Coping: George’s First Novel is Available


It’s done.

$3.99 on Amazon.

DreamOver: An Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality

Here’s the plot summary:

“Commander David Shannon is an electronics whiz aboard a black-ops submarine that has just finished testing under south Puget Sound. Waking from a dream, he realizes that some kind of “presence” was with him in his dreams.
Shortly thereafter, he is whisked on a high-speed RIB to the Everett Navy base where a senior Admiral needs him to install surveillance equipment to look on the private life a gay junior officer.

Mission complete, Shannon is flown aboard a Navy helicopter to a joyful anniversary with his stunning – and rich – wife at a remote inn on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. An adventure in flying inflatable boats is planned over a romantic dinner.

Later, as Shannon dozes off, he again senses that “presence” around the edges of his consciousness and is astounded a moment later to awaken in a different body. He’s Richard Sperry, a 60-something successful retired investor who lives on a horse ranch in East Texas!

A chance meeting with the Admiral on a Dallas to Orlando flight -who he’d met in his dream – results in the full power of national security technical means being turned on Sperry.

As his vivid/epic dreams are studied first by a local psychiatrist, the plot moves to a conference room showdown in Seattle where national security, newly emerging telomere science and the greater Reality merge…

DreamOver is author George Ure’s first full-length novel. As publisher of the successful website, he’s expert in finance. In addition to being an active pilot, Ure also founded the National Dream Center in 2008 (since spun off) to capture dreams of the general public which sometimes offer important clues about our future.

Ure’s previous titles include “Broken Web: The coming collapse of the Internet (2012) and “How to Live on $20,000 a Year…or less” (2008).

Credit where due – because someone might ask …

“Why is Elaine listed as the “translator” of the book?

Answer:  She translated a few fabulously-long Ure run-on sentences into paragraphs of five and sometimes six whole sentences.  It’s amazing what a period and striking the worlds “and” and “then” can do.

“Who did the great cover?”

Chris Tyreman who also heads up  Pretty nifty, I’d say.

“I’m surprised you could be coherent for 98,800 words.”

So am I.

DreamOver: An Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality

Buy a copy for everyone you know.  If you don’t know anyone, buy a copy for everyone in New York.  If that’s asking too much, buy a copy for everyone in Cleveland.

Posting of favorable reviews is also appreciated.  But more than anything, if you are thinking about buying the book, please do so today

There is a reason for asking:  How well a book does on Amazon is based on peak-day sales.  If 300 people buy the book on Day One, then the book has a chance of moving up the charts – which becomes a self-reinforcing promotion.  If no one buys it, then, so goes life.

If 500 copies are purchased, I’ll put out the hard cover version, though the way pricing works out, that would be $16.99 a copy – it’s how the costs  pencil out.

If 1,000 (or more) copies are purchased, then a second novel in the David Shannon adventure series will follow.  That one will deal with our hypothetical continuity of government construct Directorate 153 which we all know as behind 9/11 and… oh, let’s see how this one does, first.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free PC, Mac, and Android readers over here – Am azon supports a huge number of platforms: 

It’s just $3.99…and I just told you where to get the free reader.  So even if you don’t buy a bunch of stuff from our advertisers and don’t read our subscription side ( think of buying the book as basic support for all the mornings of fun and adventure around here.

Thank you.

Write when you break-even,

George Ure

18 thoughts on “Coping: George’s First Novel is Available”

  1. Congratulations, George. I know it has to be satisfying to have a long time goal come into being. I hope it does well. I’m a man-o-the Kindle, so I’ll be ‘picking up’ a copy.

  2. Hi George,
    I just bought a copy of your new book for my kindle. I’m looking forward to the read.


  3. Got mine, too. I will read it, George, to support you and the cause of indie writers, but I’ve struck out so many times on indie novels . . . well, I’ll keep my mind open.

  4. Been waiting to buy it today. As an author with several Kindle eBooks I know how important those first day sales are. I urge all your blog readers to purchase their copies today.

    Thanks again for doing this blog. It is my first read.

  5. OK, you’ve sold another copy.
    I guess that means that all of your readers have now purchased a copy.

      • I remember the first time I learn to swim it was in Italy on a beach and I was 7 years old and the thing that really got me to learn how to swim with those crabs biting at my toes I instantly learn how to dog paddle so George what is it that inspired you to write this novel

        • I have had several very close, real, undeniable run ins with woo woo…I have written about them on UrbanSurv before

  6. Oh NOES! I was going to get up early, but actually ended up reading through chapter two! Interesting George – I’ll toss in the word “nepotism”. LOL.

    Damn – I really need a girl like Laurel, even if she was broke. We could really complement each other.

    Time for bed now. I’ll read more after dark tomorrow.

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