Coping: Flatlanders Deluxe?

You might want to pack a lunch before tackling our discussion this morning, or at least heap up the coffee cup (let us know how that goes, lol) because we’re going off to the frontiers of experimental psychology, a unique application of Grady’s code, and the present state of research into future prediction.  We begin:

I trust you remember the Flatlanders?

They show up a lot in dimensional discussions of physics.

You start with a point, which you can think of as one dimension.

Then you add a second point and between the two of them, they define a line.  (People who live in this two-dimensional area might be called “Liners.”

Then we add a third point, and since any three points in space-time define a plane, you now have what is called Flatland.  People who live in this space-time area can see two dimensions and are therefore called Flatlanders.

Next, we can add another dimension (yessir, that’d be four points).  Now the Flatlanders can have height, as well, so their world becomes three-dimensional from their perspective.

But now things get interesting.  We can add other “dimensions” such as persistence which means existence through time.  Or, we can add a dimension called scale which means sizing relative to other items in our quickly expanding universe we’re creating…then what about Curvers?  All grist for the Komplete Home Topologist.

The problem for Flatlanders is that their vision of how a larger schema of universe works is fundamentally flawed; they just can seem to understand foreign dimensions such as height or that other bugger: persistence, and there’s almost no hope for scale.

We laugh because in our very recent history, in fact less than 600-years ago, there were still Flatlanders living among us!  Ask Columbus!

Oh, sure, they admitted to length, width, and depth,. but they insisted that the World was still flat.

And that, when it comes to our relationship with dreaming versus our waking state is where we are this morning.

As you recall (from yesterday’s column) I was bemoaning the matter of “waking up into a dream world” when we die.  A question I put to Chris McCleary over at the National Dream Center, a project that has its roots as an offshoot of economic and futuring research around here.

So I sent Chris yesterday’s column and asked for comments, particularly this part: “…I’ll ask Chris about maybe whether “cartography of dream-space” might be something to incorporate into his National Dream Center site.”

After all, like the folks in Columbus’ time, we are all extremely certain that the earth is flat, and like that other group of Flatlanders centuries early, we were also very much certain that the Sun orbits around the Earth.

In similar manner today, our observations in psychology are all firmly rooted in a similar illusion when it comes to understanding that our relationship to Dreamscapes, may be similarly flawed.

Or, put another way, at the intersection of psychology and religion, there is a kind of peer-reviewed blindness that prevents us from seeing the analogy to the heliocentric (sun-centered) larger reality.

I was pleased to receive Chris’ comments back:


Yes, your “next worldly” idea is of great interest to me, and in fact, it’s actually very similar to our next phase of the National Dream Center standard ops. Right now, we’re solely concerned about predicting the future with our dreams and establishing accuracy. If we move too quickly into creation dreaming (my term that might be synonymous with “next worlding”), then we miss out on getting the world’s attention. And if we miss out on getting the world’s attention, then our efforts to create are diminished (to what degree is completely unknown and probably somewhat arbitrary).

The next ‘yes’ goes to the question ‘Is there something to be learned about the world of the future (or some alternate realms) by asking a lot of people to “map out” the inner world that they see in their dreams?

Although I’m not mapping landscapes with the DreamBot, I am doing something strikingly similar with weather and emotional patterns (among other extraneous topics). I know this is not the same as your idea, but the underlying concept is. Let’s take weather patterns for example. Weather in dreams can say a lot about what kind of an “inner world” the person is creating for themselves, but we have to be very careful here because I don’t want to stifle dream inputs.

If people think I’m going to psychoanalyze them individually because of their hurricane dreams, then they’ll stop supplying me potentially precognitive hurricane dreams (I have no desire nor any time to psychoanalyze our dreamers, by the way, and I know you’re not suggesting that I do…I just thought this was important to mention—for those still concerned, this article should help.)

But at a collective level, I am tracking and analyzing our inner weather. At a collective level, this tells us about what our dreamers are programming their minds with, and thus also tells us what kind of a future we’re creating.. Yes, the collective weather can and does show us both simultaneously. The past and future are much more intertwined that we can ever imagine, and dreams show us a good glimpse of this.

The ‘probably yes’ goes to whether I can get this program initiated. I can start the archaic version soon to run side by side with my weather/emotions/etc., and then the full-up version will need some planning. I think this sort of thing can integrate nicely into a new database that I’m envisioning, but I’m at a severe deficit of time at the moment.

The Caveat

As we go down this road of creating our next world, the ‘no and even hell no’ refers to the precognitive side of dreaming. I’ve written a dedicated post for this very thing…the intimate ties between precognition and creating. It’s almost like you can’t separate them, kind of like the heads and tails on a coin.

For example, my very precognitive wife is one of the most ardent persons on the face of the planet for feeding her mind with only beneficial thoughts. She never watches the boob tube, never reads anything violent, and is ultra-conscious of what she feeds her mind. And yet, still, some very horrific dreams come in.

Now, of course, some ‘dream experts’ would try to peg her inner shadow for those dreams, and certainly there may be times when latent emotions comes through in the form of a tornado or earthquake, but this can’t account for getting hit by a drunk driver (which her dream predicted), the death of a family friend at the nuclear plant (which made national headlines), or some of our animals getting mutilated by a mountain lion/bobcat.

The point here is critical because when mapping the inner world, it’s not all about the past, and it’s certainly not all about the future. Some scary dreams show us our past, and some scary dreams warn us of the future. Creating-Predicting is the new paradigm that incorporates both concepts simultaneously, but what’s even more confusing, is that some scary dreams don’t do either! Some are just plain ‘ol bizarre.


I’m going to implement a small fraction of your vision now. By that I mean that I’m gong to only map via the DreamBot without looking at individual dream landscapes. In the future, not only do I need a new forum to serve this vision fully, but I also need a sound process, and that might take the most time of all. Of course, my mind isn’t completely relaxed as it should be as I digest this information, so any additional self-task is met with the reluctant inner workhorse.

Oh yes, and about this statement:

WE don’t need to get into this “next worlding” topic too deeply yet, but what IF when people die, they actual go into a world which has been created by the kinds of things they put into their heads when alive in THIS life?

And if the things you put into your head in this life are interesting (my dreams sure as hell are) and you live a “clean life” of no violence, equality, and respect for life at all levels, then that’s the kind of “next world” you get born into.

What a great concept…sort of has a karmic feel to it, or “you reap what you sow,” which are teachings handed down to us from the ancients (both East and West).  But at the same time, your idea is in a category all by itself, because it’s not our actions determining the future, but rather what we choose to pay attention to. Of course, there’s always the unfortunate conditioning aspect that some people won’t like….imagine the turmoil caused by being born to an coke addict, or to parents who only watch XXX or horror movies. Thanks parents, you made this life a living hell, and the next one too!

All of which gets us into a new area of study.  It’s a little hard to distill down into words, but if you keep the problem of heliocentric denial in hand, you should be able to sense how our present relationship to dreams works.

The most important part of my discussion with Chris, though, which could have gone on for hours, I’m sure, involves the matter of determining a methodology for quantifying both the waking dream states  (active day-dreaming)and the “sleeping” dream states.

We know, for example, that Nostradamus was an explorer of the active dream state (meditation can get you there) while others, including Ures truly, have been occasionally slapped with pre-waking state dreams, as I’ve recounted to you many times.

The landmark Chris and I were working toward in the discussion Monday was the idea that both the waking (scrying, meditation, active visualization, or daydreaming) was possibly part and parcel of its mirror, the sleeping state dreams.

Now we’re setting somewhere!

Practical Applications of Dream-state Research

What you may not be aware of is that ol’ Crazy George arranged for Chris to have access to the software and he’s able to deploy it to assimilate a good number of websites where people post and discuss dreams, other than those posted at his National Dream Center site.

And, as you’ll read over on his site, there was a fine predictive hit on a “Spanish official resigned” as well as language indicating that the official would be resigning so he could go off on romantic adventures.

So we should be getting some headlines of the tabloid sort in coming weeks about how the retiring king of Spain may have had a little more than a merry old time in retirement to look forward to, we may have headlines to go about a Mary old time…

And we’re still waiting for the second plane incident to arise, but there was a hit on the first one, and that’s written up on the Dream Center site this morning.

Unlike other futurists, who just dance about making predictions, the nice thing about working with Chris is that he’s got a serious left-brain bent that parallels my own thinking:  If a technique of futuring is really any good, there needs to be a statistical method evolved so that the quality of the method may be tested – by others if desired.  Otherwise, word us being as nebulous as it is, claims about accuracy can go unchallenged.

Recently (until we got into the current period of global cooling, for example, it was easy for “futuring” types to predict “major earthquakes.”  The reason?  There were major earthquakes with some degree of regularity, since there may be a long-delayed effect between solar output and the occurrence (macro timelines) of earthquakes.

But now, with the cooling in place (see most recent solar predictions for details) we’re on the verge of developing an “earthquake shortage.”  True, there was a 6.9 in the area of Greece on the 24th, but predictors, who were able to “see:” massive quakes, at least so far this year, have arguably been shown wrong by the paucity of quakes.

Which gets us to Chris’ work on the DreamSeer Scale, which is described here.

For now, the main headlines to be scanning for might include the 2nd plane and the romance life of an ex-king.  And, of course, words that fit with the daily word frequencies which are posted by Grady over at

Semiconscious George

Zooming back out, though, the purpose of this work progress report is to advise that:

The future may be hinted at both in dreams as well as daydreams, scrying, and other semi-alert techniques.

Having tried my hand at automatic writing recently, I decided that a bit of personal exploring off on the semi-conscious side.

I haven’t done much work in this area, except for back in 1971, or so.  That’s an interesting story and worth sharing.

I had been thinking about using the mind to control things and I figured that by floating a needle on the surface of a glass of water, I would have about the most sensitive thing I could find.

After a good bit of concentration (trying various techniques, springing from different mental locations and emotions, I found that I was able to “become one” with the needle and move it around.

No, it wasn’t high-speed spinning, but it was enough to freak me out and I quickly dumped out the glass and went on to more left-brain pursuits.  Needless to say, however, that experience did quell any skepticism I previously had about telekinesis!

Still, the winds of research are blowing me back toward the “borderland” between this world and possibly others – like a flatlander who is drawn to the idea of a watch, but isn’t quite sure how this persistence/time stuff works.

So I ordered a Clear Crystal Ball 110mm (4.2 in.) Including Wooden Stand and Gift Package from Amazon for a whole $28-bucks.

I figure that with some work, I might be able to scry a bit, and that’ll be a good weekend morning when work doesn’t intrude project.

A second implication of the research Chris (and to some extent I) am doing is this:

Hints about the future may be scattered about in multiple “mental locations”.

For some people, these some through as “intuitions” while in others, they hear a “voice of God” (or Jesus, or plug-n-play a religious figure), and still others get their via some level of dream state which ranges from the semi-conscious (daydream) all the way to the deeper reaches of lucid dreams.

Oh, and sometimes it’s right at that “moment before touch” with the physical here and now world, like those mornings you wake up and just know something.

There’s lots to think about in this field, and I continue to be fascinated, more than anything, with the shape of the curve that seems to lead into how “future” arises from quantum noise.

This is how I think the future works out.  Click on the image to enlarge if you need to.

At point ‘a’ we have the earliest inkling that something will occur in the future.

At ‘b’ as the event draws closer to the vertical axis, the number of sensitives who can “see” increases.

At ‘c’ this future event may begin to show up in deep dream states where it crystalized.

At ‘d’ the “future” is being pretty well resolved with semi waking states states, meditations and “feelings” like something is going to happen takes place.

Then, the future “pops” at ‘e’  into reality and then (since humans view reality slightly off timeline) with see a very steep rise at ‘f’ at the event ascends into our everyday sphere of awareness.

The zone where prayer and intention seem to work best is in the b-c range.  Before that, the future is not organizing itself well, but after that, it is.  Yet, when you get up past ‘c’ very far, the future becomes less malleable because it’s already quickly getting ready (in quantum terms) to “pop.’

What Chris is doing with Project August is he is working out the details and data that will help up define the specifics of this curve over time.

Oh, and yes, I’m pretty sure this is why more people don’t find prayer useful:  A lot of people don’t even get interested in “praying” or “intending” something until the ‘d’ or ‘e’ and often well over into ‘f’.

It doesn’t work that way.  If you want to have an effect on your future, you need to get back into the ‘a’ and ‘b’ region and sense how things are going and then focus your intentions in that area.

In other words, you need to get ahead of the problems in your life.  And if you want something, particularly financially, remember the Miracle Money Technique we’ve discussed (and thank you again to our consulting Astrologer, Michelle, for sharing it:  you need to do your intending ahead of of time.

So if you want something in a few weeks, get on to “intending it now” or you’re likely to be disappointed if you’re “intending lotto tickets” at ‘e’ since that battle was over down around ‘c’.


Off to look at the economic side of things.  Do me a favor and tell your friends to visit this site and send in comments.  Research into “how shit works” down at the deepest levels is a lot of fun, especially when markets are boring as hell, lately.

Peoplenomics (and deeper thinking) for subscribers tomorrow otherwise, ya’ll come back Thursday morning and write when you break-even.


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