Desperation Media & “Half-Houring” Your Life

Before we get into the “really useful stuff” – a word or so about the headlines this morning.  The “usual media hysteria” has been ratcheted up as people are becoming aware “News doesn’t matter.”

I mean, think about it:  Up west of OKC (*Oklahoma City, for those who have never been south of I-80) there was a fatal tornado EF3 tornado strike this weekend.  Two people dead.

Yet, even as the clean-up was underway, breathless headlines like “‘Here we go again’: Is latest spate of tornadoes a new normal in Missouri and Kansas?”

Yes, another hard-sell piece on “climate change” and citing figures citing a big change in global temps since 1901, at that.  Yet, those figures are suspect, even among meteorologists because they don’t discount temps for heat islanding, and – oh yeah – The impact of urban sprawl.  Sure, no argument:  L.A. is hotter than it was in bygone years before it was mostly paved-over.  Orange groves of parking lots…gee, lemme think, which one will be hotter…hmm…

In fact, there have been 592 tornadoes this year (confirmed) are listed in the Wikipedia summary here.  Don’t look now, but that’s below average.  But, hey, don’t bother us with data.  When an editor says “Gimme 700-words for the Monday edition...” what’s a reporter (who likes to eat three-squares) going to do?

But, so what?  If I handed you a trillion dollars, what would you buy to change the weather?  Buy everyone walking shoes?

Wrongly-stated problems tend to throw off bad answers.  The real problem is planned obsolescence. Which is why on the Peoplenomics side of the house, we’re writing our next book “The 1000-Year Toaster/”  We are in “making and breaking” mode because it’s the only way to keep 7.6-billion people under control.

The shrill histrionics are about control, you see.  Due to, in large part, to the excessive monetization of “news.”  We have hundreds of “news channels” and websites offering whatever point of view you will read.  This is a holiday…take it off.  Relax.  Regenerate.  Reuse, re-purpose, recycle.

We are now under Digital Mob Rule.  Under our DMR model, people don’t go where the news logically points.  Instead, they are attracted to the shrill calls from the margins and the general (albeit digital) movement of the herd.  Ripe growing conditions for communicable digital diseases. (CDD)

Much of America’s “growth” can be traced to the election of Donald Trump.  He scorned the “major media franchises” by going “consumer-direct” with his Twitter outbursts.  Yet, as the president’s interaction rate is on the decline we have to wonder if “the Trump Effect” is wearing off.  Or, is there’s something much larger in play?

Are people getting sick of the noise and nothing-burgers served up by a desperate press…?

Renown archeologist Joseph Tainter summed it up well: When the marginal return on increased effort falls below Zero, people just walk away.  History, as he wrote in “Collapse of Complex Civilizations” is littered with such events.

Got’cher shoes tied?

Europe Falling

Speaking of complex collapse:  It’s amusing, yet predictable, to see logical human behavior re-asserting itself in Europe in this weekend’s elections.  The “Greens” (who are totally locked in to climate change, hook, line, and sinker) made gains.

If you look and think a bit, you’ll see that any region full of people dumb-enough to put up with the empty promises of the EU megalomaniacs out of Brussels, who then stood still while their region was conquered by an invasion from the Middle East (bringing very short-term synthetic growth), would be more than willing to follow a band of statistical charlatans.

Ta-dah!  You now understand the world.

As the remaining right-thinking Brits have figured, the best solution to the Europe problem is to Exit…which they’ve been trying to do.  Notwithstanding the corporatized mega-government’s intent to subvert at every turn.

For now, remnants of pro-EU parties remain in power.  But, like the voting blocks of poor in America, they’re just foolish tools of powers they fail to acknowledge. Social level ADHD perhaps.

Grand future for bureaucrats,  however.  Crooked government is still one of the world’s best growth industries, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Keeps getting bigger, even if solving structural problems (*like climate) evolve into bait & switch so the foundations of the Global Con Job (GCJ) are not discovered.

But enough.  Markets globally are still there, not moving much.  Our dart for Tuesday suggested a lower open for the first couple of hours tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll sleep in.

“Half-Houring” Your Holiday

Simple notion to roll with today here in the East Texas Outback:

Make a list of everything you enjoy – and that which you can do in a half hour’s time.  Jot ’em down and do ’em.

Here are some of the items on my list:

  • Write a column  (actual writing time with research is closer to an hour)
  • Read half an hour in a useful book.  Done already:  Book is “Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else”  (Bet you didn’t know Jeffrey Immelt and Steve Balmer were both at Proctor & Gamble in Ohio together, did you?)
  • (Above done with 1/2-hour of light crown)
  • Till the rest of the garden (Elaine is the transplanter, not me.  I’m the cheap machine operator).
  • Spend half an hour doing Morse code on the ham radio.
  • Half hour moving the radio computer and downloading Ham Radio Deluxe
  • Half an hour making research measurements on my new swamp cooler
  • Half-hour of breakfast (steak & eggs today!)
  • Chase Elaine around…
  • Build another light crown for Elaine and me
  • At 4 PM half hour break for a perfect vodka martini
  • Half hour on a new antenna design
  • Half hour on the weight machine (depending how bad the tiller beats me up!)
  • 30-minutes on paperwork
  • …and so goes the list…

The idea is simple:  This is a holiday and it’s generally “free” time.  Every so often, therefore, make a list of things you can do in 30-minutes to an hour and just “run the list.

If something will take longer, break it apart into 30-minute blocks.

The main thing is to have fun and practice the art of only doing those things which you genuinely enjoy.

All of which gets us to 6:30 and time to click on to the next project…the tiller… moron the ‘morrow…




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49 thoughts on “Desperation Media & “Half-Houring” Your Life”

  1. One thing I’ ve never understood is why people extrapolate (anything) to limits well beyond where the curve will — must — break.

    Much of the hysteria about nearly anything — “The Population Bomb,” “Silent Spring,” “Global Warming,” “Global Cooing,” — whatever — come from assuming current trends will continue in whatever direction one perceives, forever.

    It just doesn’t happen in RealWorld.

    All curves break. Always.

    The trick lies in guessing where and which way before it happens, or at least AS it’s happening…

    Be good at this, and rule the world — if you want to…

    • William of the radio ranch. One of the best and most succinct posts I have ever read on the interwebs!! Pure gold. Thanks

    • With winter storms well into May and possibly June,how much longer can we suffer this BS of Global Warming. Truth be known,we are in the beginning of a Grand Solar Minimum and this brings weather chaos as seen all over the planet. It also brings earthquakes ,volcanoes ,crop loss and eventually disease and famine. The last Grand Solar Minimum was the Maunder minimum,read up on that. Climate is cyclical with warming and heating every couple hundreds years like clock work.Global warming is just another globalist lie to get their hands on your money via carbon tax and to control everything on the planet for the good of all . More communist BS.
      Otmar Edenhoff of the IPCC stated that the IPCC is not about the environment and hasn’t been for a very long time. It is about redistributing the worlds wealth.
      Christine Fuegeres of the IPCC stated that Global warming was their last chance to change the world’s financial system.Al Gore said our children would never see snow. Tell that to all the people who are living in snow in May.

    • Most people have never studied calculus and beyond. They don’t have the theory or the mental models.

      • Funny thing, that. I was a math major, tanked calculus the first time around (because I couldn’t see a relevant reason for ever bothering with “theoretical math.”) Then it dawned on me that integral and differential math weren’t theoretical, but were the natural way the brain processed things like shooting a basketball or catching a fly ball (the actual light bulb lit when gauging an intersecting sailboat to determine whether we were on collision course.) That was 45 years ago. AFAIK there are still no texts written which explain calc and differential equations as the “written expression of the myriad integral and differential equations we do in our heads, in a split second, every time we perform a physical action, or consider a physical reaction…”

      • I use common sense and intuition. I can visualize what I can conceptualize without mathematics abilities.

  2. Global warming is global cooling .. climate change is a natural cycle..
    Wanna toss a link into global warming enthusiasts …

    Who cares though..people don’t truly understand it anyway. Just like an emp.. quick that wire or my lightbulbs never once considering that people would literally be put in the feedhorn of a microwave oven lol .. oh no my eyes popped like a grape doesn’t make a difference it’s a natural process. Yes seven billion plus farting furnaces do have an affect.
    Any changes needed to be made a hundred years ago..

    To the kids at NASA.. keep up the good work.

  3. George, since your climate denial march goes on, let me offer you this peek at a reality beyond your home region, which seems to be the sum total of your reference frame. A week ago you were complaining that the heat had not yet arrived in TX. I offer the attached piece with some contrary data to your belief system. The heat was in the arctic. There is no record of that dynamic. There was Lotsa heat, shifting the arctic cold southerly towards you. These cyclical disruptions are the new climate reality. I thought I would just offer this as a counter narrative.

      • Thanks for saving me the trouble to adjust this one. We’re entering a new “Maurader Minimum”. Little ice age for the uneducated. I’m still seeing toss-away references to “all scientist’s agree global baloney is man-caused”. Just this morning I saw that reference on the tornadoes story. More fake news.

    • We humans have a legacy of ego-centrism, which ultimately led to the creation of deities to explain the enormous and unpredictable power of nature. The prime deity was the sun. It turns out this proto-religious deduction was not that far off the mark for our current situation. NASA has seen an inexplicable spike in cosmic rays entering our solar system and, to no surprise, Earth’s atmosphere. It turns out our sun, not so much human activity, is the probable cause.

      A Spaceweather report on a recent scientific paper quotes the authors stating:

      “Over the last decade, the solar wind has exhibited low densities and magnetic ?eld strengths, representing anomalous states that have never been observed during the Space Age. As a result of this remarkably weak solar activity, we have also observed the highest fluxes of cosmic rays” and also that “Some research shows that cosmic rays can seed clouds and trigger, potentially altering weather and climate.”

      The sun’s current, abnormally low solar minimum is the main culprit, with (as George aptly notes) man serving as a bit player inducing local effects across a vast planet that are down in the statistical noise. The dynamic of our home star and its interaction with the local group’s enormous gas clouds at the sun’s protective but shrinking bubble will result in changes for decades to come (until the next solar max). Our politicians will blame humanity and tax us relentlessly as reparations for our carbon loving sins.

      • Wonderful and factual, my brother. But, as the old Ure family saying goes “Don’t confuse me with facts…my mind’s already made up.”

      • The cosmic-ray-seeding-clouds meme is part of the solar minimum science package. The solar minimum has very little effect on solar radiant energy. The main effects of the solar minimum are reduction in sunspots, and weakening in the sun’s magnetic fields, which shield the solar system from external cosmic ray sources. The extra-solar background cosmic ray incidence is not really increasing; a lot more of it is getting into the interior of the solar system because of the weak solar magnetic fields.
        The unsubstantiated theory is that global cooling which has been observed during prolonged periods of low sunspot activity is caused by clouds seeded by cosmic rays reflecting sunlight. It is reflecting sunlight which drives global cooling, not variance in the solar output. Unfortunately, the cold we experienced this winter in the interior of the US and Canada and along the east coast fits pretty well with models I have seen of solar minimum cooling effects. If the solar minimum cooling theories hold up, and we are SOL, then the areas which were brutally cold this winter could become even colder at the bottom of a grand solar minimum. There are also theories about the change in the solar magnetic fields causing volcanic activity to increase, but again, this would increase reflection of solar output. And again, these theories are unproven, and the data collection will lag actual events during coming solar minimums.
        For the climatically paranoid or shivering mid-westerners, I would suggest looking into the double-dynamo solar cycle theories of Dr. Zharkova. Zharkova believes we are entering a series of very weak solar minimums which will grow increasingly weak, resulting in a grand solar minimum, over a period of decades. The weather forecasters seem to hurl as many snowballs at Dr. Zharkova as they do at Al Gore. I mean, Zharkova is a math professor with a Russian accent, not an American TV talking head. Who are you gonna believe, a college professor, or a talking head ‘Merican weatherman, anyway?
        I wonder how cold it has to get for the blades on a commercial wind turbine to stress crack and fail? Of course, it can’t possibly get that cold, right? And sunlight shines right through 20 feet of snow covering a solar panel.
        Break out the sunscreen and let the green times roll. Andy can shovel the snow after the rest of us have checked out.

    • “The heat was in the arctic”

      That is so true.. I have friends that work on the ice.
      35 years ago. They basically took up till the last possible day before weather gets so bad it’s necessary to leave to get the data and jobs done.
      They would go down..storms would have them head to NZ then back.. it would take up to 4 months.. now they go down get the data they need and home in less than one month a lot of the time..

  4. G – U R not kidding talent is over-rated – J. Immelt has to be one of Worst “businessmen” to ever take a dump in a corporate board room.

    Where anybody gets the idea he was “talented” is beyond me, except for his talent at Stealing & or Destroying money & value from investors, employees and customers at GE.

    Litecoin only up to $116 this AM, with Bitcoin reaching $8800. 60% profit in BTC’s, greater % in LTC’s.. come on moonshot..

    Stop orders – all order info is public knowledge, nobody/no-machine “runs stops” – sure algo’s hunt for large orders – magnitudes of which avg investor can only dream about,
    1000 shares here or there is nothing – barely discernible noise. Very large orders are not public – “Dark Pools”

    “Mental Stops” are where danger hides – distractions happen, when the Market moves like Decembers mini correction, mental stops prove difficult to execute – prices moving fast..too fast sometimes.
    Traders use Stops -period,move em up or move em down. Trading and Investing are fraught with risk, the more”calculated” your plan of attack on risk, the more success is possible. Trading is about making money – U will always leave money on the table if doing it right.

    The numbers Do Not Lie ! Gamblers are Net Losers – Calculated Risk – Black-Scholes is your friend, do the math.

    R. U. making money trading/investing? – really how much U B paying in Taxes in 2018? File a Form 9465 ??

    Note * the IRS is now “requesting” Cyrpto Currency Information… like coin holdings, your Public Keys ect on back of Form 9465

    The bear is back, and ready to growl..

    • We pay quarterly – I don’t want an “installment payment agreement with IRS, thank you.
      Tip: If you owe $50,000 or less, you may be able to avoid filing Form 9465 Yes, we owed less than %50,000 in taxes, lol

    • Crash: Good points on stops. During my brief foray into trading 3x ETF’S, if I didn’t place stops for automatic execution, I was emotionally hesitant on what to do when the time came, & sometimes I didn’t even notice what was going on. When I closed out my trading account, I was up $24.37, which I considered a win & never looked back.The only reason I had a gain was because I held TQQQ thru a down turn & then for a larger up turn, ignoring placing any stops

    • Climate change can also consist of a change in intensity and timing. Higher highs, lower lows, higher speeds in tornados, rain in larger amounts over shorter periods of time, cold or warm spells longer or shorter in duration and at different times, etc.

      When I was a kid in Nebraska, we had tons of wild plums on the brush in the shelter belts. My cousin just told me they have had one plumb crop in the last 10, mainly because of early warming bringing on the flowering and then a late frost that destroys the flowers so the fruit never sets on. There were wild grapes in the canyons that produced only every two or three years. They thrive now, and have greatly expanded their range.

      A hundred years ago, the railroad built a spur down to the Valentine city dam to harvest 3 foot thick ice to ship to the cities. They used teams of horses out on the ice to drag it to the cars. There has not been ice thicker than a foot in the last 20 years. The temperature still stays inside the record ranges, but the weather is a hell of a lot different to keep that ice from forming.

      There also used to be snow from January storms that stayed on the ground until May. Only the old timers remember that.

      Al Gore brainwashed Americans to believe climate change only consisted of warming or cooling. If you watch the series Planet Earth, the BBC has now reported that 90% of what they documented is now gone, mainly because of climate change. The purpose of what Al Gore did was to divide a people that are so stressed they can only deal with black and white issues. You talk to anyone who has lived in the same location for over 50 years and they will tell you the climate has changed, and continues to do so.

      There is much more to climate change than looking at statistics.

      • E/E

        “Only the old timers remember that.”

        I remember that..but then I think and feel as if I’m old as dirt.

        My kids in their mid forties don’t remember any of the wild weather..

  5. People do have a hand in creating, bending and throwing the curves in our weather though. Animals, insects bacteria etc, live off the cycles of the earth…because that’s all they can do. Humans disrupt those cycles because living off of the earth just isn’t Good enough for us. We demand more “creature” comforts…which is an oxymoron to the mammalian that we are.

    We do so by creating the urban heat islands…because living in an urban environment is more convenient and for whatever reason, more socially acceptable to many than living off the rural located earth.

    We add to the denser air quality with carbon based pollution to separate us from What Mother Nature throws at us…and Mother Nature amorphously fights back to counteract our pollution based ways…which, as they get worse, will throw off wind currents, jet streams etc. trying to find a balance.

    We do, have an affect…make no mistake about it. To think otherwise is foolish, self centered and narrow minded.

    • My reading on the history of the world was when everyone lived rurally, they formed tribes & waged war on their neighbors, kidnapped, stoled, & wiped out their neighbors. Cities were formed for safety. Most cities were walled for safety (ie. Wall Street). People are the problem, not cities.

      Unfortunately, cities have turned into divided rural tribes. That is why everyone with some sense moved to the suburbs. In SF, they priced the tribes out of the best sections of the cities to keep the tribes segregated.

      • From Wikipedia about the wall from which wall st. or Waal Straat is derived:

        In the 1640s basic picket and plank fences denoted plots and residences in the colony.[15] Later, on behalf of the Dutch West India Company, Peter Stuyvesant, using both African slaves[16] and white colonists, collaborated with the city government in the construction of a more substantial fortification, a strengthened 12-foot (4 m) wall.[17] In 1685, surveyors laid out Wall Street along the lines of the original stockade.[18] The wall started at Pearl Street, which was the shoreline at that time, crossing the Indian path Broadway and ending at the other shoreline (today’s Trinity Place), where it took a turn south and ran along the shore until it ended at the old fort. In these early days, local merchants and traders would gather at disparate spots to buy and sell shares and bonds, and over time divided themselves into two classes—auctioneers and dealers.[19] Wall Street was also the marketplace where owners could hire out their slaves by the day or week.[20] The rampart was removed in 1699[13] and a new City Hall built at Wall and Nassau in 1700.

    • George,

      Perhaps you have written about this already, but… You seem to have some mad time management skills. Would you mind sharing some more of how you go about managing it?

      The reason I ask is because you are someone who seems to do time management well as opposed to writing books about how others do it well. There is a big difference.

      There are many ways to do it, true, but I learn something each day, and I incorporate some of it if It appeals to me.

      As to global warming? it is a liberal time suck. My advice is to keep moving when it’s cold. Slow down during the heat of the day. Keep your shoulders warm when you sleep and you’ll sleep better, mostly.

      The sun and weather will be what it is, and mankind is going to pursue it’s own will in spite of everything else, and most of the word on the street is subterfuge, so do the best you can do.

  6. 1000 year toaster! LOL!

    I watched “Mortal Engines” with some of the family recently and in the year 3100 or so they salvaged a Sunbeam toaster from a stream of scrap! Prescient? Who knows.

  7. Trumps interaction rate on Twitter is low because people are tired of his putzy, schtick now. He violated his own TV series rule and gave the public too much too early. He is now like a season 6 of a stale, worn out TV show that has lost it’s main writers, part of it’s cast and therefore…it’s touch…and audience. People are ready for the next PolitiClown.

    But Trump was no more than a bad reality show anyway…and many of those have a lifespan of a fruit fly. (google that)

  8. George, we are not under the control of a Digital Mob.
    Up until the 2018 election, we were exclusively under the control of The Republicans, who exploited ‘grievance’ of The Base to gain power, in order to promptly throw conservative Immigration reform under the bus in favor of Tax Cuts for The Rich.
    And not even a sniff at Infrastructure.
    And now put the Farm belt on welfare.
    And got you hopping around every time you see a climate dead cat bounce.
    That’s your team, George.
    That’s your team that added $2 trillion to the national debt and watered down the US dollar.
    Well done.
    What fools we mortals be.
    Best, Mike.

  9. I was watching tennis on TV today & women only play 3 sets vs men’s 5 sets. Puts a damper on this equal pay thing.

  10. It apears “infinite finite games” has become infinite finite distractions. “Play stupid games and win stupid prizes”, has been in my mind for a while.

    Spring stuff happens in spring. Not all spings are the same. Summer stuff happens in summer. Not all summers are the same. We weigh and measure data in relation to our locality as vectors, facets and or prefixes based upon the feeling algorithm and run them concurrently as models and modals based off our accumen. Which is a dynamic position, moving through time, even if we stand absolutely still. We are constantly in motion.

    I sometimes think it is better to be normal. I dont rage about politics, climate issues or other distractions. I sometimes think it would be the better if i did. Then id fit in better with the norm.

    “Normal” looks apealing to me. I dont know everything, sometime i feel i know too much. And at other times i feel like an idiot. For the first time in a long time, i dont want to learn anything. i dont wanna process anything and i dont even want to have an opinion on anything. Which is a wierd place for me.

    At some point i suspect the world will sort itself out. Atleast that is where i am at today.

    There is no one thing that contributes to the established climate. There is always many factors and components compounded that contribute to the current trajectory and structure of any single topic. Haarp, the sun cycles, earth cycles, friction, the cosmic cloud, the myan long count, the book of revelations, end of one age beginnings the next, cow farts, car exhaust. Chemtrail (mostly aluminum) nuclear testing, and many many more. Saying its all do to this or that is pretty silly, to me. Could just be springtime and not spring is the same. Lol

    I dont wanna rule the world. id just like a beautiful good woman, some money, a home not a house and some nice stuff and a vacation. i dont wanna be sears or Amazon. I dont even do battle anymore. I have over 60 years to live on this planet….according to what was told to me on the otherside. Id like to be amazed, you know like when something happens synchronicity wise like the rest of the herd. Thats normal for me. Rarely is it an awe moment anymore.

    Anyway, have a happy day.

    • Uhem. 60 more years. Lol so far that has been true. I was told the exact date and exact time when i would physically die. And every NDE i have had, reinforced that same date and how and where.

      I don’t want to battle anymore with them or anyone. Its getting redundant, over and over. Im trying to “re-invent” myself and my position. Seems the better. Change is a constant. Why not change everything and nothing at the same time? Its not my responsibility to do anything inspite of “prayer in C” apeals.

      Hmmmmmm. Suns out and its warm. I think i will do some laundry and watch TV, maybe wash my car. Havent watched TV or even turned ot on in over a month. Lol

      Everyone is always looking for someone to pin everything on and or blame. At some point we are no longer victims but volunteers to others abuses. Including our own. We are emotionally and financially held hostage and engaged and enamored with out captors. Stockholm syndrome. Even when we are both the captor and the hostage. Lol

      Detach with love.

      • Insurance is a scam. It sells “what if?” Through the fear model. A finite game. Not that i am opposed to finite games. I have played them proficiently and have a proven track record of wins. Im on vacation from play. My left hand has been itching for about 3 months. Now to most people that means moneu going out. But i i always place money in my wallet with my left hand and take it out with my right hand. I always hold my wallet with my left hand when i take money out with my right hand. So its the opposite for me.

        Its always a few weeks to a month early for me, the sensation ot stigma.

        When i drive, i use my left hand and shift with my right. I notice my “tendencies” of this and that to give me greater clarity as to perceptual future.

        Its not just third eye connection, meditation, data sets and deciphering and decrypting code, reading the stars, cards and grid around ya. There is more to it than just that. Not just about that “gut feeling” an active vagas nerve. Or the chakras and the coil antenna, dreams and landscape, colors, and codes.

        There is so much information that we ingnore that if we consume ourselves or a better phraze would be to immerse ourselves in the information at “hand” we can have a firm grip on what the future holds for us. So to speak. :)

      • My left hand directs my future when i drive, and my right hand and right foot controls the pace in which it unfold. Most people dont think about this stuff. I think about this stuff all the time. Lol

        My left hand choose the lane, the exits and the paths i take.

        Point being your whole body tells you much as it relates to phenomenal reality. Its nit really superstition, its more of being aware of the information provided and the sensations of information perceived.

        You know, when you sneeze or have runny nose, you have alergies or a cold setting in. Its no different, when processing information about the future.

      • N…..
        I agree.. just think if you put all the dollars away that you paid out for insurance into savings bonds..

        you would be as … RICH….
        I hate insurance companies.. .. its like gambling.. you bet your going to use it and get your money back out of it.. they are betting you won’t get to.. the odds are always stacked on the house..Like our health insurance situation.. wife will pay out shy a quarter million before she can get cheaper insurance.. they won’t pay a dime until you pay out 7500.00 and then pay another thirty percent till you reach twenty grand paid out…the cost is over fifty percent of our income and you cannot deduct one dime of it.. so you pay out tax on that as well..
        I would rather put the quarter mill in the bank.. have it for later on.. but if you have a heart attack or anything else.. your not going to be able to pay for it.. when you die.. every doctor in the hospital chain sends a consultation bill.. if they have a thousand physicians statewide.. you pay fifty grand.. sad but true.. you end up in a nursing home.. get a divorce.. the homes are filled with new divorcee’s.. that quarter mill a year per person room and board.. well the spouse gets caught with that..

        But you have to have it god forbid you don’t have it in todays lets sue environment…

        woman I knew.. forgot the rule STP… Stabilize and transport patient.Get that sucker out of here. she instead listened to her boss.. he said one thing.. she should have done another .. he had a degree in management not medical..
        she thought the company would back her with the umbrella malpractice.. ( its there to protect them not you stupid is what I told her) and she lost her license and seven million future dollars, her house, everything even had to go to court… because she didn’t follow the STP rule and didn’t have the insurance to back her up.. oops.. you need it.. even if the odds are you won’t use it..

  11. I have off topic summery/dilemma titled: The Value of relarionships.

    Example: i helped someone recentlyi have known for a year. They had some hard times and i helped them. Cost me 3 hours of my life and about $500. Inwhich they promised to make good on.

    Now, a little while passes. I ask to get back my investment into their well being. What i get back is threats. Im left with a few options. Option (A) Go to war with this person, inwhich i would most definitely destroy them. Option (B) Call in a favor and let someone else destroy them. And Option (C) just the whole damn thing go and dissolve the relationship, do a little cover my ass stuff and be done.

    99% of the time i choose option C. I am amazed how many people in this world when it comed down to it George, the real nitty gritty place a monetary value of $100, $500, or even a $1000 on a relationship.

    This is the 4 congruent (defnintion 2 relating to geometry) relationship that has ended in a dissolving of the relationship for a minimal monetary value of less than $1500.

    I had one for $300
    One for $500
    This one for $500
    And another for $1600.

    I never loan out money that i can not afford to loose. Its just a study i been working on for a while. I can make $500 in one day at my union gig.

    It just baffles me that one a person will call ya their best friend. And less than 8 months later be willing to never talk again for the rest of their life over $300. Three pieces of paper with 100 written on them was the totality of the Value of a relarionship. They are just peices of paper. They aint even backed by gold. Less than a days wage.

    I never hold a resentment. I always wish them the best in life and walk away. If i resent them, then i am emotionally invested. Tied to them, on many layers. I cut all ties. I forgive them, completely and they owe me nothing. They become nothing to me. And i cut off all communications with them.

    Im pretty laid back, easy going in the “real” world. Not much bothers me. For the most part. I try to let everyone be their own kinda weird and all that. I do have a limit, where i will cut my losses and walk away. I too makw mistakes. But i do own them, and i rarely repeat them in the arena of relarionships.

    I place high value on relationships. I think they have more value than $100 or 3 or 1000. However, i have found most people do not.

    And i think that is weird.

    • Maybe Im weird. Probably.

      Seems pretty silly though. I usually say, ” uhhhh okey dokey, if our relationship is worth only $100 to you. Then, that is it. Best of luck in life! You are going to need it.”

      And i bless them, then, i sever all contact.

      This world is so inverted and perverted.

      Its not always the case. I have taken notice that it is definitely picking up pace and becoming more of a norm.

      I have had several people try rather quickly to resolve it or over sometime try to ask for my help again later. All in crisis mode. I tell them, im sorry i am fresh out of need for $100 relationships.

      I mean, i can get a really nice call girl for $300 for 2 hours to lie to me and screw me. Atleast she is honest about it being all about the money. Lol

      Idk. Well, What do ya do George? The world is mess and eveyone is monetizing friendships, love and relationships.

      Hmmmmmmm. Everyone is a buisness model.

      • Classy call girls for $150.00/hr? If only! They’re not available in this neck of the woods, or perhaps they’re just hiding somewhere. IMHO, call girls do God’s work, loving the unlovable. I’ve always appreciated their honesty and openness. Much better than having to perform like a trained monkey for the off chance that they’ll accept you.

        I can’t imagine a better present to yourself.

    • There is a famous phrase said by Polonius in Act-I, Scene-III of William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. The character Polonius counsels his son Laertes before he embarks on his visit to Paris. He says, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; / For loan oft loses both itself and friend.”

      This was the origination of that phrase, not the Bible as many quote Proverbs 22:7, but It is not the same.

      I could use $200 for a new grill. This is a test of the above.

      • ECS, well i have faith in humanity. Sigh, it is not the norm. I have compassion for even those who sacrifice a relationship for a few hundred bucks. I dont fault them. If i did id be a miserable cus. Im not here to learn their lessons for them any more than im here to teach them lessons. Their here for their lessons and im here for mine. Groping and grasping for external validation to establish prominace of internal value is not one of my lessons. The machine verse nature….

        I simply noticed that a rather large number of people sell themselves short a majority of the time.

        Im sure i do, two, to an extent. I know people fight like hell about the principle of the matter, im sorry but my “peace” of mind is not for sale so cheap. There are many principles and some like patience and tolerance are cast aside for vindication and pessimism.

        The only way to gain patience is by waiting. And i have waited a long time, it is now time for reception. Reception is the fulfillment of patience.

        I have been working on a few algorithms, cracking the code of them. Life algorithms. With not much success as of yet. That doesnt mean im not one try away from success, it could happen today. May be it will. Much of it is the right place at the right time. Karios over chronus. We shall see.

        Have a great day. Thank you for your reponce. No, i wont loan you $200 for a BBQ grill. LOL i would take ya out for a steak dinner some time though. Cost ya a smile. A bargain is a bargain.

      • Test Score 100%.

        Being in the right place at the right time & KNOWING YOU ARE THERE is the key to success. Many people don’t see the opportunity at the time, & poof, it passes them by, & then they complain about never getting a break.

    • If you plan to help someone, just do it without any expectation of reward. If you give help with expectations, it kind of kills off the good deed. Trust the universe, it finds ways to reward altruistic people.

      • A deal is a deal. I help many people without expectations of repayment. I have never charged for reading the future to anyone. i have given to so many without the thought of any return of payment that i have forgotten how many i have helped.

        However, a deal is a deal. “Bust a deal, spin the wheel.” I dont choose to end the relationship, that is a choice they make. It takes a lot to get me riled up. When i do, it is never a good thing for the recipient.

        I can not even count as many miracles or life changing things i have done in this life to help others. Seriously, bemused. I have litterally participated in thousands upon thousand upon thousands of miracles and life changing (for others) events, and circumstances most of which the recipient was unaware i even existed. I dont do it for reward or compensation. I do it because that is what i do.

        I forgive all debts, every single one of them. Im however, not a glutton for punishment. I have the power of choice. One definition of insanity, is “repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results.”

        Repetitive cycles proves poor stewardship. So, i do my best not to do that.

    • ” i helped someone recentlyi have known for a year. They had some hard times and i helped them. Cost me 3 hours of my life and about $500. Inwhich they promised to make good on.”


      My rule in helping someone…(KARMA)

      (Years ago I had this expensive spray painter.. loaned it out to a friend to paint a barn.. with the stipulation that they keep it clean like I would.. it came back a couple months later.. no one cleaned it.. no one did anything with it but pain.. I never used it again.. so.. since then my rules on loaning out is this…)

      LOAN it out as if you are loaning to your child. GIVE FROM THE HEART… Never loan something that you expect back.. your time loaned out is a gift.. Money you loan out is a gift.. requesting it back is only going to split a once good friendship.. if it is an item and out the door it is gone.. be ready to never see it again..

      that way there are never any hurt feelings.. when you expect it to be gone you don’t expect to see it come back..then if it does.. your feeling is one of wow I wasn’t expecting that.. instead of your feelings being hurt..

      I have given away more sets of tires and helped so many people in my life that I cannot even keep track of them.. but I did it to give someone truly needing a hand up.. not a hand out..

      Karma on the other hand hasn’t forgotten that..

      • Yeah, my feelings arent hurt. I have a wealth of people in my life. All good. I have many friends i have known 25-35 years. People cone and go.

        I dont subscribe to “karma”. Grace is greater than “karma”.

        I do subscribe to the laws of sowing and reaping. And not in a way of good for good or bad for bad. In a differnt way.

  12. Stanley Cup Final have started on TV tonight. My life is complete. Even though for hockey It is better to be at the live game, but for football I prefer TV for the replays & the Buffalo Bills had an open air stadium & it was a cold 3+ hours for the winter games.

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