Faster Than Light Adventures (2)

With markets insane, and with Fitch lowering its outlook on U.S. debt to negative, there’s a “clock running” on America before the Second Depression is widely felt. We need a break.

So, this morning we take off for a little side trip into some “things going on” and how they weave into a whole cloth.

Want to tie space travel, UFO’s, cattle mutilations, and why all that money into CERN into a big coherent wad?  We take a stab at exactly this. 

Mental distractions aside, we also hit the charts which are back to a “break up” or “break down” line for the coming week.

And if that’s not inspiring enough, how about forward CV-19 outlooks?

(Do we know how to have a fun summer weekend around here, or what?)

Click ahead…but you’ve been warned.  It’ll be stranger in here than it is “out there.” 

Or not…’cuz “out there” looks pretty sketchy to us…

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31 thoughts on “Faster Than Light Adventures (2)”

  1. “Color us mighty skeptical of any vaccines until they have a year, or three, with managable side effects.”

    We have a research lab here. One of the projects they have is working on the covid virus.. well yesterday my grandson was all excited he got to go to his best friends house for the night.. his best friends mom is a researcher.. so when she stopped by to pick him up.. she sat down for a cup of coffee and we discussed the virus..
    from what she said.. the chance of a virus is not going to be easy or even possible.. they are now looking for shots that will alleviate many of the symptoms or conditions of the virus..
    Like we have thought all along it won’t be keeping from getting it.. but when you get it..
    the debate for school reopening.. I sure don’t know why people just can’t see the one room school house approach.. get twenty families together and hire a teacher.. the big question was.. where would they teach.. the church just like so many one room school houses were taught.. school through the week and church activities in the evening and on sunday.. for 8.50 a day they not only have a cheap babysitter but the kids get an education in the process.. that is how some of the church schools got their start.. instead of the nine month school go twelve.. you limit your exposure and save money on daycare..
    but the debate continues..for sixteen dollars a day you could have two teachers.. with a ten child.. the first argument is.. I don’t know twenty kids families.. excuse me.. there are twenty kids.. it won’t work.. our children are now trained to be idiots.. I cannot even tell you how many college children don’t have a decent education.. they go to school to get a dam sheet of paper.. and party time.. get laid and drunk..
    twenty percent of college graduates are illiterate.. and thirty percent of two year grad’s are illiterate..
    I have met college grads that can’t read and comprehend a daily newspaper.. sad but true.. and nursing grads that didn’t know the difference between quinidine and quinine..but then the list is to long and is the daily joke on the floor techs.. like the doctor that would always dig in his azz then if you disagreed with him put his fingers on your lips and under your nose and say SHH shh.. .. LOL LOL LOL..the difference they have the sheet of paper..

    • @lootb

      given what you have said…HOPE isn’t even a small chance for this country….Build Back Better….with BIDEN….as Marxism is the cure…for ….what ails this once free Republic….as the ‘masked warriors’…enjoy their co2 and feel empowered to obey the ‘science of fact’….as told to them by their beloved rulers…..bend a knee for a group of people who are ‘free’….as their churches are closed…and white liberals tell them how to live….BBB with BLM and Antifa for the USAA…..a hard reckoning will soon roll over this nation…those on their knees to man, will regret their choice and the lessons of ‘free will’ will be learned by those same ‘blind ‘followers….pain and suffering they have not yet experienced, will overcome their ignorance…as the lessons of history are taught to those that have rejected them…..Semper Fi

      • “HOPE isn’t even a small chance for this country….”

        Theres always been hope…
        I am looking at it from the perspective of the way it was in the early eighties.. my boss was using the money the employees were paying that was suppose to go for health insurance.. the kid fell impaling his body on a branch.. a surgical team had to be flown in. he spent an extended period of time in critical care.. the bill almost half a coverage.. the card in the wallet worthless.. it about destroyed me..three dollars an hour and a quarter mil.. I still cant get loans because of that..
        So when I see what our legislators have done . They took the money the people have been paying for insurance. Spending it.. one group wants more. They hide it and manipulate it telling the people paying for the insurance they want more..
        The payments on it now cannot even pay the interest on the debt..
        Then we have loss of wages by the very ones that are suppose to pave the way..
        I can only see one way out..
        And it ain’t pretty..

  2. The simple mathematical fractal sequences of x/2.5x/2x/1.6x and y/2.5y/2.5y characterize the Global Asset Debt Macroeconomic system. The current 3 Oct 2019 SPX 36/90/85 of 90 day fractal series Valuation Collapse is self similar to the 1807 US Hegemonic 36/91/89 Year Great Fractal Collapse.

    • According to Google the Stock Exchange was founded in New York on March 8, 1817.

      Sorry to be such a stickler for details, but what is happening around the world is unprecedented.

      We are in uncharted waters so to speak. As a consequence I am trying to understand every piece of financial data I am presented with.

      • Depression of 1807 1807–1810 ~3 years ~3 years The Embargo Act of 1807 was passed by the United States Congress under President Thomas Jefferson as tensions increased with the United Kingdom. Along with trade restrictions imposed by the British, shipping-related industries were hard hit. The Federalists fought the embargo and allowed smuggling to take place in New England. Trade volumes, commodity prices and securities prices all began to fall. Macon’s Bill Number 2 ended the embargoes in May 1810, and a recovery started.[9]

      • The US progenitor stock market commenced in 1790 with an initiating fractal series of 18 years and ending with the depression of 1807-08. Thereafter, began the US Hegemonic fractal series of x/2.5x/2.5x/1.6x :: 36/90/currently 89/58 years.–hs8dRwLnfNG3mGQ1GrL6xkR4

        This yearly US hegemonic pattern is self similar to a daily terminal pattern starting 3 October 2019 and consisting of 36/90/85 of 90 days. A great global crash devaluation of equities and commodities will occur over the equivalent of the next five trading days.

  3. Re: Looking outside the box ….

    Not long ago a friend returned from a doctors appointment, shaking his hear in disbelief.
    Seems that the nurse who came in to take his stats didn’t know how to take his blood pressure, so she just made up the numbers…..

    • Lol lol lol lol.. that’s more common than you know.. had a four year grad that they told me to show them the ropes.. sent her to do bp’s came back all with the same number.. I chuckled and said dam this looks great.. but let’s go it sha asked aren’t they good..sure are they are textbook
      I reported a lump in a womans breast.. doctor and nurse doing rounds had this stupid look.. ok where is there a lump.. I had her turn on her side. How about that o e lol ended up being more serious. A new nurse gave a suppository . Made them eat it. Lol she was dumbfounded because even with helly on lol (ky) he had a tough time swallowing it..
      My doctor..super woman.. I had bad gas .. she was gorgeous and I didnt want to offend I stepped in an empty room.. a few minutes later we are walking down the hall..she sniffs real loud and whispers.. I thing someone had a
      I’ve seen charts changed and nurses charting on deceased people or my favorite taking them for physical therapy for a walk. lol lol lol doctors perscribing lethal doses. And nurses running around searching for a nurse lol I said slow down let’s take a peek and see what’s going on..
      The ones that prized me off to the point of beating a doctor. Is him writing a stupid order then throwing the chart at the charge because she called him at night..she should have been seen and it was serious enough but he refused to see her.. I told him why dont you chunk that chart at me azzhole just once. Dont blame her if your a moron. I’m getting worked up about it just thinking about it.
      But I tell all my doctors dont write stupid orders in the charts if you dont want to be called. The staff at night have to do their write let oncall treat and I will follow up later..
      I have forty years of stories lol lol.. there are some real dip shirts out there.. do a little checking .. their infectious rate is posted. If they have a lit of them..stay away..they are cutting corners..and having a dumbbell cutting into your body is not a good thing..
      One of my favorite stories is the nurse that was arrogant as hell..mean arrogant…she asked me about one patient if she had any complaints..I said nope just that she wished she could see with her left eye..( she had a prosthetic eye) we cleaned it and put it in a container every night..she goes down and sees the socket and dam I thought I was going to have to restrain her. she was going to call 911 for an she never glanced at the chart)
      And we have great medical here..luckily they all aren’t idiots.. theres more good than bad..

      • Something that I fear.. if I woke up in the er and certain people are standing above me.. I know I’m a dead man lol..
        I took a friend in for physical therapy..the nurse that came out with him..dam. let me have physical therapy instead lol she was a sweetheart. The one that came out on thursday.. I had worked with her twenty years..super was nice working with her. When my daughter was flight for lifed into the hospital after her husband tried to kill her..I walked in and almost everyone on I had worked with came up with hugs and coffee.. it’s a great career.. I loved being able to be there at others weakest moments to help them gain positive thoughts when everything looked bleak and area I could never work in..was peds..I would be heart broken all the time..
        Bradley in the movie is pretty much the position I had. Their strength at their weakest..I felt like I made a positive difference..
        Seen people from every walk of life and at every income level. I trust the techs more than the doctors..listen to their staff..if the people that work for them cant stand them..well that should be an indicator..

      • The main reason it Is more common than I know is that I have successfully avoided doctors for most of my 72 years.

        Saw on the CDC web site that in 2018, a normal year, 2.88 million people died in the US. The vast majority died while in the care of a licensed medical professional.

        I don’t care for those odds.

      • KAS..
        Yes there are a ton of really rotten medical professionals..
        Take one doctor.. he is probably one of the worst I had ever seen..he got into medicine to make money lots and lots of money..I wouldn’t take my dog to see him..yet the same dr. Has a physician assistant that got into medicine because there was a great deal of medical history in his family..he wanted to make a difference to be able to help those in need..I would trust him with my life..
        Usually the ones that are bad doctors aren’t in the profession to help but for the money or other reasons.. like one gynecologist decided to become one because as use of his desire of women’s anatomy.. another could care less about children and diagnosed my grandson with a Common cold.. having had years of experience I could tell he was about to crash so we took him to another clinic where the doctor there was in the profession to be a healer..he was put in the hospital and she saved his life..
        You just have to feel them out..go to the breakroom listen to the staff..look at facial expressions of their staff we h eff n they don’t think they are being. Observed.. it’s pretty easy th o spot..
        One of my family had a scratched retina..the ophthalmologist did a transplant..I took care of his parents great guy.. one day was shopping at a department store he was walking in.. we stopped..and I could see him examining my grand daughter..what do you see doc.. oh nothing I thought I spotted something but everything’s ok..those are the doctors and medical staff you want..toss the ones that think their god and the ones only interested in money to the side..there are cardiologists that I would beg to take my case. The ones in it for make the difference.
        In Calif one of the leading cancer doctors in the world was discovered to only have an eight grade education..yet he was the best..
        Ask about infection rates..if their own staff wont see them you s hmm shouldnt either..

    • KAS, re: “Saw on the CDC web site that in 2018, a normal year, 2.88 million people died in the US.”

      That was a low year so we’re due some higher. There are 320+ million people currently alive in the States. We all agree they’ll be dead in the next 100 years from old age if nothing else. The MATH SAYS THAT on average each of the next 100 years, about 3.2 million must die.

      That also works out to a bit under 9,000 EVERY DAY… so it ain’t hard to pile up bodies and blame it on …. whatever.

      It really doesn’t matter where, under who’s care or how… NONE OF US get out of here alive :-)

  4. Back in 2015, after reading your accounts of “lucid” dreams, I began writing down my dreams. Your hypothesis of “portals” triggered a memory, and I looked up this dream from 7/15/2019.

    7/15/2019. I am in a strange, white building with others, much like a mall but all white with darkly lit storefronts. I know that we are a “team” or a “crew” might be a better word. We are brought to a dark room that is sort of like a house of mirrors – filled with vertical black glass panels that are suspended from above. The panels are filled with images with thousands of stars. The entire room is sort of like a 3-D map of the galaxy or universe, and the glass panels arranged around the room are portals into that part of the map. I start to venture to the left and I am warned, “careful, it can take a long time to return from there.” I walk around to the left anyway, and when I return I am aware that my hair and beard is now very long, as apparently I ventured in to one of the portals and the mystery of the travel aged me what was probably several years, even though I return to the part of the room still inhabited by my crewmates. So then together we walk to the right to “our part” of the galaxy to return to our (I suppose) earthly destination.

    End of notes.

    Unrelated, but curious, about a month later was my first dream with a “guide.” A woman with shoulder length white hair in a white dress. She always appears in front of me and I can only see her from the rear. I don’t know how I know she’s my guide, but she shows me things.

    • Time to read Ed Steinbrecher’s book “The Inner Guide Meditation” because there are guides and there are guides. The one that can all down different arcana of your personal inner tarot world are invariably “old” and “male.” Think Diogenes.
      It’s hard to do in a dream, but ask “Are you my True Inner Guide?” If they talk around the answer but at not direct then use extreme care with what they tell you.
      But I’m pleased you’re making notes and it leads to better and better sleep and more adventures…why, makes going to sleep as interesting as getting up for another day here on the waking side, doesn’t it?

      • I have many dreams, and I wake up knowing that I dreamt, but I still have difficulty with remaining lucid enough to remember it. It takes training I think to store it in a different memory type within the brain. It’s there, and I can remember “around the edges of the fog” but can’t quite focus on it.

        I believe that God and the angels speak to us in dreams still, as they did in the old days. If we remain aware enough to listen….

        A sound “like a whisper of snow,” as told to me in another dream.

    • “A woman with shoulder length white hair in a white dress. She always appears in front of me and I can only see her from the rear.”

      Dam prepper…
      I have similar dreams azz nd have been having them for years and years..except I see her from all sides.. small petite white gown pixie look about her big eyes.. whe takes my hand or points and shows me things. Never speaking yet it’s like I hear her in my mind..

  5. I would expect that the next batch of economic stimulus will occur closer to the end of January, when the soon-to-be unemployed incumbents and their staffs will be able to benefit.

      • If the leftists gain control, then the rioters will get an all-expense-paid trip to winter camp. Otherwise, the rioting will drag on out of season, I’m afraid.

      • “I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in the up-building of a country and the other in its destruction. Slow money on the up-building, fast money in the crack-up. Remember my words. Perhaps they may be of use to you some day.”

        – Rhett Butler

        Sounds clever but I don’t how to use the info.

  6. We left the “everything bubble” and are now in the “everything is bailed” section.

    The next gen financial order will be unveiled in January.

    It’ll be just as unbelievable as the planetary shutdown was in March.

  7. Thank you for sharing, George. Brings an entirely new view of “The Second Coming” to the table. Makes one wonder if we’re all patsies or pastries.

  8. George: You must have watched the old Rod Serling “Twilight Zone” episode where the aliens came to Earth to supposedly be our friends, and serve man. They invited us to their home planet, and on the way we discovered that they had actually been writing a new cook book titled “To Serve Man”. I must have watched that show about 60 years ago, and I’ve been wary of anything having to do with aliens since. I always knew that Rod Serling was way ahead of his time.

  9. Could it be that this COVID-19 virus is not of this world? Aliens trying to cull the Earth of the elderly, immuno suppressed and mentally challenged (those that don’t wear masks and support you know who) to create a stronger breed of Humans to carry out their own agenda?

    • I thought it was man made in a North Carolina bio lab on a military base..
      But who guess is if it’s a created biological it is not from a race from another planet. And if they were to spread one I would think it would be to eliminate the wicked from the face of the planet. Those bent on destroying all that’s good.. let’s face it we have been pretty poor caretakers of this special wonderous place..

  10. BLM…….

    I listened to a commentator that brought up the covid spike on covid cases among the African American population..
    Then questioned why there could be such a spike..

    Excuse me..marching on their own neighborhoods burning their own neighborhoods down. Onflictibg pain and heartache rioting..
    So my question is.. who are the ones paying to do destruction..who is it paying for them to be violent and start fights..
    Were these same people that inspired them to destroy each others houses and businesses.
    I can hear it now..say joe we are planning to burn down the neighborhood tonight..since neighbor is it ok if I burn your home down..rape your wife and daughter..
    Or could all of that be a discrimination move to spread the virus and destroy a community and the trust of a nation.. herd mentality..
    Who is really behind BLM

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