Coping: Waiting for Ragnarok, Here Fenir

As 2013 draws to a close, we come to the start of another year, and with it, perhaps, a change in how the world operates.

There’s so much going on, it’s hard to all take in at a single sitting, but there are two points of interest which intrigue me.

One, of course, is the Nordic legends of Ragnorok, but the good news is he holds off on the world-ending until a few days after my birthday, which I very much appreciate.

I’m tempted to put a countdown timer (Days till Ragnorok) on the right panel of the site…

Then, coincidentally we have 2012 researcher Patrick Geryl who’s on the track of major quakes and a possible poleshift in 2014 (or beyond) because the literature is just so very clear.  Clearer in fact than the calendar, which if you recall from past discussions, doesn’t include a “Year Zero” – which can mess things up.

If you were anxiously awaiting a massive global quake and coastal events in 2012/2013, don’t give up just yet.

Which gets me to Patrick’s latest observation that there has been a real lack of major quakes now for more than a month:

Hi George,

We had only 3 quakes with a magnitude from 6.0 or larger the last 30 days…

Link to Wikipedia:

Link to USGS (large link):

According to my findings, this is unprecedented the last 11 years… I searched the database from USGS since 2002, and found only 1 time period that is less or more similar…

2002/06/30 21:29:36.30 -22.2010 179.2500 620.40 6.50

2002/07/03 23:00:18.47 -5.0320 147.3360 31.20 6.20

2002/07/19 06:43:55.10 -56.6230 -140.6900 10.00 6.10

2002/07/30 06:55:07.78 -57.8890 -23.2420 33.00 6.20

So my question: what is going on? At least this is something quite unusual… Is the pressure building up in the volcanoes? Or is it the prelude to the start of the real Mayan end date?

Question: Can your ‘Quake’ friend do some research around this?



I will forward this to him for his consideration – you bet!

But, in the meantime, this none-too-cheery Youtube video popped up:

So we will keep an eye on this, not expecting anything to come of it, but it does make for interesting viewing while we await the completion of the blow-off top in markets which is underway and which should reach a crescendo by, oh, the end of January, or so.

We’re watching with a kind of morbid curiosity – and keeping the old airplane ready to launch for high ground.

A further reason?  The recent quake swarm in the Canary Islands  and other Atlantic locations.

The chief producer of Coast to Coast AM invited me to come on and talk about what’s ahead and why I am on a new kick about taxing robotics.

I’ll be publishing a short e-book on the topic (free).  I expect to whip it out in the next few days – the first part was on Peoplenomics yesterday.  Part 2 will be along Saturday.  e-b ook to follow next week.  Nothing big – 10-15 pages is what it feels like, for now.

But it all comes back to the fact that the people who own machines do not pay adequate taxes on their machine’s outputs and government actually incentivizes companies to “de-human” their workforces by subsidizing machine purchases while penalizing hiring of humans.

Depreciation and other incentives don’t apply to humans.  But HR regs out the ying-yang, taxes on incomes, workman’s comp…well, you can add those up all day long.

Of course the subtle part of this is that the MainStream gets so overloaded with the (made-up) right-left battles, that the greater reality of how the machine owners (*and their bankers) ending up with all the marbles, is lost.

Little wonder,” notes my wife Elaine, “So many people are lost and without purpose or direction today.  People don’t seem to understand that we’re now living the part in the movie “Metropolis” where people mindlessly go to work without point or purpose…yet that’s what the film was about…in 1927!”

And as usual, she’s exactly right.  It was a mighty prescient film.  You can watch a pretty good version of it on YouTube here although budget 2 1/2 hours for the project.

Turkey Hangovers, Child’s Play, Wii be Fine

Not much of a Christmas this year at, both at a personal level and a kind of group-gestalt level by the look of things.

It looks like the online etailers may have had a much better year of it than the brick and mortar crowd, based on the report that UPS (and Fedex, to some extent) has overloads from too many people pointing and clicking.

Most of “Christmas delayed” should be cleaned up by the weekend, and them will come the onrush of the January clearance sales events.

At a personal level, chili isn’t my personal favorite Christmas eve dinner, but the turkey yesterday more than made up for it.  What soured things was personal issues between a couple of my kids, which resulted in BS phone calls during Christmas dinner.  I chose not to answer until after dinner, and by then – as tiffs between people in their 30’s going on teens tend to do –had spiraled into turmoil that the UN would be well-advised to avoid.

It was a harsh reminder that the “Only person you can be responsible for is yourself” and that when people under 90, or so, begin trying to preach and teach one another, things often end up in the ditch.  This was their “often.”

And when it becomes apparent to the drama perpetrators, the old “soldier gathering” ploy kicks in and then come attempts to drag others into the drama…hence, my phone rings. 

I’m sure you’ve seen that psychological “play action pass” run if your family circles, too.  It seems the outliers of common sense come down the chimney over the holidays and emos run high..  This was our year and chimney, I suppose.

Other than the disruptive calls from the kids (Me?  Bitter?  Which is why, at near-enough age 65, I can still call them kids…) it was a fine turkey and lots of sleep followed.  My after-dinner snooze lasted from 5:15 to about 7:45, and then the sleep from 8 PM to 4:30 AM.

Armed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, several bacon strips and toast points, I’ll be the guy making an SST sandwich imitation for breakfast.  (The recipe was discussed in detail after Thanksgiving.)

Panama and Elaine got into a Wii festival.  We bought the game console (on sale, natch) about five years ago and  we drag it would every now and then.  But after not playing for a long time, it’s surprising how much fun they are.

Which gets me to the learning point that maybe be really people don’t need to buy much (going forward) when comes to giving and gifting and such. 

Maybe Christmas is best spent rediscovering “the old toys” like our aging Wii.  It’s just as good a time-sink as ever and the cost was nearly zero, save a fresh dose of 8 double-A batteries to bring the balance board and the controllers back to life.

Looking ahead to Christmas 2014?  We’ll start thawing the turkey in about mid September.  And we’ll have our phones disconnected for the month of December.  Then Wii’ll be fine.

In a “crack-up” boom, you might be well-advised to counsel your kids to consider jobs in the shrinkupational pursuits: 

The more crowded and less directly dependent we’ve become on another another in the virtualized world, the more emotional issues result. Stress in the feedlot.

That spells opportunity (and income) for those who can capitalize on it.

Belated Greetings

Two more people I forgot to acknowledge with Christmas Greetings:  The very best to Dr. Rob and Silvija.  Dr. Rob is a fine sciencely fellow who is totally into all things optical (and many things spiritual) who contributes greatly.  And Silvija’s what  you’d call, I guess, a rising start in the herbalpreneural crowd.  Some of the smartest and most aware people around.

And then I forgot to thank G.A. Stewart for his many contributions  to the discussion of future history with his “The Age of Desolation” website, which looks at things from a Nostradamus point of view.

With all the work I have sitting on my desk (and all over the office) it’s hard to stay focused on the important when there are such tantalizing trails to be followed-up on in the Nostradamus writings.  In particularly, rereading about the activities of his “black king”.  I haven’t found the Nostradamus reference to healthcare, but I just know it’s in there somewhere…

2013 – Year in Strangeness Entries

As we roll into the end of the year, I’m soliciting entries for “Strangest Thing that Happened to Me”  (STHTM) entries.

If there was anything that you experienced that was out of the range of “ordinary” please send them along.  One of the ways we keep an eye on the “set and drift” of reality is by looking around the margins of experience.

Wuu is welcome (woo-woo, formerly wujo), so send along any of the oddities not previously reported.  They seem to cluster around emotional periods (like holidays) so we should be seeing an uptick in them.

More tomorrow after Turkey Hangover II, the Aftermath.

Write when you break even…