Coping: With “Lucky” Travel

Super short column tomorrow morning as Elaine and I take off at 8 AM Friday to head up to Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Saturday night Tom Jones show with friends.  I have been working on “generating luck” for some probability studies in the casino, too. Panama Bates will hold down the fort here.

I proposed recently that “luck” may be a weak – and therefore not too reliable phenomenon – of the Higgs Field.

I read up on “luck” again this week, re-scanned Max Gunther’s book on luck and several others.  There’s not much new, except that since Higgs fields are everywhere, the question becomes “How do we generate a Higgs (or “luck”) field (if they are related or similar/same)?

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Although it starts off like wild sci-fi speculation, when you look at how Higgs is not entirely reliable, perhaps it is some alteration of the Higgs field that could perhaps get us to luck-generation, and if the effect is subtle, only big enough to move statistics around a bit, maybe it has something to do with the arrow of time, as well.

The most fascinating part of my research lately has been imagining this table filled with all the items of “luck” you can find.  Four-leaf clover, horse shoes, rabbits feet, topological anomalies (like the Mobius trio on the wall of my off) and assorted “lucky stones,” including perhaps magnetite.  Copper could be involved, too, in our “luck machine” — lucky pennies and all that.

If there is a “luck field” seems the lore about lucky this, lucky that, could be pointing at something.

It’s a fascinating mental exercise (light crown on).  You can imagine yourself an aboriginal person meeting a time traveler from the future.

Here, Nation Person, are all the parts you need to build a six-transitor radio!”

You would look at six transistors, a pile of resistors, small capacitors, a bigger one for tuning, ferrite bar antenna, and a battery with a case to hold it.

Put it together and you’ll love Radio!”

Of course, no one mentions soldering, and the number of pars, if there were some number, like 50, the combinations possible start to look like 50 X 49 X 48 X….and the odds of even getting the arrangement right falls to the noise floor.

The time traveler‘s real joke?

Even if you got the radio to work (slim to Zero chance) they forgot to mention there’s no radio stations on the air in aboriginal times.  Ark of the Covenant kits, not withstanding.

The “luck field” from legend and lore about “luck” is just as dicey.

Take our “lucky horseshoe” collection. horseshoe collection, for example:

There are all kinds of properties to a horseshoe that might figure into luck when you think about it:

  • The horseshoes are a low carbon steel.  Does the Luck Field favor a particular carbon-graining structure in the steel?
  • They are also magnetic…so is luck magnetically polarized?
  • Horses are in a size range…so does luck have something to do with mass?
  • Long as we’re on it, and since Wednesday was Mobius and light crown day, is there something special about the horseshoe’s shape?   Is it some kind of sigil that commands luck to appear?
  • The horseshoes I’m using were also once-upon-a-time on a real horse.  So they have dried horse poop on the bottom of them,  Is luckI drawn to feces?

This last point isn’t so outlandish to ponder, either.  “I can’t win shit!” has been said how many times?  Would one’s luck change by stepping in a pile of dung?

It luck somehow attracted to smell?

The horseshoes stink.

So does garlic, and we know there’s some luck involved in wearing garlic to ward off vampires.  (I made a note to have a Caesar salad before hitting the casino…just in case.)

Rabbit’s feet are also sitting on the table.

Unlucky for the rabbit, they also smell.

Moreover, they have fur on them and we know fur is involved (running a piece of plastic) with the generation of static electricity.

So, does luck involved static electricity in some way?  Maybe horseshoes ground people.

Chris McCleary and I talked last week and he’s getting much better sleep using a grounded pillow cover.   If you have $80-bucks to spend on a science project try LandKissing® Pillow Case (2 sets) For Grounding – Cotton Beige 31”x19” Suitable for Standard Pillows Envelop Design No Zipper.

This is all part of work on “earthing”  – so a word of detail here.

In Europe, the uppityPeans call an electrical ground the “earth.”  So radio gear is “earthed.”

Here in the Colonies, with a little more precision, it’s the ground and we measure things like ground conductivity and such.  Not that  Brits don’t but they make a hopelessly big deal about having a power supply ground differentiated from the earthing the chassis.

So back to luck…is a static charge of some kind involved?  When I played and won a fair bit last time I was wearing brand new, ultra clean, tennis shoes.  I came out more than $700 up.  Insulated from the casino floor.

When I tried “earthing” a few tips back, casually sliding off my loafer and punching a hole in the bottom of my left sock – it didn’t seem to help any…and in fact, I lost.

I would LOVE to find out if casinos have higher or lower take-outs on days when the humidity is especially low.  Why don’t I think this would be published?

The experiments this time will involve a “horseshoe shaped” ring.  Big spender me:  $19 bucks for a Men’s 1.26Ct Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel 316 Silver Horseshoe Ring Size 11… anything in the name of science, huh?

Maybe there is…or isn’t…some aspect of electrical conductivity involved. Just to see, I will make damn sure not to touch any metal part of the machines since that would ground me.  I also tend not to use player club cards.  On the theory if I do find something that might tilt luck a bit, why would I want anyone to know about it?

But just for giggles, I will try a couple of things along the lines of orgone energy this trip, too.  In theory, some aluminum foil inside your socks, then wool sock, then a layer of foil inside your shoes, then dry, clean/new highly insulated shoes…well, there might be an orgone bubble in the area.

All fun stuff and I know that out highly math-literate readers will laugh it all off.  “What part about Gaussian Distributions are you now clear on, Ure?

That is precisely why to try the weird and the oddball.  Because that “knowing things” is why it took so long for electricity to arise.  Some Wikipedia quotes and timespans to think about:

“Electricity would remain little more than an intellectual curiosity for millennia until 1600, when the English scientist William Gilbert made a careful study of electricity and magnetism, distinguishing the lodestone effect from static electricity produced by rubbing amber.”

From there?

“Benjamin Franklin conducted extensive research in electricity, selling his possessions to fund his work. In June 1752 he is reputed to have attached a metal key to the bottom of a dampened kite string and flown the kite in a storm-threatened sky.[14] A succession of sparks jumping from the key to the back of his hand showed that lightning was indeed electrical in nature”

So 152 years.  And then?

“The recognition of electromagnetism, the unity of electric and magnetic phenomena, is due to Hans Christian Ørsted and André-Marie Ampère in 1819–1820. Michael Faraday invented the electric motor in 1821, and Georg Ohm mathematically analysed the electrical circuit in 1827.”


And finally, 1879, Edison gets Light.  51-YEARS later.

The point?

Let’s suppose that luck is a field effect in physics that we basically don’t understand.  See Dean Radin’s book  Real Magic for the grown up discussion.

Statisticians scoff at being able to engineer luck because they are blinded by their own math.  Except that in Number Theory, runs do happen with great regularity.

So pardon me if I “charge myself up” and slide my  tennis shoes on the carpets with the foil inserts and all.  And I carefully touch only plastic parts of machines – the non-conductive parts.

“Touch wood for luck” and “knock on wood” are described over here, so maybe Luck Engineering involves a sound.  See?

Sure sounds nutty if you are a hard-core reductionist.  As Radin says “No magic for you…”  To me?  All things are possible…so put me in the magic line.

Expectation figures, too.  And I expect to win a mega jackpot this trip.  They don’t check people out to see if their working the Higgs fields when they have a big win, do they? I hope foil in shoes isn’t too noisy!

Next thing you know, casinos will have “rabbit’s foot sniffing dogs…”

Write when you get rich,

34 thoughts on “Coping: With “Lucky” Travel”

  1. The universal static field that you seek was theoretically discovered by Dr. Harold Aspden. His math work derives the Fine Structure Constant, Proton-Electron mass ratio, the gravitational constant, and much more.

    Gravity, responsible for the arrow of time is related to magnetic fields and heat.

    I started building a Web page to build on Aspden’s work. It is incomplete, but stay tuned.

    And good luck! All of your research and conjecture adds to the mystery and spice of life.

    • wow.. I have never seen that website before. I will be checking it out.. very interesting.. thanks for sharing

    • hmm.. Now you totally have me thinking about a directional magnetic beam…

    • I disagree with most of the things that your website teaches and brings into habitual and complete subject gation to Authority.

      You have no woohoo here on your website to speak of everything you’re speaking of is what you’ve been trained.

      I know you’re looking for synergism.
      Let’s just suppose just suppose that everything that you’ve written on your website is false.

      what would be your next Avenue for discovery.?

    • Stewie, I liked that page you linked us to a lot. The only thing is I couldn’t see where I could hit a link to your home page? Your whole website is fascinating.

      • Well, somebody knows me lol…

        These comments have been inspiring. I will be trying to Update my Metaphysical Webpage this weekend in the new WordPress Format, and hopefully adding more.

        Despite the critics, George’s research is always eye opening and drives me back to my own lab bench.

        He’s right, electrostatics is the key. CMOS cameras photograph orbs because each pixel is a small capacitor.

        George has the technical chops to experiment with this stuff… how do I know? I hire guys like him.

        Again, thanks to all!

  2. “There are all kinds of properties to a horseshoe that might figure into luck when you think about it:”

    even though the horseshoe was a symbol used in old Egyptian as bearer of luck and old turkish etc..
    it really didn’t gain popularity as a lucky symbol.
    the reason it gained in that view is during the pioneer and old west days.. the cost of a horseshoe was so high that it took a long time to afford one it was considered even better luck if you found one with the nails still in it as well.. the same thing with a mirror.. the mirror took approximately seven years to save to be able to buy another one.. As I have heard from time to time.. everything is a business model

    • Oklahoma.. MG.. I visited there once and will never go back IMHO.. Although They do make the best beans you ever ate there and in texas.. and the waffle house is to die for but that is about it from my perspective.. just follow the truckers to find a decent place to eat..
      My personal opinion..

      • I totally forgot the catfish house.. but then that isn’t in either state but in Arkansas.. LOL we were driving along and everyone was hungry.. seen this old dilapidated rusty sign filled with bullet holes.. saying catfish house twelve miles.. ( the longest twelve miles I ever went..) the smart azz in me said.. Hey what about the catfish house.I never in my life expected anyone to say oh hey ya for sure, you betcha aye.. LOL but they did and we went with me afraid the whole trip at what we would discover..
        It was totally the most awesome place I have ever eaten and the line up outside the place said it all..everything you can think of and more and it was all good.. I always stumble into the kitchen of a new place to scope it out.. it was spotless as well.

    • If it taste good, it’s bad for you like sugar and ice cream.

      What’s good for you is garlic onions and honey

  3. George… There is only one sure bet at the casino. When you walk in, go directly to the blackjack tables. Bet $1,000 on one hand. Everyone wins there first hand. Win, with maybe a blackjack, & walk away with $1,000, maybe $2,000. Since it is a guarantee win, make the bet worthwhile. If you lose, maybe Andy will reimburse you.

  4. Casinos, by their very nature, were never designed for you to win more then 2% to 3% of your bets. The house always wins. But if you insist on trying your luck, then being mentally prepared to receive intuitions, as I know you are capable of George, then you might just experience your best luck.

  5. Those who travel in different vibrational frequencies say that every higher level becomes increasingly thought driven, our own being the most dense and least thought driven. However, if enough people contemplate the Higgs Boson particle for long enough it will manifest where it wasn’t extant before. The one rule I followed in the casino was never play with the ugliest dealer, because if they weren’t hired because they were pretty, they must have been hired because they were lucky. Ergo search for the best drop dead gorgeous dealer in the place and she had the best chance to be the unluckiest and they would still keep her on, JMHO

    • This makes sense. Why would anyone wish to interact with less than perfect 10’s, other things being equal, and especially since it costs money and it’s your call. It’s not like she’s a personal friend.

  6. George

    “The most fascinating part of my research lately has been imagining this table filled with all the items of “luck” you can find.”

    You might listen to some of the old Art Bell programs where he interviews Dr. Evelyn Pagline who was a real witch. She describes how to put together your Altar.

    Don’t laugh those methods work. It’s been shown in Quantom Mechanics that thought can affect matter. In 1996 the Air Force proved that the Ether field was real. The Law of Attraction can be used to make these properties of nature work in your favor!

    Safe Trip!!

  7. George,
    We are no more than a complex logic gate in a larger Circuit. Compare Cities to a circuit board or processor. How much phantom power to we posses? In the nuclear museum in Los Alamos, NM, there is a meter that measures your electrical output, my sister had 0v but I could generate 0-100mv at will, the look on her face caused my gut to bust. May the force and fun be with URE by George!

  8. One of the simplest concepts in math is randomness, until you try to create it. We have pseudo-random number generators, which are anything but, and many “random” sources, such as zener diode noise, radiation at a fixed detector level, tossing dice, and many more. That randomness seems to amuse God, since things such as the Princeton Egg project show something else seriously influencing it. Some people seem able to influence randomness, and others do with no pattern, and that’s as useless as ignoring the whole thing.

    I’ve not figured out how to influence the luck thing, other than by hard work. Best of luck to those who can.

      • When I was up to age eighteen, I had a ‘knack’ for picking winning numbers at the Greyhound races though it was my parents who actually bet. I had no idea who the actual dogs were, and just went by my ‘feeling’ for the numbers. (Won twice in one day that way.)

        Last time was just previous to my eighteenth birthday, when Dad stopped by my room to say he was going by the track and did I have some numbers for him. I thought about it and gave him a couple of numbers and asked if he would put a couple of dollars down for me too. He agreed and I was very pleased to find that the numbers had won – netting around $360!

        However when it came time to collect my winnings, Mom only gave me $100; I said “Where’s the rest of it?” “K will be jealous, so she’s getting $100 too.” “Well, then what about J?” (who was nine at the time.) “She’s only a child and doesn’t need the money.”

        You can guess what I thought about that and swore that I wasn’t going to ‘give any more numbers’, and I didn’t!

    • There doing it here too. Ran into dead air space between Lamar, Co, and Garden City, KS, I mean nutin honey on FM or AM. Spooky! Sept. 17.

  9. George, I like how the tennis shoes had such an impact on winning.

    As an accomplished Artist, does Elaine wear Sketchers?

    And thank God Panama was in Special Forces, and not the Astronaut Core. That’s why he won’t have to worry about Missile Toe!

    Good Luck and enjoy your vacation…

  10. George do you think it would be safe to ask your readership their thoughts on why the SUPREME was offed down on the Rio Grande? There is something about what they did that is worrysome.

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