CPI Says Hike Alive — Nuclear Weekend?

We will jump cut right into the Cost-of-Living report just out.  Because this will temper how the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee looks at a potential rate hike at month-end.   (ready?)

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.4 percent in September on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.6 percent in August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 3.7 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter was the largest contributor to the monthly all items increase, accounting for over half of the increase. An increase in the gasoline index was also a major contributor to the all items monthly rise. While the major energy component indexes were mixed in September, the energy index rose 1.5 percent over the month. The food index increased 0.2 percent in September, as it did in the previous two months. The index for food at home increased 0.1 percent over the month while the index for food away from home rose 0.4 percent.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.3 percent in September, the same increase as in August. Indexes which increased in September include rent, owners’ equivalent rent, lodging away from
home, motor vehicle insurance, recreation, personal care, and new vehicles. The indexes for used cars and trucks and for apparel were among those that decreased over the month.”

A table to ponder and compare with your life:

We’re thinking the 4.1 percent in the bottom All Items line may help moderate Fed Fear and that could keep the rally alive a few hours. Dow futures were up 150. But beginning to fade.

We worked on charts before the news of inflation dropped, but let’s consider the bigger picture in here:

Yes, we might take a short position ahead of events.  For now, we’re out of markets waiting for a rally to the middle of the trend channel (and a possible wave 4 rally of (1) down of the Larger 3 completes.

We did lay out an interesting alternative count for Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday.  Long shot up as a wave (5) extension of the previousl buried Wave 2 high back on July 31st.

If you look closely, you can see where we still haven’t crossed above the 85-day moving average, yet.  And after that, there would still need to be an advance over the (extended) Wave 2 (yellow scale) channel, so color us skeptical to put it mildly.  This is why we don’t offer financial advice.

There is no investing, it’s only gambling. And Everything is a Business Model.  It’s not like the casino rules aren’t posted!

This Week’s Experience of Unemployment 

Looked like this in this morning’s UI report:

(Don’t mind me, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the market remaining in rally mode against emerging reality.  Maybe humans are less aware, and less smart, than I gave them credit for…)

Swinging Toward War

Our biggest concern about this lifetime is the present risk of nuclear war that has wheel back into foreground after a much-appreciated mid-life. respite.

Many of the readers of this site are “grownups” (often only insofar as the calendar reveals) who lived through the Cold War when it verged on Becoming Hot over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The present time has this kind of a vibe to it.

World War 3 Outlooks

The horrible progression began with Hamas forces breaking into Israel bent on murder and mayhem.  Beheading babies on live Tv is freak teevee. When It Comes To The Atrocities In Israel And Gaza — There Is No Victory In Causing The Suffering Of Others.

Hamas owning the subhuman violence space seems to attract a boatload of anti-American groups. In addition, events are showing the duplicity of the socialist left as SPLC silent on whether BLM, Dem Socialists’ pro-Hamas activism raises ‘hate’ concerns.  Double standards, as we’ve said, are foundational for “equity propaganda and agitprop.”

As for actual hate-mongering, we refer you to BLM chapter sparks outrage after posting pro-Palestinian cartoon referencing Hamas terrorists.

To eye-for-eye on this one, Israel is invading Gaza. Satellite images show Gaza ruins as Israel retaliates after Hamas attack.

Anthony Blinken (nominally SecState) is in Israel now, but Israel is not likely to buy any Biden-back mollycoddling of terrorists.  Israel Aims to Dismantle Hamas as Blinken Tries to Prevent Wider War is likely a gentler version of events than I could write, giving no quarter to enemies of peace of any movement.

It Will Get Worse

Because the media has – as always happens in war – been turned into the propaganda tool of those who kill.  And whose bloodlust is not yet satiated.  As seen in Hamas Calls for Global ‘Day of Jihad’ on Friday the 13th (breitbart.com). Or reading Hamas kills 40 babies and children — beheading some of them — at Israeli kibbutz: report (nypost.com)

The problem is that tomorrow is, indeed, Friday the Thirteenth and it doesn’t get less lucky than this date.  For example, at the superficial level…

“One source mentioned for the unlucky nature of the number “13” is a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party in Valhalla. The trickster god Loki, who was not invited, arrived as the 13th guest, and arranged for Höðr to shoot Balder with a mistletoe-tipped arrow. Dossey: “Balder died, and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day.”

In another cite, the role of the number 13 is amplified:

” The superstition seems to relate to various things, like the story of Jesus‘ last supper and crucifixion in which there were 13 individuals present in the Upper Room on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday

Yet, for us, it was the events of Friday October 13th back in 1307 that held special meaning for the “going East” crowd.  Explained in a very good article from Alabama.com explaining…

According to legend, the Knights Templar, a powerful religious order that served as early bankers for all sorts of powerful people, were arrested on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307. The arrests were done on the order of French King Philip IV, who wanted to get his hand on the Knights Templar’s cash (and avoid paying then back money he’d borrowed.) Phillip accused the Templars of heresy and had some of the order were arrested and reportedly tortured.

The Knights Templar were essentially out of business.

Notwithstanding, hate is in the air. Guards at the eastern door?

Sequential Trip Wires

War propagation is something else in the air.  Carrier-based fighter groups as Israeli Major General: “We are falling into an Iranian trap in Gaza” – US mobilizes 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit with two ships.

With the entry of Hezbollah, all but an accomplished fact now, we can already see the trip wires going off and a grimly modeled future results.  Because thisi weekend would be an ideal time for Israel to employ first use of nuclear weapons and decapitate the snake’s weapons cache.  Here’s how this is become foreshadowed today: The Way To Stop Hamas and Hezbollah Is To Punish Iran | The New York Sun (nysun.com).

This, in turn, might in coming weeks, allow for Russian use of “tactical nukes” in Ukraine. And now we’re into the spiral into World War 3 with few cut outs along the way.

There is Still Other News

And some of this could percolate into our future, as well.

Wasn’t us, wasn’t you, either: $1.765 billion Powerball jackpot goes to lucky lottery player in California (thestar.com).  Their luck had to turn. Living under Gruesome after all, lol.

Republicans are locked, seems, in perpetual battle to figure themselves out: Scalise is GOP’s pick to be the House speaker but he faces an uncertain path. What happens next? | MPR News

Maybe some of those 87,000 newbies at IRS could help a bit: Microsoft receives $29B IRS tax notices for decade-old transactions | CIO

And keep an eye on Bitcoin with the latest market upheaval – might break one way or the other ahead of events. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Latest: BTC/USD Chart Mixed as 200-day SMA Stands Firm (dailyfx.com).

Priced at click time around $26,848 which hints the market rally may be “insincere” would be a nice way of putting it…

Around the Ranch:  Thank you, Roger

You’d like Roger.  80-something now, is it? He’s led a dandy life of adventure and self-learning.  Many side trips into the non-local world and its associated attractions like remote viewing and UFOs… Machinist up in Boeing country for years, now in the Phoenix area…

Point is Roger sent me details about a multiple part, online, past life regression series that started yesterday.  My take on it?


There are No Words for getting in touch with a past self, is the short version.

There’s a 4,000+ word article, documenting the experience, which will be our focus piece in next Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report.  Incredibly useful stuff.

I just wanted to pause and publicly thank Roger for telling me about it.

OK, off to face Thursday.  Like Pappy used to say, “Means only four more working days until…Monday!”

Write when you get rich,


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72 thoughts on “CPI Says Hike Alive — Nuclear Weekend?”

  1. Recently, I told my son that WWIII was just set off courtesy of the debacle in the ME. He, being a worldly 15 yr old, said I was pessimistic about the state of our planet. He also thinks it’s silly of me to think going to a European is a bad idea right now, or that a leaking southern border spells trouble. Ah. To be young and dumb. I purposely moved to a safer, rural location to shelter my kids from seeing or living among the ugly, but I never once hid that it exists. First time he saw tent cities in Colorado made an impression, but not enough to expose the media lies. I’m not too proud to admit it’s frightening to think there could be a number of hell raising jihadists planning a Friday outing to a populated place of unsuspecting people. I know I plan to be cautious of my whereabouts for the next week.

    • “He also thinks it’s silly of me to think going to a European is a bad idea right now, or that a leaking southern border spells trouble.”

      hmm don’t feel bad.. what is it about these young kids silver.. my kids think I’m a little negative and paranoid .. They believe that Joe is the answer to all our problems and the republicans are just picking on hunter and brother jim..and mainstream media are the only ones that are telling the truth…the rest is made up BS and fear mongering..
      and they are much much older than a 15 year old.. they just got back from traveling outside the USA..
      they don’t even think they should buy an extra roll of toilet paper..
      I’ve been through tough times.. they wouldnt walk across the street …doing that would be catastrophic…they cannot see it..
      they have no idea what’s coming..I have some sort of an idea but I believe what’s coming is way worse than anything I have experienced in my lifetime..and I’ve traveled some of the rough road..

  2. “Notwithstanding, hate is in the air.”

    When emotion overtakes reason on both sides as appears to be happening right now, we are in for a rough ride. I have a very bad feeling about this weekend.

    • I hate to agree with Xi but he was right.. this is the time for cool heads and negotiations..

    • “ I have a very bad feeling about this weekend.”

      Same here … and how much after this weekend? How much overflow of the Flood and how much momentum? Hopefully, very little if any. We don’t need the fear and terror mentality as GW instilled after 911.

      After seeing actual evidence of how linguistics plays a roll in our reality, via our populous consciousness, not being able to tell the difference between real news and propaganda, has me concerned. We don’t need certain words flying around.

      “ The White House is walking back Biden’s statement that he saw photographic evidence of beheaded children.”


      Unfortunately we only get hearsay, and from that, opinions are formed. – Walking back what’s already stuck in peoples minds, doesn’t resolve the consequences of That consciousness.

      Luke 2:14

      “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.“

      • What I see is Israel accusing Hamas of the atrocities it did to the Palestinians.

        Doing what the Demoncrats do, accuse, then do.

        They own the media companies so they are getting their criminal minds sides all over everywhere so people are further brainwashed, disturbed, and confused.

        This article: https://mondoweiss.net/2016/02/barbarism-by-an-educated-and-cultured-people-dawayima-massacre-was-worse-than-deir-yassin/

        Quoted from this article: …dated 8th November 1948 (10 days after the massacre).

        “A testimony provided to me by an officer which was in [Al] Dawayima the day after its conquering: The soldier is one of ours, intellectual, reliable, in all 100%. He had confided in me out of a need to unload the heaviness of his soul from the horror of the recognition that such level of barbarism can be reached by our educated and cultured people. He confided in me because not many are the hearts today who are able to listen.

        There was no battle and no resistance (and no Egyptians). The first conquerors killed from eighty to a hundred Arabs [including] women and children. The children were killed by smashing of their skulls with sticks. There was not a house without dead. The second wave of the [Israeli] army was a platoon that the soldier giving testimony belongs to.

        In the town were left male and female Arabs, who were put into houses and were then locked in without receiving food or drink. Later explosive engineers came to blow up houses. One commander ordered an engineer to put two elderly women into the house that was to be blown up. The engineered refused and said he is willing to receive orders only from his [own] commander. So then [his] commander ordered the soldiers to put the women in and the evil deed was performed.

        One soldier boasted that he raped an Arab woman and afterwards shot her. An Arab woman with a days-old infant was used for cleaning the back yard where the soldiers eat. She serviced them for a day or two, after which they shot her and the infant. The soldier tells that the commanders who are cultured and polite, considered good guys in society, have become vile murderers, and this occurs not in the storm of battle and heated response, but rather from a system of expulsion and destruction. The fewer Arabs remain – the better. This principle is the main political motive of [the] expulsions and acts of horror which no-one objects to, not in the field command nor amongst the highest military command. I myself was at the front for two weeks and heard boasting stories of soldiers and commanders, of how they excelled in the acts of hunting and “fucking” [sic]. To fuck an Arab, just like that, and in any circumstance, is considered an impressive mission and there is competition on winning this [trophy].”

        We must remember, so we do not forget – so that we can still see the other side.

      • “photographic evidence”

        Funny how that works. The Japanese really did impale babies and just about every American has owned a Sony product at one time or another.

        Germans spared no children during the Holocaust and almost everyone in America has eaten a grilled Brat.

      • it all makes me feel so bad…
        so many good people on all sides get hurt killed so much damage .. it’s extremely saddening..

  3. G, my condolences to you good citizen.
    .. Grazer – Female brown Bear is 2023 Fat Bear Chompion!

    so sorry G, thought you were a lock this year. : (

    I know its gotta be tough losing out to the “Bear with the Biggest Beardonkadonk” but Ure a big boy and I think you can handle the disappointment. Not like Ure the atlanta braves with best record in all of MLB, on nat tv last night getting a spanking for all to see.
    So cheer up Bunkie, coulda been worse, coulda been in Philly last night for a reverse chop.

    On an even brighter note – looks like SS bennies will increase 3.2% next year. I’ll drink to that ! Less than a year 2 go before I qualify, I never believed anything would be there if and and when I made to 62. Like everything else I dont believe shit until I have it in my hot hands. https://youtu.be/8oPq1-ymSVY?si=wt_NYwG6SaaUDXI_

    BCN quote of the Day – “You own some Bitcoin, or you are Wrong” .

    • BCN quote of the Day – “You own some Bitcoin, or you are Wrong”

      Whats the price of being wrong?

      [Warning contains F Bombs]



      For Those concerned with proving where you obtained your BTC.

      Symbol GBTC offers predictable transaction/market settlement [read: known transaction fee structure] and KYC.

      Then Theres XRP. How to send and transact in BTC in seconds for pennies.


      Not advice do your own homework.

    • re: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
      feat. Frankly Speaking


      Check your bearings; steep cliff ahead?

      Speaking of cliffs, the “Daily Mail” has noted the turning of a page in the little black book saga. A recently deposed ceo had his most recent UK banking employer mentioned 22 times in the article. His former American banking employer at the time of the transgressions who has publicly paid going on $300 million to government and victims is mentioned once. Likewise so are the former UK finance minister and deputy pm.


      Meanwhile one learns in America that a First Brother belatedly began to pay damages stemming from a years-past motor vehicle tragedy.

      • “Meanwhile one learns in America that a First Brother belatedly began to pay damages stemming from a years-past motor vehicle tragedy.”

        Some of us have known about this for years, although I didn’t know Frankie was finally “making payments.” I’m mildly disappointed that the Daily Mail took credit for this disclosure because Peter Schweitzer blew it up in his 2020 bestseller “Profiles in Corruption.” However, I will give the Mail credit for reporting that after nearly 25 years, the poor, impoverished dude is finally making payments on his million dollar judgement…

  4. George,

    What was the toughest year of the depression in 1930s?

    At the height of the Depression in 1933, 24.9% of the nation’s total work force, 12,830,000 people, were unemployed. Wage income for workers who were lucky enough to have kept their jobs fell 42.5% between 1929 and 1933. It was the worst economic disaster in American history.

    The US equities market nadired 8 July 1932. The zero sum game then rebounded as the winners reentered the market. This market nadir was not the working masses’s real economic nadir which occurred the following year.

    A similar market nadir prospect and later real economic nadir can be expected for the Chinese 2020’s current manufacturing behemoth, whose working population is malinvested in a collapsing real estate market worth 48 trillion in US dollars in 2020.

    The current working quantitative mathematical fractal model is a final lower lower high peak on Friday 22 October 2023. This is the 2x (104th day) of a 13 March 2023 52/104 day subfractal 1 and subfractal 2 series. (See last paragraph of the 2005 main page of The Economic Fractalist). This is day 3 of a 3 October 2023 4/9/3 of 8 day ::x/2-2.5x/2x decays series.

    Black Monday would occur on 25 October 2023 with a final interim low on day 130 of the 13 March 2023 x/2.5x :: 52/130 day series.

    A 13 March 2023 52/130/130/78 day :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x fractal series could be the equivalent of the 8 July 1932 DJIA nadir.

    The quantum fractal blow-off peak valuation for US long term interest rates on 6 October 2023 remains intact.

    • Operative term for above post – Refer, its whats breakfast, lunch and dinna. A different kinda of hello, no doubt.

      Friday the 22nd of October 2023 ?

      Monday the 25th of October 2023??

      Dude TEF – what f-ing timeline are you on ? On my (current) timeline Friday is 20th of October 2023. Monday is 23rd of October 2023.

      WTF is wrong with this scheisse ? Cant get dates and days right, how the hell you know how Fractals work ?

      Still waiting for BTC to go zero….. ?

      Maybe write when find a Calendar.

      No Bitcoin 4 TEF or G .

    • Another take:


      The Secret Ingredient in Many Crash Waves:

      “A word of caution: Not all Rahu Mars hard angles will produce crashes, but often when crashes occur, they seem to be a trigger. The purpose of this article is not to make people fearful and no one should depend on any crashes to make money and they certainly should not trade on this information alone. What I do suggest is take the time to study the statistical data presented, you might find it a very valuable tool.

      Conclusion: The secret ingredient that is in many crashes are the hard angles (0, 90, 180) of Mars and Rahu.

      It is Next due: Mars 180 True Node, 10/3-11/17/23, Exact: 10/04/2023 08:06:38!!”


      Raj Time and Cycles Daily Email is for both Stock market Swing traders and Day traders, trading the SP emini, ETFs, etc. Precise Master Timing makes all the difference! We use various proprietary Master Time & Cycle techniques to predict future Swing Highs and Lows+/-1,using Change in Trend (CIT) dates. For the Daytraders, we pinpoint the intraday CIT Times for the Highs and Lows +/- 5-10 minutes. We also use an intraday cycle technique that predicts the intraday Highs and Lows

  5. (Don’t mind me, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the market remaining in rally mode against emerging reality. Maybe humans are less aware, and less smart, than I gave them credit for…)

    Have you watched or listened to the drive at five news.. that is what most people hear.. very few get anything more than that.. of course they don’t have a clue.. the drive at five news says horrible trump about a hundred times in a half hour yet.. and how great thou art biden is..
    almost as many times as they say evil trump..
    they shouldn’t have ever gotten rid of McCarthy .. he was being a politician.. I think the vast majority were ashamed that they didn’t do their job.. that they will argue and generate a few hundred thousand pages of excuses as to why they shouldn’t read those thousand page deals.. they didn’t do their job.. it is their job to read through this crap.. it is what we tell and teach all our kids in grade and high school.. they don’t have a F@#ing clue what they are voting on and voted in billions more to Ukraine…. so they got rid of the guy because they were lazy shiztheads seriously they do know how DC works did they think anything other than that.. I sure don’t trust them at all LOL. the whole agreement could have been blank for all they knew.. they read the cover page and that is it..
    Rand Paul tried to get a read the bills act passed and was laughed off the floor.. he got what a few votes is all. in the end it is always about the business model.

    • As long as we don’t have a Speaker for the House, they can’t allocate any more of our national treasure to the Ukrainian puppets.

      The same is probably true for Israel. We’ve been financing a world of wars for no conceivable benefit for ourselves.

      • it’s just paper or a number.. as the supply chain tightens and credit starts to slow down ..we will be Zimbabwe or Argentina..
        we have what three billion dollars a day interest on what we have borrowed so far… and destroyed our own industrial and energy independence..let millions enter and no tracking of them..
        so how many sleeper cells are there that our generosity has been funding..

      • Where do you live where there is free power? It must be a leftist paradise.
        In Texas, if you want something – even food and water – you earn it somehow…

      • Two year old news. Last year there were clear improvements. Most notable improvement is the communications are staying up or being restored much more quickly after power failures. During the Big Freeze, my electricity was off for half an hour, but comms were down for days. Prioritization of load shedding by local utilities had been apparently left to configuration by woke summer students in many locations. No doubt the abortion clinics and campus dorms had power and comms throughout.
        The Texas grid is run by ERCOT, and ERCOT employees are supposed to be classified as utility company employees, not government regulators. Texas bureaucrats have to be reminded of that periodically. Blaming ERCOT on Texas Republicans constitutes a complete lack of understanding of the underlying problem, which has been half-@ssed self-policing by the power industry, and bipartisan negligence in oversight. Last, the actual incident was caused by the wind power generating segment shutting down in mass at the worst possible moment, due to stupid shortcutting of basic design features, like low temp lubes and tracing. Not so funny was that a lot of those turbines were made by NE liberal donors. If the Republicans had a mass failure, it was the failure to keep their thumbs down on the Green Genocide crowd, and their industry sponsors.
        Most of the government statisticians in Texas and in the remainder of the country are leftist pigs like, well, you know.

      • Domestic Terrorism… Phew..In my opinion that was and is BLM and Antifa… and with the support of the political system as well. What it did do is show exactly how easy it was for our country to be taken over a test run so to speak…. the sad part is they targeted the neighborhoods that needed help before now putting the good people living there in a more difficult situation than they had before…
        Then we read about foreign countries killing women and children.. in other countries women and children have no value they are simply property to be bought and sold at will. Ask any special forces member they will tell you that the foreign armies send children with bombs strapped on them or guns.. It almost destroyed one special forces man I know.. to see four year olds running at them with hand grenades and automatic weapons..






        Seriously the whole situation is extremely sad and hurts my heart strings to see it happening..
        I personally was hoping that my children and you were correct.. that this wasn’t the poison pawn trap and that we just had an extremely corrupt moron in charge with all his deep family corruption that needed to be handled legally. Which will never happen since it definately looks as if the whole system is corrupt…
        to see everything I feared start to play out exactly how I thought it would is not only scary not just for myself.. but for you and everyone else to.. there isn’t any way this ends well.. even if there aren’t the estimated two hundred thousand soldiers in sleeper cells scattered around the USA on one side.. or the eighty thousand estimated on another or that the Port deal didn’t allow in club-K systems to be strategically placed around the country….. economically we cannot pay back this debt even with creative accounting we cannot pay the three billion a day interest.. next spring it is estimated to be six billion a day interest…. we have very little industry in the USA anymore have you seen what was once proud industrial cities lately..
        all of our daily needs are imported we are an island we send our economic growth somewhere else except here our tax dollars are spent to destroy not build and maintain….. At this point I don’t believe there is enough time to rebuild and train operators for industry… Then consider we have dumbed down our children.. allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter all from countries that swore vengeance and a jihad caliphate . our future looks like Australia..
        that if nothing else the cloward piven strategy will turn us into zimbabwe.. or Argintina.. send the illegals to beverly hills, california ,nyc ,marthas vineyard and the hamptons.. where they they have the power and money to handle the influx of the millions.. and will open their purse strings for them..

        • “to see everything I feared start to play out exactly how I thought it would” – looking out of the box.

          Please start thinking of pleasant outcomes instead …

      • Now, “C”, can you SEE?

        IT was not Republicans that did that it was ERCOT, and guess who was on the staff of ERCOT?

        You didn’t guess it, but let me enlighten you, and lighten that prejudiced attitude that you have so that you can raise your altitude….above the sewer line (kind a stinky there, ain’t it?).


        They are the ones that oversaw the Texas Grid failure…and then they quickly evicted themselves.


        The link says 4, then the article says SIX, and other articles say FIVE.

        MOST of those LEFTIES lived outside Texas..!

  6. Hi George,
    A little off topic for the day, but are you still looking at a format to improve the clarity of your charts? Thanks for all, and have a good day!

  7. I do not claim to know anything, but the feeles as I call them had been screaming through Friday night. They calmed over the weekend and last night it was back. One word being repeated in my sleep……… crowds
    take it for what it is.

    • Well, that makes sense in light of yesterday’s call by Hamas for jihad against the Jews and America. I just sent my son a message to steer clear of crowds and always know where the exits are (always good advice regardless IMO). I have no doubt terrorist activity is going to increase; yesterday I drove past an electrical power station and contemplated that those are now more likely to be targets. Sure am glad we moved out to a fairly rural Tennessee town from northern NJ. Stay prepped everyone.

  8. George, give a big thank-you to Roger : great to see a link to clues on his new calling. We are all thirsty for this knowledge. I know Roger is steering clear of the predictive gloom around here, alas excerberated by recent news events. He is definitely a wise man.

    I know George has often mentioned nuclear flashes in his blog. Thing is, if they arrive becuase of such widespread predictions, what use is it? So you can say ‘I told you so’ while sitting among the smouldering ashes?

    Surely it is far better to predict a glorious peaceful future, and then you will be welcome to say ‘I told you so’.

    Perhaps its just ecomonics : doom sells?

  9. Ure: “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the market remaining in rally mode against emerging reality. Maybe humans are less aware, and less smart, than I gave them credit for…”

    If it helps, you are not alone Yorge. That said, it’s my belief we will rectify this outlier to the downside. Remarked to an associate this a.m. we simply need a 3rd war front to take out the old high.

    Geese are forming wedges and headed south. I think they’re early and look forward to Indian Summer (or, Indigenous People’s Summer for those who are delicate souls). All my toys remain in the lake. Soon though …

    Write when you get sommer,

    • After his father, the elder chief, passed away, the young tribal chief was concerned about taking care of his people very well. He sent them out early to collect firewood for the coming winter. Being a modern man he was also concerned about relying solely on the signs of nature and the medicine man, so the young chief called the weather bureau for their prediction of the coming winter. “It looks like it will be a colder than normal winter” said the bureau.
      The young chief told the tribe to redouble their efforts at gathering firewood for the coming winter. Still uncertain after a few weeks, the young chief again called the weather bureau for an update. “It is looking ever more like it will be a terribly cold winter like we have not seen in years” was the reply. So the young chief again exhorts the tribe to prepare for the worst winter most have seen, and to gather all the firewood they can. Still uncertain of his position, and not wanting to be wrong, the young chief again calls the weather bureau for an update on the coming winter. “This looks like it will be the coldest winter in a generation!” says the weather bureau. Then the young chief asks the weather man, “How do you know this?”
      “Well”, the weatherman replies, “we have all kinds of scientific data gathering we study, but one of the most reliable has been watching the local indian tribe for clues, and this year the indians started early and are gathering firewood like we have never seen in a generation!”

      Now be aware… I am part ‘native american’ myself, so don’t go getting all ‘racial’ on me.

      Egor, you could lift your boat out of the water and put skis on it so you could go Ice Boating this winter… seeing as how you are reluctant to put it away for the winter.

      • Hank: your tale was so good I read it aloud to Mrs. E to much chortling. In years gone by I considered either building an ice-boat or buying one. A friend had wrecked his DN (named for the Detroit News which published the first DIY plans) and the pieces were somewhere in fam. storage (steerage?).

        Probably lucky it didn’t work out. I’m pretty sure I could get in but don’t know whether I could get out. Now I lust after the stern steering contraptions of old. But … I’m too old.

        [scroll down ^ to see Miss Madison]

        Best Regards,

      • “Now be aware… I am part ‘native american’ myself, so don’t go getting all ‘racial’ on me.”

        I believe that Native american history their beliefs and customs should be taught in every school around.. I love to listen to the stories of the elders..

    • kali ended over 200 hundred years ago, we is in the transition period which last upwards 200 years. It is this transition period we coming out of and into a new Bronze Age. Why psi power in Humans has been on subtle increase – with each passing day – more and more cosmic nrg’s from galactic core are zip zip zipping this way comes. Tis also why all the panic in dark places, Time is running out on them.

      * reason for the news noise and terror – keep population distracted, cant have the adams learning they are ALL Physic, “heaven” forbid .

  10. Most of what follows below are extracts from posts in the David Icke Social forum. These are the notable ones:

    Kicking off again on day after 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur War. Apparently Israel was taken completely by surprise and have launched operation ‘iron swords’ in response.

    One has to ask, “who benefits?”
    Will the citizens of Gaza benefit? Clearly no.
    Will the citizens of Israel benefit? Yes, because the opportunity to completely destroy the Palestinians (formally the Philistines) after more than 2,500 years of warring now presents itself. Only this will backfire into the total destruction of Israel as well.

    It’s giving Israel the pretext it seeks to attack Iran, while they have universal support of the International Community and the US are offering all the assistance Israel needs to ‘defend’ itself against ‘terrorists’ who it’s claimed have no justification whatsoever for retaliating against decades of brutal Israeli aggression, illegal occupation and non-compliance with UN resolutions.

    I am having my doubts about the narrative with Hamas and Israel.
    The fact that 3 or 4 commanding officers of elite/special forces units have got themselves killed also strikes me as odd.
    That border is one of the most heavily defended on the planet with cameras everywhere. Are you telling me that Hamas got hundreds of soldiers thru that border with no military response from Israel for hours? And they took Israeli hostages and returned to Gaza?
    Did perhaps certain people in the Israeli government also want this to happen so they could get a war started?
    “I happen to know how things work in Gaza and on the border. I was the commander of the Kerem Shalom sector (Rafih), I was in charge of the Kissuf sector, I know the perimeter fence very well, I know how the army works there. I was in the Shatti refugee camp in Gaza, I was in charge of the Jibaliya refugee camp, I would make ambushes on the fence and deep in the area. I met Gazans, ate and breathed Gaza.

    The obstacle is built so that even a fox cannot pass it:

    Set alerts according to 3 levels of pressure. She must alert when she is cut. There are 24/7 forces that are responsible for arriving within a few minutes, if not seconds, to the point where there is an alert in the fence. Every day do at least one penetration practice. Each subdivision has a standby squad whose role is to increase the force in an emergency situation.

    Observations scattered along the border cover every inch of it. The female observers are champions in identification. They don’t miss. They detect movement even before it even approaches the obstacle – day and night. At problematic points (dead areas) they place a tank with observation and detection capabilities, and a terrifying firepower. In some cases snipers are deployed in the field.

    Every day before dawn there is a “dawn alert” procedure. At this hour all the forces are awake (in this case also the hour when hundreds of terrorists entered Israel). The night shift alternates with the day shift. The commander of each force inspects the axis to make sure there were no infiltrations during the night. Trackers that move on the axis know how to recognize traces. They know who crossed the fence, how much and even when.

    Each scenario has a clear procedure. For example, a procedure for infiltrating terrorists, a procedure for taking hostages. Everything is written in blood and has been proving itself for years

    There are several other layers of security that this is not the place to talk about. In short, we are talking about an obstacle that proves itself for years and years.
    So how the hell does a Palestinian tractor move towards the fence without anyone reacting to it?

    How did the tractor manage to sabotage the fence for a long hour and open access to Israel without anyone reacting to it?”
    Given that not even a mouse could cross the Gaza border undetected, what if the border incursion was done by Israelis disguised as Palestinians? Analysis of a car dash-cam shows that one recorded assailant is face-recognised as a serving Israeli police officer. It is a given that Zionists will kill their own to help a deception.

    Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said, “We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly.” He may as well have said “goyim” but Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis, during his sermon at Downing Street, called them “bestial” which means something entirely different from “cattle.” Joe Biden called Hamas “sheer evil” and equated them with Isis, outlawing anyone who supports them. (Iran!) Reiterating George Bush’s statement, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists” who the press claim are “beheading babies and holocaust survivors” when in fact, 260 children have been killed by airstrikes on Gaza. When you denigrate people to sub-human, anything goes.

    This False Flag operation in Israel, (their ‘9-11’) which is blamed on “terrorists” will galvanize the West into reviving the ‘war on terror’ and entering into this bloody conflict to fight another proxy war for Israel, which will be funded on all sides by International Jewish bankers, as per usual.

    The current massacres of men, women and children in Gaza, is like something from the Old Testament!

    The media coverage is beyond biased, it is completely divorced from reality. Israel has claimed the attack by Hamas as “The Darkest Day in history.” Each day another 100 victims are added to their death toll, now alleged to have reached 900, which is still eclipsed by September 11th 2001 and the ‘Shock & Awe’ which followed. Then there was the tsunami in Banda Aceh which killed over 200.000 people. Not dark enough? I can go back further, how about the Rwandan genocide, or Pol Pot’s regime? Maybe even Hiroshima and two world wars or the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Further? Culloden, or the Bubonic Plague. I could go on, but you catch my drift. History is brimming with darkness, so for Israel to lay claim to the ‘darkest day’ ever….

    The world has been conveniently divided into two supposedly opposing sides – BRICS vs Zionists.
    We were encouraged to fly Ukrainian flags, many are still flying in Scotland, but we are banned from displaying Palestinian flags, while 10 Downing Street has the Israeli flag emblazoned on its walls. Braverman, with the stroke of a pen, has made every Muslim in this country and anyone else who is opposed to ‘Operation Iron Sword,’ and openly expresses it, guilty of a “racially aggravated public order offence” and a desire to see “Israel erased from the world” while Gaza is being erased from the world.

  11. Guess we now know the reasons for the recent tests of the emergency alert systems (in the UK, this had never been done before on such a scale).

  12. In October 1962 when I was 8, I remember looking at the map diagrams on the front of the S. Louis Post Dispatch describing the range of the missiles, and where the “blast radius” would be. We lived in sight of the runways of Lambert Field, the airport, and the location of then McDonnald Aircraft, home of the Phantom. My dad worked a mile and a half away at McDonald (before Douglas was added) and was Project Manager on the earlier Voodoo.
    Made for a frightening Halloween,
    Nest year when Art and I were 9 we had our cupcake celebration on Friday before the Next Weeks Thanksgiving interrupted to go to the cafeteria/all-purpose room and be told by the principal that the President was dead, and school was canceled next week, and the busses were outside to take us home early, if our mothers had not come to get us (ours did). We watched the state funeral over Thanksgiving turkey.
    Looking back it gives you a whole different perspective on “The Holiday Season.”
    Now my kids complain about 7-8% mortgages. My wife and I had a 9.9% for the first 15 years of ours before we got it down to 4.5%. Being in school during the Carter years has always been hard to explain to our kids until now. The only reason the numbers are not worse now is they fudge the numbers!
    When living in Huntsville after college, my stepfather, a Senior Boeing Manager, complained about kids thinking they had it hard compared to his depression era upbringing.
    I pointed out that it was easy to think you were a financial genius because you bought a house in Seatle in 1965 for $35K, and sold it before moving south for $350K. I reminded him that Art and I would have to buy his house at that price. (I looked his old house up on Zillow and its now about $3.5MM. He lost his the same way you lost yours, got a call while he was in Saudi on another project and his son told him, Dad, you better come home, Mom moved the Tennis Pro from the Club into the house last week.)
    He paused and said, “you’re right, you two will never get the deal we all got.”
    Then again, I am seeing the tax appraisals on my now paid for house in Birmingham, after we have reached the age of tax exemptions, and think “maybe we will get that deal, if it isn’t blown up.”

  13. We, here, (Thanks be to George for this place), are all Good Citizens, Good Captains Of Our Individual Crafts, and positive-directed constructive preppers. The Germans call such people Culture-Bearers. We are together, in short, and at risk of some overstatement, The Good Guys. Hoping to save, survive, and maybe even help perpetuate and restore Civilization after The Dark Time. (Which, I think we all heavily suspect is now right at hand — although all things always move much slower and more elusively than we might prefer.)

    Having said that, I’d like to share some (final?) thoughts, while there is still some time. (I always wanted to see Ted Turner’s Doomsday Tape, but even when “inside,” I could never quite manage it. Probably pretty obvious stuff, anyway… No big gap… Let it go…)

    The Original Resident’s Decendants of this continent, Turtle Island, taught me, accidentally, to listen — really listen: few people do — to The Great Spirit, and Nature, and our own quiet inner voice. Not an easy thing — life is so loud and jangly and demanding. But I was predisposed, and so I listened to the Artists — there were several over the years we worked on a certain film about American Indian Artists. I gained some small Wisdom from them, I think. Partly the wisdom to shut the hell up most of the time and listen carefully, integrate and relate where reasonable, and trust that vast unseen areas really do exist — well beyond our ken — and to be Patient and Kind. And not to worry. To trust, rather; but carefully. To be Open. (Not easy.)

    I have said I am a Christian Man, and a firm Gospell of Jesus believer. ‘Nuff said.

    I also believe there are 11 — not 10, not 7, not 46 — but precisely 11 “dimensions” to All That Is. Some recent areas of interest in my life that have now been cutoff from me have proven this to me. (They didn’t like my attitude. They wanted a weapon, or at least an advantage to exploit, and I just wanted to Know Cool Things.)

    I also believe the future is only dimly and unreliably predictable because largly of God-given Free Will — one of the most important ideas and vital facts of all. The future shifts as we make decisions — see Macro Quantum Theory. We are, literally, co-creators, with God, of all things. It’s an on-going process, without end, maybe.

    I believe there IS an “akashic record” of all great and small wisdom, and that it is dimly and partially accessable to some very, very few people. (I am not one.) People like Ingo Swann, Edgar Casey, Ed Leedskallin, and a precious few others — and even these are often confused and wrong for various reasons. I further believe any such akashic record is probably in consant flux, and never to be complete. I think maybe even we all have tiny, fragmentary, rare, and infrequent access — but ken it not. Too stange. Too surreal. Too in constant motion.

    I hold a desperate irrational but typical human hope that there IS some existance beyond what we call life. If so, then I believe it must be a place of love, togetherness, and endless forgiveness where we can all be reunited with those we loved, and made right with those we wronged. May it please God this is true. I hope my wives (2) are there, all my old friends and friends that were once enemies. For Proper Life, there is no time for enemy-ness.
    (Maybe my favorite cats can be there too… Be nice…)
    It is a forlorn, bleak, and desperate irrational hope. (but not impossible.)

    I think we are on the brink of The Dark Time. Maybe it’s necessary to finally convince Man’s heart of what really matters, and what is ephemeral vanity.

    I think few will see The Emergence, Rennaisance II, whatever you wnt to call it — for this is no eight-week camp out. This is gonna be a Major Big Long Bitch.

    Good Luck –you’ll need it.

    May God save us all. May we ultimately find a true Utopia, and not some dreadful dystopia.

    Buckle in, and keep your arms and hands inside the little car till the ride comes to the station and stops.

  14. Media now seems to be “rolling back” the baby beheading story. Doesn’t mean they didn’t kill them, they did, just that they didn’t behead them.

    I look upon the Hamas attack as being much like a Slave Revolt of old, or some of the back and forth killings between the Indians and Settlers here in the US in the 1700’s and 1800’s. Slave Revolts were bloody affairs, very bloody affairs, if you read up on them

    After years of repression sometimes the slaves would revolt and savagely murder every white person they could find … and then the attempts to put down the revolt would come.

    For St. Johns (US Virgin Islands) after the slaves revolted and murdered all the Whites who couldn’t make it to a boat to row across the channel to St. Thomas, it took a few months for the Dutch to assemble enough troops for an invasion of the island so as to “take it back” from the former slaves. When they did it was a brutal killing fest by the Dutch troops … those troops also killed women and children just like the slaves had done when they revolted against the Plantation Owners and all other Whites on the Island.

    Haiti’s revolt while brutal was not nearly as brutal as the one on St. Johns was … there the revolting slaves allowed the Plantation Owners and other Whites to leave, some Slaves voluntarily left with them, which is how New Orleans and southern Louisiana came to speak French, it was those who left Haiti since that is where many of them decamped to.

    The attempt to retake the Haitian side of the Island by the French after the revolt there failed … and Haiti has remained independent ever since. **Haiti had been the most profitable colony of all of it’s colonies for France until the Slaves there revolted and that revolt, which resulted in a loss of trade with Haiti, caused serious economic problems for the government back in France

    With American Indians while they had not been slaves the back and forth brutality between them and the settlers are well known but not much talked about today.

    The 2.3 million people in Gaza while not Slaves in a strict definition of the word have been confined to their narrow strip of land, unable to leave for the wider world for decades now. 2.3 million people trapped in an area that is about 3-4 miles wide by about 15-20 miles long for 50 years

    Exit visas to leave the Gaza strip are controlled by the Israelis – even those who Egypt allows to leave via their border crossing have to be approved by the Israelis. Gaza is also unable to import or export any type of manufactured goods so they could have a real economy, a condition that has existed for 50 years now (since the 73 War). (the Palestinian people from Gaza can’t even go to the Palestinian area of the West Bank)

    Gaza has been a prison for all intents and purposes. A few are allowed out daily to work in Israel … which is much like a prison’s “honor camp” where you can go out and work the prison’s farm during the day … but like at a prison they have to be back in their urban cell at night.

    Much like the Slave revolts and the Indians uprisings the frustration level for those in Gaza with no future, no ability to leave their prison (city), and no ability to build an indepenent economy has created stresses that were ready to explode … as well as created hatred for their Jailors. The only surprising thing about the attack to me was that it didn’t happen a decade ago.

    It will be interesting to see the extent of Israel’s reprisal killings … but in the end the people of Gaza will still be confined to their prison city on the shores of the Med with no ability to leave and no ability to have a real economy, so the stresses will rebuild no matter how many fighters and women and children the Israelis kill.

    23,000 dead Palastinians in Gaza, if that many die during Israel’s assault, would be the same as 3.3 million Americans dying (as a percentage of the population), which would create a burning desire in some for MORE REVENGE KILLINGS. (look at how the US reacted when just 3300 died with the WTC 9/11 event – 1/1000 of that number as a percentage of our population).

    A huge killing event of Palestinians, which I don’t think Israel will do, could be the kind of event that would cause the Shiites and Sunnis to join together to fight Israel, much like Tecumseh brought together many warring Indian Tribes to try to throw the White Settlers out of the Ohio /Indiana Territory. (except for the failure of the Briitish military to do their part he may have succeded – at least for keeping the American settlers at bay for a couple of decades).

    Much of American Foreign Policy for the last 70 years has been to make the split between the two factions of Islam WORSE … but that could all be undone by Israel if they aren’t careful. If it is undone … can Israel with it’s <10 million people, even with US backing, survive an onslaught of nearly 2 billion people who already have nuclear weapons (Pakistan)?

    Ah the stuff of Prophets and Prophesy … are we living in those times?

    • Your history is somewhat short of accurate on a number of levels. This, of course, undermines the argument you are making. Here’s one of first missteps. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Cajun There are others.
      Perhaps the most egregious of those is risible regurgitation of the lefty canard that Israel is responsible for what Gaza has become…while tendentiously ignoring what Gaza *was* before Israel withdrew and permitted local (despotic Hamas) rule (Spoiler Alert: it was a seething, corrupt, violent, shit-hole then, too). You also blithely skip over the overweening ambition of the followers of the “religion of peace” to wipe Israel and the Jews who live there off of the face of the Earth..by any means necessary. Also missing in your analysis is acknowledgement of the death cult core of that religion that (1) Gives believers celestial points (and Virgins even!) for each and every non-believer they kill and (2) Takes as a given that more of such religious killing (rather than less) will speed the return of the missing Mahdi and the subjugation of the whole planet under Muslim rule. Besides these errors and omissions, your argument that Israel is responsible for the savagery it suffered last week is flawless.

    • Yes! Not to forget the Gulf war fake news / propaganda of “Iraqi troops took premature babies out of incubators in Kuwait”.
      It’s generally propaganda when the news focuses on young children, pregnant women, the disabled and/or the elderly (Ukrainian news is a good example). They try to pull the anger strings. It’s disgusting.

    • I went out today and to fly from Israel to Cypris was about $50. If one planned ahead one could do it for about $30.
      To fly from Israel to Athens was about $100. If one planned ahead one could do it for about $60, or cheaper.

      For TOURISTS who were stranded in Israel if they get to Athens or Rome the airlines, assuming the one they rode lands there, will fly them back to where they were to go on their return ticket FOR FREE.

      For Americans living in Israel … why should the US have to pay to fly them all the way to the US when THEY had decided to live there, NOT in the US? (most of those types are probably dual citizens to begin with)

      Greedy People is all I can say about those types.

      US policy has always been that Americans that ask for the US Government to take them back to the US have to pay for their transit. That is long standing US Government policy going back DECADES. Why should those deciding to leave Israel, who were living there of their own volition, expect anything different?

      If you are an American tourist who happens to be there … just pay for your own airfare to Athens or Rome and fly home from there for free on your existing return ticket. Sure it will cost you $100 or $200, but if you can’t afford that you shouldn’t have been traveling to a place 1/2 way around the world to begin with!!

  15. A couple of months back, maybe longer than that, someone here mentioned taking a lithium-based supplement to improve cognition which had the side effect of vivid dreams that were remembered on waking. Well, I ordered Weyland’s Lithium Orotate 10, and the morning after I took it for the first time I awoke and grabbed a 5×7 pad, and rapidly wrote seven pages of notes and questions to be answered. This past week, two nights in a row I dreamt of localized disjointed military activity and a total unavailability of food to buy. The second was very disturbing in that environment all the people I encountered were trying to celebrate some holiday, refusing to listen to anything I said about the situation. I’ve no idea of the meaning, but I still feel disturbed as this was before the attack by Hamas. I’m a retired Army Intelligence officer with 25 years of service, and during the dreams I am upset and how poorly the military units are performing.
    Oh, BTW, it has improved my mental acuity in easily observed ways. I’m much more efficient now especially when dealing with numbers and detailed planning. GF

    • Guilty as charged. Elaine and I take miniscule lithium orotate and yes, those are among the effects. Plus areas of the country when water contains natural lithium have the lowest rates of alzheimers. We care about that being apoe4 allele owners…

    • “The second was very disturbing in that environment all the people I encountered were trying to celebrate some holiday, refusing to listen to anything I said …”

      While I’ll admit I’ve deleted some context of your statement I find that the described dream isn’t fanciful at all. MOST people refuse to talk about anything negative, dis- pleasurable or upsetting in any social setting.

      Something I’ve wondered about in the reports by remote viewers and other of my favorite doom-sayers is what would happen to their dreams and premonitions if they could totally disassociate themselves from their usual news sources, if not the Internet entirely, for at least a couple of weeks? Would those dreams persist or would something come through in a much clearer fashion?

    • P.S. HEB doesn’t carry any kind of Lithium Orotate but you can order it on Wally World’s website. The wife said Target will order it for you, too. I’ll check the local supplement store.

      I wonder how many supplements mentioned here have an uptick in sales when they’re first mentioned, George? Maybe you ought to be getting your 10% Big Guy.

      • “I wonder how many supplements mentioned here have an uptick in sales”

        Speaking of, not a supplement, per se (unless you want to instill temporary impotence during basic training), but a dozen (or so) of the top 100 reagents on Amazon are Potassium Nitrate from various vendors…

  16. Biblical prophesy websites frequently discuss an as yet unfulfilled passage in Isaiah 17 (TLB): “Look! Damascus is gone! It is no longer a city – it has become a heap of ruins.” Other translations use terms like “pile of rubble.” Damascus has existed intact since the time that was written.

    I don’t know if the author of this piece is aware of the prediction, but the headline grabbed my attention – “Will Israel soon turn Damascus into a pile of rubble?”.

    It looks like the process has already begun: https://www.infowars.com/posts/breaking-israel-bombs-damascus-aleppo-airports-before-irans-foreign-minister-due-to-arrive/

    When prophecy is fulfilled, it is often done so with astonishing accuracy. Yeah, we can forestall or prevent predicted events with enough cooperation, but I see no indicators of that happening. This “last days” one, from 2 Timothy 3, seems to be in full force….”People will love only themselves and their money; they will be proud and boastful….they will be hardheaded and never give in to others; they will constant liars and troublemakers….and sneer at those who try to be good.” Such people have always been around, of course, but they are certainly demanding (and getting) a lot of attention these days.

  17. Israel stated they are razing Gaza. Probably start at tomorrow’s market close. Got to respect the market.

  18. A good friend of mine plans to be flying to Europe for a couple of weeks and leaving tomorrow. Her plans were made far in advance and she’ll be following through unless something serious actually stops her. Wars and rumors of wars are unlikely to. I can only hope and pray for her safe return.

    Her older sister was planning to go with a church group to visit Israel in January. IMHO, she wisely decided to cancel the trip, with a net loss of around $800. I see first loss as least loss. The rest of her group are still thinking about it.

  19. Possible rhyme.

    Wearing a mask to market pre-COVID was odd. Think back to 2015 & dragging the family into a mall masked/seeing some other family masked at the mall.

    Today I noticed a walker in my area was wearing a tactical vest over his T-shirt, plain view. Looked like Desert Storm camo armor plate.

    If the Jihad does start tomorrow everyone is going to want a tactical vest. Just like the masks.

    20 separate cars could drive around any city pinging people for hours or months. Forget it. Martial Law.

    Have yer $AMZN finger on the ready.

  20. “Microsoft receives $29B IRS tax notices for decade-old transactions”


    Not understanding this. From 2004 to 2013? It seems to me Microsoft could simply tell the IRS to piss off, then invoke the “Hunter Rule…”

    • OTFLMAO…
      and just think.. you can hire all the women you wish to perform various sexual pleasures.. and it is all tax deductible.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
      I knew there had to be a reason for the thousands of pages of tax laws.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

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