Disappearing Investment Choices

This morning, since it’s a holiday weekend and all, we will focus on the charts and outlooks for next week’s action which will very much hinge on military developments between now and the Monday open.

We will also consider the problem of ‘disappearing investment options.”  Sure, things like real estate are still selling, but to the long term, strategic investor, there’s always got to be an exit strategy in view.

And right now, some of those are going mirage-like.

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10 thoughts on “Disappearing Investment Choices”

  1. Hi George, Elliott wave rules allow for the first wave or the fifth wave to be short. The rules demand that the third wave be the longest.

    As for millennial wanting small houses and urban living: I wanted that too but eventually when it came time to have a family I moved out of the city. Now frankly I have no interest in moving back to the city ever again. The farther away I can move the better.

  2. One more thing to consider regarding the Millennials – if the present trend continues, they will become caretakers of their parents who have Alzheimer’s Disease as well as their children who are Autistic and will need care all of their lives. This is going to be a horrific burden, and we well may wish that some extinction level event would come along and lighten the load. Those government issued suicide kits featured in the movie, “Children of Men” may be in store for us.

  3. While reading “Disappearing….” It occurred to me that a question about Directorate 153 has not been pondered. Then you threw in the Chinese and Russians and God knows what other country has something similar. My question is What is the end goal of all these systems? reminds me of a lot of cars headed for a one way tunnel the wrong way. (Not implying you answer)

  4. I read alot about owning gold and silver. How does one use a bar of silver or gold coin to buy a loaf of bread? Its not like retail outlets have assay machines…and how would you get change back?

    • Hello Robert. Your question/comment is a serious and frequently posed one.

      I can offer you a few thoughts on the subject. These are not in depth answers, just ideas for further follow on.

      Let me get ‘Gold’ out of the way first.
      Broadly speaking gold is not for everyday transactions. IMHO it is for two purposes; an emergency item to be used as a bribe for personal safety or safe passage, the other is for starting over after a ‘major’ economic/banking crisis for making large purchases such as land or equipment. A person may even consider gold a means to help others in the same crisis.

      Moving on to silver. You do not have to cut up silver for it to be used in a crisis.
      It already comes in so many different weights(sizes)ready to use. The form of silver IMHO most versatile are US silver coins minted prior to 1965. .10,.25,.50 cent coins. Whether it is a banking crisis or major inflation these coins have the potential to allow you make everyday purchases. Unfortunately these coins have gotten the knick name “Junk Silver”. They are in no way junk and others have put forth a new name “Constitutional Silver”.
      Look at this web site to see the current values of US coinage versus pre-65 coins.

      How much gold and/or silver a person buys is a personal decision. The concept to remember is they are “Hard Assets” which are relatively liquid. Don’t think you can afford the cost? Start small. The cost
      of coffee and fast food weekly alone would allow you to make small purchases monthly or even weekly.

      Do some reading, stay away from high pressure salesman, find a reputable coin shop, ask questions.

      No, you can not eat or drink Gold and Silver coins. With some forethought and knowledge they could help you and your family of that I am sure.

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