Coping: National Dream Center–“Project August”

It’s time to let another cat out of the bag.  You may remember a couple of weeks back, I told you that I’d handed off my project to Chris McCleary (MBA/MA/EdS) who has now gotten the website retooled and such.  He’s running the site with tons of energy and new content – the thing I never seemed to get around to doing…

About here, I’d remind anyone who is thinking about building a website that one of the keys to success is updating a site with new content daily.and Chris is adding content to the blog portion of the site…

But that’s not the important part.  Project August is.

The idea Chris has come up with is simple:  Get as many people as possible to attempt “dreaming the future” and ask them to dream about a specific timeframe.

So from May 1 to July 31, Chris is trying to line up as many people as possible to dream a specific future (August) and post those before August begins.

The idea is fascinating: Think of the scientific breakthroughs that might follow…. it boggles the mind.

Do you remember the Jody Foster movie Contact?  Where the plans for a radical “machine” show up?  Alien contact is made…or not (won’t spoil the ending of the movie for you). 

Now imagine that the connection between dreams/preconscious states is actually a two-way deal.  In one direction, we go about our waking business, and then “dream” at night as the mind works out the loose ends.

But we also know that things work the other direction, too.  I’ve had at least a half dozen of these events where things in a dream come true shortly after.  Besides the detour/accident dream on our recent adventures in Arizona, there was the one about the airplane with “146” aboard, skidding, but not injuries.  That one turned into an airplane safely skidding off a runway in Pennsylvania:  149 aboard and a week later.

Ever the scientist, Chris is now planning a real community effort to see what bits of a specific period (August) can be picked up in advance.  So drop on by the  National Dream Center site, dream the future and post your dreams…not whimsical crap, stay focused on only dream material – and let’s see what comes through.

Tell all your friends about it to:  We want as many people as possible all collectively “dreaming August” so that we can all look at the data and then see how much of it is fulfilled.  Along the way, I’m encouraging Chris to put out a special report (numbers and data) on August 1st to lay out the “Bell curve” of how the month looks going into it.

Who said you need a laboratory for serious research?  A web site and an inquiring mind is all the tools you need…

Speaking of websites, I’m  about to start up work on my Rural Pioneer website when.the trademark process is complete

I learned something when I started up the UrbanSurvival site in  ‘96 of ‘97:  When you have a catchy name, trademark the hell out of it  Go Google “urbansurvival” and you’ll find there is UrbanSurvival here and more than a million wannabes…all trading on guess who’s idea.

Late Spring: Got Diet Plans?

A note from reader Ray sums it up pretty well…as temps here in East Texas are down into the low to mid 30’s this morning:

Went to bed last night, it was 74. Got up this morning, it was 69 and the flowers & trees were blooming. It is currently 26 and snowing, with about an inch of ground cover — gonna play hell with fruit trees and early crops…

And with world food supplies as tight as they are, we wonder just how close our advice about “grow food of die” is going to get this year.

Tuesday at the WoWW

The World of Woo-Woo meets the world of finance and longwave economics, it seems:

Hello George – Here is my WOWW experience. 

      I was on vacation visiting my mother at our family farm in western PA.  The old farm house is a two story, 4 bedroom. My mother’s room is on the first floor and my room (for when I visit) is upstairs.  I used another bedroom, across the hall to layout my suitcases on an empty bed since I was the only visitor this particular week.

     Mother went away for the weekend with a friend and I had the house to my self.  Important note: we lock all the doors and few have keys.  On Saturday I went to get something from my suitcase and observed a red leather ladies clutch purse ON TOP of my belongings, an item I did not recognize.  This freaked me out since I was the only one in the house the entire time since I last retrieved something from my belongings.

     Mother arrived home the next day and I asked her to follow me up to the bedroom.  I pointed at the red purse and asked, “Do you recognize this?”  She almost fainted and said, “That was my mother’s . . . and she was speechless for a minute.  I asked her where it’s last known location was. She said the buffet cabinet in the dining room.  (I do not recall ever seeing it as I had moved out on my own since 1979 and only returned for short visits). 

     The next weekend I was to take mother to my brother’s mountain home where my cousin would also meet us. This was a well planned trip and we are the “three grandsons” of this wonderful woman, the owner of the purse.  My thoughts were, “what is grandmother trying to tell us?”  My best guess is to keep money close for the coming trials. She lived through the last great depression and always was wise with her funds.   We like to believe she is still looking after her three grandsons and we still love her dearly.

Matt in Pottstown PA

And it seems reasonable for any grandparent about now to be reminding today’s young that those who don’t remember the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them…

Another adventure comes from Rowena…and it involves a wine bottle with an apparent “mind of its own…”

Hello George…

I’ve enjoyed reading your columns for a few years, been interested to hear about the WOWW, but didn’t think I’d experience an incident until it happened a month or two ago. Now I find myself on the alert for another turn of events!

I was making dinner and getting the table in the dining room set at the same time. I found the open bottle of wine we were going to have to share, when I realized it only had about 1/4 cup left in it. So I poured that into a glass and put the empty bottle in the case at the back door. No corks in any of the bottles because the recycler wants them clean and open. On the way back to the kitchen I picked up another bottle from the wine cupboard for our dinner and just put it on the kitchen counter…then continued making the sauce for dinner,adding the left over wine for flavor.

Ready to sit down, I asked my husband if he had put the wine on the table because I didn’t see it on the kitchen counter. No … he hadn’t seen it. And so the search began. Every room in the house was searched, but no wine was found. He got another bottle and we had dinner. We even searched again after dinner…all over the house, even the bathrooms! No wine.

Two weeks later, I saw that the case of empty bottles at the back door was ready to go to the recycler. All bottles were clear of corks and open. I got to the recycler, put the case on the counter, and turned to speak to the lady behind me. The clerk said…in a loud voice…” Lady, here’s a full corked bottle you missed. Better take it home now”.

There is no way I could have missed that bottle of wine!

Are they coming after my Easter leg of lamb next?


The only thing that I can think of is that the empty bottle was put back in the fridge, or wine rack and the full one placed outside….

Let us know if you find it…and if the fish and bread start to multiply, please note when than happens, too…

SDH Newsletter Release

Our friends at The Chronicle Project keep slugging away at their book (shooting for May 1) which goes through the bible source material and using an ‘error correcting” code contained in Hebrew, reconstructs the bible from the ground up.  The latest newsletter is here and is worth a read because of things about Passover that have been misconstrued and more…

If you’re not familiar with the concept, check out the research notes and methodology here.

Write when you break even…


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