Could Kamala “XXV” Into Joe’s Job?

Am I on a different planet?  Have aliens dumped me in a parallel Universe where everyone is stupid?  Or is this what 50-years of working life leads to…a suspicion that everything is not as it seems, and government is out to screw us all?

The way I figure it, the stock markets should be down 3,000 points on the futures (they’re not).  And people should be calling everyone in Washington threatening recall petitions in the home states if something isn’t done about our epic failing American government.

Yet none of it is happening.

Let me put off my meds this morning and tell you why we (George, Elaine, and two cats) are worried about the fate of America.  Besides our not understanding people’s inability to see Nature as reasonably binary and how just “making up fancy numbers” with a computer is not “money.”

Logically Paranoid

Who is the poster child for Covid shots?  [Brandon!!!]


Now, who has Covid?

Hint: Biden Tests Positive and Latest Covid News: Live Updates – The New York Times .

Let’s look at this like we’re sizing up a chess game:

  • Biden is in an at-risk group.  Joe is 79.
  • IF Biden pulls through – unimpaired – is he likely to turn around the present utter disaster his woke advisors have driven the country into?  (No, we don’t see that, but you’re welcome to your own view.)
  • SO, if Joe works his butt off for 2 and a half more years (roughly) will his notes in the History Books look any better?  (We figure Jimmy Carter is looking more and more like a rock star in comparison.  But again, your call.)

One of the ways this MIGHT play out would be Joe survives but suffers from diminished “vigor.”  And that gets us down to Article 25 (XXV).

Where it clearly says (Section 3) and we quote:

Section 3. Whenever the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, and until he transmits to them a written declaration to the contrary, such powers and duties shall be discharged by the Vice President as Acting President.”

Biden need not die of Covid.  Only become impaired to the point of not being able to discharge the duties.  Pardon every democrat alive including his son and toss the bouquet to Nancy, Schemer and pals.

Have you looked up how Long Covid works?

“Long COVID can affect nearly every organ system, with sequelae including respiratory system disorders, nervous system and neurocognitive disorders, mental health disorders, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal pain, and anemia.[7] A wide range of symptoms are commonly reported, including fatigue, malaise, headachesshortness of breathanosmia (loss of smell), parosmia (distorted smell), muscle weakness, low fever and cognitive dysfunction.[8]

These kinds of ailments sound to us like they might prevent the discharge of duties.  That’s why our Kamala Harris XXV concerns will hang around until we are well past this.

We’ll hold back on any humor attempts.  Besides, how hard it would be to recognize cog-dys of Joe, anyway?  I’m telling you dear reader, we’re in some potentially serious shit.  Biden has the ‘rona and America is (by markets and media) not taking it seriously.

Maybe because we’re older – and have lost friends who were younger than Joe – but we see some high level of risk systemically as we roll into August and those dates that G.A. Stewart has been working on.

Like I said:  We’re astounded that more people aren’t more concerned.  Maybe that’s just how the ME-ME-ME world works, these days.  We give old Slo a lot of grief.  But we always send prayers when someone is down, regardless of their child-raising, border security, foreign wars, relations with China and fiscal differences.

This could all go very badly – and media is likely to lie (or mislead – essentially the same act) – no matter what – until the insiders slice up the pie and move around in their agreed play acting of Musical Chairs.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

War Just Never Stops

Neither do the claims and counterclaims when they’re running hot.  As in Russia Not Destroyed HIMARS in Ukraine Despite Claims: Pentagon.  But while the claims volley continues, a more thoughtful piece in Forbes is worth a look: “The Moment Of Truth Is Coming In The Russia-Ukraine War”: Steve Forbes Shares Insights On Putin’s Attack.”

While we are disappointed in the call for “more arms” in the article, the real missed point is the war is the result of eight-years of EU tweaking on things like water supplies to eastern Ukraine.  And harsh treatment of Russian-speakers.  The EU is little more than organized crime perpetrated on once free people in Europe.  Now they are in a grow or die mode.  Not unlike a multilevel marketing scam at its peak.  Italy goes banko, a new herd of suckers must be found.  Scandahovians?

Oh – and while US Gasoline customers are paying for Biden’s sanctions lunacy, see where Germans will be paying next?  Germany agrees to bail out energy giant Uniper as Russia squeezes gas supplies.  May not come out of the same pocket as sanctions, but costs are rather inflexible and must be paid by someone.

For now, 9.5 million people have abandoned the area.

China’s Growing Influence

While the West continues distracted with the non-stop witch trial in D.C. China continues lapping us in meaningful foreign policy.  Did you notice where China’s Xi offers Sri Lanka’s new president support amid crisis | Reuters?

Long ago, I characterized the coming period (which we’re now in) as the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.

Haven’t you noticed?  Our whole planet is being consumed by 8-billion mouths working away every day.  And in the meantime, those “spiritually enlightened” types have been talking down birth control and encouraging out populating the infidels and godless.

Like a 3D Chess game, you need to really step back a bit mentally to see it.  But when you do?  Frightening at the zoom out level. No happy endings left in the deck far as we can see.  (That’s where world wars come from.)

Is “3” Done and Into a “4”?

While we made a few bucks in day trading this week, we’re back on the sidelines with very much a wait and see attitude.  I’ll show you why:

See how on the right we have sailed higher?

Not sure how this will resolve, but we’re keeping an eye on BTC for hints.  After hitting $24,199 Wednesday, we’re back down to $23,450 early today.

Lazy?  US?

Over the years I have constantly reminded you to read “Collapse of Complex Societies” by Joseph Tainter.  Because he comes to a very simple conclusion:  Namely that when there is no net positive return on additional work, people simple walk away from civilizations.

Very much a point right now in America as our (alleged) leaders are clueless  how street-level economic dynamics work in the real world.  (Which is why erudite pricks should never rule, but that’s another rant.)

We have lots of jobs going unfilled in America, so when stories show up like Inc.‘s piece The Truth Behind ‘No One Wants to Work Anymore’ | I try to draw them to your attention.  Links to twits like this one (Werewolf Bar Kochba on Twitter: “@greg_doucette Nobody wants to work anymore.” / Twitter” are useful, too.

The problem with stories like these is they overlook the futility of work.  In our calcs, the actual gain on work after taxes and inflation was about 1.8 percent from 2016 to 2019.  Less than one percent a year for busting your ass for The Man.  Who wants to get out of bed to “be average?”

Worse, though, is that thanks to Covid, people are discovering that staying home really is a lot less hassle than commuting and that has massive repercussions for things like the construction and travel industries.

Result?  We’ve been calling for Recession in Q3 and here we go being “no longer alone” out on that predictive limb: UBS isn’t yet a believer in the rally. Here’s its advice on what to do now. – MarketWatch.  Neither are we.

Another story to keep an eye on was on ZD-Net: Big tech companies are pulling back on hiring. Is it time to worry?.

I’m going to help you out if the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet:  Yes.  It’s time to worry about a whole lot of of jobs out on the ledge now.

Overall, people are just getting “sick of the shit” and “not going to put up with it anymore.”  Stories like One injured, three arrested in Disney World brawl ( tell us in 90-point Arial TTF that people are tired and pissed off.  They didn’t follow Trump without reason.  People want government to solve something for a change.

So far, the greedster’s high bid put ups for elective office haven’t fixed a damn thing.  And it’s grating on people.  Change is in the air.  So’s anger if something doesn’t change.

ATR: Sleep Study Adventures

We never talk about activities around our little hole-in-the-wall until after the fact.  With good reason.  World’s full of lying, cheating, skiniving, dirtbags. Alarms and streaming video offsite and all that, still good practice to leave via one route and return by another.  Old recondo thinking.

So, we got Elaine fitted for her sleep study Wednesday.  And Yesterday’s column was early because we had to get her sleep recorder back to the hospital (30-miles away in Jacksonville, TX) by 9 AM.

On the way there, took my eyes off the road just long enough not to see a matching gray with the asphalt deer carcass which looked to have been a 10-pointer before learning what cars and trucks could do.  And in the process one of said prongs ripped the fender liner out on the right front passenger side of the Lexus.

Sheesh.  Back to the house, took the pickup.  There was nothing left to run over, so we made it in time (though not on budget).

Joys of old cars, though:  eBay and $75 worth of parts and it will be good as new in a week or two when the parts show up.

Letter’s We Love to Receive

A dandy from a super long-time Peoplenomics subscriber I am compelled to share.  Unsolicited and from the heart our sincere thanks for this one:

“…One of your longest subscribers going all the way back to your first Inside Reports and such. Have been a faithful subscriber since ’99 or so. I’ve always felt the value delivered far exceeded the cost. Also, interesting how we’ve been on somewhat parallel paths those 20 years.

Today’s  (Wed.) Peoplenomics report contained ONE line that will pay for 40 years worth of subscription – EVERY YEAR!

Money quote: “ If you are moving, ensure in advance that you get as many senior tax reductions as the law allows and make reduced tax burdens one of your major shopping criteria.”

Turns out, I will qualify for a 50% property tax reduction on my primary residence starting Jan 1, 2023 – in perpetuity! I had never thought about the possibility of getting a senior discount on property taxes. Two minutes doing an internet search and there it was! In my particular case you have to be 65 as of Jan 1, have lived in the house for 10 years and it’s been your primary residence. I meet those easily so qualify

Many thanks! And, once again, you continue to deliver value way in excess of the price you charge!

(name withheld but he lives up in the KC area…)

PS: Don’t go raising rates on us because of this…lol”

Oh, gosh – don’t know if you realize this, but our Peoplenomics rate has been $40 bucks a year since 2000.  Based on the Federal Reserve’s figuring of inflation since, we should be charging $67.97 today.  We don’t.  As much a labor of love and keeps me getting up in the morning.

As for senior discounts on EVERYTHING when you get old enough.  There aren’t enough benefits for seniors but it’s always worth asking.  “Do you do senior discounts?”

OK – hit and git time.

Write when you get rich,

117 thoughts on “Could Kamala “XXV” Into Joe’s Job?”

  1. “SO, if Joe works his butt off for 2 and a half more years (roughly) will his notes in the History Books look any better? ”

    Work it off? He can’t find it with both hands and a flashlight. My biggest fear, believe it or not, is not Harris in the White House. It’s who might be appointed VP. Hillary or Nancy as VP would assure that Harris would step down (voluntarily or otherwise) to be replaced by even worse.

    • Or if he drops off and leaves kammy in place..
      Just..WHO…would be appointed as VP.. and if it’s the one where everyone has committed suicide or has been mugged and killed.. what would the life expectancy be …
      Ask this..Why do those pulling the strings stay in the background rather than just take the reins…
      We already know why they cause the drama away from their homes.. why have their homes destroyed or their families put in jeopardy..don’t shizt in your own bed..could it be that they wouldn’t survive the position of power they hold if they were in the spotlight..

    • If I remember the Spiro Agnew to Gerald Ford swap, the new VP would require confirmation by the Senate. Turtle head may be able to hold up a VP but I doubt it, the unruly 2 in the Senate would probably stay with the team in that case.
      Better get it all done before November 8.

      • “the new VP would require confirmation by the Senate.”

        Lol lol lol that’s not reassuring lol..
        Look what we have and what they’ve been alleged of doing, participated in and the current activities their lol lol..
        And a group that works less hours than a part time dishwasher that accomplishments out pace the whole lot of them lol. .
        The same group that spent fifty million dollars on a study that they never read. Just to see if they could use an extra 10 dollar lamp at a desk they only see a few times a year lol

    • Correct! This is why I stated the other day, that should there be an issue at the top, the new VP choice would be our most-important political concern…

    • qtards reporting he has already been Ousted privately, with public announcement pending soonly.. days2week. dementia joe with cancer and covert19 on top..once he stops taking the Plaxovid, should spiral on down the drain…like a sick turd – hard to flush-wants to float.

  2. “Yet none of it is happening.”

    You know why? Because we refuse to entertain thoughts and/or discuss as·sas·si·na·tion of BAD performers in politics. We know that elections and/or recall doesn’t do zilch ;-((.
    Unless we’re ready to talk the real deal it will continue as it is to the bitter end.

    Thank you all that appreciates the ranting
    of a very old man.

    • Hmm.. choices made.. the reason no one entertained those because most of us were taught …RIGHT from WRONG..
      I use to have the question… how would someone in a remote area away from civilization know the laws of our heavenly father?
      No one had an answer until one day I was visiting with a young minister and he gave me this answer..
      It’s pre programmed into our existence.. our conscience our soul..
      To consider something that we’ve been programmed to know is bad..we have to entertain the dark evil side away from our teachings..

      • “know the laws of our heavenly father?”

        Those are “BIG” words LOOTB. People know these laws and yet they consent to participate in wars of any kind ; -(. Just as per example!
        As I grew older I’m more inclined to observe more practical choices. Would it have been wrong to assassinate one person (Hitler) or let some million others perish because HE lived?

      • “Those are “BIG” words LOOTB. People know these laws and yet they consent to participate in wars of any kind ; -(. Just as per example!”

        Exactly @choices… we know the right from wrong.. and can make the personal choice to go another direction..
        ““Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”
        “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”
        we know what is right.. even in the old books not listed in the bible.. the laws of our heavenly father are few.. the rest of that crap was written by man to be presented as if it was from god..

    • choices,

      Wow. The Group is generating plenty of “back to the future” insight vibes these days.

      99 years ago today, President Harding was sailing from Cordova to Sitka, Alaska on “The Voyage of Understanding” tour. Ten days or so later as chance would have it, his VP had to step in to replace him, and a replacement VP did not materialize until 1925. Just a thought to kick around.

      • NO autopsy … and his wife was PISSED at him for his restarting his affair with his long time paramour after he became President and after she returned from her two year world tour … paid for by the Republican Party during his run for the Presidency and his first few months in office.

        Pissed!! REALLY REALLY Pissed!! SCREAMING pissed (or so I was told by someone who’s grandfather was one of WG Harding’s best friends).

        You know the old saying … “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” …

      • If the wife got a two year world tour for free, what does she have to complain about? The guy has needs, and she wasn’t there to fulfill them! It’s a dereliction of her wifely duties!

      • At that point in time, The U.S. did not replace a V.P. who got elevated to the Presidency. It would be nearly 40 years after Harding’s death, that a “continuity of government” policy would even be discussed.

    • The US empire(s) have been running on fumes for decades. Personally, I hope Joe gets over it. Joe inherited the same mess that Trump did. There is a limit to what a figurehead executive can do to salvage an MBA looted economy, with industrial production carted off to the four winds.
      The Fed is throwing on the brakes, and Joe is along for the wild ride, just as Trump would have been.
      Joe’s successor will be in a position to rebuild from pretty much scratch. No point in making the transition until the liquidation cycle has run it’s course.

      • Hardly! Brandon did everything possible to destroy the economy! He killed oil and got us involved in stupidity like the climate accords, diversity and weird sex definitions, and of course, the stupid Ukraine war. Let’s not forget Afghanistan. This idiot did everything possible to destroy America.

        I can’t imagine Mrs Camel Toe being able to do much more than cackle and squirt.

      • NM Mike:
        Joe has not been any more successful at controlling his minions than Trump was. Do you think Ms. K will be any better or less extreme?

      • ‘Problem is, Joe is one of the minions.

        This was the issue with Trump: He was NOT owned, and not under anyone else’s thumb. Therefore, his Administration had to be flooded with people who would take orders from the PTB and Trump, being a political novice, had to put his trust in Establishment prigs. The reason Flynn was hatcheted out of the way is because he is both honest, and knew where all of Obama’s and Biden’s skeletons were buried. Ergo, he had to be discredited, then “got out of the way,” which Obama tried unsuccessfully to do during the last several years of his Presidency, but succeeded in, when Trump latched onto him.

  3. Actually I think the frauds that write and fabricate the history books on how great our Presidents are would treat Joe B rather unkindly if he were to step down – I mean he’s screwed the pooch and left the country in shambles and it’s readily apparent he hasn’t been capable from the get go. However if he were to pass from Covid (and pre-pardon everyone) it allows for the HOPE he would have turned things around had he only survived. Kamala and that bunch will complete the destruction and I think announce the move to a digital dollar before years end. I believe they are ready to roll now – for national slavery….. God help us all.

    • On the other hand, Dr. Jill isn’t going anywhere, so Clawsy”s solution may be the only one available to the Dimms. They would have to remove Dr.Jill first the shuffle off SloJoe.

      • Mrs Wilson ran the country for what, 2 years? Why would Jill want to play second fiddle to Mrs. Wilson? I don’t think her ego would allow it!! Jill could be the country’s SECOND woman President!!

        All Hail to the Chieftess!!

    • Clawsy
      July 22, 2022 at 07:57

      Actually I think the frauds that write and fabricate the history books on how great our Presidents are would treat Joe B rather unkindly if he were to step down… ____________________________________________________________
      TRUE! But those writing history won’t have jobs in the future. Too divisive. There is no place in the New World Odor for ‘history’.

      Bumble Biden is a hand-picked puppet that only occupies the office to serve as a decoy while his tightly-knit group of socialist advisers do their dirty work of neutering or destroying this nation. He is not concerned with how he appears or sounds in public. You know! Just another “Decidifier” to keep up the laughable stupidity. That is his job! He exists only to take flak for his minions and henchmen and keep you distracted. This to totally divert the concerns of the citizens as his administration utterly dissects the corpse of the U.S. while the communist model is fully supported in every way.
      Financial, medical, societal, economical, nutritional, fuel and manufacturing are ALL being destroyed before your eyes- intentionally! This while the citizens stand there with there mouths hanging open, unable to believe their own eyes as every standard and value they were taught are being attacked and destroyed in a coordinated effort to rid the planet of America and convert what is left to a “workers paradise.” You’ll be completely free in their new world order- all the way to the barbed-wire fence… Stand up on your hind legs for a change. And think.

    • History books..
      Lol lol lol lol.. my great,great,great great grandpa.. bragged about in all history books.. parks, roads schools etc.. was detested and hated by everyone until my mother’s generation lol lol..
      Yet I believe that if his spirit exists..and he knows what’s going on today..he himself is probably doing summersaults in his grave even though he himself was detestable to previous generations.

  4. Yo Gq,

    We gotz call roto-rooter – thats the name, and away goes soto /kagan down the drain. ? Which one leaked, which office leaked..well now “they” know. Gonna keep that one held close for time being, as Van the Man says..”oh oh domino”

    Only questions I have are which ones are falling next ?

    ..Winter comes – are you sure you have enough foodstuffs stored for your creatures this winter – should supply lines fail ? freeze dried/canned meals/big bags rice/beans. canning activities have commenced down at ungovernables “spread”..cold packed pickles, green beans, jalapenos, roasted reds.. melons getting pugent – ears are set, sunflowers seed are starting to mature w/beloved goldfinches already feasting, Monarch flutterbys have started to visit as well.

    SLV/GLD –

  5. The Q team said back in April 2020
    “CHANGE OF BATTER coming?”
    I remember back when slo Joe was campaigning, he made a comment that hinted at him not serving a full term. Wish I could find that video.

    Long covid is a vaccine induced, man-made, crime against humanity. The shot that keeps on giving,
    OH Well,, the Show Must Go On,, sang by 3 dog night

    • this is an interesting pose by Hillary, left handed pose, batter up? switch hitter? It is from her twitter post a few days ago. I do not know, just watching.
      We all are watching the same movie, just from different seats, pass the popcorn, please.

      just click the pop-up ‘cancel button’ and scroll down a little

      • -think she(whoreofbabylon) is trying to signal that she is going to undergo the Addadicktome procedure in near future. She has finally realized she will get a ton more votes if she is sporting the right equipment..hence addadicktome.

        New slogan for hildebeasts 2024 campaign – Build Back Stiffer!

        We can be certain this will forever change the meaning of what going to the Salon and “getting a facial” means in beauty business, at least in and around DC..

        “I did not have sex with Women” -tearing it down one brick at a time..

      • ‘Thing about Hillary: According to Dick Morris, she will never stop running for the Presidency until she dies. He said no matter what else goes on, or how she seems to play to it, she has a singleness of purpose and believes it is her destiny…

      • the other brother Darrell,

        Popcorn, indeed.

        The picture is cropped on Telegram? Isn’t it pretty gutsy of Mrs. Clinton to be giving a shout out in her recent tweet to the official White House photographer of the ’90s?

        That image has an interesting history on the web. The last time Mrs. Clinton tweeted it was Oct. 7, 2016 coinciding with her Newsweek cover release entitled “Hers to Lose”. Then Wikileaks leaked a couple of thousand emails…

      • “Mrs. Clinton tweeted it was Oct. 7, 2016 coinciding with her Newsweek cover release entitled “Hers to Lose”. Then Wikileaks leaked a couple of thousand emails…”

        Yup @Jester…. thousands of emails that exposed dual standards of law and hidden corruption and detestable sick personal actions that they assumed no one would be able to read…. so what happened.. they threw the man that exposed political corruption and exposed the sick personal actions and activities in Prison.. so far he hasn’t came to the USA … I read that when they said he was being sent to the USA that he got real sad and is on suicide watch..
        the emails were considered fake news I believe and they buried the whole thing using the agencies that were originally formed to protect the citizens of the USA from those very typoes of people.. DUAL STANDARDS of the laws in the USA

  6. I’ve learned about several complex societies that have collapsed in history and your comment on the ‘why’ is essentially right.

    Take, for example, the Native American culture we call the Mississippians. They were the North American mound builders and their society was both complex and widespread. It’s really quite amazing, honestly. By the time the Spaniards arrived they were mostly gone.

    What happened to them was that over time the environment changed and there were prolonged droughts that led to rough times. It took a while, but the people finally realized that the ‘leadership’ was full of crap and they weren’t ‘gods’ or even special. Once that spell was broken people just quit participating and left. Why pay tithes to a bunch of liars? So, the civilization didn’t collapse it just walked off.

    That’s happening to us now. All the generations before mine mostly trusted our ‘rulers’. They trusted government and the media which are really the high priests of our civilization. We now realize that they’re liars, criminals and much worse. They’re not to held up on high and they’re not worthy. They only thing they’re really worth of is to hang from the end of a rope, in most cases.

    That’s coming, but for now millions of people are starting to ‘walk away’ from those old beliefs. The more this happens the more the ‘rulers’ grasp for control which causes more people to walk away. That’s collapse and it’s happening in real time before our very eyes.

    If anyone is interested we have a discussion of the Mississippian collapse here on our podcast:

    The interview was recorded on-site at Spiro Mounds in April.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

    • Good points. My beef is we keep bailing out the older generation.

      I posted about my uncle earning 2.5 Impalas the first year and now the new staff don’t earn even one new Impala the first year.

      Some futurists have a saying we’ll live through a time, “a day’s wages for some bread”.

      2.5 Impalas has been reduced to less than one Impala. The same happened in terms of bags of groceries…. Maybe his first year he could afford 2,500 bags of groceries while now the new hire only gets 750 bags of groceries (for the year of employment).

      I don’t know the formula but their should be an algo that can tell us when a year’s labor will only buy 52 bags of groceries within this system.

      A “new” New Deal is coming. We just don’t know when.

      • “Good points. My beef is we keep bailing out the older generation.”

        NO.. we keep bailing out the corrupt few..
        the older generation built what we have.. it was greed that took over and threw the rest under the bus..

    • Very nice analysis MAJ13!
      Couple the loss of belief in leadership with the extinction of pride in workmanship and feeling of accomplishment in completion of jobs and you get a dysfunctional workforce. The transformation of what we called work into a virtual environment is at the heart of this extinction IMHO. There is no tangible result from one’s ‘toils’ and labor that can be held up and admired at the end of the day; just a bunch of letters and numbers on a screen that can be deleted with a click. It’s more rewarding to complete a season of Breaking Bad than to pound 16 penny nails and erect a house frame. Hell, our society has no idea what work actually is anymore. We (they) are royally screwed (NPI).

    • “That’s happening to us now. All the generations before mine mostly trusted our ‘rulers’. They trusted government and the media which are really the high priests of our civilization”

      Amen @MAJ13.. Amen…
      Even now..we hear about January 6 and DJT watching it on tv..etc.
      The dual standards of law.. but nothing about the vast expansive links to proof of so much corruption.. the same with the suspected satanic pedophile group..use to be published everywhere the investigations and news stories..the moment it came out that it involved those that hold power it vanished all of it..
      I believe that The faith we once had in what was left in our leaders was lost two years ago..

  7. Maybe Long CoVid is at least a partial explanation for Joe Biden’s vigor and brayne problems.

    Also, the White House may be admitting to his contracting CoVid just now — but he may have actually picked it up a long time ago, and they are just now admitting it — especially since the 25th Amendment solution CAN be voluntary; AND it provides an honorable out. “Grand Old Democrat Gave His All, But Sadly Aged Out,” and is now forced to resign — for the good of the country. Thanks of a grateful nation accompany his departure into Honored Retirement. (Now, get the HELL off the stage so the next gen can run things for a better world.)

    The “win at any cost” Democrats may think Joe is a dangerous (to their careers) ball & chain now with near-useless endorsement value.

    Maybe he was already brain-fogged during the Great Basement Campaign period — and they spackled over it to win. Now, it’s just too obvious to hide.

    Things in politics are rarely 100% solved or finished. Almost always, it’s a half-assed, incomplete “solution,” leaving many still unsatisfied.

    Let’s say Joe (reluctantly) steps down — just for argument’s sake…

    Ask yourself, “What comes after that?”
    (Rinse & Repeat)

    • See my comment above drawing the Parallel with good ol Mrs. Wilson. Jill may relish serving as the SECOND female President!!! … and we all know she has that kind of hatred that only a female can have towards another woman towards the female Vice President.

      If Jill has anything to do about it Kamala will NOT become President!!

  8. The plan with Kam.

    Precedent was set 50 years ago. They’ll pull a Nixon. Replace Kam > retire Biden > give the new president a newly appointed VP.

    Viola! An elected .gov.

    Republican voters will complain ‘there wasn’t an election’ but Republican leadership will go along. Precedent.

    Maybe Obama will be appointed for the two years. Trump can dust off his ‘birth certificate’ speech.

    • “Maybe Obama will be appointed for the two years. ”

      Um, Mr. Obama is not eligible to run or be appointed to any position in the chain of command. The highest positions he can attain are Senator and USSC Justice…

      • Right. Possibly a Constitutional crisis with all the side dishes.

        I expect Obama as the new president and Hillary as his VP.

        So far Obama has served to elected terms. Here’s the twine:

        “The amendment caps the service of a president at 10 years. If a person succeeds to the office of president without election and serves less than two years, he may run for two full terms; otherwise, a person succeeding to office of president can serve no more than a single elected term.”

  9. covid is the Swiss Army Knife of the liberalistas. It can be used to limit crowds, impact work (and the economy), give elected oppressors unlimited emergency powers, and calm the unruly masses with free stimulus $$$$.

    And what’d’ya know, the Jan 6 inquisitors will gin back up in September, just in time to provide meaty propaganda for the mid-terms, which are currently portending political doom for Dem congressional majorities. Desperate times, desperate measures.

    This, and the renewed covid variant hyperbola (with as you so aptly note Biden is ‘leading by example’) will make for entertaining political theater come November.

    • Apparently the 1/6 committee let slip that Trump authorized troops on 1/4. The significance of that is the responsibility (and blame) passes to the Speaker of the House and/or the Mayor of D.C. While I’m pretty sure the majority of George’s readers know this, Joe Sixpack and soccer mom Jean did not.

      This is the karma moment for all those people who bitched that Trump should send in troops to save their cities, only to be told the “President doesn’t have that authority. Unless we’re under Martial Law, all the President can do is authorize the local government to call troops up. He can’t actually call them up, himself…”


      • R, ‘whoopsie’ your bs story wins 4 pinocchios, trump did not order troops on Jan 4. Gotta be sharper and figure out how to cover your ass better instead of using make-believe excuses:

        The ‘Don’ sat on his butt for hours watching tv and did NOTHING while the riot raged, do George’s readers know this?

        joe and jill jury 6 pak convicted Bannon of contempt of court, they aren’t as dumb as you are!

      • C cant Cee/See, simply because she does not want to!
        “Liberal “fact-checkers” like The Washington Post and PolitiFact argued the claim about National Guard assistance coming from Meadows and other top Trump administration officials was false, but an official timeline of the events leading up to Jan. 6 apparently shows differently.

        According to the timeline, a DOD official reached out to Capitol Police Deputy Chief Sean Gallagher four days before the attack on the U.S. Capitol to inquire about whether Capitol Police anticipated they would request National Guard troops be deployed to prepare for Jan. 6.”

      • the lefties got a punch in on Mr. Bannon, but he is not down and out! Was expected in this brawl, round 2 coming up next.

        C, you act like President Trump does nothing but watch TV. He looks at the news like we look at our rear view mirror while driving, just keeping an eye on it, he is focused on the road ahead, He is the NEWS, the rear view is just to watch the idiots that are out and about, 360 degree awareness.
        Biden signs and bumper stickers disappear faster than free food, but Trump supporters still stand tall and put on new stickers,, Trump 2024 or B424 is even better :)
        Enjoy your weekend

      • “R, ‘whoopsie’ your bs story wins 4 pinocchios”

        Lets set aside the Trump … Biden… Nancy P etc. . forget the names and the political parties of the people and just look at the stuff in the news their actions and business activities etc….
        and logic says that we are not in a good place… at all.. the stuff being done is and will affect you and yours just as much as it will mine and everyone elses in this country and more importantly the children and grandchildren and the planets future….
        Look at the moral degradation of the leadership and legal system the dual standards.. and the swaying towards supporting what we were all taught were wrong.. .. forget money.. money won’t be worth anything at all if they keep things headed in the direction it is and seriously if it goes ugly what will a number mean to survive.. why not use those numbers now that they still have a value to make the changes needed…. ..
        How does someone accept and support actions and activities like that… what do they tell themselves to justify those that go against the simple laws of humanity…. do they care for their families less.. than others care for theirs.. does a poor person just not care about their child or their safety.. where a rich person cares so much more about theirs or a political side says screw my children.. I am a member of the moron party…. .. doesn’t matter which side of the political board they are on.. once in money flows freely to them.. they all sell out for a number on a sheet of paper and no one is standing firm against any of the crap going on. would I be any different.. I want to hope so.. but then bags of cash never landed on my porch LOL.. so the odds are.. I to would be just as easily swayed to the dark side.. the personal choices we isn’t even a secret.. every college has studies done on it.. it is taught in school..
        I could go on.. there are literally thousands of studies world wide on this issue.. and either way it is the same they all say the same thing.. .. we would rather sell out our childrens future for a political party..

        I had that question about the legal system.. the stuff that has been done that would put everyone else in prison for centuries.. yet they smile and tell you how good it is how does a person justify that to themselves.. oh it has to be good look how photogenic they are.. ..
        Or is it the bottom line number on a sheet of paper that has importance that makes it all right.. or is it something else that drives so many to support the evil in our society.. how can a person defund the only protection for the weakest of our society and then brag about what they have done and complain that the weakest are the victims .. yet we place them in the role of victim …. All while increasing their own personal protection because of their actions to support placing those weakest in jeopardy…
        take columbine.. you hear about the gun owners and manufacturers…. but not one word about the morons that allowed bullying in the school.all the teachers and priciple etc should have been fired on the spot… the teachers and principles etc that refused to stop what issues that were happening that pushed the child to react in violence.. they lost HOPE…. years ago.. we had an adult presence at home that taught us right from wrong a venting post if nothing more and we could go to and hope that something would be done…. defunding sent those mothers to work leaving television to be their guiding influence.. a few years ago i jumped all over our principle after hearing a child vent to me about what was going on in the school and how much they hated everyone at the school because no one would do anything.. their parents even complained to the principle that did nothing at the time…. in my mind I decided because of stuff that happened to me as a child.. I thought I should say something.. ..I went to the principle and told him he would be fired if I was his boss and he was a shit head for not doing his job and let loose on him.. for me telling a shit head that he wasn’t doing his job and the reasons why he should be fired on the spot and maybe preventing a columbine incident was well worth it in my mind…. the Results of that visit.. Now the school has anti bullying signs everywhere and a if you have something happening tell us we care….instead they go after the gun maker and leave the same activities that caused it alone in the vast majority of the country because they don’t want to cause waves with the important people….. . either political side.. it doesn’t matter which political affiliation anyone is.. I for one am Democrat.. have been all my life.. but was taught RIGHT FROM WRONG DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.. am I perfect hell no.. I make mistakes all the time.. I accept that as human error..
        I personally fear for the future of our country and our planet .. the children.. most of us hear are at the twilight of our lives .. it doesn’t matter we will be gone in a few short years.. maybe sooner if things keep moving the way it is going now.. but our lineage.. the human factor.. or does one just forget that their families and their children and grand children must endure what is done today and still support what we all know is wrong and not try to influence them to do the RIGHT THING……then telling those we care about today they will have to accept what could have been changed now in ten or twenty years because we are affiliated with BFA (ButtFuzersAnonymous the bend over buddy you are going to love it group.. ).. I just don’t understand that part.. and it bothers me.. talk about abortion.. yes I think a woman should have a choice it is her body not mine.. in our home we have room for one more.. yet look at how many accused rapes.. yet tell everyone everywhere that the rapist is good.. wouldn’t it be better to stop the rapist before he does it again.. and then when they throw a fit because they have to pay support for the child they produced.. please lets pity them.. not the single mother having to raise a child .. how can one justify the actions of a rapist then complain about the news being released about those that value life..

  10. “Stories like One injured, three arrested in Disney World brawl ( tell us in 90-point Arial TTF that people are tired and pissed off. They didn’t follow Trump without reason. People want government to solve something for a change.”

    Trump got things done, in spite of it all, but the real “magic” of the Trump Administration was that “For every regulation Congress passes, they must eliminate five” thing. We don’t need government overlords, babysitters, or enablers.

    We just need for government to be out of the way…

  11. China has had 7000 covid deaths using government supplied vit c with 5 times the US population who has had 1 million plus “covid”deaths using incompetent? Respirators and fauci remidisiver and other “subdized” drug poisons and benefits, and death “gratuities” and paperwork frauds, at high cost insurance, like 40$ per 1 mile drive to supermarket per month to buy 100$ food, ..insanities and blood sucking murderers???

  12. Re: “In the Year 2525”

    Apparently President Calvin Coolidge met at the White House with the seer Swami Yogananda on January 24, 1927. I don’t see any mention of it on the presidential website’s coverage of his meetings and detailed q&a’s with newspaper reporters during the period.

    There is apparently a January 27, 1927 front page story in “The Washington Herald” newspaper of the event but I can’t find the publicly digitized archive. Does anyone have a lead? Thanks in advance!

    Here is an image. Sorry it’s fuzzy. The Swami is pictured outside the WH beside a British Embassy secretary. In clearer pictures, supposedly President Coolidge is looking through the window over the Swami’s shoulder. The newspaper cover image appears to be superimposed over a picture of mourners lined up at the Capitol.


      Here ya go.. just don’t try the meatloaf.. I love .eat loaf and tried it.. it .. what’s that word…SUCKS…
      Now..the pickled eggs .. those are to die for lol.. great snack..
      1/2 gallon water
      2 cups distilled white vinegar
      1 cup beets , peeled and sliced
      1 small onion, finely chopped
      ½ teaspoon salt
      ¼ cup sugar
      1 teaspoon mace
      1 teaspoon pepper
      1 bay leaf
      1 tsp cloves
      Boil water add brine spices..
      Boil and peel eggs..
      Sterilized jars put boiled and peeled eggs onions and beet slices beets in jar cover to half inch from top with brine and hot water bath can can. ( i like just a tad more sugar and mustard seed and a sprig of dill weed your personal choice)

      • Loob,

        Clearly I wasn’t looking out of the box. Your reply of the news report answers my question to a t and the recipe makes it a two for one. Thanks for getting me out of a pickle!

      • “the recipe makes it a two for one. ”

        You are welcome for the recipe.. I am an old library crawler.. read more than my share of crap and good stuff.. the meat loaf is the worst ever.. don’t waste the money putting it together LOL.. the pickles I love.. I don’t make them that often.. mostly because the boss doesn’t like pickled eggs and to put up a couple dozen jars would only be for myself.. Now she does like pickled beets.. I cook the beets till they are just starting to get tinder.. and use the beet water in the brine…
        I am just getting ready to start putting up eggs.. but will do them once a month..
        we use five dozen eggs a month.. so I will put five dozen eggs a month for a yearlong storage by water glassing them..
        then date the buckets with the eggs in them.. that way you use the oldest first..
        add an equal ratio of water to lime. 5-quarts water to 5-ounces of lime provides enough room for the eggs to be submerged. The 1-quart of water to 1-ounce of lime is the ratio which is to be used regardless of the container size.
        Mix the pickling lime and water until completely dissolved.
        Next, gently add unwashed fresh eggs to the liquid. When able add the eggs pointy side down allowing the air sack to remain at the top of the eggs.
        Securely add the lid to the bucket to prevent the liquid from evaporating and the eggs from becoming exposed to air. Store the water glass eggs in a cool dark location, withdrawing eggs as needed and wash well prior to using…
        they have to be farm fresh and NOT washed.. eggs before they are sent to the store are washed then bleached then washed again.. the protection from the bloom is gone.. I did try doing the mineral oil coating but it isn’t the same.. my guess is that the bleach when they go through the bleach bath does something with the structure of an egg.. an egg is both the strongest and the weakest.. I can stand on an egg.. and I am a big boy.. ;you can balance an egg.. on end.. ( I have been able to stand one on both the pointy end and the round flat end.. the pointy end.. I didn’t think it could be done but I did it.. my grand daughter called from school a couple years ago and said grandpa.. the teacher doesn’t think you can do it so she had me balance one and send her a photo) anyway the bleach wash is the one that destroys the structure of the calcium in the egg shell.. another thing is make sure there are no stress fractures.. even though the egg is good shape.. the stress fractures are weak points on the shell and gives the water glass pickling lime access to the inner lining those eggs will not last..

      • LOOB, does the solution for the eggs include “water glass” (sodium silicate), or just the pickling lime and water?

      • “LOOB, does the solution for the eggs include “water glass” (sodium silicate), or just the pickling lime and water?”
        Sorry @Jester
        I forgot the sodium silicate solution mixture mentioned it but totally forgot to type it…. 1 part sodium silicate to 9 parts water.. oops I’m bad LOL..,and%20then%20used%20them%20immediately.,doesn't%20make%20pickled%20eggs.
        lime is cheaper than the sodium silicate.. both work.. reasonably well.. the whites do start getting runny but still good after a year.. at nine months.. they are just like fresh..
        what I am going to do.. and haven’t yet.. is freeze dry whole egss.. I have a lot of eggs freeze dried.. when I was working all the time.. I carried a bag of freeze dried eggs.. so during breaks and lunch I could make an egg sandwich.. so I have a lot of those on hand all with thirty year life cycle… but was visiting with someone that freeze dries whole eggs.. they take an Ice cube tray put the egg in it.. then freeze it.. once frozen they put the frozen egg on the freeze dryer tray and then process it.. bag each egg separate.. to rehydrate.. just like a steak.. put in a container and add water.. let it sit over night..

      • sorry @Dick.. here is a video showing the comparison of aged eggs and fresh..
        I totally love my freeze dryer… made one once.. but I had to baby sit it.. figuring the cost of materials to make one.. buying one is a little more.. but you don’t have to babysit it at all..
        how I justified it.. was throw out.. at every meal you have a few left overs.. so.. freeze dry them.. hash browns is my favorite.. but then I like hash browns.. the average family will throw out the equivelant to the cost of a freeze dryer every year.. instead freeze dry them and label them for heat and eats..

  13. Mr. Ure, thanks as always. Ggl AdSense ads today (for me) are for ‘Concealed Carry Holsters’.. Couldn’t find one for my Red Ryder LLODW*. Hope You get a nickel for the click..

    *Last Line of Defense Weapon (ammo is still cheap and available)

  14. We need to look at this Biden / Covid thing. Now, assuming that Biden received the ‘real deal’ covid shot and boosters, and not some saline injections to spare him, it makes perfect sense that Biden would get Covid – hello ! – he has received a massive amount of spiked proteins. Of course, he would test positive.

    Now it gets much more medically complicated, like what test are they using to ‘diagnose’ so called Covid. We don’t actually need to go there.

    The point is that the vaxx impairs immune systems – that’s being witnesses all over the world – just not in the MSM who have been desperate to squash the story for well over a year (although I noticed a few people here on this forum who insist that the vaxx is ‘safe and effective’). Either way, Pedo Joe is a walking cadaver – regardless of his vaxx or covid status. Very unlikely to make it to 2023 ‘in office’, so get use to the Camel being the figure head – yes, the figure head. She will not be calling any shots – unless its shots of some sort of alcohol!

    • “Now, assuming that Biden received the ‘real deal’ covid shot and boosters, and not some saline injections to spare him,” many that were given the small pox Vax or the hep Vax were given a little extra..
      The outbreak of hiv in Africa was 1 in 3..
      Now look at the perv.. hints that there’s an hiv issue in the media.. did leaders of foreign lands being manipulated and forced to do their bidding realize that nothing would be done and feed into their corruptions with the addition of that little bit extra added in for them to share amongst themselves..
      If their goal is 500,000,000 world wide.. who manufactures the things they are accustomed to..
      Take a lace doily..
      How many sew, knit, crochet ir does bobbin lace today.. or do they run to the store pick up some lace.. how many are willing to help momma hen..
      The lesson we teach our children should be universal..

    • “regardless of his vaxx or covid status. Very unlikely to make it to 2023 ‘in office’,”

      And funny how he was manipulated to place Delaware as the number 1 target in the country… so he shizt in his own bed while those manipulating this situation sit in safety in their country or states away from any future drama that could rise up in retaliation to his starting this mess..

    • “She will not be calling any shots”

      Of course she will — just not for long.

      If she gets in, she’s gonna think her Willie can stand up to Hillary’s Willie. She will then have Susan Rice explain the facts of life to her, and if, after that, she’s stupid enough to still believe she’s in charge, well, Bill IS from Arkansas…

      • “If she gets in, she’s gonna think her Willie can stand up to Hillary’s Willie.”Susan Rice explain the facts of life to her”

        OR… get depressed and join the list LOL LOL

    • Any vaxx will induce inflammation – that’s what adjuvants are for! With all the health problems Brandon has already, it’s just another nail in the coffin.

  15. Never could figure out why food crops weren’t engineered to flourish like weeds do. Thought that was what bioengineering was going to do but, as years passed I learned their corn seeds only produced one crop and then the farmer had to buy more seeds for the next crop. Crossing soy with weed killer, blew my mind. Seen some tomatoes in the store that were solid as baseballs … since then, I’ve bought from farmers markets. Stuff ain’t right no more, man. Folks eating chemicals and it physically shows … cuz people ain’t right anymore either. “You are what you eat.” Eventually, you are sick.

    Body shamming or constructive criticism? Just depends on how ya accept the truth. – Not suppose to do that anymore, unhealthy is fashionable. Mob rules, I guess.

    Oh, and if you get sick, they got more chemicals for that. Everything from aborted fetus cell research to metallic metals, snake venom and shit they just made up in some lab. All with additional, side effects. None of this crap will cure you but will “treat” it. So you’ll feel better, maybe and run the risk of getting something possibly worse from the treatment.

    Poison is not meant for human consumption. But some sick fucker said, “make it so” … and we wonder what’s wrong with our society, as if it’s a separate entity … but society IS the people. A very sick, ill people.
    Why? Chemicals in the system that shouldn’t be. The physical and mental effects are quite apparent.

    Check this …

    Yep, you can get pregnant but don’t get a headache when ya do.

    Then they make it a crime to discipline your child … so ya kinda get what ya get when they grow up. Specially when the kid gets at least 12 years of education that we now see has had an underlying agenda pinned to it.

    I got confused when politicians wanted to defund the police. They want to control people but remove their means of control of the people. Then it dawned on me, there are more criminal types than healthy stable people … it comes down to voting, of all things. But as we saw, that was a bad idea. The hands that fed began to get bit.

    I still see people wearing masks while driving by our house. Wtf? Stragglers, I suppose. Shit, I’ve been done with that for a long time. I still can’t stand the words “Social” and “Essential.” They’ve kinda lost their true meaning.

    Father-in-law, in his 70s tested for Covid just last night, as a matter of fact. We took him a few things and he called this morning and he’s much better. Caught it early, did what we do here … today, he’s just tired and plans on going back to work this afternoon. He’s a tough old Vietnam vet. Hell of a guy.

    But some people like to be in misery. Seems fashionable. The trend.

    A lot of folks (suffer) dis-ease. Not wanting to do for themselves and prefer to seek the imaginary magic bullet that will make their life wonderful again … instead of getting off their ass, they are content to wait … and complain. Waiting for an answer that will go unheeded.

    People aren’t going to overthrow anything, hell they won’t even read a label in the grocery store and do a little research. Fuck-it, the cheap cheesy puffs it is!!

    Yep, save the planet but fear the sun and wear sunscreen. Nature’s UV Rays might get ya. – maybe if it weren’t for all those chemicals we consume the sun could be our friend again and dumbasses could think clearly. But that’s just my thoughts.

    Getting the global population down to 500,000,000 people … War? Well, nothing else has worked. But that’s TPTB’s way of thinking. Not mine.

    Have a good day, George.

    • “they are content to wait … and complain. ”

      Lol lol lol
      I love to butch and moan lol lol..
      I get caught up in the sheer stupidity of some of the crap going on..
      I love to read and it’s hard for me to understand how people in positions where they should be areas moderately informed..
      A year ago..the kids had a big get together of family and friends..
      Anyway the rule of the house is don’t bring up a controversial subject..and I am not to discuss politics or something controversial unless asked.. those with PhD’s all avoid subjects .outlying because they will have to study and lol anyway I had a child sitting in my lap reading Mr. Brown can moo how about you.. and a bug went kachew.. everyone was enjoying the picnic.. and a woman that really doesn’t know me very well..brought up a subject I was passionate about at the time.. I could see everyone trying to change the subject.. then she said it… you should read more and be lol everyone stopped mid chew and quietly filtered lol lol.. I got a chuckle out if it agreed with her and finished the children’s lol lol..they had a fireside last night ..she was there and not one thing controversial popped up in lol they sure know how to hurt a whiner

  16. “Now they are in a grow or die mode. ”

    A very crucial point to…. you have a junker.. take the buggy 200 for it originally.. I had a power steering hose leak.. took it to a mechanic that lost his trained mechanics and had to hire fresh out of school google mechanics that can only know what a computer tells them.. a couple grand in and the kid still couldn’t gather the dripping hose could be the issue.. do you continue or drop it..
    Look what the reasons were that had the citizens of Ukraine seek russians involvement and their asking him for his help..
    Look what nato has invested to try and keep those very issues in tact and operational.
    To keep at it.. investing more or drop that 200 dollar car off and do what they were pleaded to do in the first place…or go all out..

    “Did you notice where China’s Xi offers Sri Lanka’s new president support amid crisis”

    Hmm..he offered his neighbor a hand up.. the right thing to do.. we should have offered cuba a hand was the right thing to do to..we didn’t.. and I still won’t get to observe a coffee farm.
    So what if they see Xi as someone to look to.. but to those in power.. it’s the loss of power..

    Hmm..let’s talk money and the bottom feeders…value…

    First a quote of importance…

    ” don’t talk to me until you make 80,000.00 a week.”

    The attitude of social the seventies everyone had was a given.. you worked in a company that seen you as a valued member of an extended family..then the deregulation.. mom had to work.. you no longer was a valued member of the extended work family… many jobs don’t offer benefits to the working staff.. my mini mes future wife graduated with honors.. put in hundreds of applications nationwide..lots of offers good money in area’sike San Fran where your wage won’t get you anything more than a cardboard box.. only one came back that had a decent benefit package where there’s a chance at a future..
    I was going to take an part time assistant managers position.. the benefits offered were 2 grand a month in a position that would pay about 600 a month..
    Someone in the 80 grand a week position cannot reflect the issues surrounding Someone that makes 20 grand a’s an unfamiliar world of conflicts unknown.. it isn’t so much that no one wants to work..but should they pay someone for the privilege to do the job they want someone to work and not be treated as a valued member..

  17. Folks,

    Digital tulip gardeners will be along shortly to advise that Mr. Musk has allegedly exited the cryptocurrency realms following exchange to coin of the realm?

    Locally regular fuel pricing at the pump has dropped from $2/liter to $1.80/liter which I figure is around a 75 cent per US gallon decrease. Things are looking up in the world?

    • “Locally regular fuel pricing at the pump has dropped from $2/liter to $1.80/liter which I figure is around a 75 cent per US gallon decrease. Things are looking up in the world?”

      Not necessarily. Remember, Canada uses a “floating tax” on petrol, just like the Urepeeins. My local price (as of this morning) is $5.299/gal, once the State and Federal taxes are added back into the current pump price. Just because the PTB are gaming the taxes doesn’t mean anyone has done anything to reduce prices or increase efficiency. I can state with reasonable certainty that our “tax moratoriums” will be ended right after our election and prices will rebound to probably 50% above whatever our unjiggered prices should currently be…

  18. What benefit does a community get from discounting seniors in their taxing policies? Seems like it might be a better use of money to subsidize young healthy working people that are still productive, having kids and growing the community? Is this just another vote buying scheme that just takes even more resources from younger people and transfer that to a reliable voting base (seniors)? If people want to give their own money to seniors, they are certainly free to do so, but to have government come in and take from the younger (generally less affluent) generation to subsidize the older seems wrong. Of course those that get the goodies always find a way to rationalize that they deserve it.

    • I checked.. and found out. that around here.. you have to have a limited income to qualify..and not have any money in savings or retirement stocks etc.. you still have to pay…

      • two people receiving social security you would be making to much money a year .. they don’t take into account anything else..

  19. I loves me some cheap cheesy puffs.

    Unfortunately, I hates me some genetically-modified frankenfood and my body reacts unfavorably for days, after I consume any GM corn product (currently drinking an IBC Cherry/Limeade, BTW, made with cane sugar.) Therefore, I haven’t had cheap cheesy puffs (or expensive cheesy puffs either) in over 40 years…

    • unfortunately.. the GMO modifications travel.. mutate..

      a guy could go on about the affects of gmo on the environment and the cellular changes in mammals etc.. but.. just considering the crops.. and the transferance of the genetics to other crops that are not gmo oriented.. studies being found are that the modifications are transferred to other crops.. one farmer was sued because his harvest had all the modifications that indicated that he didn’t buy his seeds from the company.. where the change was is like my problem with thistles.. then I realized.. I was putting seeds out.. bird grabs it flies and the seed drops.. the same with bees and other mammals..
      the thing is.. there will come a time where you won’t be able to find a product without the mutated genetic changes..
      the farmer was sued.. and even though he planted non gmo seeds had to pay..

  20. Question:

    If the HOS of Israel or Arabia has caught COVID from Creepy Joe, and subsequently dies, would that be considered an act of war…?

  21. – Russia and Ukraine each signed a deal on Friday with Turkey and the United Nations to resume grain shipments to international markets via the Black Sea.

  22. Okay so the Occupier in Chief is sick and should he not be able to continue on the job and we know that even though it should go to Harris (no one on either side wants that), who does she pick for a number 2 (looks like in the press Hillary has come to life again)? Couple that with G. A. Stewarts dates and the fact that our enemies will be conducting war games in August on our underbelly in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico this has all the ingredients of a disaster for us.

  23. RGEa wrote this morning on yesterdays comment thread but I thought is was so important I would republish it here today so everybody could see it … with my short comments at the end:

    July 22, 2022 at 07:06
    “sorry to inform – but it is way tooo late in the ballgame 4 wishing away Ure cares and concerns..

    “failure of the Italian govmint is/was a big temporal least that is what the satanist at mil. put out in last post -18 months ago.

    “treacherous twisted pervs reared their twisted heads this week with message to refer back to last 18 months ago..”buckle up and keep your hands inside the carriage” also mentioned something about US citizens coming home NOW, if you cant get home to CONUS now, backup plans will be essential..”

    my comments:

    As I have looked at my Cycles work, M. Arstrong’s writings, G.A. Stewarts work, and what some other Seers and Visionaries have been writing over the last few months I have reluctantly concluded that what RGEa says about getting home to the CONUS at this point in time is beyond good advice … it is almost a necessity. Take it to heart.

    I have had the chance to do 3 great overseas trips this fall and early winter with friends and have declined all because of the various projections people have made via different methods which ALL seem to be pointing in the same direction … towards CHAOS as we go forward from this point in time into next year.

    One “may” be OK if one stays in the Americas, in this hemisphere at least one could catch a freighter north up to Miami or New Orleans, but there is NO WAY I would want to be trapped in Europe, Asia, or Africa if things really turn nasty and air transport was to shut down.

    Remember after 9/11 they shut down ALL air transport into and IN the US for 30 days, it could happen again. If you can’t get home by rental car, train, or bus (or maybe as a passenger on a freighter ship) … well you shouldn’t be going there (imo) until we are past this high risk point in time.

    Yep I am just a crazy guy. Crazy ideas. Paranoid even some might say. However when things go downhill wrt Wars they often tend to go downhill at an unbelievable speed. Remember in those times for civilians the best rule to follow is: “He who Panics FIRST Panics BEST”. Beat the crowd out of Dodge in othe words.
    (remember in the Bervery Hills Supper Club fire those who PANICED FIRST … LIVED, while those who stayed calm and took an orderly approach to leaving DIED)

    • Decades ago I was working in a facility during a start-up. The head foreman took the time to look me up and tell me it was too dangerous for me to be there, and to come back in a week. I took his advice, and left. Two days later, he and everyone else onsite there died in a terrible mass-casualty accident. Individuals who attempted to go in and render aid were severly burned.
      I have discussed other such incidents with survivors, and there is a common thread. Survivors of mass casualty incidents generally recognize the danger, and do what they have to get out out of harms way, including throwing everything down and just running like hell. Then, they either walk away for good, or at least wait for things to cool down before they return. Safety “experts” will tell you more people are hurt by panic than by real threats. Screw’em. There is a time to stand your ground, but if your gut tells you to haul @ss, then get out of harm’s way by the most expedient method.

      • kind of like walking into the wrong place.. all your hair stands on end…even if you can’t see it.. you feel it..

    • @Stephen 2

      I am not a SEER or Visionary but am smart enough to know when I see the leaves falling from the trees that winter is coming. I travelled extensively in my very privileged younger life and am thankful I did when I did. My senior friends are now planning winter trips to southern climates in USA, Caribbean, Europe, etc. and have invited me to join. Like you, I have declined.

      In late January 2020, my wife and I had bought and paid for a trip to Jamaica. On the Sunday before we were to leave, I watched a news clip on TV when CV-19 was dropping people dead in the streets of China and president Zi said “we have a grave situation here.” I have never heard a political leader use that word before and cancelled our trip and ate $8,000. We have not travelled outside Canada since.

      If Nancy Pelosi and her group of insider trading thieves cannot see the writing on the wall with global riots in places like Sri Lanka, they are living in a fool’s paradise. People are at a breaking point everywhere and I believe the political elite are going to pay.

      I have no idea how it will all play out. In Canada, we have a Klaus Schwab protege running our country. Conservative leadership will likely be placed with an “angry” young white male as my Liberal friends call him. My response is “an angry young political leader cannot succeed without an angry group of voters.”

      I look at your mid-terms with great interest from here in the north country. IMHO, the stage is set for a tumultuous fall, winter, 2023 as Martin Armstrong predicts.

      My 2 cents worth.

      • “We have not travelled outside Canada since.”

        Just in case you do drop down to the wastelands.. do stop by.. I would love to sit and visit with you over a cup or two….
        I haven’t done any traveling.. my niece was on embassy duty in Russia and I told her to take pictures of the buildings I adore.. then changed my mind.. as paranoid as everyone is in the world.. having a nut job uncle in the wastelands that just wanted to see the beautiful gothic buildings wouldn’t be understood… the same with china or egypt etc.. my time to visit is in the pages of the books and articles in national geo..
        I have a diary of a farmer that went before the fall of the czar and he took pictures.. always wanted to stand in the same place he did and look at them today.. everyone is paranoid and think only the bad in the world. which I find so sad.. they should be seeing the beauty and the wonders of it all..

      • “If Nancy Pelosi and her group of insider trading thieves cannot see the writing on the wall with global riots in places like Sri Lanka, they are living in a fool’s paradise.”

        They see it, Bob. They simply believe their political and social position, and their hired security guards, will so-insulate them from the world, that they are untouchable.

  24. blah blah yada yada happy hour . get with the plan fool . buy gold buy gold buy gold and quality gold stocks . its all over for you gurus sarking peoples minds . its simple . buy low sell high real high . markets rigged by robots for elite facists . stay away . gold is freedom thats why the elite scum and governments and the big schmucks hate it . storm the temples buy gold folks , dont listen to these payrolled gurus . never forget bobby pretzel march 6 2009 calling the bottom . told him the structure was wrong . barred me fool . massive triangle now so wave goodbye . they will pay for manipulating and rigging gold for decades . um marty i think you and anyone else promoting $USD is a paid shill . one way to get out i suppose

    • FRN “dollars” are needed to pay taxes so you can keep your house and buy food. Gold is great after everything else is handled.

  25. Raising interest rates in a depression? In a depression? The FED is finished . Send em back to the desert on camels . World economic forum ? Davos crowd ? To Guantanamo bay . Wake up buy gold gold gold . Listen to no high paid gurus ripping you off with fear and stories

    • “Raising interest rates in a depression?”

      Not much choice. The crunch is a contagion, like a wildfire. The only way to stop it before it’s run its course is with an overwhelming gesture (think: A firebreak that’s a mile wide.)

      Of course, you can guess what happens when a central bank suddenly raises its prime lending rate by a factor of 40 (compared to previous rate hikes), but doing so does kick the can down the road, one more time…

      • its just a flip flop….. rates go up…
        subscribers go down… they in turn can’t pay the hosts and they loose subscribers..
        then everyone starts to lower prices till people join in the fun again..
        it is the same in grocery stores.. during a recession the first place people cut spending is in food.. because they don’t want to give up the luxuries of the other..
        Once they give up the food.. then figure out that they need it.. the grocery shopping increases and the luxuries drop off.. to entice shopping more loss leaders are born.. we had six per isle in the eighties.. usually it is two or three.. then you get the checks.. to keep people using credits.. the credit card companies swamp you with offers.. and then send out checks.. go ahead and spend them.. just to get you back moving the velocity of money..

  26. More than twenty years ago was diagnosed with sleep apnea and offered an op or a C-PAC.

    Declining both I bought a plastic ‘snore guard’. This is essentially a sports mouth guard that, when softened in hot water and mounded to the shape of the mouth, keeps the lower jaw slightly forward thus keeping the air passage open and preventing snoring.

    Simple, effective, cheap.

    Have you tried it?

    • On that subject, I’d suggest also sleeping with a fan blowing directly down on the bed. Stagnant air around your nostrils and mouth will get rebreathed, along with the lower pO2 and higher pCO2.

  27. Vitamin D (D3)
    Vitamin B-12 (B-complex)
    Iron (as “Slow Iron” mostly for older folks

    Them’s the basics. 15 minutes of strong sunlight on as much skin as you can expose without getting arrested. (“Real” self-made D beats powdered D in a pill, I think.)

    Add other things as you like. D and B-12 are vitally important, however. “Slow” Iron makes for less stomach upset than Regular. Q-10 absolutely necessary — often underrated by Docs.

  28. Anyway I still beleive in the great men the founding fathers. And the greatest document ever the Declaration of Independence.

  29. If Harris becomes president, she will no longer be tie breaking vote in the evenly divided Senate (50R/50D). Thus leaving the Senate potentially deadlocked until January 23. Any new Vice President selected would need to be approved by the Senate. See “deadlocked” Senate above. The chances of McConnell agreeing to Clinton or any other VP Harris might select are exactly the same as Biden passing the Mensa admission test. Absent some Quisling (Cf Romney, Murkowski et al) breaking ranks with McConnell, the left will be stymied until the November election results (whatever they are) become effective January 2023. Conclusion: Absent death, President House Plant isn’t going anywhere.

  30. “Only become impaired to the point of not being able to discharge the duties.”

    I am curious… we have been in the front row seats watching what seems to be the idiots on parade doing some of the stupidest crap that a year and a half ago wouldn’t have even been a remote consideration, and would have been condemned by every media outlet in the country..then theres that huge list of alleged questionable business activities of what could be potentially the most massive corrupt business model in the history of our country.
    then there’s the thousands of photos and videos and documents on the questionable hard drive from hell.. on top of that the photos and videos posted personally by the perverted drug addict child along with suggestions that there could also be a history of a perverted and sick past personal lifestyle with questionable activities from the daughters diary entries..
    these all hint that theres a huge lacking of any moral and ethical value personally and family wide.
    Consider if only a fraction of any of what has been alleged has any truth to it…just how much more severe mental impairment does there have to be present..
    Then considering that ..would we really want kammy in that drivers seat..
    I feel like we are all royally screwed…
    Before the idiot parade we had a fragile at best economic outlook before… now a border that’s being over ran and assisted my an administration of millions … and involvement in a war that cannot be won..
    And no one seems to care the right are all silent the left that seems to be saying saying dam this is pure genius.
    We are so….. i will be surprised if we can survive two and a half more years of this..I for one am terrified at what could be our potential future .. not so much for myself but the children of our country..

    • “with suggestions that there could also be a history of a perverted and sick past personal lifestyle with questionable activities from the daughters diary entries..”

      Additionally, I have little doubt that the person of whom you’re thinking also banged the druggie’s niece. There have been a number of family photos posted in various places. Check out the way she’s looking at that person, in any photo in which she appears…

      • BTW, one of the things for which Kammy is best known is her sympathy for child molesters. [In case you’ve forgotten] look up the open-and-shut pedo priest cases which were handed a newly-elected D.A. Kammy. I’m pretty sure all info hasn’t been scrubbed, although you may have to use startpage or infospace to find it…

      • Yes.. I did see the photo.. and the smooch.. on stage.. in front of a camera and everyone saying how sweet it was…..
        the whole group makes me sick.. I get the hug part.. I am a hugger.. everyone in the family gets a hug and a drive safe.. and an i love you guys..
        that way if at my age I should pass in my sleep or travels etc… then they will have the memory that the last time anyone was together the last words are I love you more than you will ever know.. and no one will have the thought.. dam if I only had the chance to say one more thing.. people get so wrapped up in daily work life they forget that one small token and then regret not saying something when they were together.. like the old saying don’t go to bed mad.. they are right..

  31. Thanks for all your observations. I’ve been a paying subscriber for years, well worth it.

    Please consider viewing the documentary “Planet of the Humans” on Prime or wherever you can find it. It has, in my opinion, a very surprising ending/conclusion considering it was a Michael Moore production. Fits right in with your theme.

  32. Money quote: “ If you are moving, ensure in advance that you get as many senior tax reductions as the law allows and make reduced tax burdens one of your major shopping criteria.”

    George gave me essentially the same advice about moving into retirement here. My senior homestead property tax exemption costs me the minimum administrative fee of $200/yr. (The county will kindly split that into two $100 payments every six months if you wish) Now for the wage slaves who own a home, I just heard one ham on the radio wail that his property tax went up 40% this year!

    Thanks again, George. We may be early to arrive… but better than one day too late.

  33. I think I posted the video with Andy Schechtman a day or two ago but the word is hitting the Internet about this silver purchase.

    Silver: Buyer of “Up To a Billion Dollars” in Eagle Coins Emerges

    There is a story circulating of a Texas, female, billionaire who has purchased a large amount of Silver Eagles, and intends to buy more. This was disclosed by coin dealer Andy Schechtman of Miles Franklin Precious Metals who reportedly filled her order. No-one has as of this writing yet ascertained the veracity of the claim.

    As market participants in the space for some time, We assume there is truth to the recent buys as stated by the speaker with a touch of hyperbole on the potential future buys as relayed from the customer. Otherwise, who can know?

    The key statements for us were:

    “The client wants us to tell the world that she placed this order”

    “She claims this is the first of several, up to a Billion dollars of orders she wants to place”

    We have seen this before, and chances are so have you. The order was likely real and had probably distorted silver premiums for months due to the supply crunch. Subsequent orders are not a given but may happen.1 The two phrases listed above are very specific and designed to make a genuine statement without putting the speaker at risk. The speaker to our knowledge is a reputable professional with a keen understanding of the implications.

      • Exactly. Like Bob Kientz at Gold Silver Pros says – “spot prices are just a derivative.” They don’t reflect the true demand price of the commodity. Doesn’t matter if the spot price of silver drops back to single digits, try buying an ounce for anything under $20 or more.

    • “The client wants us to tell the world that she placed this order
      “She claims this is the first of several, up to a Billion dollars of orders she wants to place”

      (As a sudden image of Lamar Hunt flashed through me head…)

      It will most-certainly move spot, but the movement will lag. My Mom and I were both still collecting coins in the late 1970s, and I am very familiar with the PM manipulations of the day. The semi-local smelter had a bulletproof display case which contained a $1mln pile of silver ingots, and a single, $1mln gold brick (asking prices.) The significance is I was there, probably once a month for several years because they were also the biggest coin dealer within hundreds of miles, and every time the Hunt boys added a pallet to their warehouse, the number of silver ingots in that case got smaller. This demonstration was a lesson I grasped, years before I ever read Howard Ruff…

  34. Not sure about you LOOB.

    You seem to have had a hard life. You seem to have to be still working to keep your family flourishing. You seem to have so many life experiences, recipes, stories, yarns, reflections, relating’s, tribal knowledge, medical knowledge regarding NDE’s, fermenting experience, etc…. How are you able to post these multiple long screeds every day while you are working each and every day ?

    PS Thanks for sending GU the extra CPAP to experiment with

    God Bless

    • He must have one dem high paying,Do Nothing Bitch of a job with uncle sam.
      ?Immigration Dept – they dont do dyck,ever.
      ?Fibbies -maybe works for Fumbling Bumbling Idiots.. they just cover evil shit up for state dept & elites”, when not busy settingup framing young millennials into school and marathon shootings.
      or DEA? – covering up for Christians In Action and en-forcing drugs all over the globe.

      LOOB tell em about the free life insurance policies they give you as reward/bonus for work well done(completed)..prolly got a filing cabinet drawer full of em…you ole rascal..

    • I get that point @FlyBoy in MO I have done a lot in my life.. had a lot of crazy crap beyond my control happen to me.. it helped me form my character.. would I be different if life experiences didn’t go that way.. YES.. I was once in a group that use to razz me because I hadn’t gone further than I had.. they considered everyone else dumb as rocks and droolers.. I quit.. then the oxymoron of the whole thing was.. I quit because I thought they were the same thing.. dumb as a box of rocks and didn’t see the value of those that didn’t have the offerings they did..

      No.. I am retired we live on what you probably use for your coffee and doughnut breaks…. and a multi tasker.. I gained life experiences through trying to cram three lifetimes into one and trying to have the same lifestyle as someone that makes a tad bit more money than we do.. which I do quite well at.. I am a budgeter.. and we still have the ability to enjoy what usually is left for the wealthy.
      when I was working the average working week for me was around a hundred hours plus travel between jobs… hell year was a hundred forty plus mileage.. read.. even though I am typing this.. I am listening to a book gotta love audible. (the books of enoch .) play in the back ground.. I am up a four and in bed at one.. an early night like last night I was in bed at midnight.. I love reading and meditating in the early am I read fast.. sometimes my dyslexia gets the best of me lol and that sucks.. and late evening.. I average fifteen books a month ( the smartest person I know reads around forty five books a month and loves to garden and sew met them in the stacks of the LOC and they married a coworker of mine at the time..they worked at the capital ) I scan fifty newspapers a day and read various articles.. I love to read research reports if something catches my interest.. I go all out to find out why and what had convinced them that that direction is the way they should go with their research.. .. .. the LOC sends me ten various my favorite is philosophy and ancient readings.. I rarely read a book from the front to the back.. I read a chapter then research it.. the fun crazy grandpa projects are for the kids.. I have had the boss tell me don’t show them anything that could be dangerous.. ( like showing them how to melt stone with the sun .. bad decision really bad.. ) I have had several hard spots in my life.. I don’t make a lot of money.. was forced to retire because of health reasons from working such long hours.. my horror memory was a doctor friend that said at a physical.. you do know that working those kind of hours will catch you one day and two years later.. it did..
      Most people don’t live or work that long.. most would rather go and get the social programs and I didn’t want to be imposing on my coworkers to supply the things I needed.. so I chose to work.. who I forgot was me.. when I was in a wheel chair.. life sucked.. couldn’t even use my hands then.. ( you have no idea) and a professor that was visiting me.. ( I was in a wheel chair) turned me on to George and this site.. and I am not sure which one ..if they comment on here.. but knows that one of the readers is also my friend in the real world.. the handle looking out of the box.. is because so many in this world are reluctant to seek beyond what their present environment offers them..

      • I might as well toss in the family lecture..
        if I had taken the same amount of my donation to social security.. and invested it in just savings bonds at the time.. the compounding of those donations over the years would have netted me a nest egg of fifty million plus or minus change.. If I could have directed the companies donation to the social security funds as well it would have been a hundred plus or minus change…. just from the amount that I paid in and the compounding periods I had from the time I started to have money deducted so that congress could waste it away on wars and worthless crap..
        so when someone says.. that those on the social security program are leaches on society.. they don’t reflect that we put money into the program that has been distributed to other area’s that we will never see.. ..

  35. Very well explained as usual George. Each time you have a column like this I take away something new. This one makes me appreciate that 1% fee my financial advisor takes each year. This year I asked Bud how much I had paid out over the past 15 years. It was a bit but worth the lack of headaches. Don’t know if it was why but now after our reviews Bud takes me out to lunch at some pretty high end restaurants.
    stay safe. 73

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