Currency-Driven Markets, II

In yesterday’s suppository….er…making that repository…on stock market trading, we arrived at some interesting numbers about how the US/EU exchange rate really does have something to do with market levels here in the US. 

So let’s see where things could pencil out:  Remembering, of course that pre-Fed, we saw the Dollar/EU rate at 0.75 with the S&P at 1700.51, or there about.  And this morning, the exchange rate was .7382 when I looked earlier.  So that puts the Ure’s Insane Trading System Forecast at an S&P of around 1,727.69.

Since the S&P closed at 1,722.64 yesterday, I would expect the S&P futures to be up about five points this morning, just on currency trading noise:  But wait:  S&P futures were up a lousy single point, which means there’s some bad news in the market somewhere.  Not end of the world stuff, just not runaway greedster happy-news, that’s all.  Oh, and maybe closing oute trades for the weekend and options expiration this afternoon.

Where things will get amusing should be next week, since we’re at levels where the floor could drop out from under us and the lunar influence up period ends on the 22nd, so next week could well see a return to the downside.  (An update on our trading model for Peoplenomics readers tomorrow, of course, but as usually, it’s been better than me at looking ahead…)  A look at the market in its closing hour should define our trading stance going into next week.

Update: Going into press time:  Dollar was back to  the .74 to the Euro range, which means?  Follow me here:  1,723 on the S&P and its almost there now…gee, the magical grease of currency, huh?

War:  The Testosterone Sell

That’s what I’d have to call the report this morning in the Washington Times about how a Raptor popped up on the left wing of an Iranian jet with a “go home” warning for getting to close to one of our drones.  This happened back in March, so odd that it gets reported now, methinks.

War industry stalwart Lindsey Graham will be seeking senate approval to pop Iran, so the whole picture is getting messy again.

Worse, even though Iran is sounding conciliatory in their latest discussions (along the lines of let bygones be bygones) the Israelis, who are just spoiling for a reason to bomb Iran’s Russian supplied nuclear installations (like we need more Fukushima’s?) says, in effect “…aw, don’t believe it…just deception at work…” and that may be so.

But one of Ure’s Axioms of pre-war diplomacy is that “Excessive testosterone levels cause impaired hearing.” 

Say what?

More after this…


You – the Suspect

RT has a nice report on how suspicious activity reports have turned who knows how many of us law abiding people into “suspects” in the Fusion Centers which were ostensibly set up to track terrorism, which may now include simply questioning the paradigm of the PTB a bit too thoughtfully.

Bedroom Terrorism?

Immigrant Kids the Battlefront?

Instead of looking so much at law abiding ‘Mericans, it would be nice if the Fusion Center folks would turn some of their horsepower on how mainstream ‘Merica is loosing the sex battle with terrorism because crapholes like Niger are making babies as fast as they can and immigrants are wildly out populating third (and earlier) generation ‘Mericans.

On point, and from our Winnipeg news analyst:

Dear Mr. Ure,

A picture tells a thousand words“? The BBC report’s original picture can be found at the AFP search page as Was7917011, and was taken on Tuesday when Senator McCain delivered this speech at The Council on Foreign Relations. A question and answer period that follows is interesting. Naturalized citizen interest groups such as Voice of Vietnamese Americans are waging a centuries-long ethnic battle against an Asian nemesis. Is their war your war? 

The peace process of the 21st century will gradually accede to the next generation-in-waiting, and the battles may be waged from additional, new platforms? On a separate note, the group that supports the latter’s tv network also contributed to the Oscar-winning movie “Syriana” released in english. arabic, persian and urdu.

Not to put the bummer on ya’ll this morning, but if you want to see the places where the jihadist marketing crews are working it (out screwing the West), look no further than the CIA’s 2013 fertility stats update since this is where the front lines of winning the sex battle is likely to be played out:

So if you were creating a video game called “Sex Wars”, this would be the shopping list of countries with lots of young parents and those’d be the ones to target.  Simple at that. 

Evidence for the Georgsecution:  Al Qaeda attack kills 40 Yemen army troops.  (You really think I need to use the weasel word “suspected” on this one?)

There are 224 places on the CIA list which is essentially who screws how well which you can study over here.  And while the US is about mid-list at 121 this year, the majority of births even here are not second or third gen Americans, if you know your demographics. I don’t have any issue with the LBGT folks, but it’s not helping ‘Merica put numbers on the board, know what I’m saying?

The Pew Organizing has also been head-scratching on the plummeting white birth rates in the US for a good long time…  And, according to the Census Bureau, the bedroom coup will be complete by 2043.  ‘Course they don’t use such direct descriptors…that would hardly be kosher, after all, people are incredibly sensitive about such things.

Not that most ‘Mericans will study the data, either, as a result:  We’ve all been so Politically PWed in our thinking that to mention the word “white” is tantamount to racism because of rampant political correctness disease (PCD), but those are the numbers, properly sourced, and that’s the battlefront, like it or not.

It’s like going to a baseball game where all the special interest groups and liberalistas come out and bar discussing the score.  No counting of hits, runs, or errors.  Just at the end, one side claims victory and then disagreements ensue.

So while what goes on – down on the field – makes sense if you follow the scoring, it looks suspiciously like chaotic mayhem without a scoring system.  You know, like a football game without scoring looks like almost identical to a street fight.  Point:  We need scores on social issues to make sense of things and those that rebuke scoring are the Friends of Anarchy and plugging a subversive agenda.

I mean it’s great to say “Every child should be loved and wanted” but in a country where the same marketing phraseology is applied to pets (“adopt” “love” “save” “rescue”) I mean are we effing crazy?  (OK, I know the answer, so let’s move on…)

Speaking of Sex…

Along the same lines: No, I’m not anti-Catholic when I note how Catholicism (of old) benefited greatly from the old contraception policies which Muslim extremists now use to their advantage.  But as that’s fading, the church is now looking to embrace the non-populating LBGT community as the pope says “We have to find a new balance…”  Good marketing decision.

Pardon me for looking at various religions as marketing projects, but they fit all known criteria starting with analysis, implementation, and consumer measurement/sales.  Revenue is measured in the building fund and collection plate.  I don’t make suggestions as to which one you follow, but seems to me the cost/benefit ratio is plain enough with most of them.

And who is it who says at the drop of a liturgyEverything is a business model!”? 

The line in A Few Good Men should have been “You can’t handle the data!” because every group in the world will attack you for even mentioning it.  Thus we suffer from cultural madness.  But you’ve likely got the gray matter to work that one out, right?

Besides, what ‘Merican  kid (second generation or beyond) can, in good conscience think about starting a family when by age 25 they’ve already been “Rode hard and put away wet” with student loans wrecking their lives and overpriced homes?  FMTT there are no easy answers.  So they get suckered into pet ownership as a disposable substitute by “the unconditional love of a dog” BS.  Still, the fear of marriage kids won’t have to fill out a FAFSA for the dog, right?  I mean government policy of marching everyone to the financial gallows does have blowback, too.

Government forgets to mention that low-income dogs don’t pay into Social Security…neither do dogs…but look, I could go on all morning until I finally offend everyone, so here’s where I should STFU for the morning on this track.

Greenpeace Note

One of their ships has been seized by Russia. Greenpeace members tried to board a Russian oil rig yesterday and the Russians, knowing piracy when they see it, responded guess how?  Like any country does to piracy. 

More on the global warming stuff in Peoplenomics tomorrow, but that and Peak Oil (and peak fund raising?) are all in play here.

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