Fed Dread, Obama’s Ukraine War, III in the Wings

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Ukraine will also get F-16s: Fighter concession debate has begun – “In six months the Ukrainians will be trained” – WarNews247.  Let’s see: tanks, guns, missiles, drones, and now F-16’s?  Russia called war with NATO right.

Fed Dread: Measures of Suck

The Federal Reserve meets tomorrow.  Rather than reading reports denominated in U.S. Federal Reserve Notes (colloquially “dollars”) we’re thinking their study of America’s future should be based on Pascal units. Because as this site explains:

Pascal is the official SI unit for vacuum pressure and consequently widely used in physical sciences. One pascal is the force of one Newton per square meter acting perpendicular on a surface. Pascal is named after the French mathematician, physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal.”

Here all this time, you thought Pascal was all about a programming language.  See how Big the world is?  If you’re a non-programmer, be advised that…

Pascal is (also) an imperative and procedural programming language, designed by Niklaus Wirth as a small, efficient language intended to encourage good programming,”

We firmly believe that Peoplenomics is a far better approach to National Managment than pure “dollarization” of everything.  Because runaway financial fascination leads to things like over production (and the periodical boom/bust cycles) and a yoyo like experience of life driven into cycles of war and peace by resource demand and arrogant pricks in office which is a global phenomenon, now.

We think the Fed adjudication of economics could be best addressed with a simple “Ben Franklin Ledger”.  First column heading?

“This Sucks” (N...Pascals). Opposite this column of measures would be a “This doesn’t suck” column.  It will be mostly empty.

Our “Sucks List” includes: Inflation, China’s rise, Mexico’s Invasion, Goading Russia into War, Attacking Iran (but when you build bombs, people will get pissed and not sit idly by waiting to be offed), Overseas dependencies, and let’s toss in a dozen eggs because they’re hard at work making shoplifting fashionable.  In other words:  World mostly sucks.

Of course, the Fed cannot think in Pascal terms (even though it’s a useful data simplification tool).  Because their sole purpose is to get money out of the hands of a Crooked Congress and into the hands of the even more Crooked Bankster class.

Monday Thought: Dump Dollars, Trade Pascals!

Down at the Repo Depot

Your Fed at work is revealed with a daily scan of Markets Data Dashboard – FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK (newyorkfed.org).  Where we read how the repos were at a low-level Friday.

Given the Dow futures were being measured in “Pascals” way over into the “Sucks!” column (-200-ish on the dollarized Dow futures) we would expect easy money soon come as our end of the month “Settle with the Devil” day will be today, or tomorrow.  And we like to be short which explains our downside hedge placed near the close Friday. Seven minutes before the close.

Whee! How many minutes and how much “lunch money?”

Obama’s Ukraine War

Unlike copyright infringers, we like to give credit where due.  In this case to Barack Obama for setting up the U.S. coup that toppled the honest government and installed the far-right Ukrainian government which then dicked-around with Russia’s water and power and thence to the loss of the Crimea which brings us to this morning’s Brink of WW III.

See, people have terribly short attention spans.  Usually, the memory holes are big enough crooked warmongers can drive a Kenworth through.  Something on the order of a T680 Next-Gen.

Here’s how the neocons, embedded into the pseudo-liberals, got their war set up: PolitiFact | The United States spent $5 billion on Ukraine anti-government riots before the U.S. backed coup to bounce an elected president.  Now, remember who was president in 2014?  A US-Backed, Far Right–Led Revolution in Ukraine Helped Bring Us to the Brink of War (jacobin.com).

The Progressive which I don’t often agree with gets a good star for The United States Is Reaping What It Sowed in Ukraine – Progressive.org. Which is echoed in other content around the web like the Cato Institute’s view: America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy.

Why’s no one else mentioning the foundation dug by :O who walks on water?”

Now It’s Biden’s War

Let’s see how he’s playing it, shall we?

We see hypocrisy as the inline media report stories like Short on time, Biden sought new Ukraine tank plan to break stalemate – The Washington Post. Thing is, Biden tries to demonize Russia, pretending he’s after Peace.  Which is a crockashit more like starting a gun fight and then talking piece while swapping out your .22 boot gun for a long-magazine Glock 19.

The good news, but bad for the War Party, is that the lefty’s screed on climate is being tossed: Global carbon emissions forecast cut due to Ukraine war and Biden, says BP | The Guardian.  Don’t you LOVE it when what goes around comes around? DUDE maintains balance even on disorderly worlds.

Meantime, Biden is the salesman for the Obama-based Ukraine debacle which continues to escalate even as Zelenskiy: Ukraine needs more weapons, faster. Yessir, a fine time will be had by all (*survivors) at the soon arriving Global Flash-Bake Sale.

Meanwhile, no one in the Oval took that HR Hiring seminar we recommended a while back.  Because now we’re learning Biden’s Reported New Chief Of Staff, Jeff Zients, Linked To Allegations Of Fraud And Questionable Business Practices | The Daily Caller.

Questionable business practices?  In this administration, what isn’t – everything from Corvette files, to sonnyboy’s NFT scammery.  Yee gads. “Have a beach house and shut up, Ure.”.

Crackamamie Headlines

Which country will bring back the draft first?  Betting is officially open as US general: ‘British Army is not top-level force and can’t protect UK’ | Metro News.  We are wondering how soon the Waracrats will offer up similar entertainment in advance of WW III – the extended play UHD version – which comes after the intermission after nukes hit Middle Lower Europe. Planning your own world war?  Then you need cannon fodder and flash powder.

Flash Powder flashes:  Iran plant: Israel was behind drone attacks, US media report | CNN. Remember, if you’re just returning from off-planet, the Big Game is Israel vs. Iran slow enough (drone pricks) in order for Russia to be goaded into tactical first use of Nukes.  THEN Israel can roll the nuclear bunker buster to take out Centrifuge Central, and THEN China will take Taiwan and throttle America down.  But up on the top-level of this 3D Chess fiasco, Russia will have grounds for first use as soon as the first depleted uranium anything (armor, bullets/shells) lands inside Russia.  We figure that’s their “red line” because it would be the West tossing the first (dirty) nuke material. (Stunning insanity with such a nice interleaving layer with human reality, is it not?)

Spiral Gyros in the wings as Turkey continues to act more belligerent and the U.S. fans the flames: US warns citizens of ‘imminent’ terror threat to synagogues, churches in Istanbul | The Times of Israel.  Keep in mind that war between Greece and the Middle East is coming over the Leviathan oil and gas complex. (Background, maps, and baseline info.)

And Ukraine not only used to have wheat, but lots of titanium and plenty of petrol, too. Oil lands in blue, getting it?

These are Resource Wars since the global “keep it in your pants” index is near zero self-control.  Resulting in too many (and more stupid) people.  Crumb-following going a little fast for you?

War’s (contrary to liberal quackery) usually have a “system of economics” woven in. At present, food, water, energy, and real estate comprise the key complex.

Back to point, what else is calendared?  Ah!  US House speaker McCarthy to discuss debt limit, spending with Biden.  Crumpets and Crap sandwiches? Because neither side is desperate enough for a solution. High Tea in the Oval for our own aristocracy?  Because, let’s face it, the thought of military retirement and social security checks being late is still on the hostage-taking list. We’ll see which gang of crooks goes for it!  Bets on?

Stephen King Alert!  This is genuine 100 percent FDA pure scariness for you!  Biden Approval Rating Jumps As He Pivots Toward Center (investors.com). Sleepwalking to war followed by idiots who can’t think. (What was it Tony the Tiger said???)  GRR-reat!

Postcard Incompetence Dept.  (Look surprised, right?)  DOJ ‘working’ to share info on classified Trump, Biden docs with senators: reports | The Hill.  WTF is “working to share” supposed to mean?  Tell you in simple terms:  Ass-covering time is needed and plausible deniability studies and control files to consulting.  Regular stuff in a sham Democratic Republic which has been taken over by a corporate kleptocracy owning the public bureaucracy of fumblement.

Fools and their Digitry’s are soon parted.  But not until the market really turns sour, then $10,000 BTC ought to be a slam dunk.  For this morning BTC is $23K plus a bit.  Making today’s crypto note BTC Fear & Greed Index Eyes Extreme Fear to Signal a BTC Breakout (fxempire.com). We’re skeptical, but major wave four’s can be fugly.

Around the Ranch

Wow!  My neighbor – who I just remembered had a brush grapple on his big tractor with the huge stump grinder on it – came by Sunday. Insisted he come over and both fix my tractor flat AND move the brush.  Makes my life a lot easier.

“Shoot bubba, you don’t gotta pay me anything, I don’t want your money.”

“Check with your wife, or better, put a hundred on the table and ask if SHE wants it because you don’t need it.  I figure that will be a different answer, but let’s test it. Howzat?”

This whole tree adventure has almost been like a Divine Guidance sequence.  To begin with the same guy had quoted me a few hundred more several months earlier.  Then he tossed in two additional trees for $200 a tree which was dirt cheap.  Next, the job wasn’t supposed to be done until three weeks out.  But no, a last-minute cancellation and “Mr. Ure, can we get you in tomorrow?” kind of thing.  And THEN the brush moving will be done by my neighbor, a once Mercedes shop wrench for a dealership in Dallas. (Also a bodacious hunter, BTW.  Totally great neighbor!).

Thing is, like reader Andy, sometimes you can’t help but appreciate the Grace of the DUDE to arrange things for you, just so, for a kind word of thanks. Thanks!

Rained Like Hell: a good part of the weekend.  Six inches and some overflow in the gauge. And the local weather emporium up north of us has 3.85 inches for the month to date. Last January a year ago, we had an inch-and-a-half.  No Sahara at least for now.

Breakfast and Markets and polishing of Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report which was roughed out while it rained.

Our Short Position Friday is green.  To the tune of a 2.8 percent gain in the preopen.  The “when to sell the short” will depend on how paranoid the talk gets about Fed increases.  Believe it, or not, 2.8 percent for what’s likely to be only 35-minutes of market exposure ain’t a bad way to start off Monday. Seeing money go up ain’t that tough.  It’s the timing of taking a trade OFF that tells the story at the bank.

Write when you get rich,


111 thoughts on “Fed Dread, Obama’s Ukraine War, III in the Wings”

  1. “Biden tries to demonize Russia, pretending he’s after Peace. Which is a crockashit more like starting a gun fight and then talking piece while swapping out your .22 boot gun for a long-magazine Glock 19.”

    Hmm.. that analogy is perfect.. better than the one I had..
    and backing the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa as “Justifiable violence” my thought is only as long as it is in my neighborhood not theirs..

  2. “Stephen King Alert! This is genuine 100 percent FDA pure scariness for you! Biden Approval Rating Jumps As He Pivots Toward Center (investors.com). Sleepwalking to war followed by idiots who can’t think. (What was it Tony the Tiger said???) GRR-reat!”

    Hmmm…. the plot of NEEDFUL THINGS.. for the USA..
    Or are we in the real life movie of PET CEMETERY.. where they brought https://youtu.be/xZptgQDWf4w politicians into power.. LOL

  3. Weird, graphic dream last night. Don’t know if everyone here has heard of “The Back Rooms” but this was just the opposite. I don’t remember how it started but I had been released with a large group from some kind of program I either viewed or participated in. We were initially in a somewhat unoccupied mall environment with little furniture but as we all went looking for a way to the ground floor and out to the street we all became lost in various chutes and tunnels and weird rides. I and some others eventually wound up in an area surrounded by glassed in offices and shops high up in a tower with a view to the city wondering where to go. Someone gave us a large map of the mall which we took and continued on trying to get to the ground floor but with every turn we’d wind up blocks away from our objective and even more confused. The ol’ bladder woke me up a little after 4 but when I got back in bed to catch a few more winks I went right back to dreaming about it.

    Unlike “The Back Rooms” the mall common areas were populated with the usual shoppers and people going about their other business as it was a combination of shops and offices. No weird monsters and zombies, just a never-ending stretch of winding shops and escalators. Guess the old characterization of the French saying “So like Life” as a curl of cigarette smoke circles their head applies here.

      • metaverse shopping is similar.

        ebay is building an entire mall in the metaverse. I’ve see simulations. same thing. it gives you a sense of being in a real mall with the same architecture you would find at any mall but you can only log out. not leave any other way.

        • actually a prince is paying 27 billion dollars do a virtual representation of the entire city of Dubia in the metaverse something like that much money. you will be able to go virtually anywhere in the entire city. form janitors closet to the highest penthouse suite and drive Lamborghinis on the freeway.

          pretty interesting you both had a dream about it.

        • “a prince is paying 27 billion dollars do a virtual representation of the entire city of Dubia in the metaverse something like that much money. you will be able to go virtually anywhere in the entire city. ”

          Andy we have …Google Earth and it already does that..and realtors do virtual tours.. contractors usually use a set of floor plans to choose from..and depending on the neighborhood and what the person can afford.. is how they build their homes.. not one but a row of homes.. once a realtor puts the home up for sale and does a walk through tour.. you have the neighborhood right down to what is stored in their back yards etc..
          the big house
          of course on the big house they won’t give you the whole thing.. because of classification.. but on average a realtor wants to sell you a home.. so it is all on there..

    • “glassed in offices and shops high up in a tower with a view to the city wondering where to go”

      Retail shopping experience will only be for the elites. Everyone else ? Online.

      “Unlike “The Back Rooms” the mall common areas were populated with the usual shoppers and people going about their other business as it was a combination of shops and offices. ”

      The average person shops via the black market to get what items they need as they are no longer available for the common shopper in the storefronts. The “back door” / back of house market will remain quite busy as we witness a corporate unraveling into the reset.

      About those towers:

      That my two cents or is it sense? Thanks for Sharing.

      Got Blockchain?

      • Yes and thanks to the WHO – I gotz a knew discriminator number; Z28-310 How F-ed up is that ? And hear I thought my number was 1 Witha f-ing bullet.

      • For us out here it’s pretty much estate and garage sales to find the majority of what you’re looking for – and “going out of business” sales, too. I made a major haul a couple of weeks ago at a hardware store that was going away. Tools, valves, 2 big rolls of 12 and 10 gauge wire, can’t remember what else but it all added up to about $360. You couldn’t have bought the wire for that amount at full price.

    • The description sounds like the building of “the line”, a group of modules that will house “everything you need” as presented at the WEF last week.

    • Ever been to the ‘Mall of America’ outside Minneapolis? It has it’s own freeway exit, and indoor carnival rides area.

      • That’s pretty much the place I was thinking about. But everyone I entered with was singing the same song – “I gotta get outta this place ….”. I thought I’d heard that it had pretty much gone kaput, though.

  4. At the end of Armstrongs WWWIII (link from yesterday’s comments) was this comment “They say the one bug that will survive a nuclear attack is cockroaches.” So, here is the song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcnBdHP8ePU

    As my principal used to sing while walking the halls “Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think”.


    • Re: not Snowbirds


      There is big, big money in people smuggling. Recall the tragedy from last winter where a family of 4 Indian nationals (mom, dad & 2 kids) froze to death steps away from the US 49th parallel border? Authorities are still tracing the final journey from their village in India to the planned US destination after traffickers flew them into Pearson airport Toronto.

  5. Ok calling you out on the 5 billion to Ukraine…. That was since 1992. But who knows what dark money went there. However the 5 bil is a twenty year deal.

    But yes the dude does make events fall into place for those with grace

  6. “Russia called war with NATO right.”

    Yes, but most of this war machinery will be manned by Ukes, not our guys and I’m not saying it makes a difference but that it will be wasted due to less competent operators. Just like the Afghanistan debacle where we left all that equipment that China and Russia are negotiating to buy from the Taliban the wreckage will give them a wealth of knowledge about our stuff. If Putin does send a Poseidon off to do its job I hope it’s leveled at D.C. and he makes sure the Traitor in Chief and as many of his tribe are there!

    • Sometimes I think it’s left/sent to get destroyed. How else do they get rid of (overstock?) … but there isn’t/wasn’t any overstock. Just stuff we might need but won’t have when we might need it.

      Sometimes the unthinkable is reasonable to you think about.

    • Oh I am pretty sure Delaware would be the first… then the bigger coastal cities and military ports.. and my guess it would be shock and awe..
      once the decision is made..with a big power the only thing they can do is neutralize the majority of the threat..that goes for the USA going large for Russia as well..
      I believe Putin didn’t expect the war in Ukraine would be this big because the majority of the population asked him to intervene on their behalf.. that’s why you seen long lines of people peacefully leaving before it escalated..
      In the poison pawn trap you get the opponent to dedicate to the pawns defense.in the art of war if your everywhere everywhere your weak.. depletion of our reserves and infiltration within our borders by the enemy.. a position where all the little countries we have bullied come together and make chaos at one time in different directions..we would be the key stone cops..

      • https://warnews247-gr.translate.goog/v-poutin-pros-m-tzonson-m-enan-pyravlo-sas-katastrefo-s-ena-lepto-proetoimasies-pyriniki-klimakosis-stin-vretania/?_x_tr_sl=el&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en

        Biden’s war is escalating.. and all the other NATO countries that have committed to his war just can’t see he is basically don Quixote and the pied piper dragging everyone to the edge of world wide annihilation.. doing the man behind the curtains wishes..

        • [YouTube 2017] Freeze frame at 2:05. Tell me what he sees?


          You can say you weren’t warned. Or is the power of media the ability to get the consciousness of the masses to influence the quantum outcome by simply watching.

          Time to make some fresh popcorn.

          I choose to visualize a different outcome. A peaceful one Filled with abundance and gratitude! Got Blockchain?

      • West has already LOST .

        Devil is in the details..As far as USA(read cia/ pentagram) are concerned its all hands on deck 4 damage control. Same ole same ole, rinse, lathered up, repeat.

        Venetian “deepstaters”/ redshield “bankers” dont know ..anything different.

        All about Slavery, We do it to all manner of life forms, including R fellow Humans. They do not see it as anything but..business as usual.

        We all r commodities..unless and until each of us start to imagine..

        • I agree with your assessment.. the problem is.. the way i see it is they can’t … to admit defeat .. the moment that its been admitted.. we loose our position of being the leader of the pack. the planet becomes a multi polar planet with multiple countries having as much influential power..
          the currency would also loose its standing as the currency to rely on.
          its a really touched situation.. Biden led the world into this global changing war.. now he isn’t the wizard behind the curtain..just the puppet doing the bidding of the wizzard.
          I guess power and natural resources.. not to mention the corrupt industries they had going there..37 trillion in money laundering alone is an incentive.. not to mention all the other alleged corrupt industries..
          then the donations.. how many billions in donations has our politicians received..
          then to top it off all these countries have followed the don Quixote on the mission giving their strategic reserves and spent themselves into a catastrophic global economic downfall..
          to keep the status quo.. they have to see it to the end or let what they had go.. its The first time that the USA took on an equally powerful country. usually we go after the resources of countries not as powerful as us..this time if you notice all the countries we have treated as subservient are all aligned to unite .. the past few years we seen China and Russia signing agreements with these countries.. the difference is they respect their cultures where we expected them to follow ours..
          now I am just some old schmuck in the middle of the wastelands and my opinion is we should have given the Russians the guarantee that Ukraine would never join nato..and quit our eastward advances and moved our missiles away from their borders..it isn’t like he didn’t ask..
          A very scary situation.. one of the damned if you do and damned if you don’t..

      • This may boggle some noggins here but I can honestly see Putin doing the same thing to us that we did to Japan when MacArthur took up residence there to help them put their country back together. I know Russia has their own set of neocons whose fondest dream is flattening us, U.S., from sea to shining sea but IF Putin has as firm a grasp on power over there and Bribem rolls over and hands the keys to the country to him and Xi like he HAS, IN FACT, been doing these past 2 years, I can see Putin, after all the fireworks are over with, sending in his own MacArthur and saying “Look guys, you had a good thing going over here for a while. Light of the World and such – and maybe there is something to this Capitalism thing and all that but you’ve got to get your act together and rejoin the civilized World and quit this Total War Forever garbage to fill a few big wigs’ pockets.” I don’t see that happening so much with Xi but with Putin I’d say it’s a very solid “maybe”. Putin is a patriot of Mother Russia, from what I’ve read, and I’ll never fault him for that which means protecting their turf and their interests and is no different from us doing the same for our LEGITIMATE interests as well. But if we, ourselves, don’t have the sense of honor and duty as a nation to put ourselves back on the straight and narrow as delineated by our Constitution then the internal rot will enable those on the outside to do it for us. The corruption is oozing from every pore for the World to see in our land and its infected much of the rest of the World to boot.

  7. “Check with your wife, or better, put a hundred on the table and ask if SHE wants it because you don’t need it.” Or put two-hundred on the table and see if she leaves you half!

  8. Russia considers the Crimea and Donbas regions as part of the Motherland, and deplete Uranium shells are landing all over the place in these regions, and from both sides via armor piercing shells and bullets, artillery and tank shells and missile warheads. Most nations and international agencies do not consider depleted Uranium ordinance as ‘dirty bombs,’ however, the dust from any exploded depleted radioactive anything can be hazardous when inhaled by a living thing. Depleted Uranium is also used for armor on combat vehicles. According to Wikipedia, “only nine reactor-produced isotopes stand out as being suitable for radiological terror: americium-241, californium-252, caesium-137, cobalt-60, iridium-192, plutonium-238, polonium-210, radium-226 and strontium-90.” Almost all nuke weapons exclusively use highly refined and machined Uranium 238 or Plutonium 239 for fissile, fusion initiated thermonuclear warheads – more ‘bang’ for the buck. That said, simply blowing up a hospital or well-equipped clinic can spread medical-use nuclear material over wide areas.

    • Exactly..would or could Russia interpret the spent radio active material being used as armor as a dirty bomb.. and if you were the leader of a country that you seen as being destroyed with radio active material.. decide hey lets share that pleasure with those giving g it to us..
      again its one thing to see death and destruction looting and may ham in my neighborhood.. quite another if its in yours.. i believe that’s why no one is messing and pushing Kim in North Korea.. he always tells the puppeteers gosh you have a nice home to bad it will be rubbish.

      • Now NATO..may say hey that’s acceptable radio active material.. just like our politicians saying oh that’s justifiable violence with BLM and Antifa terrorist activities that did billions of dollars worth of damage and destruction, justified looting etc.. the difference I see is who.. when the Texas governor sent a handful of illegal refugees to Martha’s vineyard the narrative changed..it was their neighborhood..
        I personally never could understand that way of thinking.. Really where is the do unto others what you would have them do unto you..

    • WH. Can you see absolutely any circumstance except divine intervention where this does not end in nuclear war?

    • I think you meant U-235 and Pu-239 as spontaneously fissile after reaching a critical mass. U-233 and Pu-241 will also work in this role, along with the Pu-240 which is less stable and considered a contaminant. U-238(DU) will only sustain chain reaction fission under extreme neutron flux, such as in an operating nuclear device casing. Americium 241 can be bought in very small quantities at Walmart – within most smoke detectors, so it’s apparently not considered a significant terror risk.

    • Several years ago a nuclear activist here in Hawaii exposed the myth that depleted uranium was ‘safe’ when used as ammo. With live fire training going off at Pohakuloa Training area up in the saddle area between the mountains, the prevailing winds carried the dust down west into the Kailua Kona area. She had a geiger counter that normally read 10-12 counts background radiation. The day of the training counter, she showed how the count was up to around 250. This was some 40-50 miles downwind. it was exposed on the local news. I haven’t heard if they managed to get depleted uranium rounds prohibited there for practice. But it certainly DOES contaminate the environment and air downwind.

    • “only nine reactor-produced isotopes stand out as being suitable for radiological terror…”

      I suppose that statement is true, BUT… U-238 is not produced in reactors! It is, however, known to be radioactive.

  9. Consider yourself blessed to have good neighbors and friends neither of which just happen. Kindness and generosity are returned by the same. I think it shows the type of person you are.
    Reap what you sow or something like that.
    The big yagi on the roof will need to come down. I replaced the cut out section LMR400 done by the, ahem, electrician aka hardware store guy my wife had come over to “help” during the remodel. Several attempts to match the antenna were determined to be a waste of time and the rotator is needing repair or replacement anyway. Been experimenting with the thought of an active loop on a short tower by the house. Thoughts?
    Stay safe. 73

    • “The biggest of the signal is directly proportionate to the amount of blue sky view you can impair,” noted Pappy Ure.

      Leading us to maintain loop antenna users have magnetic personalities and a deeper wallet than understanding.

      • Wallet is a lot more shallow lately between the remodel and now being on the Injured Reserve list with the new shoulder. Probably just stay with wires in the trees. They’re more fun anyway. Got my oldest grandson a drone for his birthday. He’s coming down and we’ll try hanging the EFHW from the big oak. 73.

    • And let’s not forget the chicken feed that has stoped rural egg production. Folks got wise, changed feed and the chickens are beginning to lay eggs again.

      So many (honest?) mistakes ..?

      • I’m not sure how honest it is to remove lysine and methionine from TSC chicken feed! They who formulated it knew, or should have known that these were essential for producing eggs.

        • …And according to the segment on Tucker last night, that feed is indeed made by those checker-bored folks.

  10. Over at Wolf Street, Wolf Richter says…

    During the era of money printing and interest rate repression, the sacred mantra on Wall Street was, “Don’t fight the Fed.” Now they’re all fighting the Fed with gusto, which makes for a fragile situation because the Fed is going to win, that’ll be easy.

    So we’ll have a week coming up where surly frustrated central bankers will tell euphoric markets that inflation is a serious issue, that the inflation fight is far from over, and that they’re not backing off in this fight until inflation is squashed. And this could turn out to be a hoot.


  11. “sometimes you can’t help but appreciate the Grace of the DUDE to arrange things for you, just so, for a kind word of thanks. Thanks!”


  12. Re: “The Mandelorian” feat. Pascal


    I’m no Picasso, but how many files can an artist fit in a nft? The BBC had a report out a couple of weeks back about now-jailed Comrade Zheng Xiaoqing. The Chinese national was caught red-handed copying proprietary files from his American employer GE, and placing them into an image of a sunset.

  13. “Which country will bring back the draft first? Betting is officially open as US general: ‘British Army is not top-level force and can’t protect UK’ | Metro News. We are wondering how soon the Waracrats will offer up similar entertainment in advance of WW III – the extended play UHD version – which comes after the intermission after nukes hit Middle Lower Europe. Planning your own world war? Then you need cannon fodder and flash powder.”

    I am actually a little surprised that they haven’t already…
    maybe it’s the see we are not involved image they want Russia to imagine.. like the kid that just snuck a cookie he wasn’t suppose to have.. even though its painfully obvious that he had.. like getting caught red handed..
    the Hard part is to convince the citizens how honorable it is to send their loved ones to die for a cause where the only ones to benefit are corrupt..hey maybe if Joe and son led the way..jump on a horse and charge…oh dam they’d just go after windmills.. right now no one wants to go to a war for corruption..

    • There are kids that will volunteer, but many/most of them already have. I doubt that many more will, and many will flatly refuse, either leaving the country, resisting in place, or using any other means necessary. With young men and women likely sterilized by the vaxx mandates from the universities and elsewhere, and the “men” of uncertain gender anyway, I don’t see either a current or future supply of functional cannon fodder. This is also true for Britain and probably the rest of the English speaking world.

  14. “I’d be very surprised if the Fed did anything other than a 25 bps hike.” Mohamed El-Erain.
    I am going for a 50 bps hike.
    It seems a lot of people are thinking 25., but is that ‘hopium’ talking ??
    out of my trade at 07:59.., when the NASDAQ100 hit 200 points down. Very nice trade. I don’t see what the rest of the day is like.., sit-n-watch.

    • steevo,

      It’s all about Government Survival!

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: As far as the surveillance is concerned, they have no doubt assembled lists of those of us who resist the tyrannical decrees of the government. Those who resist being mindless drones are a threat to the survivability of the government. Hence, the lockdowns were a perfect way to sort out those who have a brain, and others who are just gullible and think the government is the adult version of Santa Claus. We are all on some secret list, that much we can count on. It has never been a Government of the People, but a Government Against the People as history has always shown for 6,000 years.


  15. Israel is going to us killed, not Obama. Or maybe Pfizer. But we can’t unconvince the convinced.

    Anyone one of us might serve on the draft board similar to old man Potter in “It’s a Wonderful…”

    We’ll have the power holding the tablet.

    “Oh you mention you/your parent voted for who-who? 1-A- fit to be drafted.”

    “‘Friendly favors you say?’ 4F unfit to serve.”

    I still think it’s the Invisible Hand that has to kill us because of the pension bailouts.

  16. Pascal the rascal ..”the ragged rascal ran around the ragged rocks’

    Surprised Ure didnt formulate Pascals Wager ? Something about – got nothing to loose believing in “the DUDE”.

    ..”compiled” BS, like the relationship of my left Nut to my right Nut is called – Cobal

  17. The stock-market rally that’s jumpstarted 2023 is about to fade as the Fed reasserts its resolve in fighting inflation, Morgan Stanley’s top stock strategist says.
    Stock gains in 2023 suggest investors appear to have forgotten the cardinal rule of, “Don’t Fight the Fed.”

    • old and tired vs shiny and new…Market, Bond Market controlz the fed .

      raise all they want – market/market makers will set the rates – they always do these daze. how many shit sandwiches can a bank eat in one qtr? Watch Japan/Yen and effects of dollar, BRICs breaking the buck as well.
      “Louey” and the Elves be looong gone, there is a new old sheriff in town and his name is mr market.

      Got BTC/Blockchain, Got shit hot investment oppty at Lighting Ventures? = virtue investing in blockchain/btc community..Yeehaw!

  18. 14.7 PSIA = 101.4 kPa-a: kPa is typically the SI unit of pressure you see most frequently in practice, unless you are dealing with a high vacuum. Bar is still a regional favorite metric hangover unit of pressure measurement . If you find a kg/cm2 gauge, you are definitely in a Metric backwater.

  19. The markets are going to be very relived if The Fed raises the rate by 25 BPS.., which will cause a sharp upward buy.., conversely, it is going to be very surprised if it’s a 50 BPS hike., which will cause a sharp sell-off.
    The majority of the ‘talking-heads’ seem to think it will be the mild 25 BPS. However, just last week they were all saying that the rates will go to 5, to 5.25 % and stay there for most of the year. That says The Fed will go for the 50 Basis points hike on Wens.
    Hhhmmm.., I am not too sure on how to trade this potential move. An options spread would be rather dicey as the market may swing wildly up until the announcement.
    – Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, “place your bets”..,

  20. Remember the film The Over-The-Hill Gang? Good time for a remake, starring George Ure as a former Texas Ranger that rides to the rescue to help out a young newspaper editor. For the other roles, there are plenty of old timers available here, right?

    The Over-the-Hill Gang is a 1969 American made-for-television Western comedy film about a group of aging Texas Rangers, starring Walter Brennan and Pat O’Brien. Chill Wills, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, and Jack Elam play supporting roles.

    The plot concerns a young newspaper editor who is conducting a campaign to unseat the town’s “tinhorn” mayor. The mayor is backed by a “gun-happy sheriff” and a “whiskey-soaked judge”. The editor’s campaign receives a boost when he is joined by a former Texas Ranger and “three of the fightin’-est straight shooters around.”


      • No JW, maybe because of a schedule conflict, he was doing ‘True Grit’ that year.

        All my favs too, love Jack Elam, he even did some spaghetti westerns.

  21. I think I found a classic obfuscation.

    First I was looking at ingredient labels at the store and noticed “Prego” pasta sauce lists “genetically modified ingredients’ on their label.

    On $AMZN the label is lined up in such a way that reading the ‘genetically modified’ part is impossible. Campbell’s omits the ‘genetically modified’ part from any labels I could find on their website.

    Someone at that company came-up with the idea to conceal that info.


    • In Table Salt, the ingredient was simply “SALT.” … then it changed to “ SALT, CALCIUM SILICATE (AN ANTICAKING AGENT) … then it changed to “SALT, Yellow Prussiate of Soda (AN ANTICAKING AGENT)

      Calcium Silicate, occurs naturally in minerals.
      Yellow Prussiate Soda, is a form of Cyanide.

      Every table salt except for Sea Salt, seemed to have the cyanide in it these days.

      The search for purity continues.

  22. Two inches of rain today with a ‘system’ parked over us. Steady rain. What do I hear up the road? A chainsaw running near constantly for the past few hours. Some poor bastard must have contracted for a tree job… in the rain.

  23. My daily horoscope reads: Cosmic activity warns you not to get involved in situations that are of no real concern to you personally. You may not like what’s going on, but you won’t be able to stop it, or change it, so “keep your distance”.
    – Sound advice., no matter what the source.

    • One of my favorite cartoons shows Winnie the Pooh Bear and Piglet sitting on a log. Winnie tells Piglet “When I focus on the dumb things that other people are doing, I haven’t time to work on my own dumb things.”

  24. Re: III in the Wings
    feat: don’t have a bird?


    The Habsburg great-great-nephew of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and head of the Order of the Golden Fleece is heir-presumptive to the Kingdom of Croatia. While the throne remains vacant, it falls upon the president of Croatia and commander of the armed forces to award the nation’s highest honor, the Grand Order of King Tomislav with Sash and Great Morning Star. King Tomislav was the first king of Croatia whose reign commenced about 925 ad.

    Recent editions of msm reflect the president of Croatia recently weighing in disparagingly at the NATO and particularly American efforts to arm the Servant of the People rather than seek peaceful resolutions since 2014. ‘Ure possibly not imagining things to read his ideas and be left thinking about birds of a feather.

  25. G, I like how you take opportunities that become full fledged blessings to heart. Not many see them as such, though a surprising number of the people who read and post here sure seem to have that quality, too. Can’t say I’ve had many of them in the past few years, but I was genuinely surprised by a phone call a day ago. Seems word of mouth spread about my husband’s (rather fast!) health deterioration — I’d only spoken to two people that I know in this town about it– and now there is a local church wanting permission to pray for him. I was quite touched by the gesture since we neither attend any church, nor have strong faith in such. I DO have faith in people. You can always count on them to be all-in or completely disappear when things get tough. Nice to know there are strangers willing to think about others. Will this actually help us? Probably not, but I sure to appreciate the thought.

    On the topic of dreams gone wild from other posters here, yeah… It’s been unsettling how many messed up, vivid dreams I’ve had lately. Most of them are chaotic and induce a little heart racing. I can only guess it’s a reflection of real life these days, but go figure, you know? All I know is that restful sleep has been a little out of reach, but I suspect it’ll smooth out eventually.

    • positive reinforcement SM, positive reinforcement. You can take those “positive thoughts” =they are real “things” and use that nrg/color/essence for Ure hubby’s well being. you can use that “restless time” to re-imagine the prayer energy…as coming in Ure house and working on his body. its real when you make it so- and with a little mental “umph” you can see results..orb like thingies..spiritual energy…a great gift. pump it up! https://youtu.be/3oi1-S6UPNc

  26. good points on all the violations of agreements and pacts by USA . they do what they like who cares about the rest .

  27. This may be a little off topic for todays general theme but does fit into the general them of “Nothing for Something, courtesy FJB and the US Federal Gummit.”
    Two data Points:
    1) FJB lowers gas prices before Christmas by draining the US Strategic Petroleum Reserves (USSPR) built up by PDJT. Prices I saw were down to the $2.75/gallon range.
    2) After Christmas in One Week prices were quickly back up to the $3.35/gallon range.
    So far, nothing unexpected,

    Meanwhile the trusty old LeSlobber goes into the shop for some front end rebuilding. At 295Kmiles it deserves it. When driven in Cruise at 69 mph according to the GPS, it returns a faithful 29-30MPG even uphill over the Cumberland Gap back and forth to Kentucky.

    So now the Ranger 4WD is pressed into service and makes the Trip to KY for a month or so. First trips were OK at an Expected 19MPG or so.
    Then after a fill-up at the local Shell, milage went a step change from 19 to 16 MPG. I scanned the OBD!! codes checked all the fittings, all seemed correct. Little Big Al advises the front O2 sensor on Fords controls fuel and it should be named Mama, as in “if Mamas not happy, Nobody’s happy.” Mine has a signal for not heating fast enough but was getting the 19 then too.
    Then I recall a late weekend news blurb that FJB has executive overruled the EPA on Alcohol in Fuel and ordered the Oil Cos to increas volume of available fuel by increasing ethanol content from 10% to 155 (or more).
    Since Gasoline is (from my now 69 YO memory) 35K-36KBTUs/Gal and EtOH is 18K or so BTUs/Gal this could be the problem.
    How to test?
    The Buick is back from the shop with new tires, new electronic brake proportioning valve, and all kinds of front end goodies.
    So it was gassed up and driven to KY this weekend. 69MPH om cruise in the outside lane, all the way.
    Result 25.5 MPG, about a 20% Drop.
    So we are now paying snoot-full pricing for watered down gas that only gets you 80% as far.
    I don’t know if any of you are driving a long distance commute (I am 800mi round trip ever other weekend) but if you have data to share I am listening.
    I have heard there are test kits available for the ethanol content. I will be enquiring. I have heard of major MPG and performance declines on neighbors trucks, that have been traced to high EtOH content. ‘This is usually at off brand stations selling wash gas, the slug between two different grades in a pipeline. We have lots of stations selling such here because we are the Colonial pipeline hub. But this is Shell regular.
    I will run another test soon when I get an empty tank. Shell here has started selling 100%gas, no EtOH for $4.00/gal, I’ll fill up all vehicles with this soon and report the milage I get on non=dilute gas across several vehicles.

    • Bear in-mind, it could simply be an “artful calibration” of the gas pump. I have a twin-tank Ford pickup. Each tank holds 16.1 gallons, filled to the nozzle-plate in its filler neck. The twin tank thingie is important, because it means I can run a tank completely dry. When I fill a tank that’s completely dry, I KNOW it is going to take exactly 16.1 gallons to fill it into the filler neck.

      I have put, from “16.1 gallons” to “23.6 gallons” in my 16 gallon tank. The sad thing is, unless you know your tank capacity and start off dry, you have no way of knowing whether you are using an “honest” pump. You can’t even check it with a gas can, because they’re all plastic and they stretch & deform. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a five-gallon glass cooler-jug and scribing a line at precisely “5-gal,” but I figure if’fn I prove there’s pump fraud going on, the proof will be lost upon my untimely death. There’s about 105,000 people living in my county. Based on the pumps (and pump error) I’ve surveyed just here, that amounts to over $2,000,000 per week (at ~$2.25/gal). $2mln/wk amounts to a hundred million per year for somebody, plus a nice retirement stipend for the city/township/county/State “weights & measures” examiner.

      There’s what? Something like 3400 Counties in CONUS?

      Just something to ponder…

      • Had the dual tank feature on my 1988 Ranger.
        Love it, wish I had the same now.
        I am aware of the Pump Fraud and watch the volume pumped too. So far it has been within reason.

        • Interesting side note: In many places, when the tanker rolls in to fill the underground tanks, the pumps all suddenly become accurate. Shortly after the tanker leaves, they “resume their previous error…”

      • Ray,

        I wonder if the differing volumes after pumping are due to ambient temperature? Here all the fuel station pumps sell product as if it were 15 degrees celcius which it rarely is.

    • The mileage on my old Toyota Echo took a dive last summer. I wondered what expensive repair that would entail until I heard that the recent further dilution of gas with a greater percentage of ethanol lowers mpg. I also heard that the higher ethanol content is particularly bad for older cars.

      Advice on several online forums claimed some stations still sell 100% gas, so I called around to find one. The local Maverik station has it. I only needed half a tank at that point, but I thought it would be a good idea to lower the ethanol percentage immediately, so added that half tank. I won’t know the result until I have a full tank of 100% gas. I’m hopefully presuming my former good mileage will return.

  28. “Content Theft Notice: Check your address bar.”

    It’s either last week or this week, which is “Copyright Week” at EFF…

  29. “Ukraine will also get F-16s: Fighter concession debate has begun – “In six months the Ukrainians will be trained”

    Which seems to indicate the “war” will be over in five months and three weeks. I’m sure Russia wants to battle-test its S-200 and the Chinese shoulder-rocket, but I’m not at all sure they want to test them live…

  30. Dr. John Campbell finds out just how little Freedom of anything that the British people really have. The 77th Brigade, now disbanded, has been revealed to have spied and kept records on people who didn’t tow the line during the Covid operation.

    77th Brigade in the pandemic

    Just one more normie waking up and one more “conspiracy theory” turning into conspiracy FACT.

  31. super cool about the Divine Sequence George. love it. trips me out.

    I take it as. “I know the plans I have for you” and “you can’t out run your destiny”….

    so I accept that Heaven has chose me and is working to put me in the places it has for me. and I recognize them, and DUDE and all their efforts and thoughts concerning my life. I accept the destiny they have for me. I accept that level of intelligence and that superior knowledge of time to guide me.

    I have a feeling that was all part of being tested. and I passed.

    I worked 16 and a half hours yesterday with a torn Mcl. when I got up this morning. my knee was three times bigger on one side than the other. so I went to the doctor and he said, you worked 16 hours standing and walking with a torn Mcl? I said yeah. he said most people wouldn’t have made it out of bed. that is very painful. I said yeah well I’m a Man. It’s less painful than my last two marriages were. hahaha. and I had to be there because my crew would have been shorthanded and I needed to see about a thing. he said most men still wouldn’t have went to work. I said that is because most men these days aren’t Men that built this world what it is today. most are definitely not the men who built the Emprire State Building back in the day anymore. there was dudes back in William Wallace’s time that did 12 hour battles with 30 lb swords and they didn’t stop for their 15 minute coffee and doughnut breaks every 2 hours.
    and they didn’t call into work because they got a cough or a hang nail back then.

    the top portion of Ure Article today George, reads like the episode before John Titor play book. pretty interesting.


    if memory serves. didn’t he have a time machine that was made out of a corvette too? ties in nicely with Ure latest few.

  32. “The Progressive which I don’t often agree with gets a good star for The United States Is Reaping What It Sowed in Ukraine… Which is echoed in other content around the web like the Cato Institute’s view: America’s Ukraine Hypocrisy.”

    Wow! Do y’all know how often the socialist regressives and the Libertarians agree on anything, except dope?

  33. Read the other day that Mexicans are now smuggling eggs over the border into California – I wonder if they are being hidden in bales of marijuana?

    • No.. probably in the mens shorts.. no one in their right mind is going to go feel the guys eggs.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
      and if you have fifteen thousand men crossing the border a day.. you have an industry LOL LOL

  34. We saw another egg factory went up in flames the other day. Recall when eggs were 10 cent each media said it was temporary. Eggs are now 40 cent each and media says the same. Excuse after excuse egg prices are never coming down.

    We are experiencing internal inflation while the world may be experiencing deflation. $ repatriation.

    The value of eggs is less in a war zone then suburban Detroit.

    “The price of 12 eggs, large in Kyiv is $1.73.”


    Great Value Large White Eggs, 12 Count $4.82 (40.2 cent /ea).

  35. The stable civil service has given rise to the endemic leftist plague:


    The radical left experiments with giving control to neo-Stalinism, brown-shirt corporate socialism, and neocons turned neo-progressive war mongers. These are all leftist totalitarian dystopias competing to loot and dominate middle America on behalf of Deep State bureaucrats, corporate brown-shirt strong men, and the alphabets aligned with the State Department and the C_A. The leftists keep rotating the attack ideology looking to find a way to brain-wash and disarm the plebs, then consolidate their control. Multi-ideology extremism is the signature of the American left. Manipulate, burn, divide and conquer is the agenda. Next ploy on the agenda schedule – economic chaos and reset.

    The money which drives the Left all comes from the same sources: trust-funds, the US government, and corporates. The DOJ directly financed much of the street level leftist violence in this country before Trump’s AG shut it down. I am skeptical that the cash flow from the US government to radical hate groups has stopped. More likely it is being laundered more carefully than under Obama. The financing of street level violence has multiple objectives: it allows for escalation of totalitarian repression, it provides leverage to shake down corporates who aren’t on board with the brown-shirt politics, and provides a platform for false narratives against target groups.

    The attempt to export American multi-ideology leftism is now lighting brushfire conflicts all over the world, just as the Soviets once did. The forcible export of revolution ideology played a major role in the Soviet’s downfall, and will eventually backfire on the American Left.

    And yet, there is resistance. Elon Musk has outed the Deep State leftist operatives engaging in social engineering through social media election manipulation, censorship, and criminal gas-lighting of opposition. My opinion of Musk has increased a great deal since he attempted to defang Twitter. The definition of “conspiracy theory” has now been largely recognized as an operative propaganda meme used to discredit opposition to totalitarian state control of all public discourse. Oceania has been shown to be real.

    There is more work to be done. While I don’t like that your site is being poached by intellectual property thieves, it is a sign that the plebs are waking up, and searching for uncensored discourse. I have also noticed a lot of new reader bylines showing up in reader comments with fresh content. As long as Ure editor keeps a lid on the hate mongers who wander in, the site should continue to grow.

    • Yeah pedojoe also quipped/gaffed that US Troops would be in cokraine by end of year…

      whoops .

      ..perchance they aren’t gaffes, and he (whoever that is behind mask) aint actually falling UP steps to AF1 . A “hollywierd” “Show” perchance ?
      Next step/stop – fake alien invasion..get Ure cell phone selfie taking mode ready –

      • Speaking of cellphones, has anyone figured out a way to obscure or disable the front(selfie) camera in hardware, not software? It seems that the front camera is used as a light sensor in some phones, and if you cover it with black tape, the cellphone goes completely dark and is useless. If it’s covered with translucent tape, the image is obscured, but enough light is transmitted to keep the thing working. Unfortunately, translucent tape is fragile and will flake off the front glass area. The front camera is a major privacy risk if the phone is compromised since it shows your face and/or body in many different locations along with other people, and stores any photos or videos with EXIF information containing time and location.

        I’m sure the design was deliberate.

        • Not a recommendation or suggestion.

          One could try clear nail polish (or NewSkin, which is the same thing — butyrate dope). I would guess an application would at least “fish-eye” images beyond recovery and it might also distort. As a bonus, it would magnify light and “adjust” a phone accordingly. Its downside is: Dope, IIRC, is nitrocellulose lacquer dissolved in acetone instead of lacquer thinner. Applied to virtually ANY plastic, it will partially dissolve the plastic, welding the dope bead permanently into the phone and possibly ruining the phone in the process.

          If you wish to try this, you’re on your own. I’m certainly not going to recommend it. It does seem prudent to install a glass, display protector and applying the dope to it, then seeing what it does to the camera, before risking anything more expensive than a burner TracFone…

  36. Interested in ETHANOL-FREE gasoline?

    Try these links.



    Also note: If you use a Toro, Husqvarna, Echo, or any of a hundred other brands of small-engine tools, real gasoline (ethanol-free) is required, and using pump gasohol will void your warranty. If you don’t know why, your tool is less than one year old and you haven’t rebuilt or replaced your carburetor yet (but you will…)

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