Coping: The WuJo Detective

Thursday morning, we recounted one of our Wujo tales, wherein a reader reported on the case of mysterious sandals that seem to have gone walking about on their own.  At the end of the column the WjD (wujo detective degree abbreviation) asked a number of questions which might lead directly to a simple solution to this apparent contradiction between observed reality and more or less normal events.  We have some answers:

“Logically, the dog fetched them from the stairs, brought them inside (do you have a pet door?) went up stairs looking for the kid, not finding him, notice someone in the recliner and dumped them under there…???”

LOL, nope no doggie door.  Also “Indy” is a 8 month old German Shepard Rottweiler mix.  It would be hard to miss if he had fetched them and placed them under the chair.  Though Indy could have moved the chair since he is coming in at 80lbs now.  The sandals were under the chair to the point that you could not see them unless you lifted the chair.  Weird to say the least.”

Unless someone comes up with a way to physically reduce paper, we’re going to have to add this to what’s turned in to an overstuffed filing cabinet that is labeled “Unsolved.” 

The Four Horsemen’s PR Failure

A reader asked me recently to give my personal assessment of what’s coming our way in the immediate future so as to help figure out what would be the right preps to lay in and so forth.  I thought about this, and while it’s never easy to lay out a whole future in a quick two minute read, I decided this morning to take a whack at it since reader JC and I were just talking about this one the phone this week.


Without the specifics of a Peoplenomics report like the one planned for tomorrow where we’ll dig into more detail, the current decline of the market, seems to me that over the course of this fall we could see a decline of the S&P 500 down to the 1,540 range (or lower) and that would set up a rally which would last either into next March-April, or it would continue upwards until next summer and then begin a massive decline which could go lower than the 2009 lows.  Even so, this picture may take an additional year or more to work out.

What will determine how that plays out will be how long the financial system can hold together globally in “synchronized printing mode.”


We are in a curious place where the arrival of comet C-ISON which should be quite bright in November, is being described as being the “blue Kachina” of Hopi lore.  This series of native tales has been handed down over the years into the New Age crowd and there are continuing resurrections of the story, including this version of things posted in July.

Reader GC has been thinking some of this stuff through and he points out that NASA has been running its Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy down in the Southern hemisphere again.  After doing three weeks of flying down there, another deployment is planned in 2015.


To be sure, running through a cloud of “red dust” (which seems likely to include a lot of rusty water) seems like it might cause a lot of rain and a “red moon” we need to recall that the red moon part of predictive prophesy could come from earthbound dust, too.  And what about the Australian dust storms of a while back – in January?

Also in the end times discussion there are other parameters and the one that is really falling into place is the “third of the earth’s oceans” being “bittered” which Fukushima is doing a splendid job of.

So ONE possible future looks like massive market collapse, bounce, heap this fall.  Wars and rumors of wars when we are collapsing economically.  Blue Kachina is due right on schedule, we’ve got the bittered waters, so all we need are some left field events and that would wrap things up neatly.

Still, these left field events will be the make or break, so we just keep scanning the headlines for hoards of locusts, pandemic diseases, and lost Horsemen on variously colored mounts. 

If you see four lost-looking riders, tell ‘em there’s a natural-born cynic over at UrbanSurvial who’d like a word with them about their marketing roll-out. 

Unless we get a few mega quakes to spice things up a bit, and really damn soon,  the locust swarms in Kazakhstan, Madagascar, even here in Texas, are hardly worthy of 2,000 years of hype!

Any real Four Horsemen, LLc  worth its rep ought to be embarrassed to fall back on trivial, annual, and quite natural occurrences and setting up their appearance.  Why, even Tepco’s crappy smokefest on Fukushima is such a slow-motion affair that any reasonable “End of Worlder” would get bored spitless by now and simply wander off.

Not that I don’t get people writing to me everyday, as they come up for Kleenex after sniffing the dust-bunnies over this headline, or that.  But they’re mostly getting rewrite of decades-old material. 

The Four Horsemen really need a new media strategy so as a stopgap measure, we’re going to suggest a massive event involving social media and in the next month or so.  Their that or an 8+ earthquake…you know…something with some pizzazz to get this roll-out of the End of the World back on track.

Reader’s Writes

Reader Andy, of in the hinterlands of the Northeast (as much as they are hinterlands) makes a good note about my recent discussions about fracking and in particular those waste water injection wells:

In your recent discussion of fracking (“When the Saudis Speak…”, July 30), you mentioned “shark tooth spikes,” links between water injection wells and seismic activity, and other issues.  Conspicuously absent was the issue of possible contamination of water supplies.

I know you’ve mentioned this subject in the past; I recall that you once linked to an article about fracking-induced contamination of the Susquehanna River with radionuclides.

Some shills in the MSM are claiming that the EPA has “debunked” the “myth” of fracking-related water pollution.  I disagree.  For instance, a University of Buffalo study found that fracking can release uranium from Marcellus shale

Some academic researchers are also questioning the EPA’s numbers about methane leakage from natural gas production.

I hope you can explore fracking in more depth in US/Peoplenomics…

Yessir, Andy as soon as the weather cools off about 20-degrees and Oilman2 and I can have a glass of interview juice on the screen porch.  He’s been busy as heck with things in the oil patch (Including just going through some kind of periodic ‘rig control school’ which I think readers would also find interesting as the Dickens).

And as long as we’re on shaky ground…

Try on this from reader Jeff:

“Hi George,

Love your site and your insight.

I was reading about the sun’s current magnetic pole flip. A couple of items got me thinking in particular –  first that it happens every 11 years at the solar maximum and second, it’s usually accompanied by CME’s, flares, and other fun space-related events.

You have probably already referenced this (because you have foresight like that and are ahead of the hip curve), but I did a quick Excel pattern auto fill with 11-year increments and some interesting dates showed up. I’m not a huge numbers person or sign seeker, but I found it interesting that 1969 (lunar landing) and 1859 being the year of the Carrington Event (specifically interesting about this is that it happened during the first part of September, which according to the news story is the same timeline as the completion of the flip) caught my attention.

As the pattern continues down through history, It would be interesting if someone with a grasp of major celestial events (I have added some terrestrial ones) could identify other significant dates.

Anyway, the one date that  appears on this timeline that really surprised me was year 0. The significance of 0 being the year Christ was born and, If you believe the Bible and other accounts of events around Christ’s birth, there was a day without a night and another day. The sun rose and set, but it didn’t get dark. Makes the discussion about how gold miners in the Rockies were awakened because they thought it was morning and people in the Northeast being able to read the newspaper by the auroral lights from the solar storm. Not taking away anything from the divinity of the moment, but Universal laws being universal and all, it would figure that something along the lines of a solar event could create that effect. Also associated with Christ is His death at age 33. Could it be that the upheaval in the earth was caused by the solar flip in 33? It’s interesting to speculate about these things instead of watching the tripe on television. Not sure if you’ll even read this, much less find it worthy of your pursuits, but I had fun following these points that seemed to present themselves.

Still not rich, unless you count 6 boys and a wonderful wife…

You know, there was a lot of speculation back in the 1970’s that the three wise men were led to Bethlehem by distant super nova.  In fact, there’s some reference to it in the Wikipedia entry about the Star of Bethlehem over here.  Tying the Bethlehem story to celestial events is also discussed on pages like this one which go through some of the “rule-outs.” 

On the hard science front, this 2005 Tulane paper inspects whether it was a super nova (1a) type or hyper nova (1c) type.

We need to think about the super/hyper novas and ask a rhetorical question:  “If there is a relationship between the solar heating, cooling, and flipping, wouldn’t the arrival of a hyper/super nova also be expected to have similar implications for Earth?

I drifted out of Sunday school attentiveness, generally, after the cookies and Hi-C were passed out, but I don’t remember any big earthquakes around ‘birth time’.  Still, there were (as I recall) a number of references to “the ground shook” at death time.

We’ve also got another little problem to deal with when attempting to back-fit data over such a period looking for insights.  In fact, two problems:

The first is that the Sun’s behavior is only more (or less) certain going back perhaps 100-200 years.  Before then, we have made assumptions about cycle length.  Even now, it would be hard to say with precision that a solar cycle is ‘x’ days long.  About the only way a person could do the cycle length calcs would be to use the highest observed sunspot count and it’s here we have the first problem.

You see, we’re not sure how good people’s eyesight was 300-years ago.  It’s an intriguing question we could should flip over to Dr. Rob (our consulting ophthalmologist friend) to see it he’s got some insights into that.  The reason being we may be way off on our calculations if one of the early solar observers lived at a time when humans had 25% better, or 50% worse vision!

Then the second problem which slaps us around is this one about how fast Earth might have been going around the Sun.  We may have been some number of days closer to the Sun in ancient times, and going way, way into prehistory, I seem to remember something about a “year” as being around 260 days at some point before we “slipped” into our new orbit.

Of course then there’s the whole subjectivity of when we can see sunspots and when not.

As you can see in our solar cycle tracking chart, this solar cycle has failed to even hit 100-spots at the same time which is about half of the previous cycle’s peak:

When you go further into quakes there are also additional minor nits like pondering whether bursts of energy from the Sun during a coronal mass ejection, for example, might bump earth’s orbit just ever-so-slightly and the resulting oscillations as the orbit “renormalizes” would result in a more quake-prone window.

So two bottom lines (eventually) in reply to Jeff’s email:  1.  Darn interesting theory there, Jeff.  And 2.  “If you got the right wife and kids, that’s as rich as you ever get.”  That’s because real wealth is in the heart and in the mind.

Unless you’re IRS, of course!

A Note from Doc Zero

Oh crap…the language police have found my site…

“hand to hand”, i.e. one on one, man to man, etc. (the proper spelling is actually “mano a mano”. “mano y mano” translates to “hand and hand”)

Aw, crap.  OK, there goes my better writing resolution.  It goes on the bonfire with the rest of ‘em.

Corporations are the Aliens

Say, this is a good one from Kino:

Hi George,

You might find Stross’s analysis an interesting mix-in with your current predictive theories and speculation.

You may remember his thesis that corporations ARE people, just the alien hive-mind variety, and that we’ve been undergoing a slow motion alien invasion since they were formally recognized.  Given that view (and governments are people too), he has a sketch of how we get one of our current pickles and what it means for what passes as the near future for him.

There may be some merit to this corporations are the aliens.  have to think about it for a while, though…with some strawberry ice cream. 

Fair and Mostly Clouded

Our migration into the the lofty world of cloud hosting is more or less done this morning.  We will have a few places that may be stuck on an old cached copy of a bad link to the site and yes, I chastised the moving crew for doing an afternoon migration. 

In fairness, however, there is never a good time to move a web server from one place to another.  Particularly because of some of the rules and conditions involved with limited addressing resources.

Just for example, you may notice that I have taken down the old “static IP” link.  That’s because I found out (belatedly) that the IP address issuing folks are not allowing static IP (or, at actively discouraging it) unless a website has SSL installed, in which case the static IP becomes traceable to an SSL certificate.

All this seems to be a fallout of having so darn few four-number group IP addresses left and not everywhere is ready for the new six-number groups of iPV 6.

Not being an IT type this could be like me telling you to hook up the washer and dryer to the TV remote, but you get the idea.

So as we go forward, can you let me know if you get any of the “resource limit reached” errors because on the cloud that’s not supposed to happen now.

Also, I posted this morning’s coping section ahead of our usual schedule so that the content would have a little more time to propagate around the net.

We’ll soon find out if it works, or not….

Well, another week wraps up…got the site migration (more or less) done  and that was weighing on me a good bit. 


This being Friday we’ll end with our usual Georgadiction:

May the Spouse bless you and keep you;
May the Tax Code that passeth all understanding
make its face to shine upon you, And be gracious to you;
And may noisy kid’s countenance not be upon you for a while,
And give you some peace.


We’ll be back Monday with another ramble through the world….I wouldn’t miss it for anything and hope you feel the same.  We only get to go on this ride so many times so make them all count….

Write when you get rich

George     (