Coping: Friday at the Wujo

OK, the first serious problem for us to snipe at this morning is far more serious than the problem of “Subaru’s everywhere” that we seem to have gone through a cloud of earlier this week. 

this problem involves something which hinted at a couple of times previously:  the blurring of the boundary between the waking state (such as that is, among only partially awakened society) and the the lucid dream state.

An email from reader Tim sums it up…


We are having déjà vu and dreams about people just to b contacted by those people at the time of the dream (voicemail or email). People having dreams about us then contacting us and mentioning things they saw in the dream that are true but they could not possibly know. I don’t know what is going on but it’s starting to seem scary.

Then there is also weird ghost spiritual stuff, don’t think I’ve read anything about that kind of stuff on ure site, im not sure how u feel about that type of stuff, I was a skeptic but now I believe. I hope 2014 is better, it feels like we r going downhill.


Remember the Russian Mastroyoska dolls (one inside the next, inside the next) that Ii have used as a convenient illustration of the “nested problem” issue?

Here’s the real difficulty that the evolution of mass consciousness on the Internet may bring with it:

Let’s assume the biggest doll – the outer-most one – represents human consciousness.  And let’s further imagine that the “next one in” this nested reality is the one representing lucid dreaming.

Now, let’s go one more inside of that…with me so far?

What IF – and it’s only a thought (and on decaf this morning, so only a half-formed thought on its own, anyway) – there is a controlling “next one inside of that” which is rule of All, Universe, or whatever you want to call it.

What happens when the reality that we are building in the “here and now” becomes  only itself another doll within a doll?

And this is already happening, you see:  We are building new virtual worlds through things like Second Life and all the game worlds which is beginning to suck a lot of what we call consciousness into them.

Now to wrap up on the cheery note, ready? 

Suppose that the number of Mastroyoska  realities is actually limited at some positive, real number – like 11?

What might happen would be that as one of the Mastroyoska realities become excessive to system needs (as the next layer out in evolving meta consciousness appears) that something of a war between the dollars happens because one of them needs to be eliminate in order for the next layer out to keep growing and maturing?

My head begins to throb just thinking about it…but in such a breakdown of existing order (necessary to make room for growth at the outermost layer of reality) the existing layers have to duke it out for survival?

What MIGHT be going on is that the dream-function could be subject to what in finance would be a reverse split.  Wikipedia, please?

On a stock exchange, a reverse stock split or reverse split is a process by a company of issuing to each shareholder in that company a smaller number of new shares in proportion to that shareholder’s original shares that are subsequently canceled. A reverse stock split is also called a stock merge. The reduction in the number of issued shares is accompanied by a proportional increase in the share price.[1] New shares are typically issued in a simple ratio, e.g. 1 new share for 2 old shares, 3 for 4, etc. A reverse split is the opposite of a stock split.

Imagine how the Dream Layer would behave if it was being cleaved:  Parts of it coming into our waking-state world and part falling back into the next up layer in if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I sense that such things are possible and if you’ve read enough ancient people lore there are plenty of mass disappearances and such, which in Christianity are referenced as ascensions or or rapture-like events where whole groups of people simply disappear.

Might there be some not-understood sci-fi like phenomena underway?  Why not?  And, in the meantime, a lot of the “dream-like” content from the sub consciousness ought to begin appearing in the phenomenological world of the here and now.

Picture moving into a reality which seems ever more like a Marvel comic and power it with consciousness of humans poking off into new reality layers (game life) and maybe powered or facilitated by something like CERN’s research rips in timespace.

Cool novel, if nothing else, but Tim:  Do keep us updated with more of these events as they occur because this reality could be next to a Mastroyoska reality dam (one the downhill side) of some kind, and it might be starting to leak.

A Plug for the Dogwood Flyers

Consulting out here in the Bay area has prevented us from being home for the Dinner with the Aces event of our local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

But if you live in the Houston or Dallas areas (or driving distance to a spot mid way in between) click here to look at the agenda which includes free food (for pilots only!) and should be a great chance to see some war birds up close.

I’d be there except I have this habit called eating that I need to support.  (And yes, that’s my fright instructor’s Chisten Eagle which we’ve flown in formation with…and that picture was taken by Elaine.  (Love air-to-air photos.  Someday I’ve gotta get my tail dragger endorsement.)

Living Green

Reader Ted at Yale thinks there’s a lot of neat stuff to be found on the website over here.

But in particular, he passed on a link to this article about how to make a partially underground greenhouse.  All you need is a tractor  with a loader bucket (a stick or two of dynamite, if you have hard Texas soil would be nice, but not too sure if DHS would be pleased with such thoughts….)

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening

But as you can see, it’s simply a matter of digging a trench, , laying in some topsoil and covering with your choice of roof designs.  I like it…and if we didn’t have so many existing projects…

Don’t Mind Charles

longtime-reader and frequent news tipster Charles has obviously been thinking a lot more about the economic problems of America than some folks in Washington, and here’s what he’s come up with:

Lets take that country and make it an Island, now lets say you only have 2 companies, each of the workers buy their competitors products.

if either ompany does not pay it’s workers enough to pay their bills and have enough to purchase their competitors products, then first the competitor will fail, then the single company will have to start getting laws made to legally steal in order to continue existing.

This corruption of the economy can only go on for so long before everything implodes.

What is happening today is because in the 80s the real US economy fatally failed (one of the two companies failed) since then we have had legalized stealing.

Unless we regain our sanity and rebuild the second company and mandate a living wage for both companies, complete collapse is assured. The sad part is I gamed this all out in the 80s, I just thought they were not stupid enough to destroy the island.

No, we really are that dumb, Charles.  But we don’t have to exactly legalize theft.  I mean, we already have government, right?

Charles’ then continues with a pointer toward that investigation into aluminum warehousing practices at Goldman  a while back and wonders the obvious

But I go look at that story from this summer and figure in a corrupt system, none of the major players can be found at fault because if they mounted a serious defense, facts might emerge that could topple the system.

Think Corzine, just for instance.  That’s the kind of case which could start a defense from the ground up by starting with ugly questions like “Is paper really money?”  (No…but…) and then follow up with “Are stocks really fractional shares of ownership is no right to owner rights is conveyed?”  {Uh…did you have to ask?]  And maybe even things like “Is the relationship between the Fed and the US government legit?

You see, if a small-fry where to threaten this line of inquiry, it would go exactly nowhere.  But if someone with deeper pockets (and a better sense of theater and public relations) were to take on the issue, well that could be uncomfortable…

So we pretend, Charles, old boy, that everything is still on the up & up.  Corpverment has virtualized honesty and theft and once you accept that (distasteful, unconstitutional) premise, then the world really does make a lot more sense.  Immoral?  Crooked?  Come on…what do you want on Friday?

OK, on the road in a few minutes and off to scenic Elko NV where maybe a reader or two are available for face time?

Tomorrow, Peoplenomics will get into how the government would write press releases IF they really wanted the public to understand what’s going on…

And more here, of course, on Monday…

George (& Elaine, the East Bay roadies, and miles to go before we sleep)

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