CPI Report + This 1929 Chart Will Scare You

CPI: Prices Flat

Just out: “The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) was unchanged in September on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.1 percent in August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.7 percent before seasonal adjustment.

Increases in the indexes for shelter and food were offset by declines in the indexes for energy and used cars and trucks to result in the seasonally adjusted all items index being flat. The energy index fell 1.4 percent as the gasoline index declined 2.4 percent. The food index increased 0.1 percent in September after being unchanged in each of the prior 3 months.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.1 percent in September after increasing 0.3 percent in each of the last 3 months. Along with the shelter index, the indexes for medical care, household furnishings and operations, and motor vehicle insurance all rose in September. The indexes for used cars and trucks, apparel, new vehicles, and communication all declined.

The all items index increased 1.7 percent for the 12 months ending September, the same increase as for the 12 months ending August. The index for all items less food and energy rose 2.4 percent over the last 12 months, also the same increase as the period ending August. The food index increased 1.8 percent over the last year, while the energy index decreased 4.8 percent.

This picturizes as:

Feels like a hell of a lot more, though, doesn’t it?

1929 Replay Still Intact

Something scarier than “The Joker” or a letter from IRS?

We only post this now and then, but our  Peoplenomics.com subscribers see it more often, and with details of what MIGHT be ahead, laid out in the column Wednesday.

Expect More Bad News – Lots

We don’t know specifically what, but the market should start reacting to some really “bad stuff” by Monday.  Maybe that will come in tomorrow’s consumer sentiment or import/export prices.  Or trade talks ending early or…what?

We should under my crackpot theory, close about where the futures indicated earlier, but between now and that “hole in the chart” projects markets in the US declining an aggregate 12% between now and month end.  Yeah…big stress.

After that, there’s a bounce…but what comes after that bounce on the right is an even-worse November.  Seriously.  From the market highs in September, we see a potential loss of as much as 46% of stock prices possible.

No doubt, the Fed will do what they can to “save everyone.”  We can already tell you what we think will happen:  The market decline will begin in earnest tomorrow (if we get the expected slight decline by the close today and then really bad news comes into focus).

With the market down month-end 12%, the Fed meeting (October 30th rate announcement) will have no choice to to cut and that will jam the market up (which is where that right side of the chart rally will come from).

That rally, though, will be a short one, lasting until (subscribers only) and then continue on down into Thanksgiving.

None of this is cast in stone.

There is a lot of time-dithering involved.  The offset from 1929 should be three days behind the 1929 track by time of the Fed announcement, for example.  It’s two days now.

Any rational person (we’re in short supply, laterly) should be terribly concerned when the Fed Minutes out yesterday showed debate on when to halt rate cuts.

All of this is purely projections and not financial advice.  I can report, however, that we’ve made a little more than “lunch money” so far.  The trick will be to catch the “running of the shorts” when it comes and jump back to cash, because making money and then losing it back to the house, is not in our plans, thanks.

Which Headline Will Spark the Big Drop?

Pick Ure poison time:

“The Situation Looks Dire”: Trade Talk Chaos Sparks Overnight Futures Turmoil.  Maybe.

More details from whistleblower memo on Trump’s Ukraine call revealed?  Maybe the whistleblower could be arrested…outing secrets…

Not that facts matter anymore, but ‘There Was No Blackmail’: Ukraine President Again Denies Threat From Trump.

The trade war is set to expand as WTO chief says trade barriers between US and Europe are ‘last thing we need’.  The key dynamic here:  With the (profitable) UK BREXIT looming in weeks, the EU will put on their greedster suits and Trump won’t back down from the Brusselpricks.  Should be fun.

What does Apple have against freedom?  Because when we read Apple removes app used by Hong Kong protesters to stay ahead of the police it strikes us that Apple’s thrown in deeper-still with the ChiComs.  So, why does Rush Limbaugh still use an iPhone, then?  Thinking people vote with their wallets.

California Ham Radio Repeaters

800,000 people in California are being blacked-out by PG&E because of the risk ofmore wild-fires.  Because PG&E didn’t keep its right-of-ways cleared of brush.  Because PG&E hasn’t got the money ( say some reports), and meantime, a weird case has arisen in Shasta County involving a ham radio repeater.

Cal-Fire has removed a ham radio repeater that “appeared” in  one of its equipment vaults.  State figured it didn’t “belong there” Which  doesn’t make sense to us because ham radio has a record of helping the public during emergencies (like fires and earthquake) – a record second to none.

That said, remembering our motto “Everything’s a Business Model” the tale seems to trace back to the State’s idea that “There’s no free rack space” in their Shasta County radio vault.

Ham Radio Now,  edition 414, explains the whole mess…Here’s the video with all this laid out.  If you’re a ham, it’s worth the time to watch because it could become part of a national trend.

Not that we’re surprised by anything done in Kalifornia any more.  In a simplistic view yeah, the repeater may consumer $10 bucks a month in electricity…and OK, rack space is not free.  Got it.

However, the ham radio repeater may have been there before Cal-Fire (since ham repeaters are common around the “edges of civilization”.)  More to the point, ham radio provides back-up to the commercial equipment for those knowledgeable about its use.

With improved government communications (First-Net) ham radio becomes somewhat redundant, however.  Ergo, the state’s hard-ass view.

This is something to keep an eye on nationally, though, because we live in a world where “asset stripping” of the civilian population is well-underway.  Think of this as the cannibalistic part of the economic cycle.

A short discussion of asset stripping and the “Everything is a Business Model” when it runs amuck, is in order.

People don’t appreciate that in accounting, there’s no room for heart.  That means all assets are up for grabs.  Rack space is an asset…so the state smells money (and/or control).

Asset stripping in a Depression is commonplace.  Think Venezuela, for example.  (This is what dim-witted socialists (Andrew Yang comes to mind) never bother mentioning to their victim voters.  They just as soon ban private cars, for example, on a phony “climate pretext”.  Sure, a car is an expensive beast (what, $20K?).  The thing socialists don’t explain is 10-million people are employed maintaining those cars.  And NO government program, outside of a dense urban core, will ever give you the instant freedom to travel as you please.  They don’t care about freedom…doesn’t even place in their minds.  This is why the climateer’s are coming for your car.  Simple example of asset stripping, so back to point.

In the California case, state bureaucrats think their technology (read: their empire) is all they need, so their  pricing ham radio out of this facility.

Bureaucrats are like camels.  Once they get their “nose in the tent” one place, they will wreck all tents.. That’s the danger of the California case.  Bureaucratic contangion spreads quickly.  Ham radio repeaters, over time, may become a diminishing community resource.

And that fits in just fine with the corporate-socialist model of government:  Make everyone rely on the government for everything, and strong-arm everyone into “renting their life.”  Because that’s how the socialist business model works.

“From each according to their ability; to US according to our wants.

Starting with a $5,000 “application fee” for a radio repeater.

Will stories like Evacuations ordered as wildfire spreads in Bay Area town change their minds?

Now you understand why we keep several HF radios around…the kind that don’t need repeaters.  Where there’s a will, there’s a frequency… time to QSY to the breakfast table… 73

Write when you get rich,

george@ure.net  ac7x

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39 thoughts on “CPI Report + This 1929 Chart Will Scare You”

  1. States will throw Ham radio under the bus because we are “outdated”. But when a disaster of some sort happens and the state’s communications go down, who will come back and step in to help them out. Ham radio operators of course, it’s one of the things we do.

    • Anybody out there remember the great Fairbanks earthquake in the 1960’s? For sometime afterwards the only communications in & out were by ham radio. If memory serves, the first communications were from a ham with a mobile rig in his car

      • Good Frioday quake Anchorage centered. Yep, that was my serious into to ham radio, helping a neighbor (sk) run dozens of phone patches to the “outside.” Which is what old sourdough types called anything south of Alaska…”outside.”
        He ran patches for seemed like weeks every spare moment he had.
        TA-33 junior antenna
        Drake 2B/BQ receiver
        Gonset GSB-100 transmitters
        John Colurier 500 watt amplifier.
        Gonset phone patch

        Which sounds suspiciously like HF2 here in modern times:
        AS-4 )wb)
        Drake 2B/BQ
        Gonset GSB-100
        Johnson Thunderbolt
        Gonset phone patch, though not presently online…

        Funny how our first exposures color us for life, ain’t it? And that 1960’s gear is in some ways better than the modern stuff, if you don’t mind the loss of conveniences like DSP audio notch filter and noise blanker…

  2. Report from CA:

    I urge you to try it one day or maybe five, just for fun – go out to your main electric circuit breaker, and turn it off.

    For added enjoyment, turn off your water main, hell, the gas too if you’ve got it.

    Now, make sure your car is running on fumes, and pretend there’s only one gas station open 10 miles away, with lines a mile long. Pretend no store is open, except one convenience store selling warm beer and canned goods (cash only)…….

    Hmmmmm. I guess I wasn’t so crazy after all for buying a generator, keeping gas on hand, retrofitting a battery back up system in my garage, putting a few $20’s in my hollowed out bible.

    Life is normal for my family today, except we get an unexpected three days off from work and school.

    I’m worried people will get desperate, hungry, angry, and stupid.

    -Solar Dude

    • People!? You’re worried about people? Try a starving government with a small army of well-armed semi-militarized LEOs looking for any kind of wealth out there to “redistribute equitably”. Think Jericho, the old TV series that I keep meaning to go back through on either Hulu or Netflix.

      How about another dig at Apple? The report is that they’ve eliminated the Taiwanese flag emoji from their Hong Kong iPhones – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/apple-deletes-taiwanese-flag-emoji-hong-kong-iphones

    • After a bad hurricane season the state of Florida passed a law requiring all gas stations to have emergency generators.

    • Be worried! It’s not the short term it’s the long game.

      Share if you have it. Life is only worth living if we do it together.

  3. Read em & Weep – Infidels!

    CFTC Chaiman Tarbert has determined that Etherium is a Commodity – just like BITCOIN.

    “Fundamental question being is the digital asset being used for Capital Raising and U R Investing or are you Buying something that has Tangible Store of Value in and of itself”

    To repeat..”tangible value in and of itself”..who be crazy now, Infidels!

    No BITCOIN 4 U..

  4. Call me a skeptic, but as you say – “Nothing is set in stone.” Only time will tell. Perhaps another “black swan” event will intervene. It could even be worse than a crash.

  5. I will say it again…the PGE thing is a scam. Something is amiss here. There were no high winds last night or today in many of the communities in the core of the Bay Area that were shut off. I have lived here 21 years. The weather patterns are the same every year. No rain from April til late October…dry conditions and heightened chance of fire. Redwood City electric was shut off, which is odd in that it is a high density area with lush green lawns, trimmed back shrubbery and landscaping and dozens of fire stations at the ready to quell any fire. Never in the 21 years that I have been here has there ever been a fire on this side of the mid Peninsula/San Mateo County and North Santa Clara. Yes, there can be fires in the Santa Cruz Mountain farther south…but that is rural and less populated parts…the kind of area PGE does not want to spend the money to maintain.

    It’s almost as if PGE is giving the middle fingers to us for making them pay billions for the North Bay fires they created the last three years. They basically are saying FU…they aren’t cleaning up their maintenance obligations and clear cutting…so to avoid getting sued again they are making innocent citizens the victims…i have two clients whose properties were supposed to close escrow yesterday, but the power went down in the county center and the documents couldn’t record. Therefore they can’t get the keys to enter the house and their furniture is sitting in a moving truck in front of the house at a cost of $500 a day until the county ramps up its generators and gets its systems back up. And that’s minor…

    I have a friend whose mom is on oxygen and they had to travel over 110 miles to find a place that was renting generators ( most local places are sold out) and the rental place jacked up their rental prices 5x as a result of the increased demand. Locals rental outfits also jacked up their prices.

    And we as a populace are powerless. You can’t call…because you get a recording, media outlets seem to be a part of this too…I don’t see the outrage on the local news…Maybe PGE has threatened to shut off their power too. Maybe that is why the state has been looking into taking over PGE…or…maybe the state is letting PGE make these mistakes so they can justify a take over…either way…we are the victims…BTW, l live in a water community so I am not totally affected, but where I work is…so I am only partially inconvenienced, but have so many friends that are. This just sucks.

    • A public crisis! Time to lock up all the suspicious dissidents posting protests on-line. You make it sound like CA is the national operational test site. When you begin to wonder if you are really safe, then you usually aren’t.

    • You can thank your liberal friends. This is only the beginning for you Californians. You asked for it, now you can’t understand when it comes. GEE WHIZZ, what’s a fellow to do.

    • It was 5 years ago (or so) that PG&E fired about 450 experienced engineers, without cause, and replaced them with H1-B “workers”. For the fired workers to get severance they had to train their ‘replacements’. A couple of years later Disney did the same.
      I wonder if anyone has a list of the companies that have done this?
      This kind of abuse has Harvard MBA smeared all across it.
      I have spent many decades in the power industry in the control of boilers and OTU steam generators. In the 1950’s up into the 1980’s all operating plant maintenance and HV distribution staff were in-house and all were trained on the equipment for that they were responsible. This started to change when Jimmy Carter signed off on PURPA which brought on the wave of co-generation which was the industrial version of selling surplus power back to the grid which caused many generating plants to shut down. Whereas in a large central station both vottage and reactive power was relatively easy to control it is not now the case with hundreds of independent co-gens scattered around. If one throws erratic wind and solar into the mix it can be a control nightmare.

      I did some work in the early 1970’s at their coal fired plant in Glenrock WY and remember that it was a good company staffed by knowledgeable people that cared.
      Until CA outlaws them you and those you know should all have some type of backup generator.
      Do you have Nat Gas available? That would be my choice even though there is a capacity reduction over gasoline or propane.
      The more this country goes socialist the worse it will get.
      Remember what Lenin said; ‘Socialism ALWAYS ends in Communism’!

      Back in the early 1970′

      • the hospital I worked at to pay off a surgical debt did that..

        My doctors nurse actually worked beside me for a long time in another facility.. they brought in all the nurses then let them all go.. its cheaper to have immagrants brought in and trained.
        I asked the ceo this question once at a dinner he said if he could he would take a bus down and pick them up.. and if they made a machine that would do the work..

        Needless to say that is one reason why medical facilities are so short staffed constantly.. I can’t even tell you how many times I worked where it was just me.. as the others would walk out.. they would pat me on the back.. that was tag your it.. LOL
        the big thing now is.. keep a couple of the experienced staff than give them a manager position( no extra pay I might add) and then hire tech’s to do the work.. the reason is obvious. their license is on the line since they are the ones with the deploma and put in the position of watching to make sure that the others do their job..
        a lady I worked with found that out the hard way.. someone died on shift.. she was the only professional with the license.. they nailed her for seven million.. even though she was doing what she was told to do.. they didn’t have the credentials she did and she was in charge.. the hospital dumped her butt and left her to fend for herself.. pretty crude for a twenty something dollar an hour job huh.. that is how it is.. with most big companies now.. either send the work someplace else or get non americans to do the job.. when did you talk to a service rep on the phone where they spoke english well LOL..

    • Distressing indeed to read of the sad plight of Inspector Callahan’s old stomping grounds.

      Hopefully it can serve as a beam of light in the gathering dusk that a prior employer of the current PG&E head was allegedly able to muster a $10 million line of credit to bolster coffers for the 2012 Democrat Convention and its crowning of Mr. Obama. One is given to understand the debt was repaid with other than utility customer funds.

      Rather than risk publisher ire of taking a wayback walk down shakedown street with The Grateful Dead, let’s thrash out a more recent Mordred, not of Camelot, ditty – “esse quam videri”.

  6. George

    “remembering our motto “Everything’s a Business Model”

    Because of it’s economic potential I present the following.

    Recently I posted about using HHO gas as a fuel source.
    HHO is Hydrogen – Hydrogen – Oxygen as a gas.
    There was a counter post that stated:

    ” HHO Is way to explosive even to use. My suggestion is stay away from it..Hydrogen though is a wonderful gas and not really that explosive until you mix it.”

    I would like to rebute this opinion and educate the public!

    The technology to produce HHO gas is in it infancy and much like the
    Wright Brothers airplane or the early work of Hewlett and Packard it is still being done in private garages.

    There are some who would strangle it in it’s crib and are putting out
    false information on the internet to do so. Powerful interests see this
    infant Business Model as a threat!

    Lets do a mind experiment about Hydrogen versus HHO.

    Imagine that we have two welding torches about a foot apart and mounted to a steel frame. Both torches are feed by the same size hose and at the same flow rate and pressures. One torch is feed with pure hydrogen and the other with HHO gas. Light the hydrogen torch and adjust it’s flame to be about 4 inches long. Now light the HHO gas and adjust it’s flame to be equal in length to the hydrogen flame.

    Now observe what is happening at the two torch tips. At the hydrogen torch hydrogen comes out of the tip and immediately mixes with oxygen in the air and starts to combust. At the HHO torch the hydrogen gas along with oxygen gas mixed with it emerge from the torch and begin to combust.

    Both flames have hydrogen combusting in an exothermic reaction producing heat and water vapor.

    Both flames are burning pure hydrogen with an oxygen source. One oxygen source is external, the other is internal to the mix.

    The exothermic reaction chemistry is identical!! You just get a lot more reaction with pure hydrogen.

    If we examine the hydrogen torch with a Flir camera the hydrogen torch should be hotter as the volume of hydrogen in use is GREATER than the HHO torch, but the flames otherwise are identical. The pure hydrogen gas has more energy potential and more explosive potential per VOLUME than HHO. Remember the Hindenberg!

    The argument given is that “HHO gas is way too explosive to use” is false. Pure hydrogen gas has a safety problem not talked about. It must be collected in quantity and stored in a pressure vessel, a tank! HHO does not have this problem as it is made at the same rate as
    it is demanded for use. The HHO generator can be electrically tuned to do this.

    So I give it to you that HHO gas is a safer choice than pure hydrogen.

    What is needed now is for HHO to emerge from the garage and be put into the laboratory of scientist and engineers who are properly funded. They must take this infant technology and turn it into a standadized product ready to be installed into motor vehicles and power using systems of all types.

    The problem of Peak Oil goes away when HHO technology is main stream in the worlds economy!

    This is the next big game changer! Most people just don’t realize it.

    Who needs an electric car when you can take a standard car and run it on water!

    This is the next Big Business Model if it’s not killed!

    • That’s useful, as far as you have gone. The other science, howrever, is that when you light the HHO gas, it will burn back down line because it is already to “explode” (combust)…which is why the ideal place for HHO is on the input to a carburetor…
      Just saying, both are explosive…and if you put HHO through a straw and light one end of the straw, it will “explode” back to the other end…

      • George

        That problem was solved over ten years ago with the introduction of spark arresters and water bubblers on the supply hose. In particular the bubblers reduce the chance of a blow back to essentially zero. They also strip off any lye from the outgoing gas so it can be reused.

        Here’s a 3 minute video on bubblers:

        The basic engineering on HHO technology has been done. Now it needs to be mass produced.

        It’s a lot safer than riding around with a hydrogen tank in your trunk or a Tesla battery pack that could start burning any second. And don’t forget how many gasoline fires happen to automobiles. With an on demand HHO system the process could be shut down when an impact is sensed. As you don’t have a large mass of fuel like a gasoline tank or a hydrogen tank it is a lot safer!

        I’m not saying it’s totally safe, nothing is. It’s a better alternative to what is being used today.

    • Man U guyz R messing with Big Oil – historically dicey proposition IMHO

      Another practical use for Hydrogen is put it in your water..thats right a Hydrogen Generator for your drinking water. Genius – I know right !

      The extra Hydrogen molecules infused in your drinking water “turbo charges” the C60 working inside U. The Hydrogen acts as a scubber – cleaning off the nasties from the 16 “faces” of each and every Carbon 60 “buckyball”..C60 can continue picking up nasties..

      HydrogenTablets are a pain and kinda suck compared to Japanese manufactured Hydrogen Generator Water Machine.

      Whole house 3M water filter and pharma grade water filter in fridge.. take our clean water seriously in deplorable household.

    • “One torch is feed with pure hydrogen and the other with HHO gas. ”

      Now I dont have any degrees
      or credentials of sorts.. my biggest and only credential is that I haven’t ended up on the list for the darwin awards. If you check Herman used hydrogen to run his car for decades.. he died of old age.( one of the only ones to die from natural causes).unlike those that followed him. he wasn’t going to share his secrets and make money. ( I had a friend scientist type that was real close.. even though I had countless debates on not sharing the information he had gleaned from his research he was intent on sharing it. Until.. two very not nice men showed up destroyed his lab and made some pretty not friendly suggestions that he stop. He never touched it again..)
      So if you decide to use hho gas..first fill a balloon. Then hold the neck and light a match.. you should be able to control the flame.. then buy a wig your choice.. if you dont want to do that then do like my boss did. One of my many hats was to repair gas tankers.. the first day on the job he took all the new employees out to show them the volatility of gas. He would take a gas tank light a torch touch it to the neck to show how it wouldn’t do anything. The clean tank..then take a thimble of gasoline pour it in the tank close it shake it all up then touch the torch th o it.. the results was memorable from the explosion.

      Now if you wish to use a gas then convert to propane or do like the gentleman that drove from texas to dc in 78 did on ten gallons of gasoline. He put a bubbler in the gas tank preheated the air then let the vapor trail back to the carburetor where he had an injector.
      The germans in www2 did similar using alcohol water injections of vapor mixed with hydrogen gas..they made those systems in detroit.
      If you take a look at the patents on the injectors for hydrogen their similarity is similar to that of a welding torch.
      You have your regulated oxygen and hydrogen input at the combustion chamber.



      You might find these educational.
      The problem with HHO is still I’m my unedjimecated opinion to dangerous as a premixed gas. Crack it separate it compress it and use it.

      • Oh I might add..my boss that had the tanker repair shop.
        As anal as he was on steam cleaning and making sure all volatile liquids had been properly cleaned. So that it could be worked on safely.

        Cleaned a tank..inspected it himself..crawled in to do the repairs. There was a minute amount of fuel .. it took his head off..
        A look at the shuttle disaster alone should be proof enough.
        Work with it. But please be safe.
        I sure would hate to be reading the darwin awards and see that the last words you said were..hey look and see what I can do..

    • “Remember the Hindenberg!”

      The Hindenburg’s fabric covering was painted with a mixture that included aluminum powder, and in certain sections iron oxide, ( that mix was used to seal the fabric. Hydrogen is pretty small and can easily escape. The seals are one of the most important components. Which is a common failing point. )..
      Mixed with a flame source and that combination for their sealant your talking about a fire from hell..
      GHO is extremely reactive. It is ten times more flammable than gasoline, and twenty times more explosive. And the flame of a hydrogen fire is invisible. This makes it verydangerous to work with in my opinion. You may gain control using flash arrestors and on demand but.. one seal leak or one small flaw and your talking..

      I have in the past told the story about my favorite gas grill and my fire from hell…. scared me..
      Same thing.

  7. George:

    So Turkey threatens to deposit 3.6 million more refugees on Europe if we even call it an occupation. Also saw where Trump was unconcerned about the Kurds’ 10,000 ISIS prisoners b/c they’ll just escape to Europe. Yikes.

    Tell me again why the always deep-thinking Conservatives just had to topple Saddam?

    So important that they lied about it, and even punished (mafia-style) the family of anyone who wouldn’t play ball (e.g., Joe Wilson’s wife).
    After Papa Bush stopped short and Reagan gave them poison gas equipment to fight off Iran, so important was maintaining stability in the region.
    Adding $8 trillion to our national debt.
    And squandering all those fine, fine American soldiers.
    Recall that Trump was in favor of it all (although he lies about it now).
    Yes. Deep and thoughtful, never lazy, angry or impulsive — that’s our Conservatives.

    Best, Mike

    • “Tell me again why the always deep-thinking Conservatives just had to topple Saddam?”

      You must have missed all the articles that was pu lishe about how he was against a certain pipeline ..

  8. Back in the late 1970s around 1977 or 1978 in Bluesprings Missouri there was a company that was building the hydrogen car they had a working prototype when all of a sudden the plant blew up and the story was covered in the Kansas City star paper and it was said that a government car was seen leaving the plant in the middle of the night before it blew up and I read a couple years later a M I T paper that stated that if someone invented something that was too far advanced that it would collapse the society and put too many people at work that the US government would have to come in and take the invention under national security and make it top-secret.

    • “I read a couple years later a M I T paper that stated that if someone invented something that was too far advanced that it would collapse the society”

      I read that paper from MIT great paper. And I think right on to.
      Just think of who would be impacted by something like that.
      Our country runs on petroleum. Take hydrogen its everywhere and I think easy to acquire. If we could just split it anywhere cheaply it would impact everyone’s life. I think that’s why theres been such a discouraging disposition to solar , wind all renewables.
      Those that hit the right combination will be discouraged from moving forward with them.
      I am pretty sure the us govt can take possession of patents they determine to be important to national security.


  9. We have let the Ham’s use space in two buildings we own; one across from Cathlamet on the lower Columbia River in Oregon and the other north of Hoquiam above Lake Quinalt. We view these guys as an asset and charge them nothing as they do most all of the maintenance at both sites. Very shortsighted of CalFor to not let them use their facility.

  10. “Yeah…big stress.” Which I experience sometimes reading your column. Sure, I’ve seen Manhattan >2 times with a major power failure, but what you envision is not possible, in my mind, w/o the the world, as we know it, disappearung. Who would want that, but the devil in person?! Who is to blame, US individuals!

    Perhaps we’re all burdened by the sheer volume of information (that may lead to some serious trouble!).

  11. When do we get 1933 housing prices?When we get them,then I’ll believe that we’re in a Depression.

    • Be patient. And be careful what you wish for. The reason why real estate prices collapsed by 1933 was 1) no credit 2) no buyers 3) no cash. The “everybody but me” meme is probably fodder for a depression.

  12. The local Big Island ham club had a solar-powered repeater in a self-maintained wooden structure on the back lawn of a police station in a small village in the south end of the island. It was linked to another repeater up east and further up the mountain, and provided the only coverage along the large wilderness of the south side of the Big Island. New police chief came in last year at the station and decreed the ham repeater ‘must go’. No reason given. “I’m in charge now… do it!” It had zero impact on police equipment, power, resources or access aside from about 10 square feet of lawn space. So we complied. The equipment is in storage at a nearby sympathetic business, and we continue to look for a place to re-erect the equipment. Meanwhile, about 75 miles of wilderness highway has no repeater coverage for travelling hams in the Ka’u Desert along the south side of Mauna Loa. It was a pure ego power-trip with no attention to the public & emergency services provided by the repeater. Such is the police state.

    • Interestingly, the club has a retired law enforcement individual who met with the Chief and attempted to reason with him and pointed out the public services we provide. He came away shaking his head and would only say… “He’s in charge.” I guess it was like talking to a brick wall.

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