Coping: Is Stonehenge Fake?

Oh-oh….here we go off on anyone one of our “question everything” trips:  Got a hot tip from long-time reader Teresita in Manila who stumbled over something on YouTube  with less than 1,700 views, and one is extraordinarily odd: 

“How true is this?  Just got it today and for some reason, why would anyone want to fake this – Stonehenge!!? 

Just experiencing another typhoon since yesterday.  It seems to be  leaving and hopefully it does soon.

Boggles the mind and yet here it is. Just wondering what is going on.

First thing you need to watch is the video over here. 

Well, yes, if sure looks like Stonehenge pictures and since the site originally posting was Russian, seems to me that there’s a chance that this is based on black and white pictures that the Russians had in their spy archives.

Whether there’s anything to this video, I will leave to you to discern.  But, if one accepts that it is footage from the original site, and then you begin to piece together why would anyone go to such lengths to make us believe in “ancient wisdom” with a high-precision astronomical calendar, maybe it has something to do with bolstering the legitimacy of ancient “orders” and such.  Or, people like me would ask why does the calendar and astronomical calculation series based on Stonehenge work out to so many decimal places of precision?  Wouldn’t Earth’s rotational change have changed over time?

Kim’s Got WuJo

What’s better than a good WuJo report to ponder?  This one’s a peach!

Good morning George,

I’ve been an avid reader and off/on subscriber for years. I love your Wujo reports, but never thought I’d experience anything worthy of reporting. The other day something occurred that might make the cut. I held of on sending it until reading your column today. Your theory that the disappearing/reappearing items might correspond to the writer’s emotional attachment struck a chord.

I purchased a Wi-Fi hotspot device a while back because my daughter and I travel frequently for softball tournaments. I am the team’s scorekeeper and broadcast a live “scorecast” to our parents at home over an Internet application. I had become very attached to having instant Internet access anytime/anywhere. I made a habit of keeping the hotspot in a particular pocket in my bag so I would not have to dig for it. Unfortunately, it was a pocket on the outside of the bag which did not have a zipper. After our last game one weekend, it went missing.

I deduced that it fell out of the pocket when I placed my bag on the ground. After a week without it, I knew I had to buy another. I just couldn’t live without it. I ordered a replacement on Amazon and was happy as a clam to have my mobile Internet back in my possession. I decided from this point on I would keep it in a zipped interior pocket in my purse. I always took special care to zip it closed and note its security. One day after only a couple of weeks of owning it I could not find it in the pocket.

Now I must say that I did not actually dump my purse, but I went through everything in that pocket very carefully. I keep pens and other small items in it and was very convinced that the hotspot was missing. I searched everywhere else I could think of over the next few days with no luck. I also casually searched the purse again more than once to no avail. After basically giving up a couple of days later, I decided to actually dump everything in the purse (since I do pack a lot with me). I dumped the main interior first and organized everything into piles on my desk. I then began removing items carefully from the interior zipped pocket. I had completely emptied the contents of the pocket piece by piece onto my desk and when empty, accepted that my new hotspot had also been lost for good.

Just at that point I looked at the piles on my desk. Lo and behold, the hotspot was sitting by itself in the middle of the items I’d removed from the interior pocket. I don’t think I’ve ever been so astonished to see anything!

I sat there staring at it dumbfounded for a several minutes. It occurred to me I had just had my first bona fide Wujo experience. I don’t take any medications and this occurred while I was at my desk at work in an alert frame of mind.

Thank you for your column! I enjoy the financials but your “coping” and “wujo” segments are what keep me reading.


Kim from Nevada”

Yes that’s a marvelous report…and I’ll bet you (since you have a strong emotional connection to the hotspots that the other one will show up in a few days to months….or maybe even a year from now in some place where you wouldn’t expect, like on the flood of the garage or on a top shelf in the medicine chest…

Want another one?  Two-fer Tuesday it is then…

“Thought I’d share my wujo with you since your recent stories have brought it to my memory.

  I always have a pocket knife on me that I use all the time. I got a brand new one at a great price because of opened packaging. Hehe  

Well one day I can’t seem to find it. I go through my car half a dozen times, my girlfriends car, and our apartment. It’s nowhere to be found. I figure it’s gone for good. Three months later I find it in plain sight on a shelf that I keep personal items on. It did seem to look more used than I recall considering it was pretty brand new the last time I saw it.

  I asked my girlfriend about it and of course she had no idea how it got there or where it came from.
My knife broke since then, maybe whoever used it will pitch in for a new one?

Thanks for all that you do, keep up the awesomeness!”

Secretly, deep down inside, I hope we get a wujo report like these with either an audio recorder, video camera, or a cell phone (with some new footage on the cam!) so we could see where these guys are going.

Send WuJo reports to and put WuJo in the header…thanks.

Blowback: On Fukushima vs. Hiroshima

The mail server went nuts on this one: All kinds of email from folks who don’t like to hear what a real reactor engineer has to say about Tepco’s mess.  Including, another real-life reactor engineer who’s suggests:

For the best info, see USC-Columbia’s Center on Chernobyl & Fuku – the premiere & really only center They study wildlife & humans, because wildlife have shorter lifespan & thus more generations of mutations to study.

Map data here.

Summary of key findings here       Study chief’s C.V. here.

And see the American Medical Association call to screen seafood here (scroll down to Resolution #414/

I’m not sure how the AMA executive process works, but Resolution 414 was recommended for adoption at the 2013 AMA House of Delegates.

And a reader out in Arizona piped up with this (among a half dozen emails on point, but this one seems a representative pick:

“Check out NHK Special Report on Fukushima: “We are still in an emergency… Not

NHK Special Report on Fukushima: “We are still in an emergency… Not much time left… We can’t afford to wait” — Asahi: Fear of   as if this was something suddenly new…how about 2 years ongoing… !!!!  at least some truth…finally…and much too little, much too late….”

So, on the lighter side, here’s my latest Ure’s Theory of Everything:  The aliens who are planning to take over Earth are related to either crustaceans or fish that live on a methane-rich world.  This would explain why we have Corexit in the Gulf and Fukushima in the Pacific.  Now, go with me on this:  It’s also why Global Warming is so important, since that will release the methane hydrates and kill off humans while making the planet inhabitable for them.

Sort of like a sick landlord:  If you had the worst tenants imaginable in a rental property… I mean the kind who were doing drugs morning till night and happily debauching their way into the future in your property, how could you evict them, knowing their had biker-gang friends?

Well, seems to me you’d offer to feed into their excesses figuring that eventually they’d all overdose and, frankly, not a bad strategy!  So hand humans technological progress through some well-planted events (including Roswell) and sit back why the bad tenants overdose, secure in the knowledge that not only would the aliens not have to fire a single shot, but under Universal LAW, they would have done no harm…it would have by done by the crack-crazed monkeys themselves.

It’s make a fine movie/screenplay, but if that doesn’t happen no worries:  It’s playing out on the Big Screen of life.,

Cancer and AIDS Cure?

This story over at Before it’s News has been around and I’ve seen the schematic to make one floating around the ‘net for a while… 


I keep thinking I will cobble one up on my electronics bench but it’s tied up with umpteen other projects at the moment.

But, after I tell you this is not medical advise, see a doctor, I don’t have two nickels, so don’t sue me, yada, yada, I will mention that there are some folks who have built up lower powered (on the micro-amps level) who using different frequencies claim they can also influence the course of flu and other ailments.

But, since if it works it would be the ultimate in disruptive technology and would crater the mega-billions in the pharmaceutical business, you won’t be able to find it for a long time thanks to regulation.  Which is also why pure silver wire to make colloidal silver, medical grade pot, and other pathogens are so hard to get hold of.  But, if you have a soldering iron and understand the risks, well, let’s just say I’ve made some really strange electronics (and electromagnetics) in my time…

By the way, speaking of electronics, I have enlisted the aid of a first class broadcast engineer fellow out west who is building up that “secret antenna” system to test and see what (if anything) the concept does.  He’s currently in the broadcast business, so finding a 4 KV high voltage power supply with floating + and – is no biggie for him.  And all those coffee-can sized capacitors left over from old directional AM antenna phaser units….we should know shortly.

Bench Note:  If the bench was organized, that would be the sign of a well disciplined but not terribly inventive mind.  To my way of thinking, putting tools every which-where is a sign of constant creativity and remaining shackled to routines and repetitive thinking.  Slower work output, sure, but with flashes of genius every 10-20 years.

I tell Elaine it’s a complicated “test set up” not a mess.  Since she hasn’t upgraded from the General Class ham ticket, and she hasn’t memorized what’s on the bench, she’s still buying my excuses so far!

Tiny Housing

Reader Douglas writes and Tiny Texas Houses:

Drove by this place on I-10 in Luling, Tx this weekend.  Predictive linguistics at work again?

This could really take off as a way for those who have withdrawn their consent to build cheap, interesting, superefficient housing, using “Trash” materials/

No doubt about it…gleaning and recycling is the future…since we’ve run out of resources about the only place to get it is reuse, repurpose, and do it local.

So hit that Tiny Texas Houses site and enjoy…pure salvage living….works for us!  Hell, our old mobile/modular is slicker than most new construction out there and that’s before the brand factor.

No, I had no idea where the hell Luling is, either.  But according to Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013it’s about 54 miles east/northeast of San Antonio.

Grocery Day

Since Elaine pulled her leg (*again) and I got to do the grocery shopping for a change, I got to talking to the check (Ashanti, I think her name was) about how I was sneaking up on a “personal best” with my $325.68 grocery bill. 

“No, that won’t be the biggest today…I usually get several over $600…”  Are you kidding?  Heavens to Murgatroyd!   The young man who offered to wheel out the groceries to the car said what we’d bought would last his family (or 7) about 5-days…I don’t know where people get the money to eat at these prices.  I may have to rethink becoming a Breatharian.  It may come to involuntary calorie restriction at these prices, anyway.

Oh…I almost forgot: If you don’t know what Murgatroyd is, click here and learn

Why I Don’t Go Flying Much

You’re no doubt sick of me talking about flying, but since I haven’t done any of that since we got back from the Northeast, I thought I’d mention a harsh reality that pops up when I go daydreaming about flying (since it is summertime).

Weather School (Wetter Schule: What Do the Clouds Tell Us?

I noticed yesterday afternoon’s local aviation forecast for our local airport because I was wondering, it being 96 on the ground, how I up I would have to fly in order to get to a comfortable temperature.

A quick check of the METARS (hourly weather data) gave me the answer:

METAR KPSN 122015Z AUTO 21007KT 10SM SCT050 33/18 A3003 RMK AO2 T03410185

I won’t go through the whole thing, you can find a detailed explanation of METARS at sites like Weather Underground over here.  This is definitely “big boy/big girl” weather far beyond what most peeps ever think about.

The first block of numbers says this is the current sequence on the 12th at 2015Z (which is Greenwich times) which means 3:15 PM or 15:15 local.   It’s an automated observation.

Next block of numbers tells us the wind is from 210 degrees (about southwest) and 07 knots.  Many days there will be a G12 after that where the G means gusting and the two numbers indicate peak gust speed. 

The 10SM means visibility is 10 statute miles (or better, since many of the automated systems only go out that far) and now we set to the point:  SCT50 means we had scattered clouds at 50(00) feet, the added two zeros are assumed you know how to read METARS which, until this morning, you may not have.

Now we’re sneaking up on the answer to our question “How hot will the Plexiglas sauna be?”  The 33/16 numbers are the current ground temp and dew point.  Since the airport is reader 33 (and we know all temps are in Centigrade because of a globalist metric conspiracy) we have to convert that to something useful:  91.4F. 

This means we’re going to sweat a LOT since inside the plane runs about 15-degrees warmer than outside (or more!) when the sun’s out and that’s why we have the door open when we’re taxiing. 

Assuming we’d want to subject our selves to this kind of abuse and through $61-dollars of gasoline into the air, what we really need to do next is figure is whether going through the climb out to just under cloud level, say 4,500 feet, will make life any less drippy.  Since the dew point is likely around that 18C figure would be warmer call it 20C and that’s 68F which means inside will have cooled down to a still too hot 83, or so.

I can also tell you with some certainty that there’s also the little matter of “density altitude” at this time of the year.  You can go read the fancy charts over here.

What it really means is that when the air gets hot, it gets thin.  The wings are as effective.  You climb slower.  On a cold, clear winter day full fuel and baggage we can tease 900 feet per minute out of the Beechcrate.  This time of year?  400 feet per minute down low, 300 up high.

And that, if you’ve been wondering about why I haven’t said much about flying lately is the answer.  I either go at dawn (when I’m writing) or don’t go at all.

Averaging 350 feet per minute means 10-minutes of taxi and ground checks at 106F and after 15-minutes, “cooling off” to 83.  I suppose if I had a consulting client up north (I’m thinking Alaska, maybe) then this would be a fine time to head that way.  But in the meantime?  Flight simulator rigs don’t involve gas bills and oil changes, and every couple of months I can click through 3 landings and basic maneuvers/skill sharpening in about 30-minutes of fuel time.

Otherwise, important work like getting the web site tuned up and screaming fast, working on articles about the chance of a major decline in markets this fall, and simply (as my son G2 calls it) “stacking paper” seems like a good plan.

I know colleagues who just love this time of the year…but they have serious airplanes that burn jet fuel and cruise well into the flight levels (over 18,000 feet is where flight levels are).  If I had the $400/hour (and up) operating cost it would be a lot of fun to go out and “make smoke” up there and bop along at 300+ turboprop knots with the cabin temp set at 64…about right for me.

But the Beechcrate type plane, which costs less than a two-year old Camry, trades economy for comfort.  So right now I’m sitting back wondering “Gee, why don’t I sell the plane and short the market this fall and get a faster, higher airplane?

So that’s why I don’t write much about flying lately.  (Someone asked.)

OK, I am really going to hold the Coping section to less than 3,500 words, since most people subvocalize and thus read at spoken-speech rates of 100-150 words per minute , which means 20 minutes of reading and I don’t want to be accused of screwing up the economy by asking people to read more and think more.

No, we couldn’t have that kind of thing catching hold, could we?  Peoplenomics tomorrow then and Thursday we’ll get into the blowback from readers on marijuana, Holder, and a perspective from Asscanistan.