Fed, Housing Ahead – Will Ukraine Fall?

The war in Ukraine, despite a huge investment of money and war materiel, is not going well according to reports early today.

Among the stories to scan for details: 10km lightning advance: Russian armies reached the Oskol River and entered South Kharkiv – Ukraine sends all reserves.

And then there is Odessa; Russia threatens retaliation after Moscow drone attack – The Washington Post.

Looking at the battlespace on our plot board, it appears that Russia will continue to move along the southern coastal front.  To the north of Lviv, Wagner forces are in position to flank any deployment of NATO ground forces from Poland directly into central Ukraine.

Meanwhile, with the attack ongoing at Odessa, the longer-term Russian advance would likely be through Moldova to the west.  Then up the underbelly into southern Europe, should the U.S. neocons be unwilling to negotiate a settlement for Ukraine’s Russian-speaking region.

It’s simply a mess and the neocons have implemented the two latest escalations. Attacks via drones on Moscow (the Russian homeland) and the use of Western-supplied cluster munitions.

Neocons have a lot to think about. Including…

Israel on the Brink

Israel is now the proverbial “House Divided Against Itself.”  A new law passed Monday will overhaul their Supreme Court.  That stripping of power – which give more control to the elected parties – has divided the country at fundamental levels.

Israel protests: doctors announce strike amid mass demonstrations over judicial overhaul.  Freshly implanted with a pacemaker, Netanyahu shows little sign of backing away from the power-grab from the Courts.

American Jews, says the NY Daily News, see ongoing developments as catastrophic.  Israelis need to learn to compromise in their politics.  Yet, pluralism doesn’t come easily.

Unlike the American Civil War – which was (in a sense) a collision of two concepts, Israel’s moment of crisis involves three concepts:  The ultra-orthodox, the secular Jews, and then there’s that whole West Bank and how to share (if that’s possible) with Palestinians.

Yes, a second mess popping up just ahead of Av 9.

Trouble on the Side

Even with Ukraine and domestic upheaval in Israel, the rest of the world is far from “trouble-free.”

Damascus – which Biblically gets smoked – continues to be where The U.S. military is still confronting Russian pilots over Syria (taskandpurpose.com).

We also see how “tech technology” is playing out as an undercurrent: Jordanian army downs drone headed from Syria carrying drugs | Reuters.

Out West, there’s Taiwan on a quick simmer: Even as Taiwan tracks 25 Chinese military planes, 4 naval ships around country, Taiwan’s president Tsai has just tested positive for Covid.

North Korean belligerence is persistent, as well. As North Korea fires ballistic missiles after U.S. nuclear sub harbors in Jeju Island, we’re thinking Progress of Humans is quite limited.  Advancing from saber-rattling to missile launches is not exactly a “character upgrade.”

With the second cup of coffee about to kick in, it occurs to me that the trite phrase “world war three” may not be appropriate for where all this points.  Although everyone in the world – at war with everyone else – is close.  There’s also the internal stresses as in Israel and in global racial politics in place like South Africa. Unrest there, as well: Power-crisis anger sets South Africa on path for record protests.

So not a war globally (at least not yet).  Is there another word for what it feels like?  Global Convulsion? Perhaps a Digital Grand Seizure?

Or is this what tore down the Tower of Babel in previous historical accounts?

Sure, the story goes that God destroyed Babel because mankind was getting too uppity.  Yet, there is a scenario/translation to where Humans – all the digital addicts about – and each of us is a small bit of God – all go 64-bit bat shit crazy.

Like a global hate meme blowing up virally as nothing has ever before. Thanks internet!

Well, except Babel, of course.  There’s a frightening conceptual piece, too.  What is the digital world – pieces that survive after all this passes – congeal in the aftermath into digital language regions.

Not a given fact, but the historical angles and digital complicity is pretty astounding to pencil out in advance.

Digital Complicity

While we can see – after a GSC *(global social convulsion) followed with EMP from a rogue state (North Korea, for example) – we can envision remaining digital networks on a regional basis.  Unlike Babel – where what was dispersed was actual people – this would be firewalled regions.

You might have an India-net, for example.  A China-net. Russia-net, Euro-net, Ameri-net, and an Eastern-net for the Islamic world.  Around each of these, populations could cluster much as in historical times.

Eventually, root languages would reassert. Americanized-English is the main global language of Science and Medicine today.  A few EMPs later, however, and would it matter? English would likely fade before competing native tongues like Chinese, Russian, and so on.

Further failing downward could occur as bioweapons – especially the genetically targeted sort – would be used to recreate racial uniformity in the digital zones. Babel 2 – a novel – at least for the next few days. Have we done all this before?

Oh, paradoxically, this is OneVoice day. The Universe (Or Supreme Programmer or Tax Collector) has to be doubled over in hysterics. A few of us “get it.”

Stuff’n Things

Kamala got it wrong.  We may have mentioned it at the time, but lookie here now: Black Academic Fires Back at VP Harris Over Florida History (mediaite.com).

Biden family corruption is coming to a head, too. Justice Department will make prosecutor in Hunter Biden case available to testify before Congress. When it happens (color us skeptical, OK?) that might be a date to mark as the “American Weasel-Word Festival.”  We do appreciate the understatement in McCarthy compares Biden to Nixon, says congressional probe will rise to ‘impeachment inquiry’. Think?

X-Rated Web Notes: Meta Appears to Hold the Rights to ‘X,’ Could Complicate Twitter Rebrand?  If you are Facebook, you go after Twitter for infringing your mark.  If you’re Elon Musk, you know it’s a different (*unpatented) different character. Musk meantime

Other Digital Delusions file: Denial is alive and well: Why Did Bitcoin (BTC) Fall to $29,000 Again? When Bull?  My, my, bull? is right!  BTC is down in the $29,000 range today.

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If you missed the Monday column, it’s here.  G.A. Stewart’s latest Nostradamus report/update is over here.

Around the Ranch: Just for Drill

Garbage is out – our typical Tuesday.

After a breakfast, my butt will be in the dentist’s chair for a filling (or two, these things blur).

Peoplenomics report for tomorrow (the Focus) piece is done. Reinventing Workstations looks at the laughable rhyme in the evolution of specialization. Which turns out is cyclical.

Part 2 of this morning’s report will be along a few minutes after 8 when the Housing numbers come in.  Price decline surprises?

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18 thoughts on “Fed, Housing Ahead – Will Ukraine Fall?”

  1. One more time for the mind washed among us…we all were. Raised MENTALLY on only 1 thing regards god/angels/ creation – thats it – Childs mind was blank regards god/mysticism during first years of development. This IS a form of Mind Control .

    Babel – regards the ancient EVIL thats been stalking Humanity down thru the Ages. The fallen have been hunting and Eating “adams” since they first set foot on planet Uras/Earth..via Pleiades via Sirius/Orion system.

    Later they taught their Slaves ( the abar/priests) preparation of Human baby fats.
    – Saam/Enki & Female Reptilians (created/supported & developed Mankinds) -Lord of the Ki crafted/created new Languages for us Humans to help keep the annuna/el confused – all about making it harder to capture/manage Human slave populations.
    These creatures (annua -in flight/space, annunaki while on Earth, have a very difficult time managing/handling the Ki of planet Earth..it is special/unique and very disruptive to the annuna – said they mixed mono-atomic Gold (white powder with a Willing Females “view of life” =menses (highly oxygenated blood) with very unique properties. Mayan codex shows images of this “view of life” ceremony – dipicting a Flow coming forth from the nether region of a inverted “godess” – this is the stuff that TRANSFORMED “chosen” selected for leadership into something far more Aware of the real..

    * Unle Gordies dejavue piece of the day yesterday ties Directly into Stu’s latest..directly ?
    cowinky dink? https://www.theinteldrop.org/2023/07/24/the-strange-case-of-ted-gunderson/

    I think not .

    https://youtu.be/syyxZdNK4vE…”the town of Chicago” hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Several thousand years later these creatures are referred to in old testy as “Abominations”. See supporting texts/readings posted on Stu’s far looking site yesterday. All this child pornography/pedo addictions/andrenachrome addiction- all goes back to the annuna/annuaki and their miserable leader An & Ansar

      • OH, NO! I just had a serving of French fries at lunch today after 3 years of abstinence! It’s my wife’s fault. She had a craving for French fries, and she forced me to participate.

  2. Kulakov the rescue ! vice admirAL that is, and no we are not hear for the delish Cuban sandwiches.
    They hear for the Caucasian Daggerz- Hyperion. Oh wait thats cheap Belizean vodka, I mean Kinzhal & Onyx missiles.

    Who – I mean who in DC/foggybototm/pentagram could have seen Russian hypersonics in our backyard, after Nato-USA attack and KILL any all Russians they can get their evil,beady eyes on – since at least Maidan.

    By the by comrades is Maidan sync-winking isRAhell today ? look and feel again..winkwink comrade “death breath”.

    Yes wherever Ure foul mouths breath, “jinn” erupt onto battlefields across that “occupied” land.

    You all have done WONDERS in all places infected with American FreeDoom.
    ; europe,korea,vietnam, coldwarring central and south america & ME, Gulf1&2, trashganastan, back to east europe/east asia – every single engagement.

    Millions of Human Lives destroyed/raped/sodomized/burnt alive/bombed into next dimension – All in the name of Murhican Freedom. bwahahahahahahhhhhhahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahah. Freed from their meat suits .

    The EVIL EMPIRE – USA – truly dreading coming back to the darkness that the USA has become, soonly. No mr TSA man, not Russian – Slavic!

    But I gotz younger ones that will need a local Guide (read native) – and this “guide” constantly /scouts/preps his area of operation, before hand..

    Natasha – we must get ready to “butcher” the Moose
    ..for food stores of course, winter fast approaching..

    Requesting recipe suggestions – Moose.
    Boiled/poached, fried/deep fried, roast (slocook), grilled steaks?
    – 4 the Squirrel – just a simple stew in a delish dark Russian brown bread bowl, n^am.

  3. “…, to flank any deployment of NATO ground forces from Poland directly into central Ukraine.”
    NATO will not do that. Sending combat ground forces into the Ukraine, via Poland, would be the same as declaring war on Russia. I do not believe that NATO has the guts to make such a move.
    – We have not seen Russia get pissed-off as yet., but that would do it.

    • Actually, I think it’s more of a pincers, to envelop central Ukraine and force an unconditional surrender. I have no doubt that the Musicians really want a piece of Poland, but also suspect their leadership will keep them in check, because stupid mercs are dead mercs…

      • Same tactic the Zulus’ employed at the Battle of Isandlwana in 1879. Did not go well for the British army.

    • no they will want to go in there with air power at first. then come in with the troops.
      if they do that you can bet that not only will Russia but China and all the other countries that are just sitting on the sidelines waiting will also act and it would be the beginning of World War III. I believe they have just been waiting for the USA and NATO to get involved in this. then the rest would just be let loose at one time

    • this is the poison pawn trap..
      they know that there’s absolutely no way this war ends well..Ukraine has lost.. and all nato countries have been dumping money and arms out of their defense budgets and strategic reserves.
      and for what to cover over illegal activities of one of the most corrupt or was it because the family that has been in control of the global financial system was just to further their new world order..either way..the vast majority of the people are not willing to give up their family members to an administration that is doing everything they can to destroy the freedoms so many have fought and died for all while protecting his own family members..
      it isn’t like hunter is bravely standing on the front lines.. no he sits in a 25 million dollar mansion or living in the white house pulling every shady trick to cover over their activities..
      now if this is just a cover over the family activities.. I would be filling my shorts right now and probably hiding if that family is knocked off of the dominating position of global economic control.. they in turn realize we cannot win thus or one with Taiwan not without getting directly involved..then to top it off contributing to the families bank accounts to allow refugees free entry..from countries that openly said that was exactly what they were planning. the perfect storm and nothing anyone can do..

  4. Re: a dish best served cold?
    feat. the chef


    The BBC like other msm has a report published concerning the tragic passing yesterday of the Obama family’s married chef. He suffered a paddleboarding accident in waters adjacent to the First Couple’s Martha Vineyard property. Reports note that the First Couple was away. The White House website advises that the (now-late) chef’s recipe of a Honey Ale achieved “a rich aroma and a nice finish”.

    Meanwhile, the “Daily Mail” delivered the news both in print and picture of the two daughters of the former President checking in today for their commercial air departure from the Martha Vineyard Airport. Images pictured them carrying their own luggage.

    Let’s join DJ George for afternoon tea and biscuits on the promenade deck. Look forward to a marvelous slice from The Beatles Please Please Me album –
    “A Taste of Honey”.


  5. There seems to be a general assumption that Russia will invade all of Europe if/when they consolidate their gains in Ukraine. I fail to see this – though perhaps I’m myopic here. I can’t really imagine why Russia would attack the rest of Europe if we just stop provoking them. Of course, if we don’t, and the provocations continue, then I can see Russia escalating to whatever level is necessary to stop the fight.

    The Biden inner cult obviously wants a nuclear world war for non-apparent reasons, yet doesn’t want to throw the first nuclear punch. I don’t want anything to do with it. I doubt Putin does either. Hopefully Ukraine gets sanitized from its corruption, but I have my doubts. I see no way to avoid this anywhere in the world that I know of, though the remote southern hemisphere might be less affected. I’m too invested in this country to easily consider expatriate options, though it’s not off the table. It’s sometimes better to stick with the devil you know, but not always. I truly wish there was a better way, but wishful thinking is not planning.

  6. “should the U.S. neocons be unwilling to negotiate a settlement for Ukraine’s Russian-speaking region.”

    At this point Russia will not negotiate. When the war is ended, Ukraine gets fast-tracked into NATO. That is unacceptable to Putin, and intolerable, to the hard-liners at the Kremlin. Thanks to our meddling, and that of London and Brussels, Russia MUST now conquer Ukraine, exterminate the NAZIs to keep Vichy and Soros from engineering another Maiden, and install its own puppet regime, or at least one that’s strongly Moscow-friendly. Then, either NATO will renege on its offer, or accept Ukraine as a Russian asset within their walls…

  7. “Kamala got it wrong.”

    I damn’ near had to dig out the smelling salts when I saw that heading.

  8. “McCarthy compares Biden to Nixon,”

    No comparison. Nixon was not a crook, he was a paranoiac. If’fn he’d gone public and thrown Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, and Deane (sounds like a lyric, don’t it ;-) under the bus (which is where they ended up, anyway) instead of trying to cover up the PR mess when it was still only a PR mess, he’d have finished his term, and it might still be Taipei, rather than Bejing, sending the Chinese Delegation to the U.N.

    Biden has been dishonest, dishonorable, disrespectful, a thief, a sniveling coward, and a bully, since he was a child, all of which shows up in early biographies, written before he became Obama’s job security…

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