigh out the cost vs the wages.. but go for what interests you..
      one is an engineer and one is in medical is working towards being a opthamologist.. ( she wants to fix my eyes LOL… I tell her I will settle for some of her chocolate chip cookies)

  15. George –

    “The” Insurgency began at high noon January 20th, 2009.

    It was/is mounted by muslim brotherhood s.

    The United States Counter Insurgency Initiative Coin – What Country was/is the Target?

    Why No Arrests yet? – sleepers – backgrounds are important..

    What if Every critical position in US Gov apparatus was infiltrated?

    The STORM IS coming soonly – can already hear peals of thunder with Lightening on the way..

    From the sands of the Sahara, to the south east asian sea – you’ll find a fearless Frogman – with his fingers dripping blood!

  16. Observing the stock market for >70 years I’ve personally noticed that Wednesdays always had a chance of violent reversals. Many issues are still above their 200 period SMA and a bullish case may still be envisioned from here, imho.

    I would change my views if major averages settled below their 200 period SMA. That is just my opinion, and NOT investment advice.

  17. Dont know if you caught it .last nite Tucker Carlson ran a segment about the corona virus that lasted about a half hour and covered the panic in italy,the evidence that the virus is man made and some of the economic implications.when the show re aired a couple hours later,the segment was cut down to 5 min and the rest was replaced with footage of trump planting a tree in india.been watching him for years and have never seen them do that before

  18. “As we’ve said many times, “Free luncher’s” sound great if you’re hungry, dumb, or both. If you get stuck with the tab for everyone?”


    we all know how they paid for it in the past…..
    Now.. I am at the bottom of the food chain.. you would think that i would want to see the socialist get in.. NO we need class separation…
    I believe there has to be separation but with the opportunity to change your social classification…
    Where we got in trouble is the same place every other civilization was destroyed.. greed set in.. you can ask any five year old with building block.. you need a good strong base to keep the top in place.. you need the top to guide the rest..
    Old industrialists knew this secret.. companies were like families..
    I hold no grudges over anyone having more than what I do.. I do fine with what I have.. I could have made the sacrifices of going to school rather than working my fool head off.. but I didn’t..

  19. George, I appreciate you keeping the comments somewhat civil. I am curious though: You track subscribers when commenting by IP address, yet I have a dynamic IP(constrained by my ISP) and I sometimes comment from afar, using friends or others’ computers. I’m sure you can track using email addresses, but IP?

  20. Excerpted from Bloomberg:

    U.S. Health Officials Warn of Disruption If Virus Spreads Widely

    Top U.S. health officials described a range of measures the government could take if the outbreak of coronavirus that began in China spreads widely in the U.S., outlining emergency plans that could result in significant disruptions to daily life for some.

    One major tool is what’s known as social distancing — finding ways to limit personal interactions where the virus could transmit. Measures could include school closings, or dividing classes into smaller groups and rearranging desks so they are further apart. For workers, U.S. businesses could offer telecommuting and replace in-person meetings with conference calls. Mass gatherings of all sorts, including concerts, festivals and sporting events, might be postponed. Another important component is routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.

    Every pol in the world is in “damage control mode” WRT the coronavirus except the Dems in our CONgress.

  21. “So far, 16,000 people have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC.4 days ago“

    HOWEVER The ABC news article the Google search was linked to said this:
    “Flu deaths are up more than 65% so far in 2020, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 4,800 people had died and 87,000 people had been hospitalized”

    We can’t count anymore……????

  22. Subject to wearing a face mask, passengers still can choose out of up to 12 daily ferry departures from Shenzhen on The Mainland direct to Hong Kong International Airport bypassing HK immigration and its 14 day quarantine period. Then a successful passenger temperature scanner test allows normal access to terminal 1 departure gates and global travel.

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