Coping: Contrition Lost, Curses of the Past

That’s a joke today, isn’t it:  Separation of Church and State?

The visit of the pope to the U.S. (will he bless the congressoids?)  and his decision to insert himself into the immigration problem (the lack of sensible border control in the USA thanks to a misguided White House caretaker) keeps reminding us of ancient misdeeds and off-planet intervention.

It’s a complex tale so I will keep this short for you – since if you had any interest in their work, you’d have wolfed up the information at yourself, though they don’t venture in the politics of religion and other economic business models as we do. 

I believe it is important to understand the larger historical context of the current “Diasporas to Overthrow Order.

The reason for war is conquest.  Yet we can see alternatives to stick-fighting in a couple of religions and in ultra-socialist politics.  There are two other ways to wage war “by other means” which I view as being used right now as reported in contemporary headlines..

Method #1 is by playing (and winning) The Sex War.  This is when a “religion” takes it upon itself to simply out-populate any competition.  The titular head of one such group will be speech-making in Washington today.  The Muslim side wasn’t invited to Congress this week.

As if this un-American approach to warfare used by Spain to effectively rape and pillage and wrest self-determination from South and Central America,  is not vile enough, let’s toss in an order or three of genocide against indigenous people.  As his policies read, the Washington interloper adopted the second alternative to war long ago.

The result of too many humans has always been nothing more or less than Border Crushing with tides of humans and the warfare over soil and resources that follow.

Toward this end, the population promoter is quoted (in part) as saying of illegal immigrants

The Church in the United States knows like few others the hopes present in the hearts of these ‘pilgrims.’ . .

Is THAT what illegal border-crushers who are attempting – with some success – to overthrow national borders globally are now called?  Pilgrims?  Hand me the ViseGrips.  I need a solid pinch.

The message (Pop-Bomb)  is convoluted, though, because the papal marketing machine used conflicted  “values” to mask the agenda.  On the one hand promoting anti-abortion measures to existing followers  while at the same time showing solidarity with the LGBT crowd whose beliefs are the antithesis of procreation.  Confused?

You are supposed to be.  That is how cognitive discontinuity works.  In this case, it’s all stitched together with “forgiveness” as the glue, so the context will appear to make sense at some level ikf you don’t inspect the idea closely.  It then gets into your mind like a worm.

The pope’s promotional program fails, as I see it, to adequately address one of the few surviving core concepts in the bible that has not been modified for expediency’s sake during the past 1,000 years of religious manipulations:  The little matter of contrition before forgiveness:

“Contrition:   the state of feeling remorseful and penitent.”

Someone comes at you with a weapon and deadly intent.  Do you forgive or disarm? 

To Ure’s logical mind, you first “disarm or dispatch”.  If the perp survives disarming, then forgiveness can follow (after trial, conviction, box time, counseling and  – here is the key – sincere contrition.

As should be clear to anyone, especially the 22% of Americans who have been convicted of crimes from heavy misdemeanors and light felonies on up, the role of contrition – being sorry for acting wrongly – is a PREREQUISITE to Forgiveness.  There’s a reason law-breaking gets perps a mandatory time out:  Contrition is the objective.

The same is true for illegal immigration.  I am a huge fan of legal immigration.  Having a country that’s a Melting Pot is not only the ultimate best-practice, but it also is why we can all enjoy tacos to won tons with pizza and those marvelous Danish meatballs, frikadeller.  But then I’m an aquavit, sake, and agave blanco sort of guy, too.

Without contrition, illegal anything becomes a church-sanctioned do-over.  The church risks signing up for the “write a check and forget” version of law along the way.  This is a deal point, not a collection plate matter.

I will be reading very closely to see if there is mention of contrition in the papal remarks.  I rather expect the promotion and marketing of human waves…easy to monetize.

That said,  should the titular head of a religion persist talk of illegals being pilgrims, without endorsing legal national entry instead, two things happen.

First:  The hard-working, process-following honest immigrants already here are insulted.

And secondly, the position begins to look more like pandering and hucksterism to promote  revenue.

Seems wry coincidence that his forum today is the global center for pandering and hucksterism

I’ll generously try to look at Washington events as a support group meeting for Institutions That Have Lost Their Way, Inc.

(No Catholics were harmed in the writing of this morning’s report.)

Damascus Revisited

I promised a further discussion today of the mistranslation of biblical source documents into current church dogma.  This week, Grady of our project and I got on a vid-conf with The Chronicle Project’s spokesman Chris Tyreman, for a discussion of Isaiah 17 that I mentioned earlier in the week.

If you missed it, the simple results of the Chronicle Project’s application of Self-Defining Hebrew (SDH) reveals that in source documents available to the group, there is no mention of “Damascus” being a ruinous heap before End Times can get started.

Here is a bit of the groups work, done at our request:

Bible 1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

SDH 1. That to set forth Damascus. Behold Damascus, those being to shut in that city. And ongoing, that to watch, that to allocate.

English…This is set forth for Damascus. Behold Damascus, those being shut in that city. And ongoing, watch what is allocated.

Bible 2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken; they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

SDH 2 To enable being to continue, to expose Earaeara (to swing open, to swing open). Toward flocks to proceed to exist so to flow and to settle down and to prepare that to withdraw to manifest over.

English 2 To enable being to continue, to expose Earaeara (to swing open, to swing open). Flocks shall proceed to exist so to flow toward it and to settle down and to prepare for that withdrawal to manifest over it.

Note:  Earaeara is most likely the prophetic new name of Damascus, as everyone shall flow out of it.

The good news – and bad – is that we don’t have to wait for the “ruins” to show up in Damascus because from our conversations…

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 12:06 PM, George Ure wrote:

Earaeara (to open to open) sound a lot like how SDH would describe diaspora?

E.G. as the middle east “swings open, swings open” and people begin to move about in huge numbers?

To which, Tyreman responded:

Yes, everything is open and everything leaving Damascus.  Not the country, just the city.

Which was followed with my asking:

So there are no ruinous heaps?>

Nope, just the translators and the religion they created…

So the city will simply “swing open, to swing open” which (unless you have no sense of language at all, is what is in play right now.

In Self-Defining Hebrew, there is an embedded code (a methodology to how the language works) that allows a knowledgeable user to recover the correct concepts and contexts from source language. 

One example is how (when the context is correct) it  reads correctly whether read from right to left, or left to right. 

It is, as Tyreman explains, a language that we couldn’t create today even with our copious computing power because the correction protocol is so gracefully interleaved.

If it helps you to understand things a bit, the “error corrected” read of historical religious documents distills down in a nutshell to something like this:

1.  There is a Creator/Ruler of all who has terra-formed 18,200 odd planets before this one.  This was done with assistance of Originators who left behind watchers “the Nakash”.

2.  The control of East is ruled by a complex set of Laws which both the Originators (angels) and the Nakash (watchers/fallen angels, those left behind) must observe. 

3.  The Nakash have manipulated away control of the planet from Ruler of All/Originators by cleverly manipulating things like translations of ancient texts, messing up keeping of things like Sabbaths and other points of Law.  Thus the Nakash are the present “ruling party” on this planet at the moment.

That’s why things seem so insolvable.

There comes a time, when Creator will drop by again, with tons of Originators (angels)   and that’s when the Nakash and Originators fight it out and proper global governance is re-installed.

And yes, there was apparently genetic intervention along with terra-forming and mistranslations so those serving Nakash could install “toll booths” on the stairway to heaven. 

It has been an attractive proposition, too:  People get the illusion of [whatever] in return for ceding personal control and giving up money.  It’s far less work than mounds of personal reflection, introspection, and seeking after Truth on your own.

And yes, the Jesus figure is still real but that gets into a much longer discussion of The Law, and the matter of contrition. 

You are simply one of the Adam (*human people) and we are the chattel of the wrong side, mostly, at the moment.

The bottom line here is that if you’re feeling a fair bit of dissonance with the pope being glorified in Washington, you’ll have to forgive me (and I am sincerely contrite about this) but that’s the whole point.

It is how Nakash work – and have from the apple in the garden forward. 

Write when you break-even,


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15 thoughts on “Coping: Contrition Lost, Curses of the Past”

  1. Wow. I have followed Chris’ site and have his e-book, 100 Questions. Very interesting SDH translation of Damascus. Loved the last sentence about the Nakash. I myself have been titrating down from the materialism of this world and titrating up self-sufficiency in gardening, canning, etc. and just shake my head every day at how the “Nakash” have turned this world upside-down, especially in the last couple of decades. The degradation of society is accelerating at a faster pace than ever.

  2. G. Just a thought but I’m thinking of shorting any clean diesel automaker because of the VW “farfromtruthfegnugen”

  3. So if you are disenchanted with the Pope, does that mean you have succumbed to the Nakash’s influence or rejected it?

  4. The purpose of war is to enrich the bankers. Governments do not collect taxes in order to enrich themselves, they collect taxes to pay off the debts to the bankers. The pay off to the government for taxes is power. This becomes quite obvious when the government stops prosecuting the bankers.

    In the history of the world it is always been the people, never the government, that kills the bankers.

  5. I discovered the chronicle project a few years ago after George had mentioned Chris in an article. The choices our household makes have been substantially influenced by what Chris and his group have revealed. Our priorities have changed as we seek to restore our little patch of ground and live from the blessings from it. Our change extends to how we interact with the humans and creatures in the community in which we live. We are kinder and see the world thru different eyes.

  6. George, have you read C S Lewis’ Space Trilogy? Reminds me off the the chronicle project findings.

    I find their work fascinating, btw.

  7. I’m very impressed with the self-correcting Hebrew project, though I’ve simply no time to investigate it at the moment. Some of us need to deal with the obvious, such as “Winter is coming”, and take care of necessaries.

    The minions in DC are speaking such nonsense that I’ve no idea how to react, if at all. Unless I can change their idiocy, I’m much better off just standing aside, taking care of my own business, and ignoring them.

  8. People are selling their souls to materialism just so they can have a 100 inch hdtv flat screen to watch Gilligans Island reruns in 12 languages…….

  9. The Urantia Book gives a fairly clear description of how our universe was created and the heirarchy and administration of the creator. The Nakash would be Lucifer, the head admionistrator of our system who rebelled against the Father along with his assistant Satan and Caligasta, our planetary prince. They have no power over we mortals except that which we give them..Also includes an interesting history of our planet and evolution of the various races on our planet.

  10. On SDH: If I allow myself, I will trust that there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in our philosophy. (A paraphrase from The Bard) I doubt very seriously that SDH is the final word. Given men enough time, they may say SDH proves otherwise, but for now the Scriptures still do say it is true. We are not told everything.

    For now, for me, Christianity is a comfortable old shoe. When I am at my wit’s end, I find comfort in knowing that there is a power higher than me that has my best survival options as it’s intent for my life if not in this world, then the next … and I rest. When we do a wrong in this realm, a slight, an insult; when we bring harm to creation (as we all do) the effects ripple through time until the end of time. We are not separate from Creation. Our actions as well as our inactions affect the whole. So when I find it impossible to stop the ripples, and my heart becomes heavy from that knowledge, I rest in realizing, if justice requires a penalty for my wrongs they have been paid. I am free to go on about my life. My conscience is clear.

    • I wish there was a like button on this site. I would definitely like Don’s response.

      A side note, thinking about Speaker Baynor’s resignation input today and his tears when the Pope was speaking to Congress, a thought came to me that he’s feeling very guilty. The Pope, could have, with words, defeated the whole Planned Parenthood money grubbing scheme, but he, for whatever reason, let it slide without putting his Papal finger on it. Baynor, on the other hand was in a position of power over the almighty dollar that they so desire and he didn’t step up.

  11. Ah the pope such a fine fellow. I myself lean towards Catharism.

    Unfortunately earlier popes didn’t care much for them and had them all killed. In fact the Jesuits were created to convert/kill the Catharist. It’s also where we got the phrase, “Kill them all, God will know His own” which tells you how the convert/kill policy worked out.

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