Exploring the Covid-Climate Dividend

Let me give you the end of the article first: The Covid-Climate Dividend is here.  There’s a deafening silence about it from officialdom.  Many moving parts to this. A rollover from hand tools to machines, to computers to A.I. points toward a “useless eaters” problem just ahead.

While wars are waged for property, the right to tax residents, and to create artificial demand for more humans, more war materiel, and ever higher taxes for governments at all levels, they still remain central to the periodic die offs and tilling the Earth for future growth.

See, the problem with interest is that without growth, there’s no story to tell.  No pandering of the “rent on money.” The leech class of investors – taking their outsized shares from the people who actually make things requires periodic rebalancing.

Wars are great economic tools, but only for those at the top of the pile.

But change is in the air. In the flattened forests of Ukraine to the cells where corruption simmers in our own government.

This being Fed Rate Day – FOMC at 2 PM, we’re in a rather pensive mood.  One eye for the clock, the other on our six.

You see, Russia is preparing for mobilization.

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61 thoughts on “Exploring the Covid-Climate Dividend”

  1. It’s either have peace in the Ukraine in which case why does NATO exist after abject failure or continued escalation resulting in world war. If it’s peace we need another regional war and or we resort to mass kill off via science.

      • The old farm houses w/10acres+ by me are all over 450K now. Everything below 450 was snapped up.

        The houses by me are flying.

        The thing I noticed is more Indians are moving in and I see the head covered light-skinned folks are now moving in, probably Ukies.

        Diversity brought ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ to me.

      • G: quarter point today, or so I believe. JayPow will then proceed to talk against his book (enormous Fed Holdings) and ours. Note: we are very close to paying $1,000,000,000,000 per year in INTEREST on our debt. Insanity.

        The closure of Gulf drill sites (cleanest oil delivery on the planet, barring spills) in combination with shunning NG and … forcing people that can hardly afford all new electric appliances to buy them all while the grid shows inadequate capacity. Double insanity!

        Speaking of, we have a low tech weapon available to allies which is never spoken of, the A10 Thunderbolt. Want to break armor or clean trenches and mine fields? Send in the highly survivable workhorse:


        But, we are married to insanity.
        Write when sane,

        ps – and … we’re off! Got the over or under?

        • I’ve heard that the A-10 ,as great a tank killer that is , won’t stand a chance against SAM’s.

        • “Note: we are very close to paying $1,000,000,000,000 per year in INTEREST on our debt. ”

          A Trilly does sound like a lot….

          Back in the 1950’s $1,000,000 was lot.

          Today’s 4 grand a month for rent isn’t bad if you’re pulling $12,000/month in cheddar.

          Maybe 1950 rent was $40.00/month and wages were $120/month.

          The ratios.

          The standard of living change is different and real. The 1950 crowd didn’t have all the pension bailouts on their backs.

          Yesterday on the news a 78 y/o lady was complaining about her school loans. She even went so far as saying if she dies owing, she doesn’t care.

          Just like the Presley family sticking us with their bills. Nobody cares.

        • Old tech – low and slow, sitting ducks for modern missile tech.Kinda like todays dollar based fin system..

          BuyBuyBuy BTC cept Glud. Nein nein nein.

        • “Speaking of, we have a low tech weapon available to allies which is never spoken of, the A10 Thunderbolt. Want to break armor or clean trenches and mine fields? Send in the highly survivable workhorse:”

          Or the Warthog’s new little brother the Sky Warden, based on the Air Tractor AT802.

        • @W Wilson

          “I’ve heard that the A-10 ,as great a tank killer that is , won’t stand a chance against SAM’s.”

          They are very heavily armored, like the AC-130. Unless it hits an engine, I don’t believe a single SAM or ATA has enough oomph to do an A-10 any serious damage. That said, the one thing the Warthog isn’t, is nimble…

        • “A Trilly does sound like a lot….
          Back in the 1950’s $1,000,000 was lot.
          Today’s 4 grand a month for rent isn’t bad if you’re pulling $12,000/month in cheddar.
          Maybe 1950 rent was $40.00/month and wages were $120/month.”

          you are right Steeve…it wouldn’t be anything at all…IF…both sides of the scale had stayed the same..if you have to much weight on one side of the scale the other side can’t hold it down.
          IF… when it was proposed by Jimmy that the tax laws be equal and everyone submitted the same tax.. we wouldn’t be in the position we are in. instead they passed the 1978 millionaire relief act and threw the middle class under the bus. industries and individuals moved money around just so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.. if.. minimum wage had kept up with inflation minimum wage would be someplace around fifty dollars an hour..

          we didn’t do that.. we opened the borders for business and industry.. refunded and deregulated goods and essential services.. took on the trickle down approach..
          the costs go up.. so must the pay to keep the noodle moving.. to get the scale ratios back in order some of the weight has to be moved to the other side..
          I know it is hard to drop some of that..

        • OOW Steve, regarding the 78 year old woman, if she dies owing federal school loans, they’re erased at death and have no claim on the estate. I think many older folks are just letting this happen, since the system is so screwed up they could never even pay the interest, especially with only SS as income.

        • “the system is so screwed up they could never even pay the interest,”

          exactly NMMike.. I was just having thT conversation with a lady..she had a quarter million in school loans..at ten percent interest.. never could get a job in her field that paid anything ..making 8.50 an hour..she said once she gets her car paid off..she would hive two hundred towards it..I told her forget it two hundred isn’t even a dent in the interest..

      • .25 and pause – they are stuck – desperately keeping stocks elevated – when there is a choice for the guys and girls in the clown car – it’s always inflation first

  2. One thing you forgot in your focus section is the incredible financial impact of the electric vehicle (EV) market. It has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years, heralding a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. This surge in EV adoption has not only transformed the transportation sector but has also had a substantial impact on the global economy and employment landscape. Moreover, the burgeoning electric vehicle market is significantly influencing the entire sustainable energy industry, catalyzing positive changes for a greener and more sustainable future.

    The rise of electric vehicles has led to a surge in investments in the EV sector. Major automakers and new entrants alike are channeling substantial resources into research, development, and production of electric vehicles. Additionally, governments and private investors are funding EV infrastructure projects such as charging networks, further boosting the financial growth of the industry. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, it fuels a virtuous cycle of innovation, job creation, and economic expansion.

    The flourishing electric vehicle market is creating a myriad of employment opportunities across various sectors. Auto manufacturers are ramping up EV production, leading to a surge in demand for skilled labor and engineers specializing in electric drivetrains, battery technologies, and autonomous driving systems. The growth of EV charging infrastructure has also opened up new avenues for jobs in construction, software development, and maintenance.

    Notably, the transition to electric vehicles is not solely limited to the automotive industry. Various other sectors are aligning their strategies with the EV revolution, which further stimulates job creation. Renewable energy industries, for instance, are witnessing increased demand as EV adoption prompts a higher need for clean electricity to power the vehicles.

    The electric vehicle market’s positive impact extends well beyond the automotive sector. One of the most significant influences is the push it gives to the entire sustainable energy industry. As the adoption of electric vehicles increases, so does the demand for clean energy sources. Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, becomes more crucial for powering EV charging infrastructure and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

    The growing synergy between electric vehicles and renewable energy sources creates an interdependent relationship that accelerates the transition to a sustainable energy future. Governments and businesses are incentivized to invest in renewable energy to cater to the rising demand from EV charging infrastructure, which, in turn, strengthens the sustainable energy sector and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

    The burgeoning electric vehicle market is undoubtedly reshaping the financial landscape and generating numerous employment opportunities worldwide. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, they serve as a powerful catalyst for the sustainable energy industry, promoting the growth of renewable energy sources. This virtuous cycle of economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future. Governments, businesses, and individuals must continue supporting and investing in the electric vehicle market to maximize its potential positive impact on the global economy and the envir

    • Mark, that’s some really excellent backup (though I didn’t forget EVs – it just wasn’t about the Covid Dividend and the virtualization of workspace).
      But between EVs and the office space (and utilization) collapse due to CV19, the fact is the U.S. has likely being massively out “carbon-cutting” everyone else on Earth.
      And still, China’s permitting new coal plants at record rates!
      Boggling for the old brayne to handle!

      • Re: “Straighten Up & Fly Right”
        feat. Nat King Cole


        Nothing like a walk down the yellow brick road under gray skies while California dreamin’. Need some coal for the fire?

        A “Forbes” article from 11 days ago about Chinese EV manufacturer and Tesla competitor, BYD, leads in with an image. It’s from 2010 in Beijing of the then-current M6. The car is flanked by the ceo of BYD along with fellow multi-billionaires Bill & Warren.

        As for Tesla, I find it interesting that the company published stats on production and deliveries does not offer a breakdown by nation. However msm like CNBC suggest half of Tesla’s global sales are in China. The latest tweet from Mr. Musk preceding the latest second quarter global Tesla good news report cautioned individuals to “please advise people to be wary of margin loans…(as Tesla)…cannot control the manic-depressive nature of the stock market”. This is not investment advice.

        No problem here, but hey, let’s standby for DJ George with more from the Hot Rocks Collection. Yes, from the cold surrounds of the Ed Sullivan Theater on 9/11/66-
        “19th Nervous Breakdown”.

      • “And still, China’s permitting new coal plants at record rates!
        Boggling for the old brayne to handle!”

        first off..I love coal.. its an abundant inexpensive source of energy..if done right its also pretty clean..
        all I did was alter the burn chamber just enough to promote an afterburner effect..
        post-combustion, refers to the process of burning any remaining unburned fuel or pollutants in the flue gas exiting a coal-fired power plant or industrial facility. While afterburning can help reduce some pollutants, it is essential to note that coal combustion is a significant source of environmental and health issues. The positive effects of afterburning coal exhaust are relatively limited compared to the negative impacts associated with coal use. Nevertheless, here are some potential positive effects:

        Reduction of Particulate Matter (PM): Afterburning can help reduce the emission of particulate matter, including fine particles (PM2.5) and coarse particles (PM10), which are harmful to human health and contribute to air pollution.

        Reduced Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Afterburning may reduce the release of certain volatile organic compounds, which can contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone and smog.

        Additional Combustion of Gaseous Pollutants: The afterburning process can aid in the combustion of some gaseous pollutants, such as carbon monoxide (CO), which is a toxic gas.

        However, it is essential to keep in mind that afterburning is not a comprehensive solution to the problems associated with coal combustion. Coal remains a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the primary driver of climate change. Additionally, coal combustion releases other harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury, and various heavy metals. A filtration system would be needed for the removal of the other harmful pollutants.

        To effectively address the negative impacts of coal use, it is crucial to consider transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, such as renewable energy (e.g., solar, wind, hydroelectric) and promoting energy efficiency measures. These alternatives can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and have a positive impact on both the environment and public health. although promoting solar is not agreeable to the present business model. neither is green scaling the cities or putting up co2 filters..
        its an old rant..
        now as far as China goes..
        its pretty obvious..as we plot to take them down they work hard to secure their national security..
        one of Id’s top priorities is to secure their grid..


        our goal seems to be to secure big buck billies pocket book.. we would have the potential to produce tens of gigahertz of power for about the cost of a hundred megawatts.. until we are willing to change the business model for security things will stay the same..
        everything being done now is to fatten big buck billies pockets..
        now I can go into my fifty year old rant on greenscaping urban .. but that to is not a part of the business model… all while China is doing exactly that..
        if.. we decided to take on China in a war..they could easily take down our infrastructure.. we have grossly ignored it so we could stay at war..
        all while they have been busy building deep underground shelters for the population and securing their grid expanding their capabilities.. whole factories sitting idle ready to be fired up..the same with their extra power plants..

        the solutions are all there ..the real problem is in the business model..

      • Then again I’m just an old geezer in the wastelands With a fruitcake opinion that wasn’t ever worth more than ten bucks an hour..

      • China is only building a few solar/wind fields and it’s building them to show to Western media. Chinese power comes from nuclear, hydro, and coal. If they covered 100% of mainland China’s surface area with solar panels and windmills, they couldn’t generate enough power to run the country… And what happens when the panels all crap out and create a billion tons of non-degradable and persistently poisonous material which can’t be disposed of, other than by killing their plains, or the world’s oceans. The Chinese are a lot of things. “Stupid” is none of them. They’ll entertain our stupidity with glee, but other than lip service, are not participating in the stupid shit, other than to egg Ureup and North Murrica into committing social and financial suicide.

        • “They’ll entertain our stupidity with glee, but other than lip service, are not participating in the stupid shit, other than to egg Ureup and North Murrica into committing social and financial suicide.”

          they did that.. we bought war and greed rather than the country’s national security and its infrastructure… we spend money on war..
          we are bleeding out..interest on the debt a trillion.. wage earners pay has not kept pace.. when plastic drying up.. and wages not keeping pace.. in my life I have noticed one thing..if you don’t have the money you cannot spend it..
          yes you are right..Recycling is a lengthy process of separation of the components and techniques like chemical leaching or hydrometallurgy can effectively extract these valuable elements for reuse are a several step process.. but all of it is recyclable..
          where disposing of nuclear is more expensive..
          now..there are solar panels from the fifties that are not only still functional but producing adequately..
          I just had my older panels checked..all of them are still rocking at full power.
          now they say that’s new but China has had the paint and the plastic for thirty or more years.
          They have pains of glass all solar panels as windows..
          there was a 60 minutes show where then vice president bush touring a solar panel factory.. back then it was a penny a watt..I don’t have it anymore I use to have a piece of the glass and a sample of the paint..
          as for trash …well everything ends up in the pit..
          and all forms of energy has an element of toxic waste either in production or disposal.
          recycling and reclaiming the elements would mean having an industry..most of our electrical garbage goes to China for recycling..
          now I was interested in showing the kids how to make them by getting a little Titanium dioxide and grape juice to make a silk screen ink but was turned down.. an old man teaching his grandkids by making a photo night lite by silk screening a photo isn’t eligible for a sample lol lol..

        • https://english.www.gov.cn/statecouncil/ministries/202201/31/content_WS61f7cd4fc6d09c94e48a4953.html

          I believe we should use all power sources except nuclear..until we understand it better and can use it safely and dispose of it efficiently and responsibly.
          natural gas ,coal,air,wind,water all have their limits and issues ..but the disposal and repairs can be effectively managed.
          embrace change while benefiting from what we have as we develop new resources.

    • Mark.., hate to burst your bubble., but
      Well written marketing piece. Except for one ‘little’ “thing”. According to the Department of Energy, California’s building of Wind and Solar power generating facilities will be able to supply 2 to 3 % of the required energy needed to power the EV vehicles that they themselves have mandated and passed into law by 2030. They only way California is going to be able to supply the electrical power needed to match the growing demand-by-dictate is to build 6 to 8 nuclear power plants by 2030., and then build two to three more every two years from that point on. According to Goldman-Sax energy analyst [ last August ] it takes two, to three years to review and approve construction plans for a new nuclear power plant and another four to six years to build it [ based on locale, size and complexity., assuming of course that the union building the plant actually wants to complete the job and send all their well paid workers home.].., and as of Jan first of this year, no plans have been submitted for review / approval [ California ] And., the California State legislature has stated that there will be no new nuclear power plants built in their state. [ There is a rumor of building eight to ten large nuclear facilities just north of Area51 in Nevada – but it’s just wishful talk at the moment.]
      Wind power is a joke. We do not have the technology to harness that resource., and there are more abandoned ‘wind farms’ then there are operating. Solar power? Look at the ROI spread sheet of building a large-array solar farm and you will see why there aren’t any in this country. You simply will not get your money back.., and there is no current way to store the energy produced. Small scale – low demand home use – possible.., large scale to power tens of thousands of EV’s ?? No way. Not as of today.
      In one form, or another, this applies to nearly every state in the Country.

      So.., just where is all this electrical power going to come from to recharge all these ‘sustainable’ electric vehicles ? [ I won’t even go into the mining, pollution, manufacturing and disposal of EV batteries. Just what is California going to do with thousands of depleted EV batteries, every year? That sounds environmentally friendly & sustainable., doesn’t it ..,?] According to the Max Institute in Germany twice the amount of pollution is created to manufacture a Tesla then to produce an ICE equivalent., and with the cost and pollution to supply the electricity and safe-disposal of depleted batteries – there is no cost savings, nor environmental savings. None.
      Right now., as of today., saying we will save the planet by burning a lot less fossil fuel, because of all the EV’s.., is a very sad joke.

      • They could..the big issue is that it doesn’t fit in the present business model..
        just the cost of 1 big wind turbine could generate 3000 MW instead of 3…
        the trick is to be able to Do that and stay in the business Model

      • D’Lynn,
        Hate to burst your bubble…but you are t paying attention.

        California, is a trailblazer in sustainable energy initiatives and has taken significant strides towards a cleaner and greener future. With a strong focus on renewable energy and energy storage, the state has become a leading proponent of sustainable practices. Among the various initiatives, the efforts to promote electric vehicles (EVs) and address EV battery lifespan and recycling stand out as critical components of California’s sustainable energy.

        California’s energy storage initiative plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing the state’s power grid and maximizing the use of renewable energy sources. By investing in large-scale energy storage projects, such as lithium-ion battery systems and pumped hydro storage, California aims to balance electricity supply and demand, allowing a seamless integration of intermittent renewables like solar and wind into the grid. This innovative approach ensures a steady and reliable supply of clean energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

        As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise in California, the question of EV battery lifespan does becomes increasingly relevant. The lifespan of EV batteries varies based on factors such as the battery type, usage patterns, and climate conditions. On average, modern EV batteries can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years before reaching 70-80% of their original capacity.

        To extend battery life, California has implemented measures to optimize charging and discharging patterns, thereby minimizing stress on the battery cells. Additionally, ongoing research and development efforts focus on enhancing battery chemistry and thermal management systems to ensure longer-lasting and more durable EV batteries.

        Recognizing the importance of sustainable waste management, California has been at the forefront of promoting EV battery recycling. The recycling process involves extracting valuable materials from used batteries, such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, to create new batteries or other products. Recycling not only conserves valuable resources but also prevents hazardous materials from ending up in landfills or posing environmental risks.

        Various programs and partnerships have been established to encourage proper battery disposal and recycling. Battery manufacturers, in collaboration with government agencies, are incentivizing consumers to return used batteries through take-back programs. Furthermore, research institutions and private enterprises are investing in advanced recycling technologies to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

        California’s sustainable energy programs have positioned the state as a pioneering force in combatting climate change and promoting environmental stewardship. With its emphasis on energy storage initiatives, California effectively manages renewable energy integration, ensuring a reliable and green power supply for its residents. In the realm of electric vehicles, the state proactively addresses battery lifespan concerns by implementing strategies to extend battery life, while also leading the charge in EV battery recycling efforts.

        Through forward-thinking policies, technological advancements, and collaborative efforts, California serves as a model for other regions seeking to embrace sustainable energy practices. As the state continues to set ambitious targets for renewable energy adoption and emission reduction, it paves the way for a cleaner, more resilient future, demonstrating the positive impact of prioritizing sustainable energy programs.

        • As a resident of the “Golden State” since the 60s, I call BS on your propaganda. Cali has steadily gone downhill as the state government and the employee unions have grown into a bloated, power-mad monopoly. Cali has 1000s of paid commissions regulating every facit of life. The state has gone from first in education results, to the bottom, while costs have skyrocketed. I could go on, but the point of this post is:
          Green energy to support the mandated flood of EVs will not happen. All the pipe dreams of energy storage and expanded production cannot happen because Cali’s ability to get anything productive done, is non-existent. There are way too many cooks stirring the pot. The tax base here is exhausted. Who is going to pay for another flood of ‘planners’, bureaucrats, engineers, and workers? Lithium-ion mass storage would further exacerbate the already limited lithium supply.
          Hydro-power resources are already fully implemented, and pumped hydro storage requires massive construction projects, after all the environmental, not in my neighborhood, and other pre-construction requirements are met. I also wonder if Cat will be making electric bulldozers by then. And then, there’s the final nail in Cali’s fiscal coffen, the reperations mandate.

      • I don’t like nuclear power disposing of the fuel is costly and dangerous and expensive..although they could dispose of the spent fuel in delaware..
        and what place the nuclear power plants on the st. Andreas fault ..
        seriously what could go wrong there???

      • G already ran the numbers for the grid. Not enough power plants for an electric fleet.

        A big change would have to take place… like reordering urban/suburban/exurban/rural to maybe walkable urban.

      • He doesn’t know. Mark will dig up some learnèd treatise written by a theoretical engineer or professor with a 7-figure income and zero real world experience, and quote chunks of it at us.

        Mark is not a good realist, but he is an extremely good salesman. Actual real-world functionality is not important to him. Specific functionality, specific to him and his situation, IS important to him. He would never drive his Tesla cross-country. He would fly, then rent a vehicle — because he has the means to do so.

        Accordingly, the m/l 370 miles he gets between charges is sufficient for any need he’d have.

        I drove 492 miles today, in 14.5 hours, because the entire Midwest is rife with construction, closures, and detours, and I had a pickup in Lexington,** which despite only having a population around 300k, has gridlock like the Cleveland-Canton or Chicago-West Chicago corridors. My Delorme is down, so I was using Google Maps as a GPS. It kept me in Lexington for several hours, trying to route me around the closures and gridlock, then sent me on Kentucky backroads* to Lawrenceburg, Indiana and utterly refused to let me anywhere nearer Cincinnati than that. (I’m typing this from where the lights are kept on, somewhere between Mattoon and Pittsburgh…)

        ** For $50 I got an SX42, an SX62, SX71, S40B, S19, S29, S53, Continental, Heathkit “Big-6,” and a Yaesu FRG-7, and the seller threw in ~300 tested-good vacuum tubes…

        *Kentucky backroads are 22′ to 24′ wide, and rife with hills & switchbacks. Northern Kentucky is full of bourbon distilleries and horse ranches, and the backroads meander betwixt the two, eventually dumping into the same gridlocked highways you “avoided” by taking the switchbacks.

        ‘Point is, I’d be keeping the lights on in Lexington tonight, if’fn I were driving an e-car. I really need that “extra” 150 miles, or I’ll not be able to cover the ground tomorrow that I’ll need to cover…

        • Yes, here we go again with Mark dancing out of his La-La Land to lecture us heathens on how California surpasses everyone else in imaginary solutions to our energy needs. We’ve been down this path ‘way back when he was ravaging George’s site with his sales-babble on everything Green while browbeating everyone who didn’t get The Jab. How many times have we thrown facts back at him only to have him deny them with the utmost derision? Break out the toilet paper for another round of mental masturbation – that is if enough is left after he wipes the human waste off of his shoes before he makes it into the office!

        • So right! An EV is useful as the second city car, if you live in a city. For the rest of us with 500-800 miles on occasional days, but not driving at all some days, an EV is impossible. We need to gas and go, without waiting hours for a recharge, and we often have a full load, possibly with a trailer too. Every vehicle has an ideal mission profile and can operate within a reasonably large envelope, but why force EV’s to fit every profile? It’s just not sustainable(that word again). I own enough leftover cars that run well to last for this lifetime, so why buy more? Use what exists to exhaustion unless there’s an overwhelming advantage to replacing it all. LED “bulbs” are one such thing, but even then, an old incandescent or CF bulb has its purpose, and it already exists. I use corded tools some of the time and even a handsaw – because it already exists and is handy. The cordless ones are great when beyond the reach of an extension cord, and certainly are easier than dragging a generator everywhere.

          The point is to totally wear out whatever you already have before replacing it with the “latest new thing”. Driving only when you need to saves time, money, wear and tear, and all kinds of energy, including personal. I still trust my daily driver to carry me anywhere in the country with high reliability, economy, and speed, and it’s got 380k miles on it, all on the original engine and transmission. It’s 26 years old and looks good too.

        • Ray, Here’s another reason for ICE.
          went to In n Out for burgers Sunday afternoon, huge shopping plaza there and they have a 20 car ev charging station. All chargers were being used and another 12 were waiting. So cal to SF trip add another 2 to 3 hours to your travel time. What a joke.

      • “Wind power is a joke.”

        I don’t believe it’s a joke …but it dies have its limits. they put up 3 billion dollar wind turbines when if they put up smaller they could amplify the output considerably..kind ofike putting two dollar panels on each street lamp..it takes away from the business model..
        a what 3kw wind turbine leads than a grand..solar Is more constant .. a 6mw solar tower for less than 20 million at every substation.. where they have to pay 2500 a month rent on the space for the 3mw wind turbine that costs 3 billion not counting changes in infrastructure..and no rental fees so for each wind turbine they could potentially pit up enough towers to produce 2 gigawatts of electricity..
        for the cost of one wind turbine a 10 kilowatt solar power backup system could be handed out to every resident willing to put one on their house. again it makes more sense. years ago I did research when we were writing the installation requirements for home systems in this area. and came across Scandinavian countries that actually does that. they didn’t have the room for more Coal Fire plants or nuclear reactors which I am not a fan of nuclear energy. and they went up to the homeowners and that each home that wanted to they put up a solar power system and the small wind turbine and the combined energy of all of it was enough to increase their yielded just as a no-brainer if you ask me. but the big issue is it doesn’t fit their business model and as long as it doesn’t fit the business model and they don’t have the control over everything being produced and distributed. it’ll never go up

    • I see your lips moving, but I can’t hear what you say..

      I’m other news, LICY reports earnings tomorrow..Go Li-Cycle Holdings.

      Got be in em, to Win em..
      Inflation trades back on.

  3. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/06/01/hunter-biden-supreme-court-second-amendment-00099544
    this is interesting. I just heard a news report saying that they were changing the gun laws so that Hunter Biden won’t have to even face any penalties or jail time. and that Congress or the justice department is going to accept his plea deals on the two misdemeanors he won’t even get a fine and he can still keep his gun. that story and political is the only thing I could find so far. last night on the news they had Nancy Pelosi on there talking about how horrible it was that the GOP is after Joe Biden and Hunter Biden that they’re making all of this up and disgraceful actions against such a fine upstanding US citizen. but that’s what you are hearing on MSM and then they went on to talk about Donald Trump and his horrendous actions

    • Re: A hunter is hunted?
      feat. not ‘the Delaware way’?


      After today’s shocking day in Wilmington court, a First Son attorney may be wishing he was still draped over a vapour-emitting bong as pictured last week in Los Angeles by the Malibuustars YouTube channel.

      The Trump appointed judge apparently spent her career at a one office Wilmington law firm of considerable coinkydoink. A colleague daughter of a founding partner went on from the the firm to grow a billion dollar Florida bank and become a leading Miami philanthropist. She was a guest at the President Trump state dinner for the Australian PM. Her late husband was counsel to JFK and LBJ according to Wikipedia.

      Separately, msm reports that President Biden will be delivering a speech on Thursday morning at 11:45 eastern time concerning “heat relief”.

      Switch up the aircon and do consider preparation of chilled beverages and popscorn in advance. Let’s wake up the morning with DJ George as he tunes up the wireless for this week’s “Top of the Pops” episode on the BBC World Service. Here we go as Mahalia & JoJo give us the truth on “Cheat”.


      • Now all the other whistle blowers lost their jobs and were demonized on the news. this morning MSM was talking about her outrageous court rulings..
        so does she still have a job????
        his friend that is going to give testimony on Monday is hiding because he fears for his life..will he be arkincided before he gives testimony… seems to be a trend in DC for anyone giving credible testimony..

        • Federal judges have a job for life. There may be ways to get them discharged, but I don’t know them.

    • If a law changes AFTER a person is charged, that version of the law from which charges were drawn, applies. Congress can do away with every arms-related law, tomorrow. Hunter will still be liable to judgement for the law he broke.

      BTW, most videos show him waving an automatic around. The felonious gun purchase was allegedly a Colt .38 Police Special REVOLVER — so how many guns does Mr. “I’ve got to have a hit of crack every 15 minutes” own…?

  4. The deployment of U.S. B52 bombers in the Ukraine would constitute as an act of war – in any court in the world. [ The U.S. just declared war on Russia.] This one act would drag all of NATO into an armed conflict with Russia – and Russia would “Respond-in-Kind”., massively. All of Europe would now be ‘weapons hot’., and a bulls-eye boldly printed on every European city, port and all industrial complexes, refineries, airports and military bases. It would, essentially ignite WW3., and most of Europe would burn. And since we initiated the war, the U.S. would now, also be a major target. [ Seattle/Bremerton and Pearl Harbor simultaneously, as first-strike., just to show the American people, that we are not safe from our leaders’ folly. Leading of course to the new “Final Solution”., nuclear exchange.
    U.S. planes., bombing Russian troops.., in the Ukraine. The powers that be, had better rethink that strategy.

  5. Re: “All Quiet on the Western Front”
    feat. Yin & Pyongyang


    I was drawn to the UK’s “Mirror” for their recent royal story. It had emerged that the Duchess of Sussex did some time ago kindly gift a basket of lemons to the American First Lady.

    Speaking of garnish for an irish lemonade stand, the “Mirror” is headlining the regal image of yesterday’s red carpet arrival of General Shoigu at Pyongyang on one of the IL-96 Russian Presidential Jets. Apparently the Chinese delegation arrives today. Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of “the end of the Korean War”. The war is over? Who knew?

    • Re: “Dividends”
      feat. a Reverend & a 6th Man


      The White House transcript is posted of yesterday’s ceremony creating the Emmitt Till National Monument in memory of the 1955-lynched Chicagoan. Remarks began with VP Harris who introduced Mr. Till’s cousin, Reverend Wheeler Parker Jr., a Chicago area pastor. The microphone subsequently was shepherded into the hands of the President.

      He thanked “Kamala” for her “fire” and wished that the (Democrat Senate Majority Whip) has a speedy recovery from covid. He also offered a shout-out to Black Chicago media outlets “Jet” and “Chicago Defender”. The latter appears to be a subsidiary of a combined Chicago-Detroit Black consortium. Meanwhile “Jet” emerged from a contentious bankruptcy between a Black-run New Jersey equity group and a Black-owned Houston bank which boasts philanthropic support from JP Morgan. The Sixth Man Award in the form of new “Jet” ownership went to former NBA great, and now uber-wealthy Chicago native, Junior Bridgeman.

  6. Hell’s Kitchen, JC gave a link.

    shit is getting hot, I heard is was going to get hot this summer, not the thermometer kind, the legal kind
    Trump put an extra ‘l’ in stolen, not a misspelling but a clue to find in the Q drops, [l] is what I searched for.
    see the two [l] here, they used upper case L

    in drop 150 I see [L], [d], and [R] who is LdR, hypothetically

    it was ‘Q’ that gave me so much info on the PEDOs and really got the ball rolling, as humanity moves into a new realization, We see you now.
    Hello you liddle kidz diddelers, tick tock

    “Donald J. Trump
    We’ll have fun on the stand with all of these people that say the Presidential Election wasn’t Rigged and Stollen. THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY!!!”

    I see that Mr Ure does not care for much social, but there crumbs one can learn from, use ure own discernment.

    lemonaid/ice tea with honey for hot summer days

    hint hint,, the pedos are election thieves, , , u’ll see

    • “I see that Mr Ure does not care for much social, but there crumbs one can learn from, use ure own discernment.”

      Of course there are. You just have to shovel so much crap to uncover each crumb that it is seldom worth the stress & effort…

  7. “Wars are great economic tools, but only for those at the top of the pile”

    only if they win…..before this.. no one threatened the hierarchy of those pulling the strings.
    the old play both sides that way you are always on top..we have been at war what 250 something years..I believe that those pulling the strings don’t reside or pay taxes in the usa.but I believe they use us to force their agenda so they can take what they want..
    this time though sanctions were expected.. it’s what we do..no one was paying any attention to the fact that they were buying gold silver and making agreements with the countries we were forcing our opinion on.
    what I noticed in the news articles was after we killed kadaffi and the football ( the tons of gold and currencies) were taken for safe keeping.. ( citizens of Libya have been impoverished and destitute since we put our puppet in place )that everyone of the countries have been feverishly preparing..
    when vp biden forced Ukraine to fire the ones investigating his son. more money has been borrowed to the usa and our forces split even further apart..then they played the poison pawn trap move..we in turn slapped sanctions on them without even realizing this was prepared for in advance..the industrialists moved further away to make more money and our youth forced to dumb down.
    we ran to protect the pawn and they put the world financial hierarchy in check..
    now to keep their position of one of the dominant financial entities they either give away two thirds of their seat of power and give up ukraine and taiwan..or.. they win this war and
    the world suffers one of the worst financial and economic depressions since the time of Nero or the fall of the egyptian empire.
    of course I am no scholar or strategist just some old idiot in the middle of nowhere..
    I am surprised that they haven’t tossed the corrupt family under the bus..but then..look who they would have following him up cackling kammy .. not much of a choice there..
    war is headed our way.. watch what I believe will happen..the rest of the world will follow at the same time. I actually thought they would have started it all by now..then it makes sense to let everyone use up what they have first..
    now what hold do they have on let’s say Poland or Germany for them to bend over and say may I have another …

  8. clean up in the aisle of CONgress

    not the way I want to see him go, but prayers are answered in mysterious ways,,, appears to be stroke, mainframe lockup. no refunds to China, they bought him and did not buy the extended warranty on this purchase.

    Another purchase by China just withdrew his plea bargain, He He He :-) poor little hunter
    the times,,, they are a changing
    Will Mitch come back or is this retirement?
    Could just be the Heat,,, assets like him are hard to replace, does TPTB have a back ready? to fill his seat? or will the Patriots gain a seat from the RINOs/Dems unholy uni-party?
    A spiritual war manifests in the material plane, it is over my head.

      • one of the “vrilD” – symbiotic relationship..

        black eyed by the quil like proboscis that slips around ze eyeball..and wraps around the visual cortex.cocaine mitch claimed at the time that he slipped and fell while exercising. cat look like he ever exercised a day in his life ?
        ..looks like the meat suit wore out, finally.

    • “Will Mitch come back or is this retirement?
      …assets like him are hard to replace, does TPTB have a back ready? to fill his seat? ”

      The Kentucky governor is Andy Beshear. He’s pretty far Left, but not a total nutjob. Still, he’s a Democrat, therefore would appoint a Dem to McConnell’s seat. I don’t know Kentucky’s laws, so I don’t know if, when a Senator ceases being one, the governor appoints a replacement, a temp, or none at all, or the Legislature appoints, or they do a special election. It does not seem likely to me that, should McConnell retire or croak, any person which might replace him in mid-term, would be as patriotic as he…

  9. The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate another 0.25% on Wednesday, reviving its inflation fight despite a significant cooldown of price increases in recent months. The size of the rate hike on Wednesday matched economist expectations.
    The rate hike brought the Fed’s benchmark interest rate to a 22-year high of between 5.25% and 5.5%.
    The DowJones is up 140.., and the S&P is up., 8

  10. The stock market in general had very little reaction to the Fed Rate Hike. Ten Year bond slipped a little., gold and silver up.., most stock indexes ended flat. Dow up 80, or so.
    – Delayed rection coming., or are they going to ignore it and continue the melt-up?

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