Coping: WoWW and the SuperBowl

OK, Ure, what does the World of Woo-Woo – WoWW – have to do with the SuperBowl?”

Damned if I know – for sure – but something hit me this morning.  And I think we ought to try it out as a kind of woo-woo science project.  Here’s the idea:

As I got up this morning and turned on the ‘net to see who won the SBG, I noticed a slide show on one of the side panels of the browser that had a title something like “30 hottest cheerleaders in the NFL”.  Hmmm…#23 was kinda cute…

Naturally, when I got around to writing about this, I couldn’t find that link, but there are lots of other, similar, photo galleries to be found.  Like this one that promises the “30 hottest Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders of all time.”

“So what, you chauvinistic pig?

Oh, all in the name of science, I promise! 

Let’s suppose that Jung (and Freud, et alia) were right and there’s a high correspondence between what goes on in the external world and what goes on in the inside of our personalities.  Bear with me on this.

Let’s then imagine that we can connect the inner and outer worlds with the right tools. In this case, a cheerleader gallery.

Most people have an idea about how Tarot cards work, but today’s flash was that we could look at collections of pictures – like the 30 hottest cheerleaders – and by picking out the most appealing one, we may have discovered a new way to pick what?


Hell yeah!  What a fun new crackpot theory to test.

Now, if you live in Texas, obviously you could use the “30 hottest” of the Cowboys and then for the rest of the lotto numbers, you could pick from the hottest picks from a Houston collection.

So you take a collection of photo galleries, find the pictures you are most drawn to, and then use the picture numbers as lotto picks.

Then tabulate your lottery results to see if they are better – or worse – than how much you didn’t win before.

Or, I suppose, if you have a deep-seated Loser Complex, you pick pick out the six ugliest (or however many numbers you need for lotto, PowerBall, or whatever, and see how that works.

I’m always intrigued with the notion “as above, so below”  or, since I’m deep in research in other areas that run parallel (sans cheerleaders, which would sure make it more interesting) the correspondence between “inner world” and “outer world” and this just struck me this morning as something worth mentioning.

If you have other ways of picking lotto numbers, please send them in.

And if you hit The Big One after trying this “pick from pictures” to get numbers approach, a 10% tip to the House is in order….

Our Healthcare Cost Poll

One of my friends left me a critical note (and voicemail) about my Obamacare/ACA cost poll.  He said a better poll would be…

“I became a year younger last year.

I became a year older last year.

There, now I’ve fixed your poll about health care costs.  Duh.  It’s an actuarial pricing model.  Think about it.”

Well, I have been…all damn weekend…and it still doesn’t make sense.  The Obamacare / ACA price experience is NOT a zero-sum game.  There appear to be more losers (people paying more) than there are winners (people paying less, and insurance companies).

So first our UrbanSurvival reader experience with the ACA:

Number Who Report Lower Healthcare costs:   17

Number Who Report Higher Healthcare costs:  52

I didn’t vote in this poll, because my healthcare costs went down, but only a couple of bucks.  Thanks to joining the ranks of the Olde Pharts (age 65 this month) I am now on Medicare which is a whole other problem.

Representative comment from someone whose costs got cheaper:

We (wife & I ) were on Minnesota care- low income. $48. Month. Now we are on medical assistance (MA) Free. I don’t go to doctors so I don’t care but expect them to take my land and house if I ever need to use it. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And a typical comment from someone with higher costs:

My husband is a nurse – but as he’s part of the “registry” pool that floats around wherever they need him day to day, he doesn’t get benefits. I own my own business. So we buy Blue Cross. Paid $330/month for family of 4 (no maternity because we are all set, thanks! and fairly high deductible which we have actual cash in an undisclosed location to pay for should need arise!)
Notified in Dec that we will lose health insurance at the end of 2014. New plans will be at least $250 more/month because of maternity care, deductible lowered, etc. I have gone through all 5 stages of grief, thought about moving to Chile, and settled on cancelling Directv (which we weren’t really using much anyway, other than to have cnbc on the in background while I work from home.) Will alter our spending habits more to make up the difference!

All of which seems to support my highly cynical view of healthcare “reform.”

1.  The ones who made out are the insurance companies.

2.  The overall effect will be to depleted what little consumer discretionary has been left after the housing collapse.

All of which means that a major recession is a virtual certainty this coming fall if not sooner.

The theory (story, pitch) was that it was going to be a kind of Robinhood thing.  The fact is that the Sheriff of Nottingham now gets a piece of everything and a new bit of the King’s Lands added.

I’m going to spend a few hours today trying to figure out the “I became a year younger last year”  actuarial remark from my friend.  It ain’t about actuaries.  It’s about highway robbers. Oh, and disappearing freedoms too, not that they matter anymore…

Tetracycline for Fukushima?

Say, one of our reader/pharmacists in the ‘burbs outside of Washington has a hell of a find in the research department:

Hi George,

Tetracyclines and Quinolones seem to provide “robust protection” against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation after a nuclear emergency, according to the excerpt from this article.  Click the link and scroll down to read the abstract;

This is particularly interesting, since Tetracycline has been generally unavailable in retail pharmacy for over a year (pretty much since a few months after Fukushima melted down), and another member of the same drug class (Doxycyline) has been going in and out of availability.

Here’s a web-link to look into drug shortages, if interested;

All the best,

Who would have thought?  I can hear it now:

Doc:  Say you want tetracycline?  Did you get the clap out in Vegas that last trip?

Patient:  No, going to Tokyo…

Speaking of Health:  My Great Flu Adventure

This is getting ridiculous.  Been sick 10 days now.  I was on the mend and doing well until I got on the treadmill on Saturday and decided it was time to do a mile while watching this great video about how yes, chemtrails are real…

So, while watching this, I managed to twist my  left leg and that started to flare into gout, so on top of everything else, Ure’s truly is an idiot.  Best reader advice on staying flu-free?


you are always helping others an so I am attempting to assist you, My wife and I have not had the any type of vaccine in years and we don’t get the flu, once in a while we feel bad for a day or two but that is as far as it goes. we do TWO things during flu season we make our own elderberry elixir and we buy something that is called ( old Indian wild cherry bark syrup ) tastes terrible! anyway during flu season we take a teaspoon of the elderberry syrup everyday and IF we start to feel like we may have a touch of a cold or flu we will take the old Indian, you can buy the old Indian from pure it is the cheapest place to purchase it, for us is NO tax and NO shipping. we buy the 8 oz. bottle for a little under ten bucks and we keep several on hand for family and friends.

hope this helps you, it does us!

I forgot to add that where we live the Sambucus Nigra ( black elderberry ) grows wild and is what “sambucol” is made from. it is known to be be very effect against 7 types of flus. we pick it wild and ours is very potent, Israeli and German scientists made one that is sold over the counter called Sambucol, we just make our own.

and if you need the old Indian take it three times a day ( tablespoon) and IF you have the flu it will shorten the sick time and speed recovery time allot. like I said we don’t get the flu ( knock on wood) but others we have helped and that is what there results are…

The product is also available from Amazon: But the price has gone up $4 since Saturday: Planetary Formulas® Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup, 8 oz  ($14,58) but if you’re one-clicking…

(No!  This is not medical advice unless you’re a f*cking idiot.  And if you have a hangover today, you may qualify…)

OK, more merriment on the morrow… write when you break even and don’t forget that 10% tip to the house when the “cheerleader gallery lotto picking system” pays off for you…