imageYou may remember we have had this conversation before:

It has to do with how events seem to cluster in life.  Sometimes the way life rolls out, seems like you can do nothing wrong.

Then there are days like Wednesday when everything you put your hands on turns to doggie-do.

The Facts:

Wednesday around here started off perfect (as most days will).  Had a great Peoplenomics column.  Elaine whipped up the usual (and now we’re informed – Cancer-causing) breakfast.

Nothing odd about that, but one of the egg yokes broke.  This happens so infrequently that it’s a miracle.  When E breaks a yoke it seems to signify that statistics are about to turn against us. E’s been cooking for more than half a century.  How much longer is classified somewhere above missile launch codes.  But let’s just say she is an expert in the kitchen.  Egg-cidents  don’t just happen to her.  Period.

Still, everything tasted great and shortly thereafter I sat down at the computer intending to answer emails – including from from a young reader who is becoming an airline pilot.

But, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Your battery needs to be charged.  Consider plugging in your laptop” the 17” Samsung at my overstuffed chair advised me.

“What the hell?  It IS plugged in,” I told myself. 

Still, just to make sure, I pulled all the plugs, reset the transient scrubber…you know – all that “supposed to fix it” kind of crap.  All to no avail.

Seven minutes remaining.”  Another pop-up on the screen..

Say, this is turning into something “un-fun.”

Turned out to be a lie, too.  The screen went black in less than five minutes.

The last time the laptop power cube went out, we were up with Branson, Missouri with the Landry’s – seems that was a couple of three years ago.  That’s when the original power supply failed.

Powr+ brand, by the way.  The heck of it is that I had the thought cross my mind not three weeks back “Gee, should I get a back-up for the laptop supply?  It has failed before… Naw, not now, too busy.”

Bad call.

On the way back from taking cover pictures for the upcoming novel, Panama and I swung by Wal-Mart to pick up a replacement.  They had a laptop power supply that would work with laptops.

Got it home, opened it up – no tips.  On inspection, the box had been opened by some partial shoplifter who had taken the adapter tips only.  This was a fact undiscovered until I got home.

So Elaine offers to run it back into town (half-hour each way) and a little over an hour later she triumphantly returns.  Only the power supply she comes back with doesn’t fit Samsungs.  Lenovo and half a dozen others?  Sure.  So this morning, she will take it back and tell the staff S-A-M-S-U-N-G.

While she was off being run around the block in town, I discovered that the FedEx people had delivered my new air compressor I was telling you about.

Works fine, except it was damaged in shipping.  The two pressure gauges (tank and down line pressure) were smashed.  Oh, and the handle doesn’t fit because one of the brackets was smashed out of round.

So off goes the customer service email on whether I return the entire machine or whether I fix the handle (easy) and they just send me the two replacement gauges so I can call that project complete.

Seems stupid to do anything else, but who knows.  In the meantime, until that’s resolved, the shop is out of commission because it’s got compressor shipping materials all over the place.

The rest of the afternoon was spent re-tasking the Supercomputer (i7 920 12gB, 500 gab SSD, multiple multi-TB additional drives on which my copy of software lives) so that it would pick up email which had previously gone to the laptop.

This morning I will actually go read all those emails.

That handled, the media computer in the living room (from whence I write this morning) was loaded with my site authoring tool…and in answer to reader Nelson, the configuration of that tool puts up a temporary post to download format of the site – which is why feed readers may have seen a strange looking post from me that made no sense.  It did to the computers.

Amazon is overnighting not one but TWO laptop power supplies.  And as long as I was at it, I tossed in a new battery for the laptop, as well.

But that’s not the point of this morning’s discussion, although it’s one hell of a lead-in.

Our real point is about how everyone has a “Personal Retrograde.”

The last time I wrote up a longish article on Personal Retrograde was back in December of 2014 – the article is over here.

Here’s the interesting thing:  In that article (Dec 30,2014, I noted that the retrograde date was January 21st.  So my personal retrograde seemed at that time to come three weeks ahead of the “recognized” date.

Fast-forward to the now.  If this crackpot theory of mine is right – namely that we all have a personal offset from the generalized retrograde – then we should see a retrograde around November 17-19.

What’s this?  Mercury is NOT  retrograde in three weeks.  But here’s the interesting thing:  We are about three weeks after Mercury goes direct station.

For what it is worth, the discovery du jour is that may actually have two positions in their charts where Mercury-like events may cluster:  One date would be in the vicinity of retrograde (mine is about three weeks ahead of it).  The other would be related to Mercury on-station in which case my offset would be 19-days after.

Now that I have all this figured out, life should get back to normal rather quickly.  The compressor gauges issue will be resolved, the new power cubes and battery will arrive – and things in the Ure household will be back to normal.

I would ask you to do a little research.  Astrology would not have been around for a few thousand years if there was nothing to it.  (The same could be said about major religions, as well.)

So next time you suffer a day where multiple things go wrong, jot down the dates and check them out against a retrograde source.  You may be surprised what you find.

On the other hand, it could have just been “The Bates Luck” that was rubbing off – my brother-in-law was present much of yesterday and his relationship with luck is legendary around here.

For example:  While on one of his combat tours in ‘Nam, he suffered a terrible leg wound.  Bad luck.  Fortunately, a medic got to him and got him into the closest LZ for medevac. Good luck.  Then the medevac helo lands on his leg.  Bad luck. 

He just shrugs it off and says “That’s how life is for me.” 

I will leave it to you to discern how his luck runs. But the study of luck just fascinates me.  If I can figure out all the bad luck days in life, then what’s left should be either “straight odds” days or “good luck days.”

And if we were to buy lotto tickets on those days….

If we ever move off the ranch, I will begin a $30 per month study of luck that will go something like this:

Since we know (empirically) that some times are unlucky and others are lucky, it stands to my (sleepy and still twisted) reason that if we buy a lotto ticket every day – over time we are bound to hit a few “winners”. 

Keeping track of our wins and losses, a patter should emerge.  And that would be the personal luck cycle.  You would want to marry, invest, and file tax returns when the luck is running your way.

When the luck is running in some other direction, either file or marry early or (as much as possible) engage on high luck days.

Crackpot theory?  Sure.  But so is trickle-down economics, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, and Paul Ryan’s view of the border.

In the lead-in to the 2016 election, crackpot theories are totally in vogue and we’ll just go with the flow.

Besides, the research cost is less than $366 a year.

Back of the Book

On my upcoming novel DreamOver, I’ve decided to put an author picture on the back cover.

If you were reading an action-adventure novel, which of the following two pictures would make you more inclined to buy the book?  If that’s too tough, which one would make you run screaming from the bookstore?

Choice #1


Choice #2


I figure if Clive Cussler can put a picture of himself on the back cover of his books, with a vintage car from his impressive collection, I can do the same with airplanes.  Having only one makes the photo op decision relatively simple…

If you would drop an email to and simply put Choice 1 or Choice 2 in the subject line, that would be very much appreciated.  thank you.

OK, back into the daily financial stuff.  With the futures down, could this be the day Crack Babies of Wall Street figure out that with no economic activity, the Fed NOT raising rates is actually a very bad sign?

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