Giving Away Tax Money (again, still….)

Fine thing to wonder about here:  How much of your tax money should we be (pissing away, if that doesn’t reveal some bias) to our economic competitors in Europe?  What about all the ignoramus press reports glorifying this failure of common-sense economics as a beacon of whatever? 

They have an emergency room full of failed policies and we’re still propping them up!  WTF?

Fortunately, for our president and the leaders of this regional economic clusterf*ck called the EU, we’re going to prop them up some more, anyway.  Common sense and your tax money aside.

Reason?  Well, the US defense lobby, the lack of real jobs in America (outside the death industries) and it’s because the world is in an economic depression, which we’ll get to in a sec.

So once again, we see the murky hand of the New World Order in play, not just in Joe Biden’s odd reference to them, but also in this morning’s report out of Europe that president Obama has increased a $1-billion dollar shift of spending in order to increase US military spending in Europe.

The reason for this is clear:  The administration is trying to signal to the Russians, who are still smoldering over their being stopped in Eastern Ukraine, that the US “means business.”

The whole picture, though, has shades of “sand in the Vaseline” as we recall that EuroZoned leaders are itching to find easy money in order to drag them out of a deflationary cycle that could drag in the US.

If you’re playing along at home, the next move of globalist chess may come as a surprised:  Look for the RoW (rest of world) to slowly begin to extricate itself from the jackbooted  management mindset of the US/West.  In fact, the least surprising thing (shortly) should be China and other Asian nations deciding that they can have a middle class and as they grow their “home teams” then the rest of the world will be in trouble because have decided to live in a world of excess.

Right now, there’s a lot of European (and US) goods and technology going to places like Asia (still).  But at some point, that fatted calf is going to pop.  Russia is working the same problem, different scale, by selling nuke plants to Iran like they’re going out of style.  (After Fukushima, should they not?)

Meantime, in Poland, president Obama continues to defend over the five extremists for one US soldier, who (by the by) is being isolated by the press.  Which gets to the question how long with this go on, and how soon will we be reading about his book deal, since we still live in “monetize everything” world?

Market Outlook

Boring.  Dow looks to open down 30, Baltic Dry index still around the 950 level.  No real news until later in the week.

You Know It’s a Depression When…

A plague of locusts is showing up – large enough on radar to be mistaken for a UFO.

As our anonymous researcher tells us, look at the events of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  Read here and see if you can figure out the historical rhyme without any outside coaching

Education: Holding Up the Grandparents

There is an absolute gem in Forbes today about how Grandparents (which we happen to be) are now being “held up” by parents in order to get money for the ankle-biters turned postsecondary  scholars.

Obviously, the direction this is going is not pretty, at all.  Why, next thing you know, the most intrusive federal form there is – the Free Application For Federal Student Aid – will want bank and asset information about the grandparents.

All of which is appalling:  In a country which (nominally) fought a Civil War over slavery. how the hell can anyone demand financial support once the age of majority (voting) is reached?

I love kids, as much as the next grandparent.  But I started working 10-hours a week at age 14 and I haven’t had more than two weeks off at a stretch ever since. Mollycoddles, do-over, losers, is what too many of ‘em are today. 

Three hots and a cot when us gray’s grew up.  “Right” to a cell phone?  Hell no!  Get a job.  Learn about entrepreneurship.  It is becoming a lost art and I hold higher/holdup education to account for a good bit that.

Education is free, provided you know how to read a book and can develop some self-discipline.  Having a $40,000 piece of paper doesn’t impress me.  I used to know some west coasties who passed the Bar without buying a piece of paper.  I think that sensible loophole has been closed now, but don’t come holding up grandma and grandpa.  FMTT.

Economic slavery ends at age 18, kids.  It’s education dysfunction – ED types – want all the dough they can grab.  Think it it as “macro-scamming” – so big that no one groks it.

What Do We Want, Anyway?

That globalist mindset of the defunct Project for a New American Century is still with us, as the US has been slopping money into the trough around Syria without anyone in congress getting particularly upset.

Still, we have to report that Syria is holding genuine elections today and it just seems damn strange to me that if we’re a country committed to freedoms (like elections) why we would be pouring assets (and tax dollars) into the side that doesn’t have a history for crap of honoring elected governments…

Or is is that we only want to support electoral freedom to choose a government IF it will be a “lay down” for the New World Order, globalista banking cabal, whose roots can be traced back to the hoard of Yamashita’s gold.

I mean, it’s a serious growth and money management problem:  If you effectively owned all the money in the world, where could you invest it in order to assure a real rate of return?

So in a sense like Syria, or not, (and I’m none to keen on them) maybe this is the part of history seems the “snake begins to swallow its own tail.”

Not a bad thinking model when there are democratic elections going on in a country which we don’t own, but want to decree who’s a legit candidate.  Other wise, send in the clowns and the arms.

I wonder how Americans would feel if Russia and China started to dictate who was an acceptable president to run here?

So just what is it we’re after?  I mean besides resources and human capital for fresh indentures for housing, food, and cell phone contracts, of course.

Media: Matters of Style

A couple of “off the wall” notes this morning. 

One is that this page at the Census website uses a figure style that has become popular over the past few years.

We note this because government is usually not a first adopter of new art or fashion, which leads me to expect this kind of artwork is now passé and if you were considering using it in a marketing campaign, style may have moved on without you.

Another matter of style is this  from our FTA (free to air) television watching gear:  We noticed a while back that Jewish News Channel 1 was now Ukraine News 1.  The satellite slot is still the same (on Galaxy 19).  And the graphics are almost identical to the old JN1 layouts, but it’s refreshing to have an English-speaking channel lately to gather insight into what’s going on in Ukraine that doesn’t make it past the media filters of US corp media, the “chosen ones.”

Now if I could just find a good English speaking channel for North Korea or for Syria or Afghanistan, that would be a news-chaser’s dream.  MHz Networks is pretty good sometimes; check the live stream link there..

Oh, wait!  Can’t have too many people actually freely thinking and running unapproved lines of inquiry, can we?

I’m still trying to find out how many words Hillary wrote in her new book, BTW.  Seems such a simple question on the surface, but one of those big secrets I guess.