Fats & Hats–Life by the Pound

Data-driven oddities to note before and after TSHTF

A lot of UrbanSurvival readers think our Peoplenomics.com site is only about playing markets, saving for retirement and generally getting one-up on The Money Game.

Surprise!   It’s not.

It’s really about getting the most out of life and we broadly define that as our transactional relationships with the world.

Today we serve up a longish report with some tantalizing (non-stock market) ideas.  The first as we reveal a potential cause of U.S. (and global) obesity rates which are non-apparent but which line-up with historical data well.  Do we have a new “magic weight loss regimen?”  Read-on.  (Maybe…)

The second morsel is looking at everything (right down to which car to buy) as an exercise in cost-per-pound analysisThere’s another surprise in the data there.

After our latest breaking economic news just out, and oh, sure, a handful of charts as we track the market through its latest gyrations…

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33 thoughts on “Fats & Hats–Life by the Pound”

  1. 1997 Subaru Legacy L. AWD. Best car hands down. I know, i own one. I actually pulled an F150 4X4 out of the ditch in 6 inches of snow with mine. Had to get a run on the strap but i got it out and back on the road.

    Its been in the ditch 3 times at various speeds, hit a median at 45 mph, hit a stop sign at 40 mph and a jersey Barrier at 50 mph. Still runs like a top. Hit the median so hard the left head light flew off and landed on the ground in a few dozen pieces. Car kept on running. I stop and grabbed the big chuck, wrapped it in clear box packing tape, put a new light bulb in it and zipped tied it back on and works just fine. It was my cruzer when i was out getting my “street” education.

    Put 20,000 miles on it and never once changed the oil, or did anything to the motor. Has 270k miles on it and it just keeps on rolling.

    A simple fuse placement changes it from AWD to Front Wheel Drive only and adds about 8 mpg fuel economy, when ya dont need the AWD function

    Paid $600 for it, and put in a $100 stereo.

    Best SHTF car, hands down. I have had over 20 people drive it, hammer on it, put it sideways etc. Etc.

    Right front quarter panel has heavy damage, front bumper is smashed in so bad that the edge is about 1/2 inch from the tire on both sides. Door has a huge dent from being kicked by a 6’5″ 300 lb biker and she still keeps rolling.

    Plus, looks so inconspicuous and basic, nobody looks twice at it as something to steal or that anyone driving it is making big $$ or up to anything other than getting where they need to go. Draws almost zero attention from cops and pretty much everyone else in joe public.

    Slapped on one of those “University of Washington Student” stickers in the back window, a burton snow board sticker, a Stevens Pass ski resort sticker, a “Black Lives matter sticker and a Rainbow Co-Exist bumper sticker on the back of it.

    So, it looks exactly like some poor, starving College students car.

    Parts are cheep as hell, from “pull a part” and other junk yards.

    Turn the key, fires right up. Every time!

    • I mean i hit jersey Barrier so hard that it pushed the radiator into the motor and it still kept running enough for me to drive 20 miles to a home depot. I hooked a tow strap to the front of it and wrapped it around a telephone pole, put it in reverse and slammed on the gas to pull it about an inch off the pulleys.

      Then i grabbed some more zip ties and slammed the hood down and zip tied it shut.

      That was 4 months ago and i havent opened the hood since.

      Doesnt leak, doesnt smoke and like i said, just keeps going.

      • Oh and i get about 400 + miles to the tank with the front wheel drive option going.

        I have hauled Damn near anything you can think of in the hatch, A chevy Small block 400 motor, a huge compressors, 70 inch flat screen TV, 20 bags of concrete mix, etc. Etc with a carload of people too.

      • Andy, you are holding out on the old guys here. Nobody is particularly impressed with how many Jersey Barriers you’ve banged. Especially while sober! You haven’t mentioned a thing about the ladies you’ve taken (out) in your Subaru Legacy (Legend?). As MaterCard used to say, those pictures would be Priceless!

      • The Subaru Roll Bar can save your life:

        Personal experience: my friend got sideswiped on the freeway, she rolled 1.5x in her Subaru (pulled out upside down), but no serious injury, although a small insurance payout.

        Roll bars should be mandatory in my opinion, another friend in a Toyota Tacoma with no roll bars died after making too sharp a turn…..truck’s roof smashed him in….

        Get a roll bar installed if you don’t already have one….

      • Hey RBI, i had a few women. I sent a few pics to George of my main Gf. Blonde little hottie 30 years old. Perfect bum. Ha ha

        One thing i learned is its very important to have a Good woman who is super fine as hell, who is also loyal and has your back. And i stayed pretty much loyal to her. I did have a few side honeys.. but that life style is alot about respect.

        Im sure George would agree, she is one helluva looker. 30 years old, 5’7, 125 lbs

        As i told George, in an email this morning, it was a super good experience. Alot people pay HUGE $$ for vacation trips to Disney World or Adult playgrounds like Vegas.

        I spent about $12,000 total for my 4 month experiment/experiance. I took my vacation on the wild side to learn what it’s like to live like your life could be over that day. Lol flying by the seat of your pants, thinking fast all the time and using intuition like a mofo while being clouded by heavy narcotics! It was intense. And you are Always adressing the next move by a thousand thousand variables. It taught me much about me, and much about what life will be like after the SHTF.

        when i started it. My Bench: 400lbs, Squat: 505lbs, Deadlift: 550lbs

        And that is why they called me “Beast”. Lol not bad at 48 years old.

        I will tell one more story and then, im ready to move on. Lol

      • They can smell your fear. Like really.

        There 3 typed of people. And a guage inbetween.

        1 the solid, 2 the Rat and 3 the mark.

        I ended up one night in the projects down in federal way and this dude put a knife to my throat because he was “smoked” (been up for 10 days straight) and thought i was gonna  steal his woman.  I was so high i started laughing. He said he was serious! And the kife dug a little into my throat, made me bleed a little.

        I said dude! Is this your apartment? He said no its hers (another chicks)  i said do you really plan on ripping out the carpet and bleaching the walls and all that at 4am? Dont be a retard and be disrespectful to this chick. Tell your homie go down to Home depot and get a blue tarp and some visqueen, and some scrub brushes, some bleach and some rubber gloves, rain gear, and duct tape, some shovels and burlap bags. you can get plasitc bags but if you are gonna do this???

        Id rather be buried in burlap. SO, Go green or go home, ninja! (Not the word i used. Lol)

        Eveyone started laughing and he said man!!! You are the craziest mother Fker i have ever met and started laughing.  I said thanks, i pushed my fifth of jack over toward his side (he was behind me at the kitchen table standing on about a foot to the left side) and I said to him lets have a drink and talk. He took the knife off my throat and said aeit n*gga, lets drink. Then my girl showed up like 2 min later with a bunch of drugs and he said damn dude, i dont know what i was thinkin, your btch is finer than a mofo! I laughed and said thanks man lets get high. He was my friend after that the whole time.  Ha ha ha ha! True story.

        She came in and said everything okay? I said yup, just making friends. She laughed and said so and so says hi and wants to see ya later.

        Then the dude i was drinking with said, oh i didnt know you knew him. I said i known that guy since i was 15. He is like family. Dude said, Oh im sorry about earlier man. I said its cool, were good.

        Sorry, about the Expletives G, but that is how they talk put there. Lol

    • Andy, with me being a car guy, everything you just described on your ‘ru makes me want to throw my hands up and run screaming into the night. To each his own of course, but it made me want to wail.

      I’m going into the garage this evening and caress my 911 yet again with a soft microfiber towel. “There there, darlin’, I won’t let all that happen to you…”

      Phil in Austin

      P.S. – George, on the Master Index page, the top two links to go to UrbanSurvival.com are still http: not https: so I get a nice error message. :)

      • Ure crack programming team is on it. “Here kitty, kitty…come on Zeus…get on the tech support tickets…)

      • Dear Phil in Austin,

        I Had to play the part. When i was out “running and gunning” in the street life, i had to have a car that matched that life style. Had to “keep up with the jones” of the true Thug life.

        You think anyone would take me serious if i rolled up in my 2018 Cadillac V-coup, wearing $300 italian leather shoes and listening to Eric Church blaring on the radio?


        So I bought a $600 Ru, put in a $100 stereo and wired up a sh!tty amp, put a 12 in the box, put on some Chuck Taylors, some Levies Button up jeans, a thrashed Puma Hoody with a few cigarette burn holes, and a straight bill Raiders mashed on Ball cap tilted to the side, Cranked up some E-40 “Choices”

        and rolled into the scene in my 1997 Subaru Legacy L. Car even came with cigarette burn holes in the seats, a full ashtray of half smoked New Port menthals and i grabbed some trash out of the gas station can and through it in the back seat. Rolled up to a shady motel 6 out side of town ,where this chick i know that does hard drugs was staying and pulled out a roll of $600, also had a 6 pack of Papst Blue ribbon, and a fifth of Jack Danniels and said lets party. She laughed and said ok, i got a trick upstairs, give me about 30 min and handed me a pipe and i was off and running from that point forward.

        I have some friends in low places, and i knew a few girls in their late 20’s early 30’s that party in that scene. I grew up with 6 dudes from High school who are full fledged Bandido’s, a couple Gypsy Jokers and i know a chick who has always been after me to date, whos Momma is married to a Hells Angel.

        Funny, her Mom is the same age as me and had no problem letting me date her daughter who is 16 years younger than me..

        Now, im not little. Im 6’1″ 240 lbs, I was benching 400 lbs and squating 505lbs when k started this 4 month experiment. Havent been to the gym in a few months, so not sure now. AND, I am a combat Vetran and well. They nick named me “beast” lol

        I also have been stabbed in the past a few times, and have a wound on my left hand from a .45 hollow point, that George will remember from back in the day.

        It was just a 4 month experiment, to see what life is like on the daily “Survival side”. Trust me, those people are already living like the SHTF, cause in many cases it already has for most of them.

        I still got the car, never not once did i ever let any of these people, know where i live, i stayed mostly in shady Hotels and never not once did i ever bring any of these women tonmy house or any of that.
        Changed my Address on my DL to a house thats abandoned and i just partied hard like them.

        I never not once commited any crimes, physically hurt a woman, i did smash a few dudes pretty hard and im sure they wont forget me, ever. lol and i pushed it to the extreme, hard and scary. Did tons of drugs, Never snitched, never stole anything, always was respectful, loyal and all that. Left the scene debt free. Even told “the family” exactly that this life style isnt for me and im going to be a good citizen and get out. And they wished me luck and said if anyone try’s to keep ya from that? Or comes a knocking? Just give us a call. I hooked them up with some REALLY good information. Saved a few guys from getting busted.

        The rules are super simple, and the game is played on many many levels.

        Very educational, to say the least. Im gonna go polish the V and get some sushi, with a hot little red head.

        But WHEN SHTF? You bet i will be rolling in my Ru. ;)

    • LOL! I understand! I drove a 1980 something 2WD Scoobydoo for a year plus with no reverse. I was always careful where I parked it so I could roll or push it back out. One day I drove the thing home for 30 miles in a foot of unplowed snow. I still have the engine here for a potential project. Now I’m driving an classic Saturn with 332K miles on it and the original drive train. Parts are everywhere and cheap. I don’t do the sticker thing – I want a total sleeper – no stickers for anything. The body is clean(we won’t talk about the mess inside) and it blends anywhere. I don’t even own a car or truck from this century, and would rather avoid doing so. Too much in the way of useless electronics. I was actually given the car and keep it more for the memories. I had one car given to me with a smashed front end. Expanding foam is your friend – just position the headlight unit and foam it in place. Same with dented fenders – foam, cut to the contour and top it with body putty. Then the closest color cheap spray paint for a finish. Yes, the putty will crack after several years, so rinse and repeat. I suppose this comment should really be in coping, but I already wrote it. Used cars can be fun and profitable, just insure for what you must and drive carefree. I’ve thought about getting the AAA extended towing, but so far I’ve only been stuck once away from home, with a bad starter. BTW, set up all your cars so you can tow home with a towbar or dolly(build or buy), and make sure you have a hitch on all of them.

      Great hint about killing AWD BTW! AWD is useful, but only rarely. I killed the air bag fuse on a van and it saved the van after a deer hit. Again – redneck fixes until I could get it home.

  2. Sir,

    In fairness to those who might be galled by your use of Imperial ounces of prevention for pounds of cure, there are 2.54 pounds in a kilo.

    As with city state guilds of bygone ages, it should be no surprise that the EU customs arm, EITSA, has crafted an electronic response to North America’s existing electronic visa waiver requirement for European travellers. Entry to Europe may require an electronic visa waiver in 2021. An interesting wrinkle seen in the EITSA website faq page is that entrants will no longer be permitted to change which Schengen nation they enter through on a last minute whim. Instead the nation of EU entry must be declared on the visa waiver and not be changed.

    One expects the EITSA registered headquarters office to be soon re-locating from its current London maildrop. Perhaps EU president Juncker can find room for an appropriate substitute in his home microstate of Luxemburg?

    Bon Voyage!

    • Ha ha ha! If you are infering to my comments, I am not even Bullsh!tting. I will take a picture of this beast and send it to George, right now!

      I know, some people cant even imagin the life i have lived. Most of ya all are here doin “life” for different reasons.

      Im here to experience and get the most bang for my buck. IF I told ya the half of it, it would be so far fetched you wouldnt believe me. Ha ha ha

      I known George for what a dozen years now? He knows, my life is different than the 9-5, sit com consuming facebook yammering rest of the herd. Ha ha ha ha

      Waaaaay different. I am here to savor it all. The good, the bad and the ugly!

      I dont give 2 sh!ts about crowns, titles, prestigious browny buttons or any of that crap.

      Hey Old Dude! You got mail! I will send ya a few pictures of the Subaru War Machine. Ha ha ha it is a beast!

      • Yessir, great pix…and yeah, an old ‘Burru is a great machine./

        Super nice job on the zip ties and since it is not a “headlight” no reason for “the man” to get picky about the aim of it (the right one) which to my finely red-necked eye looks a tad bit off dead center and level, roflol!

      • “Ha ha ha! If you are infering to my comments…..some people cant even imagine the life i have lived. ”

        boy Andy.. I can relate to that one…I can’t even tell you how many part time or temp jobs I have done to survive through the years..trying to cram three lifetimes into one took its tole though.. paying for it big time with my health..

  3. Have you ever calculated how many laws have been passed by Congress since AC came into general use. The reason for the summer recess for Congress was Washington D.C. is to damn hot and humid in the Summer.

    Two of the greatest inventions that changed the history of man, was the Stirrup and Air Conditioning.

    • David Brinkley used to make this point every year with the suggestion that the A/C in DC (LOL) be shut off during the summer months.

      • AC in DC in summer time LOL LOL LOL… yup.. they aren’t there anyway why waste the money..

  4. Gave up HFCR absolutely and totally after doing some reading. I never eat after 3pm. I always have about a 400 calorie breakfast as early as possible. In the last year or so, I’ve lost well over 70 pounds. I do keep my radio shack computorium room kinda warm by winter — a bit over 73F — and run at ambient here in North Caroline’s Sandhills as much as I can stand it by summer. Only really need A/C on very few days.

    Seems to work for me.

    • Seems to me that the calorie restrictions and the clock are working like a charm (along with the heat)
      Do you wear a hat?

  5. Fyi: They are pumping oil into the water system in Venezuela.


    That is why i said the other day if anyone took notice, in my reply to “Chet underscore underscore”

    #1 Must have! Berkey Water filter!!!

    Makes 6,000 gallons of water and filters Petroleum Contaminants – Removed to greater than 99.9%.

    Not just that,

    Coliform and e-Coli – Removed to greater than 99.9%.

    And even Uranium at greater than 97%!!!!

    They are pretty bad ass now days. I have enough filters to make over 30,000 gallons of water without having to recyle one after cleaning it. Its said you can clean each filter and use it up to 3 times. Lol


  6. I found it ironic that you looked into the relationship between HFCS and obesity. Just a few months ago, I was intrigued by an article about the rise of obesity in the United States over the past thirty some years; so I did some digging into the factors behind it (in my opinion).

    It is astounding that there is an almost direct link between obesity percentage statistics and the percentage use of HFCS in our food and beverages. There is also a correlation between use of HFCS and the rise of diabetes in the population.

    It would appear to me that the same chemical/pharma companies that produce and supply HFCS, just by chance also supply the drugs for diabetes. Seems like creating your own market.

    I personally still farm at age 67. I am hands on, and cultivate (farm) 220 acres by myself. I try my best to avoid GMO crops, because I have noticed that the deer and other animals will graze on non-GMO before they will those with GMO traits. Seems to me that they know something humans should. I also try to keep the use of herbicides and pesticides to a minimum, especially those which harm the bee population.

    I am often asked why I don’t hire a helper. To that question the answer is simple. Having owned and operated a manufacturing company, I have had my fill of people that fail to provide an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. I had some good people, but some that were along for the ride. At my point in life, I only want one “dog to kick”; me. I either succeed or fail by my own efforts and intellect.

    By back on point, HFCS has a great deal to do with our obesity problems, which is why I have gone to locally produced honey as my sweetener of choice. Honey is really good as a treat in a cup of coffee.

    • Lloyd I visited extensively with a bee man supplying bees all over the USA and Canada.. He didn’t have one good thing to say about gmo crops..
      ( which is silly since a genetic modification can be traced to non gmo crops miles away)
      I understand the why to. A solution had to be made to the food production capabilities of the planet. The population was reaching total food production levels and a way to make more had to be discovered.
      I think that’s also why congress passed the you can’t hold the companies liable Law.. A twenty year future health issue is minor in comparison.
      And a planet overrun by a multiplying population.. We absorb prime cropland and replace it with concrete,steel and asphalt. Where a simple solution of green growth could trun the tide. Rooftop gardens green medians..plant berries than flowers

      • LOOB; GMO and glyphosate do NOT increase yields; they actually decrease yields, harm the planet, the plants, AND humans! It’s the same old scam, you hear the lie long enough you believe it. Thousands of Indian farmers can tell you different, from the other side of the veil!

    • Lloyd; I’ve been on my own search, this is what I have found. HFCS, and glyphosate (round up- acts as an antibiotic on the gut keeping the stomach and intestines upset which leads to eating more to sooth the digestive system), fast food including pink slime in the food supply now approved by the FDA last month, chemicals and pesticides not tested for very long on humans, also magnitude of imported food products raised in countries without laws so they can use DDT, and other chemicals, all manner of dirty water, unhealthy feed, etc., which are then allowed into our country and fed to us. HONEY, watch out, buy local, there is a black market on HFCS added to honey coming in from China, India, and Mexico. I go to a 3rd generation bee farmer in central Texas; make the trip twice a year and stock up. I take my own glass containers, he sells his honey for $4.00 a pound bulk. He has many incredible varieties and works with other bee keepers across the state and country. People are not eating their salads, vegetables, or fruits in moderation. Have to clear out the colon and keep your product moving! Fresh water, no fluoride or chloride. Chloride has been shown to cause heart disease. Fluoride lowers IQ. People are sadly deficient in IODINE and MAGNESIUM. Up until the mid 70’s, the doctors regulary did magnesium tests, now they don’t you have to ask for this test. Magnesium deficiency affects depression, moods, sleep, etc. Iodine, all women, especially need Iodine; look up the deficiency symptoms of Iodine which was taken out of the bread/flour supply and bromide was put in. When the body eliminates Bromide it takes out Iodine. Green-tea made with flouridated water deeply increases this leaching of Iodine from the body. What are the symtoms of Iodine deficiency? Low thyroid disease, Depression, weight gain, hair loss, insommnia, PLUS more. Doesn’t anyone wonder why so many Americans are on anti-depressants? What about women? Doesn’t anyone wonder why so many women are on anti-depressants? So, I appreciate all you wrote, like I said, I have been wondering what the heck has been going on causing this obesity epidemic, depression epidemic, etc. The last thing, isn’t diet related but I think it is important. FAKE NEWS: Constant drumbeat of hate, lies, half truths, mistakes never retracted, propaganda, watching higher ups get away with criminality, and constant hourly, gut wrenching discord causing DISEASE, APATHY AND DESPAIR. This website gives any who come here, PROATIVE steps to take to BRING WELLNESS into each of your lives; to learn from those who post here, to learn from George, especially, to take CHARGE of your life, and get back in the DRIVER’s SEAT. Get busy making a way, where there seems to be no way. THERE IS A WAY.

      • P.S. I forgot HORMONES, hormones in the food supply fattening us up like cattle. When you put it all together, it is an assault on our bodies. An assault on the body affects the mental, an assault on the mental, affects the physical, both assaults pound the spiritual. Edgar Cayce said we are: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

    • Where you are, is where I want to be, only with fewer acres and a couple on-grounds workshops.

      Hearty second on the honey! There are several local apiaries, so supply is never an issue. As I explained to my daughter (as I was getting her hooked on the idea): Honey is 11x as expensive as sugar, but it is a nearly-perfect food, and will keep forever. “Honey in coffee or tea makes colored water an actual food, with actual food value.”

      What can I say? Howard Ruff ruined me for life…

      {For those who never read him, Ruff was not just a hard money icon, but an early version of what we now call a “Survivalist,” who advocated the “Mormon Pantry,” ways to store potable water, eating healthy, etc. It was from “How to Survive…” that I first heard of the concept of honey-in-coffee, rather than sugar, which is a processed chemical, or even less-healthy low-calorie chemical alternatives.}

  7. Hats fell out of favor when street cars were traded for personal autos. Men no longer had to stand in the rain.

    Why did Cloaks fall out of favor? Cloaks are way better than a hat. With a cloak, one does not need to dress. Pop out of the shower, cover the rudeness with a cloak. Go hit the breakfast restaurant.

  8. I gave the Subaru a tune up today, drive down to the hood and gave it to a homeless man and woman down on their luck for $1. Signed the title over to them and paid for the transfer online so its out of my name.

    You should have seen the look on their face. Pure Gold.

    Life is good.

    When the SHTF? I’ll just buy another one.

  9. Yeah, uh… I’m going to postulate that the path to childhood obesity, if followed in reverse, leads directly back to Nintendo and Atari. In the 1970s (or ’60s, or ’50s, or…) on a fair day one could drive through any city or town in the U.S. between 5 and 6 pm, or 7 pm ’till dark, and see kids outside and playing. Not no mo’… Nowadays the only time you’ll see kids in most locales, is when they’re going from one person’s game stash or console to another’s, or playing a MMP smartphone game like Pokemon GO. Male or female, age 4, 14, or 34, doesn’t much seem to matter. As for adults, once one gets used to a sedentary lifestyle, it’s difficult to break the habit. Throw a steady diet of junk and fast food, full of salt, sugar, and HFCS on top of it, and presto — we get the “you’re beautiful just the way you are” generation, which justifies obesity because creating a cutesy meme is easier than acknowledging, then fixing the problem.

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