Coping: Directorate 153 on Electro-Terror

I have a new “conspiracy theory” to throw out there this morning.

It springs from an odd intersection of developments in life and specifically my weird dream the other morning about a problem with an electrical switch in a bathroom.  We’ll get to that in a moment.

The main tool we’ll fire up this morning, however is our purely hypothetical Directorate 153 that we’ve used many times in the past in order to gain otherwise obscure insights into odd situations.

The theory behind Directorate 153 is that it is extremely likely that in the wake of the Cold War’s latter days, the U.S. Government had major incentives to install a “government continuity” operation that would be able to provide independent counsel (and action) to a President and or Congress in the aftermath of the unthinkable – global war.

Directorate 153 would be a ‘special-purpose tool’ – the kind of thing you only take out of the drawer when you need it  – which hopefully is not more than once per decade, or so.  And then, it is for only the most dire of circumstances.

The kind of dire circumstances?

Well, the most recent one that comes to mind is the 9-11 “terrorism” event.

In that event, the purely hypothetical use of Directorate 153 was to recruit the 19 Saudi Nationals who perpetrated the events of that dark day.  Then, ensured that not only was it “pulled off” but that when things went wrong, key back-up personnel were in place to ensure that the desired illusion resulted, nevertheless.

So, for example, when passengers on the Pennsylvania crashed passenger jet stood up to the “hijackers” the result was that WTC-7 (widely discussed as the untouched tower that would have been  this plane’s target) was then “pulled”.

Functionally, Directorate 153 would have had to count this as a huge victory:  Not only was a major decline in global stock markets halted in its tracks, but in addition, government seized unimaginable powers in the form of the pre-conceived, pre-drafted “Patriot Act” and still enjoys those powers to this day.

You can see in this section of chart (which is updated in our bi-weekly reports, how back in 2001, the market was fast-approaching a breakdown level in long-wave economic analysis where without 9/11 we would be in a huge Depression.

As past experience of Depressions informs us, massive economic displacements are dangerous to government continuity.

We have two “danger zones” where a super-computer powered “dark agency” moving only at times of maximum systemic stress to America’s foundations might be able to provide latitude for the president to operate in order to “save” the country.

The most interesting part of this is that the details and actual events seem to fit “theory” exceptionally well.

For example, this theory (of a dark agency) would conveniently explain why the U.S, never attacked Saudi Arabia, which was indeed home to the Wahhabi movement of Osama bin Laden fame.  It would also explain why it took so long for bin Laden to be found and dispatched.

Moreover, it gave the Presidents and Congress necessary time to work with the Bankster class to “invent a new bubble” – the no-doc loans – that allowed the decline in the economy to be stopped short in 2002-2004 from thence which sprang arguably the biggest Housing Bubble in history.

A genuine conspiracist would then speculate that when we were, as a nation, at the bottom in 2009, something happened which turned things around.  I have not figured out what cause the bottom to “be in” – it’s one of those infinitely debatable economic problems.

Of course, the conventional wisdom is that things had simply “run their course” but there was something else.  It was almost as if for a short time America touched her roots for a moment and we collectively made a decision to move the country “Onward and Upward!”

Was that a subtle psychological change in atmospherics, or was it just “how the herd behaves”?  It could be argued either way, I think with good points on either side.

Nevertheless, I believe there is much too high a level of congruence between operational policies of presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, to at least give some support to the idea that there is quite possibly a “continuity of government” shop, perhaps an arm of CIA, NSA, DIA, or maybe custodianship of the operation simply “floats” to make it more difficult for auditors to nail down.

As such, it could remain small, perhaps not more than 100 people, and each with a nebulous business card identifying them as “special agents” or representatives of this never-before discussed agency.

A few years back, I suggested that it could float around in Cabinet-level agencies, too.  And if I were President, I’d probably park it somewhere like the Department of Agriculture where I’d dress it up as “food chain security” or other cover story.  Sometimes the best place to hide things is in plain sight.

Would a sitting President ever be able to give the order to turn such an operation loose on America?  That’s a difficult one.

Has Directorate 153 Been Used?

If this is such a “black ops” group, we know that it would have almost unfathomable computational horsepower.

There was a video I watched recently about how much can be known about how a person’s reactions reveal huge amounts of their inner “stuff.”

We have, in the last 20-years, into the world of augmented intelligence.  A good historical perspective on this revolution in human-computer relations comes from Quid’s Sean Gourley.  This is worth the 17-minutes of your time.

We can only imagine what the mood was like in the White House in mid 2001.  The stock market is tanking and in comes the director of this (hypothetical) Directorate 153. 

His briefing goes something like this:

“Mr. President: As you know our Directorate is charged with ensuring the long-term survival of these United States.

In order to accomplish this goal, we have developed the most advanced computer modeling capability in the world.  And using it, we maintain an ongoing outlook for America’s future.

Right now, things do not look good, sir.

The stock market has peaked, and there is a collapse in the tech stock sector that we expect will remove $8-10 trillion dollars of wealth from this country in  a best-case.

Unfortunately, sir, without your approval to implement a “special operation” we will likely see the following in the next five years:  The tech stock collapse is only what we call a Wave 1 down event.  We expect a very small Wave 2 sideways movement of the economy of the U.S. in 2003-2008 and then the bottom to drop out in 2009 and we will be  “in the teeth” of a Second Depression that will result in such massive economic contraction that we will be facing the break-up of America.

Certain states, like Texas can be expected to attempt session and if you think about all the worst aspects of the Great Depression, along with the worst of the Civil War, all fueled by drugs and happening at the same time, that is the outlook.

Our long-term estimate is that without intervention to change the course of history a bit, we will be looking at a total body count of between 20 and 50-million between now and 2020.  Our currency will be in ruins, the bright future of technology will have imploded, race relations will be finished, and we will see the same outcomes as evidenced themselves in the Balkans.

There is an alternative Mr. President.

If you approve our operations we believe we can side-step the worst of these outcomes.  The way we will do this is by “inventing” a new industry called “the security state.”

Our operation will not be without cost.  We presently estimate that our future-preemptive operation will cost this country between 5 and 10-thousand civilian casualties.

So the trade-off, sir, is this:  Will you approve the sacrifice of up to 10-thousand Americans in order to prevent up to 50-million deaths and the destruction of this Great Nation?”

The President (remember, this is all hypothetical, yeah?) turns and asks:

“What is your confidence level in your forecast, Mr. Director?”

“We are 99.6% on this, sir.  And if you give us approval, we will specifically NOT tell you how we will accomplish this operationally.  It is safer for everyone that you have complete deniability.

That said sir, if we didn’t think the cost-benefit to the nation wasn’t there, we would not ask your permission to green-light the project, sir.”

“When will I know you have successfully implemented?”

“Oh, you’ll know sir, you’ll know.”

On the morning of 9/11 President George Bush was reading a storybook to kids in a school classroom when the events of that day began to unfold.  His brief delay in processing word of the 9/11 attack was, under this hypothetical framework, time to recognize and come to terms with the “Oh, you’ll know sir, you’ll know.”

Current Events Analysis

If there truly is some agency, like this purely hypothetical Directorate 153, what would it be doing right now – in recent weeks and months?

This is presented as dialog – which obviously never took place – but which gives us a way to explore alternative futures before us and explore what happens if (or when) government uses its Big Data Powers again to “put its thumb” on the otherwise free-running system of American capitalism.

We peek in on Directorate 153’s senior staff meeting.

Director:  “Start recording.  This is August 3, 2015, Director’s staff meeting.  The purpose of this meeting is to review current and projected threats to American continuity and map alternative action plans to ensure her survival and predominance.   We’ll start with a report from the Assistant Director for History.  How do things appear today?”

Assistant Director for History:  “We are still working out the meaning of Nostradamus forecasts.  We’ve been reviewing alternative interpretations of historical forecasts for this period.  There are a number of websites like Age of Desolation that have already done a lot of the work, parallel to our own.

By Nostradamus, there is a chance the Black King in Nostradamus is correct and we anticipate in the next few months that China, Iran, and Russia will form an alliance to keep Syria together.  As you all know, this brings with it a very high risk of nuclear war as spelled out in many articles.

Meantime, there as various religious researchers that have nailed down the possibility that a biblical seven years of Tribulations began with the market lows in 2009 and that leads us, once again, to circle 2016.”

Director:   “Thank you, Susan.  Director of Forecasts, what do you have for us?”

Director of Forecasts:  “What we are showing is that on our present course we may be able to avoid a complete market collapse in late 2015, but that will depend on how lucky we get.  As you all know, the economic indicators could break either way.

There is about a 50-50  chance that the entire 15-years of stock market history since the 2000 high has been nothing more than a massive Wave 1 down lasting 15 years, a fact we’ve been able to successfully mask by promoting the “new highs” campaign.  Very few analysts ever run inflation-adjusted date, though there are some, who see this possibility as real.

Our projection is that in the window from late September to early December, the market will either put in a major low and begin a 18-month to 6-year advance OR we will break seriously below 1,740 on the S&P and from there, we go back to retest – and ultimately break the 2009 market lows.  Our ultimate forecast is for a low in the vicinity of 1,200, which would be the fourth wave of one lesser degree when you zoom out far enough to see the waves evolving since the interest rate low of 1942.  We are in that vicinity now.

As you all know, the Kondratieff Long Wave used to be 48-66 years.  In the present cycle, we are seeing 73-75 years largely because people have a longer economic working life.

As of now, we are 70% expecting the 1,800 or 1,740 levels to hold.  But if 1,740 falls, then we will see collapse that could spiral into widespread social disorder and the utter collapse of consumer confidence.

In other words, we have approximately a 30% chance of “losing the country” coming up in this timeframe lasting 16-months from mid September forward.”

Director:  “Thank you James.  Let’s hear from the Director of Operations, next.”

Director of Operations:  “We have a couple of implementations at the ready for this fall. 

The first one is to set what a forest firefighter would call “setting a back-fire.”  The idea is that we would preemptively blow-up a small commodity and derivatives player, near the bottom of the trend channel and that would serve as a pressure relief valve for markets.

When it comes out, after the fact, that this smaller player was not excessively hedged in derivatives, it should give a shot of confidence to the markets.  In the meantime, however, we will be able to modulate the media is such as way as to optimize the smaller wave counts and set up the avoidance plans.

In this event that this fails, we are prepared to implement what we call the Electro-Terrorism Option.  This would involve an attack on regional power grids and is easily scaled.

If we just need something small to influence events, we could go with a regional power outage and blame that on terrorist hacking the SCADA system.  If we need something bigger, we could take out a key power-generation station.  And at the largest scale, we could go with EMP but that would lead to massive civil unrest.

Any of these options carries operational pluses and minuses.  For example, the regional power attack centered around a dam is a good one because it would let us move bond payments around, it would give additional powers to attack cybercrime a leg up, and it would keep a lot of people in the dark in a media sense.

Although we don’t want to use the EMP options, we still include this in the electro terror discussion because that would give the President more power and options to work through what would quickly turn into a global economic collapse.  It’s not something we want, necessarily, but it would be a good first with what History has been  reporting and it would allow the President extraordinary powers and that would include a bail-in.

What we think is that properly spun, we could execute electro-terror is such a way as to effect the bail-in to solve the national solvency crisis, while at the same time being able to assign blame to any number of vectors.”

Director:  “Thank you, Walt.  I think it’s very clear what we need to do.  Remember on the Operations side, postpone any actions outside the agency because although we have excellent security, there are many leaks that can take place at the remote-viewing and precognitive levels.  We’ll meet again in two weeks to model updates and more on options to implement.  Recording off.”

What Dreams May Come

All of which is what woke me this morning – this notion of “electro-terror” and how it would be all too convenient this fall.

Yet, as I told you yesterday, I have already had one dream about an “electric switch failure” and there’s more to the dream than I shared yesterday.

The unreported piece (until now) is that my dream, I had come to an unfamiliar bathroom and there was a problem with it’s switch.

Curiously, this switch problem was somehow related to a problem in the toilet.  In fact, the problem was that somehow the wiring had been hooked up such that there were connections to the top of the toilet refill mechanism where the water inlet valve is.  This was somehow causing a short circuit to the water in the lower (bowl) part of the toilet.

Metaphorically, I have no idea what this means and I will leave it up to you.  But wiring on the control/input side of the toilet (or water) was the message for sure.

Just about the time I was pondering this Monday, along comes a note from Chris McCleary who runs the National Dream Center…

Lt Col (ret) Chris on September 28, 2015 at 10:44 said:

George, your second dream overlaps with one of our finest dreamers at the NDC. She also had a notable circuit breaker dream some time ago, and a November date was included.


Looking forward to the visit!!

Tomorrow, Elaine and I will be off in the old Beechcrate again…and dinner with Chris and his missus tomorrow night.

In the meantime, this electro-terrorism as a “perfect tool” to close banks without a holiday, perform a bail-in, and to re-market the War on Terror plus support the next round of legislation, is quite troubling.

Depending on scale (and this again is purely hypothetical Directorate 153 stuff) it could also suspend elections especially if relative outsiders are involved.

The data is troubling, too:  November 14th.

We just don’t know which year, for sure.  But dreams seem to happen in a 120-day window ahead of events so we will be looking with some interest at developments in November. 

And that is a troubling thought.

Almost as troubling the purely hypothetical  Option #1.

Which would be a very good fit with Glencore,  which blew up Monday.

See why I like writing fiction so much?

Write when you break-even…


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  1. When you find something about the USA that is not “in the toilet” you should write about it. Your dream was a subconscious communication of the futility of trying to fix things already in the toilet. Typical American approach to try and remedy a problem without first asking what caused the problem. Best illustrated by your medical system that spends billions on trying to cure cancer but cannot tell you why you got it in the first place.

    I think your readers could use some truly good news about now. I know you need to fill your daily column, but really, can you tell us the last time you reported on a government statistic that was relevant to anything in reality?

    You want to know something about dreams? I quote George Carlin, “it’s called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it!”

    What I see from outside the USA looks like the cartoon of the guy in tattered clothing crawling out of the rubble of an obvious nuclear war and jubilantly shouting, “we won!”

    My wife visited SoCal in March. She asked all of her friends what they thought of the water problems in California and was met with blank stares by everyone. A week after she left, the governor declared the water emergency. A year later than he should have.

  2. Considering the symbology of the dream, maybe you were trying to wire a head for a reservation. Couldn’t resist.

  3. Oh, I really have to comment on this!

    To paraphrase – you have a ‘theory of history’ (TOH) that supposes an over-arching organization that has been guiding the affairs of the United States (and perhaps Europe as an adjunct) since the tech bubble – though following that logic one could argue that it could have been ‘in effect’ since the early eighties (Reagan-Bush I administration).

    And one of your tenets is that this is similar to the period from the late nineteen twenties to the end of WWII – personally I think that the period in question extends from the nineteen ‘oughts’ (the riots against the czar in Russia) to perhaps the end of the Korean War in the early fifties. (Why? Well, the ‘old order, if you will, was seriously ‘breaking down’ – in the United States at the time, Theodore Roosevelt – who should have been the bastion of ‘proper behavior’ i.e. ‘old money’ was seriously engaged in reforming (changing) the focus of this vibrant land. There is a good reason why his face is on Mount Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.)

    It could be argued – for good or ill – as I don’t like what has happened to our country – that Reagan (or rather Bush I) had a similar effect. There has been a ‘huge shift’ in the social landscape of America – not that of civil rights (which I regard as being part of being human,) but rather of the acquisition of wealth as being it’s own end.

    I don’t if there is a ‘super-governmental” organization that is controlling the direction of ‘our world’ – but if it is as you say – ‘stuff is about to hit the fan’ shouldn’t one be examining one’s own personal outlook? Seriously – a post-‘WWIII’ world would hardly be worth living in. It might be better to concentrate on bringing those less fortunate up to a better quality of living, to in effect – control what one can – even if only to say that ‘charity begins at home’.

    Nostradamus may have had a glimpse of the future, but as he didn’t understand the mechanics and only saw the forms of what was to come, his language and observational skills are limited. I think that the future is fluid and subject to change and we are in charge of that change.

    • Look I know that commenting on one’s own comment is ‘trollish’, but it occurred to me that ‘movements’ such as these have patterns – at first things seem ‘hopeful’, ‘exciting’ and most importantly ‘new’ – then as they mature, they become standard operating procedures and when about to end – are the dangers of ‘whatever’ apparent.

      I’m not an expert on 17th and 18th century history but I off the top of my head I can think that the American Revolution was part of such a movement with the French Revolution and the wars directly after 1800 being part of another bad ending. Then a short respite of a decade or so and new and exciting advances in science and literature (Michael Faraday and ‘Frankenstein’ come to mind) are the heralds of another movement which came to a hard landing with the American Civil and the Franco-Prussian Wars.

      This not to say that other very important things don’t happen in ‘off times’ but when they do they make more of an impression . . .

      Okay so there is my ‘crack-pot theory’.

  4. George ~
    The internet doesn’t belong to the government. The government didn’t build it. They may have conceived of it and built a primitive version of it (my Dad was intimately involved with that development and often talked about it). Companies built it from the ground up. The government doesn’t own the servers that access the internet AND they don’t own the cable and telephone lines by which people access the servers that access the internet.

  5. Good god man, How early in the morning do you get up to write this stuff lol. I can barely think about walking.

  6. I think the EMP is planned and already in the works. The EMP goes off and the mass population reduction depicted in results. This tailors to the America 2050 goal of 11 megacities with maybe 6 million each, roughly the Deagel prediction. As these megacities would be the only ones with power and subsequent modernity restored, survivors would gravitate to them and be ‘screened’ for entry. I suppose you can guess what a failing grade may entail. Eventually the ‘wilding’ of North America will occur and maybe hunting trips to cap some ‘primitives’ that may have managed to scrape by. Or to be more efficient, drones will patrol and ensure there aren’t any stragglers.

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