Coping: With an Amazing UFO Experience

This is one a buddy of mine has been sitting on for a good while…since when it happened it was one of the most disturbing things ever is this fellow’s life.  It involves a very good daylight UFO sighting and his report (and accompanying sketch, with the object sketched in just to the size he saw it) is mind-numbing in its implications:

“May 26, 2013.

The day before this event I had heard the chatter of returning flocks of cranes or storks and it was happening again, so I stopped my yard work and took the time to watch them enjoy the thermal lift provided by the rising heat of the day. I have been watching them each year and look forward to their annual return. The birds have a distinctive chattering sound that is easily recognizable.

After the event, I looked up the height at which the birds fly when migrating. It’s approximately 2400 feet, so I am assuming that is at or near the altitude of the flock. My view of them was framed by the second story edge of my home (not in the picture) to the west and a tree in my neighbor’s yard to the east. I stepped back into the shadow of my home to get a better view of the birds.

As I watched, above the birds who were not disturbed, there came a circular craft plowing through the overcast from the west. It had lights turned on inside the turbulent bow wave it was producing in the cloud,

It was large and moving south east at (my guess) forty to sixty miles per hour. If you have ever watched a blunt nosed ferry ship plow its way through the ocean then you can imagine how this thing was moving through the sky.

Although the lower portion was clearly visible, it seemed to be producing the fog/cloud around itself in an apparent but poor attempt to disguise itself. At about halfway across my field of view it changed direction to south.

There was no curve to the turn, nor did the craft bank for the adjustment. It seemed to be emitting a shimmering cloudiness around itself because of bright lights inside the bow wave.

It was blatantly obvious it was controlled and was not a cloud. Every now and then a glimpse of something light metallic grey could be seen.

After heading south for a while, it tilted upward about twenty degrees and began to climb. It was at this point that I ran into the house to find my camera and take a picture.

When I returned, it was gone. As for its size, I can best describe it as being about the size of the bottom of a standard coffee mug held at arm’s length over my head.

Which, if my math is correct, would make it’s diameter at approximately 200 to 250 feet at 2400 feet. Needless to say I now carry a camera everywhere I go and am spending a lot of my time looking up, but haven’t seen it again.

What makes this reader report so special, to me anyway (and I have read tons on UFO sightings, the cover-ups, Day After Roswell…you name it) is the reference to the “bow wave” and how it seemed to be pushing things before it.

I don’t know about you, but this sure as hell seems to be exactly the kind of behavior that I would expect from an inter-dimensional device, as opposed to a distance-making device.

If I had to bet, I would say it was an inter-dimensional or time-shifting craft.  These have a nasty way of picking up in intensity just before major events.

As an example, not only were there increased UFO reports in the region of the Boxing Day quake and tsunami (2004) but also there were anecdotal reports of “cloud-cloaked” UFO’s over Japan both in months before and immediately after the 2001 quakes.

So why am I so moved to the inter-dimensional/time travel angle on this report?  Well, this reader lives in southern Alberta and you did notice the day of his report, right?

May 26, 2013.

And for a hint as to what such a craft would be doing in that region ahead of what happened the following month, pick up reading Wikipedia from what begins like this:

“In the days leading up to June 20, 2013, Alberta, Canada, experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding described by the provincial government as the worst in Alberta’s history. Areas along the Bow, Elbow, Highwood, Red Deer, Sheep, Little Bow, and South Saskatchewan rivers and their tributaries were particularly affected. A total of 32 states of local emergency were declared[4] and 28 emergency operations centres were activated[5] as water levels rose and numerous communities were placed under evacuation orders.[6]

This isn’t conclusive, but it is convincing circumstantial in my book as a fine indicator of what we’re dealing with.

Which leaves only one question on the table:  What or where is the “Other” from whence they come here to go sight seeing before and after?  The Watchers, with some spiritual temperature-taking, or some malevolent baddies who have turned loose ill thoughts and come to see what this old rock looked like before their mischief had gone full bloom?

Friday at the Wujo

Not very often our sober-minded, highly disciplined war gamer turned ‘spectable academic runs into a case of WuJo, but that’s what we have this week:


As you know, I’m not one to report much on Wujo topics.  However, this one I felt was worthy of your attention.  I intentionally withheld sending it yesterday due to the somber nature of 11 September over much of the globe. 

My wife, who seldom remembers her nightly journeys into the land of Nod, woke up Monday morning recalling a very clear and graphic dream.  To set the stage, in the past she’s remembered dreams about specific pregnancies that were soon to be (but not yet) announced, a nephew’s future acceptance to a specific medical school and long lost friends and family who later unexpectedly wrote, emailed or phoned.  Nothing Earth-shattering for sure, but rather uncanny.

OK, now the dream – she and I were together with our two daughters.  In itself, not unusual, as we tend to get together at least once a year.  The reason we do not do so more often is because the youngest is married to a UK national, living and working across the pond, and the eldest is an airline crewmember who’s domicile is in the D.C area.  In the dream we were all sitting watching the television when a report broke through that three huge explosions went off in downtown Chicago.  My wife then woke up.

Again, in itself, nothing really amazing about the dream, other than all of us being together.  No specifics, just location and effects.  With 9/11 only a few days away, that could certainly have had some bearing on her dream.  But wait!  There’s more!  Monday afternoon my overseas daughter phoned to announce she and her husband had been chatting with our eldest daughter over the weekend and the decision was made for the three of them to visit us at the end of September.  This was totally out of the blue and not anticipated by my wife on Sunday, the night of which she had her dream.

No, we are definitely not going to Chicago.  We are, however, headed to one of the major cities along the U.S. Great Lakes.

As I try to interpret and rationalize this dream, considering my wife’s past premonitions, I’m searching for rational euphemistic relationships involving our family, Chicago and three bomb blasts.  If I come up with a common-sense explanation, I’ll be sure to let you know. 


Remember what I told you about the elevated probability of a mass murder/killing/outrage event around October 5-11?  Centered on 10/8 as a 145-148 day rhyme that seems to be going in such things?  I sure wouldn’t plan on being in Chicago in that window…just saying.  Sometimes the future leaks…

Wujo or Humor

Reader of ours up in Pottstown PA has an odd one, speaking of dreams from Pennsylvania:


The other day, as I was taking a break from getting odds and ends done around the house, I was doing a little channel surfing. Well, I came across an old movie that I haven’t seen in years – The Fifth Element. I was somewhat intrigued in it, so I finished watching it. Later that evening, I was taking the kids to their scheduled after school practices. Due to the rushing around, I made a quick stop to a local convenience store to grab a snack. When I pulled up to the store, I noticed a couple younger men hanging out near the entrance. As I proceeded toward the entrance, (and the men), I couldn’t help but notice one of the guys shirts. His shirt said, “Corbin Dallas – Taxi Service”. If you don’t know, Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis), was the main character of The Fifth Element. I thought to myself, what are the chances? I suppose it goes to show you that the universe does have a sense of humor.

BTW, that movie was made in the late 90’s.

Not sure which way I would categorize that one.

A Word from the WiZ…

I like it when readers pay attention and zing me:

>  not having a social media account will be a cause for suspicion…even arrest as an anti-social threat

Didn’t you link to this article more than a year ago?

I’ve actually written to two people (best friend & 2nd cousin) after I got their linked-in invites & explained that I don’t do social disea… media.

Hooray, I’m a psychopath!!

Take a number, WiZ…whole bunch of us have been in line longer’n you…

Helping Rita

Then there was this from our reader up in Gunnison, CO where we’ll be driving through sometime Sunday afternoon’ish:

I’ve tried reading ‘between’ the line and I guess I’ve missed a thing or two – help me out here if you would please

I know the world situation is always ‘follow the money’ I get that. But this whole Syrian thing still isn’t making since to me. I get it that there is the pipe line thing. But why do I keep getting the feeling there is more than meets the eye here?  Am I just that skeptical – maybe – or have I been reading your column and other for too many years? 

What Obama say to Putin or what does he have to hold over him that this new dance has started?

Why has congress – esp. the Republicans suddenly now interested in ‘war’?  Yes the American public is tired of war. Has the whole thing with Bush left such a bad taste in our mouths that we can’t go there again? Do the Rep hate Obama that bad that they would say no? I’m not for bombing anyone, but there is something not right here – so what’s the faults flag????

If you have addressed all this already – I missed it – sometimes when you try to read between the lines you miss things – so please point me in the right direction

Oh, gosh, this is such a complicated question:  Let’s see:  Top level, arms sales:  We were doing $10-billion a year’s worth in 2011 and a good war is good for sales.  And Russia is number 2, France 3, China #4, so wars are a money machine for everyone.

Then there’s the project pipeline values of a Russian or non-Russian pipeline from the ME up to Europe, and the pricing power/savings that goes with that.  Take over Lebanon and now you’ve gone and tapped into a many billions worth (still more) gas reserves which is another economic tick-mark.

It all adds up as an economic equation that’s depressing as well:  Economic stimulus, economic fallout, taxes, political capital, all that junk.  It’s just depressing we can’t all just be cooperative in a more Uretopian kind of way, but without winners and losers, who’s gonna do the dirty jobs?  (Robots is the right answer, but we’re not there just yet…)

Right Time to Travel?

  Reader Gene asks a fair question:


According to all the stuff in your columns, both urbansurvival and peoplenomics, this fall is NOT the time to be traveling! Right???

Gene in Wisconsin

Sort of.  We have some family matters that must be attended to up in the PNW and I need a break.  I have literally been sitting here glued to computers since we landed back here on July 7th.  As you know from yesterday’s column, I don’t expect any big terrorism/outrage kinds of things until about the 6th of October on, and any trading I do in my own account can be done with a phone call, if need be.  We’ll be back before the month is out, or we’ll be on another fine adventure…either of which is cool with us.

Since I haven’t effectively had a day off in 2 1/2 months, and since travel is a grand way to meet people, observe the “boots on the ground” condition of the country, plus put some mental capital together, I’m going for it.

In fact, Robin Landry and I were talking about this just the other day, since we like to get together for a late November couple of days of sharing market views and comparing notes – his as a successful Elliott wave guy, and me as a whatever – and it’s those meeting that come up with concepts like the slow-motion Appalachification of ‘Merica, which is happening in slow motion as the effects of compound interest keep accruing wealth to the one percent.

We sort of agreed that travel loads the brain up with the one form of wealth you can take with you:  Good memories.  So when time comes for The Big Sleep, a good question to be asking yourself is this:  If (hypothetically)  Death is like a Big Sleep, and IF the quality of your afterlife (dream) is determined by memorable experiences in this life, how is the quality of what’s in your head and memory now and when you go?

If, like me, you shun violence on television, your world isn’t comprised of murder mysteries and mayhem, and instead features as much happy time memories as you can shovel between your ears, THEN I would expect that the quality of your life-after-life would be higher than someone who builds a lifetime of tormenting, enjoying violence, and so forth.

It doesn’t really matter what your religious persuasion is, either. 

So on this trip it’s our intention to do a lot of what we really enjoy doing – beholding.  We will go to new places, do new things, meet some family obligations, and punch a few things off our “bucket lists.”

At age 65 (early next year) regardless of the risks, I figure the trip will pay off for readers (new adventures, a few pictures and such) and for Elaine (family matter) and for me (more good memories). 

The older I get, the more important “do-right” and  “memory collection” has become – plus remember, when comes time to die, the lessons seem to hint at being sure to launch into it without fear (like jumping into a cold swimming pool) and bringing along as many dreams as possible.

Dying, from what I can gather (which is a lot, because of all the first-hand accounts of people who have been resuscitated by modern emergency/trauma medicine) isn’t so bad after the first shock part.  What’d be worse would be never having lived in the first place.

Maybe it’s all a DMT trip, but in case it’s not, I want to have had as much fun and good times as possible!

So, Gene, for an aware person, who understands and values life as short as it is, it’s a matter of learning how to…

Roll the Dice in Life

Panama is armed to the teeth (figuring he’ll at least fill up the backstop on our range) while we’re gone…and he’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of defending the place as we roll out of town tomorrow morning at oh-dark-thirty as soon as Peoplenomics is posted.  It should be quite a trip and I was pleased to find out that our favorite hotel in Tacoma has the same rate as last year…so maybe there is ever so tiny a chance that inflation is not as rampant as it seems at the grocery store.

No matter, I figure our food bills will be less.  Over the past year I’ve gone from two (and sometimes three) martinis to happy hour to either one or none, and the amount of food I’m packing away is down in quantity as well.  Age is a bitter foe…and there’s simply so much evidence that calorie restricted diets extend lives, that I’m slowly moving in that direction.  But not until I down a large Dungeness crab cocktail up north.

Once we head back (after the family matters are attended to) we’ll be possibly knocking off one or two “bucket list” items.  One is possibly riding the Durango and Silverton train.  Pricy (try $134 for a mid-range ride) but as a once-in-a-lifetime, fine.  It’s not like going to the movies every weekend, or something like that.

The other possibility, as long as we’ll be coming south through Colorado, will be stopping off to see Chaco Canyon national park and wander through the ruins there.  I’ve read enough archeology (Diamond and Tainter, mostly) that walking around I’m hoping will give me more sense of why that area was abandoned.  Obviously because of a change in climate patterns, and given that we have those in play right now, perhaps we should pay more attention to those than we do already.

And then there’s my great “roll the dice” experiment. 

Goes like this:  We get to the freeway in Tacoma, WA where we have to make a decision “Go over through Eastern Washington?” or “head south toward Portland?”  A roll of the dice will make some of the calls.

I’ve always wanted to try this out as an experiment:  If you get in the car and commit to driving 2-thousand miles before quitting the came, where would chance take you?  I can think of a million good story lines to this, including a pretty damn interesting TV series.  If you want to borrow the idea (call the show Roll with the Dice) and invite us on to be contestants, that’s all we ask. 

Except a huge first prize, of course.  New Corvette or some bauble like that would be fine.

OK, off into Peoplenomics research for tomorrow’s report, client meeting to follow, getting new wiper blades on the car and packing this afternoon.  A few odds and ends (like hotel rooms) to follow and then we’re off.  Both figuratively and literally!

And a special thanks for all the emails on trip ideas…I will try to answer as many as I can…

Write when you break even,


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